Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2008

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Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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We need to have more wireless access points.


I would be happier if the quota on webmail were increased. I prefer it to exchange.

I have found some glitches in exchange - emails to a group listed on the to line do not get to everyone. I would be happier if the system to get to voicemail did not require several clicks .


I'm new to the university this year. Many of the services you offer are invisible to me as a new faculty member. This survey taught me who is supposed to help me with my office telephone as well as other services. I don't know if you are on the agenda for new faculty orientations, but it seems this would be a nice addition. It took me months to figure out what OneStart was and why I'd need it. The payroll is the only reason I found it.


Just a few thoughts....the survey was a help to go through.


like the move to the unified messaging system


Until UITS computing power can be used with patient data (PHI - protected health information) the systems will be of little use in my research and most research at IUSM


Since I am now in a Clarian building there are many services that I no longer use, but I love OnCourse, One-start,etc.


Great service.


You listed a huge number of websites etc in your survey. Do you have a listing of all of these services and what they represent on at a single website at which a short discription is available with an attached web address.


This questionnaire is very difficult to respond to. There are a lot of names of services that are confusing (what is a Student Tech Center?). You don't tell us what these things are,so I have to guess. I use OneStart for grant proposal submission and management, and it is very difficult to find what I need. There is a lot of jargon and acronyms that don't mean anything.


Need larger exchange mailbox sizes


The lack of availability of document cameras was a very poor decision.

Technology is source of frustration for faculty.


Please provide bigger storage for e-mail accounts.


My biggest IT dependecny is on my PDA mobility smart phone. The support for mobility is horrible. The UITS 274-HELP folks never know the answer nad can only send messages to the mobility team and the mobility team never contacts me. It's too silo'd. Need users with smart phones to be able to communicate directly wtih mobility team.


Also mailbox storage issues are a problem. Storage size is insufficient, even with good upkeep for a faculty member that passes large data files.


Offer an alternative to OnCourse


Junk Oncourse!


Too many passwords for different systems. Suggest a universal system, perhaps linked to ID badge.


I find it statistically unlikely that I would be "randomly" chosen to complete this survey three years in a row. Any comments?


Great Job!


I disliked the way this email started - implying that I had not responded to a previous means of communication. I had never received and previous piece.


I still don't understand why some changes are made (ie OnCourse CL) other than some people just feel they need to make changes. And when changes are made the average user is not (they maybe asked) heard as to what to keep. Gradebook is a big issue with me.


Just keep trying to make the system user friendly.


Only that Oncourse CL is hopeless, and that I deeply resent the way it has been forced on us, when it is not an improvement on old Oncourse. Is anyone actually paying any attention to faculty complaints about Oncourse CL? And student complaints? Could the people who designed it be stood against a wall and pelted with rotten fruit and vegetables?


[IRD] spent a conserable amount of time rectifying a problem with my computer. He went above and beyond to assist me. His can do attitude was a pleasant and welcome surprise. One can only hope others will adopt his customer service approach. he is to be commended.


I took some classes this past Fall, and experienced a great deal of trouble with Oncourse in relation to slowness and accessability to complete assignments online. There were some very big did seem to improve towards the end of the semester. Didn't take any classes this semester, so I don't know the current status.


they did not do what they said they would do on two different occasions--I had guest speakers with tons of technical problems, UITS was late, then incompetent--classroom/teaching service is awful


Simplify, simplify, simplify!!!


I am in the School of Medicine, I am less satisfied with their support of my research computing needs than with the general IU-wide computing services, which seem robust. OneStart and other access points need to be streamlined and unified, too scattered and too many functions with very similar names, if you don't know what you are looking for it's impenetrable. The financial managment system seems to be very user-unfriendly, my staff have continuous trouble wtih all aspects of it, not limited to computing but also the more general functions - so I can't tell whether there is a computing problem or a people problem or a system problem.


Overall, I really like the changes that have been made with oncourse. However, I recently went to give an exam using the Original Test and Survey tool...the students couldn't access the tab. It was an absolute NIGHTMARE! I wish I had been given warning that it could have been a problem. My other section that was taking an exam at the exact same time was fine, so it was a random problem and it was taken care of the next day. However, I wasn't prepared.


