UITS User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the survey:

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

What IT-related needs or expectations do you have that are not being met?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

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Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

I would like to know how the survey results are used, and what kinds of changes are being made. The helpdesk routing of reported problems is too slow. I often get emails several months after a problem is resolved, that says it's resolved. I find the web support lacking... I have to go to the Bloomington helpdesk for answers, or figure it out myself. I would like CGI scripts so forms could be utilized in a classroom environment.

I find Oncourse and the web mail application cumbersome and counter intuitive.
I use my IUmail on my mac mail.
I LOVE that I have a laptop instead of a desktop.
I LOVE lynda.com and the adobe agreement.

I sometimes am told they will get back to me and then I get an e-mail that says my issue has been resolved. Very frustrating.

Suggestions for improvement:
1. When I connect to VPN at home, it disconnects me after fifty minutes. It would be nice if I could connect for as long as I want.
2. The web-based version of Outlook Exchange logs me out whenever VPN connects/disconnects or I change an access point at home. It would be nice if it did not do this.
3. Macintosh support on campus is sometimes lacking.
4. [IRD] was mean to me last time I saw her at CTS. Fortunately, she does not [IRD].

1. Internet is super-fast. I wish I had that kind of Internet at home.
2. Labs have up-to-date PC and Mac hardware and software and color printing.
3. Classrooms have new projectors and good equipment.
4. [IRD] at CTS is knowledgeable and helpful.
5. lynda.com is great.
6. Free Adobe and other IUware software is a one-of-a-kind deal!

Would like to see upgrades made to the tech desks - touchscreens, smart boards, more up to date technology for classrooms. 

OnCourse is sometimes limited in its abilities.

I think video tutorials for SIS, FIS, EPIC, etc. would be very helpful.  Being new in administration I had NO idea what I could do in SIS.  Two years in I still don't have a great understanding of what all there is to know or do.  If there is training in it, I haven't been made aware of it.

I am new to IUSB.  The person who has been most helpful to me in learning to use the tech available in my classroom is [IRD].  He has been invaluable. 

I am only tech literate in that I can do what I need to do to survive.  Most challenging to me is the fact that tech services at IUSB are not pro-active.  Having worked in higher ed. where tech is always there, on the spot, user friendly, ready to help, it seems that at IUSB you need to schedule tech a week in advance.  (Except for [IRD] and a professor named [IRD]-they have saved me).  At a time when information technology is so critical to the future of ed. it seems we could do better.  Maybe I'm new and just need to learn, but an office neighbor (again, [IRD]) needed to help me with my phone and computer when I moved into my office.  Again, at a previous institution a tech person would have shown up at the door and asked what I needed help with.

Requesting equipment should not be a difficult process. More flexibility for scheduling equipment and less hassle would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I was surprised by was the decision to make major changes to the campus web site a couple of days before the semester started.  This resulted in a HUGE number of broken links right when I needed accurate links for my Oncourse site.   I thought it was outrageous that the links were simply broken for some time, and there was no automatic redirect.  This decision was not well thought out, and not typical of how these things were done in the past, in my experience.

As more faculty start to use the mobile laptop PC units (Cart), we would appreciate to have an extra mobile cart in NS-building. Thank you.

I have used the LIAB units and they have worked quite well. But I have a lot of difficulty having to retrieve and transport them back and forth to my classroom.  They are extremely heavy and ungainly to move.  I think IT should provide appropriate staff to move those units to classrooms to prevent injury to faculty.

In most classrooms and the net stations, if takes forever for the computers to come up after you log in. Most of the people are incredibly wonderful and helpful.  A few make you feel like an idiot --they need a little Apple store training.  I have learned to use the IU Knowledge base and I think it is great--thank you for that!! I love the Software online--very grateful that I can always have the newest technology.  Love Lynda--thank you for that.  The [IRD] are all fantastic. [IRD] are wonderful!!  I feel the people at South Bend in IT are the cream of the crop and always helpful.

Push for white boards in classrooms to replace blackboards and the chalk that covers the equipment. I think the equipment should be cleaned sometimes because of all the chalk dust.

It is incredible to me that various techs with whom I have had personal communications did not know what Second Life is.

The helpdesk email reply system is extremely impersonal and unfriendly.

It is similarly incredible that known issues, like defunct wiring/connectivity in Greenlawn are not dealt with whether or not this building will be around in the future. Some of us still need to teach there daily.

Availability for lab sign-up for entire classes is ridiculously limited even in advance as one prepares the next semester's syllabus.

