2010 IUSB IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

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This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the survey: "Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?" and "What IT-related needs or expectations do you have that arenít being met?"

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Faculty | Staff | Students

A good group of people doing a good job overall.

There needs to be at least one student lab that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This probably isn't IT's doing, but finding things on our web site is almost impossible - and I've been here 15 years and know where to look.

The IT support staff work hard, but the staff is too limited to deal with the demands from faculty, staff, and students. The office seems understaffed.

We still have poor wireless service on campus in many places. IT should make it a priority to make wireless connections fast and reliable from all offices, labs, classrooms, hallways, and outdoor areas on campus.

Classroom boot-up takes too long

Please provide enough information on IU Knowledgebase for regional campuses. It is unfortunate that even thouth there may be substantial IT infrastructure and support is available, the regional campuses are unaware of it. For example, I need mysql/ php support for my research activities, talked to helpdesk without any results. Couple of faculty whom I know at business school are relying on their netbooks to provide mysql/php related support for their students in the classroom!!!! Please, create a handbook for the faculty clearly specifying the support that should be available from the regional campus and Bloomington.

Give professors the right to be administrators of their own computers. If you cannpt trust PhD holding professors to administer their own PCs, then there is little hope for our institution.

Oncourse is outdated, unreliable, and it requires extensive setup time. This should be a more reliable tool for online education. I am mostly satisfied with most of all other aspects of the IT in our campus, although I find the information usually difficult to find (maybe because I am not that familiar with the structure... it just seems not very intuitive in many websites inside of our campus).

Administrative privileges should be extended to regular faculty to enable them install/update software on your office desktops.

The network really slows down...and so does access to my files/computer...during afternoon periods. It would me nice if they weren't so linked.

IT should conduct a systematic wireless signal analysis of the campus and make sure wireless is available to ALL corners of our campus. Student expect this level of service, and it is one of those thing that IT can do without much cost.

The tech desks are good, some slow response time for switching applications. Would like to see some interactive whiteboards and touch screen tech desks.

Accessing the IUSB drives off campus has not been consistant this year so far. Faculty needs consistent access to the drives to prepare for courses either on campus or off.

In general, I think IT does a satisfactory job. I think receiving service can take unusually long. Sometimes this is because a call is never entered into the Helpdesk database, but other times it can feel like people are just not responsive.

I have always had prompt and friendly service whenever I have needed help with my campus computer, thank you!

My spam system is putting even IUSB mail into junk mail.

I have been pretty satisfied

Voice Mail: it would be nice if there were a visual indicator of waiting voice mail messages. It would also be helpful to be able to retrieve an accidentally deleted voice mail message.
MS Outlook Web Access seems inordinately slow when accessed on a Mac.

No comments

Having multiple email systems for faculty and students is causing a lot of confusion in my classes. I teach technology based courses and I have students on 3 different IU email systems. I only have access to the one I'm on (I'm not not Exchange). So I can't see what they see, I can create tutorials, etc. Wouldn't it be a better idea to standardize on 1 rather than multiple systems?

Outlook mail from off campus using a mac is almost worthless.

Do we really need all the "stuff' on every classroom build? The computers in most classrooms are incredibly slow.

Very appreciative of the VPN system and all of the available software; staff is very helpful and knowledgable

Please make it possible for students to cut/paste material from Word into Oncourse Forums without producing a bunch of surplus characters.
I graded IUCAT down because it produces the most random search returns of any library catalogue that I've used (and I've used a lot of them).

DW classrooms not always equipped with chalk for blackboards; window shades do not all operate correctly to darken room for DV D/computer showing, light switches in some rooms are mystifying and erratic

Thanks for all the services. [IRD] the Mac guy is wonderful.

Oncourse is frustrating on many levels. Classroom computer access takes forever.
Search function on the IUSB website is terrible. It is impossible to locate needed information through "search" on the homepage. I have never encountered such a ineffective search engine

There are several bugs in the oncourse system. For instance, I cannot allow assignment submission for a student in particular after the initial due date has expired. The options on oncourse does not work correctly.

