Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2013

IUB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

While the IT services on campus overall are fabulous, I think that UITS is not providing enough support for the establishment of a true preservation repository and for an audiovisual media delivery infrastructure (and all that would entail in terms of rights management and cataloging tools).

Do you have any control over the online catalogue for the Music Library? It is totally inadequate for searching for items of printed music and recordings.

I feel there improvement is needed in supporting instruction, accessibility, and also in the phones which turn off if you touch the computer keyboard. IU will eventually be a great campus technically but is not there yet.

Oncourse continues to be frustrating. I do not like the new phone system. Needing to be logged into my computer to make a phone call is inconvenient.

As a professor, I feel that the actual functionality of OnCourse is awful. Even something as simple as creating an assignment for my classes is a chore, with the software constantly resetting the due date during the creation of the assignment. Also, the wifi on campus has been very unreliable so far this year.

Ask people who didn't create the system, especially ordinary users, to try to use it before you publish it.

I would like to see the IU search changed. When I use it I am often looking for a person or dept. When I use it, all I get are old documents. Is there a better way to set up a search engine on the site? On the other hand, each time I have called the helpline (855-6789) the consultants have been ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I am not very computer savy so when I call them they have always been veyr patient, very helpful, very respectful. It often sounded like they genuinely enjoyed trying to figure out the problem - almost like I called them with a puzzle to solve and they were like, 'hey, I can do this.' They are great.

I rely heavily on the KB and I think it is an excellent resource. However, there are a *few* times of frustration when the content is not kept up to date. I can imagine the enormous challenge with trying to keep KB content up to date as software/technology changes (e.g., how to connect Android OS to IU Secure), but I definitely think this is one area for improvement. I would like to see more storage space with Exchange accounts. I do appreciate the amount of space provided via RFS and MDSS for research.

I, and many others in [IRD], use the Intel Fortran compiler (Linux and OSX) and Matlab (Linux and OSX). It would be great if these were available on a site license.

Kuali FS as a replacement for EPIC does very little functionally for the end user and looks a lot like EPIC. Adding these two observations to the difficulties caused by bugs not being worked out makes the system seem outdated already. ps I don't know if UITS is involved.

FAR has improved but there's more room for improvement; I have submitted suggestions to farhelp. I find teh array of services kind of dizzying and I'd like to see more integration. I've been a faculty member [IRD] and still don't know how to create a personal web page. But I also admit that I just don't have time to read all the newsletters etc. Most people are just too busy to read the general-purpose communications from IUTS, Travel Services, etc.

The knowledge base is not helpful. Its too word based. The FAQs are never what you want to know. When you do bother to look something up and fail to find it the guy you call then looks up exactly what you looked up and fails to find it - then goes to some other resource or escalates the problem and you get the answer. Honestly I don't bother to look anything up anymore because the answer is never there. Second - IUsearch is horrible. I search IU with google and just put IUB in the query - I find exactly what I want, if you use IU search you NEVER find even the most common things. Third, wireless is so ERATIC. one day it works in my office. The next day not. Cannot count on it - goes in and out like crazy.

Oncourse, good but a bit slow. Want to take more advantage of cloud storage and computers for our research as we move from managing our own servers to utilizing UITS. Could use more help with "big picture" for this.

UITS is perhaps the most dynamic, responsive administrative unit on campus in the sense of adapting to users needs. Other administrative units expect faculty to adapt to their needs, quirks, and limitations.

New phone system is burdensome; Oncourse is labor intensive and sometimes very slow when I need it most; video conferencing when I have students out of the classroom or a guest speaker not very consistent.

Only real complaint is that my wireless connection to the internet via IU is irregular. I often wind up using the AT&T connection. [IRD]

The new phones that use Lync are awful! But everything else is great.

Something has to be done about the CRES encryption service -- in particular, the lack of notification to the sender when a message has been encrypted, and the lack of any way to pull up a list of which outgoing messages have been encrypted. The only way to know whether a message has been encrypted is to individually go through each of the scores of messages that I send out each day. And having the recipients go through the registration process is not an option: I correspond with dozens of unique recipients on legal issues requiring confidentiality, and counting on each of those recipients to go through the tedious process of registering is just not realistic. That this system was foisted on us last summer with no notice from UITS, advance or otherwise, was truly unfortunate.

I use Alpine. It would be nice if, [IRD], we had a web-based version also available. It would be nice if IUAnyWare were available for Linux. Oncourse is nice, but a bit clunky.

We are spoiled at IU. I feel we have some of the best technological support in the world. I am very happy. Even the elements I marked less than 5 are still good. My only real issue is printing and CS6 support (InDesign & Photoshop). I teach [IRD] course which requires students to print in color, back-to-back on tabloid paper (11x17). There really aren't any easy access printers that do this on campus (e.g. there's one in the Find Arts building but often the room has a class going on so students can't just stop by). Therefore, I end up sending the off campus (Mr. Copy, Kinkos/Office FedEx, Staples, etc.). It seems as if the Main Library or Union should have at least one station that can handle this type of printing which is fairly standard. Students have also reported that they know more about InDesign than some of the consultants. Other than that, I am very satisfied with UITS.

I should not have to use the same username/password tied to my payroll information to use the card catalog at the library and the wireless network. Do you use the root password on your server to do routine user-space work?

Overall I am real impressed with IU's IT compare to another places...

Honestly, I think that the IT department is one of the biggest benefits of working at IU.

I would hope that IUB can seriously consider adding non-Latin language characters to the records in IUCAT. Most of other university libraries can support having non-Latin language characters displayed in their local catalog. Why couldn't IUB do it?

The wireless connection in the Wells Library doesn't seem very reliable.

The purchasing system goes from bad to worse....need improvement there!

UITS spoils us here at IU rotten! I love it! I am so grateful to have such a comprehenisve, powerful, knowledgable, and friendly people and system at IU. Keep up the good work!!!

I have found the phone support and walk-in support at Wells Library first-rate. I love the library resources, but I am a bit tired of how often things change...have to learn where everything is again.

FARS system is awful. I don't know if it's just me, but projects show up under the wrong years. The years tab doesn't seem to work right. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I enter something with a date, but it doesn't show up when I select that year's tab. I think the FARS system could be more user friendly... maybe it's just me?

No. IUITS and SPH (Old HPER) IT are great!

Great. But there is always room for improvement.

