Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2012

IUB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

IUSO has two staff available for general help and two staff available to support business and EHR operation of our clinics.  They all do a great job and so I have very little idea of the resources they might use, hence so many things I cannot evaluate.

Organization of knowledge base could be improved.

I am surprised there were no questions about slashtmp (an excellent service) or the long term storage options.


IU Webmail is rather slow and less smooth than Gmail.  I know students use a Gmail based e-mail at IU; it might be good to make this available to staff (like myself) and faculty as well.

For work purposes, the Lync system is awful.  I have trouble dialing out for long distance calls (using my long distance id code) and, unfortunately, I selected the headphones-- I can't hear if I have a call coming in, if I'm not wearing them.  Also, if my computer is down, so is my phone connectivity.  There's also the issue with 911 ...

When I bring my laptop to my office on campus--which is virtually every day--I must log in continually.  I find this terribly inconvenient.  It is also annoying that images are blocked and do not pop up in various messages.

Thank you for making the training courses (like Photoshop workshops, etc.) free to faculty this year!

The format for Oncourse, Onestart, IUCAT etc. changes too often without any palpable functional advantage for the users gained; Often even disadvantages come with these changes.

I think that the upper limit of mail box is too small.

I find Oncourse and Onestart to be not especially clear or intuitively set up.  I find it difficult to find anything of use on the "search IU" page.

1) IUware should provide more choice and suggestions/advice on choosing alternative open sourced software. 2) Wireless signal at IUB in general is not consistently good. 3) IU should join Eduroam. 4) If I understand correctly, you are offering a free software coupon to those who take part of this study, but the software is the same that we can already download for free...?

I am a very heavy computer user, but UITS research computing has become irrelevant to me as I rely on the national supercomputer centers.  I would be interested to see some activity on GPU based computing on campus.

The wireless network in my office has been unreliable for months.  Many people in our building have been complaining about this.  Fortunately, I can plug my laptop into the wired ethernet, but that does not work for my iPod.  I greatly appreciate the wired network.

I appreciate the free IT training that is offered.  I hope to have time to take advantage of it soon.

IUCAT has the very annoying habit of timing out, so my searches disappear from my web browser.

All the categories in FAR leave me confused.  I often don't know how to classify things.  The one thing I do like is that I can extend the date of activities that span several years so they show up easily in future reports.  Putting in all my publications is a major pain.  My initial reaction to this system was “thanks for taking an annoying and onerous task and making it worse.”  My current reaction is only slightly better.

I greatly appreciate the availability of help at all hours by phone.  Most computer issues seem to occur outside of the daytime hours.  I also appreciate the services available in Wells and Ballantine. All consultants that I have worked with or spoken to have been very polite, patient and knowledgeable.

I made a call to UITS around Feb. 5th or 12th, and the person gave me some BAD information!  I could not use my wireless service, and I was not able to do my work for 4 days!  My neighbor helped me out, and I then was able to do what I needed to do.  I had always received stellar service from UITS, but when I called back on this incident, the consultant even said that the person who helped me previously hadn't even left notes on my call. 

I hope you reprimand the person who helped me.  My username is [IRD].  Like I said, it was around Feb. 5th or 12th. The person had not left notes on my call.

Better coverage for wireless network.

I can't say how much I hate OneStart generally and faculty systems in particular.  I just get utterly lost, every time.  I do what I can to avoid using it, but of course that's getting harder and harder to do.  Also, I can't stand the constant prompts required simply to use the library online.

The testing system needs improving. It kicks students out while taking tests. There are not enough classrooms large enough to offer the needed space for online testing to large classes (40 or more).  In Ballantine, not all of the students can get on the internet during high use times.

Please update the survey! I am not in CITL, but I really appreciate the support I receive from them and it would be very respectful to acknowledge the new name and location. You're the computer people -- it must be easy for you to maintain a current survey instrument.

CITO is mostly excellent, too, but we have real issues having a new shared drive mapped to our computers. We've been requesting this for over a month...

Let me put in a word of praise for the people at 5-6789 - they are fabulous!

My problem is with the webmail email system. I don't like how the messages that are related to each other are one on top of the other. It's hard to find the message you would like to reply to within all the messages that are related. I would rather have it like outlook, where the messages are all separate.

I also have difficulty with navigating through the library system with IUCat, etc., not user friendly.

