2011 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

We are very fortunate to have such state of the art hardware and software along with such helpful support staff. It is enormously important to me and I appreciate it!

The help desk people are most courteous and helpful. Thank you for being patient with me.
Media services classroom support staff and IT help desk people are great.
For those of us who teach primarily night classes, it would be nice if there was support longer into the evening. It would also be helpful to have IT support available on Saturdays.

The copiers are always broken!
Wireless does not reach my office because of concrete walls. Hallway printer/copier is terrible and always breaking down. My office computer is a cheap, inefficient piece of junk and as a result I have to purchase and maintain my own computer to do good work for IUS. Please take that money wasted on that computer and subsidize my purchase so I don't have to pay for everything out of my own pocket. Help desk cannot resolve the problem with my computer to printer that either blacks out PDF images (pictures or graphs, etc…) or it will simply not print if you set it not to black those out. Help Desk is ok, but quality has declined steeply, used to be excellent. / There are some incredibly good people working for IT at IUS. We are so fortunate to have them.

I have never been at a University that is so unresponsive to the individual IT needs of the faculty and professional staff. For example, there needs to be a much better balance between the needs of security and the user's need to configure their system to their own tasks.

The tech staff is always extremely polite and helpful when I call. They always attend to my problem right away.

Need to make sure ALL faculty have administrative control over their computers. The current security system is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

Why do we have printer/copier codes for office copiers? It's never been made clear what is done with that information. / / -- Frequently, the printer in LF111 has some software bug causing failed print, and then the printing of a couple of pages that

The people power related to IT at IUS should be praised. From lab techs to the professional staff, I have been quite impressed.

Wireless needs to be improved.
I am adjunct and do not use the majority of IUS services but use the services of my primary institution.
If not already there, it may be helpful to have stickers on every printer and copier to guide the user to call a number for repairs.
Thank you!
I am on my second phone this year and I still have problems with it not answering and only being able to use it on speaker phone. The IT people have been very helpful in addressing the issue, but I think someone needs to address the purchase of phones at a higher level.

One worrisome trend, I have noticed more faculty bringing their own machines into the office in place of the equipment the school provides because it is such a pain to upgrade and install new software. For example, recently I need a plug in to read some legacy files. After hours on Saturday I was directed to help at Bloomington. They could not login as an administrator to update my machine. I wasted my time and effort that weekend. Once I did contact the IUS help desk it took 20 minutes to upload and install the SPSS patch to read legacy files.

When I teach a course in the evenings, I want an IT person available for computer help. We have the help available during the day. It is a huge inconvenience not to have the same services in the evening.
Printers: I believe it would be valuable to students and for the environment to invest in duplex printers. As faculty I'd like more access to color printers and one place where I could print poster-size paper. / Oncourse: Hit or miss. Online environment is valuable, but improvements to the interface make it inefficient - particularly assignment 2. Ability for the gradebook to work completely with iPad would help a great deal. Ability to size text boxes in Assignment 2 and see complete assignments. Better way to see teacher marks on student submissions (text box submissions) in Assignments 2. Automatic saving of student and teacher entries so that if the network goes down or if a wrong button is hit, work isn't lost. Maybe it's time to break some of the features into separate features. Perhaps ability to make a public drop box folder, although this can be done in Resources. It's a good tool, but it needs a smoother, prettier, and easier interface. / Peoplesoft, SIS: Always the challenge is a simpler, more efficient, easier front end.

The web page administrators take months to get back to me if I send a request to be made on the webpage. Sometime, they don't even respond to our requests.

Anyclient is very difficult to use. WEBDAV should have the drag and drop option it used to. The events calendar on the website needs to return the option to click something to submit it to all the options (calendar, planet, video board, marquee).

There has been no communication as to what is going on with recent changes to IU Southeast IT. You either no longer know who to go to, or the staff you now go to are not knowledgeable enough in the area they have been assigned. Very poor communication.

Overall, excellent work. My only complaint may be the problems we have had with a Ricoh copier, but I think that is a problem with the maker and not IT Services.

