Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2012

IUPUI Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

In the rooms in LE that have dual projectors and dual screens (e.g., LE103) it is possible to turn one of the projectors off. This gives a blank screen that can be used simultaneously for other purposes, such as an overhead projector. BS2000 does not provide that option; the dual projectors are both on or both off, which reduces options.

Whoever designed OneStart should be flogged and shamed in the public place.  This is the least intuitive website ever.  Very hard to find whatever we're looking for on it.  The menus are not intuitive and the desired information is typically buried under multiple layers of uninformative headings and sub-headings.  You should scrap it and start over.  I hate having to look for anything on that site.

Don't like the new phone system.  If computer is off, then you have no office phone to use!!!!!

The FAR is outdated and absolutely USELESS for how it is set up.  There is no way to roll things over from one year to the next which is a complete waste of time.  I can "cheat" the system by entering Jan 1 2011 to Jan 1 2012 for it to repopulate, but how ethical and unprofessional is that?!  This system really needs to be redone as I spend way too much time re-entering in stuff all over again.  Also the FAR system is horrible for all my grants and publications.  There is a very limited scope of what types of grants I can get and who gives it so I have to be creative and enter stuff in the wrong places to track it.  Whoever designed this system never had input from a full time faculty member in medicine or another health profession (nursing or dentistry) who has gone through the P&T process where we must document everything and keep track of it.  This might be fine for someone who teaches one or two classes a year and has nothing to gain.  I teach [IRD] classes a year and have too much to lose to not document everything.  Why are none of the health professions school classes in there?!  I have to individually put in each one.  Many teaching awards in my school are based on the FAR and if I don't add multiple pages for supplementary comments or descriptions in the wrong places, I would have never received the awards that I did.  Oh how I wish this could be changed.

I the love the AVL group.  I am not part of their group buy they work great with faculty from other departments. Three cheers for them as that is something that is great to have on campus.

The wireless network in some places is terrible.

The mailbox capacity is too small.

The webpages, such as personnel webpages in OneStart, IUtravel, and the IU webmail software are sometimes confusing to navigate, with little or no support. For example, when goes to IU Travel, it is not obvious how to initiate what one wants to do. Maybe a menu of some form would be nice.

I would really like to see leave data included with the payroll statements.  At the University of [IRD], requests for leave, approval of the leave requests, records of leave planned and leave taken were all handled electronically and included each month as part of the pay statement.  To find out how much leave I have taken for the year, I now have to go ask a secretary to look it up for me.

Oncourse is such a dinosaur!! In this age of rapid technology for teaching, it is a fairly useless educational platform beyond being a grade book and place for documents.  The forums are not user friendly and the ability to insert video or have synchronous class similar to Skype is so limited.  Students expect a slicker system and as a professor I want to deliver a more modern and dynamic product.

Yes, I find it appalling that our school does not have any of the qualitative software programs such as NVIVO regularly available on even one computer lab on campus.  I think there should be at least a couple of labs that make available the most current qualitative software for both research and teaching purposes. Nvivo seems to be the most widely used, especially among faculty in the SLA and the School of Medicine.  Our campus is trying to be a research one campus but fails to make this happen for qualitative researchers by lagging behind in making the latest qualitative software available for faculty and students.   Yes, I am aware that students and faculty can purchase licenses via the Math Stat lab at IU.  But this is insufficient when one teaches a qualitative methods course to grad students and needs a lab with such software available if we are to insure that our students are being trained in the latest software.   Quant programs like SPSS and Stata are available widely.  Why not try to make the latest version of NVIVO also available, and if you do, let the campus faculty who do qualitative research and who teach such courses know which labs have the programs.  This is my only major complaint.   Otherwise UITS does a really good job.

I still find One Start difficult to navigate, although eventually I find what I need.  Is there a way to make it more "user-friendly"?

The university should support a Dropbox like utility to support availability of large data sets and files anywhere, worldwide, at high speed and reliability.  Dropbox is good, but I think the University could do better by making it more secure and having larger cloud-computing file capacity. Also, in an era of unlimited storage space on many external email accounts, the university should support that standard at least for faculty email accounts.  I would rather always use my address, instead of the bother of having people send large files to some other account of mine.  (I know about slashtmp, but it isn't as easy to use as an email address).

