2013 IUK IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I recently requested set up for an iStream connection and IT support was unable to connect me to an important meeting. The student worker was not familiar with the technology and tried but I missed critical parts of the meeting and was unable to actively participate from my office machine. Every year for several years I have noted that there is NOT an online catalog called INDYCAT yet it still remains listed as part of this survey.

When you do a survey, please give a sense of the length of the survey remaining.

It would be nice if we could get our in-office phone I.D. programmed to our phone. It's such an inconvenience to have to always put the I.D. code in, when making phone calls, & heaven-forbid if you forget your code. Also, when listening to voice mails from home (on my home computer), (from our on-campus phone), it's difficult to discern what the caller is saying (although that may be a function of our home computer).

Most services are excellent, but FAR and WCMS needs lots of improvement. They are slow and difficult to use.

Telephone is too complicated. I can not use it and can't access voicemail. Also most of my calls are [IRD] and with no long distance access the phone is useless. I just use my personal cell for everything.

The junk mail filter in Exchnage often filters messages from students using their IU email!

I enjoy the microsoft lync technology,but wonder what will happen if the computer systems are down and I cannot use my phone since the system is linked? I can't even dial 911 if needed. This to me poses a safety risk.

IT is doing a good job. Well done!!

Often when I ask questions about usage the response I get is to send me to a website. What I really need is for someone to come to my office (or for me to come to them) to show me. I am very insecure using technology and often the website information 'presumes' a certain level of background which I don't have and/or find intimidating. I know I am well behind the curve when it comes to computer literacy but sending me to websites doesn't help me solve that problem.

The new phone/voice mail services are a definite improvement.

IU Exchange is very slow and needs to be updated. It lacks many of the features which make work more efficient when at home as compared to accessing email directly. The way the classrooms were updated with new digital equipment without informing faculty last fall was unsatisfactory. I understand that video equipment is now becoming obsolete, but it does not create good relations with faculty when they show up the first day of class and did not expect their classroom to be changed. No matter how difficult it was, you should have notified the faculty that teach in these classroom. It make everyone look bad. When there is less than adequate communication between IT staff and faculty.Moreover, it is not appropriate to show up the first day and expect the faculty member to learn on the spot in front of their class right as class is beginning. This is not OK. The digital equipment has not always worked well in some classrooms, as well. Make faculty your partners (and vice versa) not customers! Thanks for all you do.

The IT teams goes out of their way to help us in anyway they can!

A number of the systems are very cumbersome to use - this includes anything associated with OneStart and the payroll systems as well as the submission of grades. They are very slow and not easy to navigate. Classroom systems are improving but I often have trouble accessing web pages to show students videos and other materials. Additionally, somewhere in the setting up of new computers defaulted the computers to color printing, which cost the university a lot of money. My computer came to me that way, and even with administrative privileges on it, I had to call IT to get the default changed to black and white. That seems pretty extreme, and it falls on whoever is setting up the computers to get those settings right initially. Now faculty are being blamed for not noticing a setting made by IT on our computers. The new voicemail system is nice in that you receive an email when you have a voicemail, but the voice recognition transcripts are poor - better to just include the audio file if the transcript is that unuseful. Phone call quality is also very bad.

improved customer service from help desk. Sometimes it seems like it is a bother to for some to take a call. Like to have someone available on Kokomo campus prior to 8 AM. Especially at the beginning of each semester. Many new students and issues arise.

Some classrooms have equipment that doesn't work well. Some equipment is dirty and needs general maintenance. When equipment is reported often the tech doesn't respond to the problem in a positive way.

Can be more responsive to issues in classroom--providing alternative solutions that don't require constant faculty initiation. Photocopiers have been a major issue that have interfered with job or made difficult

The network and response from Oncourse have been noticeably better for me this year. Thanks. I would like to add that the staff do an excellent job of responding to and resolving issues as they arise in a timely and polite manner.

