2011 IUK IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

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The voice mail system does not work well - often you will get messages that are days old and just showed up in the system. I always tell people NOT to call me as I probably won't get the message

It would be nice to have a phone system that showed us if we had voice mail waiting for us.
Classroom technology podiums (and computer screens should be located off-center so they do not block student view of the board! Must find a solution to software updates on classroom computers that users do not have the ability to install (constant messages asking for installation but no ability to do so)
When I use One Start and go to the Faculty Center, it often depends on which browser I am using that determines if I can see my class information. This issue has often happened with Firefox or Safari, but almost never with Internet Explorer. / / I have also had problems on campus looking at PDF files online. It appears that they have been opened, but all I see is a blank screen. This also appears to be somewhat dependent on the browser that I am using. / / There have been a lot of problems with the WCMS and allowing faculty to edit their own web pages. Please do not take away old faculty accounts on webserve.iu.edu

Why don't we have caller ID on our phones?
I am very satisfied with IT services. However, I am dissatisfied with the classroom environment in the basement computer lab (KO080) on the Kokomo campus. This room needs to be reconfigured to make it more inviting.

Given the current situation and financial restrictions, the IT department are miracle workers. I don't know how they do the things they do but if not for their assistance and support to the process of education on this campus, we would have to close the doors.

Some of the equipment in some classrooms is becoming outdated. Taking advantage of the training to use equipment and Oncourse (for example) requires time that is not generally available. I usually rely on self-training. The people who work in IT are always available and quite pleasant to work with. I've never had to wait long for any problems to be resolved.

I have been impressed with our campus AV person, but find that the in-class projectors could still be better maintained--often bulb seems to be weak, or issues with sound or computer interface. Appreciate willingness of staff to help with problems--address concerns quickly and to develop trainings or tutorials.
At my previous place of employment, our phone's voice mail would be sent to our email. We could then see who called and we could also listen to the voice mail on our computer. I really liked this option, because it was one less machine/password I had to deal with. It would also put my messages in "writing" and I could keep track of them through email. I could call the person right back while looking at their phone number on my screen. If you are looking into new phone systems I highly recommend using this type of system. / Thanks!

I teach in the computer labs. I know it may be costly and/or difficult, but it would be ideal to give all students/faculty the ability to save their files on a server so that they can access those files on any computer in any lab. I understand that faculty can individually sign up to do this, but it would help out a great deal if it were provided to all as the default. I know it wouldn't be an easy task, but at other universities, this has helped me enormously. / / (Also, great idea to include the free software coupon/voucher, which actually did make me feel like I wanted to complete the survey.)

The system of requiring departments to help pay for computers for faculty who need a better computer than the standard build does not work on our campus. Some faculty are in disciplines that require a better computer than the standard build. Our departments do not have budget funds allocated to computer purchases and have budgets controlled at the campus level, making it hard for them to ever budget for this. / / Most of the enterprise level software, like FIS, is ridiculously difficult to use garbage. People should not have to waste time and productivity fighting software with an ancient interface. If I need financial information for my department, I should login, and it should give it to me. I should not have to enter obscure codes and wade through acronyms and cryptically named fields and options. In an internet age, stop making people use a 40-year old mainframe interface.

The IT people should be more approachable and user friendly. They are always in a hurry. / If you want to purchase software at the IU Kokomo bookstore, the staff there is extremely rude.

I get very frustrated with the constant messages about upgrading one program or another when I don't have administrative rights and can't do any upgrades myself. I wish there were a way to upgrade things in our absence.

The voicemail system is inconvenient. There is no way of telling if I have a voicemail unless I call it to check. / / In many classrooms the placement of the podium blocks the projected images and the blackboard from many multiple seats. / / OneStart navigation is often a garbled mess and counterintuitive. / / Oncourse could use some streamlining, especially where multiple sections of the same course are concerned. Messages forwarded to email from Oncourse should allow faculty to send a reply message to the student's email (or Oncourse inbox) without looking up the student's email address. (This is especially important for faculty using smartphones to respond to student inquiries.) Along these lines thinking long term it would be nice if Oncourse messaging could be merged with student and faculty email systems.