I work in [IRD]. There was a smart board put into the room with printed direction attached to the wall. I have had a devil of a time trying to work this smoothly. I can turn it on and get my document to show on the screen, but I am unable to scroll the page from the smart board... I always have to go back to the computer to cancel the ink program and then scroll.... is this how it has to be... / / And there are other items like that which cause distractions to me and my students. I would really really prefer going back to the dry erase or even get a regular blackboard.... I know I don't belong to this generation of educators.
[IRD] and [IRD]are amazing. They are patient and kind and go out of their way to help. [IRD], as well, can always find the answers to the questions I have. Thanks so much!
I love the Oncourse program and it works great for my course. It's fairly easy to operate, but may not be for someone less computer savvy. The computers in my office are fairly slow and my Microsoft exchange never connects correctly. I have had great experience with IT assistance, especially from [IRD]. I do think that OneStart is very un-user friendly and is much more confusing compared to Oncourse which has a much more simple layout. It's sometimes difficult to find where to go on OneStart and there are often problems with server overload around grade submission time. I usually try to get my grades in early to avoid this.

As an adjunct in the [IRD], I share a computer with many adjuncts. There are times when I have to vacate my desk because others have booked time there. When I must finish a project before leaving campus I have the inconvenience of moving to student computer areas to complete my work.

I was very pleased that 2447 was able to assist me from my desk when I had a printer problem. ILTE has been most helpful in the past with my questions about Oncourse.

The IUS Technology support staff are excellent at their jobs!
I wish I had more time to take advantage of some of the awesome training opportunities!

Faculty |Staff | Students

As an adjunct, I often taught in a computer lab classroom on the weekends. There was never paper available for my class to print out assignments and the stapler was always out of staples. The classroom was in Hillside Hall. / / The scan to email feature on our office printer is difficult to use and time-consuming. There are a lot of menus you have to navigate through just to scan a document and email it. / / Our printer pulls multiple sheets through when using the tray to copy or fax multiple pages.

I have a relatively new computer and a current operating system. When using Outlook, I routinely encounter the "circle of delay or death." It seems like there are network performance issues with the Outlook server. I have heard this same complaint from other users, so I know this is not isolated to my office or connection. Other than this issue, I am completely satisfied with the IT services, equipment, and staff on the Southeast campus.

As a whole, access to campus networks seems less reliable than in the past (i.e. the website is "down" more frequently).

Assistance and service related to keeping the website up-to-date has really taken a dive this year. It has been frustrating and embarrassing.

The login feature to the Library is a little different from off campus versus on campus. It can be confusing. Sometimes it asks for a passphrase versus a password. We are only used to passphrases. / The ONSITE help desk staff is great. I hope they never go away. / Is there IT literacy trainings that can be offered to all new student workers since they come with a variety of computing experiences? It would help with retention and equity issues for work study student workers being able to work most any office if IT training is provided.

As an employee that works directly with students and houses several computers in my area, I must commend the IT staff for being always helpful, insightful and willing to go above and beyond in their assistance with students and my staff when needed. I have always felt like there is an open door policy and I really appreciate that, especially knowing how busy that office is on a daily basis.
Staff always helpful and knowledgeable. If they don't have the answer, they aren't hesitant to find someone who does and everyone learns and wins from their efforts.

My Outlook system has had difficulties. Steven has worked hard to resolve, but Microsoft says it will not fix the problem. / / I like the idea of a lap top or tablet computer, but find it is not as convenient to use as the desk top. If costs were the same, I'd put up with the inconvenience and keep the lap top.

Professional staff members work hard and are VERY responsive to issues. They are always EXCEPTIONALLY helpful and friendly. They do a lot with a little and are to be commended!

At IUS the IT staff are very friendly and helpful. They know what they are doing and are glad to help others when needed.
Yes, the connection from my computer has been a constant issue and I am often not able to read email, respond or get work done. / In addition, the Help desk personnel seem less knowledgeable and service-oriented in the last year except for the most senior techs, [IRD] and [IRD]. You may want to train them better. / Media Services senior personnel are good but others are less knowledgeable and helpful with videoconference arrangements. - I suppose they are too busy. / The WEB people are less responsive to requests for help. What happened to the great service we used to enjoy from IT?