IT specialists who are specifically dedicated to a particular department would be helpful. They would many times know our systems and needs best and be able to anticipate them before the department even knows its needs. This is how it used to be set up and worked better than the current system of getting anyone who happens ot be free at the time.


The greatest problems have surrounded OnCourse. We must get these solved!!! Mostly, however, UITS provides excellent service.


I love using Oncourse for my special projects and that I can invite people outside of the university to sign up for an account. I am chairing a program committee for a national organization and this feature will be immensly useful!


Oncourse CL needs to be redesigned utilizing user-centered design principles. Faculty and students need to be consulted more in the process in order to use university resources wisely. The launch in fall 2007 of Oncourse CL was a disaster from which I hope a great deal has been learned.


I don't use the Knowledge Base a lot because I find it's not user-centered. It's a good idea, but the information in there may need to be reshaped for users. (Maybe this has been done already -- I haven't looked at it recently.)


On the positive side, I like having a computer and projector in every classroom where I teach. Thanks!


PeopleSoft sucks.

Phone systems are way too complicated, with millions of unnecessary options.


Impressive. Picky point--"view paycheck" hard to find.


need to enhance mac support. there are enough macs being used by the research faculty here and around the country that it should not be ignored. we need to have on site experts in mac who can and will provide service. if business people want to use PCs let them but support the scientists who use macs


I do not like Oncourse CL. There was really no "real" reason to switch. CL is not as user friendly.

Despite this, if I have an issue, I know I can call 274-HELP and usually get it resolved.


I tried but failed to get help for connecting my laptop computer with local printer systems at Wells Center. I was denied because my laptop equipped with Window Vista.


The new phone voicemail system is not nearly as good as the old. Much slower and clumsier to use.


Separate classes with not compatible software. For example Timberline and Primavera software should be installed on the separate computer stations.


Oncourse CL is very user unfriendly.


I cannot visit the IUPUI mainpage in my office with wireless connection, unless I use VPN. It will be better to improve this.


There seems to be a disconnect between the Clarian and IU computers.

Have not been able to get a Z drive on the could tell me what happens to a file accidently deleted from the H drive

The help desk folks are generally helpful and pleasant.

The problems arise because of reliance on the neonatal computer support at Riley. The work laptop functions erratically from home. Cant get the H drive. Was configured by [IRD] a couple of times in the past without much help. Can't spend too time on that, so gave up trying.


>> Every time OneStart is "improved" it becomes harder to use. The same is true of Oncourse, but then you already know that. >>The IT equipment in the Campus Center meeting rooms needs to be adjusted so that it does not "time out" so quickly.


I would like my name pronounced correctly on my telephone voice mail.


The electronic W-2 system has never worked properly, anytime I have tried to use it. It tells me I can log-in without my ID 7 password, but then doesn't let me do that.


Oncourse CL is a disgrace. Those responsible for putting it online before it was ready should be reassigned


Good people to work with!


Very poor technology for large data backup that is easy to access.


When I consult regarding technical problems with my computer or Email, although the people who answer the phone are very friendly and eager to be of help, they often do not seem to have the expertise to solve whatever problem I am calling about.


The communication about OncourseCL in the past year has been DISASTEROUS. UITS needs to have communicators who can speak with faculty about teaching needs; the communications have been handled in such a technocratic, bureaucratic fashion that pedagogical issues have not been taken seriously.


Placing orders via EPIC is a nightmare. Too few vendors are listed and navigation is clumsy and a real pain. Cannot go back and forth easily. V Poor design overall.


UITS needs to hire or train more knowledgeable phone support staff. It is very frustrating to call about a problem I have been unable to solve with the help of the (frustrating) knowledge base and then have the person read me the knowledge base pages I just read.


When I have managed to get someone knowledgeable, their help has been superb, but I seldom get someone knowledgeable.


The voicemail system coudl be significantly improved. it keeps asking the same questions over and over. There should be an immediate short-cut to the voicemail messages without having to dial the number 1, over and over again.






some time we need remote access to our desktop at work in order to work from home at nights.


Very dissatisfied with responsiveness to local service providers.


The service and trouble-shooting efforts of those who administer research systems (Libra, Big Red) are excellent, and have been consistently for the seven years I've been at IU or IUPUI.