Also, Oncourse is very problematic. Even this morning, I was continually bumped off Oncourse at least 3 times within 10 minutes. I will be giving paper and pencil tests next year as Beta Tests and Surveys constantly bumped my students off this fall 2011, at 2 of them permanently. Taking a test is stressful enough without computer issues.

I'd like to see UITS doing more outreach to its constituencies who use its services least (which I suspect is people like me in the Humanities). I don't mean in the form of "here's a new service/technology you can use", but "here's something we offer that we think will make your lives easier, and save you time.” or "here's a means to do better what you already do.”

It's very hard to know where UITS ends and local service provision begins.

I am uncertain what the Stat/Math center does. I think some clarification as to their purpose would be helpful.

E-learning software must be available for instructors, Oncourse needs to be integrated/further developed. Right now it is not user-friendly.

I am a relatively new research associate (started Nov 2011).  I couldn't answer a lot of the questions so I entered "Cannot Evaluate".

I think I am very lucky to be here. I am impressed with the efforts made to create an effective information infrastructure for research, teaching, and administration.

I periodically have problems getting my computer on the wireless network. I heard that it's because I run Mac OS 10.6 and that there's some sort of certificate issue. Whatever the reason, it's annoying that I have to restart my wireless card several times to get online and that I frequently have to wait for a bit when I wake my computer up to get back online (I use a laptop, so it sleeps after 5 minutes to save power; annoying to be working on something, have it sleep, wake it up, wait, look up something, have it sleep, wake it up, wait, etc.) This issue has certainly gotten better over the last year or so (there used to be days when I just couldn't get online, no matter what I did and how much info I deleted from my wireless settings)

Ironically, while typing this, I got kicked off the wireless network. Not sure why. But that's what the "back" button is for!

Can we, for the love of all that is good, get some more access points in Jordan Hall!!!  Seriously, have you ever come to Jordan and tried to connect to the wireless around noon when all the students are on campus.  It's a damn joke.  It's 2012, I should never have to worry about wireless on a campus like IUB.

Also, is it possible to actually make Data Capacitor a viable resource?  I'm tired of hearing all the lip service about upgrades, fixes, yada yada yada.  It's completely unreliable to even consider using.  In the past year, I have twice lost data; Which is to say nothing about effectively losing my spot in the queue on quarry or mason.

I'm gonna be blunt.  The "deciders" at UITS need to get a lot better council about how the "doers" on campus actually do their job so that we can set up infrastructure to actually make doing research and computation easy.  I mean good lord, industry has these problems solved. Why the hell can't we get this done at IU?

More STC's are needed that can be reserved for classes. In general, you are so much better than what most universities have.

I consider us blessed to have such an advanced and helpful IT program here.

Spam blocker on Outlook seems not to work.  In order for me to block an address, I need to copy the address and then take it to IUWebmail and put it in the blocked file; otherwise, the address isn't blocked.  My computer is CITO issue and has Outlook 2007, so perhaps this is a result of outdated software.  By the way, I don't see this as a problem you're causing, but I wanted to make note of it nonetheless.

Your services are exceptionally strong and a true asset to the university.

Some of your questions about e-mail were not appropriate for me and/or didn't provide the appropriate options:  I am (visiting, temporary) faculty, but have a u-mail account.  I could use webmail/cyrus, but there are reasons that that's not practical.

Question 17, with respect to software in the STCs:  I would be happier (i.e., more satisfied) if WordPerfect was still available for word-processing needs, as opposed to only Word.  (But I also understand the need to balance costs and expenditures against the number of people who would use a service or etc.  Still, it is unfortunate.  (OR, if WordPerfect is still available, you're doing an excellent job of hiding it and keeping it a secret.)

Wireless internet doesn't work in the Memorial Hall. It is a shame, as it works outside of MM.

We've always been pleased with the class of service both from UITS and from CITO.

The FAR system is extremely time consuming and could be made more useful - often there are things I'd like to enter, but no appropriate place to put them. It's a very frustrating process.

It is hard to imagine a campus with more computing support than is available on the Bloomington campus. When I visit other colleges and universities, I can really appreciate the level and type of supports offered on this campus. As an avid computer user for over 30 years, IUB always seems to be on the leading edge of technology introduction and adoption. I especially like the Lynda training sessions, which are self-paced and easily accessed. (Now I just had more time to take advantage of all the offerings.)  Great work, UITS!

It's rather confusing to talk about the Sakai environment as being "made" in-house or by some software contractor you hired.  IUCAT is just an OPAC sitting within a splash screen or skin so that it doesn't look like whatever system it really is.  I don't know if it's AGENT or SIRSI or what--but we certainly didn't build it in-house.