Something has to be done about Oncourse. If Oncourse were independently provided (if it were not in-house) it would have been replaced long time ago. It hasn't improved much since I started using it [IRD]. There are a lot of bugs in it and it is very slow. In this day and age, Oncourse is a disgrace. I use it because I have no choice; I use it because it is better than nothing - but barely. If there was a competing system I would abandon Oncourse in a heartbeat. SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT ONCOURSE. IT IS A DISGRACE TO IMPOSE SUCH A HORRIBLY INEFFICIENT SYSTEM ON US. THIS IS DISGRACEFUL. YES, I AM ITCHING TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT ONCOURSE.

Keep up the fine work. You are providing a terrific service. [IRD]

I never used the PC that the department provided because I wasn't able to download apps. I gave it back to ITS. I use the PC laptop all the time, although it's slowing considerably and is glitchy. The ITS staff at Kokomo is very very helpful. I really like the AV and computer equipment in the classrooms. I don't like using the Microsoft Outlook for email. I'd like to use gmail as my main account -- have gmail harvest messages from all my accounts. As it is, only my iPad email program is able to harvest everything, though I can't send email from my iPad and have it say from [IRD] If I go through Oncourse, and then want to use email, I have to login and use my long and inconvenient passphrase twice. Can't think of anything else. Overall, I'm very happy with ITS. The classroom equipment was one of the things that impressed me [IRD]

Lynx system often cuts out during video bridges printing continues to be a problem - the costs are clearly out of line with last year's printings

The IU Kokomo Help Desk needs to improve their customer service to faculty. They need to be more efficient and treat faculty the way they deserve. [IRD] could be rude at times and probably not so experienced when dealing with diversity/race issues. The student technicians are fine. They need to be more careful with the computer change cycle for faculty. I was in a three year cycle and the last time, they did not change mine. I know they changed three of my colleagues' compueters that started with me the same year I did, but they did not change mine. I contacted them, but they have not made a decision why nor have they given me an explanation why this happened.

The FAR Faculty Annual Report system is not difficult to use but it is VERY time consuming to have to constantly enter every item on a new screen. Simplify this interface would be wonderful.

Oncourse is a problem for many systems.. I is not used nationwide so it makes t harder to integrate different technologies (like clickers). Also unlike blackboard and other similar systems, web a student sends a message through oncourse it shows up on my email but I have to log into oncourse to reply. Blackboard made it possible to hit reply even through my email and I did not have to log specifically into it, and then find the class and then the message and then finally I can reply.

I go a dept Apple for classroom use when UITS started wiping instructor systems in our labs. It was no longer possible to walk in and be ready for class in 10 minutes. Sad.

I would just like to add that the customer service is ideal among our UITS staff at IU Kokomo. Very friendly, never talks down to clients, very professional as well as helpful.

It would be wonderful if Oncourse would include a math editor! We were asked to evaluate several possible editors several years ago and were hoping to have that functionality by now.

I think it's misleading to ask about the library online catalog in a UITS survey. This survey makes it sounds as if UITS is solely responsible for the catalog when, in fact, the IU librarians are chiefly responsible for the catalog. I wish the language expressed the catalog at least as a significant partnership between the IU libraries and UITS. The software and cloud computing deals offered by IU are fantastic. I am a big fan of using Box to store my projects and research materials so that I don't have to email files to myself or whatnot. Thank you for pursuing these deals. One of my concerns with UITS is, oftentimes, when I directly contact a UITS staff person, it takes days to get a response. In these cases, I resort to also contacting my local help desk so that I can spur a response to my question. The help desk often replies quickly, and I am appreciate of the level of service they provide. Another concern is the customer service attitude exhibited by some students who work at the IT help desk. While many jump at the opportunity to serve students and faculty, others seem put upon when they are "interrupted" from their own work with a question from a "customer." I just wanted to mention this as a potential area for improvement.

Often following a help desk request for service, I receive an e-mail with what looks like ticket information. It requests that in replying, one should type above this line. I usually delete these because it is not clear what I am replying about. There seems to be no consequence in deleting these. It is my suggestion that if this ticket type of information is insignificant then maybe it should not be sent to me at all. Such information should go only to the person for whom it has meaning.

I love UTIS services but your surveys are too long and time consuming. I will not complete next year.

