2008 IUN IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

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This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students.

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The technology equipment-esp. electrical contacts between equipment and room wiring are unreliable in Marram 115,119 etc. Slide projectors are not maintained and in poor condition-blurry outcome in focus; dirty lenses; noisy and probably need to be dusted out w/an air blower; Oncourse doesn't have enough memory to upload images for student use; equipment itself, eg the vcr/dvd projector in Marram 119 doesn't play in vcr mode it only does sometimes and the volume controls are hit or miss-either silent or excessively loud so as to be unusable


As an adjunct faculty member, who teaches only one class and does not have an on-campus office, I have been very satisfied overall with the range and quality of overall IT services available through IUN.


perhaps a more individualized approach so that each faculty member has an opportunity to learn things in close cooperation with the various units


We are very fortunate at IUN to have the kind of people who work at IT. They are always very patient and willing to help. I have nothing but praise for everyone working there. [IRD]


There needs to be more help for Mac users--from the help desk and in trainings offered to the campus


The instructional media staff of [IRD] have been outstanding in support of my teaching of a required class in teamwork that necessitates videotaping of team interaction at the beginning and end of each semester. These video tapes are essential in my teaching efforts and critical to our assessment of the impact of my course on students. Kudos to all three of these gentlemen. They do an outstanding job. [IRD]


Through the 15 years that I have been at IUN I have seen much improvement. I used to get quite frustrated over equipment problems, but that does not happen anymore


my biggest concern are the classrooms -- the technology is old, often breaks down, parts are not available, faculty not informed. The services provided to me as an individual faculty member are fine, but the classrooms we show our students are not


I taught at IUPUI during the Fall. I found their technology classrooms to be SO much more user-friendly than ours at IUN.


IT needs more staff, more equipment and better equipment.


Oncourse Calendar needs to be in IUN time zone to be effective, otherwise it is very confusing to schedule IUN functions on IUB's time clock.


Make appropriate computers available for specific faculty members, instead of making everyone choose between one or two computers. 90% o


The people at the help desk are extremely helpful and always pleasant.


Too often there is no notification that technology in your classroom is down. There needs to be notification so instructors are not left scrambling or caught by surprise e.g. no audio in Raintree 102


Oncourse seems to be cumbersome and very restrictive. I would like to post my course information in a windows based format for easy access and manipulation.




projectors are not sharp enough to give a clear and precise picture in my classroom.


Many of the multimedia classrooms do not seem to have been designed by someone who actually teaches in them. For example, Raintree 215 has a terrible set-up, because the projection screen is very low and the projected image fills the entire screen. Only students in the first row can see the entire screen, which means Powerpoint slides have to be reformatted (they can only take up half the screen) or that movies cannot be shown because the bottom 1/3 of the screen is blocked for 80% o


THe folks are wonderful; the equipment is antiquated.




I have requested several times for the installation of Googleearth on the computers in my classrooms to no avail. What seems to be the problem? I cannot download it myself - it never works. I have had no problem downloading it on my office computer.


Updating of computers in all faculty offices.


Promotion of/tutorials on Oncourse. Availablity of laptops for loan for faculty




I fear a lack of commitment for Macintosh users. I was recently told that FIS was only available for PC users--period.


Thank you


There is virtually no training for new faculty, staff on classroom media and technology. Instructional media is completely useless. How can we video conference if Instructional media is unwilling to call you back? The last time I received a campus phone list was 2 years ago and that was when my boss happened to find a more updated version in a coworker's office.


I detest the new Oncourse. It is much less intuitive than the earlier version, and has taken away some features that I used regularly.


We desperately need some work and planning for classroom technology needs.


Awesome and knowledgable group of people!


As an [IRD] I have had a tremendous amount of help from IT. This help has come in the form of consultation on data base information as well as writing programs for COAS applications. Everyone I have asked for help has been courteous and very helpful.


We need it to be much more efficient and easy to develop and update department and personal webpages. I've had to reinvent the wheel and it doesn't seem like it ought to be that hard or time consuming.


Replicate a ONCOURSE server for each campuses so there is disruption of ONCOURSE testing especially during exams!




The document cameras vary in quality, reliability, and instructions for use greatly among the classrooms. Sometimes you have to turn them on and off for it to work. This "tip" was given to me by tech support. Instead of secret tips, why aren't they fixed?