There is a big need for more computers for students - in the library and all the labs.

computer lab consults' knowledge and skill has too much to improve.

the spam filter will often send e-mails from my students (who are using IU e-mail addresses) into the junk mail folder!

Response time to tickets is far too slow.

I commend IT on providing access to Lynda.com. This is the sort of on demand training that the university has needed. I hope you will continue to provide access to this training tool.

Can IUretain, Pink roasters, and other thing be included in Oncourse?

This past year seemed pretty inconsistent at the help desk--who you get determines what you get--you have to pray the right person answers the phone. Delivery of equipment--there are times we have to push our own stuff back and forth like the mobile classroom. Not the best use of faculty time. Oncourse is so un-intuitive--so many steps to take to do something and you cannot navigate away from a page without losing your work--have to open up multiple pages. I hate it when I call for help at the help desk and they refer me to knowledge base. If I could have found it on knowledge base, I would not have called. Setting things up like VPN is a nightmare--I am not a cocmputer idiot but if you have access problems from off site, heaven help you. Certain individuals are wonderful--[IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD]. Thanks for listening--what ever you can do to make IT easier for faculty and to make us feel supported will be great.

DVD players in classrooms almost always fail to perform well (skipping, etc.).

I really do not like the way Oncourse is set up, nor do I like OneStart, especially accessing student record for advising.

One local support person, [IRD], is often rude and unhelpful.

The VC, [IRD], seems remote and does not seem to view IT as being a service branch for the university.
Everyone else has been pleasant and helpful, with some exceeding expectations.

My frustration with the Knowledge Base documents is that they tend to be IUB-centric for campus-specific settings.

The classroom and NetExpress PCs on the IUSB campus are painfully slow during the login process. Further, the classroom PCs frequently get hung up simple tasks such as displaying PDF documents.

Ease of use and in finding needed resources can always be improved. It is often difficult to know where to seek information or go for a particular task or need. Also takes many clicks to perform.

I have had a number of problems with the classroom projectors freezing up right when I need them in the classroom. Classroom tech people have always been very quick to respond but perhaps the projectors need to be upgraded so that they don't fail as often.

Pet peeves:
-Security policies are becoming annoyingly stronger. As a knowlegdable primary user of my office computer, I am frustrated for choices made by IU.
-Classroom startup speed is getting very, very slow. That means that unless the instructor shows up earlier, IT management is eating into our main corporate function, teaching. Very Dilbert-like, IT becomes "Information Prevention Technology"
-Not my personal problem, but the fact that some faculty have personal devices for which support is not provided creates sometimes frustration. IT personnel seems to deliberately avoid helping, probably in order to prevent the use of non-standard equipment.

Faculty |Staff | Students

When calling the help desk it sometimes takes days to receive a response. Since I can do only 10% of my job without a computer this is annoying.

They need to be more willing to help out the campus with campus needs such as projects, copy machine conectivity etc.

The TIME system is bulky and a pain to work with. It seems to shift work from the payroll office onto the supervisors. In addition the HR application system OLA is horrible. It is great if you are doing a small search with 10-15 applicants but my last search involved over 100 apps and there was no search/sort feature and it again seemed like an easy way for HR to shift work onto the departments (by way of IT). All in all the IT side is great, I just don't like the way other departments, payroll and HR, use the IT to shift the work load.

There needs to be a link to the labs that shows the availability that is one click easy access.

As the unofficial computer problem solver for the [IRD] office I make quite a few calls to the help desk. The staff there is unfailingly gracious and quickly acts to resolve our problems. When they don't have the answer to a question, they find somebody who does. Thank you for a doing such a great job.

Please return to a printed phone directory. Using the online version is impractical in many situations.

The timekeeping system for payroll is unreliable, awkward, non-intuitive, and time consuming.

The responsiveness; once I’ve waited for 6 months on a repair of my printer. IT people say they’re busy during classes; that’s understandable; they’re even worst when there are no classes?? We need to have our computers working in order to accommodate the students. If not, you always have a bunch of unhappy students/customers/the ones who give us our paychecks! You can figure out what the effects are thereafter.

Outlook default should be a network drive not the "C" drive. If a computer crashes or is rebuilt, all emails are lost.

