2011 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Note: Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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Increase storage limits on email (Onestart)

Remote access to work computers from home

Much of my interaction with computer and IT support is through school sponsored staff. It is my understanding that this is being phased out. I am concerned that the larger UITS staff will be unfamiliar and unresponsive to the specific research and educational needs within my school and department. It would be great if these staff could remain housed in the school while serving as UITS staff.
Relatively often wireless connection disappears, luckily for a short period of time. It would be great to fix this.

Need wifi throughout the cancer pavilion and the hospitals. Would be great if you could provide more support for MAC systems, iphone, iPAD.

There needs to be much better communication about available services. Especially the research services are largely unknown to me and that is my primary job!

There needs to be quicker response to grant people guest access to the network.

There used to be a 3-year cycle for replacement of faculty/office computers/printers. Does that replacement 'cycle' exist any longer? Kudos to the operation of the computer lab on 3rd floor of Kelley School of Business. The staff does a great job keeping the lab/s quiet so people can get work done, getting people to leave the room when they receive phone calls, assisting if users have questions. Give them a BIG RAISE....ok...a word of thanks.

OnCourse seems to get worse rather than better. The Chatrooms are just awful. I have tried to use them with my classes when the campus was closed and overall it was not a worthwhile experience (comments were dropped, not posted, delayed, etc.).

Many of our classrooms have wonderful set ups but the set ups are not consistent and better directions need to be attached to work stations. In addition, for some classrooms there are significant issues (e.g., speakers that don't work adequately or computers that do not allow multiple screens to be posted.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Communication and education about new IT technology that might be helpful to teaching, research or productivity.

You didn't let me comment on any of the earlier screens and I don't remember all the comments I wanted to make.

The computer labs in BS3000 (I think that's the location) are excellent, but you guys don't let me schedule the 3 class periods I need for my research methods course (you only let me schedule the first one and then I have to wait about week 10 to find out if I can hold the other two sessions).

OnCourse sucks. Yes, it's been getting better, but I don't grade the way you guys do, and the message system is still clunky. I penalize students for sending me messages through OnCourse instead of direct email, but it's too much trouble.
I have had limited experience with UITS, but wish I had more. There are many functions and services of which I'm not aware. A few comments on my experiences: upgrading the internet connectivity in my campus office seemed to take forever (probably longer than reality). I still use the old voicemail system in my campus office and the interface is so bad that I often don't check my phone messages regularly because it's so time-consuming and user-unfriendly (I need to convert phone message to computer attachments). I use Outlook for on-campus e-mail checking and I have a difficult time with that as well (particularly messages being marked as "read" accidentally--I'm probably doing something wrong). That's my biggest complaint there. OnCourse is functional but not flashy; it could be better (or at least more user-friendly) but it seems to work ok from my perspective. I'm sure some of my issues are due to my own ignorance, but some things could be faster and more intuitive. The e-mail spam filters (not sure if these were University-wide or School-wide) were too sensitive for a while this academic year and caused me some embarrassment when important messages were moved to junk folders (and I wasn't regularly checking those), but things seem to be much better now. All in all, I don't necessarily need a lot to be happy when it comes to information technology -- fast, reliable internet access; functional, up-to-date technology in the classroom, and a few other services here and there and I'm good. I appreciate that you are asking for input and collecting data in order to improve service--thanks!

Keep up your good work. Continue to look for new ways to add value. Anticipate high demand periods, such as near semester end and the heavy load on OnCourse. Do not inform professors that OnCourse class sites will be visible to students on "xxxx" date for the upcoming semester; but, then turn around and make the OnCourse sites available to students earlier than that date without informing us. It is not necessarily "a plus" to make the new semester's OnCourse sites visible to students earlier than planned if we do not know they will be made available earlier than originally planned, despite our ability as professors to hide the OnCourse site (that action brings up questions from the students too as to why they cannot see the site!) I do not want the students to necessarily see a partially completed class site.

The School of Journalism at IUPUI turned control of two computer classrooms over to UITS last semester. The information provided about the transition, the meetings with UITS staff and administrators, the replacement of technology in the classrooms, and the follow-up support were outstanding. I really appreciated help from [IRD] and his staff. They provided excellent information and service.

The access to library services is good from my residence computers, however, it is not possible to download scientific papers in the same way that it is done from campus computers.

IU office software needs to be fixed. There are three of us in our household who have and are allowed access to iuware. But the software does not allow all of us to use it at the same time (we are all on the same home wifi network and the software knows this.) This is very annoying. As a result, I must buy copies of certain software -- like Microsoft office -- even though it is on iuware.

The spam filter continually puts some student emails in Junk even when these are sent from OnCourse and sent only to the instructor. This is a huge issue for those teaching large enrollment courses.
Your people constantly make "system upgrades" but you never check to make sure that anything works afterward. Most of the time they don't. Why would you ever make upgrades to OnCourse, 2 weeks prior to the start of a semester, shutting down the entire system. You people live in your own little world and don't even consider anyone else. You are supposed to be a resource for us, not the other way around. Your customer service is pathetic. My Windows 7 and IE8 are incompatible, yet no one from your shop has the least interest in getting it to work right. I have to have a laptop with XP on it so I can do on-line job and graduate school references for my students because my desktop is incapable of connecting with these systems. To be honest I don't use you anymore because you always screw something else up when you "fix" an issue. I get better support from Best Buy Geek squad than you guys. You're a joke.