More faculty input for changes in classroom technology would be helpful and appropriate.

Sometimes when I have called UITS I have gotten completely wrong information and not directed to the correct department until I have gone through multiple steps, usually ending up in making the problem work. If someone does not know how to fix something, they should immediately pass the call of to someone who does.

Oncourse is really clunky. I wish there were some way we could suggest broad ways to improve it, not just specific fixes. One of the late evening 855-6789 consultants has been quite unhelpful to me. I wish there were some way I could convey this information. I wish we could use our office telephones to call 911!!! I don't expect to be assaulted by any students, but it's frightening to know that if I'm having a stroke or something no one will know where I am.

Super friendly, knowledgeable, and speedy IT support in the Kelley school!!

All Kuali-based software products are not well designed -- vendor products would be better - Dislike passphrase approach for logon -- requires me to type ~10-12 times a day -- especially when connecting via Remote Desktop -- does not facilitate my work environment - TIME is clunky -- have any enhancements been done to date?

My desktop computer has a 70GB hard drive. Is that reasonable? I have my own external drives. I hate it that you will not let me install regular updates and other utilities on my desktop. I prefer to bring my own computer into my office.

I find a referral to the knowledge base to be a statement that there is no answer to my question. I have never yet been able to upload student grades into the Faculty Center. I am puzzled by the lack of consistency in some of the programs installed in the computer labs, for example, why, even though they have been set to be enabled, certain options must be re-enabled repeatedly.

Students tend to forget their flash drives in the lab computers. If a student forgot their flash drive and log off of the computer, it would be helpful if the computer would beep to remind them of their flash drive. I have made this suggestion before and maybe it is not doable, but it would have been nice to receive a response. I know that the technology environment is increasingly complicated. UITS does a great job of solving problems in that environment. I wish there was a better system of addressing problems or making suggestions. They seem to go into a black hole.

FAR system is cumbersome and needs to make entry of multiple items more convenient, or allow bulk upload.

No suggestions at this time.

It is incredibly frustrating to me that CITO won't help me because I have my own computer instead of a university-purchased Dell. It leaves me with a choice between a lousy machine with help, or a nice machine without help. Thus far, I've chosen the the latter, but I think it's _ridiculous_ that I need to walk over to Wells to get help or just live with consequences. For example, I am still not connected to my department's printers or collective storage drive, and I've been here for years.

I am always very happy with the call in service. The folks on the phone are amazingly helpful and kind!

onestart is great but clunky -- too hard to find things, and very limited apps within the Faculty Center. The FAR is just awful to fill out -- a window-based app requires heavy reliance on a mouse and is very hard on the hands, especially for those with repetitive stress injuries. I have used Stat/Math Lab once or twice but only one person over there [IRD] offers comprehensible help. Everyone else has trouble explaining stats in plain English.

I hate the OneStart home page. I don't need, use, or want about 90% of the stuff that is there. It is NOT at all intuitive. Could some Mac people work on this, please? In particular, finding what I want in HR is impossible, no matter how many times I do it. I can't remember a logical path to health insurance, benefits, etc. Oncourse also is VERY picky about how you have to set it up, and should be made ***drag and drop*** instead of the add buttons. Again, why is it so cumbersome? FAR - don't even get me started. It takes HOURS, and I do not understand why it has to be so complex. The interface seems like something from about 20 years ago.

Any time I've called/sent message about a problem/issue, I have received immediate help/advice.

[IRD] IU has by far the best cyber infrastructure I have ever encountered. Thanks for all the effort and the good work!

Our new Lync phones are a huge step backward in terms of functionality and user friendliness. Alexander Graham Bell is turning over in his grave.

IU secure wireless is very unreliable where I work. I regularly have issues where it disconnects several times each day. I have a macbook air, so i can only use wireless to connect to the internet (USB ethernet dongles don't seem to work with the newest OS). 2. There is a maximum number of devices that can be registered for an individual faculty member (i think it is 10), and this is not nearly enough to accommodate all of the devices and computers that i use in my office and lab. It would be good to increase this number, at least for faculty. Or perhaps allow us to apply for special permission to have more?

I'm very happy with computing at IU. My only suggestion concerns the telephone answering system, which is very annoying - dial up, listen, enter passcode, listen, press one button, listen, press another button, any mistakes and you have to start over. It's ridiculous. I would rather have messages on the machine in my office that I can replay at the touch of a button (one button).

The FAR form is a waste of everyone's time (because you have to individually enter all accomplishments, etc.).

I get much of my IT support from my school [IRD] so had a hard time filling out this questionnaire.

We used to be able to use the IUCAT system wide, now I can't log in to e-journals on another campus. Would also like to have more self-tutorials for common software, like Refworks and Endnotes.

Everything is way too complicated. For example, the new Microsoft Lync is just impossible. No one knows how it works. I can't make a simple phone call if my computer is not on. This is particularly inconvenient when I'm on the phone with UITS and they ask me to restart my computer. I'd hate to rely on this ridiculous phone system in an emergency. While there are some really terrific UITS staff, it's very "hit or miss" over there. Sometimes I end up stuck with someone who knows less than I do, or gives misinformation. Very frustrating. Kudos to the good ones. Lemons to the less well-trained ones. The Faculty Annual Reports are also ridiculous. If I set out to make something less user-friendly, I couldn't have done a better job. I have been a reviewer of these annual reports in my unit, and it's absurd you can't readily reorganize categories (example, put all "chairing grad dissertation committees" together, etc.). Things appear and disappear on FAR. It's a clumsy and time-consuming form that desperately needs a new face. Thank you for asking for our input. I really appreciate it.

Biggest problem for me is the lack of knowledge on the part of the students at the support center when I phone for help.

Two complaints (against a background of excellence). 1) STC availability for classes is becoming a problem. I try to use STC's for a component in one of my basic [IRD] classes, and it's getting difficult to find clusters on campus. 2) The FAR system is clunky, but even more, the graphical output of the system in the annual summaries defy reading and interpretation. The output graphics are really bad and need to be completely reformatted.

