Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2008

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

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Open Text Responses (Edited)
Indiana University Center for Survey Research

This text file includes responses to the final questions of the UITS survey: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services? Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Improve Oncourse and increase size of mailboxes for faculty.

Do not give UITS control of all tech fees - they do not do a good job as it is. I'm quite happy with the technology in my school and how my school handles it's technology. Those services brought to us by system wide UITS folks, like Oncourse, are terrible. DO NOT tune out faculty as UITS has consistently done when making its idiotic decisions. Every piece of technology on this campus exsists to benefit the students - most particularly to provide faculty with the technology needed to best serve their students. Let the schools handle it as they listen to the faculty - UITS does not.

I am concerned with the lack of customer service orientation that permeates UITS. The support of OnCourse CL has been particularly problematic, but administration did not appear to be receptive to listening to faculty concerns until the platform basically collapsed. This lack of willingness to listen to the consumers' concerns is a serious concern

The adaptability and speed with which improvements are made to Oncourse CL are still abysmal.

For a tool that serves the entire 8 campuses and over 100,000 students, ONCOURSE CL is pathetic. We hear reports that people are happy with ONCOURSE that's because professors have simply given up on it and resort to other means.

Nearly all of my computer support is provided at the unit level.

You meet my needs. I know there is more I can use and apprecitae the confidence your availability brings to my work.

Some technicians are very knowledgeable and helpful and others are not. [IRD] in the Dental School is very helpful, respectful and when I ask him to help the job get done right. [IRD] is also someone who is very helpful and does not make you feel like a "dummy" for asking a question.

Phone voice mail system has been changed to a worse one!

Thanks very much!

It's ironic that my profession is 100% dependent on IT, but I receive almost no IT support.

People keep thinking that my office phone is a FAX machine. There has got to be a way to determine who is sending FAXes to my phone. Also, I get frequent calls from ATT or other sales agents asking to talk to the "person that makes business decisions in your office." I run a lab! How are these people getting my phone number and how can we block them. UITS had no solution to these problems when I asked!

Since I am a physician and work with Clarian, the IU Clarian interface needs to work better. Need more computer software people to help make things works smoother. We hear too much of this is Clarians problme, , from IU and the opposite from the other side. I am a physician and have to depend on IT for computer support. Please resolve. We are in the 21st century and we have to have electronic medical records. We need resolution. HIPAA is in place to protect patients not to make it difficult for doctors to care for patients. We cannot lose site of the ultimate goal. Let us resolve to make our campus 100% electronic from a meddical standpoint and a leader in the field.

would like increased storage capacity on my email account

Oncourse needs continued faculty input for usability. UITS personnel are located too far away from most buildings to provide adequate service to classroom computer usage. Many calls in the past have brought people to work on problems after the class is over. This is an inadequate response time.

When a phone call is made to the service center, the operator is more concerned in the fac that they ahve paperwork to complete because of the call than necessarily listening to the caller. Paperwork before problem solvoing.

My biggest frustration is the changing of services and page design. One example was the switch to Vista in classrooms without informing faculty. I had not seen Vista before and was forced to figure it out while trying to access material online. I also don't have time to repeatedly relearn navigation on web pages. With regards to IU search, I find the system very inefficient when I am trying to locate a topic on the IUPUI website and my search results in newspaper articles and teh like rather than a link that directs me to a particular IUPUI page.

No. I have no real complaints.

It is essential that UITS do not become a monopoly at IU. Taking over existing tech service structures in the schools will lead to catastrophic disaster. Do not replace people who know the institution they serve well with incompetent technocrats who will have no idea of nor appreciation for the complex academic world they'll be serving. UITS should not become a massive technocracy, as it is on the verge of becoming most unfortunately. UITS should be completely and genuinely user-centric, and never force anything against faculty will. That includes not invading the schools by administrative fiat. If you want to be efficient, make sure we love you.

