2009 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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Having a better wireless network (especially in [IRD]) would be a huge improvement and make a large difference in accomplishing my daily tasks.

A huge problem on our campus is that we have no organized system for providing information about courses and curricula. We lack even simple links from Schedule of Classes information to course descriptions. Also, we essentially lack course descriptions. It's amazing to me that IU strives to do a good job with information technology, yet we lack a system for providing even basic information about courses and curricula.

Many of my technology needs as [IRD] are met by the SchoOL of Education Technology Services as opposed to UITS.

I think UITS is a terrific service--I am especially impressed with the phone help. I don't know if the survey captures that sufficiently: You guys are REALLY helpful!!

While there are a lot of workshops in basic programs and skills, there should be at least a few Advanced user workshops offered. Additionally, Oncourse has a mind of its own and can be incredibly frustrating at times.

Work with the branch libraries (Fine Arts, Music, etc.) to install computer instruction classrooms similar to those in the Wells Library Information Commons -- allowing for library instruction and general use, but not on the registrar's course scheduling grid.

Increase access to digital imaging support at the Branch libraries: large format, 48 bit color scanners, digital camera and laptop checkout, polycom conference phones, mp3 players, etc.

Set up and enable color copiers and printers in branch libraries -- linked to computers, the wireless network, and scanners in each of the branches.

In the campus master plan there is a strong recognition that cafes and other meeting spots are made available to students, staff and faculty on campus. Leverage the UITS/Library partnership to create classrooms and meeting spaces in the branch libraries on campus.

Keep up the good work! You have moved us easily into the 21st century! Thank you!

I can't imagine that this survey will really tell you anything meaningful about how people use UITS services, what works, and what doesn't. I expected a better survey from UITS.

Overall, the technological infrastructure for my research and teaching are very good. Oncourse has flaws, but it has improved over time and is useful to have. Onestart is poorly designed, but I very much appreciate the amount of information I have access to through it (particularly personnel and pay records).

I suspect that the fact that my department has its own outstanding computer staff has improved my experience with technology and software at IU.

It might be nice to have scanners for student use in more of the computer labs.

Telephone classroom support is horrific. There is no sense of urgency unless it is [IRD] - he is a rock star. Support needs to understand that when a classroom isn't working, the university isn't working and a whole room full of customers are not happy. They do not seem to get that at all except for [IRD].

Adobe CS4 was sweet! Do the same for Matlab...

don't restrict faculty quotas on email accounts; this is the first campus I have worked at that does this. My colleagues and I just turn to gmail for our professional exchanges.

1. "Time" is a time sink for faculty supervising student employees -- paper was much easier. Too many clicks required to view information, especially for multiple employees, and correction of employee logging errors is a painful process indeed.

2. ERA grant proposal system is not kept up to date with university indirect percentages, etc., causing needless iterations of revisions when composing a budget. Response from grants office was "nobody uses that" -- how was I to know that it was inaccurate?

3. Faculty email quotas are ridiculously small. Forces forwarding and storage confidential student information on a public service, i.e. gmail.

Just wish I was more computer savvy - AND that I had the time to take advantage of all of the services available.

All I need to teach is a chalkboard and students. While it's great to have these neat toys (computers and projectors), I find they take up useful space and get in the way. Perhaps they don't need to be in so many classrooms.

I am not sure this is relevant, but I am at [IRD] and I do not always feel that the IT department is staffed fully enough to support my needs. I send emails that remain unanswered, I do not feel well trained on the computer system, etc.

The vendor searching capabilities for Onestart ("punchout") are quirky. For instance, on VWR you can't hit "back" and continue browsing items. It's annoying.

IT at IU is fabulous! The HelpDesk people are wonderful, and always solve my problems. The range of available IT resources are incredibly helpful for every aspect of my job as a faculty member.

change IU search...it is not good

Oncourse needs to provide native support for sections with multiple instructors. Requiring manual proxy adds is silly when the instructor information is already in DSS1PRD.

More classrooms should be equipped with Document Cameras--this would make a MAJOR teaching difference. It should be part of the standard configuration.

IUCAT is in the stone-age, as far as search goes. I understand the nature of MARC entries, but Google has changed the face of Search, and libraries should move in this direction.

OneStart and SIS are slow and cumbersome. One should be able to do an easy search for SIS funcionality.

Basic SIS forms functions are overlooked--for instance the ability to search for a specific class number to which to ad a class permission. instead, one has to search for the course, and scan the page for the correct class number. Too time-consuming when you have many sections of a course.

The enrollment roster system is problematic--when you have multiple rosters, they spread (this is really misguided) across multiple pages. The completion of a roster on page 5 kicks you back to page 1, and you have to page through again.

Computing generally excellent. Telephone voicemail is way too complicated. We should be able to play messages with the touch of a button it seems strange that everyone's home system is more efficient than their office system.

I am new to the university - only started in [IRD]. One of my biggest problems was getting to know the IT system. There was really no guidance - everybody assumed I would know what to do and I didn't as I came from outside the US. This was at times very frustrating. I also waited over 2 months for my laptop computer to eventually arrived which made my life in the beginning stages quite difficult. I did however get a loan computer from ETS,however, it still was quite stressfull though.

I am very grateful for everything UITS does. My greatest wish for something new would be for Microsoft Outlook Web Access to run better. It seems slow and buggy to me.

I have problems with the following: webmail is at times extremely slow (equally so from my office as when dialling in from home); websites change their appearance frequently (e.g. library and one-start) and it is very often frustrating trying to find the links you need because they are buried in some new obscure place.

It will be nice to have the option for voice mail at my office phone. Thanks!

it is inappropriate for a person answering UITS calls to assume they "know" any fact without checking. I have had more than one incident during past 6 months where a 'consultant' acted sure of some point-of-view' where it was later clear they were wrong. Twice this hampered my teaching and filing of grades.

