2012 UITS IUE User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologie s?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying ref erences in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

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I think the library web page is very hard to navigate and my students complain of this too.

Hello, I cannot utilize conference calling from my office due to my phone being replaced with a phone that does not have this capability. I have no signal to know whether there are v-mail messages or not. I also get very frustrated with the Whitewater 132 room when trying to show videos in the classroom.

We have a class of 90 and still cannot get everyone "online" at the same time. This inhibits 21st century teaching greatly:)

I have noticed tremendous improvements with the IT department over the past two years. Kudos to you all! The students receive help with their personal PC's now, the help desk and the rest of the IT department are extremely helpful and act like they want to help...big improvement!

Telephone system connecting to Bloomington not helpful, sometimes weekend help at help desk is not as helpful as weekday help.

Apply updates faster. Given that we can no longer install things like basic security updates on our own, we should not have to wait weeks before they are applied. Allow us to change basic settings (clock, calendar, etc.).

Include Chrome in the smart rooms and computer labs.

Make sure that things like opening a URL from a lecture (PowerPoint) do not crash the default browser (Explorer) in the classrooms.

Oncourse CL needs some attention:
Forum Statistics tools are unreliable and painfully slow.
Pasting into Forum discussion is cumbersome and needs to be simplified. Why confirm TWICE that I want to paste into a dialog box. (Even once is too much).
Special Character Palette should include special mathematical symbols.

Long distance telephony needs to be simplified.

I would like to see computer labs that are used as classrooms rearranged for better learning environments. When computers are situated between the students and the instructor, this hinders learning. When the computers line the walls, and students can swivel to them and away from them, this facilitates learning. Students can better engage in group activities and in classroom discussions. The computers then serve as valuable learning tools instead of distractions. Even a visiting speaker in my classroom/computer lab commented on how difficult it is to connect with students who have computers between them and the speaker.

CRM Enterprise System: Hobson's provided superior service for our Admission's Office to what Talisma is now offering, and it looks like Talisma will soon be more expensive, if we have to hire someone just to run our CRM activities.

The response to issues over the last year has slowed considerably in comparison to past years.  UITS used to respond within a day to issues; now, it can take a week or more before anyone contacts me after I receive the e-mail ticket on whatever the problem might be.

Phone system is very outdated and not very useful.  My cheap home phone flashes a light when I have a voice mail message.  My office phone has a cord (long gone at home with my cheap system) that restricts access to my desk drawers and takes up valuable desk space.  Seldom am I ahead of the technology curve but this seems to be a relatively easy fix.
Spotty wireless connectivity on campus has become a problem.  I cannot even get a wireless signal in my office or my classrooms on a regular basis.  This is highly problematic as an informatics instructor who is constantly attempting to use the latest technology in the classroom. 

In my computer lab classrooms and my office workstation, the lack of authorization to update computer software is also highly problematic.  Computers are slow, software is outdated (only authorized persons can update Java, Adobe, Oracle etc.), and unless I arrive 15 minutes early to class to boot all the machines it takes forever to get my students logged in and ready to proceed with the lesson.  I certainly understand the desire for a controlled computing environment, but I have a doctorate in IS and should be able to update my own machine when the need arises.  It’s frustrating to say the least and with experience at different institutions, I am quite surprised by these issues (this is IU after all, c'mon).

IU East help desk staff is awesome! Timely and thorough and courteous responses.

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I gave 3s in a few areas for these reasons:
Campus Phone/Voice Mail - My phone does not notify me when I have voice mail.  Everyone's phone on campus should have a voice mail light.

E-Mail - It is ridiculous that when outlook loses its connection to the server that you have to restart your computer to get back online.

UITS has been just great modifying reports to help me do my job better.

The wireless service on campus used to be fantastic, but for months now I and others have serious problems connecting in Hayes Hall and it has not been fixed.

