2009 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final questions of the UITS survey: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Students
A handout for faculty, students, and staff on new programs, such as Vista, with just the basics would be immensely helpful. No class--just a handout.

The long distance system is time consuming and a deter professor from taking time to return calls. Even the FAX require a string of numbers--one wrong number and you start over. / There are not adequate copy machines. Large schools on campus have the same number of machines as small schools. One breaks and class preparation stops. / / The Help Desk and the Switchboard deserve raises. They are patient, cheerful, and helpful. We definitely need night time Help Desk support. Most of us teach, advise, and attend meetings during the day and do all the rest of our work at night. I would can't imagine how left out of the support loop the night time instructors feel. If we are working, we need support. / / We need more document cams in classrooms, and it would be helpful to have printers attached to classroom computers. I am fairly certain that students would love more than one printer per lab.

They provide an excellent service. Always helpful if I call

The printer connected to the computer I use frequently "jams" with a printing backlog. I must call the Help Desk to get someone to come in to fix the problem. I have nearly the same printer at home and know what to do. The necessity to call the Help Desk is ridiculous. I had to have someone from the Help Desk install software that I frequently use on campus, also a task I know how to do. The restrictions placed on faculty are ridiculous and are an example of concern with security gone way too far.

SPSS is problematitc because it changes too often. I have had much difficulty with bugs due to this.

Because I am on several national committees that meet via teleconference, I asked for a telephone that had "handsfree" capabilities (it gets old holding the headset for a 1.5 hours meeting). Within a week of e-mailing [IRD], there was a new phone on my desk that was "handsfree". Thank you for the prompt response to my request.

OneStart is very cumbersome to navigate. Also the library webpage is quite cumbersome to navigate, and sometimes the search features are not at all helpful. And every time changes are made, it seems to take a very long time to get things in usable functionality again.

IUCAT, the online library catalog, is not a Human Resources system.

I am pleased that I work in an educational environment that sees the importance of providing new/current desktop computers every three years. This is super. The only thing I would say, is that we need more support for software purchases for the labs.

The copy machine in the Arts and Letters lounge is not working seemingly EVERY DAY. We get e-mails from [IRD], an A and L sec'y, so often that is has become a running joke --- or, it would be a more effective use of her time to send out a message when the copier IS working. Can't anything be done to fix these never-ending problems once and for all?

My only real concern as an adjunct professor is that my students are not always put into the system in a timely fashion. That is, I teach a tech course and we design our own web pages. Some students have gone almost a whole semester before they can access their W drive - even when the IT dept. has been contacted. This semester, the problem was fixed relatively quickly (in about two weeks), but this has been the exception in the [IRID] I have taught the course.


More MAC help. Not someone who knows a little about MACs, but someone devoted to it.

Adminstrative rights to download the program. Even to download a testbank for a text book we have the damn help desk. This is riduculous and waste of resources.

The system seems to be slowly degrading with inexperienced help staff and poor people skills.

PLEASE provide better support for those of us using the MAC platform.

Since I have received my new computer I have lost e-mail folders, internet access is slow much more often, the web connection has been lost several times and my screen occasionally fades in and out. I have been waiting for 5 days to get someone to try to restore my mail folders. I never had this problem before getting the new computer.

oncourse gradebook can be improved.

You change out computer w/o informing individualks that have information stored in them

The music department does not contain much of any technology I value. I cannot use even my assigned office, which has one computer in it that doesn't function. / I would like a Smart Music station available in all two of the vocal studios to help the students learn their necessary lessons.

UITS does an excellent job overall! Keep it up!

As an adjunct professor, I am not aware of all the services offered by UITS. With a full-time job outside of my IUS responsibilities, it is hard to become aware of all of the resources.

The computer technology in LF 139 is substandard. The computer takes too long to boot up. It is not fast enough to show or download videos for use in class and I have had my class interrupted several times because of issues with the media cart. I suggest that it be completely revamped or that any instructor using technology in their classroom not be assigned to LF 139.

The major problem I have encountered is with the sound volume of the AV equipment in the classrooms in CV and LF buildings. I have had trouble getting the volume loud enough in many of the rooms when using the computer, DVD, and/or the VCR.