On the computing side, the university is second to none. On the telecommunications side it is like being in the dark ages. Too many barriers between communicating between the people who need things done and the people who will do them. Too many opportunities for miscommunication.

The email quota of 100 MB is terribly small, and it should be increased for faculty at least.

for certain of my courses, the projection/video/audio systems in the classrooms have been woefully inadequate - especially in the use of DVD & VHS excerpts

I have one particular favorite: it is Oncourse. I absolutely love it for my teaching, research, group activities. It is great -- but it has some issues when it comes to grades and gradebooks. I would like this to be much more robust and "trustworthy". I like the direct transmission of grades to the registrar - that works. But the gradebook in itself within Oncourse is a little "unstable".

WorldCat is wonderful

Overall, I'm pleased with the service. I've been especially impressed with the help. I'll point out that I teach in [IRD]. They've installed a few really nice projectors, but we still have problems with the audio. And it's mind-numbing, but the lights have been broken for weeks. They can't be dimmed. We had to resort to unscrewing the fluorescent tubes.

IU Bloomington is very fortunate to have such wonderful Information Technology services. We can rightly say we are well "wired" and have excellent support for the technology. Thanks for asking.

I have had to contact UITS a few times prior to classes due to problems with classroom technology. I have always received prompt and courteous treatment, usually with immediate help.

It would help to have bookmarks within OnCourse and OneStart to avoid repeated navigation to frequently used pages.

It would be helpful to automatically shift courses taught during te current semester to the fore in OnCourse, instead of listing oldest courses first. Currently I have a tech support request in for OnCourse Resources, which requires two tries to upload all files from off-campus; it is very frustrating and time-consuming.

Let me compliment you on the quality and usability of the technology classrooms; they are superb. I use them to teach several times each week.

Let me compliment you on the reliability and ease of use of IU mail servers, which are also good at detecting and removing spam. However, spamguards (or some other function) seems to block email out to students with yahoo.com accounts; gmail is not so affected. Some students tend to use personal non-IU accounts at home or on travel during breaks, ad it is important to be able to reach them during the semester.

Thank you, overall UITS is doing a good job, but could use some improvement. Bookmarking OneStart and OnCourse pages AFTER CAS login is my number one suggestion to improve usability.

Keep up the good work!

The systems are not even close to being sufficiently supportive of Macintosh users both for personal business and for workshops.

The present installation of VISTA for teaching is very frustrating. Even powerpoint is different on my office Vista than the teaching classroom. More standardization and better functionality needed.

need for an email system that allows threaded conversation WITH REPLIES (ala gmail) to track correspondence without extensive searching.

Need for qualitative video data analysis software (e.g. NUDIST) for faculty, research assistants, and graduate students & sufficient and secure server space for video-based research data.

need for AUTOMATIC secure backup of data on university office workstations and laptops w/o dragging files to separate drives on servers

Classroom technology such as the ceiling projector in [IRD] is disgraceful! I have to call for tech support and thus delay the beginning of class approximately once a week. This has gone on for several years. This room seats 170 students and is used back-to-back, all day, four days a week. Why isn't it a priority to replace it?

My files were lost because of IU support--because of errors made by IU employees on my computer. Some of the files are retrievable from old oncourse files, but the university wants to charge me for accessing these files despite the fact that your office is responsible.

I have worked in three other universities and have never seen such incompetent computer support.

I liked the library page better when, on resources, you clicked on IUcat and actually GOT it rather than having to click from the page that is now presented. It's more complex and it should be simpler. It's also misleading.

My biggest concern is WebMail. As a faculty, I only get 100mg of storage. I only use it for work and research and never for personal purposes. I have been working for [IRD] months at IUB and I find my mailbox quota 26% full. I try to delete unimportant e-mails, but the main problem is e-mail from students.

I teach several classes and students are very comfortable asking questions via e-mail. I try to respond promptly and, as a result, my mailbox is clogged with students' e-mails. I keep all communications with students in case there is a dispute over what I said or did not say. With 100mg quota I will quickly run out of space.

In some places, i.e. classroom technology, while I'm "very satisfied," I believe there are opportunities for classroom technology that need to be taken advantage of over the next few years.

Getting software (Matlab, Matlab license upgrades, Maple) installed from the Math/Stat center has been tedious, always requiring a technician to come across campus.

If it were not for difficulties with webmail and OnCourse, I would be highly satisfied. I am particularly impressed by the high level of UITS communications about new technology opportunities.

Use mainly departmental computing resources.

not clear to me why some grading functions must still be done by paper (eg, extensions of incompletes)

The academic advising my students have had in the past have been lacking in being contacted or called back.

I supervise several people and I have had trouble with the Time portal system. After putting in much information it will not specifically tell you what is wrong but you lose all of your information when an incident report is filed. Doesn't work well with firefox. I would like to see more security with the testing environments similar to what the testing center has. Students should not be able to access other functions while taking a test.

I am not quite happy with the Computing Support Center online services. These consultants are not knowledable to help me with my quesitons. He/she need to be trained well and most of the time I am disappoited after talking to him/her as this person wasted my time.

Plan internationally!

It would have been nice if I could have chosen my email address. I didn't appreciate the $50 fee when the computer assigned me three terrible names to choose from.

I do mainly research here and abroad. It would be important to have more working memory in webmail, because compared to outlookweb access, I find webmail relatively easily-accessible while doing research abroad. In addition, these days you have to use your e-mail for submitting proposals, reports, publications, and for any correspondence (with attachments which include large graphic files, etc.) with colleagues. Although outlook is useful while on campus, it is not as secure as webmail. Therefore, please allow users like me to have more memory in webmail like before for effective correspondence, especially when dealing with research publications.

Search function on IUB website is very frustrating to use

School of Education telephone service are unresponsive and outdated

This survey would have been more useful if there had been a place to enter comments that explain why a rating was given. I gave several services a rating of "3" and could have told you precisely why - which presumably would help you to make improvements.

