UITS User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey:

Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services? Please consider what improvements you would like to see, particularly regarding technology in classrooms, student technology centers and other areas on campus.

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

IT support has made dramatic improvements over the past several years. I've overall always been satisfied with their level of support and I think it has been even better than before over the past few years. Congrats to you!

When using https://www.exchange.iu.edu/owa/  from work or home and multi messages are being viewed in tabs it is quite likely that I will get error messages when several tabs are opened for viewing. Not sure why this happens. It seems as though about 4 tabs for that link can be opened at one time before error messages start to happen.

When teaching in the classroom, we must be able to see both what is on the computer at the same time what we write on the document reader.  I am surprised that this wasn't a deal breaker in the first place when deciding on the media station.

Oncourse crashes on a regular basis, especially during high volume times, like the beginning of the semester and while grades are being entered. Please expand it. It is also awkward and not user friendly. It does help to have the system but it is not always reliable.

VIC needs improvement; it is often difficult to hear people speaking at partner campuses.

UITS staff are extremely helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for whatever questions or problems I may have.  They are promptly solved, and it is a pleasure to work with them.

I have had a couple of situations when I pre-ordered equipment for use. The first one involved the equipment not being available due to it not being returned on time and then receiving equipment with the wrong instructions for setting up the projector. The second incident occurred when I requested video equipment 2 weeks in advance only to be told on the day that I needed it that the camera was broken.  So I would like to see a better system in place for managing requesting equipment and making sure it is available. The good thing is staff were very helpful and professional as they acknowledged my frustration.

Despite these situations, I am very impressed and pleased with UITS and hope more funding is made available! Thank you for all that you do!

Oncourse continues to have problems (get kicked off, unable to log in, etc.), especially during high traffic times. 

More computer labs need to be available.  All my testing is done via Oncourse, and it is very difficult to schedule labs, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I still believe there are problems with Oncourse during heavy user times and the system is slow or very difficult to use. Problems persist in Tests and surveys Beta with students getting "kicked out" of exams, again perhaps related to heavy user times or other things I am not aware of.

UITS has been very responsive to all my needs and is constantly searching for ways to improve.

Classrooms that have the blackboard covered by the screen, a portable whiteboard or chalkboard would be nice. RH202 and RH212 are in need of a whiteboard/chalkboard that is not covered by the screen.

Working clocks in the front of the classrooms rather than having to look at computer for time: HH333, RH202, RH212, RH211.

Lighting in some of the classrooms needs to be adjusted.

I think it all depends, in the final analysis, on individuals. For example, a lady like [IRD] is extremely helpful, and will go out of her way to assist you. Others are less helpful, and that is the way it is. My feeling is that if the IT staff were allowed to focus on their own area of interest, then faculty would also be better off. Instead they seem to constantly have to update X, Y, and Z... just for the sake of staying ahead. The same moment they are made experts with X, then a new development, a new product, etc. is introduced, and they are at it again. It is a little meaningless. Faculty is hoping to produce research. They don't need 5,768,669 ways of doing one and the same thing; just one effective one. But, the IT environment is so dynamic and future-oriented that individuals are not able to implement anything really, not for long anyway. I often feel that technology is counterproductive in an important sense...

1. The   overall services seem to have improved this past year.

2. Classroom instructor stations need to be better located/ organized/ managed. Screens need to be occasionally checked for better maintenance.

3. More video production facilities of lectures would be great.

4. Oncourse tests and surveys tool is quite inadequate for testing purposes.  For research services and preparation of talks, some expert help will be useful.

Please offer trainings later in the afternoon for those of us who teach at night.

Allow larger attachments in e-mails at least for the faculty

[IRD] rules!!

Some of the computers in the classrooms are rather slow and their keyboards are not easy to use (some keys need attention). It would be nice to replace some of the oldest ones (see Raintree Hall 215).

The layout and lighting options in most classrooms limit the effectiveness of presentations. Many classrooms have lighting levels either too bright for effective use of PowerPoint, or so dark that students may fall asleep or be unable to see to write down notes. Having lighting systems with a broader range of lighting levels would be ideal.

Also, many classrooms in which I teach force the instructor to choose to use either the projection system or the blackboard. It is ideal to allow both to be used simultaneously. An obvious choice here would be the installation of Smartboards.

IUN has the best, most helpful and friendly IT department that I have ever worked with. This includes IT departments at agencies and other universities. You customer service approach is outstanding. Keep up the great work!!