My negative comment concerning UITS tech support is directly linked to an interaction I had last spring in which I had forgotten the new email/OnCourse/OneStart password I had just created and I desperately needed to retrieve it to access my email. [IRD] told that the only way to retrieve it was to appear in person, which was impossible for me. There should be a way a person can "prove" her identity other than appearing in person. Luckily I remembered I had actually written the new email down, and realized I had misremembered one element, so I was able to access my email after all. My negative rating on the new Lync phone system stems from the fact that the system was installed but faculty were not provided with any training to use it. I can answer my phone when it rings, but I'm still not sure how to make an outgoing call! Can someone come over and show me how to use the new system to best advantage?

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

As you see, I use just the tip of the iceberg of your available services. I'm pretty satisfied with what I do use, although I seem to receive help from people not very familiar with programs I call about with questions (mainly MS Excel). I appreciate all the services available to us.

[IRD] Ballantine Hall is wonderful - very helpful, friendly, and quick to respond. I worked at IU many years ago and came back [IRD]. My biggest frustration has been simply learning about what is available. Many of the things in this survey I had to mark "don't know" because I didn't even know they existed. I don't think training for new people does a good job of introducing people to available services, etc.

IUAnywhere is painfully slow. I had to go buy a software package at STAT/MATH to complete my class materials. I would spend 5 minutes navigating to my folders. Network speed seems to be slower compared to the last couple of years.

Are there any plans to add wireless access points in Swain Hall West? I work in the sub-basement and can only access wifi near the east end of the machine shop, but not in the office.

Onestart very difficult to use to find even simple things on it. 2. Wireless connectivity still spotty and drops often (at least on higher floors in Ballantine). 3. UITS phone support unsatisfactory and sometimes apathetic.

Short and sweet: the new VoIP phone systems are wonderful. More communication regarding new EPIC purchasing system replacement would have been nice, but I figured out how to use it effectively.

All IU staff need to be able to interface dorectly with mobile devices using iOS software (i.e. iPad/iPhone). The UAO needs better design software support (i.e. AutoCAD/Revit) Ability to maintain proper routing & connection to printers & plotters is extremely poor.

Keep up the good work.

I know that the speed of our computers is very slow [IRD] as compared to the newly rewired areas [IRD].

I work on my desktop and laptop all day long and the connection to the internet seems to be very slow and makes it very difficult to work effeciently and effectively. The laptops that we currently use are also very out of date which could be most of the problem. With being a prestigious school we should be at the leading edge of technology and it can be some what embarrassing when our computers take a long time to pull up insurance websites, vendor websites, etc.

I think overall UITS does a good job. There are some areas that are not as good as others but things are going in a good direction. My top issues usually come from: Wireless Internet, OneStart, Oncourse

Overall great support service and offerings. It might be helpful to receive more information about the types of services UITS provides. Although I am not a regular user, I feel as though the search functions on the University website as well as the IUCATshould be improved. I don't find it easy to retrieve simple informatin thorough either of these systems.

I get tired of constantly being shuffled between UITS and CITO. One says something is the other's responsibility. I am much more impressed with CITO than with UITS. UITS folks seem to have an attitude and are very rarely congenial on the phone. One exception to this were the people who came an installed the new network. Another frustration with UITS is that we can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone about charges for adding/changing telephones. I also consider it fraud that UITS would charge for telephone lines that were in existence in 2010 in perpetuity that are no longer in existence. That is fraud. Plain and simple. Once again the bully wins!

I am impressed at the level of service provided by UITS. The and free workshops are a great help to our staff, and are generally very useful and well received. I appreciate the support and opportunities for development provided by UITS. Great service to the university!

OneStart is TERRIBLE! It needs a completely new user interface. Very hard to navigate. Also, I hate the Lync phone system. My phone rings one or two additional times even after I pick up the receiver, and the sound quality is terrible. I've resorted to using my cell phone to make business calls because at least people can hear me on it! But I shouldn't have to use my own phone at work. IU should provide a decent working office phone!

Extremely disappointed in call center services over the past year or two. Compared to previous years, I have experienced (1) longer waits, (2) less knowledgeable consultants, (3) less patience and reduced listening skills, and overall (4) less professionalism. I understand the purpose and point of Chat assistance but it is NOT as efficient as a telephone call.

UITS is full of amazing people. Anyone I've ever talked to who works at UITS has been enthusiastic and eager to help/show how to use new software and devices.

having an IT/UITS group in-house (in our building) [IRD] allows me to get them immediately when an issue pops-up. All of these staff persons are very helpful and polite.

I'm always impressed by how cutting edge IU always is and always has been regarding technology. I have worked here since [IRD], and the same was true then and is even more so now. Keep up the great work!

Outlook is problematic. S

We are CITO-supported. CITO does a really good job of supporting us, so I don't have as extensive an experience with UITS. I also don't use enough of the UITS-related services in my job to answer alot of the survey questions, although during down times (rare), I do appreciate

Web-based systems should not require a particular operating system and should use cross platform standards. Viewing documents in OneStart (travel documents, for example) with OnBase requires a Java client. I don't want Java installed on mine or any other departmental systems because of the actual infections it has allowed and resulting disruption. It should be doing any protection of scanned documents on the server-side and not the client side in any case. I've tried to help someone pick classes to take and I have to say the registration and class catalog system is just unusable. One ought to be able to see any available classes in a given school, and filter them by days/times. One should not have to type in a keyword to see a listing of classes -- browsing is helpful. Like flipping through a course catalog. Holy crap it was an awful experience. I don't think IUAnyWhere has been promoted well enough. I think it is terrific you are doing this survey. It's a well done survey.

Overall UITS does an excellent job! Please keep up the good work! However, the TIME system is terrible. It is really cumbersome for my employees to enter and manage their time. It looks like there is room for improvement in this area. Remote desktop services are very slow and bulky to use.

The reason for the low mark on the telephone system...when power is lost to the network, phone service goes with it. With the older landline system, a power outage did not interrupt telephone service.