I am someone who USES a computer, and uses it well. However, I do not understand the programming or the background of software packages, etc. So to me, a non-computer scientist, UITS services and where to go for the help I need at a given time are way too confusing. My main issue is with the webpage for the Dietetics Club, [IRD]. I have tried for two years now to get answers as to why the webpage is no longer working. I can accept it if I go to UITS consulting and they need to send me elsewhere. What is driving me crazy is that they simply end up telling me they don't know and can't help me. I am not someone who a) can figure it out myself or b) wants options. JUST HELP ME!


Don't like the interface design of Webmail and OneStart. It's hard to find the things I want to access on Onestart.

Warnings sent out about viruses and actions that should be taken are often opaque and unhelpful

Webmail is often slow and unreliable and its storage capacity is too limited for faculty needs.

I've begun using the Oncourse CL Wiki feature, but find it difficult to use in comparison with comparable software.

Onestart has become more difficult to navigate since the upgrade.

The research computing facilities are extremely impressive, as is the sheer quantity and quality of computing infrastructure on campus. I would like to see a more convenient way of managing file storage across the different systems.

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The IU Call Center does a fantastic job with quick & efficient response, but they need access to more lines for conference calls. Kuali uses a tremendous number of lines that need to be scheduled in the afternoons due to time zones across the country and sometimes there aren't enough for the calls we need. Please give them more lines to work with. This service is invaluable to our department as I'm certain it is to many others.

As for Outlook 2007 - There is a bug in the calendar meeting planning feature - you can select attendees from the personal contacts folder but not SEE their calendar (just gray slashes). You have to choose individuals from the Global Directory and many of the contacts I schedule are not in the Global Directory or are in a dist list in my personal contacts due to large numbers and would have to be individually selected. This was not a problem in 2003 version. So far, no one has been able to provide an answer despite multiple requests. I keep hoping an update will fix it.

The UXG team is great!! They have really helped me with design critiques. UITS HelpDesk (phone) is a lifesaver.

thank you for being so reliable

The most frustrating thing to me is the noise levels and especially cell phone use in the computer labs. It drives me insane in quiet study areas. This needs to be policed.

Regarding long distance telephony, I have a departmental long distance code. I find this very unwieldy to the point where I prefer using my personal Skype account than the departmental long distance.

I would like for UITS to negotiate bulletin board software licenses from vendors like IPB so that university organizations (professional organizations, departmental communications, etc.) could use the bulletin board environment for better communication. I do realize that some BB software is built into OnCourse, but it is also possible that departments or other units have a need for this kind of communication yet are not in a classroom environment.

I've had FIS problems that couldn't be solved by the help desk and needed more assistance, which has caused delays in getting work down, but overall I think UITS has solved most system problems in a reasonable amount of time. Times when the whole system has gone down are few and I doubt if anything can be done to avoid those rares occasions.

I have always been very impressed with the 5-6789 helpline. On occasion I have had problems with my home computers and I have always been impressed with the customer service and patience of the reps.

FIS reports are not designed in a manner that's easy for managers to use. A system that lets users view and easily explore financial data more interactively and from different perspectives (e.g., like Quicken) would be a great improvement!

Some iu-cat on-line journals are available to certain campus only. Would be nice if they can be made available to all campuses. Thanks.

The UITS call center employees are always very helpful.

Sometimes some of us have to use IU webmail from home. It's quite klutzy, esp. with attachments having to be opened to even read a message and sometimes lines that run on forever so you have to keep scrolling to the right to read a line that won't wrap to the next line.

Generally, UITS' services are quite efficient and professionally friendly and patiently administered. I feel quite lucky to be working for a well wired campus.

Overall, UITS continues to improve services and communication. I love the podcasts and hope those expand to "how to's" beyond the Captivate ones that are done for Oncourse and the movies done to archive important lectures and events.

The most negative marks were given to the enrollment services for several reasons: (a) there needs to be more integration between Peoplesoft's SIS student carts and the academic advisors' ability to keep track of what students plan to take so that they can be more proactive in helping the student AND so that schools can be more efficient at scheduling courses a year in advance; (b) so that acceptable course substitutions can be found for students easily AND so that the ones that have often been used as substitutions can be nearly "automated" for the records offices across campus; and (c) so that all the advising can be done online and the students would receive automated emails/letters that indicated what they needed to graduate or when they were ready to apply for graduation. The system that COAS has is awesome, so I do not think that IU has to reinvent the wheel here. Just use what is already out there.

Finally, I want to see more emphasis on sustainable computing. It would be nice to see students receive some money back from their technology fee if they do not use most of their print quota. Find incentives to help students make the right choices when it comes to being green.

Not about UITS; have dept IT support so that is my first step for all IT problems- the survey assumes everything focuses back on central UITS

It gives me pause to see how human needs are being tailored to suit the technology over the technology suiting the human needs of doing business and instruction. Important humane understandings are getting lost or devalued because they are not easily accommodated by technology. The approach needs to be tempered.

The TIME system is awful if you're an hourly employee. It will cache your session but still log you out. As a result, if you clock in, leave your browser open, and later clock out, it will tell you that you are clocked out when you are not.

The Onestart portal was not made with usability in mind. Locations of features keep changing. It takes up too many system resources (though that has improved somewhat).

It was not mentioned here, but the in-room technical support is excellent. The in-lab technical support varies wildly, but is on average poor - mediocre.

Some of the questions in this survey were overly broad and as a result got lower marks than they might otherwise have.

I share a phone with another person in my office, it would be nice if there were a way we could setup seperate voice-mailboxes for each of us.

In the past year, I have had very friendly telephone service people. For the most part I am satisfied with the answers they gave me. As an advisor, I am completely inconvienced by the onestart changes. I dislike the onestart system and all the cliks! I know have a cronic injury because of the clicking. I really like it when I worked in [IRD] as they had there own IT people. Once you established a relationship, I think it made it easier to explain problems.

