2011 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Note: Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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I do wish that I could use the back button on my browser to navigate through IUCAT rather than being forced to use the "Go Back" button.

More space for the webmail would be appreciated.
Correct the TIME system so that individual employees on multiple sub-accounts can be easily differentiated.

1. Change the outdated restrictions on usernames. Most universities permit names or email aliases that contain or resemble one's actual name.

2. Improve video bridge technology. I teach with a live link to IUPUI and find the system very unsatisfactory.

3. IUware online licenses sometimes forbid use on IU-owned computers, which seems crazy. I have encountered cases where the license says I can only use it on a computer that I own. So if I am interpreting this correctly, I am not supposed to download and install the software on my office computer (which I do not own). That doesn't make sense to me.

4. Surprising to me that this survey did not ask about smartphone support (BlackBerry etc.). If that was intended to be included in some questions it was not apparent.

(1) Not enough PolyComm (video) facilities in the places where research active faculty work. But love this technology.

(2) OneStart continues to be very difficult to navigate. Not intuitive. Looks and works like a DOS program.

(3) Email space quota is too restrictive.
Last summer while away from campus I required significant help to assist me with the collection of summer freshman registration data. The laptop I borrowed from our department simply was not completely/properly set up. The help I received was just outstanding!! I was able to collect everything I needed - the assistance I got, including much patience, was excellent.

I appreciate the promptness of the service when I request help.

Thank you!

Online help is too diverse and I still found outdated web pages.
I wish IU provide terminal server for research. Quarry and Big Red is not at all intuitive and only allow batch mode. Many good research universities provide Windows NT base terminal server that facilitate collaboration on campus. It would be a great addition to computing resources at IU.

Very Satisfied and hope that the same quality standards continue. Our IT department (www.iidc.indiana.edu) tell us that the collaboration between both entities is excellent.

There are a few student employees in the library computer lab that are very difficult to work with. I've had to use the plotter and many of the student employees really don't know how to assist with these. They are also not very interested in offering assistance.
I think that there could and should be better spam controls in place since I still receive random begging letters from strangers, and other suspicious looking things that either are scams, or attempts to spread viruses. This may not be your domain, but I absolutely DETEST the new online FAR report boxes! It takes forever (I have not finished mine yet for the past year.) and it is cumbersome, and often irrelevant in terms of what School of Music faculty need to report. It was much better to write a report, submit it electronically, and not try to check a million boxes that are inappropriate and too geared towards the sciences, not the arts. PLEASE try to go back to the old system and I am sure that it would be appreciated by 90% of the SOM faculty and others! Besides, there are numbers of faculty members in these departments who are not at all computer savvy, so it is pretty annoying to them to have to cope with everything being online.

This survey is too long and is also missing an important response category "I never use it" -- in responding I sometimes used the "Cannot evaluate" category to mean "I never use thisî

My main complaint is the SPAM filter for webmail. Often spam gets through and more often important messages from the department or individuals in the department show up in the spam folder. In contrast, spam never gets through in my gmail account but, as far as I know, the legitimate messages do.

For my particular area of research and interest I would like more comprehensive support for video streaming and assistance with programming for Flash based applications and web applications. While the infrastructure is very good, UITS is still a service organization, I would like it to expand to collaborating with faculty on multimedia and web-based initiatives, providing the kind of programming expertise faculty may not possess but is critical to their projects.

More communication about what's available.
It takes too much effort to find the appropriate people to help with research projects. I met with dozens of people before I found the right area for help. Please integrate the services of UITS. This is a fundamental aspect of the college of arts and sciences degree plan.

I have problems connecting to ads network from home - have given up trying to do so. Is there a set of instructions for doing this so I can identify what, if anything, I am doing wrong? Thanks.

UITS's services are very good, even excellent in most areas (IUCAT being an exception). There are two areas that IUTS needs to offer more services:

One is mobile computing. So far, the functionality of the iPhone app extremely limited. The other area, which closely related to mobile computing, is "cloud" computing, beyond mere storage. UITS appears to me still to be a heavily desktop-oriented service.

Thanks for the services!

I would like to be able to have a 24-hour computer lab set up in multiple places on campus--rather than just at the InfoCommons at Wells Main Library. The InfoCommons are a horrible place for graduate students to use between the hours of 11pm-6am. There are VERY little information technology resources or computing labs available after 10pm and that is when I am most productive.
1) I have ongoing problems with the "authentication" for the webpage of the student group for which I am the advisor. We have it working fine one year, the student webpage "master" passes the information on to the incoming student webmaster for the next year, and the system does not work for the new person. We have wasted a lot of time on this over the years.

2) Please do not abandon Post 'Em; it is a smooth system for communicating grades.

3) OnCourse is a bloated monster with way too many levels to plow through to get most things done, though it has improved. I do appreciate the ability to easily email my entire class.

Overall, however, UITS does an incredible job keeping everything running.

FAR system and OnCourse needs more support to implement requested improvements
The quality of help you get from consultants varies widely. There is little consistency with respect to how helpful a consultant will be -- the extent to which a consultant will attempt to solve your problem.

I have frequently had problems with my computer refusing to register on the IU Secure wireless network. Even if I just close my laptop for a moment and then open it again, it sometimes takes a few minutes to reconnect. This hasn't happened for the last couple of weeks, though. (and I've heard this was a Mac problem)

The most specific problem I've had recently ( the reason for some of the low scores I gave above) is with classroom technology equipment - malfunctioning computers, improperly turned off beamers and, worst, a total breakdown, as it seems, of dvd players. I work a lot with dvds from Europe and have been using the region-free dvd players for many semesters. As of this semester, they don't seem to work any longer at all. The equipment is certainly in poor condition, lacking remotes, cables, etc. (and the student staff in the equipment room has no clue at all), but I now suspect that there is some larger compatibility issue as well, maybe after a system update? I haven't gotten any region-free dvd player to work anywhere since January. To be sure, I had trouble with a regular - installed - dvd player the other day, too. The support staff that comes in when I call in these situations has inevitably pointed me to the computer, and luckily, we have so far gotten every dvd to play *somehow* on the computer in fact (sometimes with the help of technology-savvy undergrads), but this may have been sheer luck (and we've had to use about 10 different methods). But the situation is that I now walk into every film showing 30 minutes early to have enough time for figuring out the method of the day - that can't be the idea?!?