IU South Bend's IT team is absolutely tremendous. I call and a response is received within thirty-minutes. And the individuals that our office deals with is very knowledgable.

Everytime that I have needed help with computers everyone that I have encountered has been very helpful and knowledgeable.

most lower scores are directly related to lack of knowledge and/or lack of support for Mac users. Students working on Mac based projects are often treated rudely and dismissed by lab techs who do not know how to help them.

The IT staff do a great job at supporting the needs of the campus.

My rating of the help desk is low as I have encountered several incorrect or unknown answers to my problems. Many of the staff are not knowledgeable about simple IT issues (i.e. logging on at home to network files-- i was told that 50% of the people get it to work and would have to come in to copy files to my thumb drive to work on at home; I called IUB who answered my question and I was online AT HOME within minutes. A few are very knowledgeable—[IRD], [IRD], and [IRD] are the best.

It's very difficult to select a standard answer regarding HelpDesk services as the experience varies widely depending upon the staff involved. Overall, the professional staff are very helpful and [IRD] is exceptional. Experience with the part-time staff varies widely depending upon whether the issue at hand is within their area of expertise.

PeopleSoft goes down too frequently throughout the day making it necessary to log into OneStart multiple times per day

classroom computers and network stations are slower than they should be.

I find the PEOPLE at the helpdesk very helpful ... but the FALCON system (or whatever it is called) unresponsive. For instance, I requested a new printer over 3 months ago. I have had no response from either the system or the people at SB's IT department.

HelpDesk workers seem uninformed, rude and not at ALL willing to go the extra mile to assist.

I am very disappointed with the current campus IT administration.

I find that when I have a problem concerning IT equipment, it takes an extremely long time to get any response, and then often it is either not helpful in any way or too late to be of any help.

I do still find the response time on calls to the Help Desk are a bit slow. To get a response to an issue that affected my whole workflow, I had to keep calling and asking about and saying a whole section of my work was shut down and the fix was not really that time consuming for them to do (reinstall a folder in a shared drive)
This summer we had some renovations done and the 2 IT people who moved our computers twice for us were great - friendly, responsive and efficent.

I'm currently really disliking the version of IE that has been put on teh computers as it crashes all the time for me. This change happened the day they changed our security. This dramatically effects my workflow - while I use Firefox, it sometimes gives me fits as well.

When I have had trouble with my desktop computer (replacement of CD-ROM drive), the helpdesk and staff have been very responsive.

OneStart/SIS/Administrative Center/Search Results: return "campus" column. Example: Jane Miller, a music student, leaves a voice message wanting to change her major but did not leave her student ID#. At one point, I could possibly deduce which Jane Miller had left the message by looking at the campus column attached to each specific record (when search results shown). I didn't have to click on every single record trying to find Jane Miller at IUSBA - the information was already there. That functionality tool disappeared during a recent update to OneStart. I really miss it!!!

I do not like the time clock, it is
slow, and late, and annoying. Please
do away with it....

My computer is very slow. It's is very upsetting when I try to approve timesheets and the computer is slow

Seems we are always behind when we should be leading the way in technology systems

It would be nice if the help desk would not immediately ask for your "user name" the minute you call them. There are times I'm calling them & my user name is not relevant at all. I wish they could first hear the question & then if they need to know the user name, they can ask for it.

OLA needs considerable work, especially related to sorting/searching functionalities.

Net Express stations are very, very slow.

In Outlook we need to be able to right click on sender's email name and see the exchange it comes from. Some come from a name & we don't know if is an IU person. I do look at the addrss book. Today from '[IRD]' subj: We invite you to join us. Don't believe this is from [IRD] at IU and I would like to know before I open and confirm my address to spammers

I have never had a question answered by the helpdesk.

Faculty | Staff | Students

We would like to see an improvement in the print quality of the documents on the network printers on campus. The print quality can make either a good impression or a bad impression of our work.

It is impossible to find anything on OneStart.

The onestart site, specifically the financial aid section can be a bit difficult to use.


I love Oncourse!!

More Apple computers in the labs

some computers are very slow to log in especially in the library. usually at dw computer labs before 10, there is a long wait for printing out, it might be wise to increase the number of printers and scans. also, sometime wireless in the library is very hard to get.