Any time I have computer problems or questions I always have been greeted by very polite and helpful people. Uits, keep up the wonderful job.

Spam has slways been the big problem and always will be, but I wish this could be filtered a lttle better than it is.

I love the classes you offer.

As a staff member, I am very satisfied with the systems I use. We also have a very supportive IT office here in [IRD].

The schoolof music has a very competent team of people. They are hard working, knowledgeable and prompt.

Every time I call the Support Center, the representatives there are courteous and quick to help. Kudos for running a fabulous operation!

Bravo to the Help Line, and Telephone Services support staff!!

It would help the University community greatly if the various UITS Unit/factions worked more cohesively.

Not certain of the specific meaning of "E commerce" in the survey.

Over-all, great improvements year after year. Keep it up!

It would be nice if IU provide an option for 64bit vista.

Eigenmann connectivity issues are horrible

1. I would like training programs on IUIE, how to better extract the data you are looking for.

2. I would like consultants to be able to visit offices and my recommendations on the best use of hardware, software, etc for offices. For example are you using outlook to its fullest potential, is there a better way to transfer and store files, etc.

You have always provided great service and I appreciate speaking to people who realize I may not have the expertise they do and they are patient and understanding.

The time system is a bit slow between entering different time periods. Too many clicks to get your time in.

I have several comments. First, let me acknowledge how grateful I am for the tremendous amount of free software that's available to us. Outstanding! Also, I've always found most UITS "help desks" to be actually helpful!

However, there are some frustrating problems here and there. Here's a quick overview:

The Business Systems continue to be problematic. It's the same problems we've had for the past few years, but it appears these problems are blamed on the USERS and not the systems. Hmmmm.....

Next--IU Search is the most frustrating feature of the IU Web site. Why does every query result in a listing of OCM press releases? It's ridiculous--try to search for a specific home page for a campus department, and instead you end up with a list of press releases (some five years old) about that department. What a waste of time.

Speaking of the IU Web site, if the university is so keen on putting its best face forward, and making sure we're all on the same page in terms of its "VISUAL IDENTITY" then when not provide FREE Web design services to the myriad of departments and organizations that need it? We don't all have graphic designers and Web masters sitting in our departments. We're struggling to load up content, and can't afford the thousands of dollars other IU units want to charge us to "spiff" up our sites. If IU is really concerned about its visual identity and how the university presents itself to the world, it should put money into overhauling all of the "sub-sites" (departments, centers, institutes, etc.) rather than spending it all on redesigning the home page. How much time do you think web users spend on the home page. Yes, yes, I know you need to redo the site strcuture, but for God's sake, throw the rest of us a bone!!

And finally, the Voicemail system. Are you kidding? It's ridiculously complex. Give me an answering machine anytime--I don't have time to go through FIVE steps just to reset my voicemail message.

Overall very good. Looking forward to the new Travel system and the FIS systems when they come online.

I find the time system hard to use and at times not accurate. It get comfused easily and tells me that I have more or less hours and I have to clear out things and start again. This system eats time and is not clear and funional.

try to lower the cost of self training. Unable to afford the Skillsoft training which would be extremely valuable to me and my ability to serve my dept and customers.

But overall, you guys ROCK!

As a person across various IU campuses ([IRD]) I run into various problems. e.g. I'm a registered student at IUPUI but can not access IUPUI access e-books (from IU Cat) for required class readings. UITS said I needed an IUPUI VPN, but how can I do that from the IU Bloomington computer lab? Overall though I am happy with UITS services.

OneStart-reduce number of screens used to get needed information;standardize all searches on OneStart to use Enter key, not some w/Enter & some w/Search; improve stability of use of dual screens

1. Every Steps class I've taken has been worthless; it was too superficial and too fast. 2. I've never found the information I needed in the KB. 3. Half the time when I call the Help Desk with a question about MS Word no one there can solve my problem.

Overall, it's very impressive. Adding Adobe to the list of free software was great. I think one area that UITS needs to address is upgrading the networking infrastructure around campus. There needs to be a push to either replace all the CAT5 and 10Mbps hardware with updated technology or offer a STRONG 802.11n signal to EVERYWHERE on campus.

Another thing I would really like to see is for IU to offer advanced computing classes, especially MCSE and Cisco certification classes, to any staff who wishes to expand their knowledge. Right now, it seems as though everything is geared towards LSPs and UITS staff. I feel that there are lot of opportunities to gain knowledge here at IU that I would like to pursue, but the system doesn't seem to be set up for those whose integral job function isn't specifically computing related.

It is a complex system to manage I am sure but you guys do a pretty good job. The only things I would mention are the UITS news letter should be a little better designed and formatted. It is a little too tech! Other then that you guys have already been integrating all of the various systems together fairly well so I think that you should continue to integrate everything for an even smoother user experience. Good Job!

Because we are CITO supported, there are so many questions I could not answer, but UITS has been very helpful for me in the capacity for which I have needed them.

I use PHP and the MySQL database here at IU. I haven't had any problems with MySQL EXCEPT that I need to be able to use a software program like Navicat MySQL so that my users can access the data in the database without me writing a program to generate a report. Essentially, I need to be able to use a program like Microsoft Access with the MSSQL database. I have talked with the people at MySQL and they have not been able to help me connect a program (like Navicat MySQL) to our MySQL database. They say that there has been requests for such a program, but there is nothing at this time. I really need a program for my users to easily access our MySQL database. [IRD] Thank you very much.

Great organization

Peoplesoft and IUIE. Still rotten to the core.

TIME needs to be replaced.

The university does a good job of transforming some extremely clunky software to its needs. For that, I commend you.

The stand along kiosks desperately need to be upgraded. The Adobe contract was a HUGE improvement...kudos. Webmail is pretty awful. It's slow, clunky, and very out-dated. You guys were working on a new interface which I was happy to see, but it looks like it never happened.