The UITS services are phenomenal here on campus. As a faculty member, they are critical to the success of my work and have always provided the greatest of support. Keep up the great work. /

the quality of the attendant services at 941-2000 has improved substantially

I didn't like having to upgrade my computer this year. It was unnecessary. My old computer worked fine and met all of my needs and the new computer is much larger and more cumbersome and Vista was horrible and kept freezing every time I tried to use IE or Firefox. But the IT support staff was incredibly helpful in resolving the issues that were resolveable.

I seriously wish that you have Mac special support technicians on the support desk.

1. This lockdown of computers (no admin rights) is a bad idea. How can we evaluate software, try new innovations for teaching etc. if we can't download and install software? I look at new stuff several times a week and calling IT (on the weekend for example) is a pain. Why not just isolate sensitive student info via passwords, limited access etc? / 2. One size does not fit all. Some users need faster machines, more privileges, etc. Equipment requests should be evaluated by a committee or panel. / 3. Oncourse and Onestart and SIS need to be easier to use, more intuitive, fewer clicks, etc. / 4. There needs to be someway (and I know this is really hard) to let people know when they will be affected by some upgrade, etc. I have many times had the experience of something quit working (network drive access for example) and have to call to find out that there was an upgrade and I have to change something. Probably not many people are affected but it is frustrating ....

I believe that it is time to consider expanding to one large computer lab (50+ positions) manned 24/7 for student and/or faculty use.

Oncourse is very clumbsy to use, has too many steps to add anything. The peoplesoft/oracle is getting very complex and cumbersome.

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The copiers have a "million" awkward and frustrating places to misfeed. [IRD] and [IRD]are great but Kinko's quality is not. Trying to pick up voice mail messages are frustrating!!! "I am sorry I did not get your passcode." I don't have a 1/2 hour to S_L_O_W_L_Y press my numbers so she can get my passcode over and over. ACD works fine but employees need to be better trained not to tell people "I keep getting their voicemail" when it is actually the cue and use the ACD cue number don't call individual people who either aren't there so the phone keeps ringing or logged out because they are waiting on someone or trying to get something done. I know you are now sorry you asked. To counter the previous information the Help desk staff is knowledgeable and helpful!!!

The CV computer classroom does not work well for computer classes. There is not enough room and the screen is difficult for many students to see. / / The help desk is sometimes slow to respond when problems need to be taken care of in the department. However, the staff is always friendly. / /

It would be nice if we can offer a $5.00 discount for a certain local provider from home of high speed internet?

Doing a great job! Keep it up!

Great job, thank you!!

I may use some of the features (ACD?) but I don't know the name of the system. I can't rate that service since I don't know what it is.

It seems that since around the first of January, 2009 our network has more than usual occurrences of "slow time", whereas the system seems to be moving extremely slowly. I can remember that happening from time to time, but it has become more frequent the past two months in my opinion.

This survey is way too long

Thank you for great service

Your department is doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

I value the service I receive from our IT Department, I only use x2447 and they are great!

Investigate, inform, and train staff on Scanner Filing System cabilities.

1.) Ogle Center Web site needs updated and needs to be on IUS main Page. / / 2.) I do a lot of drafting with Lighting, Sound & Stage plots that I have been working off of paint brush. We need a CAD Program and I also wood think CAD Program would be good campus wide on all computers for student designing or at least for the Art programs? / 3.) Home computer runs real slow to keep up with IUS Computers on the web.Tough to log on and check mail! /

The general staff is good. The leadership at the top however is not. Much money is wasted on useless endeavors.

Within the School of Natural Sciences we have computers that support specialized equipment. Over time these computers loose their ability to function on the IU Southeast network. Upgrading these systems is very difficult because of the cost of the software that is needed to work with the instruments. When we do have problems with these computers, it is very difficult to be able to use IU Southeast's technology services to help diagnosis or trouble shoot the problem. There needs to be an open discussion between faculty members and administration to be able to discuss these types of issues. / The spam software up until a couple of months ago worked very well in keeping unwanted (porn) emails from showing up in our inbox. However, since then stuff has been getting through. Hopefully, this can be looked at and rectified.