Multiple part downloads from IUware are so burdensome that students have extreme difficulty being successful with them and bookstore staff is not educating people about system requirements when purchasing cd's. A great idea with no practical application.

I have very little comment since I am an adjunct that teaches in the evening and all support is available during the day.  I have never received any support in the evening and couldn't find a janitor if I needed any support whatsoever.  All "training" is always listed as during the day.

The OnCourse platform is perhaps the clunkiest and user-unfriendly distributed learning system out there.  I know it was largely created at IU and now Sakai is involved, but it’s time to admit it is simply not up to snuff and replace it with something much more nimble, flexible, easier to set up, and easier to use.

In general, the people from IT with whom I interface are very well prepared and do a terrific job. University-level, however, I perceive a certain lack of awareness of the final user. The OneStart and SIS systems are labyrinthine for those of us who do not use them all the time and, just occasionally, have to find out, say, the transcript data for a student. Additionally, the ideal paperless office has determined that the systems be set to be used only on-line. There are cases, however, in which paper works better. For the example above, going through the transcript of a student on the screen to find out if she has met all the requirements is nightmarish -- a screen can show only small chunks of the document. The rational thing is, in this case, printing the transcript. But doing so creates a document of lines that go beyond the margin and warp, producing a jumble of unreadable data. In the same sense, it is a very good thing that OnCourse shows a photo class roll. It would be greater being able to print them in a size that would make possible using them when we cannot use a computer; say, when teaching a class and the computer is being used for something else. Zooming the photos so they can be clearly seen in paper sends some of them out of the frame, and they cannot be printed.

More generally, sometimes seems as if IU were introducing new technology for its own sake, to see what happens, without clear, data-based, advantages. Is there, for example, any data on how much PowerPoint increases learning? Not on how it might increase it, on what is happening right now.

One of the problems here is that new technology is introduced without training the faculty in using it effectively. Faculty has been said that PowerPoint is the future, and we have soldiered in and re-formatted our teaching to PowerPoint. Yet many (many!) in the faculty do not know how to use it. They have poured their old notes into a medium which is not optimal for that data. Many just type the contents of the classes in the screen and read from there to a class. The students do not need to pay attention; they'll be able to print it later. The instructor has become a PowerPoint hand-puppet. As a result of this, students fail to acquire critical skills: the ability to listen and understand, synthesize and take notes. Visuals are used in the workplace as reinforcement to an oral presentation, not as the presentation itself. Our students, trained to passively read the information on screen are going to be in trouble. In this sense, our students would be better off with a traditional, blackboard-based, class, gain those skills, and transfer them to the new medium when they go to the workplace. Note, I do not claim PowerPoint is useless: but, as it is often used, it is pointless, and may be harmful to our students. The answer is training: training not just in giving software basics, how to create a presentation, but training in how to create a useful one.

The problem of technology imposed to untrained faculty happens in other contexts too. An electronic whiteboard is useless if the instructor has not been shown how to use it. I personally think that it is hideously expensive and useless device. That shows how little I know. I wouldn't know where to go in order to know better.

What IT-related needs or expectations do you have that are not being met?

I think the financial and classroom systems could be better, but my expectations for these systems are low and they do meet my low expectations.
Generally I feel that IT is a huge job and generally I think IT is doing well.
The benefits outweigh the problems, from my perspective.

I wish more of the IT staff were informed about MACs. It is frustrating when the response is I don't know on a MAC and somebody has to get back to me.  Then I may or may not get a call back.

The complete lack of support for those of us who use Macs remains frustrating. Lack of access to electronic journals is a MAJOR problem in terms of both research and teaching. Wireless connections in the areas of Northside that I frequent range from unreliable to non-existent. And since SIS apparently falls under UITS control: we still need a decent degree audit system! (not to mention a system where it doesn't take 14 screens to get to any page with useful information on it).

None, our IT staff here is really great.  They always respond quickly and have really assisted us with lots of upgrades in our clinic.  We appreciate them very much!

The web page is not easy to navigate - finding people without knowing their full last name spelling is a challenge.  The SIS system as well as the financial system - unless you use it on a daily basis it is not intuitive and hard to get to where you need.  The wireless in Greenlawn can be "spotty."

I would like universal faculty classroom password vs. faculty system passwords, for classroom equipment for better security of student and faculty information on One-Start and On-Course systems.