Although I understand the need to update programs, frequent changes to multiple systems require quite a bit of time that could otherwise be spent on teaching, research, and service.

Online user guides-- are often wordy (astoundingly so) and, thus, I often avoid using them.


Oncourse is verrrrry unreliable when it comes to uploading documents.  On average, my students lose their materials about 10% of the time.

Offices like Media Production and Graphics have, as a practical matter, disappeared as instructional resources for faculty and are now dedicated to serving purely administrative functions.

Enhance wireless connectivity (IU Secure and 3G).

I'm pretty pleased and realize how lucky we are to have these resources. Much better than at other schools. There's always room for improvement. For me, my students need better help/support when printing or if they get stuck using InDesign & Photoshop. Often they know more than the consultants. That's pretty specific, though. In general, I'm happy with the quality of technical support at IU. Thanks :)

Overall, I find UITS services to be good to very good. The exceptions are the wireless networking (which ranges from poor to terrible), the functionality of OnCourse/OneStart (also poor), the Citrix server and the lack of storage available for email.

I can't get WiFi in my office (Merrill Hall).  Also there is no WiFi in the round music building.  This is a huge drag.

I HATE (can I tell you how much I hate) the OneStart home page????  TOTALLY non-intuitive, particularly anything to do with benefits, payroll, medical, etc.  PLEASE redesign, and use someone who works on the MAC platform!!!!!! 

There should be fewer gateways to info on OneStart, and each person should be able to get rid of all the stuff that is of no use or interest.  I would never use that site as a home page.

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Increase usability on the java based applications. Perhaps stop trying to use java to build interfaces.

Sometimes my phone calls drop audio.

E-mail in Outlook 2010 is not as fast as it was in Outlook 2007.

Copy and Paste often does not work well in FIS.

While I'm not a full-time student and therefore do not use Imail or Umail, I think replacing the old webmail was a good idea. This serves students very well and is a significant improvement over the old systems. Allowing users to choose between Gmail and Hotmail is an excellent decision.

I was not asked about this and do not expect to be asked, but Storefront for Maxi and Printing is a dramatic improvement and has made my job easier and has improved my efficiency.

Please get something to use beside Microsoft Outlook web mail.  I like Outlook, but web mail version is not good. Keep providing training to IU staff for free.  Can we get something easier to use and more intuitive for the designer than Oncourse?

You might consider living by what Brad says “Edge, Leverage and Trust.” Instead most of the time it is more like “Ignore, Dictate and Bully.”

Wherever I checked 'never heard of service', I actually might have. It's just that we all are bombarded by new stuff every day and one does not remember it as long as one does not have to use it. When something does not work as well as it should, I get fast and effective help from our system analysts ([IRB], [IRB]).

There are inaccuracies on some IUWare pages that have inconvenienced me.

Functionality of IU online Directory is many times not up-to-date or not inclusive for all staff.

There seems to be some intermittent connection issues with IU network, especially for Google-based services, including access to Umail,, etc.

We spend a lot of money on UITS and it is wasted money.  Seems like there are always lots and lots of jobs being advertised with UITS and these positions are well paid.  You would think for the kind of money being spent you could get more for your money.  The reliability of UITS is suspect at very best, and when something does work they seem to screw it up.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Just leave it alone...ugh!!

There needs to be more stakeholder involvement at an earlier stage in planning and decision making. Far too often, changes are announced with a short time allotted to make changes. Some changes seem not to be announced at all. For example, we've noticed that computer clocks have been going out of sync with Upon investigation, we discovered that ntp servers have been made ipv6 only. I don't recall ever hearing that this was even contemplated.

Wireless continues to drop in and out. It generally clears up before a trouble ticket could be acted upon, but makes for a poor user experience.

The annual licensing for stats/math apps is a continuing annoyance. New codes are often released after fall builds are otherwise complete.

Responses from the iuanyware team often take weeks despite the claim of 48 hour response. SPSS was removed from fac/staff use. SPSS was the primary reason that I suggested the service to our faculty.

We had trouble with the Computing Centers when training the IUIE to staff. One of the browsers (I think IE) didn't support the reports being returned from IUIE. We tried unsuccessfully, several times, to get the support desk to help. We did finally get things worked out through the IUIE help desk. We've also had trouble with setting up the use of the computer labs for IUIE training. You need some kind of contact information on the reservation system.