I appreciate the quick response to problems reported to the help desk--usually within an hour.
Overall the Help Desk provides service beyond EXCELLENT. Twice I have emailed problems with my computer and I'd not get a response. Phone calls receive an immediate response even if I have to leave a message. / / The Time system has improved greatly. It could still be easier to navigate. / / IUIE and HRMS, since I'm not in there daily, they can be very unfriendly to find information in.

No, but this survey was one of the 'slowest' response times I've ever had on a survey.
Websites need a lot of attention (acknowledging the multiple challenges in the past year). Training for Cascade must improve and be offered at an advanced level since departments are expected to now manage and update their own info. Training has been minimal and not at the level needed to perform functions that the web team used to do. / / Network is often slow or stalled. / / TIME system is not user-friendly.

I think our IT department does an excellent job. Keep up the good work.
Seldomly I receive a voice mail that is a few days old. This happens very rarely.
My comment relates to the telephone. I make reminder calls each day to students regarding their appointments for the next day which can be 30-40 phone calls. Frequently I dial an 812 area code but on the telephone screen it shows up as a 502 (or maybe it's vice-versa). Also - it would be a big help to me to be able to discern between 502 and 812 phone numbers as to whether or not they require a long distance code. I must redial a good percentage of my phone calls to long distance. / / Also - the phones we have do not keep track of who has called. It would be a BIG help if we were able to scroll back through the incoming calls to retrieve phone numbers.

The reason that I gave Outlook a mediocre score is for the following reasons: Even though I work hard to keep my inbox, sent box, and deleted items box clean, I still get messages all the time that my memory is almost full. Outlook gets "stuck" all the time with the circle that just sits there spinning and spinning and I can't do anything in Outlook, and it's usually because I have an Outlook reminder that's going to pop up. Often times, I'll get a message that pops up at the bottom of the screen that says "Outlook is trying to connect to the network" and then I can't do anything in Outlook. Out of all the systems that I use, Outlook is the only one that gives me trouble on a daily basis. It gets frustrating at times. I don't know if other people are having this problem or not or if it's just me.

IT does a great job!
I like the Fed Ex staff and materials fine and they do great work. My complaint is they are VERY expensive. Our own in-house printing services were better and cheaper. I miss them.

no not at this time
Office staff is not equipped to create or edit web content. The short little training that we were given was completely uninformative. All I heard was that I need to find several hours to go on-line for the in-depth training. Many offices are short-staffed to begin with, making web site updates and training a nearly impossible task. We have web-developers and others on the IT staff who are trained. They should be responsible for this work; not untrained office personnel. The IU website should be a priority and assigned staff should be available to make updates quarterly. As of today, our webpages are at least 18 months out of date. Since it will take several hours of training, plus the data entry time to update the site, chances are it will not get updated in the next 18 months.

In the time-keeping portal, it would be great to have a template of regular hours worked that could be edited, rather than having to add each individual clock in and clock out.

For the most part, IU Southeast IT Team is extraordinary - very timely and knowledgeable. Copy machine has a tendency to need attention. But only great things to say about the access to updated computers, software and quality service. Great Job....IUS IT!

[IRD] has been Great to work with! / The whole Staff has been great to work with! We at the [IRD] Thank You Folks for all your help! / / 1.) The Stem this past week during Career Services event on 3/4/11 & also Recital Hall Computers run slow for the Teachers that come to do the presentations Log on and work off of the network and some power point. / / 2.) [IRD] the Ogle Center Technical Directors [IRD] has some problems of being slow. / / 3.) Not complaining!!! We could use your help in Software? Working with the lighting for events here at the Ogle Center. Does IU have a Lighting AutoCAD Program or CAD Programs? need help for building lighting designs for the events coming into the theater spaces or also to show the Stem Concert hall Prints / Recital Prints or Robinson Stage & Lighting Plots to events planners (Like Stage One coming next week) to give them a scale drawings and do you have AutoCAD Design Training on IUS Campus? The drawings we have are not to scale. Up to this point we are working off of windows paint brush. / / Here is an idea of what we are looking for : / http://www.onstagelighting.co.uk/lighting-design/lighting-design-software/stage-lighting-design-software/ / / Thank You again for your help! You folks have helped us in so many this year! Keep up the hard work!