Our office receives a mis-directed call from the campus operator(s) at least once a day - the operators either need better training or simply to LISTEN to what the caller is asking before they transfer the call. The staff in our office is spending entirely too much time transferring callers to the appropriate department/school/office/building etc! It's irritating to us, and even more irritating to the caller.

Schools and campuses should retain considerable control over the funds collected from student technology fees. Centralization of control will lead to loss of flexibility. Decision-makers who are unfamiliar with local needs and conditions will make bad choices.

I am concerned that the proposal to centralize the computing services (student labs, etc.) supported by the tech fees will destroy an excellent system, at least in the School of Liberal Arts. The system now functions perfectly, so the best we can hope for is minimal loss of service; there is NO chance for improvement!

Allow more individual control of software use -- although this may be a school by school issue.

increase IUPUI email account quota
increase email account quota in Oncourse
improve the grading system in Oncourse

In my opinion the single largest issue facing technology on this campus entails the ability of OncourseCL (or any other iteration of Oncourse) to host our courses. Its deficiencies are vast in light of our present course delivery needs. Today we need an environment that will support large media files, provide opportunities for simultaneous communication without transmission delays and allow for flexbility in course design. These are just a few of the issues many users have with Oncourse. Those of us who have had the opportunity to use other environments, such as, Epsilon, wonder why our present system remains so antiquated.

Need to fix Oncourse. It is still grossly inferior to the previous version, although a few functions have improved

You have labeled the library online catalog in one question incorrectly: "Library online catalog (INDYCAT/IUCAT)" INDYCAT is obsolete and has not been in use for over 8 years. IUCAT is the only online library catalog in use in the IU System.

largely my 'discontent' is centered on the fees that are assessed, and the general way that UITS functions. We have hired people to assist us with course-specific needs because UITS cannot provide course-level support (even for very large gateway courses). The services are generally excellent, if you can get them (and if you can pay for them). However, they are not terribly accessible.

Please leave school specific IT support structures in tact. Thank you.

I appreciate the self-study guides for software and Oncourse. However, they are often difficult to locate. In particular the Center for Teaching & Learning Website has become more confusing over the past year.


Faculty that use the compute as their primary research tool really should have more administrative access. We are often crippled by the lack of this.

I have had fantastic service from [IRD].

No complaints, except Oncourse CL. It has been unstable, and the problems are random. Functionality is also lower in many ways - for example, when I create an announcement, I would like to be able to duplicate it over several classes. I often teach five classes at a time, and this is a burden.

Dump Oncourse!! It was clearly designed by someone who had almost no grasp on the realities of life for academics. While something like Oncourse is essential, as currently designed it is almost more work than it is worth, and is almost entirely counter-intuitive. Also includes multiple functions in which I have no interest. All I use it for is posting syllabi, grades, and announcements.

Please improve the OnCourse: performance, navigation, and features (i.e. checking new messages and responding to student, and grading assignments, etc).

UITS has a public image problem. While doing a great deal to keep that campus technologically up to date, it also has pretty poor interactions with its customers. For example, when UITS pulled all the computer labs in Cavanaugh Hall and University College, it put a great strain on faculty--especially faculty working with incoming freshmen. The questions in this survey speak to what is largely behind-the-scenes work done by UITS, but the purpose of all that work is to facilitate the work of the campus, a good portion of which relates to students. UITS would do well to hire a genial public figure to represent it.

There are some really great, knowledgeable and helpful people at UITS. Wish everyone was.

Lots of problems with Oncourse--are you listing? I always find it difficult to navigate Onestart. Everytime I try and do something innovative in my class. UITS always throws up roadblocks. Classic IT CYA logic. I'm disappointed that Helpnet is being replaced by uits. Helpnet people are far more helpful than uits.

Center for Teaching and Learning Services have been very helpful

OnCourse leaves a lot to be desired!

I find one start difficult to navigate (i.e., find the services I want/need). IU Search is not helpful in finding information i need.

