2010 IT IUE User Survey - Survey Methodology

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The IT User Survey is administered by the IU Center for Survey Research. Surveys were sent to randomly selected people at Indiana University Eastt in each of the following categories: faculty, staff, students. The questions on the survey are primarily Likert opinion scales (1-5 rating scales with 5 always being the most favorable rating). For questions asking opinions of services, the results shown include the percentage of people who use the service (which we have taken to be the percentage of people who expressed an opinion about it), the average opinion score, and the percentage of people who were satisfied with the service (graded it as a 3 or better).

Unless there is an indication to the contrary, the results shown are extrapolated to estimate the average response of the entire IUE community - that is, they estimate the response that would result if each member of the IUE community were asked their opinion.

Some services, however, are used only by certain subpopulations, so results are shown for the appropriate subpopulations. Subpopulations are indicated by F for faculty, Staff for staff, S for students. In some cases, some services are used by groups of subpopulations, indicated for example by [F&S] for services used by faculty members and students. In this case the extrapolated results represent the estimated response were each faculty member and student to be asked their opinion.

Results are shown separately for multiple subpopulations when appropriate. w

Sample and Response Size

The table below indicates the number of surveys originally sent out to the randomly selected individuals by status (sample size) and overall, the number of actual responses by status and total, and the percentage of responses received for each category and total.

Status Population Sample Size Number of Respondents Response Rate
Students 1,524 625 171 27.36%
Faculty 136 100 67 67.0%
Staff 121 100 75 75%
Total 1,781 825 313 37.94%