Email system hard to use.
UITS could be more up to date on understanding software. All the techs do not seem to be up to date. At times, on the research end the turn-around time is not as efficient as I think it could be. I think there may be too few techs working in the department of medicine. They always seem to be backed up and unable to handle our inquiries in a timely manner.

Streamline OnCourse and OneStart. They are clunky.

The library system is horrible.

The services provided by IU are in general excellent. My only gripe is how small the exchange mail box is, compared to other offers available through gmail or hotmail. Only 2GB in 2011? It's soooo uncharacteristic!
OnCourse is useful but has many limitations. We tried to upload photos for specific questions for a final. It showed up when we did it but not when the test ran. HUGE PROBLEM as there where 4 questions related to this.

I just started working with people from the AVL lab this year. As a faculty member, I found the AVL lab to be amazing and I will incorporate that area into teaching. I also found their staff and faculty to be exceptionally helpful.

In general, things are OK from a technology perspective, but I am constantly having problems with my in-room computer and projection system in both my classrooms. It should be the simplest, most straightforward thing in the world, but I'm constantly not able to sign on to the computer or get the computer and projector synced up. I know what all the settings are supposed to be, I'm a highly-competent computer user by any measure, yet the in-room computers are always a mess. Very frustrating.

OnCourse and OneStart were both clearly designed by people without direct experience of the life of instructors (or possibly even much interaction with other humans). They are both thoroughly counter-intuitive, and so confusing that in the case of OneStart I usually just ask our departmental administrative assistant to find the information for me. OnCourse has become better but something needs to be done to fix the grading options. OneStart just needs to be completely redesigned using logical and useful menus so that people like me with limited computer skills and patience can make better use of it.

I wish there is a way to easily record my lectures with one touch button (like turning on the projector) and automatically (or semi-automatically) post on OnCourse beside my PPT slide posts (like YouTube) so that students can listen to.

Please increase Exchange mail quota.
I wish you would update or let us know where the instructions are for setting up messages etc. for the telephones. Anytime I need to know I have to call you. The original instructions you distributed are out of date.

Keep up the good work. I am always encouraging my students to use the services while still in school to become familiar with the latest technology. I also tout the OnCourse learning environment to others. (Except that I would like to have access to my old courses for a longer period of time than 2 years or a better way to export the course.)

Exchange/Outlook e-mail storage is not large enough.

"Unsubscribe" from some listservs does not work.

OnCourse CL contains many SERIOUS limitations, and in no way provides "an infrastructure of resources and services now recognized as one of the nation's finest".

IT, is supposed to provide leadership for all elements of IU's technology infrastructure, especially with respect to the quality of UITS services. It is clear that there are no OnCourse "priorities" important enough to actually address and correct, even after repeated requests from faculty - particularly Gateway faculty, faculty in large courses teaching some of the Indiana University's finest students with a miserable, outdated, slow, clunky infrastructure that regularly crashes, loses data, and cripples productivity.

I called 274-help twice last year for two different incidents related to my email account. Both times, I ended up calling for help from the school tech support. The help desk was very polite and was trying to help, but they were not skillful or knowledgeable enough to help me solve the problems. I wish UITS will hire stronger help desk personnel to provide quality services.

Need better printer support and repair services

Need let us know what services available. Overall is good.

Wow. Communication is defined by Webster as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior. From its "Latin" roots, the word refers to more than the mere transmittal of information. Communication involves people coming together to a common understanding. Messaging involves sending out signals. Today, I am sending a message that the system has a lot of tools, but I do not know what half of the tools can do for me. I am not satisfied with an electronic record system that does not allow for mining of data from dictated notes in the clinical setting. Will the University Information technology Services dept. ever get it when it comes to clinical medicine? I do not know. Is messaging the new way for people to interact? I can think of a million things that I would rather be doing than living attached to an electronic device to message other people without talking or without the emotions that human beings demand.

OneStart is terrible. Everything I ever sought to find always seemed to be buried under several layers of unintuitive menus. Whoever designed this site ought to be flogged in a public place.

I have been disappointed with the lack of administrator rights on research lab/office computers - especially when multiple new programs are needed to projects, etc. It is true that install times have shortened over the past year, but still it is frustrating to not be able to install programs as needed (especially since I have admin rights on my work laptop, but can't get it on my desktops).

Faculty need more space in Outlook for e-mail. I'm tired of always getting the message that I'm close to my maximum storage space. This is why I usually work through my Yahoo account. My ability to maintain e-mails is unlimited! It's sad when you have to go to a public, free e-mail system to get the space you need to conduct business because your place of employment is unable to offer you the same benefit.