I would like to be able to have a "go to" person that truly has instructional technology knowledge. For example, I want to be able to use my iPad2 during lectures. I want it be "wireless" in the sense that I can give the iPad to my students during class discussion, have them type up brainstorming discussions and so on. This simple task has required numerous emails and I am still not able to do this. I went to the Apple store and was told (of course) there's an app for that! I asked for money to purchase apps. I was told that this is not possible.
In addition, I am being asked by students for my cell phone number. Since I currently have limited minutes I do not consider this possible. When I asked if I could exchange my phone for a cell phone I was told that only administration can use cell phones on campus. This is truly not visionary and leading us to be at the cutting edge of mobile technology...the next wave of technology. It seems, to me, that I am constantly running into technology road blocks that shouldn't exist.

It would be nice to be able to connect my iPad wirelessly to classroom projectors.  The hard wire connection works only intermittently in the classrooms I teach in, so I have given up using it.   Also, the Elmos in some of the classrooms (notably NS 205) are dim or cannot be focused properly.

Being able to get labs for classes like to give exams in on the computer or do computer training.  When you order a portable lab it is awesome but having to pick it up and return it is a real pain.  Especially when you have to do it in a 15 minute window and you are hauling into elevators it does not fit into--not great use of faculty time. Wireless--although we have it, it is unreliable--does things like drain down your lap top or ipad or phone looking for it. I cannot believe a University like ours cannot make Oncourse more user-friendly and reliable.  Also, Oncourse central staff selectively respond to your requests or questions.  SIS?  Well, what can we say--PeopleSoft living up to all the problems we heard it would have.  It has gotten better but again, not a great, user friendly system.  What happens to your work when you push the download to Excel button?  A mystery to me.  Also I think using IUIE has got to get easier--I do not use it often but when I need it, it is like starting over again.  Very hard to navigate and get what you want.

I don't even know how to store files "in the cloud" so I keep them on a flash drive.  I left it in the classroom last Thursday evening, went back the next day, gone.

OnCourse and distributed learning platforms.

Better access to data for mid-level managers (associate deans) and department chairs to inform decision making.

Aside the need for intelligent training, described above, there have been a few things that could work better.
1) Wireless coverage. Some areas in the library -- particularly some faculty carrels -- are or used to be out of Wi-Fi range. The Ethernet outlets are disabled, so preparing a class that requires internet access is out of the question.
2) Questionable software updates. Seriously, Win Vista/7 and Office 2007 and above offer only hardly necessary interface changes. I imagine that the agreement with Microsoft forces the school to move to the new versions, but this is not a service for the users. I truly hope that XP and Office 2003 are maintained.
3) Non-legacy updates. It is aggravating that sometimes changes are made to the UITS system that makes reliable tools obsolete. When the new HPPTS-SSL certificates were introduced (in late 2009, early 2010?) it became impossible for me to access IU mail from my phone -- a 2007 model which cannot recognize the new certificates (the maker went bust and is not updating the software). It is not, in the big scale, a big issue, just an annoyance, that could have been avoided. The move to the new Exchange server (in 2008?) made it incredibly hard to sync my PDA -- no specifics, but it was really hard and probably not totally legal.
4) Blackboards are also an information technology (or at least a technology successfully used for a very long time to convey information). The setup of computer-based IT in some classrooms (Wiekamp) makes harder or impossible using it: if the screen goes over the blackboard one has to choose between PowerPoint and the blackboard, or move up and down the screen. In some classrooms in Northside the chairs setup has been changed to make possible using the projector, but has made so that the blackboard cannot be read by many students.
5) I receive voice messages every blue moon, maybe once every other week. Yet, I have to check it every day, a minor annoyance. A flashing light when there's voice mail, as many phones have, would remediate that.

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Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

I do not know where to find the online telephone directory, and I don't think it is up-to-date. I am using an old paper directory. . . much more appropriate technology, if you ask me.

Campus computers are incredibly slow to start up. The new library page requires numerous pages to get to EBSCOhost which is used frequently by students.

Great support

UITS News sent via email is very informative and helpful.

Here at IU South Bend, IT & IMS always go above and beyond what is asked of them, as far as I am concerned.  Special thanks and appreciation should go to [IRD] for the extraordinary lengths they go to in order to make sure the [IRD] Office needs are met in an efficient and timely manner.

The email communications sent by the Help Desk, after a ticket has been opened for an issue, are difficult to follow, i.e. latest action/response.

The Help Desk has always been very helpful and has given great customer service when I have called.