Unfortunately, as far as my research goes, UITS has largely become irrelevant.
Overall, I am happy. The technicians have been helpful and responsive. However, there are some glitches (mainly related to Vista) that they have not been successful resolving, and I really wish that it would have been possible to replace Vista as soon as Windows 7 came out. Basically, I only use my UITS PC for email and internet while in my office, and use my new Mac laptop for everything else. In another case, an older Windows laptop that needed a new hard drive has never worked correctly in networking and internet applications since the replacement despite numerous and sincere attempts by the UITS technicians to resolve the problem. In such a case, it's hard to know if it was a hardware (age-related), software or configuration problem (although it was completely reconfigured twice...). That was my major dissatisfaction but I don't know if it could have been resolved better anywhere else. That's why I went to a Mac. I was getting so frustrated with Windows that I guess a switch to Mac became inevitable. Maybe it's a good thing that I gave up on Vista and went to a Mac.

The alerts that are sent by UITS are very user UNfriendly and hard to understand. They do not do a good job of indicating without a careful read WHO they might affect and what someone who is not a computer whiz is supposed to do.

- UITS should stop trying to program things themselves -- TIME and FAR being two examples of poorly-designed applications which are very clunky and hard to use.

- I do not understand why access to online paycheck information is restricted and only available during certain times of the day.

- If you really want to support the work of faculty - then stop charging departments/individuals a monthly access fee for cell phone access to Outlook exchange email.
I think OnCourse should be redesigned and made more effective to use. I heard that it is even hard to work with from the instructor perspective too.

The main reason I have any complaints is the printing through the print release stations was terrible this year. Also IUCAT sucks big time and needs to be replaced or fixed. One cannot do a title search without retrieving all kinds of unwanted results.

The search box on www.indiana.edu always seems to generate poor results when I use it.
I have experienced problems in the past with walk-in consulting, and several of my students have had similar experiences this semester.

The importance of improved data services cannot be overemphasized for research support. I applaud the massive data storage system, data capacitor, and RFS. Research computing is increasingly dependent on storage of large quantities of data and the disconnect with desktops capable of storing terabytes of data is striking.


There is an AWFUL problem of getting truly expert help for advanced users like me. There are too many layers of low level consultants to filter through to reach a person with advanced expertise. I know this is to protect your best people, but you really need a system to build stronger bonds between advanced users and your best experts. Solution is probably to do more roundtables to build human connections and (probably more important) build an expert list where people declare their expertise. Have them hold office hours where people can feel free to call them to control the interrupt cycle, BUT find a way to allow us in the trenches to find the right expert for a particular problem. You should also consider ways to formalize collaborations that will improve your people and give us in the trenches access to programming support that is currently impossible to obtain


I don't use the administrative system much, but one system I do use is the worst piece of software I have ever seen: the hourly employee time keeping system. That thing needs to be thrown away and replaced with something more workable. It may save administrator time, but it wastes huge amounts of hourly employee time.

Do shorter surveys
The FAR report takes me three to four times as long to complete as the paper form. All the drop-down menus take up an enormous amount of time. I greatly resent the waste.

I find the newer key pad /screen set up in the classrooms less user friendly. But I'm glad to have the ability to use the computer/DVD and VHS systems.

The services are not well aimed at faculty. I need much better email storage. I need higher speed connections from desk to lab. I need to provide my own storage facilities because prices for the large amount of storage I require for imaging is not cost competitive. Faculty "support" systems such as travel and purchasing are designed for the convenience and decreased workload of the offices, not the users leading me to suspect the goal is to save money by having faculty purchase nothing and go nowhere.
A few explanatory items. Overall , I am very happy with various systems. My biggest issues are:

1) I cannot print pdfs from adobe reader. I was told by support that I have to save the file to my hard drive, open foxit and print. This is a 5 step process that is cluttering up my hard drive. This is very inefficient and unacceptable. We should be able to print pdfs directly from an email, OnCourse, or from the library resources. It does not appear that any fix is available, and support conveyed that it was not a big deal. It sure is a big deal.

2) The voicemail system is arcane. The menu system makes no sense and menu steps are unnecessarily duplicative. The system tells you there is a message. Then you press 1 to have the system tell you there is a message. Then you have to press 1 to play it. The equipment itself is old and feature-deficient--the caller id pad is unreadable.

3) The faculty systems on Onestart are clunky and inefficient. The information on Onestart should feed directly to OnCourse (student grade level and major).

4) The travel system is not only clunky, but the FYI screens convey no meaningful information other than a claim was filed. It speaks in code which is untranslatable by the average user.

1) Make the browser-accessed systems compatible with Google Chrome.


TLTC services are the tops.
Please increase quotas on e-mail accounts.
Thank you for all your help.
Very happy with it on the whole.
Go UITS!! Keep up the great training and customer service. I am always telling my students and colleagues to give you a call or a visit. You are very helpful. :)

Overall, a good service with great support

1. The push-button screens in the classroom tech never work perfectly each time -- time to upgrade -- the ipad has raised the expectation

2. Wi-Fi is a problem for faculty when students arrive. Thus, the system slows down when you have a bunch of hogs checking facebook. Suggestion -- get a separate Wi-Fi network for faculty and research groups who actually want to use the web to do work -- which is the only way to put IU on the scholarly and research map, rather than through the paying customers we call undergraduate students.

3. OneStart is a beast

4. IUCAT is a dark ages animal that should be put on the trash heap. Why not go google or some other modern system?

5. Why not let users actually use short passwords for logging in to CAS. I have my old one from 2005 and I will never change it. There is no other system in the world that I have come across with such a ridiculously long password requirement.
Web mail time-out issues when accessing remotely. Also, do not find the IU Libraries interface redesign at all helpful or an improvement over the old interface.

1. Many programs like OnCourse and Faculty Report etc. are excellent, but the number of systems with overlapping functions are confusing (best example is OneStart and OnCourse) and some of the systems like OneStart are too complex and should be made less multifunctional.

2. It seems to me that learning with information technologies only makes sense in very specific contexts and that the mere incentive to translate processes that could also exist without technology in a similar form makes little sense because this involves a loss of other forms of communication.

It seems that the wireless speed has degraded since last summer. I must admit that this is quite annoying. How there isn't wireless N on this campus is astonishing. The fact that my home network is faster and more reliable is not good.

Also, I wish it would be easier for all faculty to use resources such as bigred and quarry. These services are adequate for research purposes, but could never be used in any sort of production level service. Also, it's extremely hard to collaborate using these services given the extreme account restrictions. An easier way to create shared accounts or a better way to have shared space would be invaluable.

Overall, the services here are spectacular, especially when compared to other universities I encounter. However, there is always room for improvement. I think more attention can be given to some services and user interfaces to make them easier to use. MDSS could use friendlier and more flexible access, for example. The Faculty Annual Report is a good idea--but designers need to sit down with a broad group of faculty and discuss the interface and the features. OnCourse CL, is clunky to use.

