2009 IUK IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

/ I have found IT services to be prompt, effective, and efficient.

[IRD] is awesome. he has come to my classroom in the [IRD] lecture hall to help me every other week with the A/V equipment. some times the equip was malfunctioning and some times my mind was malfunctioning.

One Start seems cluttered and it is hard to find what you are looking for.

Great - networks, e-mail, IUWare, training, most classroom equipment. / Needs much work - Oncourse CL.

I teach my course at a public school, so all of my technology is provided by the public school. I only use OnCourse and e-mail from my home PC. I do not have an office on campus, so I am unaware of campus facilities.


finding it increasingly difficult to use VHS in the classroom. They seem hypersensitive and loss picture, especially with some older VHS tapes. Need digital equipment to tape speeches and class presentation. Would like to see campus increase purchase and use of these. Don't like onestart--frustrated at frequent changes and updates which don't improve services and are not intiutive to use. Have really appreciated improved services through IT in general and class maintenance. Staff is responsive, polite and don't try to make you feel stupid for raising a question. Very helpful training and support.

I have asked for the past three years NOT to install new software the Friday before the first day of classes in the fall. Each year they have changed something on the classroom PC so I cannot get on it. It matters because I teach an 8:30 class and tech support is not available before I have to start class and this delays my getting started and presences me and the University in a bad light for new students.

Have sporatic network problems with specific computers in the classroom

Currently the faculty write all the details of textbooks on papers for the bookstore to place orders every semester. It would be nice if the textbook ordering process is done electronically.

Service to personal copiers at the faculty office.

The classroom computers are getting old, and are not well maintained. I have had a number of problems this semester with connectivity and my account being altered on the classroom computers. / OneStart is not remotely user friendly.

We need to prevent students from being able to copy and paste test questions or to print questions from the test survey tool.

I do not like the IUCAT interface. / I prefer Blackboard to Oncourse. Oncourse doesn't have enough options when compared to Blackboard. The Oncource interface isn't as attractive or as functional either.

please please please please fix the web pages for IUK / / It is embarrassing to not be able to search your own institutions web pages, I have been at several different universities and this is the hardest place to find information, by far.

IT is always prompt in responding to faculty and staff needs. They are tenacious in problem solving. Many kudos!

IT classes are offered when I cannot attend. I am an adjunct faculty and am only on campus one night a week.

KnowledgeBase is obviously not written for typical users. I know what I am doing, and I find it difficult and tedious to use. Referring students to it results in nothing but constant problems and questions. For anything in it I want students to use, I have to create my own versions of it to distribute. / / SIS is so baroque and non-intuitive I never use it. I used to code machine language--the problem is not me. / / Voice mail--my phone has no light to indicate it has voice mail, meaning I need to pick it up to check for it. I can't be messing with my phone every time I enter my office to check for a new message--that is ridiculous. It is next to useless. So I've quit giving my office number out, because I don't want to mess with it--people leave voice mail messages that sit because I don't know they are on there. If I could, I'd get rid of my office phone--it is less than useless. / /

need faster computers in the classroom (faculty workstations)

voice mail system is abysmal / support for my Blackberry has been excellent

My major issue--and explanation for a few "2" scores--is the number of times the equipment in my classroom has experienced a problem. I feel it necessary to travel down to my classroom very early before each session, just to make sure the equipment is working okay, because I need it for at least one important purpose each meeting. (Mostly trouble logging on, or getting access to Oncourse, or the projector not cooperating. Nothing that a portable cart can't fix, but when necessary that sometimes takes valuable clss time plus is a distraction.)

Faculty |Staff | Students

Thank you

The IU Kokomo IT department has made huge advancements under the leadership of the new director ([IRD]). He has provided the department with a vision and set goals, as well as encouraged involvement and accountability for his staff. This new style of leadership has resulted in a customer focused environment that has turned the IT department around and lead to amazing results. He has developed a team of professionals focused on providing outstanding service, while keeping the campus on the cutting edge of technology despite the limited resources and support provided to accomplish this daunting task.