Classroom CPUs (hardware) need to be upgraded more often -- many of these older systems were designed in the early days of XP and simply do not handle the more memory intensive new versions of the software we use.

The IT services at IUK are excellent!! I was having trouble with my computer and I always received fast service to get my system up and running.

Every year I am randomly selected to complete this survey. Overall I am very satisfied with IT services however this survey is too long!

[IRD] provides exceptional service; I had a new classroom this semester [IRD] and he met me there and gave me a tour of the equipment and lights. Whenever I have questions he answers them patiently and sometimes repeatedly as I am not proficient with IT equipment.

I am very techy and need updated computers at least every two years. I wish those of us who need more in computing power could be on a different schedule. We are not all the same.
No additional commentary
Please get us a voicemail system that actually works. I routinely do not get voicemails for 2 to 3 days after the person left the message. / If we're going to get new phones in the future, please check into getting ones that have a light on them to indicate whether or not you have phone messages. The stutter sound of the current system is inconvenient & if I'm using the phone in a hurry, I often don't hear/notice it.

Instead of always having to include an authorization code (7 digit number, as well as the # 9 & #1) when we make off-campus, long distance calls & when we use the fax, can you somehow program that info. into our individual office phones? It's such a hassle to have to always include all those extra digits, & heaven forbid if you forget the authorization code, especially when @ the fax machine!
Am very happy with the IT services on our campus
I mostly teach at night and therefore when I encounter a problem, the call to the help desk redirects to Bloomington. The calls I have made to the afterhours line have not been at all helpful in resolving issues/problems.

Adobe Connect is functional for on-line teaching but there are better products. The audio needs to be separated from the video (like Webex and Live Meeting). There are delays and nuances in working with the audio using on-campus and personal computers. Connect as a teaching tool is suspect - anything better out there instead of using an on-line meeting tool? Knowledge and support for Connect is non-existing save a couple of resources on-campus. Students need to be trained in on-line technologies (all of them, not only Connect) as part of Orientation instead of spending valuable class time. / / IT Services reacts quickly and helpfully when problems with classroom technology, resolving my couple of problems within 24 hours. The downside is that students put the onus on the instructor for technology problems. Better checking of configurations and an on-call technical resource for immediate problems would be great instead of having to cancel class or change assignments because of technical problems. / / [IRD]

On at least 2 occasions, they have gone above & beyond requirements to facilitate my teaching, and even helped me once when my Droid had a problem. Thank you, your efforts are appreciated!

I was unable to download the programs I needed like Word 7 or 10 and IT was not able to help me. I purchased Word 7 at the bookstore and when the program would not load, was not able to get any help. I spent a lot of time in IT on the second floor of the library building and the staff was not able to resolve my difficulties and I was not able to return the Word 7 that I purchased even though it would not install on my computer. It was all very frustrating. I am going to regular commercial computer expert as I need these programs and IT could not figure out how to get the programs to load or download. I tried all the suggestions to get these programs to load but none of them worked. My laptop is Vista based so is not too old to run these programs.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate all that you do to make the IT processes work smoothly. [IRD] is very willing to come to class and help students there as well as in the library.

After I have logged into OneStart, it is annoying to have to put in name and password again to access mail.

The computers in the Math Lab are sometimes a little slow.
I teach computing classes at IUK. I applaud the great strides the IT department has made in the past couple of years towards helping students and faculty with their IT needs. I am bothered by problems with some general IT services that are not caused by IUK IT staff. / 1. There is no on-site help available to computer classrooms after 5:00PM when classes run till 10Pm in computer classrooms. Calls to an off-site helpdesk usually do not help. There is nothing worse than having a less than well- functioning classroom for entire class because help is unavailable. / 2. I am embarrassed that the start date for IUK (and IUPUI that I know of) student electronic files is the "beginning of time". I think a programmer inserted this as a place holder while the program was in development and no one ever went back to correct it. This situation provides for a good party joke or two within the community. / 3. Students would be better off with no wait list than with one that operates so poorly. A student can place their name on the wait list but when a slot opens that student is not eligible to be placed in the class until the registrar's office runs some programs that they rarely run. So the waiting student is kept waiting while another student gets the newly opened slot.