I do not like to have to use the 9 digit number before placing any long distance calls and/or faxing. Can they not come up with a shorter prefix?

I have always found our IT department to be knowledgeable and timely whenever I've called. Great Help Desk. Excellent personnel in Media Services from web site to videographer and editing of same. Lab techs are always helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. I feel very fortunate to work with such excellent personnel at my fingertips.

[IRD] has always been very helpful and willing to help. / Sometimes the students answering help desk calls don't seem to know enough to help with simple questions.

All staff members need printers and caller ID phones. Need to have a centralized computer technology department. Need to offer more technlogy classes for staff, e.g.: IPOD, Flash, Oncourse

Student employees need to look and act more professional. Staff answering the phone (from switchboard to helpdesk) should sound pleasant and not bored or rude. Some operators have stopped saying their names and occasionally just answer "switchboard". I always lose data and programs when getting a computer replacement. The ILTE provides excellent support.

I really hate Windows Vista. I received a new computer for my office about six weeks ago and it has been nothing but trouble. My printers do not run right--I cannot print multiple copies on one of them if I have the collate button checked; on the Savin printer, I cannot use the stapling feature--something about a "finisher" being installed... In fairness, I was warned that there were printer issues with Vista. / / I also have compatibility problems if something is put on a flash drive and saved using the Vista OS--it doesn't want to open on one of my own XP OS computers (I have two, a Dell desktop and a Compaq laptop). I can't change the sharing feature here due to the decision to take away our administrative rights, so anything I want to save I have to email to myself and then open up the attachment. What a pain! / / Otherwise, all support services are great; everyone is helpful and offers timely and friendly service. Steven C. knows everything (seriously) so I have no complaints. But I do not like Vista and now I'm stuck with it for three years... Very satisfied with everything else--the tech features of this university are one if its very best assets.

The IT and telecommunications team does a phenomenal job. They provide great service and advice on resolving issues and questions about efficiently and effectively providing service.

/ I intensely dislike the long distance codes being so very long. If we could have one code, preferably 4 digits, for both the telephone long distance and the copiers, and just ONE code for scanning, it would be so very helpful. In this world of so many PIN's, fighting through the day with various on-campus PIN's and passwords gets taxing, if I may use that term at this time of year. / / On a more positive note, I love the Helpdesk. I doubt I could function without them.

Since I'm a Mac user, we have little training classes or other support.

The operaters need more training on what disciplines each school supports -- ie: Medical Coding, etc. is in Natural Sciences not Nursing, Philosophy is not in Social Sciences, but Arts and Letters, etc.

it seems the website is down more frequently than in the past. blogs used on the website are outdated and not maintained.

Computers, printers and other technology products are often a problem due to network inconsistencies, hardware/software breakdowns and operator errors, but the staff members are always willing and able to help with all kinds of dilemmas. I also appreciate the kind and instructional way that they deal with staff members such as myself who are not very computer savvy. Many of the people from the help desk and telephone services are talented and very understanding when we report problems. Thanks!

Overall I think our IT is the best, but always room for improvement, right? Wish list: on demand color printing in student labs and offices (I think offices are getting this, but are students?), laptops on the desktops instead of towers. We can take them into meetings, to conferences, to work at home. Monitors that easily swing around or that we can switch to, to allow the students at our desk to easily see their information or for training purposes at our desks. We do a lot of adhoc computer training on OneStart because the students do not know how to use it. This is a big, big problem. I know you are trying something new this year during STAIR but please evaulate it based on effectiveness. Last year's video did not engage students in the material - what will make this method be effective? I appreciate and support that you are trying something new :). This is so important and I do not think there is a shortcut to hands-on live training. Lab assistants should never be at their desks (almost) at the beginning of the semester. They are the foot soldiers for training and should be helping students get their emails working, use OneStart, etc. I don't think students know they are there to help them. They should do walk-arounds several times during their shift and engage students in training. Also, on a new topic, some of us have loose cords under our desks not plugged in to anything - I sometimes get shocked by my desk. More care taken in cord management under our desks with installs. Again, you are the best. /

I find most of IU's technology more complicated than necessary. The website is difficult to navigate (many many "clicks" to get where you need to go) and the search feature pulls up very old info. OneStart is also cluttered and it is difficult to find what you need. / / Regarding Kinko's, I have not been able to make a single order that has not had to be re-done since we moved to their services. I feel that they cannot be trusted to complete a job correctly the first time, and have learned (after several emergency re-prints) that orders must be placed with enough time to allow a redo. / / On a positive note - my interactions with the IT staff have been very positive. They have been of great assistance with students, especially new ones. They have done a lot to help these students navigate through the system effectively.