I have had a few bad experiences with phone support esp. trying to figure out something on my home computer. Not sure if the person(s) I talked to could not relate to someone with little computer experience or if they really did not know how to help. Over the last few years it has gotten worse... an attitude of just wanting to move on to the next call. This is not the case every time but has happened on several occasions.

Thank you for the info on line.

UITS is hard to understand. As I use more and more technology in my work I would like to be able to find out information about those tools I use or might use more easily. It's too hard to sift through all of the information now.

I work for CITO, so this really wasn't a relevant survey for me for the most part.

I think it would be good to improve the phone system so that when I transfer an incoming call to a line that is busy, that the caller will hear the full recorded greeting. Currently, the recorded greeting begins to play as soon I touch the transfer then line # buttons, and before I touch the transfer button the second time and the caller begins to hear the recorded greeting.

It would be nice if the telephone voice mail would record a time and date a message was received.

Excellent services provided

1 - When using the TIME system for my time sheet, I get frustrated with how much time it takes to enter my information. Moving between screens (adding, copying, etc.) seems time consuming with a long wait while the page reloads.

2 - My spam filter doesn't catch everything. I had to set up a filter in my webmail to catch one particular frequent spam email, and even then, it doesn't always get it.

3 - I don't understand why the cost of color copies/printouts is so much.

4 - I never read the UITS emails. I do like the notices through Onestart though. I prefer to get my notices that way as to what's happening UITS/computing wise.

More staff than hourly student help would ensure greater quality. Most of my problems have not been solved by hourly help and many additional problems have been caused by them trying to help.

Voicemail system is slow.

The IUF phone list is always screwed up.

Stand-up access computers are usually too slow.

Onestart is a nightmarish interface.

I'm a newer employee, so I'm still on the uphill climb of the learning curve.

Would love to have a system that would allow faxes to be delivered to Email in a PDF format...thus saving paper.

When I call the help desk late at night and tell them that CAAS is not functioning, and they have a problem, they shouls not brush me off because no one else is calling. They would get a jump-start on resolving problems by listening to their knowledgeable users. The staff at these times are often inexperienced, and don't know the systems that they operate. So the caller needs to spend a lot of time educating them. Training should be done by UITS not the users.

On the question that asked about my satisfaction level with UITS communication I marked that I couldn’t respond because I was unclear what was meant by “UITS communication”.

The issues I have with the UITS support is probably because I’m old school and want to be able to pick up the phone and call someone when my screens are not working as I had hoped. Problem I run into on a lot of the screens is the appropriate help phone number, and some times not even the help link, is shown on the screen or when you click the help button. When I call 5-6789 I often am told that it is not a UITS issue but is a FIS, EPIC or other system issue but the UITS help desk doesn’t then give me either the phone number or email address needed to get in touch with the other units.

Also, if there is a help request form available and I’m calling that should be a clue that I’m either not very good with a computer or just lazy but either way I would want the UITS support person to complete the help request based on info from the phone call. If it isn’t super easy for then to complete the form then there is a reason why I’m not doing too.

Finally, I usually only call the help desk when my screen has frozen or I’ve been waiting a long time to cycle through to the next screen of an application and that is why I call. Before I’m told another time that I should clean out my internet cache it would be good if the person helping would actually try to access the system that I’m having issues with to see if it is the system or my PC.

I love outlook and wish everyone was using the calendar option as with most if not all of the clerical support cut having updated outlook calendars is the only way to efficiently schedule meetings myself.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

PC with Vista system too slow to loge on.

I'd love to see some Linux workstations in the library!!

I switched over from webmail to umail this year and have been mostly very happy. The major problems have been with the email domain address - many emails I've sent to people with the umail account have ended up in their junk mail folders despite the .edu domain. I'm not sure if or how that could be fixed. My solution was to adjust the umail account so it sends as the old indiana.edu account. Also, I was unable to receive or send emails to many of the listservs that the indiana.edu account had been subscribed to. This was also fixed by modifying the "send as" settings. Overall, umail is wonderful - the faculty and staff that I work with would love to have something similar.

I love the Adobe & MS Office deals !

sometimes the STC's are crowded (especially in BAllantine) but that's only during peak hours. Overall the tech services on campus are great and easy to use. Thanks.

I just experienced some problems switching from indiana.edu to umail.iu. First my indiana e-mail was closed, then it took me over a week to access my data again... That's the only complain I could make. However after a week my problems were solved... So, I am very happy. Thanks.

It's very frustrating to be asked about my levels of satisfaction with no opportunities to explain. I would much rather have a shorter survey that lets me go into detail where I want to.

It would help to have more printers outside of computer labs. Often, there are classes in computer labs and we do not have access to printers for many hours.

UITS is doing a great job at IUB.
Few points from me-
1. Option to submit homeworks multiple times through oncourse.

2. Require software on Windows workstations which allow launching applications from a remote Unix box on campus. I know Putty is there but some how X-window forwarding doesn't work with those settings.

Sporadic old systems are not set up to connect to the new IU-Secure. This is annoying when using those systems since they also don't have VPN's set up. The self-service portal in OneStart is very unsatisfactory to me in most every way. That said, the wireless network seems much improved from earlier years.

There are several places on campus (in Ballantine, in Swain, in Woodburn) where the wireless connection is very spotty, which is frustrating considering how important internet can be when doing research etc.

There are also some things about IUCAT that I find to be unintuitive, such as how to get books sent from one IU campus to another or how to have books pulled from the shelves for me to pick up later.

My chief complaint regards EMAIL. As a grad student/associate instructor, Imaail and Umail do not serve my needs any better than AOL (which I use exclusively). Webmail is outdated and not user-friendly, and it is frustrating that I am EXPECTED to use Webmail for "official communication."

As I see it, I am doubly disadvantaged: professors have Exchange accounts, and undergrads have their choice of Imail and Umail, yet I am stuck with Webmail.

Something should definitely be done to fix this asap. I even requested an Exchange account, but it required "advisor approval" and my advisor was probably too busy to mess with my request.