IT in the Libraries needs to be a branch of UITS. Currently, it's run like a separate entity. This gets confusing for the user. (What's the responsibility of UITS? What's the responsibility of Library IT?) The user doesn't care whose responsibility it is. The user just wants a problem fixed. Personally, I've come to view Library IT as a "red-headed stepchild" of UITS - They have a common bond, but neither seems to want to admit that it's there. I think there should be at least one UITS person assigned to be a consultant/liason to each department on campus. This person would learn about the department, meet with groups & individuals within the department, & become familiar with the unique terminology, needs, etc. Then, the department would have an ally within UITS - someone to make the best recommendations for their specific needs; someone to be a voice for them as IU continues to make technology a priority. I think the decision to make UITS classes free to everyone on campus was absolutely the right one. IU faculty, staff, & students should never have to pay for a UITS class. It's almost like asking them to pay for an HR class. Offering more classes online - either simultaneously with the "live" classes, or only online (in real time) - is also a great idea. This should continue, & more classes should be offered online. I've noticed shorter classes being offered this year. This was yet another fantastic idea. People don't often have an entire day(s) or even a 4-hour block available for a training class. The shorter classes should continue, & there should be more of them. In fact, I think many of the longer classes should be broken into shorter classes. One of the main problems I've found with the UITS classes is that many of the exercises they have you go through don't really relate to me - it's nothing I'm ever going to do, nor will the majority of the class. If the exercises don't have some relevance to my life - or at least to the majority of the people in the class - I'm not going to remember very much of what I've learned once I leave the classroom. Recently, I've taken a couple of classes where there's a trainer, but no assistant. This has been very frustrating. Even though UITS gives you a list of things you should know how to do before you take a class, not everyone in the class is at the same level. Plus, things happen with technology, etc. Therefore, if the trainer has to stop the entire class everytime an individual has a question, issue, etc., it's just counter-productive. Granted, I've been in some classes where the assistants haven't been much more than bumps on a log. Nevertheless, I'd rather have them there than not.

Don't go to CLOUD for everyone to use on a daily bases. I hate it, it is very slow

I never have any issues that are not resolved quickly...and each issue is minor. Really great support, service, systems.

Lync phone system has drawback of needing to be logged in to use the phone. This is not a good feature in case of emergency when quick access to a phone may be necessary or in instances when computer access may be unavailable. I have had great customer service through the UITS online chat feature and some top notch assistance working through some Oncourse issues. Staff were always helpful.

It would be helpful if there were more routers or something in Assembly Hall during games. It's difficult to get on the internet or to text/post during this time. It would be a good way to get more IU promotional info out in cyber world. Just a thought. Thanks for all you do. You guys are really awesome!

Hate the new Lync phone. I can't hear the handset if I'm more than two feet from my office and I really don't want to wear a headset all day on the off chance that someone will call. Otherwise, my only complaint is that some of the Purchasing and Travel systems accessible through Onestart aren't always intuitive to use and the various media production services are expensive enough that my bosses want me to replicate them in-house using consumer-grade equipment instead of paying another unit to do them. For the most part, I feel very fortunate to have free access to the hardware, software, and infrastructures supplied by UITS.

The survey asked a question about "Listserv," a system that was wonderful and was eliminated last year for a new system called "IUList," which is clunky and difficult to use.

[IRD], SIS is a critically flawed system that is difficult to navigate and offers incorrect information. Also, IUIE is very rarely workable. Otherwise, I'm very satisfed with UITS as a whole. The staff are friendly, and I've been able to use the technology in various settings (advising, teaching, personal use) with very few problems.

The email encryption service is VERY poor. This service fails to notify the sender if an email has been encrypted and sends the reciepient off to a third party site that most are afraid to use.

wireless has improved in the Service Building somewhat. Sprint Cellular signal is poor. Exchange always seems to have issues, and I am constantly losing network connections on my desktop than no one can or will resolve.

The Lync system is very hard to use and complicated. Also, the phones give my ear a shock if I stand up to use them.

some of your systems should focus more on usability. The wireless network is very slow even after the upgrade. IU Secure kicks me off frequently.

I get a lot of error messages when using the Travel system and I am told to exit. I do not like the fact that my phone locks up a lot and I am constantly re-entering my pin number to unlock it. It's really annoying.

I am not (yet) a victim of the new computer-based telephone system. However, I've heard only bad things about it. I will not willingly accept my conventional phone to be taken away (though, I have not heard plans for this to happen soon in our building (Cyclotron facility) so I'm not worried about this -- just mentioning it). I continue to find the password (phrase) rules quite unnecessarily annoying. It would be nice to have a looser rule that still provides reasonable security. E.g. I don't believe that mandating the use of a particular character ' ' adds a lot of security! It just adds annoyance to some people who might have a better mental shortcut in mind, especially people who have to deal with many different accounts on many computers (each of which comes with it's own IT security rules, generally disjoint from each other!).

I really dislike the VOIP phone system, it cuts in and out all the time. It always sounds like you have been disconneted from the call when there is a bit of lag time between people speaking. It is sometimes really hard to hear people or they sound like they are in a tunnel.

Create policies that are consistent with the ways in which we need to use technology. Do not be the constraint that prevents us from performing our work duties. Create strategies before creating policies. Policies are a product of strategies. UITS, and other related departments, have policies in the absence of strategies, which is impractical, and unsustainable. Don't waste limited resources (money and staff) on IT solutions that are not functional. The amount of time and money that have been wasted on Talisma is inexcusable. There are numerous enterprise level CRM solutions that could have been implemented at a fraction of the cost, in both time and money. Understand that UITS is a SUPPORT service. Develop a culture and environment that facilitates that mindset, rather than dictating to operational and strategic staff policies and procedures that are counterproductive and fail to SUPPORT our objectives.

UITS provides a very reliable infrastructure with which to carry out work for the University, complete with a wide range of online courses, help facilities and support. I am very satisfied with UITS services.

I love using the video bridge for all my videoconferencing needs. The staff at UITS is exceptional and IU is fortunate to have such a great central IT organization.

overall I find slowness in connectivity and page navigation with OneStart specifically. Also, wireless is not always reliable.

The lync system is nice, but it's unfortunate that it only works when my computer is logged in and awake. IUIE is ridiculously complicated and I can't always find the data I need. I use it for student info and if a student isn't registered that semester or is registered in another department that semester, IE dual majors, they may not show up, giving me inaccurate numbers. The search function on the homepage is pretty much worthless. I google something if I need to find it.

I wish there was quicker speed during the Registrar/campus high peak periods. When we are updating semester records, for instance, the system seems to become very slow. Also notice bog down times after 4pm often.

I dislike the Poly Com telephones. They are difficult to get used to and no instruction was given when we were told they were mandatory. I do wish there would be more classes for things that change so we have some way of getting used to them.

Geez! I got hassled a zillion times to fill out this survey! Apparently it finally worked.

XComputer support is great. Kuali is new, not sure how it will work out for me. lync is irritating. Laggy, interrupts typing...