IT support across academic units is quite uneven. Many units are relying on students rather than professional staff to provide primary support/trouble shooting. The students are good but they are used in place of having professionals with developed expertise and commitment to the job and so are not able to offer the expert and friendly advice that one has access to in, for example, the CTL.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

I disabled the spam filter because it was directing many important emails to the spam folder. Here is what I said at the time:


Dear ECE colleagues, I had become pretty slack about checking the contents of my junk mail folder on exchange but I was shocked to find three really important emails were in my junk folder yesterday. One was a request for a conference paper revision with a one week deadline. Another was an invoice from a company that we bought software from and another was a price quote on manufacturing some circuit boards. It is possible to disable spam filtering by changing options in the exchange web interface. In case you are not conscientiously checking your junk folder, I recommend you consider either doing so or disabling the spam filter. thanks, [IRD]

Before making changes that afffect classroom work, ITS needs to consult faculty with enough time for research and consultation with possible changes taking place. You do not work in a vacuum. This is an academic institution first and foremost.

I teach [IRD] at Herron and it seems ridiculous that we don't have wireless internet access throughout the building. Our students and faculty desperately need this service and the areas in the building where this functions does not include our classroom, meeting and office areas.

Although I have generally been satisfied, most of less tech-savvy have not been. In faculty meetings, Oncourse-CL failures (both availability and missing functionality) are mentioned regularly.

There has also been heavy criticism about support of classroom technology. There have apparently been quite a few problems during the initial weeks of class with slow/inadequate resolution.

I have heard of some plan to take technology fees and use it to create more computer clusters. BAD IDEA! make the whole campus a wireless hot spot, everyone has laptops these days. Let individual schools figure out how tech fees can best serve their own populations.

recc advertising your mult. services as listed [IRD]

Support for Mac computers needs to be improved since Macs are now an increasing proportion of all computers sold in US. Windows Vista is NOT stable!!!

More short courses on major software packages (e.g. spss, photoshop, etc). Your photoshop courses are good.

To make wider the possibilities to use other libraries database.

I am an IU employee in a Clarian building on the medical center campus, so certain equipment is handled by Clarian not IU. Sorry I wasn't able to participate more fully!

Sometimes difficult to get knowedgable help when calling UITS help line. Overall services are very good.

Adobe Connect (a.k.a. Breeze) is just about the best thing ever. I hope that it continues to be supported.

Since I am not very computer savvy I suspect that I do not use these services as much as others. Plus, since I am in the SOM in a department which has it's own computer help, I also do not need the IU support as much.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Really have no problems with anything.

Please provide more email ememory for staff accounts.

I could like for our new employees to be able to create their email account/computer access as soon as the hire edoc is created instead of having to wait till it goes through the system. This is a very big issue with all our new hires. It comes off as being very unprofessional.

This survey was exasperatingly long. While I understand that you have a number of topics to evaluate, I found myself getting frustrated early on and stopped giving real thought to what you were asking. Next time, I would highly recommend shortening the survey or breaking it up into portions.

Our department has IT support who we contact for help

Availability of computers in IT building is not the best. Always very busy there, few open computers. Broken or out of commission from time to time, multiple units.

It would be very nice to have one central place to look up telephone numbers, titles, research interests, CV type information for people/faculty/admin here on campus. At Lilly we had one system to do a search and it gave their location, phone, department, and lots of other information. It seems disjointed / silo based here a bit. It would be nice to have this service both for convenience and for sharing science and research interests/collaborators.

The IT personnel are always helpful and polite. Even if you are not so great with a computer!!

Our departmental tech is virtually unable or unwilling to help with any and all questions and needs for the staff. Pages are never answered, emails are ignored, and occassionally, rude responses are given for basic needs and questions involving outside service providers. We are basically paying this person for zero performance. It is disheartening. However, the IUPUI UITS folks are wonderful.