I also do not like the organization of the "Resources" area of Oncourse.

Folders and subfolders would be much better, and it used to be possible to map a network drive and choose "Upload downlaod multiple resources" or whatever, and have the folder/subfolder set-up. As of the past year or so, this no longer works. I sought help about mapping the network drive, and there is A MAJOR glitch preventing a one-time mapping, which I took regular advantage of my first 4 years here.

I'll be glad to explain further if this isn't clear enough.

Onestart and Oncourse are too bulky and non-intuitive.

I frequently use the STCs in the Music Library. I greatly appreciate the recent upgrades to the printers in these labs (they are much quicker), but I wish that log-in print stations would have been installed, too.

Also, I continually have trouble with the IU Print-Finder and Microsoft Vista. I am aware of the problems between the two but the hotfix and suggestions provided in the KB have not remedied the problem. I'll plan to follow-up with other UITS services, too. But perhaps a better explanation or more troubleshooting options could be provided in the KB.

OneStart, OnCourse, and IUCAT could use some significant improvement. And tell it to stop asking me to change my password. Actually, the passphrase is more of a hinderance to security than a help, I feel. The STC rooms would be excellent if they were ever available for student use; they are most reserved for classes. These are my complaints; otherwise I think things run well.

It would be nice to have a 'my favorites' option on IUCAT for journals, online books, etc.--so that I could login to my favorites and have ready access to everything without having to go through the five or six steps to access each journal/book each time I start a work day.

Oncourse messaging is horrible, and the old IUCAT is so much better than the new IUCAT thank you for allowing us to use the old IUCAT. STEPs workshops are awesome

The printer in the faculty often has the problem.

Those DELLs across the campus STC sucks, takes more than 2 minutes to log in sometimes, absurd.

IU should replace ALL the PC with MAC. MAC RULES!

Excellent Progress on the Wireless connectivity - Specifically the stacks at the Wells Library. Definite Improvements in the past few years overall in most aspects.

-IUCat user interface not intuitive
-ICCat search is very poor: even given the full title and author info, the text i look for is rarely the first hit.
-IUWare is fantastic, an excellent resource.

Oncouse is not user friendly, and difficult to navigate and customized. For example, Oncourse tabs for courses do not update for current semester, and they remain as the first semester, which means I have to click "more" and find "Spring 2009".

Consistent wireless access in places like Sycamore Hall and the main library are the most important things for me. Wireless coverage in the main library stacks is sometimes spotty. Iuware is great.

Improve printer user friendliness, specially at Kelley graduate building.
Onestar is counterintuitive when adding classes
You need to use onestart, oncourse and a bunch of other programs to do one thing

I'm glad more computing labs have print release stations. It's good to not have to sort your printouts from everyone else's & to be able to control when printouts with sensitive information (account numbers, personal messages, etc.) pop out of the printer.

webmail should have a higher quota limit. I don't want to change to gmail or umail

This survey is too long.

I think the biggest benefits are IUWare and the impressive Knowledge Base. Keep up the good work!

All UITS services are excellent except for Onestart. That service has been revised at least once, if not several times while I have been a student, and it continues to be a headache to find the 2 or 3 services I actually use, within the mass of links and tabs.

The switch to Gmail was an outstanding idea! More e-mail storage was definitely needed.

I always have trouble finding the specific service I need in Onestart. Though it's a great concept, I feel like there's too much information crammed in one place and it could use some restructuring.

My only real dissastisfaction has been with Onestart and Oncourse. Neither site is user-friendly. They are slow, awkwardly set up, and overload the viewer with too much information. Everything else has been satisfactory. I walked into the help office once and they were very nice and solved my problem immediately.

Although wireless service in my part of campus (law school area) has greatly improved, it would be helpful to have a page where you could check the status of the network. It can be frustrating if my wireless connection is not working, but it would be helpful to know whether it's something on my end or a temporary malfunction in the entire system. Seems like this would be helpful for communicating the status of other pieces of the UITS system also.

Oncourse and Onestart need improving usability immediately! The navigation is terrible in Oncourse. The Student Center in Onestart is still confusing us a lot.

Still not enough information about transferring from webmail to Imail/Umail. It makes me fear about changing the email service.

Searching the knowledge base website is confusing. Key words need to be highlighted as well as specific topics. For example, as a laptop user, I would like a "using your laptop on campus." I'm still having difficulties printing (btw, the website listed on the "help cards" next to printing stations on the west side of Wells is incorrect; I kept getting an error.)

- more instructor-led STEPS classes offered on weekends or late evenings -- too many sessions conflict with M-F class schedule
- need more print release stations in SPEA library
- UITS help desk staff have been super helpful! Thank you!
- It may exist already but as a grad student who is new to IU and only here for a short time, it would've been nice to have a crash course in the most critical tech services
- would like to be able to print to the library release stations using IU wifi and running Mac OS 10.5

There are changes to the oncourse system too often and there are too many clicks to get to the things that I need. It's always something I dread having to use that system.

I answered the telephone service for campus housing as if it were office telephone. I did not see a question for that. Because I dont' live in campus housing, I should have perhaps said that I could not evaluate.

My only complaint is that the helpline from the telephones in the School of Education classrooms does not appear to be 'manned' after hours (e.g., 5:30-9:30 pm). I've run into tech probs at these times and had difficulties locating any assistance.

1) I am a law student and I tried to register for an MBA course; it was nearly impossible and involved paper. 2) OneStart is an unusable labrynth. 3) Dave at the law school is great. 4) Make the bookstore carry Mathematica (See Stat/Math Center). 5) IU Ware is the GREATEST.

Enhance usability of Oncourse, improve online course registration system.

Overall, I think UITS does a pretty good job.

UITS consultants are terrific!
KnowledgeBase is comprehensive.
Oncourse CL is unwieldy and inadequate.
OneStart is poorly designed.