The Polycom phone system does not seem very reliable. Sometimes it routes outgoing or identifies incoming calls incorrectly. Sometimes calls come in and are "missed" but the phone never rings. At other times I cannot use my phone even though I am signed in to lync and everything else seems to be working well.

OneStart needs to be thrown out the window. Horrible user experience, nonexistent information architecture. Adobe Connect is the bane of my existence. I cannot get it to function, and I am an incredibly technologically capable person. The design of all UITS websites does not communicate that you are on the cutting edge. Problems: Outdated look and feel Don't use content strategy to deliver the most relevant information to users They are not responsively designed, which is something IU websites are quickly adopting

Why in the cornbread hell would you people decide to do all the updates and shut down systems during high usage times, e.g. CSR. Why would you not wait until down times like Spring Break or some down time in Summer?? Also...every CSR the system goes down for a period of time. Why?? Don't you people see a pattern here?? You would think that supposed smart people could realize this will be a heavy use time and plan for it. But I guess there are too many fat, idiot, and bald UITS employees taking approved month long vacations in Florida. Especially since these fat, idiot, and bald employees helped create the CSR process...ugh!!

A new time record keeping system would be wonderful.

The Travel management system through Onestart can often be confusing in terms of creating and managing trips. While I understand that the financial accounts behind travel reimbursements can be complex, an informational form about a trips locations, purpose, etc. should not be. Fields that I think should be on a form are often not there and labeled as something I would not think of. Sometimes there is no field for information that I feel is important to include with the trip info, etc. The forms simply are not logical, which I find wastes much time in having to seek assistance and find help/explanations.

Everything our office does is now dependent on the computer. It never ceases to amaze me how things seem to work perfectly almost all the time. I know this is no accident, although humans can forget how often things work correctly, but find fault when they don't work right. Long story short: I am priviliged to have access to way more computing than I'll likely ever take advantage of here at IU. I continue to be impressed with all that UITS does to improve as technology advances. Thank you!

Not a huge fan of the Polycom phone system. I don't see the end product being worth the investment of time and money.

I'm happy to see that UITS improves technology to keep up with the market every year, and it's certainly made my life easier as a staff member. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to receive the support we need, but I wouldn't complain too much.

The Good: Available software such as IDEs are great and much appreciated. Lync & the II deserve 5 stars.The Bad:Overall support for software development is extremely poor. There is a severe lack of testing and automation tools. The QoS on enterprise hosting (CHE, Webserve, etc) is worse than the $5/month hosting providers on the Web. Developers seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time building very simple things because they have to fight the infrastructure so much.

I can't tell you how WONDERFUL the people are who are on the phone when I call 855-6789. They are a BLESSING! Always so patient and understanding and soooooo HELPFUL!!! This is my favorite part of IU!!! Except maybe for the current Basketball team!!! :)

I really appreciate the helpful attitude I've encountered with the UITS staff in emails, in person, or by phone. It is my experience that the staff is dedicated to resolving issues and educating users both efficiently and effectively.

UITS does a great job. They have a difficult task and they represent the university very well with their standards. This survey is a prime example of how they always strive for the best.

I would like to thank all of the IT personnell for their quick responses and knowledge base of the IT services provided by the university. I have had several problems throughout the past year and they have resolved them in a timely and professional manner. I use my computers everyday and rely on them very heavily, so any downtime makes my job almost impossible, but with their help, the downtime has been very minimal.

I work for the Business School and most of my IT issues are handled by KSBIT. I did not include them in this evaluation.

It would be nice to have more instructor-led training in the evenings for full time staff.

I don't really understand how to use the IUIE… I really need to understand security--how and who gets access and why and how to request it. It all feels very ambiguous and mysterious to me. Lets of acronyms and not enough thorough comprehension about how each works and how it affects my job.

You guys are awesome! So patient! And are so easily available when we need you. Especially great is that we still have the ability to call someone!!! person to person is wonderful when solving problems.

My phone often drops calls.

I love the Knowledge Base and use it on a daily basis to support my activities with university systems and software. It's one of the major reasons I think so highly of UITS support.

Overall, a good job; however, UITS (like any other organization) can always and should strive to improve.

UITS has always helped me out when I needed a question answered or help. I am so appreciative of the excellent knowledge that UITS has. I thank you for making things easier on my end.

One start is very hard to navigate for students. Locating links to there personal information and credits, to lists, ect are hard to find.

UITS should light a fire under the City of Bloomington to get more connectivity/wifi in town. This would enable more telecommuting so we staff wouldn't have to risk our lives driving to work in "crumbling buildings" on campus. It's a shame that one of the most wired campuses in the country - with one of the most up-to-date computing infrastructures - resides in a community strangled by Comcast. IU should throw some money at Google Fiber (Kansas City KS?? wtf??) or even li'l ol' Smithville Telephone to get some decent speed and connectivity. It is embarrassing that blocks from campus, connectivity is worse (and ore expensive) than in the 2-mile fringe.

Provide easier access to wireless for guests.

The interface for Listserv still seems less-than-intuitive. Also there seems to be more-than-necessary amount of email to send to the listserv. sending, responding to confirm, and then getting a 3rd confirmation back that it was successful. Not a huge deal though. Every other UITS system I work with on a regular basis works very well.

better interface for onestart provide services to IU Foundation to improve their functionality and interfaces with potential donors

The TIME interface is very poorly designed. Really, you have to click "edit" every time??! The reason for being on that page to not edit is VERY rare. Was any usability done? This application feels very dated and documenting meanings of codes in the application seems so obvious to me but is not part of the application. Similarly, many pages on SIS require SO many clicks. [IRD], I outlined a number of ways clicks could be reduced and allowing the majority of users to spend less time navigating the interface. The suggestions were taken but I was told usability was a lower priority. [IRD], years later--and countless university paid-time in clicks later--few improvements have been made. These clicks cost the university to "fix" but surely cost the university more in wasted time. No?

I am a building on the IUB campus that is supposed to have wifi availability, however many times my I-pad indicates it can't connect to wireless. They've "upgraded" wiring and wi-fi devices about 3 times, but problem still remains.

We work with international groups and used to be able to get IU accounts - this is no longer an option and has increased our work load and difficulty in working with our partners in Afghanistan.