I find the pass-phrase policy, constant reminders, and upcoming forced pass-phrase changes myopic, obnoxious, and annoying.  What this policy WILL DO is cause more and more people to simply write down their pass-phrases and post them where they are easy to find.  I see alarming amounts of this already, and the draconian pass-phrase policy will not help. 

The rest of the CAS authentication system, on the other hand, rocks.  I have to implement it across many of our internal sites and I say hats off to whoever tidied that up.  It could not conceivably be easier. Thank you, thank you.

Webmail is just silly.

I do like the efforts made in support and in hardware.  You are doing a great job in keeping up with those areas. 

It would be nice if the hand-held device registration process was designed to be viewed by hand-held devices. That's so obvious that it seems likely you are probably already working on it.

Over the New Year holiday, I called in because I was having trouble with modem pool use on my Internet.  I was expecting a call within a few days of the answering service taking my call, and I never received one.  Not sure what happened there.

It is very frustrating that, now that ea. dept/school has their "own" IT camp (i.e. CITO) those staff will not answer questions, or provide information beyond what the exact issue is.  It used to be, back in the 80's and 90's and even early 2000's when UITS was more customer friendly, a staffer who came to your desk to fix some issue, was most willing to answer questions, or to go beyond what the immediate problem was to explain why something did or did not work, and what to do the next time it occurred, and was willing to explain in more detail how programs, e-mail, etc. worked together so that we as staff didn’t have to keep calling them time after time - we were then equipped to know what to do if the problem/issue popped up again.   Now that there are separate "groups of techie people" assigned to each school, it's like those staffers have been told - don't work on anything or answer any questions unless they pertain directly to the exact problem.

OneStart works pretty well except that it tends to be too slow; and it is not organized in ways that are totally obvious, making it hard to find infrequently used functions.

You guys have to deal with a lot of difficult users and situations. I can't imagine how you put up with all of it. You have so many wonderful services and very professional staff. I think you guys are awesome.

The FIS is ancient and needs a total overhaul.  It's difficult and cumbersome to use.

UITS has always been very helpful--thanks!

Things computing feel more cumbersome and less user-friendly than I have experienced in the past.

UITS does a good job of improving on those services that need improvement, such as wireless connectivity. The best part of UITS is the individual people who support all IT services. Some groups within UITS meet expectations and others exceed expectations and it is usually dependent on the people in those roles.

I do believe that UITS cost structure is slightly out of touch with reality.  I'm also amazed that UITS takes the stance of spending a great deal of time and money to develop software solutions for problems that could have been resolved by a vended product.  Sounds like job protection.

My main complaint is when accessing email from home.  I do not like the stacking of emails and do not know how to turn it off.

Although my experiences with UITS is somewhat limited, so far great job!

My iPhone had difficulty connecting and staying connected to IU Secure. I know that other users have this problem as well.

Also, the Wake On Lan being out of service for so long was an inconvenience for Telecommuting. Lastly, It would be nice if there was a way to shut down your campus computer after you are finished telecommuting - either from the Start Menu or even the log-in screen.

Pluses: IUware is FANTASTIC. Wired connections on campus are excellent. The availability of resources (websites, server space, exchange accounts, etc.) is superb.  The reliability of services is outstanding.

Minuses: The search on and is HORRIBLE.  Compare the results of the search "tuition and fees" from and "indiana university tuition and fees" from brings up links to IU Southeast; brings up the admissions page on tuition.  That's embarrassing and a turn-off to prospective students.

At a higher level, UITS invariably turns to home-grown products instead of vended options.  This leads to unacceptably slow implementation and subpar functionality in the name of customization.  The new FLAGs system is a perfect example.  Instead of using one of dozens of proven, ready to implement solutions, the ground-up construction of FLAGs will take years instead of months.

Finally, IU Secure reliability on mobile devices is pretty terrible.

I had administrative rights to my computer the first four years I was here and I never had any issues with it.  The last two years, I haven't had administrative rights and my computer has had to be rebuilt twice, my computer is never up to date, I have to go to a computer lab to process employee time cards because my computer doesn't have the appropriate version of Java and I can't update it.  Also, I can't click on a link (such as for this survey) in an e-mail because it tells me that there is an application virtualization error. It is very annoying.

1. Faculty and staff should have larger email storage.  The initial allotted amount is not enough.

2. The way UITS forces faculty and staff to pick strange combinations of first and last names for email addresses often ends up giving them a non-professional email address and feels punitive.