Sometimes it's hard to know where UITS ends and local support units begin. I work across two local support units and it's been a little hard integrating across both.

The STC labs need improved white boards -- some have next to none (when the projector is on), others are great. One has a white board on wheels (new) and the old broken one from 2 years ago is still there leaning against the wall. It needs to go. Print Release station is a great asset, it slows my students down from printing when I don't want them to do so. I like. The "group by conversation" thing drives me nuts in Outlook web exchange. I can't "resend" an email to my 200 students, by changing the body of the message and hitting send like I used to. Now they get the same email repeated again and again. It forces me to cut/paste 200 addresses into new emails which is an unnecessary step that I didn't have to do before "conversations" came into existence last fall. I'd get rid of conversations - a pain in the ass! OnCourse is tough, it's down some, and terribly inopportune times. TLTC staff is GREAT!! [IRD] and his colleagues are all saints. I'd love to have some better/more scanners, esp. scanners that can create PDF files from auto feeding and scanning 10-15 pages in a clump. Yet, all in all you do okay. I have seen quite a few technology changes in my career.

I believe the UITS services are far too decentralized (this also creates too much bureaucracy). There are too many different places/options that very often can help you with aspects but not the whole of your question/problem. Also because there is so much so spread out faculty ends up not using a lot of the available services. Finally, there is a major lack of expertise in APPLE! I have heard of Apple users abandon Apple and return to PC just because they couldn't get enough support.

The research computing facilities like MDSS, RFS, BigRed, etc. are amazing, and incredibly helpful to my research.

Some other systems like OneStart and the faculty systems like FAR are less impressive -- I find them difficult to use and navigate efficiently. For example, it typically takes me several minutes to find what I'm looking for in OneStart.

Extremely appreciative of the high-quality computing environment we enjoy at IUB. Keep up the great work!

Survey is too long.
I love the people who repair computers and consult with faculty -- they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

I think the student computing cost per semester is outrageous, especially when I see all of the computer consultants with high-end equipment.

Designate workstation consultants by area of expertise. I have students that ask for help with Adobe products (InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.) that know more than the consultants - especially when it comes to printing. Overall, my experience with UITS is very positive & I appreciate all the tech help I have access to. But I'm pretty savvy. It's reports from students not getting help from the work station consultants that seems to cause the most frustration.

OnCourse remains a source of inconvenience; uploading files into the Resources area hangs AT LEAST one-fourth of the time, and sometimes files appear to be uploaded and are not. Furthermore, combining rosters in mid-semester has proven hazardous.....

The telecommunications department needs to work on better communication and customer service. We moved into a new building this past year and it was a real hassle to get the phones working like we wanted them to and the cost and limitations (e.g. only two phones can ring on one line)seemed unreasonable.

This may be outside the realm of UITS, but it sure would be nice to have better ways to display information about courses and programs.

It would be helpful if Stat Math were more responsive both in installation and distribution/sales of software. (Examples: delays of two weeks or more each time I have installed Matlab on my laptop. Prohibitive purchase price for Mathematica, despite University-wide license.)
The one gaping hole in otherwise excellent services is synchronization of online and offline files. Could really use aggressive help here so that users have access to their files on all of their computers.

Also, the interfaces around OneStart are very non-intuitive. Finding simple things is often hard and many of the headings appear to reflect IU bureaucratic convenience rather than user intuition.

The Advanced Visualization lab has been extremely helpful while working on one of our recent projects One person has gone out of his way to see the project finished on-time and up to the highest of standards.

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Great job! UITS is the things that makes me proud to be an employee. I have been at other institutions and had folks comment on how well regarded or IT department is. For many years there have been folks that use the IU Knowledge Base for answers to their computing questions. GO IU!

Response to Advising Systems enterprise software question is w.r.t. StarNet, not SIS, that system needs improvement.

I've put this off for a while. I'm glad I did. If I had known it was this LONG!!, I would have saved it for the end of my work day!

My experience with UITS over the past eight years has been awesome. My favorites: IT training workshops and IUware software. IU phone consultants have often been better than HP professionals in figuring out software and hardware conflicts.

IU also offers special deals for laptops, however, I have always been able to find better prices from the manufacturer websites, especially if online coupons are factored in.
Looks like short of man power on RHN Satellite server?
I get a bit confused about where UITS serves and our own internal school Tech Support staff serve and how they are related!

Too many labs close for classes, also they never enforce behavior and the studentsí noise is a major distraction.

I think that the customer service has improved on so many levels and I'm excited to hear about some of the changes that should be coming in the next year or two. I think the business processes with which I've had little experience (FMS, eDocs, admissions, online advising systems) can be improved tremendously if you put your best programmers and designers on the interfaces.

Overall, I think UITS does a great job of supporting all of the different technology options available to staff, faculty and students on campus. It is difficult to know all of what is available and that might be relevant or helpful in one's position because of the abundance of resources.

IUIE is very cumbersome.

I sincerely appreciate the depth and breadth of the services you offer.

The survey question font is hard on the eyes-suggest reducing the contrast between the background and the font color.

UITS- overall very satisfied.

IT Step training is way too basic. Would like to see classes that could lead to Adobe certification.


A department consulting group would be very helpful. They could evaluate a department's use of technology and make recommendations as to better use.
Keep up the great work!
When calling the 24/7 help line one day- I talked to four different techs and got four different answers to my question. None worked. Sometimes when I call the help line the staff seem to be eating, distracted. The walk-in desk at Wells library was very helpful.

I do not have enough storage in my Outlook inbox. I try to save and archive my emails as much as possible, however, 525 MB is not enough for me to conduct my work efficiently and effectively. Because I cannot access my archives from home, I keep many of my files organized in folders in my inbox. Please consider increasing this quota if possible.

I know personnel cannot be everywhere all the time, but it seems the computer labs in the residence halls need more attention than they currently get, especially during crunch times like midterms and finals weeks.

Please offer more UITS classes, like Beginning Dreamweaver and webpage design, on the weekends. My IU job does not allow me to leave the office during the week.

Please bring back the phone books for F/S & students!
I am sure things are ok. However, I do not have a computer in my office at Indiana University. I am currently using my computer at home. I was told I would receive a computer in my office several times over many years. Still waiting for it to happen. So, I am not the best person to evaluate your services.

I think UITS does a great job.
It's my understanding that the wide format printer at the Wells Library is supported by the student technology fee. Why are Departments allowed to have their student workers do departmental printing on this device? I operate an Auxiliary Service on campus and this definitely effects are ability to provide these services to individuals and departments at a cost effective rate and it's impossible to compete with the $10.00 output charge for any size print. It seems that if departments use this device in excess then the only alternative is to raise the technology fee which then penalizes the student.