I had a really negative customer experience with the call center that handles issues with the phone system this past year. The woman could have cared less to assist me. However, other than that, I really appreciate the Tech Services of this University and it seems that there is always a push to improve. 99% of the tech staff have been most helpful!

Talisma has been a huge disappointment and it needs to be vastly improved. I find the user experience extremely difficult to use.

Overall I get excellent service from all my contact with UITS. Lynda and the on-campus trainings are an amazing value!

My position takes me to all IU campuses, I sometimes have a difficult time logging on to a campus computer and/or my lap top to access my personal items. New Phone system drops about 2 out of every 10 phone calls I try at my desk and sometimes I go days without the ability to dial out. (to be far I have not asked for anyone to look at this).

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students


I still find Onestart difficult to navigate when I am registering for classes. It seems like it could be much more straight forward to find open classes and register for them.

IT staff have solved multiple technology related issues for me - including personal, research, and teaching tech issues, and in general are quite helpful. My only real complaint concerns the reliability of wireless (in particular, IU Secure) throughout campus, as well as often strange or inconvenient update times for important services (such as OnCourse, OneStart, Mason/QUARRY).

The instability of Quarry after the December "upgrades" has been a major source of dissatisfaction with UITS. Also, there are many users that seem to be engaging in behaviors with the queuing system that are disruptive if not outright abuse of the system, e.g. submitting large numbers of jobs at a time and thus preventing others from submitting their own jobs. Discouraging or preventing this type of behavior by the few users that frequently exhibit it would go a long way in improving my satisfaction with UITS.

OneStart could be better organized.

Wireless networking and its authentication backbone should be improved. It's inexcusable, given that the wireless networking hardware is a single platform and centrally managed, that different wireless access points across campus have slightly different configurations. Some have disallowed access to Some require the addition of 'ads\' in front of the username. This shows a gross incompetence on the part of wireless network administrators or in the inability for managers to obtain the proper tools for their employees to do their jobs efficiently. 2) The research computing support side of UITS is by far doing the best job at supporting users. I've constantly been pleased with the quality of service provided by those who run the SDA, Quarry, and other services. They have shown they are knowledgeable and engaged in customer concerns. 3) The Github Enterprise service was a wonderful acquisition. While there appear to be issues regarding the licensing agreement between Github and IU (someone should have really checked this...), it has been a pleasure to use the service and has been very useful for campus collaborations on research projects. 4) UITS doesn't do a very good job informing people of the services they provide. I have, however, been VERY pleased with the two-way communication from the UITS twitter account. Twitter should be used as a way for UITS to gain constant feedback from its customer base. Using Twitter purely as a "megaphone" is a waste of the technology. 5) IUAnywhere is a rather shoddy product and is no where ready to be relied upon by any personnel on campus. UITS would have been better off taking a cue from Amazon and creating an EC2 ( like environment that provides a _PROPER_ VM to users.

I have seen improvements since coming to campus [IRD],, but there are still many places on campus where computers, printers, scanners, etc., are not accessible to wheelchair users. My life would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier if I could check my email at the "standing" computer stations around campus. (Right now I either have to make a long, inconvenient trip to a library or go home to check my email). When I have mentioned this to various campus offices (UITS, [IRD],), my requests have been blatantly refused and labeled "too expensive" or "too complicated." I don't think the university will go broke if they lower a couple tables/counters, and they are LEGALLY REQUIRED to make services and facilities equally available to everyone.

I am amazed at the services here.

the wireless on campus is often weak - also phone service for most carriers is poor.

I think the IT workshops are great, but the teaching could be spiced up a little! Also, intermittently adding little mini-challenges throughout the lesson would help us retain the new knowledge a bit better. Otherwise we get thrown all this new information in one 2 hour block and don't get to test ourselves with the instructor still there.

[IRD], most of my research is done on the clusters in the physics building and not maintained by IT. Therefore, I'm not the best person to comment on that aspect of University Information Technology Services.

Oncourse is a particularly broken tool and is very frustrating to use when you are an instructor. Location of various tools and buttons within oncourse is counter-intuitive. Attempts to "improve" the service have generally led to more problems with it. A more streamlined approach would be greatly appreciated. It is similarly hard to find needed documents and applications via OneStart.

Sometimes one of your staff responded case by case.

The wireless connection in the Law School Library gets funky every once in awhile. Everywhere else I've been it has been great. The IUCAT system has been pretty nice.

Overall I am satisfied, except for the two points. 1. Wireless connection is very unstable. 2. Library catalogue/search is totally useless.

Sometimes I can't connect to the wireless network on campus.

I'm not a fan of having to register my computing device every semester in order to connect to the wireless Internet.

In Ballentine Hall, the internet connection to IUSecure sometimes randomly goes out, which can be really inconvenient when trying to work online.

IUSecure has gotten much better over the last year, but I think improvements can still be made to accommodate the growing number of devices that are attempting to access IUSecure, which causes me to sometimes have issues connecting to the wireless network.

Wireless remains spotty in the library, dropping connections on the first floor of the East Tower and in the basement (SLIS) often.

In my work and research activities I have found UITS at times to be inaccessible and non-responsive with regards to attaining accounts on upper-end IU machines (Mason, Quarry). That is my principle complaint, and other than that, UITS has done a solid job of addressing my IT needs at IU.

IUanyware has continue to crash, been slow, and many times cannot read external jump drives. Myself and colleagues have attempted to get assistance; however, nobody has a clear understanding of how this new system works. Otherwise, UITS hear at IU is wonderful.

Needs more accessible places for wifi on campus

If you are going to make it illegal to install personal routers in certain on-campus residents, please police as well. My CampusView wireless connection is always getting dropped and I suspect it is because the bandwidth of the system is being overcrowded by the many personal wireless accounts I see in my scanned signals list.

I am continually impressed with the UITS staff who help me to troubleshoot and answer my questions. They are an invaluable resourse to our university.

It would be nice if there were more b/w printing stations throughout campus. The Securna PSI program doesn't always allow for updates easily (Illustrator and Java are the most common issues).

Further expansion of journals that are available through IUCAT would be valuable. While helpful, the Knowledge Base seems scattered.

The only major complaint I have is the unreliability of the wireless service on campus. It works passably well, but it is often difficult to connect (requiring repeated re-authentication) and often boots me off the network temporarily while I'm in the middle of doing things.