Any problems I have are due to my lack of ability. I should attend more workshops. I really have no complaints except that I do not know how to use some things. Thanks

Thank you for doing a good job.

IUK IT folks go the extra mile!

The IT staff have been incredibly helpful in technology instruction (utilizing classroom technology: projector, doc cam, computer, etc.) and even introduced me to Box, KB, and IUware, which I had never heard of previously. I'm beyond happy and satisfied with the services UITS has provided. One area for improvement could be the IUK campus website. Visually, it is very appealing. However, sometimes important information is unnecessarily hard to find through clicking on links from the home page. Usually, I resort to the search box to find things such as the academic calendar or class schedule. Specifically, I think that there should one easy-to-access page containing direct links to what current students will utilize most: schedule of classes, academic calendars, tuition and fees, financial aid office, registrar office, academic advising office, library, bookstore, Onstart, Oncourse, etc. Again, that is the only area that I can think of that could use some improvement. Please thank the UITS (IUK) department for all of the support and services they provide to students and instructors. Thanks!

Logging into the faculty email is time consuming. I tried to download the program to be able to access my faculty email with one click but it didn't download or work. I have to log into Oncourse and then log into another server and then log into Exchange.

I wish teachers could print from the Instructor machines in lab classrooms. I submit this request every so often. I don't know if we are not allowed to print in the classrooms or if I do not know how to print in the classroom. Nothing IT has done or sent to me has helped. I have seen a big improvement in response time when I have a hardware or software problem while I am teaching. Such prompt service and spirit of cooperation is much appreciated. The help my students receive in the IT labs and the help I receive from the Center for teaching and learning is also much appreciated.

There should be more academia related apps, such as Microsoft Office, available through IUWare.

Please develop a "tile" for IU (or oncourse) to use with Windows 8. It would be most helpful.

Replace Oncourse with a more user friendly system suchas Blackboard.

Very difficult for me to evaluate; [IRD]

There should be a way to change a student's grade on the computer even after you have sent it to the registrar

Some of the hardware is getting used and antiquated on IU Kokomo campus. Students are spending a lot of time waiting to log in and the keyboards are looking pretty nasty. The connectivity of the projectors and such need updating.

Faculty |Staff | Students

kokomo it staff are very well informed and very helpful and curteous.

UITS, rocks!

I have had an issue with transferring telephone calls a number of times making it appear that I am a person incapable of using a telephone.

Perfer to skip the greeting when calling IT. It's time ill-spent. The signage and understandability of Go-print for copy machines is quite difficult for most users. IT staff need to be more aware of the volume of their voices when in the library.

Keep up the good work, you make life as an employee and student - [IRD] - much easier.

It appears to be a good system with relatively no hiccups on the user side.

The wireless signal needs to be improved in areas of the campus, the KC Commons area in the Particularly.

Keep up the good work!!!!

I would like to see WordPerfect offered on IUWare again.

Really dislike the integrated phones as they frequently cut out pieces of an ongoing conversation if there are extraneous sounds/noises in the rooms at either end of the call, whether on campus or outside the IU system. I find I often have to repeat parts of conversations in order to get complete and full information.

i am not a student so i really couldn't answer the questions as well as you would need one too, but i have no problems getting around on the iuk page ;)

I understand that printing is an issue right know, but employees still need the ability to print which has been taken away from us. When the university mandates that all check stubs and time keeping systems are on-line its not right that employees cannot print these out at work, alot of people do not have a home computer in the staff department.

The new phone system is very unreliable. Approx. 75% of the phone calls I receive are dropped as soon as I pick up the receiver to answer the call. I have notified IT and there is still no resolution.

ITS causes me to spend more time trying to find or fix or respond to something than it should. Instead of just telling us something or sending an email with information, most of the time you have to "jump thru hoops" to get to the information we are asked to get! Often the instructions of how to "jump thru the hoops are either written for "tech saavy" people, or don't always work because the screen we are looking at doesn't apparently look the same as ours. Its not on the left side it is at the top or something very simple, but it takes time to figure out what the difference is. Also those of us who don't have time to sit at our computers most of the day, get overwhelmed at all the messages that come thru, and many are not even applicable, but we are afraid not to at least open and scan, in case it is something we need to respond to. Thus wasting time. Also the "tech lingo" is difficult to learn and to remember if one works outside of "tech" most of the day and then tries to understand it when faced with it. Many of the questions on this survey I might have been able to answer if I new what the terminology meant.