I have, however, had problems with creation of accounts for my undergraduate research students. Though these problems have been resolved quickly by service personnel, each semester there seems to be a different "automatic" procedure for requesting such accounts. Another problem is that decisions regarding research services (e.g., number of processors on Libra provided for each loadleveler class) are made based on input received from users at roundtable forums and other meetings, which excludes users who have teaching responsibilites at times when these meetings are held. User feedback might be more effectively obtained from a website or online form users could complete.


As far as classroom technology is concerned, I've always received excellent and very responsive service from UITS personnel. I was impressed by how well they handled the recent theft of equipment in classrooms in the LD building. They did a great job of making sure everybody could teach their classes without interruptions in service.


A minor complaint I have regards "walk-up" computer stations located throughout IUPUI campus. While it is great that this kind of access has been made available in so many locations across campus, in most locations all of the computers are placed assuming users will be standing up. There are a number of students and faculty (including myself) who are disabled and use wheelchairs, and are thus unable to access these computers.


The following is likely an issue at the departmental level, rather than with UITS, but certain labs and offices in the chemistry department share a phone line ala the oldfashioned "party lines." Individuals assigned to these labs and, particularly, offices thus are not able to have voicemail service or long distance service. As the user of one these party line phones, I also find that messages are often either not taken or not delivered to me if somebody calls and speaks with somebody in one of the other labs.


The size of E-mail box (100MB) is too small.


Oncourse service is totally unacceptable. It is unreliable and has countless problems. People have quit complaining because it does not change.


I would be happy to see some improvement with IU wireless system

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I know several things are involved, but I do wish a new-hire set up could be completed and ready to go by the time an employee starts; there are so many people involved from start to finish. I do not feel it is always IT that is causing the delay.


I appreciate the IT groups quick response in most instances! Thanks!


I'm so ignorant about computer operation that it's invaluable having a UIT rep immediately available by telephone 24/7. Thanks so much!


I dislike the new voicemail service - it is not user-friendly and requires too many button pushes.


This survey is very long.


Our department has a separate IT support system so I have never used UITS. Our department does get support for telecommunications


thank goodness for humans in this sea of technology! Recently when I was trying to fill out the job application on line, I thought it was completely filled out and finally when I realized it was not, the nicest person in Human Resources "walked me through the process" to finish the application. Without his help, I would never have been able to figure it out!


Provide additional LSP help for times when departments encounter large technical jobs or problems...we could call in LSP Services assist us. Currently they are too busy and booked out to respond in a IT emergency.


I wish there were an 800 number for internet and IU server access that I could dial into while traveling in places that don't have wireless available


Riley Hospital has very poor cell phone and BlackBerry service.




To be customer friendly: provide upgrade notices, voice mail do you know we still have 2 systems?




Oncourse has many issues. Would like to see more integration between Oncourse and SIS. IUIE continues to improve but remains a source of frustation. Bursar, Financial Aid, Admissions, Advising, Student Records and Student Records/Registrar edocs all should be evaluated separately instead of a single catagory with the exception of Academic Advising services.


There were network changes in our building last weekend. Several of us did not have access Monday morning. UITS responded very quickly by sending someone over. Thank you.




Anytime I have needed to call our IT staff, they have always been very helpful and have solved the prolem for me. I appreciate them all.


I appreciated the assistance I received for the UITS Help Desk in setting up my Blackberry.


I have a lot of difficulty in connecting to VPN from home. To-date I am still having problems. Any suggestions.


I think the IT Accounts set up should be more user friendly when it comes to reactivating an account.


With the increase need for internet access on computers, more data ports in multi-user spaces, such as labs, are necessary.


Why do some staff have old voicemail system and others have new voicemail system? Where is the information to help with the new voicemail system?




I think you all do a great job. I have to say that I liked the old phone/voice mail system much better than the new one, but I'm sure that's not your fault. It's probably something the university forced you to do.




I need help setting up my voicemail.


It would have been nice if you told me the estimated time it takes to complete this survey.


Why is there a link to your support services on the IUPUI home page under tools?


The new voicemail system irritates me daily. It takes forever to access voicemail compared to the old system. However, I realize I don't use it maximally (to email or fax, for instance)--those functions may be faster.


Most of my IT support comes from staff assigned to the Deparment of Psychiatry. That staff is very professional and exceed my expectations for competence and customer service.