The Knowledge Base needs to be more user-task oriented. The new OneStart interface has improved over the original, but it's still clunky and complicated. We need more computer classrooms with flexible seating arrangements and laptop accommodations. I'm tired of teaching in straight rows with students hidden behind monitors. UITS does a fantastic job of helping us with computer problems. We need a usability testing lab on the IUPUI campus, used by UITS and by students/faculty in relevant courses.

I appreciate that document cameras are increasingly installed in more classrooms. I've noticed that, in some classrooms, when I select the document camera that image does not appear on the desktop monitor; it only appears through the projector. When using the document camera, I'm facing the class (not the screen); therefore, it would be very helpful if the document camera image is setup to appear on all class room desktop monitors.

Improvements: faster network response (that is, less time waiting for read/write over network); fewer network outages/crashes; more server storage space; fewer OnCourse outages; faster OnCourse speeds

Kudos to people responsible for loading SAS software on computers - went the extra mile to load onto my doctoral students' computers this summer.

Please make available clickers (PRS) at each large lecture hall / room. This would be ideal, cost effective, useful, and effective.

UITS seeks to provide all things to all people at extraordinarily high costs in an era when most are comfortable with solving their own technology problems. For example, who needs centralized teleconferencing in an era when an iPhone or laptop provides easy, and distributed use of such services? Why do we pay a fortune for campus telephone lines when for almost nothing we can purchase a phone number from Google voice with simpler access to voice mail and other services at a tiny fraction of the cost? The irony is that the best things UITS provides - like wireless access all over campus - are free. Also, the campus search engine is terrible, and always has been; Google works better. Why not just get out of the way?

Thanks for the supports that UITS provides.
One bridge needs to work outside university not just from your office or on campus.

For outlook, sometimes VPN is still required for some reason, even though it should not with IU secure.
Still, support has been very good, and they are a pleasure to work with.

I would like to see more specific support for schools. Students pay a technology fee and now it is very difficult to get specialized software unique to individual schools.
Please make the campus Mac friendlier. It is, after all, better.
The location of desktop monitors in the classrooms at IUPUI is not conducive to teaching. They are awkwardly positioned for instructor use.

The Wi-Fi signal strength is poor and erratic. Needs improvement.

Also, MS Outlook synchronization with wireless smart phones is not functional for many OS. Needs UITS attention.

Several times when calling for help, I have gotten the Bloomington help. We then waste a bit of time before it is realized that I am talking to the wrong folks. IUPUI ought to have a direct line to IUPUI help since most times Bloomington responses are irrelevant and wrong.

Regarding the questions in first part of questionnaire, after the first questions it was not clear if they were addressing home used computer or work.

I recently had trouble accessing the SIS grade roster for classes I was teaching. It turned out the problem went away when I switched to Mozilla browser. I was working from my home at the time. It would be nice if my regular browser Internet Explorer 8.0 still worked from home with the SIS grade rosters.

Wifi in many classes rooms is awful (i.e., the Nursing building and library).
Systematic periodic hardware upgrades would be desirable.
Near the end of every semester, when OnCourse access is essential, there is a system failure, either just before final exams, during finals week, or just before grades are due.

Some OnCourse features are poorly designed and lack simple features. Reports of problems are sometimes ignored.

System maintenance is scheduled at awkward times. This semester, the OneStart faculty center was down all day on the final day before I-grades converted to F. Faculty members wishing to change grades could not get to the system. The registrar had sent a message specifying the final day as a Saturday, but that Saturday was the day that UITS decided to close the system. Did no one consider this?

The FAR is really cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Outlook Exchange continues to have issues with schedule categories. Web Outlook is good but it doesn't have the look-up when entering recipient names. Remote Desktop is a terrace help.

There are some non-productive edicts coming from UITS. More communication with researchers prior to causing headaches would be welcomed.

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

The major issue with our computer systems is who will work on the computer when we have a problem. Whether it is our department IT or University IT. We are located in Emerson Hall in the Department of Surgery. This has been the biggest problem since I have been here [IRD] years.

I think that the update emails sent should be more visually appealing. You guys are IT and could show some of your skills in the emails.

The knowledge base and voicemail systems are not user friendly. I'd like to see more topics covered in knowledge base, e.g. detailed information on the voicemail system. I've been unable to find the information I need to better understand how to use my voicemail system.

Need to improve smart cell phone reception in campus buildings. IB gets great Verizon service but very poor ATT and Sprint.

Thank you for all your assistance. It is appreciated, dependable.

I would like for the usability of the UMS site would improve. It's not as intuitive as the other IU cites.
The purchasing process is very cumbersome. It has serious potential problems, i.e. I hired a temp and the bill is supposed to be sent to Bloomington. How would they know how many hours my temp worked? The temp company could bill us for anything they wanted and Bloomington wouldn't know if it was correct. It's a very cumbersome process to reimburse guest speaker who travel here. I often have to pay for something and get reimbursed and that process is very cumbersome too.

As the paging system can be a critical notification, it does no good when we don't receive our pages until an hour after they are sent. We have had that on several occasions. I don't know how much you can do about that, but it would be something I would think would be worth looking into.