Classroom tech equipment like the LCD projector upkeep must be given top priority. Onestart portal is still not very user friendly. Oncourse has several problems. Help Desk at IUNW can do with more manpower and better service. IU Northwest webpage needs a facelift and needs to remain current and more informative.It si cluttered and not impressive for a university of our size and clout.


Either get [IRD], or hire someone who WILL do the job! I have contacted [IRD] four times regarding [IRD] issues and [IRD] has NEVER ONCE returned my phone calls or emails!


I wish the equipment was more up to date.


Students and faculty need Oncourse training.


Need more computer lab classrooms. I am teaching a web based tax course and had to move the time in order to get into a computer lab.


Smart boards or stationary computers with Internet access and document camera need to be in ALL classrooms. Portable equipment does not always work, nor is it always set up properly. Staff are always polite, but valuable instructional time is lost when equipment is not functional.


Thank you for all the tech support during the past year!


There are not enough computer rooms at IU Northwest big enough for large groups. I do all my course testing online and there is not 1 or even 2 computer rooms that can handle 60 students. We are asked to increase enrollment, however if we do not have facilities that are big enough, how can we increase enrollments????


IU Northwest needs a full time IT administrator. Lifecycle funding replacement program seems to be way behind schedule (5 years rather than every 3-4?).


You offer great classes on the basics for a beginner like myself, but I have not been able to take advantage of these due to conflicts in my teaching schedule. This has been frustrating. The one class I was able to attend was cancelled when I arrived.


I know that the people working at IT are good at what they do and work very hard. But there are just too few of them. I cannot believe that a handful of employees are expected to service the IT needs of the entire campus. And the lack of computer/multimedia classrooms is shameful.


One-on-one training, faster computers, reliable equipment in classrooms


It would be great if IUN had digital video recording in the classroom for Public Speaking courses.


Voicemail is terrible. I have to discourage students from calling and using email instead. The instructions giving by voicemail as to buttons to push do not match reality (eg instead of pushing 2 I must push 7)



Faculty |Staff | Students

Convert all desktop computers to flat screen for better visibility per faculty and staff.




I think the [IRD] could be more polite.


The employees have been great and helpful but seem to be shorthanded.


A new and update phone system for the switchboard


They do a wonderful job. They need to get paid more!!!!


I have been satisfied with all IT Services. Especially 981-HELP. The staff is most helpful and willing to accomodate. [IRD] does a great job!!!!


Need computers for adjunct faculty.


Free long-distance access to local Chicagoland calling area codes (708, 312, 847, etc.)


Video conferencing could be better.


Need friendlier and more helpful staff


The staff is very friendly and genuine with their efforts to serve.


I am for the most part, very satisfied with IUNIT, however, the [IRD] services department on campus is very unreliable, unorganized, and unfriendly. I have been told twice that they will not [IRD] for meetings because I am "off campus". The last time I checked Lindenwood Hall is an IU Northwest campus building.


I have repetedly had problems with [IRD] to a classroom on time. On a few ocassions, [IRD] didn't arrive at all (even after a call was placed).


The voice mail service could be modified: is there a feature to fast forward or back up while listening to a message? Is there a way to bypass the initial voice mail message when leaving a message?


IUIE is dreadful; search criteria are so obtuse and non-user friendly, I have spent hours and hours of wasted time trying to do simple searches; also, local training for some of the Bloomington-related systems would be helpful; local staff is TERRIFIC!


The [IRD] is anything but helpful. They have become a running joke, I'm still waiting for help on a request I put in a year ago.


Whenever I have a problem in my work area, the IT employees are quick to help. I've never had to wait more than a day or two for assistance - and THAT doesn't happen often. Usually I can get "same day" service from them. I really appreciate their promptness, desire to help out and knowledge of what needs to be done in order to correct a problem.


I am extremely satisfied and pleased with the service. Any technician who I have had contact with has been extremely helpful and pleasant. Thank you very much!!!


The IT dept. here at IUN is great!! The office in which I work depends greatly on our technology, and the dept. takes excellent care of us and really makes us a priority! Great job! Thanks to [IRD]!!!!!


I was so thrilled that IUIE training came on to the IUN campus. My job makes it very difficult (time constraints) to get away. I already go to different things and thus, just find it very difficult to add that in. I am always pleased with the wonderful people in UITS at IUN!