The file attachment prohibitions on email are rediculous. At least you allow zip files now. You allow word, excel, and PDF documents which have all been known to harbor viruses. I understand the security concerns with email attachments, but these things are also important for our work and the restrictions placed on some files make our lives more difficult. It would be nice if you could disable these security checks for mail coming or going to certain addresses.


I work for an off-site division, would love to have a training session designed to better utilize all of the services available to Staff.


It is difficult to get someone to come to my workplace and fix computer issues.


It's not UITS' fault or decision, but I dislike both the Unified Message Service and Onestart--I almost HATE the latter and [IRD] left the university long before the implementation took place. Please, no more redesigns. Enough is enough.


Yes, I did not really get the questions about the residence, I could not tell if you meant at home or on our desk. Not sure why you need to know what I use at home. I used Mac Experience this year and they are much better at working on my Mac than anyone at IUPUI is, you should hire them!!!





I answered these questions based on the services listed. Most of my experiences have been through HELPNET. That service is excellent/outstanding. I would rate a 5.


Keep up the good work.


I had no idea that the IT capabilities have expanded. I wonder whether in-services and/or seminars will be sufficient to "bring the average user up to speed" or will advanced degrees be required? It seems so complicated!


I'll miss the FIS!

Can you make the edocs print out on one page?


UITS employees a few individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty. To name a few:








and a few others I'm sure I'm missing.


I personally do not care for the new voice mail system. Most staff do not feel that it is user friendly.







Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

My most serious criticism is OnCourse. It is a very useful tool when it is fully operational. But because of it going down and other problems some teachers are afraid to use it and those that do use it periodically have their teaching plans disrupted because of problems with OnCourse which further contributes to more teachers not wanting to use it.


older office system then what is now available on the market. Makes bringing work from home difficult.


Survey is way too long.


The computer consultants and CSS's are very knowledgeable and helpful.


More storage space is needed in webmail.

More sessions needed to learn how to use and access personal webpages thru IU

More access needed for students graduating to still have access toi IUCAT and other IU resources to continue to put IU on the MAP with out work.


Keep the computer labs open longer on Saturday in the ESL building.


Sometimes I don't receive an email to my webmail address until a day after it was sent


Oncourse upgrade should be scheduled during the summer months, if possible.


I am extremely unsatisfied with the wireless network on campus. I have quit using it because I am constantly signed off and it becomes slow. Having to sign in to the VPN is a hassle. I visited Purdue over the past year and had no problem using their wireless network and I am not a Purdue student. Please fix the wireless network so that it works at all hours of the day, not just the early morning and late evening. And get rid of the VPN.


Have to improve Oncourse e-mail forwarding to actually show who sent it rather than "postmaster".

Improve iucat search and access- hard to find which journals, catalogs are available


sometimes slow to respons to requests submitted via OnCourse. KB is very cumbersome and difficult to use


My IU Webmail hasn't worked since I started at Indiana two years ago. I've attempted to contact the help desk, but there "solutions" have not worked.


I am a distance learner so the Oncourse CL transition and continuing Oncourse issues have been very frustrating.


when we emailing from the iu webmail account to some other email providers like yahoo or gmail it takes some delayed time to reach that account. So if able to improve that part it would be great. thanks


As an instructor, I prefer old Oncourse, but the new version is better as a student. Also, I found OneStart much more user-friendly before the update. Great difficulty finding links; can't find menu for unofficial transcript.


I have called representatives for a course that I administrate with regard to Oncourse. Every time I have requested assistance, a representative was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. I am grateful for the valuable service I have received- thank you!


I'm at the Muncie campus of IUSoM, so there really isn't anything at all on here that applies to me. You might want to consider not sending these surveys to center students in the future.


Please make sure that those behind desk are sufficiently knowledgeable.


Helpful and friendly assistance via phone when experiencing technical problem from home


Online versions of STEPS courses would be great. Many students on this commuter campus don't have time for additional on-campus, in-person classes. Right now, the only online self-paced learning opportunities are basics like "Microsoft Word for Morons". What about an online Dreamweaver course that you could download along with the software? Now THAT would actually be helpful.


The STEPS program is super.

I still don't get webmail.

The Knowledge Base Page is overly complicated.