Oncourse could include a better set of forums for professor's to make. It would be nice if you made forums what were password protected so groups could post thier stuff in private from other groups being able to see them.

The wi-fi needs to be better. It does not cover the entire campus and is weak in a great amount of places.

I think that promptness in lifting holds should be examined. Also in my case a better explanation of financial aid and its requirements

As a computer science major, technology is one of my priorities. I like the way the whole IT department works.

Have more scanners available in student labs.

-There should be better information about the availability of computer terminals for m.iu.edu at the South Bend campus. -The windows based PCs are excruciatingly slow to log in to. There must be a way to speed them up. Windows 7?

Currently, the computers at the IUSB campus computer labs take much longer than they should logging in considering the specifications of the computers.

One onestart it would be helpful to have a more user friendly interface to customize your page. The way it is set up now is confusing. I like the fact all information is compiled in one place through onestart.

On campus, the computer's hardware seems to be at a more than sufficient level. However, often times the computers start up and processing times are extremely slow. I am unsure if this is a networking problem, or the hardware is not being properly utilized.
I am pleased with the amount of database knowledge available through the library.

It sometimes gets offline which is a problem.

The network is very slow. Getting on any desktop on campus takes around 5 minutes just to start up. The Net Stations are even slower.

I also live on campus at IUSB, and the wireless network is unreliable. I can get service in my living room, but my room, which is like 30 feet away, I lose service. Occasionally I can get two or three bars, but I always lose the connection, and have found it's better to just use ethernet in my room. Also, every once and a while I just can't connect to the network wirelessly in my building for no reason. I can still connect in other housing building, and on campus, but that building would lose it's signal. I would prefer it be wireless throughout the campus, and the service be reliable.

It is difficult to find things on the website and the search feature is not very helpful. OneStart is difficult to navigate, but the services offered are helpful once you find them.

There is little or no GOOD support for Macintosh users on campus, i've been very upset with the support i've received in that regard, especially in regards to IU secure.

I believe that IT has done a great job since I have been a student at IUSB. Any questions that I have had they have answered, getting connected to the wireless system on my netbook they were able to help me. THANKS YOU ALL!!!!

The Net Express stations are really slow when logging on.
I am satisfied with most of the lab consultants, however one that did not speak English very well told me the wrong place to save my document, and I lost over three hours of work.
I used the chat service to answer a question and that was great.
I switched from the old email to the Umail, and I don't know if my email address has changed or not. I don't know what my own email address is anymore!

It takes a long time to log in to the PCs on campus.

Slow slow slow, It is silly to log on multiple times to utilize different platforms. You log on to use the hardware, then again to log onto the website, then again if you want to print. It is stupid and a waist of time. When initially logging on, it can take up to 4 minutes. This is crazy slow. The fees are far too high to reflect such poor service.

Computers in the labs on campus are ridiculously slow, if they are working at all.
Other students waste time on computers on myspace/youtube/facebook/etc. This is fine if there are other open computers, but when the lab is full and other people are waiting, the lab techs should be saying something.

Th e labs are filthy along with the majority of classrooms and restrooms. The guys working the help desk haven't been helpful since my first semester. The staff seems to have gone down hill in knowledge and customer service

Net express stations are SLOOOOOOOWWWW, they are a waste of resources.

The questions that I could not respond on are due to my non use of those services.

Need more student computer labs.

the search engine needs work

Network connectivity and reliability in Northside, DW, and Greenlawn Hall are exceptional. However, that is not the case in the library. I spend a great deal of time in the library (~20hours/week) and was very pleased with the wireless network up until the beginning of this semester. Whereas before I never experienced the connection struggling at all, now the connection seems to drop in and out/not be able to handle data-intensive sites (like ones with embedded applications). The Network/VPN connection just seems over-crowded.

Make OneStart better and easier to navigate in the student center section.

quicker response time in computer repair and check into adware due to slow response.

After making the switch from Webmail to Umail I have utilized my IUSB e-mail account as my primary e-mail account, the only trouble is once I graduate, I am going to miss it!