I am unsure about who to contact for which service. An updated staff listing with related responsibilities would be helpful.

I always receive helpful and courteous responses from the IT helpdesk at IU Southeast. I do not deal with IU Travel Management that often, but when I have, they have not been friendly or helpful and I do not like contacting them and avoid it if at all possible.

OneStart can be difficult to navigate at times, at least from the student perspective. Web Outlook Express should have the same functionality as the regular Microsoft Outlook in that you should be able to obtain all calendars and email accounts for which you have permission and you should be able to access your notes. Being able to install regular updates like Java, Firefox, Explorer, and Adobe programs without having to call IT would be immensely helpful. While I appreciate the protection on downloading large programs, etc., it takes valuable time out of my packed schedule to contact the Help Desk, someone VCN to my PC and then for them to find the download and get it done. A suggestion to ensure appropriate download of such programs would be to have the download links available on the main page of IU Southeast and let those be the only downloads which do not require Help Desk Administrator permission. Also, each main page of IU Southeast departments needs a search function as not all of them do.

I think that ALL faculty should use Oncourse.
The IT staff at IU Southeast are fantastic. They are always friendly and respond promptly and professionally to any requests I have ever had.

Printing Dept. is very rude most of the time.
I would use a laptop if I had one. When you cycle laptops out can you make them available for sale? I wish you had a more robust media support dept. for website updates. It's a big job and I'm sure they are always overwhelmed. The current web update system, like the last, is so restrictive on formatting and publishing times that it's hard to fix simple issues like font size. Also, not enough communication on the last upgrade you had which had problems. That was weeks ago and we still have broken links, during our busy web season, and no one reviewed the site to see the impact, notify us there could be a problem or offer to help us fix the broken links. Big burden on untrained staff members with their own jobs to do. We'd like to push more services out to the web but we need more support to do that. Tracking tools like you have for website hits and telephone would be very helpful for email as well. Being able to easily measure incoming messages, etc. helps us know how to better meet our students' needs and schedule work flow.

I feel that the IT staff are a very professional group of individuals and they are timely when it comes to solving any problem that I have. I have had trouble in the past with FedEx jobs and have had to send my project back multiple times when it comes to FedEx botching the job. As for those who deal with the phone/ telephone network I have really never had to use them at all so I am taking it that they are on task with keeping me connected. Overall I am satisfied with IT's performance!

Keep up the good work
Very friendly and knowledgeable!!!!!!
Even though I don't use the services of the IT assistants in labs, I hear great things about their ability both in computer knowledge and helpfulness. I have noticed that the techs in the Library are dependable and courteous to students. I appreciate their availability.

With the advent of an electronic Bulletin at IUS, and viewing the websites of other campuses with regard to what has happened as we have website proliferation, I fear our webplace is evolving to a confusing and sub-optimized maze. Where do the real degree requirements reside? In the Bulletin or on the department website? Who monitors to see that when one is changed, data is changed in all? Who is responsible for dead and useless links?
The copiers in Arts and Letters are the biggest pieces of junk. We have a repairman out weekly and sometimes 2-3 times a week.

Yes, the HelpDesk does a wonderful job! They are to be commended because if they don't know what is causing a problem, they will follow up until a resolution is found. Thank you. / / Some of the other IT services may be things I don't normally need in my daily work, or possibly don't have access to. Those I marked "cannot evaluate."

I think that while our copiers work most of the time, I feel like they are not "heavy duty" enough for what we need.