The computer service technicians should receive more comprehensive training before being sent on a service call.


[IRD] needs some improvement in terms of service to the campus and on-time delivery and reliabity for events and such. Cooperative, friendliness and availability of personnel in case of problems could be improved.


IT Staff members do a phenominal job, but are definitely underpaid and understaffed!




Campus switchboard has improved. I enjoy our tech support system.






The team is great. I have had really good experiences with my colleagues in every IT department!



Faculty | Staff | Students



There have been issues where teachers have had sound system problem that would bot get resolved for weeks. Vista may be new, but I believe that XP is currently better. The computer labs are not open when students need them. There should be at least 1 lad that has more hours. 24 hours. or at least 18 hours a day. Like a 6am to 12 pm. Not everyone has computers at home and many students work. Sometimes professors assign things that certain programs are necessary and only the labs can provide.


I am an unconventional student returning to get my MBA. We were given Dell laptops. It would have been helpful it the instruction booklets were given to us. I also don't know what type of spyware &/or anti-virus ware is on the computer. Are the items in IUWare free???


The webamail system for students needs a serious update. It is very boring and limited compared to other email services. Even Microsoft Outlook for faculty and staff is better. Why is this not available for students? Many students are not checking important email updates because of the outdated webmail service.


Graduate students at IUN attend classes in the evening from 7pm-9:45pm. Evening Graduate students will not have enough time to access the computer lab, since the lab closing hours are 9pm. The previous semesters, the computer lab closed at 11pm.


I really appreciate the high speed of the internet. I do think that there needs to be access to computers and printer(s) in the Medical Professional Building.


Oncourse is not intuitive nor user friendly. Class names should be listed, not course section information. I have, several times, made this suggest via Oncourse. The passphrase requirement for CAS is ridiculous. Listserv sends far too many e-mails that are inappropriate for the audience. The UITS updates that we are all e-mailed periodically NEVER contain anything having to do with my campus. Although you may find it hard to believe, no one outside of Bloomington cares what's going on at Bloomington.




Keep up the great work!


Keep up the great services!


I have a computer at home, however I do not have a printer. I have to use the labs to print out my papers, homework, etc. The labs are ALWAYS full, except for the numerous computers reserved for handicapped students. I have been told that I cannot use these since they are reserved. I'm there to do academic work, while all of the nonreserved computers are taken by students on myspace, facebook, instant messaging services, personal websites, e-mail, etc. Either there needs to be more consultants watching these students and limiting their time or there needs to be more computers. I don't think it's fair.


The IT Services are excellent and provide the technology that I need for my studies!


While I do understand that it may not be possible to allow students to download programs onto the IUN computers, there are assignments that need to be completed and the program must be placed on the computer in order for the CD to run. We have been told they cannot put the program on the computer, which I think is wrong seeing that we do pay a technology fee. We should then be able to use the computer for any academic programs needed.


Everything has been fine. The only problem I have is sometimes trying to find an open computer.


There are major assumptions made by professors about the level of technological knowledge held by students. In many of my classes, OnCourse has been vital to the functioning of the class; however, there was little to no instruction on the use of OnCourse. Many of my professors could use technology to enhance their courses and this is not taken advantage of. Lastly, instead of making tests a written format, I believe that there should be electronic versions available.




The computers have always been available and, although the printers do tend to jam a lot, I am satisfied. All that matters is that I am given the tools to do quick research on the net and get my assignments done and printed out at my own pace. And you have provided that. Thanks.


Computer labs always accessible- great resources. Also, help is always there when you need it.




Independent access to email outside of using the one start system would be nice, organization of what is most used is easiest to find in one start.


use passwords rather than long passphrases.


Instructors should be encouraged to make better use of technology including the use of power point for lecture notes, the clicker system for testing (see [IRD]), oncourse to publish lecture notes and for communication. and finally the use of email to communicate with their students. Finally, can the email access link be changed to bring up another/separate window (like oncourse does)? This would ease navigation back to onstart once I am finished with email.




When I took an online course and had difficulty posting my assignments IT was extremely helpful in helping me to correct the problem


it is frustrating to spend 10 minutes searching for everyday things that students need like script of grades.


There should be a small lab where return students with children could make use of the lab while watching their own children even if just one or two computers.


This survey was too long.I felt like you were asking me the same questions over and over again. I love IUN and all of it's technology...but this survey was just a tad bit too long.