Our scanner functionality continues to be a major problem within the dept. for all users. I have problems with Microsoft exchange server either slowing down or freezing to point that I have to re-boot my computer. This seems to have improved somewhat lately.

This semester an email glitch was noticed in regards to mail forwarding. Many students had not forwarded their mail to their u/imail account or external account correctly. Therefore, several university communications were held up from bursar to academic unit. UITS was contacted to investigate this matter further. The global address book is not updated with students' umail accounts. So, that is another suggested improvement. Otherwise, the global address book is not really usual if it cannot be updated with the forwarded i/umail accounts. Again, if the student does not forward mail correctly, then it does not matter because the information will not be delivered. Since, this occurred with several students, then this may be a usability issue on how the instructions are worded. This is still being investigated.


Another issue is that the UITS support in the 24-hour technology lab is not trained on the multimedia equipment. They can help you with locating a printer and basic Microsoft Office issues, but not with the multimedia equipment. Perhaps some basic training on the equipment should be implemented to better assist students/faculty/staff who may need assistance.
This survey is a little too long.
1. No Wireless connectivity at parking lots. Absolutely unacceptable in a contemporary, city university.
2. You must decrease the size of labs and fixed computer lab stations because virtually everyone owns a laptop or computer now. That's a waste of time-money and bad allocation of resources. Instead provide better wireless coverage, better and wider software solutions etc.

As with all things, there is always room to improve and nothing is perfect but overall UITS does a good job. I believe IU is the most technologically advanced university. I have been to other campuses with much less technology and support. I have been spoiled here at IU! I think UITS helps us advance in this area so we can stay ahead of others. The deep software discounts and hardware vendor discounts are great!

The UC UITS techs have always been extremely helpful to me and because I am not always working from my IUPUI office, they are very good about seeing me for computer problems as a "drop-in". Also, they will do their best to fix whatever the problem is but will also answer my questions without making me feel "stupid".

The cost of long distance and phone service is very high considering that UITS doesn't make it a goal for everyone to have the latest phone technology. My phone is basically from the 1980s, 12 buttons, no caller ID, loud ringer, etc.

I would like to see a better preface for the Microsoft Webmail services. As a staff member, utilizing the webmail system on my home laptop is not conducive, nor does it flow as nicely, as Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately I cannot access my Outlook from my phone or home laptop. I would also like to see call waiting services, or at least an option for multiple lines to ring, on my office phone.

I hate TIME. EPIC is so much easier to navigate than its predecessor. The OnCourse Test and Survey Tool is improving but still has bugs. Some faculty are reluctant to use it because of security.

Overall,UITS does a great job.

I am an IU employee working in the VA Hospital. It is very difficult to coordinate activities between the 2 services many times. But, once the job is scheduled, it gets done to my satisfaction.

I hate the IUPUI Exchange Account from home. It groups conversations with the same reply. It is really hard to read.

I always have pleasant experiences when dealing with UITS staff! I feel fortune to have such a support system available to me. It may not count as benefits financially, but the support offered by UITS is an added benefit university employees should recognize. Not many of my family or friends have access to the high-end technology we have here on campus. Up-to-date and modern.
I manage small projects on campus through CFS and utilize the commreq email quite a bit. Although my latest experience has shown this is improving, it is still lacking in many areas. My concerns are: you never know who or when the work is processed, you just get the generic "we received your request" email. You also do not when the work takes place or when it has been completed.

If UITS is providing support for SharePoint then changes need to be made. There is virtually no helpful support for departments trying to use this environment. Departments need to be able to focus on their work and not have to become technical experts in SharePoint to utilize the functionality it offers. We are extremely disappointed but hopeful that it will improve.

I think with all the new technology we should have computers in our department that do the functions that our job requires. We have outdated either programs or computers, that freeze up and won't even let you log in or do the work that we are required to do.

I have only had to contact UITS once and found the service to be very responsive. The individual I spoke with was equally helpful and responsive.

Phone's need upgraded across campus. Still using phones from what looks like the mid-90s.
The TIME Portal for PAO staff is very challenging and does not support use of accrued time in accordance with university policy. This often creates challenges for staff when they have to wait an additional 2 weeks to access accrued time that is not reflected in the TIME Portal when university policy states they can access and use accrued time as soon as it has been accrued. That discrepancy between the system and policy should be reconciled.

We have a technology staff person within our department who works with us and UITS so I do not have as much interaction with the system myself, but I have been satisfied with the services when needed and am happy to wee tech classed made available to update skills.

The time on the timesheets (ie. comp time, vacation time) should be added and deducted promptly.
There are too many "dead" spots.
Most of the techs/consultants are knowledgeable and respond very quickly when you have problems. Overall I think you all do a good job.

Provided more access to IT training, for developers.
I am very satisfied with UITS.
I work with ISTM for my computing needs. They are fantastic! Whenever, I've had a problem at home and called the UITS Help Desk, the person is never able to help me. My office is within IU Health, so I work through their network.