Had difficulty scanning data on copier to send to myself. It said I was over my limit. It was fixed after a few weeks. / Use Oncourse for all my handouts. Very satisfied. For some reason on my computer I have a problem accessing Faculty Center at time. I don't know if this is just a problem with my MAC or others have that problem. Usually time fixes the problem.

Several times when I sent messages or posted assignments through Oncourse, they disappeared into the "vast hole of telecommunications'. More than once I had to repost assignments, making them late.

IUK personnel offer weekly training sessions in Technology at convenient times and repeated sessions. I check weekly for latest offerings that may aid in my instructional ability.

The equipment in the classrooms is not the best. It is hard to see anything on the screen.
Yes, in the words of my students, "you guys rock."

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I had an incident report against me by IT at Bloomington. They gave me 24 hours to respond and pay. Clearly I did not have the technical knowledge to complete the electronic illegal activity. It was not until after [IRD] contacted Bloomington IT and encouraged them to check a little deeper into the incident that Bloomington realized that it was an error. / / Thanks

I have appreciated the hard work our IT staff does here at IU Kokomo.......very helpful and knowledgeable....

IUIE is a challenge to use and I hate the new layout for SIS...it is very small and does not utilize the screen as I feel it should and puts a strain on your eyes. Also, the new layout of SIS does not allow users to print from Firefox only Internet Explorer - which is incredibly unreliable as a browser.

(1) I would like to see a more welcoming environment to communicate information to students regarding the availability of tutoring, training, and consulting services that can enable success in their academic courses. To effectively communicate to and engage students requires the full commitment and cooperation of the academic organization at all levels – academic advising and the faculty, to name two. The [IRD] is demanding it and IT Training is trying to respond, but the middle levels including faculty are showing little enthusiasm. IT Training is making inroads in these areas, but progress is too slow. IT has the training staff who is excited to deliver, but the organization blames "bureaucracy" and "the need to go through administrative processes to change the policies" that have become roadblocks to communicating easily and quickly to students. Also, there may be reluctance by faculty to embrace IT's willingness to help because they (faculty) are not experienced with the tools and solutions presented by IT Training. / / (2) I would also like to see a more effective and proactive process to deliver computer skills training to incoming students. There is currently no "screening method" to identify those new, incoming students with low computer skills. These are the students that quickly suffer in their courses because the academic environment today is technology-centric. Without a good grasp of the fundamental computer skillset, students face a steep uphill battle that may last their entire academic career and beyond. IT has the staff to accomplish this, we need the process. /

Very slow response on web site questions/requests for help. I understand that students are now helping, but their knowledge is limited. My request has not been resolved. I sent the request in October 2010.

The IT team at IU Kokomo are professional, courteous, and always strive to provide the best customer service.

Our phones are old in our office & we are unable to transfer calls to one of them. It would be nice to have newer phones with the capability of setting different ringtones for different offices. / / I am really pleased with the patient & prompt attention to issues we've had with our computers. Thank you!

The two areas of concern are the telephone system and the website. / / We still get fast busy signal during peak calling times making it frustrating to try and make phone calls. / / Hopefully the fixes with WCMS are final and things don't keep breaking. For the last several months links that you do not edit just break ... No one has time to check their links on a daily basis and that is what has been necessary. /

Telephone service could be improved simply by updating office telephones. There is no telephone headset device that fits the old phones in our offices. At various times of the year we make many phone calls to our students and parents, and must use the computer to access databases and enter data while we talk. This is very uncomfortable and creates head and neck problems. Bottom line...updating the phones would be much appreciated.