Oncourse is still too-often problematic. When something won't work (i.e. students accessing a forum), it's not easy for me to figure out what to do.

And I truly dislike getting in the middle of writing an email and needing to look something up, and not having the email text still there when I come back to it. Frustrating!

Gradebook is still a beast.

I have LOVED the IT courses offered free to faculty and staff this semester. Very helpful and enjoyable.

I know you all have so much to do with keeping the campus running; I appreciate your hard work.

Needs to be integrated with IUHealth IT--too many emails coming from both systems.  Need better wireless access at University Hospital.  Need more access to medical journals from the Med Library.

Move toward cloud computing environment!

I really hate having 2 telephone numbers for 2 offices in 2 different building, mainly because it's confusing to people who need to reach me. If I forget to forward one of my phones, I can't do this remotely or at least that I can determine. [IRD]

Make one standard home page for every computer station that is not able to be changed by users. Have this page centrally controlled so all computers have the same upgrades and links. Have one sign on password to access a page that contains all options. Such as careweb, synapse, information on pulse etc. Having several sign on and passwords is ridiculous and discourages use of the services. Have a paging list with all names residents and faculty to be able to text page broken down by departments. Operators of hospital phones IU hospital terrible, not friendly, not accurate hack hardly answer the phones. Computer systems now to old not reliable crash freeze slow amazing we have such junk around. This is just to start

The VPN server name is wrong on instructions on iPhone setups. (should be, not at IUPUI campus) Multiple multiple residents have not been able to access hospital medical records due to this. Please correct immediately and make their lives easier.

There are many times that I am glad to be able to find excellent KB's to answer my own dilemmas.  However, at other times, if one doesn't craft a great search term, it takes a long time to find the perfect KB.  Perhaps expanding the search parameters would solve this.   

I am also very glad to have access to cutting-edge technology that I can explore/use in support of my teaching and clinical practice area.

Keep up the good work!

IU secure wireless is problematic - even after consulting with UITS via phone.  The staff person said the wireless network doesn't like computers running on Windows?  Seriously....  it's ironic that I'm faculty and have to use my phone 3G to get my email when I'm on campus (my office is off campus).

Lack of telephone books for the IU system is a disaster.  Have you ever tried to locate the contact info for people on other IU campuses or even at IUPUI with the fragmentary access info we have?

Please try to standardize "switches" on Creston podia systems in different classrooms.  The differences, sometimes not so obvious are hard to adapt to from classroom to classroom. It seems like we have to learn new procedures every semester.

I wish to have a graphic tablet on the table connected to projector. Right now I have to bring my own tablet pc with camtesia to classroom to give lectures. I wish the university can put similar equipment in some classrooms upon request.

I teach several online classes and Oncourse is getting slower and slower it is very frustrating.

More flexible hours for software instruction sessions.

Search can use improvement in many places. KB is ok, but can be improved. Also, most of the time I have a hard time finding things in the library web site. Somehow, its organization or search capabilities can use a great deal of improvement.

Biggest problems I've run into with system are speed and reliability of the network systems - worst speed and reliability of the 3 universities I've worked at so far in my career. One other problem I've had is not getting any response back from email request for help re: IUAnyWare and WIN7 64bit interface possibilities to Big Red. Other aspects are quite good.

I am told that I will have to migrate my e-mail to an Exchange account, and I am not looking forward to having to fight more Microsoft systems. In general, I prefer software solutions that do not revolve around Microsoft, which is so likely to produce something that is difficult to use and that does not play nicely with other software.

Cloud services for faculty!!

The email account capability is too small

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Please improve Oncourse options; the Spell-check should be a built in-feature. Also, I often have trouble sending large files to my instructors in Oncourse.

Please stop taking Outlook down so early--it should be done at 2:00 a.m. or so, not at 10:15-11:00 p.m. as it sometimes is. We're using it then!

Please have more switchboard operators at IU Hospital answering the phone.

Please make the Knowledge Base and IUIE easier to use. Please train the UITS staff to use less technical terms for those of who use hardware and software, but may not know all the latest high-tech terminology. Also, please explain to UITS staff that they should NOT be condescending to those of us who do call. 