I believe there is a great opportunity for efficiency by switching all "paper" fax machines to imaged/electronic faxes. I think UITS should investigate a system wide approach for electronic faxes, fax servers, etc. This would seem to have environmental and cost saving advantages in the long run.

Long survey - add a bar that tells user how much more there is. I wanted to discontinue and get my work done several times.

I would like to see more timely notices on the IT Notices webpage; I sometimes call to report a problem only to find that it has already been reported and is being worked on but for some reason has not been posted to the IT Notices page. I wouldn't have to add to your phone load if I knew that a report had already been made.

It also might be nice to have a phone number where we could hear about problems with the network or computer services; when we suddenly find ourselves without Internet access and can't check itnotices, it would be nice to be reassured that the problem is with the network, not with our individual setups.

And on a more minor note, I find the new security steps added to Slashtmp to be a real pain--especially when the person I'm uploading a file for (or requesting an upload from) is not particularly computer-savvy. I understand the need to safeguard certain kinds of information, but it adds a layer of annoyance for those of us who often need Slashtmp but never use it to transmit anything that could cause security problems.

Overall, thanks for the great service! Everything you do for us is much appreciated.

I think the decision to take away the WATTS line for instate calls was a very bad idea. I have seen a sharp increase in our long-distance costs that has no enhanced our communications with other people in the state. It would be great if IU could negotiate some really good long-distance cost programs for all campuses to save costs across the board.


We have some telephones that we have identified as not working well, but when the technician comes, they claim they are working properly. We cannot get them replaced until UITS says they don't work well. It's a standoff.

I don't use but a fraction of the services, but for those I do use, the service/features quality is spotty.

I've been impressed with the Kelley School's responsiveness and customer service.

It would appear that this survey really doesn't apply to me. Thanks for making it so long.

Overall UITS is very good.
You should add OnCourse to the survey.
When I open my inbox through Outlook Web Access it appears different from my Microsoft Outlook.

Is it possible to make the Outlook Web Access appear the same as our Microsoft Outlook?

It is often difficult for "average" IU employees to know exactly what aspects of equipment, support, and network infrastructure are the responsibility of UITS, and what parts are the responsibility of LSPs. For example, if I am concerned by certain performance issues, limitations, or policy restrictions that I encounter, are these the result of UITS actions or those of my LSP, or even of various offices around campus with whom I must interface. I have answered this questionnaire using my best understanding of the various jurisdictions.

Lynda.com times out too quickly

IU hourly employees (students) have trouble forwarding e-mails to Outlook when they use alternative systems on the rest of the campus, and these setup issues often take weeks to resolve. I would suggest trying to troubleshoot/standardize how to deal with those problems.

OTHERWISE (and the above are very minor problems), you all are great, and I feel VERY lucky to have your extremely capable, thorough, and brilliant staff available to help us. I'm not sure, but I bet if they ranked university technology departments, you would be the on the top 10 list. Thanks!

I use Onestart a lot, and it's one area that could definitely use some work. It's difficult to page through, and it can be very difficult to find what you are looking for. There are too many tabs crammed together and the color scheme is not helpful to discerning the organizational structure of the page. As more and more staff, faculty, and student functions become available through Onestart, it becomes increasingly important for it to be user friendly and intuitive. It is my least favorite of the UITS maintained websites with regards to look and feel.

I'd like to be able to print my calendar using Web Outlook.

The TIME System and TRAVEL System are not very intuitive or user friendly.

The e-docs need prompts to ask the user to enter required information in the Comment fields.
Not being able to call off-campus in Indianapolis has been a big issue for us since we have offices on both the IUB and IUPUI campuses.

1) The telephone/long distance reports are just plain horrible. We have to print out statements for each of our account numbers. I would be so much more helpful if we could retrieve our billing information using org codes.

2) When you do print out the telephone/long distance reports, the column and page formatting makes using the reports very difficult (not to mention the amount of paper required to print them out and check the billings).

Otherwise, I think UITS is full of competent, hard-working employees!

On the next survey, please add a progress bar on the survey, so I know how close I am to completing the survey -- especially when I am having a busy day! Thanks.

I hate the voicemail, mostly because the menu is slow. I hate having to wade through the entire phone number of the person calling me before I can delete the message. I never use my voicemail on my campus phone.

Onestart is sort of annoying because there are so many service outages and differences between browsers (saving cookies etc). Love that I can add favorites, though.


In general the services and products are very good. It would be good to conceptualize better support integration with the IT staff located within the schools and units to provide a more efficient, rapid, and hopefully less costly end-user support.

Most of the IT products and services are excellent.


The FIS is an exceptionally well-designed and functional system. Over the past year or two, I've had some trouble with logging into the FIS and the FIS speed has been slow at times instead of instantaneous. I hadn't experienced these issues until the past two years. They seem to be occurring more frequently.
Telephone/data charges to departments need to be re-evaluated. Establishing a 'base' billing is okay, but that establishment has not been accurate. Difficulty in working with UITS to resolve discrepancies in billing. Otherwise, service is very good in all other areas.

I'm sure there are many services that I have just a vague knowledge of, or am not aware of at all....and it's hard to find the time to take classes that may or may not be helpful...so if you can suggest the best way of keeping up with the business services available to professional staff that would be very helpful.
The folks who assist us thru Commreq with phone set-ups, changes, etc. are great!
The IT director in our unit restricts our access to make improvements on our own work stations. We are not permitted to download software updates or small software packages we may use for our job without his assistance. Our workstations are always a few versions behind the curve and often work-arounds are necessary. I understand the need for security but I have been told that the level of control he exerts is not typical in other units.

Exchange doesn't work well on my home workstation. It's an older Dell Optiplex running Windows XP, but it takes forever to be able to view each email and it's almost impossible to send emails from this system. I do not experience this problem with my other machines (running Vista and 7).
Lynda.com has been a spectacular resource. Adobe partnership and software availability is amazing. TIME (Timesheet Documentation) is the single most frustrating application, and the worst timekeeping system, I have ever come across in my entire career. It is a daily torture test that could not possibly be replaced soon enough.

Aside from that, thanks and keep up the good work!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

It would be very helpful to have some top of the line Macintosh computers for serious video editing, such as 8-core computers etc. The large imacs in the library are nice, but spending more money on the computer itself rather than the monitor would be even better. Thank you.

It'd be great if IUWare offered music notation programs such as Sibelius or Finale for download. These types of programs are very expensive and are essential for 21st century music students.