Too many layers have been added at helpdesk, decreasing level of service.

Need better wireless networking systems at IUK. Other than that most UITS systems are some of the best for a small campus.

We used to have a printing account so we could print [IRD] and such and IT took it away from us and I do not agree with this.

I think UITS is doing a great job. We are using cutting edge technology and pretty high-end systems supported by UITS, and while there are some improvements that could be implemented, I feel that the services we receive are stellar. Great job. Keep working to fix the bugs, keep us informed, and we'll all come out on top.

Staff are always helpful and prompt.

I think that in past few years IUK has improved its UITS dramatically which indeed enhanced students education at different levels.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Ever since the new operating systems were installed the login and startup is extremely long. This can be very annoying if you only have a 15 minute break between classes and need to print something as the login process itself can take up to 5 minutes. Also better care could be taken with the printers, the color one in hunt hall said toner low and had a flashing yellow or red light for 2 weeks earlier this semester before it was ever fixed.

check phone in hunts building 1st floor right wall at enty.technical difficulties getting out to advisoy building.

The networked computers are too slow and cause major disruptions in my schedule. Also, the stand up computers in the library should net be restricted or held for public, students should have have priority.

The only thing I can say for sure that I didn't like is in the classrooms when they updated things, It was like they didn't let the teachers know and that wasn't good. I can't count the number of times the teacher had to change things because she couldn't get a movie or the overhead to work.

Color printing should be available somewhere in the Main Building, not only in library. Passphrase requirements too long, and it is annoying to have to sign in to computer, then oncourse, then goprint, all with the same passphrase, just to print something.

Wish all teachers knew how to use oncourse, and actually did so... it keeps me organized

I have never been told or taught how to get onto the wifi on campus. I have to log into guest. Is there anyway to get onto the student wifi?

The WiFi around campus doesn't always stream videos real well. I am not sure if that is a fixable thing, but it's one of the biggest issues I have while on campus.

Wireless network at IUK needs improvement there are several locations where reception is spotty at best.

Wireless networking needs upgrading, but I know that is something that will be happening within the next few months.

Some services need to be fine tuned, cleaned up, and made more user friendly; other than that things seem good!

Update the system used to key in classes taken to see what classes are needed for different majors.

I think it is very beneficial to have my umail account linked up to my mail app on my iPhone. I am instantly alerted on my phone whenever I receive an email from a teacher or an alert from IU. Setting it up, on the other hand, was very tricky and difficult. If UITS could make a page that walked you through the process step by step that could be very beneficial to many students. I realize that there is already a page created to help with this topic, but it is very confusing and causes you to jump around from page to page and back to find all the steps to the process.

I think Oncourse is a valuable resource in allowing on-line learning with students from other campuses.

loging on takes to long while on campus and after you logon you have to re enter your information to get onto the IUK sites is there a way to make this faster? or is there some way that you would not have to login more than once if you use a campus computer?

It would be more helpful if once I login to a computer on campus, that I would not have to re-enter my username and password a ton. It would be ideal if a person could login once and then the computer would allow you to print, research and go to OnCourse without entering in your password everytime. It is very time consuming. Although I am grateful for the services we do have. Just a suggestion of what I would think would make the learning experience less stressful. And if I could get a notification on my iphone of when a new message was added to my Oncourse (like my yahoo account does).

[IRD], most of my work is done on Macs on campus and I'm very satisfied with that experience. However, when I have to use one of the PCs, I get really frustrated. They are very slow and outdated. [IRD] I would love to see a higher end printer that doesn't have banding issues like the Indigo printer. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to download software for free at IUware- it is an amazing perk of life at IU!

[IRD] hard worker and very nice.