The Listsev is also difficult to manage and counter-intuitive, imo ;). Thanks for letting me say that.

Otherwise, I LOVE all the improvements that have gone on over the last 2 yrs,(website, Incourse, OneStart) and think y'all are rockin an awesome web environment here.


A Suggestion: Find out what are the most common uses of OneStart, and make really obvious quick links of the front page directly to that action.

Ex: It takes too many clicks and windows to get to either the current ebill, or to add/drop classes in the current or next semester. Why not have one click links take you to these options?


UITS has done a wonderful job with ensuring students, faculty, and staff receive top notch computer services and assistance.


I feel that the services provided are excellent and it just has to be kept up at this level.


I think the Webmail system has the potential to be mucher better, especially if were to have more of the basic functions of programs like Microsoft Outlook.


why no exchange server for student emails?

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

On oncourse, having to push the check my messages, is frustrating. They should automatically show up. It would be helpful and convienent.


The price per page for printing by students on campus (both black & white as well as color) is too high. Don't we pay a technology fee in our tuition?


Services are great. If there could be one thing that would make it great, it would be WiFi in the parking lots!


I'm not sure if or how you could but the wireless internet runs very slow.


webmail is slow and oncourse crashes a lot, but the people have been pretty nice.


The new oncourse and new onestart are not very user friendly. I am finally getting used to oncourse, but onestart is confusing and not easy to navigate. I don't understand why things are fixed when there isn't a problem with them.


We need more Wi-Fi connections at the Herron School of Art & Design. Using our laptops is critical in designing new images when Photoshop and Illustrator are needed, but we also need to be able to have access to the internet in our studios (which is not available at the time) instead of having to wait and cram ourselves into a lab with numerous other people!!! It would be nice if Herron could get some attention as well.


Oncourse CL is HORRIBLE!!! The original oncourse was mush easier to navagate and far more reliable. Yesterday I tried to get on Oncourse CL all day long and it would not allow me to until 5:00pm. This is ridiculous.


Overall, I am very happy with IUPUI's IT services. It was frustrating to me, however, when Oncourse and Onestart were changed because things often ran very slow and were difficult to find.


The only thing I would have any complaint about is the new format for the oncourse site. Personally, I found it easier to navigate before the new format. However, I do appreciate some of the new features. I really think the colors are static and not very aesthetically pleasing though. If there is a way to change the colors and I don't know it, I would like to know. I do care a little about customization of my own site, and would like a little bit more of that and I think that it would be perfect. I think that most everything else is excellent and well-maintained and navigable.


The mail system used on onestart is not very up to date. and when logging out, why can you not just go straight back to onestart? it is misleading because there is still an open session of onestart, even though you log out of the mail server, but there is no link to go back to your onestart session.


I think there should be more STC labs with more hours on campus that provide the same tools (software and hardware) as the IT131 lab.


Onestart is still somewhat difficult to navigate despite the recent efforts to address this issue.

It would be nice to have optical mice at the email stations on campus as the balls are often stolen.

Many times I have experienced going into computer labs on campus to find that the computers do not have the software needed for coursework. It would be nice to have the software on campus computers more consistent from one lab to the next.

Good work on the recent changes to the IUPUI search engine, I get much more relevant results now.

New University Library website is great. Much easier to find what I'm looking for quickly.


Sometines signing onto oncourse or webmail can be very slow and this can create a problem when you are short on time.


I have not had any overly large problems with the systems! Thanks for everything!


Overall, I am very satisfied with the technology offered at IUPUI. The only program that I have as well as many students and professors that I know is with Oncourse. It seems to be very troublesome, but it is very important for me and my classes.




There appear to be many services I am not aware of. Please try to get the word out to all students about all the services available.


I would like more storage space on webmail. 50MB is not a lot when you are receiving and revising 4-5MB lab reports over email between groups for 3 classes every week.


Very disappointed in the overall support services. I received quick and prompt replies, but alas, in the end, I was offered no help and told to solve it on my own by taking the issue to the instructor. This is concerning an issue in Oncourse CL. If you wish to review the historical communication, the contact ID # is: CT2091405; the incident ID # is: IM567394.


UITS should follow through until completely resolved.


In general, UITS does a great job, in my opinion. You should have a seperate survey to evaluate Oncourse CL, though. In general, it's a good system, but there are definitely problems as well.