Please seriously consider adding the following to the build for the computer labs and tech desks at IUSB:

A warning to notify the faculty member or student that the USB device is still attached to the computer anytime there is an attempt to log out.

When computers are switched out or need to be rebuilt it would be nice to have A-Z instructions as to how & where to save files, contacts, etc. that you will need to access in the future.  I had windows XP & recently received a computer with windows 2007 & it seems that many files were not compatible when I tried to open them?

I want to add that [IRD] in tech support is a wonderful asset to the department. He is always willing to help and will go the distance to get a problem solved. As well, [IRD], is most helpful when it comes to setting up computer hardware.

I also want to add that the ability to connect via wireless has improved greatly over the past year.

IU South Bend's IT has a fantastic staff!  Keep up the good work!

It is very frustrating to have to contact IT to install simple things like signature fonts.  They are very responsive but it's a little annoying that we can't simply add these on our own.

OneStart needs to be completely overhauled - students don't like it, it's not easily customizable

My experience with the IT Support Center varies by consultant.  [IRD] is awesome at working with staff and fixing problems!

When calling the helpdesk stating that a computer is not working at my workstation, their response was that it may take more than 1 day to respond.  Since I cannot work without a PC there needs to be a way for the helpdesk employee to advise an urgency level.

Our IT department is GREAT!  The staff is supportive, helpful, knowledgeable, and accessible.  Thank you.

While I don't need to use student labs, there is one in my building.  The staffing of their lab impacts the staff working for me.  If the lab staff does not provide acceptable answers, students hunt down my employees to help them.  In general, the lab staffing is improving.  However, there is still a struggle for consistency of performance and knowledge among the individuals staffing the labs.

EDOCS Tutorials need to match the current practice!!!!!

Northside Hall still has continued problems with internet connections.

A suggestion: When a new computer is installed in an office - I suggest that the installer make sure that the printer is correctly set.

[IRD] has elevated the services and explanations to the Five Star level for our campus.

Net Express stations are very slow (a contradiction having the word "express" in the title.)

Epic lacks functionality in terms of being able to track all of my office requisitions easily. (The trainer suggested we keep a separate list of all our Req numbers.) This seems like redundant work since the info is in Epic, it’s just not easily found.

IUIE seems to have all the info I need but, again, finding it is difficult. You have to be completely familiar with all the data sets in order to decipher what each report contains. Since I'm on a regional campus I can't attend training and the on-line training material also assumes knowledge I don't have.

I use FIS a few times a year. It is not intuitive and doesn't lend itself well to the occasional user.

UITS seems to be addressing my concerns with new systems on their way. I find the staff is friendly and helpful at all times.

Overall I am satisfied; however, it takes a long time to implement new initiatives such as the CRM system. Also, I think training is very piecemeal.

What IT-related needs or expectations do you have that are not being met?

Student computer labs need additional training on software programs and problem shooting.

I would like to see a more user-friendly class schedule for students (under the Registrar).  The current class search on their website is very difficult to read and not user-friendly.  It would be great if students could look at a "book" online.  That software for the web would be amazing.  Since the paper class schedules are gone this is an important first contact.

It would be nice to have office laptops provided by IT rather than departments having to purchase them and replace them.  They should be on a cycle like the desktops are.

All offices should be given the option of dual screens rather than the departments having to purchase them.

Administration and Staff computers are very old and slow.  We would be able to work much more efficiently if our technology were more up to date.

Need working degree audits.

When a new name is assigned to a phone, I would love to see UITS automatically make a "house call" to explain how the phone works and the various buttons associated with transferring, make busy, etc.
I would like to see more of the trainings that are offered at IUPUI and IUB available at IUSB.
No one that I talk to can give me a clear answer on how long a student will have access to OneStart or their e-mail account.  All the information on the knowledge base is difficult to understand on this matter as well.  Consistent messaging on this in the UITS updates would help to clear up the questions.

I made a comment on the phone system. My phone is terrible. I have no way of knowing a message is there unless I pick it up to hear the dial tone. This sometimes results in phone calls not being returned in an appropriate amount of time.

I am a year behind receiving my updated computer - that is ridiculous!

There needs to be an enhanced commitment to fully train faculty/staff on Oncourse and to move the university to a paperless record keeping and management system.

The quality of assistance received from the Support Center can be spotty - some days we get exactly what we need but other times it is difficult to get a reliable answer. This is in relation to general technology/hardware/systems/network issues, not necessarily specialized areas such as telecom, web, CTS or Media Services.