3. Closing the FIS down at 9:00 pm for backup is too early.  Can't this be done later in the evening?  I am often still working at 9pm and am inconvenienced by what seems like too early a time to be closing down an essential system to university fiscal operations.

4. I have the same request for the purchasing system, which is also closed down too early in the evening.

We need better videoconferencing tools and a version of IUCAT that doesn't give ridiculous results for very specific searches.

I cannot seem to meet a scanner that will work right the first time, every time. I'm irritated that there are no public telephones. Lync set to open by default is annoying. I use my telephone handset to hold open books as I cannot get it (or perhaps am not allowed to get it) to do anything more fantastic than that. I hate that I am not trusted to delete icons from my desktop or install incidental software to make my work more convenient.

I like that people are generally responsive to our troubles and sympathetic to our plight. I just wish we didn't have so many plights to begin with.

We are encouraged to take STEPS classes during the summer months, (when we are less busy) but it seems there are fewer courses offered then.

I wish the RFS was a little more reliable. It would be nice if network switches/routers were on battery backups so that power outages would not affect servers and laptops connecting to the network.

I think the system availability of FIS/IUIE is a problem. I don't expect a system (FIS) operating in the 21st century to be down 9 hours a day for backups, maintenance, etc. Also, I don't like that Kuali Financials GL Posting routine will continue to be a nightly batch update system where the general ledger can only be updated 1x/day. This is quite inconsistent with private industry where journal entries/financial documents are posted to the G/L at regular intervals in a given day during a closing cycle. This really hampers my month-end closing productivity. It would be enormously helpful if certain key FIS documents (e.g., AVAD/AVAE/etc.) could post more frequently. I also routinely stop invoice processing in the evenings at 9pm when the system goes down and this forces me to do invoice processing during key times of the business day that I need for other tasks.

I am a staff member and use the internet a lot for research purposes. It seems like every other day Adobe/Flash/etc. needs updated and this takes administrative rights. Our poor IT workers are spread thin getting to all the computers in my building. I understand that I shouldn't have rights to download whatever I want to my work computer, I just wish I was able to download the essentials (Adobe/Flash/etc.)

I appreciate the near-instant response from UITS whenever I have a problem. Even if it's a small problem, they send someone or contact me very quickly, and they work until the problem is solved or I am satisfied.

I thought the purpose of CAS security was to only have to log in to university sessions one time and not have to keep logging in with each task. But it seems that like I have to use CAS with every system I use. It can be annoying.

I liked having the free STEPS classes this semester. I wondered if it might be possible to send a reminder on the day of the class. I signed up for multiple classes and then ended up missing one of them but attended another at the same time. I fault. But I was sure I was at the right one!

UITS does a good Job. We have more resources available to us than probably anyone in the state and most in the country. You can't beat the IT environment at IU. Especially, if you like to learn.

My department would like to use computer labs more often for testing. Our class size is 60, so there aren't any labs big enough. We are willing to schedule 2 labs, which is inconvenient, but even those are always booked. We started requiring our students to have laptop computers, thinking that would solve the problem, but some of the classrooms won't support that many students trying to get on. You need more and bigger computer labs and classrooms need to be equipped with enough wireless access for all students in the classroom to be able to access at the same time.

Only one -- Make the current pilot program that is underway where IU faculty and staff can attend training courses at no charge a permanent policy.  Many University departments have such small training budgets that staff often cannot attend the training courses that they need.  They end up learning the "bits and pieces" of software, etc., just to get the basic job done.  With so much knowledge and expertise available yet not being accessed due to cost restrictions -- within the same organization -- seems like the wrong way to go.  The situation where training necessary to staff jobs essentially being withheld due to a given department's inability to pay should not exist.  If we truly are one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the nation, it seems obvious to me that said institution should also be striving to provide its staff with the best training/advantage that it can afford as well.

UITS seems to have "taken over" many IU services, to the detriment of those services. Tech should service the goals of various campus services, not take them over. A CLEAR management mistake (understandable when you have an IU president that was leader of the tech group).

I find it difficult to find help guides on the UITS web site. The voicemail system is still confusing to me in terms of how to update out of office greetings--it would be nice to have an overall PDF flowchart that shows what the different menus/options are.

I really appreciate that you offered free training courses this fall to faculty and staff. I was new to using Microsoft Outlook so would have liked to see more Outlook training sessions (I know there were a couple offered).