I cannot say enough about our IT support people. They are wonderful. They work so hard, and put up with so much from so many and keep smiling!

I've always been pleased with their service and response time.
The only problem I struggle with is having access to the computers in the library on weekends and holidays. It is very frustrating to have homework assignments and you cannot access the computers to do the work. I would like to see more hours in library since that is where the computers are being housed. Even if the library is closed...professors still expect the work to be done on time. It is not possible for everyone to have fast internet service at home if it is not offered where they live. Please consider longer hours at library or on campus for students. With work scheduled the way they are access is essential for students… no matter what time it is. I do my best work late at night when everyone else is gone so you have quiet time to think and work. 24x7 hours would be nice.

The current WCMS could definitely use improvement. Too much down time.
There should be some visual means of telling that you have a voicemail waiting. Perhaps a red light on the phone?

I have used the help desk on several occasions and have found the staff very approachable and most helpful. I have also taken advantage of the one-on-one tutoring that [IRD] has offered on Campus and I have benefited greatly from his services. One other note: I worked in a local automotive parts manufacturing plant that was plagued with computer problems almost on a daily basis; therefore, I am so impressed with quality of services and the integrity of the computer systems here on campus!

IU Kokomo has the best support. Whenever I call they are always willing and knowledgeable to help. / There is no waiting - they are great!!! / / By the way - what happened to [IRD]. He was the BEST thing that ever happened to IT here at Kokomo.

The employees of IT are very helpful at all times. They have always been kind and prompt in helping me with any and all problems. The telephone system at IUK needs revamping and we need new phones and reliable voice mail.

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Many of us, as students, experienced difficulty the entire semester retrieving our printed jobs from the printer in SM 102 Hunt Hall. It would be helpful if someone could spend a little time investigating why the printer operates poorly. That printer is very unreliable, and it displays an error message with nearly every print. In order to retrieve one's prints, he/she must stand next to it and continuously press the "check" button. It's very frustrating to lose prints when we have paid for them.

The printing availability needs to be more efficient throughout the entire campus.
Whenever I use a computer at school, I am bombarded with popups, such as toolbars when getting on the internet and other preferences that have to be clicked off before I actually surf the web. When logging on to the computer itself there are quite a few windows that have to load in the beginning, not sure what they are but I would rather wait until I get home so I don't have to click everything off and just use my computer. Java update reminders are another constant popup. Another serious problem is the antivirus on the IU software download. Have had several problems with it (Mac and Windows version) I have downloaded it and uninstalled it many times because of problems, finally I stopped trying to download it. It constantly would say (after installation) that it was not installed properly and would cause problems. This has deterred me from downloading any other software available.

If you have programs installed on any student access computers, the same programs should be available on all such devices. / Please make sure you do periodic validation updates as my entire [IRD] class was locked out of Quick Books Pro 2010 and IT did not solve the problem----I did!!!

I hope that the new Apple computers didn't cost much more than comparable windows based computers.

Yes there is. The log in process for the computers is extremely repetitive. I hate having to first log onto the computer then when I want to print log in again and if I access email, OneStart, or Oncourse. I have to log in AGAIN. SO to use computers and print something off of Oncourse i have to log in 3 times and with the really long pass phrases this gets a little old. One last thing is that one start is always slow when using off campus. I have no problems with any other websites.

I believe the IU Print pop up is unnecessary and a rather waste of time. It is a good idea to have many different tools defaulted on the desktop for IU-Kokomo students, but there's no need to have 3 different browsers on the desk top. Keep it simple. The log in time for students to access the desk top is extremely long. If the log in was faster I would use the computers at school more often, but since it takes so long, I choose to typically ignore having to use them.