Please offer more variety in UITS workshops for staff.

In addition to teaching and advising students at [IRD], I do a bit of recruiting too.  I always emphasize the technology that is available here--I think it's something that sets us apart from other schools, especially since we have such affordable access to a variety of technology that Herron students seem to find really valuable, like the Adobe software and  I also emphasize, especially to art history students, that amount of access we have to information via IUCAT (connecting students to all IU campuses), WorldCat, and the many, many other databases.  Overall, I think UITS does a great job.  Some programs, like Oncourse and SIS (Student Information Systems) are a bit quirky sometimes, but I feel like I've figured out how to make those quirks work for me or how to work around them to do what I want to do.  If there is ever a time that I can't figure out what to do, then I usually just call the help desk and they can usually help me with the issue or connect me with someone who can.

It is difficult to distinguish between UITS and the technology unit within University College. The types of questions asked in this survey helped to clarify. Many of the issues that our office struggles with may be more related to the unit within University College.

I mistakenly answered in an early question that I was satisfied with WebMail.  I actually do not like that service.  My strong preference is Outlook Exchange - both on the web and on Desktop.  I use both every day.    I use the Desktop version mainly for archiving old mail (as can access my laptop archives via the desktop) and also use the Desktop version for searching (since that way I also can search my archives).

Also use the desktop version for scheduling meetings, as that is the only way I can add our buildings conference rooms.  For general access to email however, I now prefer the Outlook Exchange web application.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.

As an IU School of Medicine employee working at an IU Health hospital there are some challenges. It is difficult when I have to call the two different help desks depending on the computer I am sitting at. I have a "folder" that I should be able to access on all IUPUI computers, but if I am on the wards... I can NOT access my files. This is not fun:(  Thanks

issues getting billing accts changed in a timely fashion; issues getting to the appropriate (real) person to resolve an issue

In the travel system, I would like 1) to be able to use a one click system to duplicate a trip on a different day with the same destination, location, and distance [for monthly meetings at the same place and time] and 2) delete a planned trip that does not occur.

Thanks for your help uits

Navigating one start is cumbersome. Teleconferencing isn't always set up in a timely manner. Should provide time frame needed when submitting online telecom requests

Please offer in-depth training on the various components of IUIE.  There is a wealth of information in IUIE with little or no instruction on how to access it.  In particular, training on the various financial and C&G data and reports would be helpful.

UITS is wonderful to a technologically challenged person such as I.

Because I am at the IU School of Medicine and rely upon ISTM for many support services, I may not be in the best position to evaluate the UITS support.  I have only had one UITS support contact in the past year and it was not resolved to my satisfaction.

We are lucky to have such a well-functioning technology program here at IUPUI. World Class!

Thank you!

Our department has had difficulty with setting up conference calls/webinars, etc.  The problem may lie with our departmental IT folks and not UITS, but I don't know enough about the problems to say for sure.  We've recently switched to Lync which works well for the most part, but the initial training was lacking; only recently did someone come out and give us practical instruction on the features.

In my opinion, IUIE is a mess in terms of user friendliness and functionality.  Not only does it not give me the information I need to measure productivity and find information, but it is not possible to find out how to get this information.  I've only been able to make limited progress and that was only by consulting current user/experts in other departments.

Ability to identify the locations of the computer stations in each building would be helpful.

Response time is always critical and appears to have been getting slower. eDoc steps require too many communications resulting in too much response time. IUIE is difficult to use; not enough understanding of where data come from to have confidence in results. appropriate queries are not easy to find if they exist. The ones I do have set up are great. Need more managerial metrics coming out of the eDoc system.

The computer techs are always great to work with.  They usually resolve problems quickly and are friendly and accommodating and ready to help.

Our VOIP phones are useless, obviously, when the internet is down, and I don't like it at all.  It means I can't do anything, plus we're entirely isolated from the entire campus, not to mention off-campus, especially in case of any kind of emergency.

Anyone who calls the operators finds themselves in a dark hole--and I receive countless calls for anyone and everyone in the School of Medicine simply because alphabetically our office is near or at the top of the offices listed for the School of Medicine, which tells me that rather than taking the time to assist callers to the switchboard, the operators are simply looking to unload them.  It's not a very positive first appearance for the University.