The travel portal/orbitz for business is great.

It is confusing how the hierarchy works.  Do individual school technology office report to, or work with, UITS?  I have experience with several individual schools’ technology offices and I can say from experience that CITO (College of Arts and Sciences Information Technology Office) is the BEST.  Optometry's and HPER's technology offices are severely lacking in people who know what they are doing, even in the simplest of technological/computing tasks and responsibilities.  It would behoove this campus and university to learn from CITO.  They are on top of things, and extremely knowledgeable about what they are doing.

It would be nice if there were people to help with design software (AutoCAD, ORCAD, Inventor, Visio).

I noticed something about Academic Advising in the survey. [IRD] is an advisor, and she
spends lots of time on 'senior checks', making sure a graduating senior has met
course requirements, etc.  I think this should me much more automated.
When I phone 56789 the person who answers has always been very helpful and patient.  And eventually solved my problem.  Thank you!

While the performance of many services is reliable and the suite of services and software excellent, I am concerned that more and more of our information technologies are purchased "out of the box" (e.g., PeopleSoft/SIS, Kuali/e-Docs, Ad Astra) making us captive to the whims of the business world (Oracle buying PeopleSoft then deciding to phase it out, requiring frequent patches / updates / fixes some of which are beneficial, some of which are questionable like the last PeopleTools upgrade).  The Help Desk is always very helpful as are the many folks in DSS.  The classes I've taken are always very good and informative, very well thought out and executed with expertise, and are friendly and encouraging, and yes - I have taken good advantage of the free classes this term.  IT is increasingly important in our daily lives, both for work and pleasure, and we are lucky to have such a highly regarded organization as UITS, as long as it continues to support the basic missions of the university and not allow business processes to bend around the needs of the technology.

Would be nice to be able to have a tutoring service available for software and have a list of tutors that could work one-on -one on questions.

My lowest rating was for wireless access because it is spotty in Poplars.

As an employee, I feel like there is a bottle-neck of IT Services.  I feel like it takes forever to find the answers or information I need when I am looking for something in particular and when I try to learn about some services in general, there is way too much to process.  I was never a student here, so I feel like I have missed out on the foundation that most everyone else has. From that perspective, I often don't know where to begin or where to find things - and they are often not very intuitive.

Doing a great job.

The exchange spam filter tends to be too aggressive.  I need to check my Junk E-mail folder regularly.

The Indiana Memorial Union needs technological updates.  There needs to be projectors, screens, computers, etc. built in to every meeting room in order for that facility to compete with other conference/meeting venues. 

TIME occasionally has some glitches and some aspects of it aren't real user-friendly.

The listserv system seems to be somewhat antiquated.

Students need a color printer in the Business/SPEA Information Commons.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students


The wireless in the basement of the Wells library (SLIS) is not very good. The sheet-feed scanners in the Wells West tower IC are often problematic. Otherwise, I experience few problems and am happy with the services.

Wireless Connection of "IU secure" is not stable for Ubuntu user.  Please check!  Thanks!

I think it would be helpful if there were personnel who can guide with the use of software like writing a code or understanding a program. Since software like Matlab, Gauss, Stata are made available, it would be efficient if there was someone who could answer some questions related to this software.

Clean up distinctions between Kelley TS & UITS.  I should not have to run around from department to department.

The network experienced some sort of crash/error/failure while I was working on a campus computer and it wiped my flash drive (that was connected to the crashing computer) in the process.  Despite my data loss being entirely the fault of the IU system, no one from UITS was willing to help me because the staff members I spoke to said IU did not own my flash drive and therefore it wasn't their problem.  If IU systems cause a problem with a privately owned piece of hardware, IU should help fix it.  I found this incredibly frustrating and lost a lot of data.

In addition, UITS print stations located at a distance from central areas are often left in disrepair for weeks at a time.  Please fix this.

1. The WiFi signals are not good in some parts of the campus

2. Too many software are installed when a new machine is registered. I don't want to be forced to install anything. Please give us the option of protecting our computer by ourselves and taking the corresponding responsibilities.

I would like to see an improvement in the printing services. The printers in the various on-campus computer labs are often out of order.

1.) There are too many different systems to navigate to get things done (i.e. OnCourse, OneStart, etc.). They all sound the same and as a new student, it's confusing to navigate and understand what portal to go to for different things.

2.) Multiple log-ins required. I have to log in to get to the current MBA students website, then log in again to get into OnCourse - why do I have to log in so many times with a ridiculously complex/long password?