Student Self-Service & Student Center in OneStart could be cleaner, easier to navigate.


OnCourse is frequently cumbersome to use

I think this is just another huge bureaucracy that the tax payers and students have to pay for just to get what they really want... an education. Indiana University should not be in the business of providing computers to everyone... they should stick to teaching.

It would be nice if IU could provide high speed connections instead of just dialup. Overall, UITS has been a great blessing in my learning, teaching, research and overall scholarly collaboration experiences.

I would like to make a suggestion to better the IT environment at Indiana University. Just a couple of weeks ago I had my flash drive stolen from me when I accidentally left it at a workstation in the SPEA library. Upon returning only an hour later the drive was gone and no one has turned it in to the library desk. I believe I have all the files that were on the drive, backed up and I can retrieve them. I did however loose a nice flash drive, but worse yet my files have been compromised. I don't believe I have any confidential info on the drive but the drive contained pretty much everything I have done at SPEA during my graduate education and therefore compromises some of the classes I have taken. An undergrad or first year graduate student could easily use the data to cheat in those courses.

In order to decrease this compromising of class material, theft of personal property and compromising of personal data, I suggest the following which would probably be quite easy for UITS to implement:

Set the IU workstation computers to pop up a simple window when a user goes to log off the computer. If there is a flash drive or some device attached to the USB ports the window would pop up saying "such-an-such device is still attached to this computer, do you still want to log off?"

This simple message would pretty much fully eliminate theft of flash drives because of people's forgetfulness.

I know that there really is no excuse for my leaving the drive at the computer, but that kind of thing happens all the time to all kinds of people and sadly, quite often the flash drives are found by immoral people that steal them rather than turning them in. This simple change to IU workstation environments would eliminate this problem.

Please take this suggestion to heart and please convey it to your superiors such that it might be implemented and save countless people this frustration and maintain the integrity of the academic environment. Thanks
Please streamline OnCourse - too many steps needed to accomplish any task.


Please revamp OneStart- very unwieldy program. For example, a student cannot register and pay for the next semester's tuition and fees the same day, not even in person at the Bursar's Office.
UITS here at IU is amazing! I really value all the services (especially the SIS environments, online registration, OnCourse, email, wireless access around campus). Thank you so much!


Improvement ideas:

I use OnCourse all the time with my students and can't imagine teaching without it. However, OnCourse is not always reliable. My students and I lose work sometimes. There is no spell check feature in the assignments comments from instructors, and generally some type of code shows up for even general typing when I use quotation marks or the space bar more than once. I would also like to be able to paste from Word to various components (forum, assignments) but even when I used the "paste box", code shows up. Finally, I would like to be able to transfer components of a course (like the gradebook structure) to another course. Most of these are little things, but they would make my teaching life easier.


As a graduate student, I have to print hundreds of pages of PDF articles at the beginning of the semester. I have found no quick and painless way to do this on campus.


My research will soon involve hours of transcribing. Are there transcribing stations at IU? That would be an excellent service.

I would like to see a low down of my Bursar account and how things are deducted. Currently there seems to be no such information. Also finding my student ID on the OneStart is nearly impossible. I have to have someone tell me HOW to find it. Some things I wish were listed in order of importance. There seems to be a lot of verbiage instead of simplicity. Also when registering I have to go back and forth and find a random Jacobs site to get information. I wish there was a straight shot. These are the classes I want to take and a more simple way of finding them. It seems a little intense and it takes me a LONG time to figure out how, where, when, why. Itís rather exhausting registering and figuring out basic info that one would think would be automatically available. There seems to be a lot of brainiacs figuring out the overall structure but not giving visual cues. Itís exhausting. But Exhausting sitting at my computer...not exhausting racing across campus to get a card punched and stand in line but it takes about the same amount of time.

OneStart and OnCourse have usability/functionality issues.
I have found that about 75% of the time, the Student Services Center on OneStart cannot be accessed from a remote location; at home, I almost always get an error message when trying to use this service.


I consistently have trouble uploading my class syllabi to OnCourse. It will appear to have uploaded on my computer, but then my students will say it has not actually been posted.

I am a graduate student, and I have to print way over 1,000 pages of reading materials. Can we raise the number of print allotments for graduate students?

I would like to see more wireless points in the University on-campus apartments. Also, this year I have noticed more interruptions with my internet access through the landline connection, but it hasn't yet impacted my work.

Please stop asking me to change to a passphrase. I've said "no" every time for four years; I'm not going to suddenly have a change of heart.

1. I frequently use the VPN to connect from my (off-campus) home to access certain machines and services at IU. The VPN can become slow or throw me off. This is my main issue.

2. I also frequently use the knowledge base (kb.indiana.edu). This is a VERY useful resource. Thanks for all the time and effort put into the knowledge base!

3. Our team uses the SharePoint system. It was NOT helpful to shift over the system without notifying people. Although the shift did not immediately change the visual interface, it did impact us negatively --- right before an important delivery. Warning ahead of time would have been appropriate, probably at least 2 week's warning. However, the support person was VERY responsive and helpful.
Thank you!
I really like the services provided. While there are some minor issues that need to be resolved, the overall quality is very good.

I feel like I don't know a lot of the programs and services that UITS offers. Additional advertising may be a good idea (although many people will probably neglect looking at emails or will throw away informational packets -- it is not an easy problem to solve).


For the most part I am very satisfied with UITS. IUWare is very cool. I do occasionally have issues with the IU wireless and there always seems to be printing issues. I still cannot install IU printer software on my laptop and print remotely from my own computer -- I had been able to do it in previous years but this year it won't work. And often times I have trouble signing into IU Secure -- however, the issues are sporadic making it hard for me to determine the problem (or if there really is a problem).

In past years, I have been more satisfied with my experience with UITS. Within the Graduate Business School, we have experienced many outages or inconveniences with technology, especially with printers. I know UITS is aware and working toward solutions and better practices to avoid these issues in the future.

The spam filer catches too many things including emails from my students. I've called several times and they say "just set up a rule" which I've done several times and it still happens. I've done it on the server (web access version). I've done it in outlook. I've done it multiple times on both and the consultants have walked me through it to make sure I've done it right. Yet repeated emails to UITS about it have gone unanswered and the issue remains. As it is now, I just start each day by checking my junkmail filter.