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Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

It would be easier if there is different language in the support system for international students to understand or use some key terms it their own language.

Onestart portal website is a little confusing and not easy to navigate.

Maybe create a video showing how to do different services on Oncourse. There are a lot of options that I don’t know how to use. If there is one maybe advertise it. Also malware protection or running a scan for open ports would be helpful. Basically students need to know how to keep their computers clean and healthy and any help would be great because so much is riding on our computers, one little hiccup and you have wasted a lot of money on classes you’ve paid for. Educating the students in this area would be beneficial all around.

It seems as though OnCourse is not extremely reliable - many of my previous and current professors have problems with it, and that's very frustrating for me, my classmates, and the professors. We've had problems with grades not showing up, feedback on assignments not showing up, as well as assignments disappearing altogether.
I've only used the "computer cart" once (I'm not sure what its name is, exactly, but it's a cart full of laptops), but using them was very frustrating. It took a long while to sign in, and once in, the laptop was very slow.

Thank you for being able to help anytime :)

Please have some simple computer/internet classes for us dummies.

I believe technology is a beneficial factor to have on campus. I don't think that we should have to pay hundreds of dollars every semester to maintain it when we pay enough extra fees for random stuff.

It would be nice to have the computers in the multiple labs boot up faster when you want to QUICKLY check email between classes or print off an assignment in the middle of class. I timed it today and it was 5 minutes in the library. The same computer isn't always open to use. Can it be fixed?

The Close Browser button on the log out screen from Oncourse is not working properly and does not close the browser like it used to.

Once we adapt to one of your absurdly flawed systems, you change it.

One of my greatest frustrations with IT is that the new OS X Lion software is not supported by the IU network.  I have not been able to connect to the internet with my laptop since I purchased the software towards the middle of the Fall 2011 semester.  In addition, I have sought assistance from the student tech support in the library and they were not very helpful.  They did not know how to operate a Mac very well or how to assist me when I was trying to navigate different programs, etc.  As students, we depend on them to know what to do and how to operate basic programs.  It would be helpful if the student tech aids were knowledgeable on PCs and Macs.  Sometimes I get the impression that they are there for their own convenience rather than to help other students.

Would like if all the teachers would use Oncourse.  I find that I can keep track of all my classes and what is going on with Oncourse.

Oncourse is an absolutely terrible platform. Messages from student to instructor are constantly lost. And there are a large number of professors who do not know how to use the system, so to expect the student to be well adept at using it does not make much sense.

Logging into the network can take upwards of three to five minutes, at times.
OneStart is unnecessarily difficult to navigate.
OnCourse often loads slowly, mainly on the messages and forum pages.
I've had difficulty at times logging into OnCourse from Firefox, will login and then show a blank page, works in IE (rare).
Printers are often not found even though it shows up on the computer next to me (hasn't been an issue as of late).
The IUMail and Umail services need to be integrated, making effective electronic communication difficult. I shouldn't have to worry about what domain to address emails when we all belong to the same institution.
This is being nit-picky, but monitors across campus are often smudged, greasy, and dirty. Some keyboards in disrepair.
Allow editing of forum posts and recalling of messages in OnCourse. It is too easy to accidentally send a mass message when you meant to only send it to an individual.
Other than these easily manageable issues (with the exception of forum editing and message recall, which are not manageable at all once you've made the mistake and sent it), I've found the systems and services to be beyond adequate and a pleasure to deal with.

Next time you guys do a survey like this, put a progress bar at the top. A save function would be nice, too.

There needs to be more support for Mac users on campus.  I've tried to get assistance several times from the help desk and usually I do not get the answer I need, or my Mac is used as the explanation for the issue, rather than someone trying to solve the problem.  As a pretty proficient Mac user, I spend a lot of my time trying to answer people's questions when I'm studying in a lounge or lab because UITS can't answer or help the student. 

We do have a lot of good resources on campus, especially for being small, which I like.

Customer service should be an issue.  There have been numerous times when I've gone for help that I felt treated as an intrusion or an obligation.  Students at IUSB are your customers and should be treated as such.  I think there have been strides towards this, but it needs to continue.  People should only work in UITS if they are knowledgeable and polite and willing/eager to help.

Thank you for you constant dedication and service!

Overall they have been very helpful however every time I try to download any of the free programs provided through IUWare they will not complete the download and I have to purchase the CD and even then I have difficulty installing and I have tried these programs on a 3yr. old computer and a brand new computer with the same results.