I believe the information available online (UMail, Oncourse, Onestart, IUWare) are very useful and have greatly benefited my educational experience.

too many students and not enough resources, just like parking...Do not like the way an amount is taken out for printing and does not get rolled over to the next semester or get refunded...it takes forever for the computer lab computers to log on.

I think the website that describes the Honors classes should be updated to resemble the IUSB website.

The reason for my low score regarding on campus computers is due to how slow the computers are.

Overall, the IT dept is doing a good job. Although,Most of the times whenever I go to use the computer lab, they are always full.

Computers in labs take a very long time to start up, so sometimes I am unable to check certain things before class because it takes too long to load.

I think there needs to be more transparency and awareness- where are the computer labs on campus? Hours, availability, classes, etc. There are no signs outside the rooms in Wiekamp so it's difficult for students to know where the computer labs are.

I have been quite happy with the services.

It takes quite a long time to log into many computers in the lab.

I am not satisfied with the email layout... I find it difficult to easily locate activity... such as delete, etc. Perhaps simply bolding the print...

the logging process is slow for the desktops in the DW computer labs. Maybe some improvement can be done in that aspect.

It seems that the registration process should be a little easier.

Question: What IT-related needs or expectations do you have that arenít being met?

Faculty | Staff | Students

No one has provided me with the log-in keychain password for the IMac installed in my office--makes web usage awkward!

Office computer suboptimal; no doc camera in main classroom; one classroom with no technology whatsoever.

Wi-fi in the rooms I teach in that actually stays connected for the duration of a class period; we have to use the "lab in a box" to run exercises that require Internet access because the wi-fi in our classroooms/labs is so flaky.

Better support for those of us who use Macs; I have 400 students I advise and I can't print transcripts because OneStart won't print properly on a Mac. I can get the first page only, in 8-point font (and this is true for everyone I know who uses a Mac).

1. There needs to be a competitive grant process that would support faculty starting innovative uses of technology in teaching. 2. Wireless technology is quite limited on the IU South Bend campus.

IT is trying to take over administrative control of too many faculty computers. This policy needs to stop immediately, as it hinders faculty research and teaching.

Research related specialized software are not easily available. IU Bloomington has access to databases that are not being shared with regional campuses.

The existence of a better tool to allow for virtual communication among students. I teach team management online and having such a tool would help create the appropriate environment for students to take this course.

1. It would be great if there is a wall clock at the back of the classroom.
2. The projector very often is not bright enough, students have a hard time see the contents clearly
3. As a faculty with research requirement, I urgently need to increase the memory of my office computer. Data processing requires larger memory than 1GB.
4. Anti-spyware should be updated more frequently, so that we can be pretected better.
5. It would be great if the assigned O Drive space can be increased, so that I don't have check how much space left to make sure there are enough space for a file.

Concentrating all of the research computing assets of IU in IU Bloomington may be efficient, but it is not effective. Faculty at IU South Bend, need local expert and computing resources that they can rely on. Faculty needs for research computing does not diminish by simple directive or speeches about which campuses must do research and which should do teaching. Almost 100% of our faculty at IU South Bend have Ph.D.'s in their discipline. A Ph.D. degree trains an individual to do research. Not providing the proper research computing assets at IU South Bend denies the faculty to do what they were trained to do. The state of Indiana is finally beginning to move its economy to 21st century (moving away from manufacturing, and toward IT, Health Sciences, nano tech, etc.). IU should also do the same thing with its educational model. Current model where the regional campuses are told that they should concentrate on “Teaching Only”, does not support our state’s initiatives to move toward a 21st century economy. It simply concentrates resources in one central place.

oncourse needs a major facelift. It is much too difficult to navigate. It is not user friendly by any stretch of the imaginaion.

Whiteboards or blackboards.

While I think the classroom technology that we have is satisfactory, it would be great to have some model learning spaces on campus that can be used by classes that have some unique needs. I also think the wireless could be greatly improved.

I have worked with Smart Boards and/or similar types of equipment and MISS having this available for my classes. It would also be very helpful if I had a lap top computer...

Wireless access on campus as made big improves over the past year or so. I still have a not access is many classrooms. We're moving to a more tech-centric approach, but if my students can't access the wireless in my class, we're not going to get there.