It would be helpful if there were instructions on the IUware site to describe the steps in downloading software that is available for download If there are instructions and I missed them I apologize for missing them. Thank-you

The walk-in and call-in help desks have been terrific and most helpful for me. The business backbone is a disaster for anyone who does not devote full-time to the system.

OverAll Great/Prompt Support when I have had need

Wish I had more time to take courses to better use all the technology available here.

When a software or system goes down, please provide more detailed information about the system failure and how to prevent it in the future. Thanks.

Voice mail is cumbersome to daily leave a personal voice message

UMS Voice Mail, a way to record a temporary message to be used while on vacation rather than have the "mechanical-sounding" computer voice read your temporary message.

I think the general atmosphere of UITS is a bit arrogant.

We have worked with the programmers in DMS for several projects and have been consistently dissapointed and let down by the services. Their programmers are incredibly sub-par, their abilities are over stated and the management of projects is horrendous.

I have tried for a year to change the outgoing message on my UMS. I have sought help through the knowledge base and thought I solved the problem. It is yet to be solved. I do not think it should be this difficult.

Love the new voice mail system. Wish there was a way to use cgi scripts on mercury.

Too often the instructions given to correct problems through email are above my ability to follow. For ex.: Terminology is different in directions and options then given on next screen.

The computers placed around campus for student use, and in the library are way too slow in logging on. It often takes 5-10 minutes just to get started.

encouter problem with vpn connection while off campus. internet connection was good, but vpn keep dropping

thanks for all the opportunities, especially the available software and hardward through partnership agreements

The switchboard needs trained on who to send calls too. I get a lot of calls that don't relate to my office.

No, other than it is a necessary part of life nowadays - so continued funding of technological services; new technologies plus quality support services is critical.

Overall I don't think about the systems much because on the whole they are fairly "transparent" and they work very well for me. I hardly ever have to call the HELP line, and that probably speaks most eloquently to the wonderful infrastructure we enjoy at IUPUI. However, there are two instructional tools that I hope will receive more attention and support in the future: Oncourse CL and the ePortfolio. Both tools have come a long way, and certainly Open Source has enormous potential. However, additional work is needed to make them more user-friendly and intuitive with comparable functionality to commercial applications that are currently available. UITS does a great deal for the campus, and I hope that additional attention focused on the core tools that support the teaching mission will be an even greater priority in the future.

Some updates occasionally lead to slowdowns and inability to access some sites. This can be disruptive to my work.

Can not send links via email to other employees or to home PCs due to campus protection/restrictions :(

Can not perform simple upgrades to software such as Adobe Flash Player and MS Internet Explorer due to admin rights protocol I'm still using IE6 :(

Too many prompts to retrieve voice mail

Technology support on unit level is very frustrating. Student worker have very little or no experience/knowledge and it's extremely difficult to contact supervisors. The process is very cumbersome and lethargic to get help with any computer/software problems or upgrades. I call UTIS at 4-4357 before I contact my unit's tech support.

I wish our local tech support from UCOL was more responsive to our needs. The system they have in place is hard to navigate. They do not let us make appointments with them. We have to be present when we need assistance from them. A student responds to our request for assistance and if we are not in our office when they come, we have to resubmit our request. Many times the students don't know how to fix problems that we are experiencing, or install software. We try to work with in their system, but it is frustrating. It would be nice if the tech support was better versed in the software applications are that we use frequently, i.e. outlook, wireless networking, citrix, and administrative rights, training so we can be self sufficient.

Communication w.r.t. services is abysmal. Many services seem planned in complete secrecy, are never announced, have no visible documentation. To learn to use them or even know they exist, you have to know who to call. More transparency, more collaboration, please.

Basically UITS does a good job. Need to go back to the drawing board with TIME!

I am generally happy with the products and services provided. I appreciate UITS making the effort to gauge customer satisfaction.

More autonomy needs to be given to research departments to manage their own needs, if they have the resources to do so.