We really need more research software to be available (AMOS add-on for SPSS, DEA Solver, DTREG) to name a few. This type of software is critical to the research I do and just not available in the manner it needs to be to do meaningful research (or perhaps I am unaware of how to obtain it though I had an unpleasant experience trying to get AMOS in my office). This is my only technology gripe.

Faculty |Staff | Students

I use IUIE quite a bit for enrollment, class and budgetary information. I do a lot of the detailed work at home after normal working hours.  However, much of the information I need is no longer accessible after 9pm (CST).  I understand the need for backups but this is very frustrating as it often puts the kibosh on the timely completion of projects.  Several months ago, to my delight, much of the data became available on IUIE after 9pm but, recently, that has been down for some reason.

My major complaint is the lack of administrator control individuals have for their desktop systems in their office.  It is quite ridiculous that we have to have someone come to the office just to run updates of things like Adobe Reader, or to connect a printer (for both network printers & directly plugged printers), or load new software.  Some flexibility would be better, especially for full time employees.

I love the Research Technologies tools & servers available to staff & faculty.  It is great to access  state-of-the-art cyberinfrastructure.

Dislike polycom/ lync.  Don't like to have all communication rely on ethernet connection-- separate telephone service provided a backup method of communication if network connections were down.  It is not a bad thing to have to turn your head away from the computer screen every now and then to answer or use a phone.

More knowledgeable computer techs.  It should not take 3 or 4 different individuals to resolve an issue.  When IT schedules a service appointment, they always say that "this should only take 10 - 15 minutes" and it turns into an hour or two or three. The Unicom system was rolled out without consultation with all stakeholders on campus. Some departments have specific needs which were not researched prior to implementation. Many times, even after submitting the proper scheduling forms, a polycom/video conferencing unit is not ready when the user arrives in the room. The units are not connected properly or directed to the correct place for a video conference. The user then has to contact the Support Center who has to send a tech, but by then you've missed 15 minutes of your meeting - very frustrating!

Make it easier for students to access academic programs home page easier.  It was easier to navigate with old home page than the new page.

It would be nice if the speed of the computers booting and rebooting would be much faster in the classrooms.


Event Scheduler and Calendar could have a better look to it

On one of the questions you lumped Admissions, Bursar, financial Aid, and Registrar together, I feel it was not fair to put them together since not all offices are viewed the same; therefore you are not getting correct information on each office.

We have a wonderful IT department!

There should be STC consultants in the library all of the hours it is open.  Many times, help is needed when STC consultants are not scheduled to work.

When there is new equipment or software for student use, the library staff is one of the last groups to know about them and learn how to use the equipment and software.  Students go to the library expecting help from someone, but the IT person is not scheduled there and the library people don't know enough to answer some of the questions.

Logging in to desktop computer at work or to public computers around campus takes too long.  The IUN web pages (other than the main IUN.edu page) are quite out of date for most IUN depts. and the WCMS initiative over the past few years (to make Web content creation and updating) has kind of been an overall failure.  Overall though UITS at IUN is a definite strength for our campus.

Smart boards would be a great feature for the classroom. I would like to see improvements to the website. It's not very user friendly. For instance, when you do an IUN search on the website, content appears for the other campuses.


Faculty | Staff | Students

I think this problem has been fixed, but if the computers in the lobby of Hawthorne Hall had a printer that would be convenient, but like I said I think they have a printer there now. Also, if there was an easier way to print out certain research studies in the lab. Some cost to purchase unless you go to the library and have Ann print them.

On certain issues, employees of this department tend to contradict what those at Bloomington have told me.  I feel there should be more of a correlation between employees here and IU Bloomington.  The actual persons who work on computers and set-up are wonderful; however those who assist with general problems inside the student technology centers seem less knowledgeable than some students.  They are very nice and willing to help, however some issues cannot be dealt with.

More training is needed for some, not all, of the student technology helpers.

The student support team seems more interested in whatever it is they do on their computers than helping students that need it. All they do is put paper in the printers. Most can't answer a simple question and are not equipped to handle a problem (server down for example).

There is nothing that I can think of, off the top of my head. I enjoy learning new technology and I have truly enjoyed being a part of this school. I was able to learn new things, as well as enhance the knowledge that I already possessed, when it comes to technology.

I like both computer labs; I think hours on Sundays should be a little longer if possible.  Also all IT Techs should get the same training because I have asked some questions and they are knowledgeable, and then some are not.

IUN web search results often returns no results. It must return every time some results close to search if it doesn't find one exact.