IUWare can be challenging to access from off campus due to the size of downloads being too much for the server connection times. For example, with AT&T Broadband services (though not the fastest package available), the IUWare download for MS Office 2010 is of a size that it would take about 45 minutes to download, but in my experience the IUWare download server consistently drops a download connection at about 20-35 minutes, maximally 40 minutes, making it impossible to download that package from off campus (I tried at least 12 times before giving up). Ultimately, I had to bring an external hard drive to the Information Commons in order to download the file, and then transport the drive home to use the IUWare service paid for by my Technology Fee. Some attention to off-campus accessibility to this resource would be helpful.
I don't know if it's through IUTS or the administration offices, but whenever there is school news (weather closing, etc.) I get phone messages about an hour after it goes into effect. If there were an actual campus emergency, I don't trust that I would get the information quickly.

I think UITS needs to work on three issues in particular: (1) the number of computers and scanners available in peak locations (such as the Union, the library, etc.); (2) the training of students who sit at UITS desks; and (3) the frequency of times when OnCourse completely shuts down.

I should not be charged for printing as a graduate student.
Major problems in the Kelley Grad school (Wifi access, printer access) that took an unacceptably long time to be evaluated and fixed. Wireless printing is still a hassle, although it usually will work.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the breadth and depth of technological services that UITS offers. I think that OneStart could be made more user-friendly and navigable. Umail is excellent and has made me much more interested in using my IU e-mail address. If there is a way to access the database of campus e-mail addresses from Umail, that would be very helpful. This is the one feature of the old e-mail client that I miss. Lately, my experience printing things in the Wells Library has been good, but I have had problems with sheets of paper with stray marks on them and printers not working. That these issues would occur from time to time is understandable with so many printers in the library, but anything that can be done to prevent them from happening would be helpful. Also, last semester there were a few times in the library when it was impossible to log into the computers and to connect to the internet. As I recall, this happened for a few hours at a time. This was resolved, but both times I experienced this problem it made preparation for the classes I teach impossible. These are the things I'd like to see addressed in the future, but I'm very pleased with the job UITS is doing on the whole.

I heard that IU will cancel its subscription of Worldcat search engine. I am very disappointed about this. Worldcat is one of the basic search tools for students and scholars in humanities. Does IU really need to reduce its budget so desperately?

I tried to use KnowledgeBase (or however you spell it) to set up a personal webpage. It was like Greek. I understood about every third word. I am now using squarespace.com to host a very nice, professional-looking personal website on which I can host my CV, data, etc. I think to do the same thing using IU resources would have taken me hours and hours, and I am not sure I would have gotten anywhere. I think I signed up for an IU webpage. I really have no idea how to tell if I did, or how to edit it. The whole experience was just ridiculous.


When I've brought my computer in to the help desk to ask questions, whether I get a workable answer/solution really depends on the person. Sometimes you get a fix that works, and sometimes you've waited in line for 20 minutes for some guy who knows about as much as you about computers to tell you that he doesn't know/can't help you.

Also, my second year at IU, I started funneling all my email to gmail and I have never looked back. (That was three years ago.) The IU email system was ridiculously awful -- no space at all, constantly crashing, not user friendly, hard to search, etc. I've heard that it has changed, but I'm satisfied with gmail and have no reason to go back.

* It would be nice to receive at least a slight discount on double-sided printing.

* We need more ways to print. Most of my students have their own laptops and mainly seem to go to the labs to print, but they have to wait forever to do so.

* The Oncourse Dropbox is supposed to have a feature that lets you filter the boxes according to whether they've gotten new materials in them in a certain number of days. It hasn't worked for years. When will it start working? If it isn't working, why torture us with the knowledge of a potential feature that doesn't work.

You guys are GREAT! I consult with a large company in Indy and they are in NO way shape or form up to your standards. You guys are Awesome...There is always room for improvements but I've seen the other side and it isnít pretty...Keep up the good work.

I have come to rely on UITS for excellent services and facilities. Thank you for your hard work.
Wireless can be slow around 11am every day.
I recently attended the "Advanced" Zotero STEPS workshop, but there was nothing advanced about it. The girl who ran it was late and it didn't seem like she had a plan for what she wanted to cover in the hour-long workshop. It was such a disappointment, especially when I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the other STEPS workshops I have taken. The IU wireless network could also be improved. When I had my laptop, there were quite a few places in Ballantine Hall where I couldn't get a signal.

Generally, IT at IU is great. However, the printers this year have been a disaster - they used to work very well in all libraries. This year, the method of accessing different printers (including large format and standard 8.5 x 11" STC/RTC printers) works only intermittently and the IT consultants seem ill-equipped to deal with the new procedures.

I find the indiana.edu e-mail system to be somewhat constricting. I like to keep things sorted and organized, so I use the folders option quite a bit, but I seem to have less flexibility in other places. Sometimes I cannot send larger files and I'm not too fond of the way I have to manage my contacts. For my research purposes, I am quite satisfied - UITS provides several resources that I highly value. Yet I do not understand why some electronic resources associated with a branch campus (e.g. IUPUI) cannot be accessed here at the main campus - but that may be due reasons beyond UITS control.

(1) Late last year, I was trying to switch my iu email from Cyrus (?) to umail/imail, but that option seems to be unavailable to me. And I did not get a good answer from the UITS people I talked to.

(2) The wireless network, which was upgraded last year (or the year before last?), should not disconnect me when I move from one place to another within the same building. But I still lose my connection on moving. It is just slightly inconvenient...

(3) I am a PC user and I reload my OS once in a while. I just hope that a different version of Windows 7 (Home / Pro) could be available at a lower price... $20 for Ultimate is great, but $10 for Professional is more cost efficient.

Staff not willing to help as they say they are busy all the time!

I have had lots of problems with the IU printer finder, it takes forever to connect or I have to try several times.


It would be very useful if you put printing stations on all buildings It would help a lot.

It is very inconvenient to go to the stats center to buy the SPSS cds. I wish it could also be sold on IU Bookstores and other locations.

I can't access the internet from campus and this is very annoying.
The Kelley school of business has been a disaster. Printing has been a pain, the network is constantly not working, the print release station set-up is horribly slow--and only getting worse. In the law school, the network is a little better, but not much. You can only print to the "Library" printers, but you can't print to the "Law" printers from a school computer. You charge for the same number of pages of printing weather it is one sided or two. You charge for a print job when the printer jams, has insufficient memory, or doesn't print because of some other error.


My satisfaction (and expectations) have declined steeply in the last year. It is very disappointing to have to pay $60,000/year to go to graduate school and then I have to use my phone with 3G to access the internet because the IT department can't figure out how to have a reliable network.

The stability of IU secure wireless is a concern to me.