I work at IU hospital and tend to use Clarian IT services more than IU's. IU's IT deparetment has always been helpful when I have contacted them.

Only issue with office telephone service is cost. I am very happy with VMS.

Payroll time keeping program is cumbersome. Would rather have old fashioned punch-card than deal with it.

A documentation system to let new employess know exactly what resources IUPUI has available. I'm a new employee (

The main issue that I have experienced this year is with the TIME system. We went live recently and there have been several issues especially at the end of the day when my staff are not able to accurately log out. The system locks up or kicks them out and it has become increasingly frustrating to have to go in and make multiple corrections during the pay period. Overall, I think it is a good system but still seems to have some glitches that need to be worked out.

Get a better voice mail system. The one that was replaced was much better than this current installation.


Keep up the Good work!!!!!!!!!!!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I've tried to print and save as a pdf my unofficial transcript and it only prints or saves the first page. I cannot get any more pages to save/print and it is on the last page that my gpa shows up. This is frustrating because in order to get cheaper insurance for my car with good grades, I cannot show that I have a gpa that meets the requirements unless I pay $8 to get an official transcript for the grades I earned and paid for to begin with. As it is my final semester, this won't help me, but maybe it'll help another student to fix this flaw in OneStart.

Oncourse seems to be frequently unavailable at the start of each semester. Oncourse and OneStart -- especially OneStart -- need a more elegant interface that better organizes the data hierarchy. OneStart gives too many options and is visually overwhelming as a result.

Creating an acceptable PASSPHRASE is tedious and frustrating. Sometimes it seems that campus technology is designed for people born after 1990.

Everyone is very helpful and easy to talk to. I am not good with computers and no one makes me feel stupid. Thank you for all your hard work.

Great job guys, thank you!

- make secure wireless network connection available in hospital

I find the Imail difficult to organize and set up folders etc.

Very innovative. However, I think internet connectivity must improve. IT training is very useful. If materials could be circulated at key vantage points, I think it might help. Thanks.

To clarify my comments with regard to Imail and Gmail: if students are forced to use external, for-profit mail providers, then the university needs to ensure that when students email instructors and advisors that their messages are not filtered as spam or junk. It is unrealistic to rely on individual users who may not be computer savvy to remember to double check their junk mail routinely. Since email is an official form of communication, as we beat into our students' heads ad nausium, then we need to ensure that when they use such to communicate officially their messages get through in a timely and direct fashion.

With regard to my comments regarding SIS and OneStart - I find both these systems cumbersome and unwieldy and NOT user friendly. This is of particular concern when it comes to financial accounts (students have a devil of a time being able to read,UNDERSTAND, and FOLLOW their Bursar's accounts over time) while the overreliance on cryptic codes and what should be back-end labels for fields add to end-user frustration. I realize we're stuck with PeopleSoft, but I nonetheless continue to voice my objections and concerns about the system when given a chance.

The email size needs to be larger. Files are getting bigger and if google can do it, so can I.U.!

IUWare and the huge amount of databases available online are amazing, much-appreciated, helpful services.

install a go back button to click in the Onestart add classes section

Improve the navigation on the StudentCenter Self-Service option on OneStart. It is difficult to navigate and find the information I need. It was previously on the first page of OneStart and it was much easier to use that way.

There should be more than just two color printers in the Library Building.

printing application on Iuware does not work on my computer, I did not take it in and ask because it is not that big of a deal.

There are more students than computers available at the library. If I want to access and use a computer to do work, I must wait in line sometimes for up to 30 minutes or longer to gain access to an available computer.

As a law student, I feel somewhat removed from many of the benefits of UITS. I read the Newsbit emails, but there were many services listed in this survey that sounded interesting but of which I was unaware.

It is very frustrating that some places on campus (like in the business/SPEA building) have wireless, but it consistently does not work properly.

Don't like that umail is not as secure as the webmail.

Onecourse is not user friendly! All of the most important links are in small font and clustered near the bottom of the page. There is way too much information posted on the initial page.