I could have just checked all 5s if you fixed two things: 1) Fix the wireless issue in the law school. Everybody knows about it and there has certainly been a flury of activity in an effort to fix it. When you kick us out of the building for summer, maybe it will be easier to dig in and get it knocked. 2) The people who answer the phone in the general call center really were not helpful getting my accounts set up when I started. However, once I discovered the law school has its own IT person, life improved dramatically. Apparently, we register differently than everybody else, so we end up with odd account problems from the beginning. That aside, telling someone to read the FAQ's is not good service. The reason I sat on hold was that I have no desire to scroll through pages and pages of badly indexed, marginally useful, but mostly irrelevant text on the proverbial Easter egg hunt for an answer to what should be a relatively simple question. Just answer the question. I will read the FAQ's next time I have insomnia. Promise.

more computers and printers would be nice

There have been instances where I have called in regarding issues that remain unresolved and I will have them dispelled by your service people. I refuse to call in again to have people ignore my concerns and tell me to wait a couple weeks and it will go away. The biggest hindrance in your department is having incompetent people at the intersection between users and university technology.

I have not had much person-person experience, and I have not had any advanced research needs yet, but as of my experience using the computer-based systems, I am extremely happy with the resources at my fingertips.

Thank you, great job!

Should be allowed to download instructor approved apps. STC labs does not allow me to install @Risk which is used widely in my classes

The Lync phones depend upon a functioning PC and/or network to function - in a disater recovery scenario or in many types of other dangerous scenarios posible on campus, these are a liability and not an aid.

the law school has no Wifi - pretty ridiculous they cannot get it fixed.

[IRD], as a graduate student and I have been truly impressed by the vast opportunities UITS provides. Coming from a small liberal arts school I never imagined I would have access.

Wells library has poor wireless connection. Problem should be addressed.

It would be great if UITS could hold tutorials where students can learn softwares like Matlab, Gauss, Stata etc. Not everyone at the Stat-Math center are willing to provide the kind of help needed, though of course there are exceptions.

I find the class search on Onstart to be very annoying. I came from an enviroment where the class search was much easier. I was accustomed to using BlackBoard, and although I find this system to be less "buggy" I did have a harder time learning to use it.

IU Secure in the law school has been a continuing source of issues for a number of students and is often slow or unresponsive.

Main points of annoyance: extremely unreliable wireless internet, requirement for super long email/oncourse/OneStart password, and awful (outdated, hard to search through) IU Webmail.

My biggest problem with what IUTS does is mostly Onestart. Somehow I always have a hard time finding what I'm looking for.

Could improve IUSecure Connectivity for Blackberry OS devices. My Blackberry Bold 9900 running BB OS 7.1 has trouble connecting to IUSecure and the kb page for the same does not suggest anything new that i have not tried already.

the stats/math center is awesome. also, the people who work at jordan hall and help us with our computers, [IRD] are awesome. the price for software (mathematica, spss, matlab) is not good, too expensive. onesart and oncourse are aweful. onsetart in particular is terrible. its like going to an internet maze. you never know how to get where you are supposed to get. the design is terrible. too many words and tabs and colors and i literally had to write down in a piece of paper how to get to my bursar account or how to get to add my classes or how to add trips etc.

The biggest problem with the technology service is associated with adding courses. At my previous university, which also had numerous, large campuses, to sign up for a class all I had to do was use a pull down menu by subject and add which section I wanted. I did not have to do the tedious searching before adding every single class. It was very user-friendly, as the system used by Indiana University is not.

I hope there would be more opportunities to learn about research supporting facilities and programs.

I have had patient and helpful in-person help (in the west tower at Wells) but less so on the phone.

There seem to have been a lot of issues with wireless access, esp since the recent update. I have a relatively new smartphone and laptop which give me no problems in many other environments and the issues seem to coincide exactly with the updates. Additonally, as good as OnCourse is, there is a definite problem with speed/accessibility at random times, not only when there is high usgage on campus. I hope the kinks are worked out soon! Overall UITS does a great job and everyone really tries to be helpful, which is as important as technical competence. Downloadable IUWare is also a much-appreciated resource.

I oftentimes (almost daily) have problems with IU Secure connection on my Mac and I know that others do as well. That is why I would say that the networking is less than perfect.

The active-sync for Microsoft imail stopped working and nobody can fix it?!?!?! The wireless in spea barely works and i can't get my assignments done.

There is only one real issue for me on campus and that is the lack of quiet workspace for graduate students in any of the computer areas. I wish there was an area for grad students that sometimes need to write while on campus without carrying their own laptop.

OnCourse needs severe help! Please, please fix this. There is no copy/paste feature in the "forums" section of my OnCourse class pages. I type out posts and then click "submit," only for them to disappear completely, and I have to log out/log in multiple times before the site works for me again. I will usually type a Word document and attach it instead, so I don't lose all of my work, but sometimes a class requires you to just type in the forum box itself. This has happened to me countless times. The class search/registration page has too many unnecessary steps to navigate and is confusing.

Please make IU Secure more reliable! Thanks!

In general I am very pleased with the VPN that you offer to students; it's wonderful to have my computer on the IU network wherever I go. However, I am dismayed by the change of the VPN to a website that has VPN in the title. [IRD], and sometimes the VPN is completely unaccessible to me precisely because the Great Firewall blocks an address with VPN in it. Please consider another VPN access option for students who either do research in or go home to authoritarian states that fear and restrict use of the Internet.

Computers in Graduate Student rooms in SPHS need updating.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

The main problem I have is I constantly get kicked off of IU secure and have to renter my username and pass phrase. It is very annoying.

Any fixes that could be made to help with the problems of IU secure wireless internet would be great. A lot of times the internet stops working or the signal isn't strong enough to do what I need to do, and it really interrupts my studying.

Keep up the great work!

There have been several times throughout my college career where I have struggled to access the wireless internet while on campus. UITS is always great at getting it figured out eventually when I meet with them, but it is frustrating when it happens frequently. [IRD], many buildings such as Jordan Hall and the Chemistry building have terrible signal service which seems to mess up my connection for the rest of the day and thus leading me to meet with UITS. That has been my only complaint.

Whenever my teachers would have trouble with computers in class, UITS representatives were always very nice and understanding and normally could fix the problem very quickly!