Mac support. Building web pages using the IU template.

Access to digital scanners in more locations; more current website information on some of the pages; easier navigation through knowledgebase; single portal for both classes (Oncourse) and OneStart instead of multiple logins -- While much information is useful and available, it seems scattered across multiple pages, and is sometimes difficult to find

I would like to say that the IT staff has been extremely helpful with both my classroom and office computer problems. I've worked at 5 universities and this is the most helpful IT staff I've encountered.

Oncourse mail ("messages") tremendously cumbersome (original Oncourse was far more user friendly). Oncourse has its down moments (always a surprise, not the maintenance times). Telephone sets would be more useful if they had button lights to show recorded call messages (I know that's more expensive...bur a great convenience.) Do not like the version of Outlook now being used -- far atoo many symbols and options for trhe average user. The "help" menu is USELESS. I use an older system at home and it is easier to use, to archive files, to see "sent" mail, etc.

Just like to request that the needs of Macintosh users continue to be an equal priority

On my email Exchange/Outlook, I can't change fonts or use bold text. I have to log in with Entourage to do so. Each of these programs also has different ideas of what counts as spam (most of which isn't spam), and they store non-spam in the junk mail folder and then delete stuff that I need.

The IT staff here is great. Like every other office they don't have enough staff to keep up with everything.

Oncourse and Onestart navigation is not intuitive

They should be able to provide some support for research system of the faculty. It can be a learning experience for them as well.

Oncourse is faulty in small places all the time.

No wireless printing, not enough student computers in the library, wireless very spotty, lab consultants receive inadequate training, lab equipment osmetimes waits months for repair.

Clasroom computers are quite slow. Projects do not project color well enough for the graphs.

Major changes to computers and systems should be advertised ahead of time with community concerns considered.
Wireless is very spotty throughout the campus.

I would like a bigger lab to reserve for special class sessions and course evaluations.

1. IU Faculty individual webpages do not appear on internet searches. IU needs to allow search engines like google, etc., to pick up these webpages when people search for faculty names on-line. This forces faculty to locate their academic webpagespages on all kinds of external servers that have no connection to IU.
2. Wireless signals too weak to be picked up outside or in our offices at IUSB campus.
3. Phone message retrieval system is too cumbersome and annoying, i.e. one can't make a phone call until one listens to the existing messages. Need an option to separate these two steps.

I use the tech desks heavily, and they are showing their age. I have had problems several times a semester.

Improved sharing of library materials across campuses--especially a/v material. Being able to see it on IUCAT is great but half the time I find a campus won't ship it to IUSB.

Not a lot. Classroom technology could be a bit faster.

Faculty |Staff | Students

Departments buy to many computers and IT related equipment. IT is provided funding for this but refuses to pay for additional computers and equipment faculty and staff may need.

I would like to see SIS training conducted at the regional locations rather than mainly IUPUI and IUB.

There needs to be one centralized system tied to SIS where all data may be retrieved that is connected to the SID. So many departments have their own database systems...that seems highly inefficent. Also, we need to move to an entirely paperless environment. Student records would be more secure. Once that move is made, training needs to be held on acceptable standards for electronic filing of data. Also, it should be mandatory for all Faculty to use Oncourse and post grades in a timely manner so that students have feedback and no their progress in the course.

With the many widescreen websites we are required to use we need widescreen monitors. It is terribly inefficient to keep scrolling back and forth to handle business on university based websites.

We use the software to help accommodate the students. I think hiring qualify individuals that remote help us with all the different software will be a great plus!

Server issues with "O" and"H" drives missing, requiring frequent re-boots.

I do not feel our campus is keeping up with the necessary computer hardware and software upgrades needed.

Needs of my students - they need to know that the lab techs can and are willing to help them when they have problems with Mac based applications. TRAIN the techs on Macs already! Please?

Many administrators and deans do not know how to use the FIS and Student data retrieval systems and they rely on support staff to retrieve information. There needs to be ongoing training in the use of these systems.

The TIME System does not work 100% of the time (or even 75%). Frequently I log out at night but it doesn't take and I Have to log out, then in again in the morning (or after lunch, etc.).

