2010 IUN IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

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This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

The department is doing a good job.

the staff has been very helpful to me. The IUN email is vey slow. There is a long pause when you hit "reply."

I skype a lot with colleagues outside the IU system. Webcam issues can limit the potential of this. Ponder improvements that are robust (i.e. if others don't have MS Communicator, Skype's the only option right now).

Perhaps the technology courses could be taught during unconventional hours, after 4 p.m., during the week.

Yes, I am still complaining about the same things on this campus as I have been for almost 10 years-
1. Not enough computer rooms for large student classes
2. Not good support for issues with computers in classrooms ie notes left by previous professors that something does not work
3. Phone system is arachaic at best, with no options on many phones for hold, speaker, caller id etc. and right now the voice mail system is broke-

The new VPN is really annoying.

Maintain and improve dial-up modem service

The new classroom technology equipment and support have been quite good.

Keep up the good work!

IUN has a good team, with well-versed
and dedicated people, always prepared
to give help of any kind.

Hard to evaluate voicemail when it's currently down, however, it has been my experience that it's reliable.

The improvements and upgrades in the last year have been fantastic, in particular, the wi-fi everywhere on campus and the uniform, easy to use electronic set ups in all of the classrooms, including updgraded projectors and screens. It is all wonderful. Our department has been recruiting candidates for an assistant professor position. Candidates were impressed with our videoconferencing abilities which we used for the initial selection of our short list. These interviews went REALLY smoothly thanks to [IRD] and [IRD]. The ease of using the classroom technology for their research and teaching presentations was also excellent. I believe the technology environment has been a great boon in making our position competitive to our candidates. I love the fact the IU's technology forward efforts have been implemented at IUN--thank you [IRD] (sp?) and all of your staff :)
One issue I still have that I think affects our competitiveness is that we don't have the same access to electronic journal databases as the IUB campus does.
I also have one other fervent wish: that somehow the department colloquium speakers invited to IUB could have their lectures/presentations broadcast to the corresponding departments at the regional campuses. These colloquia are extremely important for supporting the intellectual environmnent and scientific research at Rsearch I institutions. In our small departments at the regional campuses we rarely have colleagues who share our specific research interests and certainly we don't have the funds to bring colloquium speakers to our campus, so being able to view and perhaps even interact with those who come to IUB would be fabulous.
Thank you all again for all of your efforts. Keep it up!

Overall, I think that the IT department at IUN is stellar, with high professionalism and excellent service. I believe that it also has a highly skilled administrative staff. Thank you for all of your efforts. You really do make a difference for faculty, staff, and students, and I very much appreciate this.

whenever I have had need of assistance with IT services, I have gotten prompt and satisfactory results

[IRD] has done an excellent job for me for many years in taping group activity in my [IRD] classes.

The voice mail service on our office phones were down for the entire week of March 1-5! As and academic adviser and professor I found this to be a problem with students trying to contact me!

We are very fortunate to have this wealth of resources. The UITS staff is always great and very helpful.
Many thanks,
Modern Lang.

The instructors system in computer classrooms always fails on the first day of class.

I hope that more software (SAS, Visual C, etc.) can be downloaded from IUware Online.

No comments

IT service at IUN this past year is a huge improvement over the past 5 years during which I was very dissatisfied. There is a reliable classroom computer for the first time in the room I most often use. Service and responsiveness have improved greatly. I would like to see improved phone service including caller id on all office phones, simple conference calling or three-way calling from office phones, simple transfer of phone calls to other offices, and phone fowarding to another office phone or cell phone for when I'm out of my office.

People who are attempting installation or repairs should not do so with out a plan in effect for checking their work. If they don't know how to check it, then someone needs to be present who does. It adds incredible amount of time to the process when someone attempts an installation or repair with the check. A new request has to be made and a new time has to be scheduled for the service.

It would be nice to have updated phones in all offices with features such as caller ID. These phones should make it easier for call forwarding, etc.

I want to recognize that in the rooms that I teach in, have all had your business cards and I think that is a good idea.
I also like that many rooms I use have (or have had!) the laminated paper that explains the functions of the electronics.
I should probably call you sometime and report--one of the classrooms I use, the display seems to "quit"/ shut off after about 1.5 hours into a 3 hour class.

It would be nice if it were easier to find the software download page.

I recently installed new VPN- it is very bad! I can not work from home any more.
Your tech people are above and beyond. Help is always available.

Presently, the computers I use have been running ok, but last sememster (Fall 2009) I had problems almost every time I tried to use them. After mutiple calls and repeated visits by the IT staff I think the problem has been remedied. I was just trying to be honest in taking the survey about the experiences I had with the computers I had access. The support people were always nice when they were called to help.

Windows Vista upgrade (from Windows XP) on the classroom computers casuses them to run EXTREMELY SLOW!!!!

Faculty |Staff | Students

My main, and perhaps only, complaint regarding any/all matters pertaining to UITS is that I have never, ever been able to access the network drive from my home. Even with the new, "improved" VPN connection, I cannot connect. It wouldn't bother me so much if I could attribute this to my ineptness, but the other two people in my office area cannot access the network drive from their homes either (as well as some random people I've questioned). Other than that, I believe everything UITS provides to this campus, especially the UITS staff, is extraordinary.

Great work!

The phone system is very outdated. The campus is growing and the phone system needs to be updated.

Helpful staff; quick response time

none, great job and response to issues!

Need to include the State of Indiana and Chicagoland area codes (more specifically) in our LOCAL (read: FREE) calling plan. ALL faculty and staff should have administrator rights to download programs and software vital to their production and activities.