Everything that UITS has provided for me as a student has been very helpful. However, I wish that printing in color would cost less than $1.00 per page. Also, I wish there was a computer lab in the nursing building. I may be wrong or unaware of one, but if there is not one in that particular building, it would be nice to have one there. Thanks.


I have used it for about a year now, and I still do not like the new OnCourse. When will I start liking it?


I would like the spam mail (drug companys) from coming to my campus email. Also, the response time to an issue is horrible. It took several days for someone to get back with me about an issue. I also don't like how Oncourse/Onestart seems to change every year.


i dont use many of the iupui help services but what i have used i like and it is easy to use.


I am confused as to why there is a great deal of variance in the software available in different buildings and labs. I dont understand why most computers do not have Office 2007 yet? Also, I am very disappointed in OnCourse CL. It seems to have a lot of bugs and availability issues, and it seems that the improved "look" of the interface was traded for slower loading pages and less options (i.e. statistics in the gradebook feature, fewer classes listed on main page).





Oncourse is horrible. I have lost many points, time, and work as a result of it alone. You should really consider a new system in the future. I have to submit new assignments multiple times before I get a notification email and that is unacceptable. I am CS Certficate/New Media major and I know a thing about user interface design. Oncourse is a poor online learning tool and you should consider something more reliable/robust.


Everything is good.


It would be nice if instructors actually used Oncourse CL to the full.


A lot of keyboards are so old that the keys stick and it is a pain to try and type anything


There are a lot of computer things in this survey that I have never heard of.


Every time I have used these services, they have been very helpful. They always answer questions that I have or figure out ways to help me. Many of my friends have also used the IT services and I have never heard of any complaints. This is a very helpful department of our university.


Computer lab assistants range from those being extremely helpful to those who are only there to play computer games.


I would like to somehow be able to go directly from my oncourse to my webmail without having to enter in my password. Another idea is have every teacher learn how to use oncourse through a brief class.


I have only really used the UITS for oncourse, onestart, webmail, and printing,(also whatever programs for my classes) and the system has never failed me. im very pleased with it.


on the wireless signal on campus people have problems getting to iupui's home site and webmail




I never get any email from my instructors to my iupui account (not oncourse) I have tried to fix this 3 times with IT and still have the problem. That's why I am not satisified with the email.


I would be lost at times without the IT center


With all of the computer labs I think there needs to be a rule put into place that computers should only be used by students who really need them. For the students who sit in front of the computer watching movies or playing games should be kicked off and get into trouble. I have been in several situations where I needed a computer either in the library or the ES building and they are all taken by several students just playing games. IT people should be checking everyone or monitoring them to see what games they are playing and who they are so they can get into trouble. I hope whoever reads this does something about this problem. Thank you!


I wish it was easier to connect to the wireless service on campus. All of the computer in the kiosks in the UC run very slow. Also I wish there were more random kiosk computers around the campus with up todate computers. Also i wish we could get atleast 50 free pages a semester. Many instructors require us to print out science labs thinking they are saving us money but it ends up being the same price if we were just required to buy a book.


Onestart and Oncourse are very confusing sites due to the fact they are constantly being changed. I don't have a lot of extra time to explore these websites to figure out how to use the site to its fullest extent.


The only comment i would have to make is that it is pretty hard to connect to the internet on a lap-top from campus.


I don't like Oncourse CL as much as the original Oncourse. It has too much information to load that slows it down. I don't use all the options that it has to offer, but I don't feel like it is a very efficient system. Also I have class in the ET on the 3rd floor and those computers have not been maintained at all. Maybe it isn't your responceibility, but someone should go through and clean them up. Thank you


the library website needs to be less confusing, difficult to navigate.




No wireless in the campus center is ridiculous! Onestart down for a whole week this month! Oncourse and Onestart suck for the first two weeks every fall for two weeks. What is wrong with Oncourse gradebook? Profs hate posting grades. Love my voicemail. Love Gracenote. Hate Cha-Cha. Dewey Decimal is better than Cha-Cha. Stop letting people add software to the library computers. The library computers are loaded with junkware. Computer lab staff is useless. New Onestart is next to impossible to navigate. Not intuitive. Many of the sites seem to focus more on form, and not enough on function. Your services have a lot of good ideas, but seem to lack in execution. Is this because it is largely staffed by students with limited commitment? This is my fourth year at IUPUI and I feel like Oncours/Onstart have been in Beta (or maybe Alpha) for the whole time. It seems like the service is always "almost finished." Other than the above, good job.