I've been very disappointed in the support for classes. While there is substantial support for basic courses, requests to attend more advanced courses is denied. It's as if we're strongly to encouraged to learn the minimum to conduct our jobs, but no more.
In terms of SIS support, I would like to receive more training without having to travel to BL or IN.
The advising component of SIS is completely disappointing as our degree audits are not reliable or complete. However, on our campus, this is a function of the Registrar's office, not IT.

PHP MySQL training.
Ability to secure sensitive data on IT controlled networks.

Wi-Fi is spotty in availability and frequently disconnects

My IT expectations are being met quite well.

Less than a 3-month wait to have a printer serviced.

I need a new printer.

IU Secure is lacking in any type of reliability. Logs off EVERY time I use it. Plus, few access areas in Northside Ground floor.

I expect that when I have a problem with an IT system that I will get prompt and informative service, and at this time, there are only a small amount of specific people who can be counted on for that. The rest are either woefully ignorant or incredibly slow.

For those of us whose work day starts between 7:00 a.m.-7:30 a.m., the Help Desk is not manned then nor is there a voice mail system in place enabling us to report the problems we are incurring with OneStart (frequently). Not being able to log in, clock in or access SIS affects my productivity, my advising responsibilities(yes, I actually meet with students at 7:30 a.m.); but has actually delayed time specific projects!!!

I would like to have better response
time when calling IT. The help, as a rule is really good but they are very busy people.

Often the person answering the initial call from the HELPdesk knows absolutely nothing about my problem. Sometimes it takes forever for them to understand what I'm talking about - even the most simple problems. Very frustrating!

desk top fax capability

None. The unit seems to keep abreast of needs before I am aware of them.

I now have access to more than one calendar. However, from home I am only able to view my calendar. It would help to be able to view the other calendars.

Increase in computer memory in order to handle the software we are expected to use to complete our tasks!

Better accounting system. FIS looks like an old DOS system.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I think people should get more training on oncourse because it is confusing

I'm a freshmen at IU and am upset I haven't been told of a lot of these different services IU offers.

A lot of the time I am incapable of connecting with my laptop to the school's internet.

I can't think of any.


I don't know how to access umail without logging onto onestart first.

When I came into the IT department I expected a nice clam and friendly enviornment. Instead the first time I went to IT departtment I had an horrible experience. The person at the frotnt desk was not friednly at all and instead of helping me they made me feel ingnorant. In my opion the reason I came to the IT was, becasue I am ingonrant but I do not need someone making me feel incompetant.

All are met. Thank you.

I'm not really sure what all IT does, perhaps you should explain that before asking the questions. I'm not sure what all they're responsible for doing.

i cant set up my VPN. spent an hour at Wiekamp and they couldnt figure it out. left me hanging. still cant access iu wireless on my laptop.

There just are not enough computers on campus, and it may be enough if they would just load! They take soooooooo long to load up when logging in!

I can only address the lag in computers lab, which comes from the relatively small hard drives. Hopefully when the update to next operating system will require more computing power with the computers offered in the labs.

PLEASE eliminate programs in start up so that boot-up process does not take so long.

I believe that I was somewhat disappointed with the friendly approach from the staff. I think you should work on this a little bit more.

It takes foreve to get logged on to your desk top while on campus, It takes up 6 ir 7 minutes sometimes, which can hinder you if you need to get in and out quicly.

WiFi expectations, especially for Mac, are not being met. The robustness and accessibility of WiFi in classrooms and the upper floors of the Library is non existent.

To connect to IU server for internet use is quite confusing to establish. This should be revised to allow easier user interface get get established.
I take many online courses and use Oncourse on a daily basis. The calender in oncourse needs some serious changes to allow easier posting of events for the student. I do not use it because it basically is easier to go through my desktop calendar, but I would use it if it compared in productivity and functionality to my desktop. It would be nice if the workspace in oncourse allowed you to post memos/notes, a personal calendar, easier use of downloading and storing files, increased personal profile space. Also, it would be an incentive if a photo next to your name was allowed. When you take an all online course it is nice to have that added personal features to know who you are talking to.

Quick and effective computing, and printers that work the majority of the time.