Without administrative rights to update applications such as Adobe Reader and Flash Player--stuff you use all the time, you have to make a call for help. IT service support is great and all that, but it's one extra thing to do in my very hectic day. For months (years?) I've been getting pop-ups on my office monitor to update these apps, but if I click "install," nine times out of ten it's a no-go. It's just a nuisance.

I miss the printing services office on campus!
The Help Desk personnel, IT technicians, Media Services personnel, and Printing/Duplicating Services Personnel are all top-notch. Thanks for all of your help!

The staff of IT have been extremely helpful and professional. Thanks for all you do.
Cascade staff shortage challenges--need more emphasis to all staff (1) That dept. websites have lost linkages in many places due to conversion to Cascade and may be unknowingly down; (2) That depts. must check links and update all PDFs, etc. thru Cascade to avoid link breaks which impact other dept. sites down the road; (3) Clarifying what each dept. is actually responsible for maintaining in/thru Cascade; (4) That on-going training (beyond basic Cascade) can be available as needed for depts. if their responsibility is to maintain links and PDF uploads.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I would just like to say everyone is helpful at IUS and I appreciate them.
Staff is always very helpful and willing to work with you until the problem is fixed.
In regards to the OnCourse system it would be very beneficial if ALL staff were trained how to post things on there such as Syllabi and assignments.

Every once in a while, the printers have problems but overall, great support!
The keyboards in some of the labs, mainly the reg lab, are disgusting. You can see the crusted oil and dirt from multiple students using the keyboard and it is really nasty. I asked a consultant how often they clean the keyboard and they said that they never clean the keys. Also, printing to the Wireless printer or the KV lab from the Mezzanine level of KV would be helpful.

There always seems to be something that goes wrong with the printers. They always seemed to get jammed, run out of paper, don't print right, print too many copies, etc.. I know that this is something that happens to printers when they are used this much... but it happens ALL the time and it wastes pages from my printing allotment.

Would like for some type of print rollover from semester to semester... there have been some semesters where I have barely cracked my allotment while other times I have gotten close to using it all.

The printer in the computer lab on the 1st floor of LF was HORRIBLE ALL semester. No one knew who to contact on how to get the problem fixed.

IUSE IT is very helpful, things run pretty smoothly and when they don't, consultants are usually ready to help.

I think you should have tutorials set up for transfer students. While you teach incoming freshman how to use Oncourse and the email you don't teach transfers how to access and properly use these learning aids. As a transfer coming into IUS I had no idea what Oncourse or OneStart was and what they were used for. I had to have a professor teach me how to use both of these online tools.

I have a great Wi-Fi experience all over campus, except in the lodges. For some reason Wi-Fi speed in the lodges is very slow a lot of the time.

If there are any free services available through the University, they should be posted around campus or sent to students via email. They could even be posted on the homepage.

The UITS at IUS is among the best I have seen anywhere. It fosters an environment for higher learning. Everything a student needs is at IUS. There are computer labs in every building. The one thing I would like to see is more color printers. I know they exist but maybe they could be monitored in a way that allows for 150 pages of colored printed text per student. If there would be one complaint it is the unavailability of the color printer.

In computer labs without someone assigned to it I find it difficult when the printer runs out of paper to find someone to get more paper for the printer. Since I take night classes the administrative offices are closed and I have to find a different computer lab for paper. This is especially difficult in Hillside Hall.

I attended WKU and it wasn't as conducive to technological learning as IUS is. The support wasn't as good, the technology wasn't as available, and, overall, it was much more difficult to utilize. IUS has a great technology base.

Good job
Desktop computers that are malfunctioning throughout the campus need to be marked for students so they don't try to use them when they are not going to work. I remember that one of the computers in the upstairs lounge in Hillside Hall was not connecting properly to the network (It wouldn't accept login information). For a few days, I would be on the adjacent computer and would tell people that the one they were sitting down to was not going to work and for them to use a different computer. A placard or a sign would be nice for those students.

I should have some guest in class that can talk to us about their experiences in the real world (labor force), professionals from different fields.

IUS is in desperate need of more degree-specific labs, and larger labs for some of the existing labs (informatics, CSCI, and GIS)

I am a music student and needed the printer in the listening lab fixed ASAP, the IT department fixed it right away. Thanks!