I would like to see more flexible schedules for software workshops


If oncourse was a commercial website it would have been shut down by now. Oncourse is lucky to have such a captive audience.


I think that it is pretty good. It offers a lot of hands on training that many need when coming to college. That is really good and there are always plenty of people around to help with computer problems, at least when I needed help there was. And that's great. Keep up the good work!


Instead of using Webmail as a means of e-mail. I would like to see Outlook used. This seems to be the standard among other peers' school. It is easy to manage and is more professional than Webmail.


I really think its great that there are so many computers available to use when I need to. The only complaint I have is that I can't just simply get onto oncourse or iupui website from my laptop while on campus. I don't like that I have to get software for that. I haven't gotten it yet. Anyway, you all do a great job!


The telephone " computer support people for the university" I ask connected via#274-5555-e.g [IRD],etal--ALL,EVERY-are GREAT at #274-HELP as above


Let us be able to use it without worrying about upgrading.


I pay tuition, and therefore when I need to print materials relating to classroom studies, there is NO reason I should have to pay for printing, color or black and white. Also, I am a graphic design major working with 6 year old software. Adobe purchased Macromedia quite some time ago. We still teach Macromedia Freehand when industry standard is Adobe Illustrator. With that said, the latest version of Adobe in the ET building is CS. They are currently on CS3. That is a HUGE gap for designers and putting us at a direct disadvantage entering the workforce by not offering one, these classes, and two, the most updated software and the ability to print and view our work without having to pay per print.


No, thank you!


Need more campus computer lab locations or at least more in/around the new campus center. Difficult to find usable workstation and/or printer when you need it. MacOS X support is of a second class nature - example unable to do wireless printing to print release stations using MacOS X. Need to get user/student feedback more than once a year.


no... good job!


On Campus Wireless network is not at stable as I would like.


The only problem I have had this year is with the Oncourse CL. It moves very slowly at times and is down a lot. I also think it is a bit more confusing to navigate than the old oncourse.


The availability of a strong wireless signal isn't readily available on campus. I find myself in the library getting shut down on my laptop because I'm not on the "correct" side of the library to receive the signal. It is frustrating when I need to study and the only space available is on the "wrong" side of the library. It makes it very unattractive to study there.


OnCourse CL is very inreliable. OnCourse is essential to everyday class work, and when there are issues with OnCourse CL and students are unable to access it, that is a serious issue and stress.


Last semester shortly after thanksgiving it was almost impossible to get a wireless connection in the LE building.


Wireless in the campus center is very lacking (i.e. using a Macbook Pro on 4th level gives me very minimal access, if any). Online library is harder to use now with the new identity of the campus, as is Oncourse and Onestart (too many things buried in menus). The IT assistance at Herron is lacking at times (I've had to reformat a drive due to IT not watching out what their doing and being too hasteful, as well as limiting use of black and white printers to Macs only...).


I primarily use Webmail, OncourseCL, and Onestart which are very helpful. The other programs I am not familiar with.


I would like to be able to get more calendar integration I have 4 DE classes this semester and I would love to see assignmenst etc post to the calendars of all the people in that class and then be able to export that data in a format I can import into my outlook calendar.


I thought that the original oncourse and One start were much better before they got changed. Things are more complicated now and most of the time you can't even do what you want to do because it is always messed up or its been changed and you can't do it at all anymore. I wish they would have at least left OneStart the same instead of changing it. I don't like it at all now and find it very difficult to use.


Keep-up the good work! Nevertheless, continue to improve the services in terms of making technology/computer services more easier to use and more accessible for students and faculty.


the oncourse are very bad these days


in addition, I don't kbow how to delete my deleted mails in mu email


i just see it with the black line


ny the way, if I compare iupui website and services with other universities, I would say that IUPUI has a very nice website


I'm a saudi student and hope the saudis universities will have the same services on website :)


Onestart became almost unusable. Spent half an hour searching for my Student ID!!! Thanks to kb site was able to find it at last...