The connection between IU and Wishard needs to improve. I can get in early enough but by the time I turn on my computer and wait for it to open up I clock in after 8 am and my other systems are very slow about opening up so I can use them.
This survey was too long and there was no "meter" or other mechanism apparent to tell me how much longer it would take - I almost stopped several times.

Congrats to all who figure it all out and make it run smoothly.
I am in a building off campus that is still supported by UITS and had some issues with a fax machine which still hasn't been fixed.

The spam service works - keeping spam out of my e-mail inbox. However, over the past couple of months, I've received huge numbers of spam - like everyday, 5 or more messages. This may not be anything UITS can do something about and my spam service is catching it. I just wonder if that means my work e-mail is being targeted for some negative reason or is vulnerable?

Computer time on clocking in and out is slow in my department.

Overall everything is good. However, I feel like the Campus Operators are not efficient. They often do not know the information when asked and will transfer people to the Campus Center in hopes they would know the information. The Campus Operator needs more training.

The Lynda training would be much more usable for me if it did not require sound as I cannot use sound in my office. I use the medical library services every day, and often I click on links that do not open at all. When trying to find full-text articles in journals, the process is very convoluted, confusing, and time consuming. There doesn't appear to be a way to contact the people involved in this area to ask them to fix things. For example, the on-line unabridged dictionary does not open.

The purchasing system of sending everything to an email address is not working well for us. We do not know when a vendor submits for payment, do not have access to approve the invoice prior to being sent to invoice email address. This should be corrected.

Overall I am very satisfied with the services I have received from UITS especially HelpNet.

Better integration between UITS and the IT needs of campus programs.

Better useable teleconferencing and webinar functionality.
I am satisfied with the services that UITS provides.
Love the STEPS classes and other IT resources for staff/students. It would be great if my Outlook contacts showed up on my residential computer with one or two keystrokes the same way they do on my office computer, but I'm guessing that's because I have an older computer at home.

It would be great if we had the opportunity to purchase a 'wiped clean' version of our current or old computers when we are issued new ones. Would save tons of $$ and allow me to work at home more efficiently. I know about purchasing new hardware, but would love to save the money if I could.


Overall, great work on service and support. Thanks!

It would be very beneficial if the people working the helpdesk (and e-mail response) would remember one thing: not everyone has their knowledge of information systems, and that is why they are seeking help. Communicate clearly and try not to use too much lingo; use layman terms. Don't treat people like idiots, they aren't, they are just frustrated that something is not working. This is part of the job. Either own it or move on to something you are better suited for.
Please build into each process update schedule to update the knowledge base along with the process.
Thank you for this opportunity to comment!

The only area I can see where ease of use is a bit of an issue is the IUIE reporting capabilities. It is very cumbersome and difficult to manipulate.

I don't know that there's anything that can be done about it, but the "upgrade" of SPSS each year is awful. The data doesn't open or analyze the same way from version to version. There are so many errors in the software that I spend a lot of time looking for the patches. I think that the patch should be added to the IUware website regularly.
Also OnCourse continues to be the bane of my existence. It doesn't behave the same way from login to login. Some features have been improved (like tests & surveys) but overall it's not user friendly as an instructor or a student.

The CTL is awesome and should be advertised more widely to faculty.
UITS has a habit of making changes that affect IU Secure wireless, without notifying schools or departments. This greatly affects my work.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

As a graduate paying technology fees, I think that I should get free copies to print on campus computer labs and printers.

I don't feel students who live off campus and NEVER use computers and printers on campus should be charged a technology fee for on-line courses.

Redo OnCourse and Onestart, please. They are not usable. They are a cluttered mess, totally confusing to use and navigate.

I find OneStart very hard to navigate at times. It seems that as I open certain pages to find what I am looking for, I cannot hit the "back" button. I end up having to "X" out and restart from the home page on OneStart.

I am not great with computers. It would be helpful if IT support came to the homes of students that do not live on campus.

Next time I get a letter in the mail asking me to fill out a survey online I will NOT do it. Please, send an e-mail next time.

I know it's a small thing, but at my previous institution we used Blackboard instead of OnCourse and I felt that it MUCH easier to use and less problematic.

The wireless service is great but it is very difficult to set up access if one's computer needs updates.

The classroom technology is excellent, though some equipment doesn't receive service unless the problem is very obvious.

OneStart is a great tool but it is often unable to be accessed.

The course planning tool is excellent for planning courses against requirements. Any upgrades to this system would be welcomed.

Access to adobe breeze helps classes communicate, as well as student teams. Would be great if it was more reliable for uninterrupted streaming and for team use. Otherwise, classes are hard to follow and teams up using skype, which is often even less reliable.

It seems like there are many features that I would use that I didn't know about. Perhaps a monthly "feature" email...i.e. "Did you know you could...?" When emails have a lot of information, a lot of it gets skimmed. Of course, people would be annoyed about getting so many emails, so maybe it could be by subscription or there could be an opt-out. Otherwise, all is great!

You do a great job.