Student self-service needs to be revamped to be more user-friendly. Signing up for classes is confusing and cumbersome, and a more intuitive interface that makes it easier to search for and select classes would make the course enrollment process less of a pain. Also, Techfest is a great idea, but you should promote it much more than you do. Most of my courses are right next door in the TV/Radio building, and I only found out about it because I happened to be on my way to the library.

IU cat could use an overhaul.

The IT people are so helpful and the classes I took through UITS were awesome! My only complaint is that wireless and OneStart were often not working. Also, it would be nice to have a chat option within OnCourse to be able to ask questions privately to other students that are working on stuff at the same time.

Overall, I think UITS does a really great job. The technology services I use as a grad student and AI are generally very reliable and sophisticated. I don't think this was in the survey because maybe it's part of the library services, but having proxy access off campus to online databases is great too. IUware is amazing! Here are some problems I have encountered, though:

* IUCAT: Honestly this is the worst thing I can think of that's part of UITS. Its results really don't make any sense. You can search for a title of a book and have the book with the exact title show up pages of results later. WorldCat is much better -- I don't see why you still have IUCAT.

* Printers- it would help a lot to have just a couple more printers in the Education STC or library. It would also be good if the departmental computers (like on the 4th floor of Education building) had IU Printer Finder installed to make it easier to print elsewhere (STC, library) without using departmental printing quotas.

* I've asked for tech support by email several times, and sometimes the responses are very helpful, and sometimes they're not at all.

* Wireless works fine most of the time where I'm at, although there's a few classrooms without reception. Wireless access rarely works at the business school.

* I really wish there was some kind of easily accessible network drive assigned to each account. I went to a small college without a large IT department, and when you logged on to any computer, it connected you to your personal network drive with 50MB or so of storage space. This would avoid the hassle of losing USB sticks or emailing stuff to yourself.
I don't know if you have anything to do with the IU or the Jacobs School of Music websites, but they are very difficult to navigate. I also find OneStart quite frustrating to use because I have trouble finding things easily, and end up searching a frustratingly long time.

- Don't like the current version of the Outlook web application, I liked the one prior to this summer better for usability

- OneStart and Student Center features are not very user friendly

- Like the amount of computer workstations on campus, printing quota and free software
This survey was entirely too long!
The labs at Ballantine are always crowded. Can we make more space available for non-classroom computer lab usage?

Printing system is in IUB very unstable.


No one can help to figure out many problems of printing system in IUB for sure.
During the last year we had many problems with internet access at the kelley school of business. Also, the printing in the building is also very spotty. Sometimes the printers work and sometimes they don't and when they don't, they still charge your account. Overall, I was very satisfied with the level of service from the technicians at the Kelley school but I wish they would be more proactive and responsive when problems do arise.

I got some emails informing UITS, but emails, talking as an international student, was not really helpful due to their complexity, perhaps this comment is not helpful to you as well because it`s maybe due to my low level technology knowledge. :)

Overall, support from UITS was excellent.


I only have one suggestion, especially for computer lab at campus apartment, please check the printer regularly because sometimes when we need it, it does not work and no consultant available.

While I feel that OneStart is a little difficult to navigate, I know there is a lot of information to be accessed through it and an organizational system that would satisfy all users is going to be incredibly and perhaps unnecessarily complex. It takes some getting used to the way it is, but once you get the hang of it, it's nice to know that all of that information can be accessed so readily through one account!
Sometimes, the speed of wireless internet goes really slow.
The OneStart page just needs to be much better organized, as does registering for classes. It's a mess trying to navigate that and find what you want.

1. I wish the campus wireless hotspots offered 802.11 N speeds.

2. Printing on campus has been quite difficult for most of this year - always requiring reloading the already-installed print drivers using "IU Printer Finder" software.

The most significant downfall over the past year for me has been the black/white printers within the graduate business school. Each time I disconnect from the internet throughout the day, I am forced to delete my printer and then reinstall the printer using the IU Printer Finder. This has been a huge inconvenience.

You need to rework the network authorization process for phones running Android. I have followed the instructions to the letter and still can't access the wireless through my phone.

The wireless speed at the W.W. Wright Education Building is slow at times. There have been times where I was unable to load simple webpages or check my email in the Education Library.


This frustration (along with the confusing/overwhelming organization of the Knowledge Base) are the two main reasons for my frustration with UITS services.

I'm living in Tulip Tree and I have had difficulty to use my internet phone (and wireless internet using router of internet phone.) There are several guys in UITS who are familiar with Korean internet phone but even they couldn't solve my problem with one visit to my residence. Anyway they were smart and hardworking guy, and managed to solve issue.

But the thing is when I specially asked UITS crew who is well aware of Korean internet phone to come to my house, they just sent guys who don't know this device. So, I had to spend long time to explain about Korean internet phone, and that guy eventually had to get help from Korean internet phone experts in UITS. Well, it was waste of time which could be easily avoidable but it happened several times because my request was not considered.

Tulip Tree is under renovation work and I again have problem of using wireless internet after contractor did maintenance job for internet line (Ethernet is OK). I am afraid I have to get through same trial-error procedure which takes long time to use wireless again. In August, I have to move to the other side of the building after renovation job. I expect another time consuming problem solving period for internet usage.

It's simple. I just want to see the people who are experienced with Korean Internet phone. I can wait until they are available. (Actually, I can save more time with that way).

Please increase the WiFi-signal.
It was hard to distinguish my opinions between UITS and the IT Department that we have within Campus Recreational Sports where I work.

Bandwidth in SPEA library is spotty. I wish that was better. Overall, I am satisfied with Kelley Graduate school technology...
Wireless at Kelley School of Business is AWFUL

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Provide more printing quotas, some people really need to print lots of journal articles to write papers and finish assignments.

I like the change to the printing stations being able to choose any one. I wish it always automatically printed double-sided though, and that 1 page double-sided did not count as 2 pages to your printing quota.

Make this survey shorter.
The Mac's on campus seem to be extremely finicky. Whoever designed the build for it did not do a very good job in my opinion, because it seems like whenever a computer has a problem with not logging in, or not wanting to print, it's always a Mac that has the issue.

Printing pdf's is sometimes a nightmare. It wasn't always that way, but this year it has become much worse.

Cannot get a wireless internet network at on-campus apartment. Why is this happening?
Amazing job! Second to none in customer service and support. My only complaint is the student self service center

Being an Interior Design major, computer software is a big part of my education. I am very grateful that we are able to download Adobe software for free because that has made my life a lot easier, but here are several other programs that we rely on for our major as well. Autodesk offers free student downloads for AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Studio Max, etc. but many studentsí laptops struggle to complete certain tasks using those programs because of how demanding they are. There are only seven computers with these programs installed on them and they are just about the first computers IU ever purchased. This has been a hindrance to my education being that 100 some students need to share seven computers that move at snail pace when AutoCAD is open. If IU is going to offer Interior Design as a major there should be computers at the library that also have CAD installed on them, in order to facilitate the learning of these students.