Network infrastructure in my building, CA, is just not up to the same standard that other buildings such as IT enjoy. This needs to be addressed quickly.

I really enjoy working with the staff of UITS; however there seem to be a lot of managers/directors/AVPs. UITS needs more worker bees and fewer queen bees.

It is frustrating that wireless internet cannot be accessed in Barnes and Noble and is difficult in other parts of the campus center.  Also, some of the platforms used frequently have more bells and whistles than many people need and therefore lack intuition since they are not as visually appealing as they could be (SIS, onestart, oncourse, EPDP).  Overall, I'm extremely pleased and the Technology Services in my unit (UC) are fantastic!

When someone calls the operator, they send them to the wrong people. People get upset when they are transferred 3 or 4 times b/c the initial person who received the call didn't care if they were sending them to the right place.

I think that the technology department within University College is fantastic! The turnaround time is extremely quick and they are always available if there is an issue. I understand that not every department has this luxury, so I am extremely thankful for them.

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The online IT was very helpful in getting the new version of windows downloaded on my computer.

For the most part, I have had very good experiences with UITS.

This might be a shot in the dark, but free music downloads like Harvard. IU is great like that, right?

Have never been able to connect my laptop to the wireless network on campus. An easier login system would be great.

I came from a Wisconsin school, Desire2Learn was better than Oncourse is.... more functional, navigates easier.

Getting past the security/credential clearance process to connect to the wireless campus is a slow and aggravating process.

You're not made aware of a lot of services as an incoming grad student. I found out a lot of things from those who had been here for undergrad. ie. the printing services for students, locations. It seemed to be left up to individual departments to make students aware. It is possible it was just a failure of my department to get the information out.

My only serious point of dissatisfaction with UITS is that graduate students do not receive a printing allowance. Perhaps I do not speak for all grad students but the cost of a printer and ink is just as prohibitive for me as it is for undergrads (perhaps even more so if the undergrads are supported by their parents) and the lack of some degree of free printing on campus has caused problems for me in the past.

I find it interesting that most of my wireless connection problems occur in the IT computer lab - my signal drops and/or has low reception every time I am in there, no matter what time of day or where I sit. You would think that the IT building would have the best reception on campus! I have no trouble in the Student Center, but the nursing building has almost no reception at all.

Improve bandwidth of IUSecure

It would be helpful to send an email that informs students where to go if they have problems getting wireless internet access in their laptop on campus (IUPUI).

Thank You SOCHELP!

The signal in dental school is very unstable, especially for Axiom system (for patients, that's really bad!).

Oncourse is not user friendly. Everything is in a bunch of sub folders. Some teachers use it and some don't. It is hard to send messages through it because you can't just highlight text and make it bold etc. If you see it in your e-mail, you can't just respond to it, you have to leave your e-mail then navigate through a bunch of screens and tabs and folders to find the message.

It is impossible to get guest access to wired or wireless internet which is absolutely ridiculous.  As a professional who lives on campus, I believe it is unacceptable that anyone who visits me is unable to access the internet for the entirety of their visit.  Why is it so hard to allow limited guest access to the wireless, especially in the residence halls?  I believe this also negatively affects any student conferences on campus where people come to IUPUI from other campuses.

You guys are good.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Try to make Cloud computing for students for a responsible price. This way you will help the students to have something they can use within and after their academic years. For example, Student A needs cloud computing space about 5GB, UITS can charge for this capacity $29.99 in one semester. 4 years of regular student at IUPUI. the student would have paid by the time he graduate 29.99 * 8 semesters =  $239.92 !!!

After that, Student A can keep the 5 GB space yet he may or may not expand its capacity.

Issues with connecting my person laptop to IU Secure.

I have a laptop that I could not get to connect to the school printers during a semester. I went to the SL building for assistance, but they could not get a connection to work either. I was able to get it to work before I had Windows 7. It worked the previous semesters when I had Windows Vista. I now cannot use a wireless connection to the school printers as I have that I have Windows 7.

Just thought I would mention my one issue....