I wish I could send something to the printer from my laptop if I was within the IU Secure area and I would be willing to download something in order to do so. This way there wouldn't be lines for the computer to take 5 minutes to log in to print one thing.

Fix your wireless! I feel that when I am indoors, anywhere on campus, the connection is incredibly unreliable.

xbox ps3 are hard to connect to wifi

The IU websites are very difficult to navigate; they aren't intuitive. Furthermore, IU Secure is a very faulty internet system. It cuts out quite frequently, and won't reset unless I reset my own internet adapter.

IU Secure is terrible. Please do something.

Only had positive experiences...I ask for help about 1/10 times I visit the Wells library. Very helpful. Thanks.

IU secure needs to be improved

I was unable to connect my PlayStation 3 to the wireless internet, and I did not understand why, so I use an ethernet cable. Still, a wireless connection would be more convenient

Very helpful and informative resources! Thank you!

love IUcat

I would be interested in learning about services like video streaming and Adobe Connect. Otherwise very satisfied all around.

Improve the wifi everywhere because cell phone Internet service doesn't work on campus EVER! We rely heavily on wifi and need it to be available anywhere on campus. Thanks!

Just that OneStart classifieds is annoying; whenever you go back from a post the list takes you back to the beginning or first page. It also seems that there are many instances where the Student Services site will not load up or work afterwards; I can understand if this is simply due to the volume of users on the site at a time though. Overall, I'm impressed with pretty much everything at IU. The special deals that we can get with Microsoft and Adobe really make the task of completing assignments much less stressful.

MORE COMPUTERS on campus! The wait is way too long for the labs on campus and there aren't print stations in all of the buildings. Wylie Hall should have a print station and other smaller buildings on campus. That would be really beneficial to the students that don't have classes in Ballantine or Jordan.

Overall, UITS does a very good job of handling technology at IU except for the IU Secure network. As an Informatics student, I would think that the Informatics building being a technology building would have great connectability, but I find myself sitting, attempting to reconnect to IU secure for usually 10 minutes before being connected and this happens in many different buildings. Friends try and ask me for help on how to connect but I've come to the conclusion that IU secure has a mind of it's own and has no rhyme or reason to why it acts the way it does.

The registrar website/ peoplesoft website is annoying because it logs you off after about 5 minutes. IU Secure is good overall, but could be improved.

Connecting to IU Secure, and staying connected to it rarely happens. I know most everyone struggles with this.

I use IUCAT often to research articles for nursing. I feel like the accessibility and functionality could be improved instead of clicking on the resources then the letter p and then scrolling to PubMed. I have a hard time keeping the wireless on my phone. Have used UITS multiple times.. thank you for your hard work and assistance!

Wifi is too slow and hard to connect to

Internet Access (Wireless) needs to be improved, some areas of the dorms are unable to use the internet.

I live in [IRD], north union street. I often times find that Wifi does not work very well. Also I have hard time accessing wifi in SPEA library as well. Other than that, the service is great, and people are very nice when I asked questions to UITS consultants. I have been very appreicated by the program and the service!

Overall I am pretty satisfied. If there is one thing that I would complain about it is the consistency of the availability of IU Secure via wireless. In some rooms I cannot gain access on certain days (sorry but I can't name specific times or rooms). I also have trouble getting a strong connection on my iPhone.

The internet connection sucks, it kicks people off all the time, and half the time printers don't work or are broken for over a week.

Update to newest computer system asap, i.e. Windows 8

Something I would like to see is an improvement on the printing from personal computers process. I know that on Macs you must make a new computer user name that is the same as your IU ID, but I have only gotten this system to work once or twice. If this problem cannot be resolved, then I would like to see just a standing computer that doesn't require a person to log in, similar to what is in Well's Library, to speed up the time to loading and printing. A separate, but more challenging, problem I would like to see implemented is an automatic CAS login system for public computers. Unless this hasn't happened because its a safety feature or is impossible, I would like to see that changed soon. Thanks for the free software and the chance to help improve UITS!

I often study at the IMU, but the wireless connection is not working very well, specially where the food court is in front of the bookstore.

One thing I am very impressed with is the plotters in the Union and the Wells Library. I very much appreciate the availability and affordability of these devices and have used both.

Possibly placing WiFi hotspots in the open areas outside that students frequent.

No, I think that UITS does a great job.

It may seem petty, but the computer hardware across campus is not maintained well enough. Keyboards are rarely cleaned well and each time I use one, I am thoroughly grossed out. Keeping these clean could have huge impact on viruses and bacteria spreading across campus. I know that I'm not the only person who feels this way. I see people grimacing at keyboards and complaining on a daily basis. I realize it seems like a small issue, but at this point it no longer is.

Sometimes I feel as though the people you can chat with online for UITS support know far less about the subject than they should.

Very impressed with UITS and its dedication to make Indiana University a leader in the country and tech friendly for students.

Anytime that I've called UITS they have been extremely helpful to me and have stayed on the phone until I've gotten my problem 100% figured out.

Wifi is inconsistently spotty in certain areas of campus, such as residence halls in the central neighborhood, the Kelley School of Business, and the SPEA library. It is notorious for being slow and intermittent in the Kelley school and SPEA. In addition, the tethering of wifi access points on campus is inconvenient for mobile devices trying to use a wifi network such as IU Secure. Whether it is on Android or iOS, I have to manually select a wifi access point each time I go from one building to another. I don't this is an issue UITS could fix, but it would be awesome if they could. Moreover, the printers and scanner in Eigenmann 100 are in need of repair at least twice a month, and response time when UITS is called can sometimes take up to 15 minutes, which is rather lengthy. In fact the scanner has not been working properly since last semester, though I haven't used it since December, so it may have been addressed already. However, any time I have requested help from UITS, the representatives have been friendly, quick to respond, and generally helpful. I am very satisfied with IUWare in particular; it is convenient, practical, money-saving, and fast.

please improve wi-fi reliability on campus. my computer will lose wi-fi randomly at various places around campus.

Maybe we can beautification the web and improve the internet on campus.

OneStart is confusing.

The support center staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and patient with me whenever I call. Keep up the good work!

I really think the biggest flaw I have seen with UITS, and this may fall into AIT's lap, but I feel the wireless connections got worse as I progressed [IRD]. For that reason, I feel that is the biggest problem that needs to be addressed.

I love everything that is available for us and all of the help, but I would love to get more than one bar of wireless service in my room.