In SIS system, the SIS launch,when bringing up multiple student transcripts or class rosters it used to be I could click on back button & it would keep info up in screen, but now I have to keep re-entering all info, which is a waste of time. Used to be you could just click on back button, then click on next section # for class rosters, now you have to keep re-entering info...does not save it. Too time consuming. On the up side...love the free classes taught by [IRD] that are offered to employees etc. It truly helps on keeping up with new upgrades etc.

The staff are wonderful - knowledgeable, prompt and efficient, extremely helpful. I think the work all of you do is really, really good. Thanks a lot!

The recent problem with the voice mail which lasted a week was very inconvient. It took a week to fix it during my busy registration period.

I believe everyone in the IT Department does a great job in their area of expertise.

The IT Staff at IUN are very helpful, and I am very pleased with their services!
I am satisfied with IT. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Thanks for all you do!!!!!

The service technicians work very hard and do a great job!

It would be nice if some training could be done 'in-office' for those who cannot attend the workshops.

Improvement is being made regarding the reliability and cooperation of IT. I applaud the efforts being made.

I love the on-line Lynda instruction tool; easy to access and available when you need it. No need to attend in person classes.
The new on-line travel system is confusing - too many different forms.

Why does it take so long to redirect a telephone line to the correct account? Sometimes it takes months until the line appears on the correct account.

there have been times when Instructional Media has dropped the ball scheduling video conference calls, I almost always have a problem with this service. Preparation and prompt service is necessary. Also this has occurred in ordering equipment for meetings, ie. pc, projector, almost always late or forgets.

I've seen a noticeable improvement in the level of customer service provided by IU Northwest's I.T. personnel. I appreciate their efforts!

I've seen a huge improvement in the customer service in the past year.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I would like more information on the use of services from instructors, or even an introduction to the services in a program of some kind.

We should be able to forward all emails received in our IU email accounts to our personal email accounts. We should not have to check a separate email account. I have one professor who collect everyone's personal email addresses because he knows people don't check their IU emails regularly. It is an unnecessary hassle.
Can you make a shorter survey next time, this was just too long

None I can think of at this time. However, I would like to reserve the opportunity to email any additional comments I may have in the future

I bought windows7 from book store. It does not work properly. I have not been able to download updates. I think I need to talk to the it department to learn more about operation of my computer.

There needs o be someone answering the phone in the The Dept of Business office. I only get [IRD]'s voicemail.

n/a unless you can get on the switch board and announce it across the entire campus. There is no reason why teachers and students cars should be getting towed from across the street from the library on 35th ave. without the school being notified.

Everyone at IUN is very friendly and helpful.

yes, I am very please lab is open with help on Sundays and when classes are not in. If old computers are for sale, I think the students should be notified.
I need a computer at home, the one I have is very slow. I wish students realize some students are study or doing an report in the lab. Other than this I appreciate the help I have recieve at this campus. Thank you

I would like UITS to urge departments to keep their information published online up to date. I find to much outdated content that conflicts with current standards for program requirements.

I think the professors should be required to use oncourse for the courses since the cost is built into our fees and we pay for it. We are paying for a service that a lot of the time is not available to us, and I find that to be very distasteful on IUs part. If they don't want to use it, then we should be refunded. I have had 6or more classes in the last year where it was not used and only 3 or 4 where it was.
Also, the edrop feature needs serious work and the library could use a good tutorial

A returning student after years being out; I'm learning slowly.

If you did not know enough about computers, the help has been there and they are courteous and patient. Lots to offer and I learn about more IUNW has to offer in the way of technology on a daily basis.

I haven't used my laptop at IUN, but others in the fine arts painting lab tried to access wireless and had difficulty.

They are doing a great job.

I believe the lab computer start-up and log-on process is quit slow.

I still have instructors that refuse to use oncourse. Not because the class can't make use of it, but because the instructors are untrained in use of it. I think it should be manditory to use it, at least gradebook and syllabus hosting. Electronic information gathering by students greatly enhances our learning experience if only our instructors would put it to use.

When you first start classes you are clueless about how to use the system and most people have to find things out through classmates. I think it would be nice to help inform people about oncourse and the other stuff with a free starter class or at least some instructions.

better tutoring service, more hours with ss

The one complaint I have about the Technology Centers is that there is ALOT of talking and people taking chairs from other computers to talk with their friends who are using one computer. I believe that there should be someone who keeps control over that because it is detrimental to the learning environment we are in. I am not talking about quiet talking but horseplaying and talking loud and offensively about Facebook or MySpace. This has taken place more than a couple times when I've been present. Also, the computers in Hawthorne that are supposed to be for school-related business only, I see MANY people checking their Facebook and MySpace pages. That is ridiculous when all you want to do is look for a new announcement on Oncourse or check a class's location on Onestart. I have seen, on one recent occassion, an IT monitor there and I was happy with that.

need more computer labs

need additional printers for those who have one or two pages to print. Professors need a way to use oncourse to be able to communicate students, not just there own personal email.

ability to have searchable classes from previous semesters as far as attendance, instructors, times, would be extremely helpful in class planning.

I find the OneStart application very confusing for a new user. There are too many layers to go through to find what you are looking for. I have yet to find an easy way to look up an e-mail address. Overall, I know IU Info Svcs has a very good reputation; however, I believe the homepage of OneStart needs to be much more user friendly.

Internet access to library material at IUN is unfriendly and confusing.

I think we should have color printers instead of black & white printers.

Technology is a great toll, but some older students need a class to provide the basic information about technology. Some of the questions asked in this survey, I have no clue about what you are asking.