Overall I have been fairly satisfied with IUK's IT environment. I have, however, encountered problems with the use of various software required for classes. These problems are usually solved through updates and other simple means. Unfortunately it seems that many professors do not check to make sure that the programs used for class work properly. Instead, the problems are realized when students are in class and trying to use the programs themselves. This kind of error generally creates at least one wasted class period. Perhaps professors could be required to complete an IT checklist to make sure that everything is in order before they begin to teach a class. I would hate to add any extra processes, but I also really hate wasting valuable and expensive lecture time. This problem really came to light during a K201 class I attended. I would venture to guess that we wasted at least 25% of our allotted class periods throughout that semester. Of all the programs we used, PowerPoint and word were the only two that did not cause difficulties. Although I would largely blame the professors for these problems, I believe the best solution would involve a collaborative effort between the IT and educational staff. Thank you for your concern. Keep up the good work!

Copiers in the library should be able to be used from the GoPrint quota. / I would like to be able to add a library printer to my laptop so I can print an assignment without having to log in to a public computer.

There are some great guys at the help desk! Even when they're not on duty, and I have a problem, I don't have to hesitate to ask. They're always great and friendly! Thank you!

There are so many people that use the cu-lab it would be nice to have another set of computers in there.
The only technology frustrations I have are printing troubles and that there are not enough computers on campus during busy times. The nursing students need their own printing lab to print all their multi-page manuals or IU Kokomo should offer a print shop service for large jobs. Also more computers need to be made available in the main building and library. I have a laptop but would prefer not to carry it around if enough computers are available on campus.

The networks run very, very, slowly more slowly than they do at my home.
As the student population increases, the number of computers available on campus hasn't seemed to be increasing.

All were very helpful at the beginning of my first semester. I have yet to really need anything from them since, but I have overheard conversations from others that are very satisfied.

Get rid of those crappy ball mice in the SM building computer labs.
I came from IUPUI and had an 800 # that I use when I need a question answered. This has not happened since I came to IUK. [IRD] has made himself available and I know where to go if I need assistance. I do most of my work at the library and I find the IT components very worthwhile and easy to use. The librarians have been more than helpful with any research papers I've had to do!! / / I think the IUPUI IT center is available 24 hours a day, I may be mistaken, but I do remember calling late one night and them being available. This was a great help to me. / / I hope this evaluation helped. I'm a nursing student, so I don't use the systems like some of the other students do. / /

I wish it was easier to print on campus from the computer labs. There are too many students printing to one printer and it causes backups and loss of printed work.

It would be nice to be able to turn in more of our written assignments electronically. I feel this would be more efficient and produce less waste. I understand this isn't possible for all assignments.

I have taken several online courses and I would like to see that all the bugs are worked out, when you copy and paste into the forum of Oncourse. I have had many problems submitting high quality work that in the end once copied and pasted looks horrible. Fonts change, size of fonts change that are different sizes, paragraphs run together. You guys really need to work on the word format that is in Oncourse forums.

Additional printers need to be made available to students. In addition, higher volume (industrial) printers should be purchased and additional efforts should be made to keep the printers in working order. There was one day last semester none of the printers were working in the library. Nursing students should have designated printers due to the volume of material they print. Instructors should be instructed how to upload power points onto Oncourse in a compressed fashion so that it doesn't take 15mins for one student to print off 10 power point slides for one lecture.

I am satisfied with IT services and support but would like to see more computer labs and colored printers available.

The printing on campus could definitely use some work. At times, the printers get very behind and printing on campus can be a hassle. Also I am in the Nursing program and we are required to print many pages for lecture and clinicals. This semester alone we had syllabuses that were over 60 pages. I think that the number of copies available does not cover what I need to print on campus. I find myself using my home computer to print much of the time. I would like to see an increase in the number of pages available to print.

On the Oncourse site it is difficult to view 2 items in the same division. For example, trying to look at 2 different assignments for the same class at the same time takes more work than it should.

Each time I have used the IT services or the help desk, the staff has been courteous. And the expertise has been excellent.