A faster, more reliable network. I also expect IT to be able to find solutions, or at least answers, to problems I bring to them. No one was able to explain the problem with the wireless problems in the campus housing.

I would like the research databases to be a little easier to use. I had difficulties finding jstor and felt like it should have been a little more obvious where to find it.

Computer labs are often full. Some computers, and most of the NetStations boot up very slowly. Wireless access is spotty on campus, but very useful when it comes in.

IU secure connectivity on campus(IUSB) is AWFUL, it connects inconsistently and I have to completely resent my network setting 2-3 times a week. I have spoken to many other mac users who run OS 10.6 and ALL have reported the same problem. We have addressed this with IT on several occasions and NO ONE has been able to offer a truly lasting and helpful solution.

yes the filthyness of the keyboards is ridiclous, there has to be a way they can be sprayed down with compressed air everynight for sanitation reasons. it takes 5 second to take care of and the money that we all pay for the use of these systems they should be properly maintained. at time i am paying 2 to 3 lab usuage fees and still meet students that have been here for a year and have never once used the library!!!!!!!!! i swear.

I feel as if registering for classes is still too complicated than it has to be. If you don't have the booklit of classes, it is hard to find the classes online with the course numbers with them. It wouuld be easier if you could put the course classes with the registering information in student center.

Faster computer are needed in many of the labs or at minimum the computers that are in the labs need more ram.

More MAC knowledge!

They need to be a little nicer at the IT helpdesk. A couple of times when I went in there they made me feel like I was stupid.

takes a long time to log in. scarce computer availability in the labs

Umail has been a nice upgrade for me, but I was upset that my webmail never migrated. I have had my IU account for several years now, and had stored information in my email throughout the years. I called the IT helpdesk and they told me I would have to come in for them to fix the problem. I also emailed the IT helpdesk about the problem and they responded with a short not helpful answer.

sometimes when using laptops in wire zones that we have at the campus it does not connect to the server all the times due to weak signals. How can this be corrected?

I think that the sources here on campus need to be made more useable for slower computers. I have dial-up at home, and with living an hour away, I cannot afford to come to campus every weekend, and I am already in class from 8am-8pm and have little time to get to a computer lab during that twelve-hour frame. So when I am at home, that is the main chance I have to get work done on a computer, but I often cannot access onestart or oncourse when I need to. It'll take 20-30 minutes to load the login page, but then the website won't function once I log in.

Most of the labs are full with students playing video games on the computers when they are needed for school work. Also, the lack of a computer lab in Greenlawn is frustrating.

Higher internet speeds in computer labs that require large amounts of data transfer, such as labs in science and graphic design labs.

The staff in some labs have been very rude and unhelpful mainly in DW.

Let's see an IU torrent. That would be sick. Students could share files and information, and it would eliminate the need for the over-complicated system of network drives (I drive, O drive, S drive). Speaking of which, the network drives are over-complicated. Instead of having four drives, why not just have one searchable database consisting of all four? Also, I would like to see a dropbox method set up so that students can link their personal laptops/desktops to the IU system. Instead of having to carry a flash drive around or email files to themselves, they could just drag and drop to their home computer from ANYWHERE on campus.

The computers in the labs take a very long time to load once I am logged in. At times it can be five minutes before I can open Internet Explorer to check my e-mail

The computers in the lab start up very slowly, so slowly in some cases that it makes me not want to use the labs unless required for a class, however once the computer is started up it works well.

The wireless internet in the library is terrible, especially on the top floors. I would go somewhere else but it's the only place that's quiet on campus.

Last I heard, the AAR on OneStart was messed up. I haven't checked it in a week or two.

I feel that e-mail is more difficult than it needs to be. For example, why the g-mail, u-mail, etc.?
Also, I have set my e-mail and oncourse to my personal e-mail, which I feel works a fraction of the time. It seems a little hit or miss.

Availability of computer labs-especially for students who really need a computer to work on school related work and not surfing facebook! And availability of wireless network, for instance the library. There are parts/some floors of the library that I can not get good wireless reception.

I was rather stunned that because some of the softwares like anti-virus are free, providers like Symantech or Norton offers no support.