3.) Email forwarding is finicky. I have all of my emails forwarded to my Gmail account so that I can navigate from one platform. However, it took several months for messages to begin forwarding and I still receive some messages in Outlook. There was no explanation when I spoke with IT services.

4.) Printer issues. Sometimes I can print without installing the KSOB printer, but more often than not, I have to reinstall it every time I boot up my laptop. Again, no explanation from IT services when I visited.

PLEASE improve the usability and functionality of major systems such as OnCourse and OneStart.  They are EXTREMELY difficult to use and navigate, primarily because the interfaces are nothing like commercial webpages that most people are used to.  Keyboard shortcuts, back/forward browsing buttons, page design in general are just some of the examples.  I can get 5-10 pop-up windows just trying to navigate through OneStart.  I understand that rigorous security measures are needed to enforce the integrity of the databases on the server, but it is coming at a huge cost to the end product of the software.

Registering for classes online is great, and I'm glad that capability is there, but it is not at all user-friendly or intuitive. That goes for OneStart and OnCourse in general: all of these tools feel like they've been designed by people who never actually use them.

It gets tiring when I am the one fixing the projector/PC setup, showing my professors how to use the tech, and frequent delays in class introduced by distance learning dial-ins.

At this point in my academic career I end up using OneStart more than any of the other services on campus.  For the most part it is not too bad to use, but I have had problems registering for classes based from Safari, I've had difficulty navigating through the poorly laid out PeopleSoft web pages when trying to register for classes.

My only other big complaint is the spotty-ness of the IU Secure WiFi, particularly in Lindley Hall, where I spend most of my time on campus.  There are many spots where there is no reception at all, particularly near the edges and top of the building, and even places where there is decent reception it is not uncommon to be randomly dropped off the network.  This is very frustrating when you are trying to work on something from your laptop on one of the CS Unix servers.

Accessing IU secure for the first time from personal computer is confusing/difficult.

When IU wireless service is not available in on campus apartments, such as bbhn, the process of getting validated for self-installed wireless network should be automatic. And, the printer in Chemistry C133 always breaks down.

Making the technology more accessible to students and researchers who aren't network and/or command line experts would be great.

It is extremely difficult and confusing to register for classes. This process should be streamlined to be more user-friendly.

I spend most of my time in the SPEA building, and the wireless network drops my connection frequently.

OneStart is ok, but I absolutely hate trying to look up my academic progress or schedule classes.  Everything seems to be available in 5 different places with different functionality in each location and I find it basically impossible to navigate.

If you have questions regarding Quarry or RFS it is very hard to get assistance.  The only help available is by email weekdays from 9 to 5 and response time is one day.  To get started with these systems is enormously frustrating because KB is incomplete and there is not telephone support.  One can waste many hours due to this.

If you have a difficult question regarding these services UITS offers limited support for researchers.

Overall I have been very pleased with IT services here. I would like to see Oncourse become more user friendly though!

I would like to suggest to make official websites such as OneStart or a Website of the Jacobs School of Music less complicated which will help to find students necessary information.

I was wondering if web mail could look more user-friendly. When I contact UITS for issues on Oncourse they have limited access into my course, at times I need immediate help as with the grade book function; therefore, if UITS can have more access it would be helpful than the referring or allowing the Oncourse department to handle the request. The kb site offers excellent information; however it seems confusing to navigate from one site to another, since the information on one page is similar to information on another page. So I contact UITS for more specs. In addition, I was wondering if you could make an app for web mail, that would be wonderful. Overall, my experience with UITs is wonderful.

The internet/wireless is sometimes extremely slow, especially in Memorial Hall and in the dorms (I live in [IRD]).  It has periods when it's fast and reliable, but many times it's incredibly slow and hard to work with.  It's also extremely annoying to have to log in every time I need to access the internet, even on my own computer.  Every time I shut my computer down or it goes to sleep, the internet disconnects and I have to log back in, often multiple times a day.  And if I enter my passphrase wrong, there are no error messages or anything, the internet just won't work, so I have to turn off the wireless on my laptop, turn it back on, and then wait for the passphrase/username prompt, and log in again.  This is tedious and annoying.  It would be wonderful if this could be fixed in the future.

My main concerns are about the printers/scanners in the libraries.  Especially in the music school library, they are VERY unpredictable on if they are working.  I appreciate the standing computing stations.  It would be great to see even more.