It would be great if video recordings of special classes taken for Microsoft Tools (Excel, Powerpoint),or any other software related tutorials be made available on IUPUI website. If students miss to take these classes due to other class schedule, they can visit this page and watch n learn from the videos at their convenience. If this is already implemented, please ignore this suggestion.

Further improvement of search engine at iupui.edu and improvement of overall usability of OneStart and OnCourse.

I am constantly loosing wireless connectivity and it takes 15-20 minutes to get it back. There is no rhyme or reason for why it happens, and it happens to all of the other graduate students who use their own laptop as well. It is EXTREMELY frustrating.

While at IUB I had several problems with UITS blocking me from connecting to the network on campus due to some phantom virus. I used multiple virus scanning/removal programs, including those offered by IUware, had my computer examined by the Geek Squad, examined by another external computer repair company, and even examined by UITS. All found absolute no viruses/spyware/anything. Yet I was told that I could not be reconnected unless I restored my hard drive (I refused and thus was unable to use the wireless internet on campus for 2 and a half years of my time at IU-B). This is COMPLETELY unacceptable to do make these outrageous demands when your own scanning software fails to find any issues with a computer. There is a point where common sense should come into play and the UITS consultants at IU-B proved that they have none. My tuition paid for that service yet I was refused it for more than half of my time as a student on that campus.

OnCourse program is cumbersome, it needs to be more efficient. I think I waste a lot of time getting to what I need and posting back what I need to send in.
Bursar system did not work for me and they thought it was ???? I used my normal credit card information both semesters and neither time worked correctly. I received the nasty note of "you have not paid" and indeed it is a computer glitch on your end that you do not seem to be able to track. I ended up paying by mailing in checks both semesters.
IT was also terrible for the in class presentations, I ended up looking at an empty table while the rest of the class watched the speakers PowerPoints in Movi. The in room IT person left it to us to confirm each time we could not access the full view-difficult as there were several sessions where they could never hear us. This went through both of my semesters- and I think they should have done the correction the first time and been able to make sure we had access to speak and see power points affectively.
Also, some of the "expert approaches" in OnCourse were in an old version and I could not see the presentations on my Windows 7 laptop. Some of them I could never view regardless- perhaps they were on really old systems.
Powerpoints, presentations and flash programs need to be in a format that is accessible to the newest operating systems or a way for us to connect to a place at IU where we can see/hear independent of the operating system we are on.
I felt like a second class citizen/participant without full access to what I paid for. Customer service ..... consider who is the end user and who is paying --- the student is the customer and needs to get what we pay for. Equally. thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my dire concerns with the information, presentations, expert opinions in OnCourse, bursar etc.

I'd like to find out how to get remote access to university purchased programs, such as running Matlab through my student account.

Please give some examples in explaining the function of service.
The flow of OnCourse and OneStart could be cleaned up to be made more efficient.
OnCourse needs to be updated or replaced.
I am very pleased with the UITS services I have received as a graduate student. I would encourage that The Student Center through OneStart be modified. It is difficult to navigate and not user friendly. I use this regularly and I still have trouble remembering where certain things are located. Also, I wish printing costs were included in student fees. Fortunately, as a graduate student in the School of Social Work we are provided free B&W printing in our student lounge. Without this, I would be significantly inconvenience. I wish this were available throughout campus.
Otherwise, I have been incredibly pleased with UITS. Thank you for providing a great service to the IUPUI community!

Ask UITS people at ET building to pay least attention to the online tickets that are filled out for help.

All too often, the print quality of documents coming off the printers in the labs in the law school is below average!

I am a graduate student and went for a printout at UITS. They charged me about 5 cents which is not a big deal. But, according to me as a student of Indiana University, I should have facility to free print-outs at least up to limited number of copies per month.
I would like to tell about the survey.
Comprehensive survey.
Really good.

Good job!

Keyboards are stiff & need replaced. Please delete personal info saved to the desktop when a user logs off. HATE how OnCourse, OneStart, and e-mail are not integrated. I want one place where I can log in & access these pages on a ribbon across the top of the page.

I feel that the quality of the Helpdesk services need to improve significantly.
More computers available (readily) to medical students would be a vast improvement.
I am in an online program so I never use any of the services on campus but I have been very happy with OnCourse and OneStart.

It's better if more awareness is created about facilities provided by UITS to students!!!
OnCourse is terrible. The people who are available to help with computer problems are great.
I'm not a savvy computer person. I get frustrated at trying to locate certain information. Once I get used to something, it changes. Again, not a savvy computer person.
A couple of years ago I was told to move to gmail from the regular IU email system. I have not really found gmail user friendly and it locks up a lot. If I had one complaint it would be to wonder why this move was requested.

Thanks for all you do. The IT services at IUPUI have made it possible for me to continue my studies while working full time. I really appreciate that!

I have not heard or had access to most of these services
UITS became an indispensable part of my research work, and I am very thankful for their timely assistance for my technical problems.

UITS has been very helpful answering questions and addressing problems I've had.