Would like to see greater access to color printing
I have been very happy with all of the IT services I have used in my 4 years at IUS. Thanks
I feel this is the most critical knowledge that IUS can offer outside of the classroom.
There used to be printers that allowed 2-sided printing and then they disappeared. It would be nice to have those back - it cuts down on number of pages used and saves a lot of trees.

It would be SO helpful if the people in IT were able to help the students remove viruses from their computers. When we are full time students many of us have only one IT department and that is at school.
I am very satisfied with all. Thank you!
I feel like the IUS homepage should not have as many attention grabbing features as it does.
We need more color printers because they are needed for projects and art classes.
It would be great if extra printer paper was left in un-staffed computer labs. They always seem to be out of paper and it takes a long time to find anyone that is able to bring paper.

I live on campus (in Meadow Lodge) and I'm not sure why but any time other than very early morning the wireless connection is extremely sluggish and unusable. Most of the time it is running at 5.5-11 megabytes/second yet my wireless detector says that my connection is "very good" most times. This makes simple tasks such as checking email a long and aggravating process. This problem has been addressed in the past but is still an issue. Is there any way this can be fixed??

I would like more availability of color printers on campus.
The only thing I would like to see is update mouse on Mac computers and consistent software from one computer to the next. Once labs computers have something and go to another area and it is different.

Need more computers in Library.
(1) There are small number of scanner and copy machine. / I hope that I see scanners available each buildings. / (2) In the IUS library, printer paper maintenance does not seem to work well. / Especially at the bottom floor and top floor. / (3) Main page of IUS web design does not look pretty compared to how the other IU campuses' main web pages are looking.

I take IT services for granted. Basically everything has to work when and where I need it. However, when I stop and think about it, I realize what tremendous behind-the-scenes effort it takes to make these services available to me and other IUS students. Thanks for your hard work IT guys!

Overall the computers and technology are great at IUS. I get a little frustrated at the library when all the computers are taken and half of the students on them are looking at facebook. I also think it would be a great idea for there to be a introduction session to Oncourse and OneStart for new students (or at least for MBA students). I am an MBA student and wasn't sure what to do with the different programs.

I am not aware of any on campus, but I think printers that offer 2-sided printing would be something to consider implementing. I prefer 2-sided printing for most things to cut down on the number of sheets in my binders. It would save paper, and it could still be considered printing two sheets due to the ink use. / / I was a little unhappy that my purchase of SPSS software for my Spring semester course expires in August. If I am paying the full price, I should get the same full benefit that someone who purchases it in August does. / / I have had some problems with some of the statistics software on some university computers. One of the programs, PHStat, might just be buggy, but the other, SPSS, shows that it is loaded on some computers, but it does not run. (Some of the SPSS issues were fixed.) I am not aware, but is there a list of what software is installed on what computers somewhere? If not it might be something to think about posting. As someone who works on homework at odd hours, it would be nice to know if / which 24-hour computer labs have software that is not available on all computers. / / Not really a problem, more of an irritation, the pop-ups for MS security essentials upgrade and the Adobe Flash Player and similar programs get rather annoying. Can the computers be set up to upgrade themselves to eliminate the pop-ups? It is especially annoying on the office computer that I share. I attempted to upgrade the Adobe Flash Player, which I do not have permission to do and now it asks me every time I open a new browser window if I have the password to upgrade the program. / / The university has an agreement with adobe. Why is it that the computers on-campus do not have the full version loaded, which would allow students to edit PDF files? / / Overall, I am generally satisfied with IUS' ITS.

It is difficult to search for people on the IUS website. I find that I cannot just put in a last name and get a result. I rarely know an instructor's first name, or if I do, how to spell it correctly. For instance, type the name [IRD] in the last name field on the IUS main page and click go. I get no results. If i put an asterisk in the first name field, I also get no results. Only if I know the full name, [IRD], do I get a result. Can you make it easier to find people on the IUS site? And or tell me how to use this search?