Overall I am still quite happy with the IT department at IU and at IUE.
I think the biggest problem with the IUE website is trying to find campus events. Often special events aren't listed at all in the events calendar, making it difficult to dig out the information (such as time and location).

IT staff are all extremely helpful.  They typically don't just fix the problem - they also explain what the problem was and how they reached a solution which (as a staff member who is virtually always on my computer) I very much appreciate!

The IT dept. at IU East is absolutely wonderful; the guys are very nice & helpful. They are quick to fix problems, very reliable & have a lot of skills. They are great to work with, friendly & provide great customer service.

I have worked in Higher Education, both public and private, and I must say the IT infrastructure/support/service/etc. is great and I am so happy with everything.

I wish it were easier to learn how to forward calls from the phone that is currently in my office.

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If it was not for UTIS at Indiana University I would have had to buy a new computer, they did an instant repair and re-boot and my computer works great again.

Web connectivity to the network's Wi-Fi has been really bad over the last couple weeks. In Tom Raper Hall, on the second floor, connectivity to the Wi-Fi is nil. I cannot get a signal on the network on that floor and I have [IRD] on that floor.

The speed of the connection takes longer than it should and when you do connect, it takes forever to bring up the web pages that you try clicking on.

Oncourse still has functioning issues from time to time. But overall everything is helpful/useful.

The worst parts are when the sites are down and the navigation of ALL the sites. Oncourse and OneStart are frustrating to use particularly because there is way too much clicking. Why do I have to go to OneStart, to click on 'email', only to be taken to another page where I have to click 'email' again and THEN finally, I'm taken to the email page? Very frustrating.

Sometimes there are problems taking exams where an exam has time limit and it shuts me out. I go to open it up and it is closed. Improve this so it doesn't happen to someone else.

I think the services offered by UITS are great.  I have issues with navigation, but then I am not very PC smart...

You have amazing workers in IT and at the Help Desk!!!

There needs to be better times to do maintenance on the system like when we’re on spring break not when major assignments are due. Also it needs to be quicker and more accessible on campus there are many times my wireless did not work on campus and have no idea why. It wasn't my computer. When I had classes at IU East in new castle the wireless there never worked and if we are paying for technology then our wireless should work in the class room. And there are so many technical glitches that need to be resolved but technology is a pain but we pay quite a bit of money and our technology should be a lot better than what it is in my opinion.

The one thing I have a problem with would be how the registering process of classes is set up. It is VERY hard to navigate.

I would like to see more computers in the math lab.  It gets quite crowded there.

I really believe IU east is behind in technology. You can see that when a teacher is using a projector on a cart that can be rolled from room to room. There is also a major problem when you do a presentation in class something with the technology will not work.  I also never bring my laptop because wireless very seldom works and when it does it takes you forever to make a connection because of the log in requirements.

There are still dead spots where I can't get onto the internet in some class rooms but overall I am still happy with the services.

The staff of the IT Dept. has always been available and ready to help each time I have walked into their office!  It is wonderful to know that there is that kind of support out there!  I am taking all online classes right now and it is comforting to know that there is someone to help me if something were to go wrong with my computer!

Make IU Secure so that you only have to sign in once as long as your computer is on.  I have to continuously enter my user name and passphrase to reconnect while I am in the middle of using the internet.

The computer systems are very slow; it takes too long for them to load pages.

Overall there are many things that I do like, but the thing that bothers me the most is often times the printers are clogged with documents to print and nobody around to correct it so we can print the things we need in a timely manner.  Also, the Wi-Fi stinks!  When there are 80-90 of us in a classroom trying to access it so we can keep up with the lecture and PowerPoint the Wi-Fi bogs down and is sometimes inaccessible.  So I don't really feel like I am getting what I am paying for in this respect.  I like IUWare and I like most of Oncourse, Student Support Services is very slow and often unresponsive.  I would also like to see Dragon Naturally Speaking come to IUWare. Computer labs need to be open later!  Computers run too slow and issues take too long to resolve.