Knowledge Base is not very intuitive. For example, there are things that are written out(explaining steps in how to set up some softwares) for Windows but not available for Mac. The search hit does not work very well.

I am very grateful about the softwares available to the students.

The computer availability website is a great step towards usability (it is not very easy to find that page if you are not at Information Commons, where the first page shows it, though), but it is occasionally disastrous trying to find a computer to work on. Not having some statistical analysis or GIS softwares on the library computers make it difficult for graduate students to do work, when there are all the students doing work on computers.
One Search is not very userfriendly. There are many articles that does not get searched. The library website will be much easier to navigate if all the collections can be seen by scroll/pull down (rather than typing keywords). If you don't know the collection, you may never be aware of some of the valuable resources we have through the library and the websites of IU. There are many electronic resources available to the students that never get introduced to some students. It will be nice if more database will be readily viewed. VPN connection is a must in order to access many of the resources from off campus. Yet, many students have problem and delay their connection due to lack of readily available information. It may be helpful to have those MUST know steps in the beginning of semester, so that there will be no delay or misunderstanding of why some resources are not available or why you have problem sending e-mails on campus. (of course, UITS phone consultants were very helpful in walking through all these steps. I really appreciate).

It will be helpful if document sharing and group website (such as those provided by google) are available on Oncourse. I understand that they can be given with professors' permission. Yet, these information are not very obvious. It will be very helpful if document sharing and group functions are available (especially to graduate students who have numerous group projects). Thanks.

Why can't print quota be used for color printing? We paid for the print quota with our technology fee, it's unfair that we can't use that credit however we see fit! And students should be allowed to roll-over credit from summer semesters into the new year. I'm sick of printing at IU being run like a phone company - you're not meant to be making a profit from our technology fees!!

Perpetual VPN problems, e.g. Printers often refuse to process job if they can't find the right font (rather than just substituting another); uploading resources to Oncourse used to be easy but is now more difficult (must use a 3rd party client, instead of Apple's Finder).

There should be an incentive for students to print double-sided. It should count as 1.5 pages or something. But the printers in the STC in Geology are not capable of double-sided printing.

make stuff easy to use. make stuff always mac compatible. make it easy to navigate, easy to search...why do people like google?
make stuff easy, not hard....oncourse hard over complicated. onestart really bad give me a break student service center, thats bad its a crock of garbage. make it easy!!! and also make it easy to use on handheald devices (iphone, ipod touc etc.)

Very informative and helpful!

The search engine on iub website is not useful at all. I have to rely on Google to search what I want.

Knowledge Base should be updated more frequently and consistency of the information across KB page should be checked.

I know this will cost too much to fix but IUCAT search is not that bright. :)

Software patches should be applied more promptly. I can still see old version of FireFox and etc..

more instructions on how to use features

I am an IT (MSIS) student in the business school. I, and several of my friends, have NEVER been able to print from my laptop consistently (getting the Printer Finder to work, adding printers, etc). FIX IT PLEASE!!

There needs to be integration of the Bursar's billing and One Start. I paid my account in full via One Start and was charged a late fee because the amount One Start showed was not the same as the Bursar, however I did not know this. When I inquired I was told One Start and the Bursar do not process information at the same speed thus an additional fee that showed on my account via the bursar did not show on One Start.

Please reconsider the use of duplexers for printers. It would save a lot of paper!

The only confusing computer access experience I've had is with Bursar billing. It's difficult to know which link to access to see exactly what charges are being put onto our bursar accounts. If I access the previous month's statement, it doesn't give me all of the transactions, and I can't tell from the immediate listing you see when you open the bursar account where charges are coming from.

I find the library website very confusing to navigate which means I do not utilize it in my research process to its fullest capacity.

The features I use the most, such as onestart and onecourse, do not have clear and clean design templates (too much going on) and there are not user intuitive - whether from a student or instructor perspective.

Onestart is difficult to use
Webmail has woefully small storage capacity

IU search sucks

It will be much better if you don't change onestart interface every year. I don't want to get used to a new thing every year.

The course registration system is sometimes confuse.

Can school offer high speed internet to the students who live off campus ?

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

The printers in every building that I have tried to use never work.

I always find it difficult to use the Payment system on OneStart. The balance due and payment amount have discrepancies in them and I'm never 100% sure which amount I'm supposed to pay.

very helpful to me!

Good Stuff!

The only problem I have had is when I had a copyright incident. The first time there is no objection I made a mistake, however I was unaware of back up files on my computer which itunes automatically provides for the computer and therefore recieved a second copyright complaint. I understand that the rebuild computer option was available but I am not willing to lose personal files as well as academic ones in the process, and a warning of such backup files would have been nice to see on the copyright violation quiz, but besides this small incident I have had no other problems with UITS this year.

I have an XBOX 360, and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the speed and ease of setting up my XBOX Live here at IU.

The onestart e-add and e-drop thing is stupid!!!!! I got two 2 "w"s because of this. I'd rather prefer the days we have to use paper to drop and add classes!

The computers on campus are EXTRMELY SLOW. Also, the lines for computer labs on campus are always long, especially in-between classes.

The Well's library computers take a very long time to load. This makes me angry when I am in a rush.

I sometimes have trouble accessing the IU Secure wireless network on campus. IU Wirelss always works for me, but if I can't access the IU Secure network, I cannot access my webmail, oncourse, or onestart, which can be very inconvenient.

There needs to be more communication as to what UITS can do for the students.

The bursar bill is difficult to read.
Onestart is illogical. When registering for classes there should be a more direct link to actually looking at what is available.

The STC in Eigenmann is HORRIBLE. I go down there to print and half the time the printers arent even working, the other half i have to go around to three computers before i even get one that prints. Its a pain.

My biggest problem is the printer set-up on some of the RTC computers. I hate it when I need to print something and no matter what I do I cannot add a printer (I usually try Start-> Programs ->Printers). I don't know if there is a fix for Vista or what but that is infuriating!