Mac users have difficulty to off-campus connection to find some publications at home.

I just realized that there are many great services regularly offered by UITS when I filled in the survey. And I guess many friends of mine are not aware of them too. So I think it would be very helpful to spread the information more widely and to provide links to instructions of those services offered. Thanks!

First off, if you're going to offer a survey, it would help if I even knew what you were asking half the time. I'm a graduate student in the law school. I have a full-time job; I live off-campus. I don't have the time or the interest in reading the newsbit email sent. I check my school email and try to use onestart and oncourse when required and that's about it. Secondly, it would be really helpful if you'd stop upgrading and "fixing" onestart and oncourse and such for a while. Just about the time I figure out how to register for classes and learn where things are, something changes. If you really want to be helpful, give us a list of where we can find the things we need to use and know how to do. And it would be really helpful if someone explained this stuff to the incoming law students. I don't know how things work on other parts of campus, but at the law school no one seems to tell the students much of anything, let alone how to register for classes, or use oncourse/onestart, or use the scheduler or planner of whatever it is. And even that thing isn't useful. Maybe it makes sense to the people who set it up, but it's not a bit of help to those of us who are actually supposed to use it. I apologize for my harsh tone, but this is the wrong time of year to send out surveys if you don't want negative feedback. Thanks for trying to ensure we have adequate systems and services available.

Oncourse is a piece o crap. I also use Angel for some of my classes... it is a much better system than Oncourse.

It is a very good service. I really appreciate 24X7 phone support.

We have no access to IUSM software deals (besides online) at the satellite campuses.

It's very hard to download system upgrades such as the new Word 2007, it timed out three times on me at home using DSL.

Have found that when I have a problem (like 5 wks ago, the person on theiother end instructed me to contact my cable company: he felt that was the problem. Indeed It was.

As a novice computer user, I wish the intro classes assumed limited knowledge. Instead, the ones I have taken seem to be geared to people with prior knowledge yet wanting a refresher course. This has been VERY frustrating for me. I want to learn and when the teachers just rush through the materials as though they just can't wait to finish and leave, that just is not very helpful. Intro classes should be just that...assume no knowledge. And if that bores some people, then so be it. Those with prior knowledge can always take more advanced classes. But for those of us who are older students who have not grown up using computers, we need intro help and at least I have not been able to find it.

I'm a Kelley direct student and therefore remote from the campus with only very limited time in-residence. As such, there is little opportunity to pick up on tribal knowledge with regard to available systems and resources. It would be useful to have "the one place" with all systems described well advertized, front and center for all new students to make exploration easier or even unnecessary (as part time students have little time to explore). Thanks for the survey.

My primary complaints are these: (1) OnCourse is difficult to use for classwork and class communications. (2) OneStart is difficult to navigate and to use; I minimize my use of it. (3) The new IU Secure wireless connection has been drastically slower on my Vista laptop than the IU Wireless wireless connection. (4) The switch to other email systems requires a change in address, which I cannot afford. At the very least, some sort of automatic forwarding should be made available. (5) My primary usage of the IU systems is off-campus, and I get frequent timeouts on the IU address book when I'm not on-campus. (6) I strongly recommend some sort of virtual UITS lab where students and faculty could remote in to access software. I believe the Engineering and Technology school has one, and it provided students and faculty with the opportunity to access lab software without having to fight for space in the physical labs.

My primary compliments are these: (1) When I have had a problem that was technical, I usually found the answer in the UITS knowledge base (although I had to search it using Google to find the right page). (2) I have made use of IU software on IUWare repeatedly to further my research and classwork. (3) I greatly appreciate the availability of stand-up computer stations. I would use them more if they were optimized to log in much faster. I usually log on to a station with a specific need and spend more time waiting for the computer to finish my login than I spend actually using the computer.

I am not sure whether the IT staff at the Dental School are considered UITS staff. I'm under the impression they are not, so I answered as if they weren't.