There are so many duplicate services that things can become very complicated.  I have also found that most of my instructors do not know how to use Oncourse and therefore choose not to use it or use it poorly.  It would be good if services some proprietary services, such as iTunes U, were replaced with open source alternatives.

IU Secure is very hard to access on my laptop

Sometimes Onestart and student services are particularly difficult to navigate. 

Also, when using OnCourse, the "multiple tabs" error is annoying.  I regularly have multiple tabs (all mainstream browsers support tabs, why not OnCourse?)  and even when only one tab is on OnCourse and all the other tabs are non-IU systems, I still sometimes lose my work (especially when posting to the forums).

Wireless connectivity on IU Secure must improve.  Many times, connecting wirelessly to IU Secure from my laptop is nearly impossible for some reasons unknown to me.  Other than that, I've had negligible problems with UITS-related things!

I used IT once to help me with a presentation.  They were wonderful.  They came quickly and not just fixed the problem, but showed me how to work the software

It is very frustrating that the computers are not the same or set up even close. Even in the same lab with the same software some computers have functions or add-ons and others don't or it isn't even available on that particular computer. I don't know how many hours I have spent along with my fellow students trying to fix a problem or diagnose why something isn't working. And when we try a different computer it magically works.  NOT ACCEPTABLE

Also the wireless in the library and the student center is very unstable. During the day every computer is full so I have to carry a laptop so I can do my work. Sometime I can get online sometimes I cannot.  NOT ACCEPTABLE

The campus switchboard does not seem to care where they are sending the caller. There are numerous connections before the caller reaches the correct party.

Too many UTIS emails are sent out in my opinion.  I stopped reading any of them because I sent it to my spam due to receiving them too often.

It would be nice if the OneStart Student Center automatically opened in a new tab instead of a new window. It is very annoying to have to switch from one window to the next. Clicking from one tab to another would be faster. Also, there are no notifications when someone has put a message in Oncourse Chat room. It would be nice if there was a notification in the My Workplace like there are for messages and forums.

very helpful when contacted for problem-solving


Thank you for the good job. Please keep it up

My only suggestion is to improve the wireless reception in residence housing; I live in an apartment that is far away from the router and haven't been able to connect to the wireless network reliability throughout the whole school year.

Make imail easier to use, make buttons and actions more accessible. Can be confusing for first-time users.

I HATE IUANYWARE don’t switch its annoying and dumb! It didn’t work on my mac at first and now it opens sometimes!

The internet is too slow and it constantly breaks and my friends have problems accessing it from their computers. My other friend is studying some new media stuff and she is never able to do her work on campus, because a bunch of kids that are just hanging out on Facebook are blocking the stations that have the sophisticated programs on them that she needs to do her homework. Also: All the people that are playing online video games and go to all those social networking sites are just seriously eating up the internet. It would be smarter to give all students a limit they can use, because it is annoying to have slow internet while others are watching Netflix and playing online video games. Some people sit there from early morning till late at night doing nothing but non-school related things. I am not paying tuition for these people to have fun and slow down my internet for when I need it.

It would be great if more computer labs allowed for printing on both sides of paper.

Sometimes the internet will knock you off and you will have to disconnect and reconnect. Also in some places in the apartment there aren’t strong signals or it doesn’t work. Signing up your laptop takes a lot of time which can be boring. It can be hard trying to find where exactly all the software is that we are able to download and what is helpful depending on the computer we have. But all in all I think this is a system that works and just has a few kinks listed above and once fixed will be a well-oiled machine.

How to print in all the labs without having to ask would be nice to visually see words written out on how to print.

Sometimes it takes me several tries to connect to the Wi-Fi and it is very annoying.

Wireless internet connection around campus is slow in connecting, and VERY unreliable. Another 24-hour computer lab would be nice as well.

I just wish I could put my Nintendo systems on iuware wireless, instead of plugging them into the wall.

The computers in ET 2nd floor have crashed on me many many times while using Solidworks.  Also, Having the toolbox installed on more of the computers with Solidworks on them would be very helpful.

IU Secure is very unreliable. The school should dump Oncourse. It has to be the most unintuitive system on the campus. It is not user friendly and looks like it came straight out of the 1980's.

Couldn't access Wi-Fi from my campus apartment. Made usage of internet very difficult.