There aren't many resources to easily explain how to use Oncourse/Onestart

Getting refunded for faulty print jobs is hard; we would be better serviced if there were more printer release stations

Some of the consultants don't do their jobs; they sit there whenever there are lab issues.

Awesome service, great for people that need basic help with their computers.

I often have trouble connecting to IU websites when on IU wireless.

Webmail is slow a lot! And Oncourse is down sometimes! Other than that everythings good!

Onestart is not terrible but when the new changes came it became more difficult to navigate and find where certain things were now located...I still have trouble sometimes.

I think that Umail is a lot better than webmail was.

The only thing that I find difficult is the wireless internet. In Briscoe Shoemaker at least it doesn't always work.

First semester the wireless in Eigenmann was pretty much hit or miss but it is very functional now. The one problem I have is the difficulty of printing in the Eigenmann computer lab becuase it seems over half the computers dont print. All in all great job and keep up the great work.

The newsletter includes useful information. A back-button option on Onestart could be very useful. The way Onestart is arranged is very confusing (particularly in Student Self-Service). I really appreciate the deals avaliable on software.

Clean the Keyboards.

The printing service in the dorms is horrible. Many needless hours are spent on the printers trying to get them to print, yet they still do not. I am speaking specifically of the dorm computers. Complains have been sent but NOTHING has been done. This is extremely unsatisfactory to education and as a service to IU. The rest of the IT may be really good but this is a huge black eye the UITS must overcome.

You guys really helped me out when I was trying to set up my new computer at the beginning of the year. You know your stuff and you have lots of helpful people working with you. Keep it up!

The printers in the computer labs on campus need to be hooked up to the computers.

Have more computers available to students at both the Herman B Wells library as well as Business School library.

I am very upset that I cannot switch back to webmail after I switched to Umail. After using Umail, I decided that the old webmail worked alot better and I wanted to switch back but I was not able to. This is really my only dissatisfaction with UITS.

I really appreciate the help the people at the UITS Service desk at the library contribute.

No. I like that there are many computers spread throughout campus available to students for use.

There are not enough computers in the Libraray, and also they are VERY slow. All printers should be able to print on both sides, (Jordan Hall).

The stand-up brief use computers should be more places and in more buildings.

Am I just a poor navigator of IUCAT or is it really just that difficult?

I have been having some network problems recently. I took my computer to both the Best Buy Geek Squad and to the UITS station in the Wells Library. I'm still not sure what my problems resulted from, but I do know that the UITS people were friendlier and more helpful than those of the Geek Squad. Thanks for helping!

The system works great however the quality and quantity of the facilities are not keeping up with the increase of technology use by the student body.

Print stations generally tend to struggle with printing pdf documents, this needs attention.

Wireless internet is hard to access and I heard that IU switched their method of accessing it, but never received any information on how to access this switch. OneStart is difficult to navigate and is illogically organized. UMail is a HUGE improvement over WebMail and I'm so glad that transition occurred.

Make wireless better for residents in Wright Quad! Fix printing problem in Wright Quad center stations, always a problem

Exchange is hard to check outside work - and listserv doesn't get along with umail and imail quickly and easily... I find them irrelevant.

Is there still an option for freshmen to have voice mail on their dorm phones? Not sure if there is that this information got given out this year.

All in all you do an awesome job given the magnitude of the job. I would love to see Onestart's student center revised to be more user friendly.

Please offer duplex printing at locations and reduced cost color printing because $1/page is too expensive--make it $0.5/page or $0.4/page

Color printing is WAY to expensive!!! This needs to be reevaluated as I NEVER use it and don't have access to any other ones that cost less. It's not fair!!

There were quite a few things mentioned that I've never heard of. I would like to know all the services UITS offers, especially if they could be useful.

I am very satisfied with the updated email services and with the IU partnership with Adobe.

My only comment is that there should be more computers with time limits on them for those of us who need to print off class notes but are not going to spend an hour on facebook, or perhaps do actual school work...

The addition of wireless access points on campus has been extremely beneficial. The only problem is that the wireless in the dorms is horrible. I can rarely use my wireless in my room because I can't get a strong enough signal.

Need to make sure all computers print in the Read Computer Lab.

Major Problems with integrating windows vista into the computer labs. The printers in dorms like Read and Forest were also not formatted to work with vista when it was installed. Users had to install printers themselves this resulted in printer problems such as in Forest there is a sign that says, "you must wait 5-minutes after logging in before attempting to print" This is very unsatisfactory.

IUware especially symantec antivirus offering and software updates are quite good keep it up. This has allowed me to keep my computer up to date.

Wireless connectivity in the dorms also needs some work. It is patchy especially on upper floors.

UITS needs to stop spamming reformat hard drive e-mails, especially for simple viruses. Novice users are especially not equipped to deal with re-formatting hard drives. They need to educate people how to deal with simple viruses instead. The reformat e-mail causes novice users to panic, freak out, and they have no clue what to do. This is an area that needs major work.

Research sources such as IUCAT are very good I use them often and haven't encountered any problems.

I love computing and I love our technology system here. However I wish that we would continue to integrate more Apple products into our campus computing experience. It almost seems over half of the students have an Apple computer. That should say something and truly hope it will. Thank you


Onestart is annoying to navigate around - I think it needs to be more structured for easy access to different information

It seems that just recently the IUB websites have been down or not working properly. I am hoping this is because they are being improved and not just because of technical difficulties. Thank you

I had a lot of trouble getting onto IUSecure and I know there are many people who still can't get on. Maybe try to make that a little easier.

For reqistration, I almost could not get into the classes I needed to graduate because my study abroad credits took so long to process. Also, the drop/add fees before the semester starts are ridiculous and expensive.

Uits Rocks my socks

The technology here at Indiana University is top of the line and easy to navigate. I know students from Purdue and other campuses who are confused by OnCourse and OneStart, but I find them incredibly easy to navigate and use.