IMHO, we need to create plan with a replacement cycle for printers.

keep up the good work

survey is too long


They are doing a great job. Whenever I have a problem, they take care of it quickly.

There is no support for classroom computer problems after 5 p.m. - this is a huge problem.


For what i use the computer system for, IT does a great job.

I think we have a great staff. Everyone is so helpful and do whatever it takes to get the job done AND in a timely manner. I think we are very lucky to have such nice people working with our IT department.

I have always found prompt, pleasant response to questions either on the telephone of when someone is sent to my office. They are willing to answer all my questions and do so in a manner I can understand.

Thank you for the IT services and support. IT plays a vital key in successful communications as well as in information gathering and creating learning materials.

The Help Desk staff does not seem very knowledgable nor are they very friendly.

The HelpDesk is very supportive. A lot of times a remote is done. That's great. When using computers for testing, IT will reply to any problems within 5-15 minutes and won't keep the student waiting to fix the problem. I have access to 2 computers: one in my main office and it's a newer model. All of my former software was not compatible with the newer machine. In my "other" office, I have to use a 3rd tier computer and it is very slow and locks up often. I understand budget constraints, so this is a problem I just have to live with.

Thank you.

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The only comment i would make is maybe add a wireless router over in the corner of the cafeteria near the doors towards hunt hall.

OneStart and the homepage address some of the same topics but are linked to different documents/files. It is confusing and could be better organized from site to site. In addition to the help resource, it seems that the answer or topic you are looking for is just a PDF file of information that doesn't actually address the problem (i.e. parking/registration). / / If there is a training section for OnCourse with the instructors, it would be helpful for them all to use the same tabs regarding the same information consistently. Each instructor labels things differently and it becomes difficult to get all of the information necessary when from prof to prof they label and list things in a different folder/tab. It becomes annoying to write down the "address" for each little document you are looking for on the website when they are scattered and not consistent with other courses.

the projector in Hunt hall lecture class is very dim on the south side. makes class difficult. Also, we would really like to be able to stream lectures for purposes of review. Is there anything that would allow a proffessor to simply "record" the lecture and students be able to retrieve it?

I think you are doing a great job! Thank you!

I think it is deceptive or should I say outright lying to say that there are computer labs for students to use in the main building when there are always classes assigned to those rooms so that they are unavailable for use in studying or homework.

1. Registering for a class, although it works great, does give me some fits. Look to make this simpler and more intuitive. 2. It would be great to have some very easy to find web page that shows if classes are on-schedule or canceled due to weather. A few times, I did see this on the opening page of www.iuk.edu, but not everytime, and not the two times I really needed the information. (Put a small banner on the first page of our Oncourse?) 3. I do have difficulty with finding the library books on line and access to periodicals. I have almost always been able to find what I need. Maybe figure out a way to make this more intuitive.

Overall happy. The only complaint is systems are extremely slow in loading profiles when logging on, especially in the library.

I have an interest in the use of cellular phones to convey information on campus. I feel this would be a plus in communication efficiency. My experiences with the IT staff have been productive and positive. I compliment them on their dedication.

The only problem I have ever had is with printing - especially in the labs that do not have someone working in them at all times. A lot of times something will go wrong with the printer when I only have a few minutes to print something and get back to my class and no one is there to fix the problem. Other than that, I have been extremely satisfied with IT services and support.

I hate how long it takes to long onto the computers. There have been times were I get to school twenty minutes early to print an assignment and I do not have enough time. Either logging onto the computer takes 15 minutes or the printer is really backed up. It would help if this was more efficient and faster.

I also work here at the University. The computer in my office has many problems. I have contacted IT about it, but because it is a 3-tier computer, it cannot be replaced. It has been worked on several times, but then it just causes something else to go wrong. Now we can't even log in to the TIME management system to clock in , without jumping thru a bunch of hoops. I don't care if it is even replaced with another 3-tier computer, but when we have to keep putting bandages on this one, it is time for a replacement. / / Also, this survey is wayyyyyyyyyyy too long. Management schools I have been to suggest survey's should not be over ten questions long.