Very pleased overall with IT at IUK
IT service and support is readily available for students at IUK, and this instruction is extremely helpful. However, some instructional staff have inadequate technology knowledge. Instructors should know how to do the technology tasks which they require the students to do within the course work. Some instructors of the ACCELerated Classes do not use OnCourse...students are paying an additional fee for these courses.

OneStart could use a make-over. Sometimes it's difficult, i.e. confusing, to navigate, and Self Service is worse. The Self Service portal needs to be coded to use standard browser navigation and the menus and navigation path could be a bit more intuitive. / / Overall, being able to add/drop/register for classes, and purchase text books online is critical and very valuable. I'm very happy with being able to do so from the comfort of my own home. Kudos for those capabilities.

Always very helpful. Always gets my needs met as soon as they can.

I am not sure this falls in your jurisdiction, but I feel the sites are cluttered with too much information it's next to impossible to figure the site out, and registration should not be forced on the students to do them. That is why we have counselors I find IU of Kokomo current attitude towards less is more, yet having overly complicated websites is infuriating. I feel the IT should take a lesson from the New Media Communications Department and make easy to use sites. I also feel that student registration should have some type of online tech support if counselors are going to push their job on the students.

I would like to see a class for all incoming students. It would make the students more aware of the IT availabilities at IU Kokomo. I feel the campus could do a better job in letting all students know of what is available. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything everyone has done for me.

You guys and girls do a good job. Keep up the good work.
The classroom computer labs and the computer rooms need to be maintained every day. Sometimes the computers are locked from student not logging off properly and the printers need attention sometimes. I notice these problems will go on for weeks on the same equipment.

Larger print interfaces for the more trafficked portions of the network.
I have recently gotten a Nook (not the color one) and I would like to connect to the internet on it. This is supported through Barnes and Noble and it doesn't make much sense to me since you guys work closely together. Also, I would appreciate being able to put my e-books on the Nook. It is cumbersome to bring both my nook and the laptop to be able to read and then access stuff on my computer and email. I know it's a new technology, but I would like something to be done here. This is an area that you are missing out on. Thanks.

I Was very pleased to see the Digital Media Center in the IU Kokomo Library. I use mainly Macintosh Computers and find they allow me get more work done more quickly and would like to see more integration of those computers in more areas of the campuses. I believe if more people could work using a Mac, they would have more options and resources at their disposal to aid in the learning process. Thank you

Overall, IT services have been invaluable in attaining my degree. The only major issue I have ever had has been printing issues in the library. Otherwise, IT support was always able to quickly solve any other problems I've had.

Please fix the remote printing capability for Mac laptops. Create a digital space for students to connect and post.

The computers on campus are slow and there are always pop-ups for Google and other programs I have no use for at this time. It's also obvious that we do not want the computer to remember our I.D.'s or passwords so that feature should be disabled so we do not have to be bothered with click "no" every time we log on to a site. IUCAT appears to be overly complicated so only a few people know how to use it (librarians and students with an affinity for computers systems of that nature) and it is not very user friendly to the average student.

Keep up the good work!
It would be nice to have more computer labs available in the main building. Currently they are usually occupied by classes.

I am disappointed in the lack of support for the Macs on campus. As a New Media major I prefer the Macs on campus way above the PCs but they have very little support. It's gotten so bad that I bring my MacBook Pro to the Mac Lab on campus because the software is not installed properly on those computers. AMAZING computers but because the Adobe software is improperly installed I have trouble using them.

I wish we had roll-over printing like other campuses do. / Also, it is not fair to charge people who print on both sides of the page an extra 4 cents. They are saving the campus paper costs. It only does this when the print job is an odd number of pages, but it adds up.

Keep up the good work!
I would like to suggest signs noting that students should log off when their computer use is complete. I watched four people come and go from a single machine yesterday because someone didn't log off. I assume killing it and restarting it does the trick, but the person before just pressing a couple buttons saves a lot of time and energy. Just a thought.

I despise the printing system and having to retype your login information each time you have to print. Please take it away.