For IUB search, it used to suggest the search which was very convenient.

Type: Map  shows you: Campus Map

Why does it not suggest the search anymore?

I had one issue with printing on IU libraries printers this year.  I worked with the law school on-site staff to figure out the issue.  The issue was an undesired watermark appearing on print-outs.  While troubleshooting with the staff, we printed several test documents.  Finally the problem went away on its own.  The law school staff recommended that I ask the UITS for a refund of the faulty pages.

UITS gave me such a run-around on trying to get the pages refunded that I eventually gave up and will not ask for personalized help from them in the future.   I send an email explaining the problem and asked for a refund.  They asked for more information, and I sent it.  Then they asked for more information and more information until I gave up.  The quality of UITS services is great until you need personal service, and then they are anything but helpful.

I say this from the point of view of someone who worked in IT as an undergrad for [IRD].

Webmail should have larger quota and more flexible navigation

Thank you for all that you do! Compared to other Big Ten Universities, the infrastructure and services UITS provides is outstanding.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

No, you guys are doing an amazing job at IU.

I work at [IRD] and it would be helpful if we could install Adobe suite in our center desk computer.

-Internet connections always take forever, especially in the IMU.

-More color printer availability would make my life so much easier.

Bigger print quota PLEASE.

IU Secure never connects

The main issue is WiFi can be very tricky to connect to in different buildings. Some printers in Ballantine poorly printed multiple times. And the computers in the different halls are always so crowded, even the specific printing stations. Overall though, I find that it is a great service.

The only thing I don't love about the services is how confusing Onestart is.  It's taken me a year and a half to get the hang of and I still don't know 75% of the services that are available for me to use.  Other than that, I use UITS every day for email and classes :)

While the Student Center is very helpful, I find it confusing to navigate. Sometimes, if I enter one area and then need to back out, the only way I can get back is by closing the window entirely and starting from scratch. There is often no way back home once I've entered a specific area of the student center. I think that is the biggest problem. Also, some of the services, like the academic advising report, are difficult to locate within the Student Center. It took me several tries to find that the first time.

My main complaint is the IUSecure network. I know that there are 40,000 students on this campus and there are bound to be times when the Internet is a little slower. However, I live in [IRD], and there have been a number of times when I simply CANNOT connect to the Internet, sometimes for hours, sometimes for entire days. There have been a number of times when this has kept me from completing my homework because my Internet has been unable to connect and the computer lab closes at midnight. I cannot even explain how frustrating this is. I'm paying a lot of money to live in [IRD] and I can't even get my homework done because of the Internet connection (or lack thereof).

Infostations save my life every week!  I wish there were more infestations around campus.  I also wish there was a fax machine (and a copy machine) in the Herman B. Wells library!

IU Secure is unstable on most devices and the signal within most classroom buildings is inadequate.

I've been very pleased with the services offered during my five years here. The only thing I would like to see improved would be the general quality of the printing areas, as they are often overcrowded, or experiencing problems. I understand this is due to the high amount of traffic, so it is more wishful thinking. Thank you for providing me with tons of free and discounted software, as well as improving my general learning experience here at IUB!

It would be nice if the Ballantine Hall computer lab had better lighting.  Also, the hardware needs to be cleaned daily.  It seems as though it's been months since the computers have been wiped down.

IU Secure has trouble connecting in a number of places on campus, and there are a lot of dead spots on campus where no signal ever reaches.

More wireless hotspots would be better. Or just improve the router strength.

mail and Oncourse are good.

Network speeds are good.

Tech Support is really good, compared to most other places.

I love the print release station model.

Getting internet on laptops and mobile phones to the network is sometimes difficult / frustrating (is this because there aren't enough IP addresses due to all the WiFi enabled phones? Tough cookies...). Feels like every 2 weeks I have a problem with it.

Onestart layout is a bit clogged - it offers so many services though.

SiS navigation could be better.  I want to look up my class schedule on there all the time, and it takes a while to get to that view and I forget how to do it all the time.

View/Pay Bursar bill can be a little confusing sometimes.

IU Secure causes big connectivity issues for me consistently in the Kelley School of business.  Considering the students in that building are more affluent in their use of technology it would seem prudent to step up the network support especially in terms of router strength for wireless connectivity.

1. The wireless internet on campus is quite slow in a lot of places, if it's accessible at all.

2. The UITS Emails are an annoyance rather than being helpful. Stop sending the UITS Emails.