The biggest inconvenience that I encounter is dealing with Onestart being down or unavailable at certain times due to some dysfunction.

Connection to internet unbelievably slow in computer labs.

Wish the interface was a little more user friendly. I have to poke around for a while before finding what I want.

If a lab consultant is unfriendly (general opinion among students), how do we give you or the lab consultant feedback so that he can improve?

The startup/logon times have deteriorated to unacceptable levels in the labs. 

Oncourse has had a lot of errors when trying to logon since the redesign.

It would be nice if student computer labs were not closed for class meetings especially at peak times in the early evening.

I have to reset my passphrase every time. Annoying to say the least especially when IU requires a four word passphrase!

As a graduate student, I wonder why  I can't access-via Oncourse- some of the classes I took earlier in the program? Why did you take down those websites while I am still taking other classes and might need to refer to the related websites for additional or in-depth understanding of some materials?

I think Students should be able to access all their classes via Oncourse including those they already pass.

What IT-related needs or expectations do you have that are not being met?

I'd like for either stronger wireless connection or for Wi-Fi ports in the living rooms on campus housing.

I know there's probably not much that can be done because it is a large campus and there are many students and staff using the computers all day every day, but it can be frustrating when you are in between classes and only have fifteen minutes and you have to get something online or print something and it take over 5 minutes to get the computer started and on to your desktop...I just wish it could start up as quickly as a home computer does.

I would like to request to teach students to know how, step-by-step, to identify any computer problems that they may be able to fix themselves, when students do not have time to personally check in with the IT Help Desk.

I would like the wireless to work. I feel like it never works correctly on my iphone or kindle fire. I tend to turn off my wireless when on campus cause they both work better without being hooked up to IUSB's wireless.

I have been treated extremely rudely by your IT staff, specifically a guy [IRD] who made me cry and refused to help me because I wasn't nice enough to him. He works there. I pay tuition there. I want, like, 11 dollars back for that encounter!

The wireless service at IUSB is laughable. It works in certain buildings, rooms, and floors, but not on the entire campus. Northside is an example of a building where you might, for example, get wireless service in room 105, but not in room 107. This is not acceptable. It is 2012 and there are wireless routers available that will broadcast an appropriate signal level. The amount of money the students pay in "technology" fees alone should more than help address these issues. Also - maybe invest in a cleaning service to clean the computer labs. I feel the need to cover myself in anti-bacterial wash after each use of a campus computer.

General cleanliness is lacking (primarily dirty monitors, the labs themselves are adequate for the most part.
The email system needs to be streamlined and integrated into the OnCourse messaging system more thoroughly.
Please clean-up the OnCourse forum and message handling! At least make it more difficult to send mass messages.

The search function inside Student Self-service is garbage, as are the search results. Ideally, we should be able to view courses filtered in a myriad of ways- classes taught by professor, by time slot, etc.

I don't know if IT would handle this, but there needs to be more outlets in classrooms and study lounges.  More and more students are bringing laptops and there are days it’s impossible to find a spot to plug in. It’s kind of like the parking issue, I get that we can't have a parking spot for every single student, but we need to support laptop users by having more outlets. 

Also, the wireless connection is a serious issue for improvement.  There are buildings on campus that you can never get a signal in and it’s not reliable.  I can't even count the number of times I've been kicked off while doing research for school.  I love that we are wireless and that allows students to bring their own technology to school, but it also needs to be reliable.

It would be nice if netexpress stations had printers.  I understand their purpose is to be quick, but often that's all a student needs, is to log in and print.  That could easily be done at a netexpress station.

When I receive my daily e-mails from IUSB they arrive too late in the day.  They should arrive earlier in the day to give students the opportunity to look at them and possibly plan there day based on an activity suggested.

A few classrooms on the ground floor of Northside Hall could use some UITS technology and hardware (particularly NS026 which has no projectors, doc-cams, etc., which would be very useful for students and professors who hold classes in that room).

My laptop cannot connect to IU wireless. The helpdesk people tried but did not succeed. They told me it is because my laptop is of old technology (2005). I don't believe 2005 laptop is too old. In case another attempt can be made, I can be contacted at [IRD].

I don’t think it’s fair that the student computer labs are closed for classes.

Please allow us to access all of our classes via Oncourse all the time we need it.

My primary email is a Hotmail and my IU email is an Imail. It takes me several steps to check them both other than just sign in and I cannot forward one into another.