If IT staff at the Dental is part of UITS, then I would definitely bring down most of my ratings. For example, I have not been able to print at the only available printer in the dental school for 2 days now.

During my 4 years of undergraduate experience, I can't think of a single occasion I had an issue with technology.

I wish I could easily use IUCAT from my iPhone, but I can't get to the Central Authorization sign-in page easily on my mobile.

It would be nice if it was easier to copy several pages from eBooks at once.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I find it difficult to find teh Transcript section from the OneStart page. I also find it hard to see the book store information from the Onestart area of the site.

While I am entirely satisfied with Oncourse, Webmail, Onestart, and other such services, I have not heard of a large amount of other services offered by UITS. Also, it would be helpful if there were more free printing labs available on campus. I have also tried to connect to IUPUI's wireless service several times and it has not worked. If that could be improved it would be very helpful.

Overall I feel that the services are better than my past experiences at other institutions but as a primarily online class student the interfaces in onestart and oncourse are somewhat clunky.

I transferred here from Purdue, and although there was a little gap and they may have updated since, the whole collection of online sites - OnCourse, Onestart, Student Services, etc. are much more helpful and user-friendly than anything we had at Purdue. Keep it up.

you guys do a great job.

I think it is crazy that we have to pay a technology fee as well as pay for printing. I believe we should be allowed so many pages per semester and after that we should have to pay.

It's doing a great job.

I would like to see the link to check new messages on the home page of oncourse working again. It was much more convenient to check all of the messages at one time.

I really appreciate UITS. I have taken advantage of many of the opportunities offered by UITS and feel it is definitely a valuable asset to IUPUI.

Maybe find a way to inform about new services to students through email

Oncourse CL is sometimes slow.

"Old" OnCourse was a lot more user friendly.

Need faster responding computers.

Thank you for the wireless!

The set up for Oncourse and Onestart could be a little more user friendly. Having to click on the actual links to go up in the hierarchy of forums within Oncourse, for example, is a bit archaic.

Onestart is really convoluted the way it's also set up. For the new users and even those fairly used to it like me, it still takes time to figure out where everything is on the page.

Wireless laptoop printer finder needs to be fixed or improved so that students can send their print jobs directly from their laptops.

Computer log on times need to be decreased. It takes 5 min just to log on to print a paper.

Printing on campus at $.04 per page should be better printing or cheaper price... I would have to say that 75% of what I print is faded in the middle of the page (IKON needs to service their University Library printers more often)

I think registration for classes (add/drop) could be made even easier with a few wrinkles ironed out. I think it would be great if there was an even easier system for looking up class numbers while adding a class.

I cannot thank the school enough for the new agreement with adobe. It has helped immensely.

I have reported 2 issues within the past 2 days. The first has to do with my returntoiupui link last Spring 2008. I had last attended more than 10 years ago. Apparently, I wasn't returned to the Computer Science department and that's preventing me from enrolling in the Applied Computer Science Certificate Program as well as prevents me from enrolling in classes semester after semester. My advisor doesn't know how to deal with this issue and I can't recomplete online admission forms so I'm in limbo on this and I'm nearing the completion of 9 credit hours and after 9 hours I can no longer quality for the Applied Computer Science certificate. I just discovered this problem and its still unresolved.

The next problem is that I signed up for workshops listed under the "Web Site Development Fundamentals Certificate Series: however, 3 of the 5 workshops are not available and its not clear when or if they will be offered so how does one complete the certificate program. 2 of the 3 course were offered as self-study and I paid out of pocked $5 per course but then later learned that self-study doesn't quality towards the certificate. So since I have 2 or 3 classes in the program scheduled to start next week, how do I pursue this certificate or complete it?

[IRD] is my e-mail. I am in need of assistance on these issues and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. [IRD] is my home number. [IRD] is my work. [IRD] is my work mobile. [IRD]

I think that OneStart could be a little bit more user friendly to navigate around.