Response to Help Desk requests submitted electronically is not consistent.

The staff is always extremely helpful and goes above and beyond with their knowledge and service.

Our support services and staff are the best.

Faculty | Staff | Students

The website is sometime difficult to navigate thru to find the information I'm looking for.

a copy machine in every building and more computer labs

I am surprised that there isn't much information available about dreamspark.

Why doesn't the bookstore sell x64 versions of Vista? / / Why does the connection time out on my laptop in several buildings? I'm a geek BTW so I'm pretty sure its not my laptop.

I use computers nearly every day. My only complaint would be bandwidth seems to shrink around 11a-3p, but that's understandable given the number of users, and as I understand certain actions are being taken to remedy that.

I think that there is only one color printer on campus! also, it is very expensive (10 B & W pages)to print in color! Also, I cant always find a good wireless signal to connect to the internet with my PC while on campus.

The difficulty of finding a printer that will print in color has been an inconvenience at times.

Sorry for the delay been busy as a bee,[IRD]

I am not very good at computer skills and need help often. They are polite and helpful and try hard to teach me what to do not just do it for me.

The IT staff at IUS are always there when I (albeit seldomly) need them. Seriously, IUS' IT service is incredible.

The computers in the loft in Knobview are always missing the mouse and a lot of times they aren't working. The computers in the coffee shop in the University Center frequently have some sort of problem with them too.

No doing a fine job

Need high-end computer labs (more and faster processors, higher memory) for advanced student projects in programming / computation & research / network & dba practices.

Professors/Instructors should be required to utilize Oncourse in such a way that it ENHANCES the course. Many do not use it but for the minimum requirements of that course.

In some of the buildings I have experienced a very weak wireless signal, those buildings being the bottom floor of Natural Sciences, and Hillside Hall. Sometimes on the campus grounds, like in the plaza, the wireless signal goes in and out.

I like that I can use my ucard at the copying machines. However there needs to be more copying machines because the current machines have failed me regularly by not working properly.

I have found the help desk in the Student Center to be 100% non-helpful. Every time that I have a question, they are unable to answer it or help me.

The people in the labs and by phone have always been friendly and helpful. If they did not know an answer, they would try to call someone else to find out.

All copiers need to have the option to use your ID card and copiers need to be available in all buildings to students.

-I feel that the IUS website search option is not helpful at all, as it never brings up accurate searches. / / -The wireless internet service on campus is inconsistant... only working sometimes for me.

With students now living on campus, and an increase in enrollment, the library needs more computers for students.

Please instruct the help desk workers more thoroughly on the ability to set up the university ID's for copy/print abilities and wireless laptop set up.

More printers!!!! Too few printers in the computer labs....three hole punches, staplers and paperclips would be nice to offer in ALL labs. Also....the printing allottment is way too low.

More computer stations all around campus WITH printing capabilities, please

I still havent had much of a chance to use the computer facilities on campus.

The only complaint i have is that sometimes you cannot get to a computer because the labs are too full, aside from that i am fine with the rest.

I have had several opportunities lately where I needed technical support and was blown away with the service I received. Keep up the good work! /

Need morewwwwwwwww color printers.

A computer lab with a printer at the MN building in Jeff would be very helpful as would a study room for students to meet outside of classtime to work on group projects

I have never had to call so to me that means you are doing a good job!

At times there seems to be a disconnect between systems. It may be a training issue but, if that is the case, then the navigation/use of the student accessible systems is not intuitive.

Windows Vista sucks. Login takes much longer since we have switched all of the comoputers on Vista.

It would be nice for the online printers to print on double-sided pages automatically.

IT helpdesk staff are always helpful and quick at answering questions or analyzing and fixing problems I have on my office computer. Keep up the excellent work!