I went to the help desk for help and the guy at the desk was chatting with his friend. I asked for help, and he said he would go back to the computer to help me (the printer was not installed on my computer, for some reason and I needed to print). I waited for him for about 10 minutes, and eventually gave up because he never came and so I had to move to a new computer and start all over again. 30 minutes later, as I was walking out of the library, I saw him still chatting with his friend. He didn't even care that I needed help.


I think the new Wi-Fi network IU Secure is a definite improvement over the old iuk-wireless, but it still has a few areas on campus either not covered, or not covered by a strong enough signal to facilitate high speed access. / It would be nice if IUware had an area where students on regional campuses could order software CDs online (such as, by using a credit card, or PayPal), to be delivered to their home address. The bookstore is not always a convenient option, and does not stock every single program available to IU students through a UITS discounted license. / While I realize this may not be a UITS decision, it would also be nice if workers could give university staff members read-only access to their timesheets in the TIME system. Currently, only certain staff may access notes and hours posted in TIME, and this means that I must separately email certain information to my direct supervisor, who does not have access to what I post in TIME. I think a system that would let me opt-in to allow additional staff access by entering their IU Network ID(s) would be useful.

I realize that computers and printers are only machines and machines sometimes break. I am very pleased with how quickly IT personnel respond to those outages and how quickly the repairs are made.

The printers always break, or freeze, or they are just out of paper. I am talking about the printers available in the computer-lab classrooms.

I have always found the people who work at the help desk to be friendly, informative, and very willing to help. They do a good job!

So far, I have had no problems with any of the equipment or software on campus. Thanks

Didn't know about voice services - may have answered the question incorrectly. Connecting to Oncourse, OneStart, and IUCAT, etc. from home is SLOWER than most websites. Overall VERY happy with the IT PEOPLE (very helpful) and the newsletter that keeps me informed about new and existing things available.

just keep on improving - satisfactory

I am a returning student taking only hybrid classes that require at least 2 1/2 hours a week on line. There have only been a couple of times when I was unable to logon to Oncourse. I live out in the country where I have to use a dish (Hughes Net) in order to have service to the internet and there are times when it is not working or Oncourse is not working. Eventually the problem is fixed (or the weather gets better) and I am able to complete my studies. I love being able to use the computer to work from home. If these services were not available I would not be able to complete my degree. / / Thanks for giving me the services and support I need to complete my goals. / / [IRD] / /

The printer technology needs to be improved. I have sent several items to the printer and have been charged for them and I have not received the papers that I wanted printed. So my account now has a low amount left for this semester. Improvement in this area needs to be checked on. I'm sure that I'm not the only student that this has happened to. I informed IT about this but nothing has been done as of yet. I now print important papers on my own PC so that way I know that I'm going to receive them. Thank you for listening to my complaint.

When I type a paper at home and try to copy it at school from your computer, it is all messed up. Yes, I have tried to download the proper sites, but I it is still misformated.

The library database needs to be reorganized into a more readily-available format - perhps grouping each source under its own catergory : magazines, journals, websites, etc. Then, by topic: government policies, health issues, entertainment, etc. It would make finding the informtion needed a lot easier, since the database is such a wonderful tool that shouldn't be missed by anyone. / Also, it would be great to have printers in each classroom. Between classes sometimes I dont have time to print out something I need for the next class or to continue my studies. It would be nice to be able to use my flashdrive like a walking backpack, able to print at anytime. Afterall, it's my own print-quota right? :) Ive ran into the problem of having to walk aross the building to a professor I knew to use their printer, then sprint back trying not to be late. Just some suggestions. Thanks!

I like the house phones to use. Sometimes I don't have my phone. I dislike sometimes in library when I have a long print job, that it gets deleted.

They are always helpful, and they love to get down to the bottom of a problem, no matter how long it takes. If I don't know something or specific computer terminology, they are more than willing to explain it to me.

The Instructors that utilize the computers in thier classes are the ones I feel stand out the most. To me, a computer learning environment is the best way to learn. The interactive nature of computers forces me to evaluate my next step repeatedly. I especially applaud the Informatics instructors, thier dedication to total computer immersion is outstanding, and it shows.

No thank you.