A note about the survey itself: This survey was a bit confusing because I was not always sure what services were being referenced, so I wasn't sure if they applied to me. Several items toward the end had examples; this was very helpful.

I do NOT appreciate being hounded via email with reminders to take this survey. Also, I would have appreciated being told how long this would take, etc. It would be nice if there was some way to "unsubscribe" from UITS emails as I have no interest in the information.

I was very much impressed by the kind of valuable information we could explore from the IUPUI website to get valuable information like Journals, research articles, text books, etc. This was possible after the IUPUI Library arranged a day (in collaboration with the Phys department) to meet Phys graduate students in the library. The seminar didn't take more than one hour but we got a lot of information. If UITS arranged a similar program to reach students at least once in a semester, it will help us identify many of your valuable services.

Your emails are rather bland. It took me awhile to figure out what the emails were for and what great services you provide. Add a little flavor and advertise.

The most difficult task was registering for classes. Navigating through the course directory was crazy. I had to call my professor to find what I wanted and have her help me register. As an online student, it should be a more streamlined process. Courses should have names, numbers, descriptions all together. If they do, then I missed the boat. My professor indicated that she receives calls all the time for assistance so I do not think it is as easy as it could be. Thanks for asking my opinion.

I do not like it when OnCourse is not functioning properly. When you try to submit a posting on "post thread" you would get an error. This eats up a lot of my time or causes duplication in my posting.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Improve the wireless connection at the building basement.
The only major complaint that I have is the spotty wireless access. Places such as the Barnes & Noble Starbucks (a common study place) and the campus apartments, just to name a couple, have very weak signal, and at times it is impossible to connect. I know of several other students that share my frustration in these areas, and if there are steps you can take to improve these areas, that would be extremely helpful. Thank you for allowing my input on your services.
Great job, keep up the good work!
It would be cool if you had firewall and similar security software.
Better cellphone/tablet apps. Please!
I like the help at the IT building. I think they knew what they were talking about and it was every helpful. I think that the program is going good. I also like the fact that I can go to them for help and they most likely can help me through it.

I love the find an open computer lab website, it should be made more public.
I would like to see a stronger & faster wireless connection throughout the entire campus as a whole. There are some areas of campus the signal is weak and I have had connectivity issues and speed (lag) issues with sites that use flash or other video type services.
I have no addition comments at this time.
Internet at Herron sucks. Badly.
Great help over the phone for any problems you are having.

Sometimes the internet connection in the campus apartments is not that great.

Proper training for the instructors that are required to use OnCourse for a more uniform method of delivery. I find the part-time instructors need more training to properly manage and post information for the course in order to make it more user friendly.

I just got an Amazon Kindle and was unable to connect wirelessly to IU Secure because of some server configuration or settings. While I was able to connect via an att wifi hotspot in the campus apartments, but that was a little disappointing considering how mainstream the Kindle has become. There was also an instance where I was trying to do a native install of a Windows vista or Windows 7 on my MacBook using Parallels. When I got on the online chat with a UITS staffer, I was given misleading information about whether or not this would work. I now know that you do not offer support for Parallels software, but I was not told this upfront and it delayed me in getting the necessary software on my computer when I needed it. Besides that, I am rather satisfied with UITS.

I would like the University Library research to be more user friendly on finding articles, but I can't give any type of suggestion how to do that.

I rarely use computers on campus. OneStart and OnCourse are ok, they are relatively easy to navigate through. I was unaware that IUPUI offers computer support. I still don't know that I understand all of what is offered but will try to look into it. The email is the one thing that could be improved, I don't know if I even have a school email that I can use. Something is linked to my yahoo account but I don't know what it is or how to access a school email account.

There should be more jobs available for students in-campus who have background knowledge about Computers. For example in university library.

PuTTY and WinSCP should be reinstalled on the campus library computers.
The Herron ceramic department printer does not work, as well as the keyboards stick while typing. I don't mind supplying the paper in that building although a working printer would be nice
Too bad that IT doesn't have any input on the campus parking system. =)
Having in-room help for computer labs is great!
Until I recently installed IU Secure Assistant (at the suggestion of one of the aforementioned in-roomers) I had terrible trouble attempting to access any wireless network from my laptop.
The IU and IUPUI websites, OnCourse, OneStart, etc. are too bulky and disjointed. Consider a consolidation where possible, especially to get personal information all in one place.

Bandwidth is terrible most of the time. The only time I get good connection is around 5pm or later.

Pretty good.

It would be really nice if there was a computer repair center also here at IUPUI they have at IUB!

I liked the switch to google email because I found the old webmail a bit awkward. I tried to phone the help center to find out if my laptop needed a 64 bit or 32 bit software but they were not really able to help me. Other than that the web services and walk in services are excellent at IUPUI. Thanks
It's very difficult to navigate to EBSCO host and other similar resources from OneStart. If there was some sort of quick link from OnCourse or OneStart, it would be very helpful and easier to access.

I love IUPUI tech services, the services provided are wonderful; the labs are well staffed and maintained. One can always locate a working computer when needed. IUPUI staff makes learning about new technology (hardware & software) very understandable even for those having little or no prior knowledge.