One Start CAN be very helpful and easy to navigate, but the constant changes cause students to continually re-learn the new navigation and it takes longer to find the desired information.


I thought Windows XP was better than Vista.


Well organized and very kind people to interact with.


Is there some way you could encourage all professors to use oncourse and iu webmail?


This university can improve the techonolgy in the class rooms. I made a power point presentation for class with media on it the equipment was unable to play the movie clips. this was disappointing because my classmates did not get to see the full effects of my presentation. they had to view it on my lap top.


the one problem is when you log into cpu anywhere on campus it is extremely slow..


I think the IT is very good, I like that you added computers in Hawthorn lab for me to quick check my work mailbox between classes, make my boss happier too. The only concern I have is that logging on to IUN e-mail & Oncourse can be very slow. Thank you for being interesting in improving IT at the campus, it is a must in todays society. The more IT knowledge students have the more valuable they become in the workplace.




I have found on numerous occasions that there are not enough computers in the lab.


The technology systems at IUN are always helpful, and beneficial to my education.


I wish that the computer lab in Marram was monitored a little better. There have been times that I needed to use a computer for school related work but there were no computers available and people were playing on Myspace or Facebook. I would also like to see a few more computers with printers in common areas of other buidings.


Professors dont use oncourse enough! Out of 6 professors 2 or 3 will use it. All ALLIED SCIENCE CLASSES SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO POST GRADES ON ONCOURSE!!! like biology, chemistry.....


Overall, ITS is wonderful at IUN. As a student that also attends PUC, IUN computers and ITS is so much better and easier to use.




Overall, I am satisfied with the informationn technology services, but like most things, there is always room for improvement. The most recent changes on ONE-start are a bit confusing and "too much information" all in one place. It needs to be simplified and too the point. I find myself wandering in One-start and wasting too much time.


The printers should be in color. Sometimes the help in the computer labs aren't that helpful they don't know how to use everything. The teachers don't know how to use oncourse or sometimes even e-mail. E-mail is a big part of our world today I feel that teachers should be able to use e-mail to help out by keeping in touch with assignments or something that you might have missed. There should also be more computers, because sometimes you cannot find one. But overall the computer labs are good especially if you don't have a computer at home.


There have been oncourse and webmail failures during last year and already beginning in this year. Most classes and communication in general requires the use of these services here on campus and without access to them, use of the campus is very limited. Obtaining the full experience of the IUN education is crippled when these instances occur. On the contrast, when they are up and running, there are still professors who do not use the technology services to keep their students up to date with class information. I personally commute to IUN and when professors do not use oncourse to inform students of class cancellation, it can be very frustrating to make the commute only to find the class is not meeting that day. Also, in an event of illness, it can be difficult to stay on task with a course when the professor does not post course information using the campus technology services such as oncourse or webmail.


student technology centers are extremely helpful - some instructors do not take advantage of online activities, gradebooks, syllabus, communications, etc.


IUware need to be available for a limited time offer when students are enrolled in Adobe flash cs3


Everything seems to be easily accessible and is easy to adapt to. I don't have any complaints everything seems to work just fine for me.




The technology here at IUN is a far cry from the prehistoric computing and networking found at other colleges. I wish, however, that I actually KNEW where all the computer labs were on campus. If there is a way to find out that information, I don't know it. And I think I speak for everyone, when I say that I don't want to walk into, what I think is, a computer lab to find out it's a classroom. So posting visible signs or maybe even a map of the computer labs on campus would be an easy fix to this issue.


I really enjoy the labs, especially the one in Savannah Center because it is brighter (the windows) and less crowded.


I have been with IUN for three years and Onestart keeps changing and just when you think you understand how to use it they change it again. So please stop changing Onestart.


more wirless facilities, software and tools.


None at this time


I do not like the "mew and improved" onestart page. It is too hard to figure out where everything went.


Some computers are very slow when logging in and the projector closest to the normal classroom door in Hawthorn 107 doesn't work half the time.


I appreciate the workshops taught by [IRD] and I also appreciate the IT courses that I have taken at the Universtiy.


It would be nice if I could access my mail on the campus servers using programs like Windows Mail, because otherwise it is a pain in the butt to log in every time I need to send something. It would be MUCH more convenient to read and write mail via something like Windows Mail. Thank you.