The library computers take twice as long to load up now that Vista has been installed. I am very disappointed by this, and I wish they were still running XP (or OS X).

Thank You For worderful Service and surveys

Set up oncourse to email individuals for each message sent to the student through any course at their default email address.

Make course searching easier by providing a keyword search in self serv.

You guys have been great. Thanks!

Not enough computer labs for use by students on campus. Not enough print stations. Printing costs too much. Wireless service is spotty.

the stand up computers in the campus center building are very slow

we need more access to printing facilities and an easier way to print directly from our laptops; also, some functionality of oncourse is broken

I had to call once on a Sunday because could not access what prof had posted. I was pleased that there was actually someone there on a Sunday and the guy was extremely helpful! Thank you!

Have an easier and more convenient way of getting to e-mail.

Oncourse is awful, barely useable. Some of my professors are so illiterate about how to use that my overall class quality has dropped substantially. All professors should be required to show adequate knowledge of how to use. Also, checking messages for multiple classes is tedious. How long will function to check all classes be disabled, it's already been that way for at least 2 years?

Excellent services

Oncourse and OneStart are too complicated and unreliable. Everything UITS needs to be simplified.

The services provided are exceptional and I wouldn't be able to pursue my degree without them. Great job, Thank you all.

Get more professors to use Oncourse

I am sincerely pleased with the speed of most of the computers in the lib and across the campus. Keep up the good work!

The improvements have been great, the new OnCourse is much better than the old. I don't like the passphrase requirement since I've never had issues with identity theft. It's a good security measure but frustrating to have to update as often as we do.

Otherwise everything is great. I read the UITS emails sometimes when something looks like it applies to me. Thanks!

Oncourse needs to be Mac friendly. As it is, I can't use my home equipement for important class items on Oncourse. Also I can not access any IUPUI website on campus on my own laptop. It's not user friendly.

I liked the old oncourse better, I think they need to have all lectures acessable online, as a way to help study. Maybe even use a system like livescribe where the instructors have recordings of the lecture on oncouse, so information is easier to retrieve. Students have an big investment into school and should have the system work more towards helping everyone do well, no just the top 50%.

As a non-traditional student I truly appreciate the effort UITS goes to make so much available online and make the information so easy to access. The e-mail updates and information are also extremely helpful.

274-5555 is pretty much useless and caller gets transferred to multiple departments before it reaches right area.

Would be a plus if Classifieds in Onestart would allow pics.

Keep up the new license agreements with cutting edge technologies that students can learn on and be more valuable to business.

Oncourse is solid sometimes. Networking for the most part is reliable, especially later this semester. The speed of the wireless connection is my biggest complaint.

I am not sure the criteria for creating classes through the STEPS program but I feel like there should be more classes taught and at different points in the day (not all in the morning or all at night, try ones around noon, etc)

Better the amount of times Oncourse goes down during the week. Maybe send a mass email informing the problem and any updates...

Would like better dial-up support for those who life in rural/non-subsidized areas please. Thank you.

Im not sure how to go about it but it would be nice if all the services were advertised better. Im sure there are many benefits provided by the IT department but I don't know what they are I havnt had much experience directly with the IT department besides using campus websites.

I would like to see a more detailed description about the different sites avaiable on Oncourse. From the current information available I thought that all features of Oncourse, expect one, was available for each type of site. This turned out not to be true.

Nothing showed up when click on some launch bottoms such as searching for books...

Overall I feel that IT services are great at both IU and IUPUI! The biggest problem i've come across is Onestart-i think it can be confusing for a person with average computer skills, specifically when you register for class.

Your wireless network coverage is spotty, at best. Install more access points.

The student self serve area on Ocnourse is awful and seems very counterintuitive to me. It takes WAY too many steps just to get to the information and the way it is arranged is difficult for me to follow. Otherwise, I have been largely satisfied with UITS.