On OneStart: The "View/Pay Bursar Bill" section is horribly organized and very poorly maintained and updated. Should be a lot more straight forward for students to pay bursar bills.

Make a shorter survey next time.
I use my laptop every day during class, and I frequently have trouble connecting to the wireless network. At other universities I have attended, when there is a problem between your computer and the network you are trying to connect to, a default page appears with common errors and the way to fix them. I don't feel like this university provides any time friendly help in this regard. If I am sitting in class and trying to download a PowerPoint, I can't call the IT services to get help with the problem.
Also, there are numerous dead spots for the wireless internet, even within the same classroom and in one building. I am not sure for the cause of this, but improving the accessibility of wireless would greatly improve the learning environment.

Lastly, the library website is one of the most inaccessible, unfriendly websites I have encountered, especially when it comes to accessing online scholarly journal. I am not sure if the school has benchmark schools it uses as a model, but it might be beneficial to look at the library websites of other universities and figure out how to make ours more user friendly. I have found that many people have difficulty finding scholarly journals and using library websites, and one bad experience will deter them from trying. Fortunately, I have found a way to utilize this university's website in a way that is time efficient and yields satisfactory results-for me.

I am a second degree seeking student, so having all the information available to me (meaning syllabus, grades, email, etc...) online is new from a college stand point. I think this site has been very helpful and user friendly.

I've had nothing but trouble connecting my computer and phone to IUPUI's secure wifi. I know there are a myriad of security concerns in connecting new devices but they have just made it too difficult for me to use. Instead, I just use my phone's data service for both my phone and laptop. That is something I'd prefer to avoid.

For employment for UITS is very hard. Especially students can apply for IT 24 hour lab as a lab consultant once a year. It's very inconvenient. Also some UITS IT building 24hour lab's workers are very unfriendly.

Overall I believe UITS to be average when it comes to locating information. The user interface isn't that intuitive, especially when you have a high work load and don't want to waste time searching for answers or info. I feel a GUI interface in a centrally located page such as one start would help, e.g. library could allow you to view images of the book or article you are looking for. I also feel that the language needs to be dumbed down perhaps a little. For example when installing IU umail, or gmail onto a portable phone such as a droid, there seems to be no easy way to accomplish this without considerable research. Even then the only option I could come up with was to send my email to another account. I want to access this from my phone and I'm having a difficult time doing so. I'm probably most unhappy with course compass. If you start a project and don't finish it then it places that project on a time line which I have a tendency to forget about. The assignment is not readily visible to warn me I still need to complete it, then with a thousand other things going on I wish it would send me warning to perhaps my cell phone to let me know I'm in danger of not completing. Other than that I don't feel the system is terrible, it just needs some polish.

I have had several issues with printers in several different buildings on campus. It costs money for every time I have to reprint something.

I really appreciate your team and their knowledge! I have had great experience with them as an employee and student at IUPUI. I feel that the only areas in the survey that I rated lower were only because I don't feel I received much knowledge on how to work OneStart particularly. It may not be a UITS problem as much as a O-team problem but sometimes I still have problems navigating on it. If there were a way that could show me better, I'd really like that! I haven't had any problems with computers or printing on campus. I have recently had a problem with the University Library printer not registering my JagTag and did not allow me to print. I would like to suggest maybe adding more printing stations throughout campus. As an employee at the Campus Center, I have found that more people complain that they wished there were some other printing stations within certain areas of the BS and ES buildings. I would like to say thank you for all the work that the UITS team has accomplished. I realize they work hard to keep our computers and network up to date and constantly working and really appreciate it more than they can imagine! They don't receive enough credit for the good things that they do to this campus! Thank you!

1) Currently I'm having trouble connecting to campus wireless with my 2004 model laptop on campus - although one of the IT staff at the walk-up service near the 24 hour lab was extremely helpful. Therefore I use IT lab computers very often for coursework.
2) I currently use i-stream in order to listen to lectures recorded at the lecture hall for biology coursework. The current technology used there does not permit us to visually see the professor and the PowerPoints or the additional teaching aids provided during the lecture - is there anyway the lectures in the lecture hall can be visibly seen (available for eye viewing) as well as audio instead of audio only?

You're doing a great job keep it up.

At this time, I am solely an online student. Being able to have access to OnCourse, Bursar/Financial, school records, email service without issue is an essential component to my success at IUPUI. Thus far, the service has been exemplary and very much appreciated. Thank you.

In the Apartments on the Riverwalk, the Internet connections can be awful at times. For paying so much to live here, I believe we should have decent Internet connection as the rest of the campus does, inside the buildings like the Herron building and Campus Center.

Wireless access points sometimes appear to be too slow for productive work.
It is next to impossible to get online at the student center and it is very difficult to get online in the classroom.

Lynda.com is by far the BEST service I have been offered by the University. I urge IUPUI to continue to offer this training service to its students as it has been extremely valuable to my education. This is especially valuable to those in my major.