I'm not a fan of how Oncourse is arranged.
The internet, even when hardwired, is very slow and won't even load youtube video's. However, it is very fast when downloading large documents or playing video games. I don't know why this is but it would be very nice if you could fix the speed of the internet (also the Wi-Fi is INCREDIBLY slow. all the time. especially for large documents).


I can get by, and it works for my academic needs but when I want to use it for leisure, it is really annoying.

The process of initially getting a computer on the network has become a bit ridiculous. I understand the intent, but the forced updates and downloading of software seems like it should be optional, especially for those who are savvy enough to customize their own computer. I ended up deleting 95% of the changes the Get Connected program made to my computer.

The services are great. One thing that I would like to see improve would be the wireless connection.
UITS is great. I think I might like to work for UITS in the future. I'm quite satisfied with their services.
The Wireless Internet is very touchy and quite slow.
Layout of IUCAT and ease of access should be improved and should model that of WORLDCAT. WORLDCAT is much easier to use. Most notably, the layout has been significantly updated and it is much easier to narrow down search to exactly what you are looking for.

In certain places around campus, I have been disappointed in the Wi-Fi connection speed, especially in my dorm room. I feel like I always have to be connected in order to get anything done when on the Internet. It is very frustrating sometimes.

I think there are some problems with the OneStart program. I have experienced even though I did logout, my status still left OneStart program, which also mean when my friend did log in. There were my status, not his status. The fact that my privacy information was exposed surprise me.... Please, correct this situation.

Wireless for mobiles may need some improvements.
When sending emails to myself (I use Umail through google mail) it is very inconvenient to have to type @umail.iu.edu, and not simply be able to type and indiana.edu it would be nice if we could use either one to email ourselves.

Mostly my experience with UITS has been good. However, the internet quality in my dorm is terrible and that frustrates me because that is where I do most of my online homework.

I enjoy my life in IU and I enjoy all the services. :D go IU!

As a student who lives off campus, I always go over on print quota. Can you add more pages to the print quota? Please?

The bursar part of OneStart is pretty confusing. It's hard to tell what i need to look at when i want to see my charges. It'd be nice if dates were more clear or just laid out in a different way.

Biggest complaints that I have heard, as well as my own complaints:

- Issues with printers... constant error messages, (that have nothing to do with lack of paper) ... you would wait in line forever, and then when it is your turn the printer stops working... Maybe add more printers in buildings that have stand-up infosations, that are not libraries (aka, Ballentine, etc)


- issues that arise with computer labs, and it takes 30-40 minutes for someone to come help solve the problem

- Wireless Internet service in Wright Quad RARELY EVER WORK!!! Computer shows that there is connection, and 4-5 bars, but website never works as if connected
UITS does a terrific job for managing the thousands of student connection all throughout campus! I am always satisfied when logging on and connecting to IU SECURE.

I feel the calendar feature on both OnCourse and OneStart could be improved by adding a feature that allows you to send an e-mail to yourself as a reminder of an event. For example, I input on Monday that I have an exam next Friday. I select an option to send an e-mail reminder to myself a certain number of days prior to the exam. Options could vary from a week in advance to the night before the event. Also, the classifieds on OneStart are a bit sloppy. Many people abuse certain categories making it difficult to search for certain items. The "jobs" section should be formatted to only accommodate people looking for someone to do a job. Another category, called "services" perhaps, should be formatted to accommodate only those offering to do work. This would clean up the categories a great deal and minimize cross-category entries.

The Wi-Fi provided throughout campus is typically unreliable and slow. Improving this would be great.
Being able to connect to a wireless network all over campus is great, but it's only great when it's worth it. I realize how many people are on the network at once and how it can strain each AP, but sometimes the network is so slow it's not usable

I would appreciate it if UITS found some way of making our internet system work with Nintendo products.

I was a little disappointed at the beginning of the year with IU Secure's performance. I was unable to get on the internet some days and when I called for assistance, I was told that it was the fact that the server wasn't able to support all the users. I assumed that IU would have server big enough for all users. Now, I don't know if the server size has changed, but I haven't had any problems with it recently.

Wireless internet sucks.... during my visit before this year IU advertised that they were like a top 20 school for wireless. I have a brand new mac and connecting to the wireless internet is not quick and when it does work the access is very slow.

I lose internet service ALL the time. At least 4-5 times a day. I live in the dorms. That should not be a problem.

Overall, I'm really happy with the computer labs and printing services offered at IUB, but the Internet is my most common problem. It has gone out unexpectedly many times.

There are various locations throughout campus where the wireless network is virtually non-existent.

I think the internet speed in the campus is too slow and it has been very frustrating with my academic work. Especially in the library. I hope the internet speed is quicker in the future.
If you are going to work on anything, work on the interface of you web related services. Also, I just want to acknowledge the incredible deals we get on software, specifically Production Pro and 7 Ultimate. $20 is a fantastic deal. However, the biggest problem I've had all year is with printing. Sometimes it won't let me print because the printer becomes uninstalled on my account. So i have to go reinstall it which is annoying, and I didn't know how to do that until recently. I don't know why I have this problem, but you should look into that because I'm probably not the only one. Otherwise, great job.

Class shopping cart should allow you to see how many people you are behind on the waitlist as opposed to simply enrolled or waitlisted.

The wireless connection, especially in the dorms, kind of sucks.
Printers need to work 100 percent of the time, not 30!!!!!!!!!!!
Oftentimes UITS is helpful with mundane and common issues, but it fails to deliver in the occurrence of a real problem e.g. serious networking issues.

The consultants are...mean.


I take offense when you act like I am stupid if I don't understand anything about computers. That's why I'm asking you...I genuinely don't know, hence I ask someone who does.


I'm stressed enough as is. I don't need attitude from someone else who is supposed to be giving me great customer service.


The consultants need an attitude check and they need to attend a seminar on providing customer service. Learn the FISH philosophy- it might help.


Not trying to be picky, but every time I go to Herman B. and need computer help, the consultants are rude. I think UITS should check up on that. Their attitude doesn't make me want to ask for help. Ever.

I don't know if UITS is responsible for the wireless internet in the dorms. But especially at night the wireless internet does not work half the time.

Improve interface of OneStart and OnCourse authorization page. Improve calendar on OneStart. Everything else is perfect.

I really appreciate the software provisions, and I feel like UITS has been overall helpful and generous. Thanks!