I have needed one on one help twice, and have received top notch help! The guys have fixed my problems, taught me additional information. Very much appreciate there help!

Oncourse is extremely slow, no matter where I am accessing it.

Messaging through OnCourse doesn't always work for me....I usually use my gmail to insure that I will recieve a response from my professor.

The IU Print Finder could definitely use improvement, as it often takes multiple tries to successfully connect to a printer. You must log back into the Print Finder to try again, which means retyping your username and passphrase for every attempt. This quickly becomes a frustrating process. It would be better if there was a clear way to tell which computer labs in the library are available for any student to use (and at what times) and which may be reserved for certain classes (and when).

More services like PHP enabled on mypage

I think that the student center is not very user friendly. It is difficult sometimes to find what I am looking for or there are several steps to access the information I need.

If the trend towards e-textbooks which are inclusive in class tuition continues, I would strongly urge movement away from coursework. The limited availability through Google Chrome was troublesome for me this semester, and actually interfered with a test due to my (temporary the week of the test) limited use of an android tablet that used a non upgradeable version of Android 3.2.1. Chrome is only available on versions 4.0 and above with factory installed Google Play (unless the device is rooted). I use the Kindle app for android for my other non-campus issued e-texts and find it much more reliable and easy to use. Other than that, IT services at IUK are a bit cumbersome but overall very reliable with good support. The Blackboard service offered [IRD] has a more user friendly interface, but has no support.

I wish it was easy to get my iuk email on my blackberry. If I do not log into it constantly, I will miss emails. Also, I wish uploading pictures, as required in some class from time to time, was an easy process. The last time I had to do it, it took over an hour. The instructions were horriable and difficult to follow.

Overall, I think the UITS at IU Kokomo are really good. I love the printing aspect and the wireless internet around campus. I also have taken several online courses through IU Kokomo and have been pleased with how everything in those classes have gone as well as the outcome for those classes. It has made taking online classes much easier and less stressful at the same time, wondering if assignments are going to be submitted when you send them or not, the UITS is great about sending confirmation emails and such. I think the UITS is definitely headed in the right direction and I am constantly pleased with my experiences technology wise at IUK.

Many links on the OnCourse and OneStart pages go to pages that are not available, or have not been set up. This should be fixed, or those options should be removed. This is very confusing and frustrating when a new person is trying to learn the system.

Printing needs to be included in tuition. As a student I feel like I've lost money if I do not use all of the yearly stipend

More exposure of the services are needed. A push for students to colaborate on portals would also be beneficial. It is a nice idea to have the ability to add people to a web based document colaboration site, but if they refuse to join in it just doesnt work. Also, some workshops each semester would be nice. I enrolled [IRD] semester and have had to figure it all out on the fly. I haven't really had any problems but learning what all is available has taken some digging.

It seems to take forever to logon on campus. It doesn't matter whether you are trying to logon wireless or desktop. **Also...do you think that once a person logs into their their account, that you could also be automatically logged into GoPrint as well?? With the library not opening until 8am, you have to hit ctrl alt delete, the system grinds and grinds and grinds, then you have to wait to bring up and login to Oncourse, then wait to bring up and login to GoPrint...there's a lot of wasted time there. It should be faster to access the system onsite. I can login quicker from home!

I love that whenever I have an IT issue they are always happy to help me in any way.

You guys are all doing wonderful work keeping things running and providing excellent tools. My only advice is to not let the technology become the main focus. Technology is a tool that we are all glad to have available to us, but it must never get in the way of learning (like eTexts have).

The student self-service portal needs reworked to improve usability. It's terribly clunky and difficult to navigate around in once you've gotten past the first page. It's very useful, just needs to be more usable.

The only complaint is the amount of time it takes to log onto the desktop computers in the library and classrooms. Otherwise, the services are wonderful and make learning and researching much easier.

A nice ceiling fan in the Mac lab would be nice. It gets really hot in there when all of the machines are running.

The staff on campus as well as the telephone support have been wonderful to help in the past. --Very knowledgeable and helpful!!

The oncourse web page is not easy to navigate.It's very hard to find things on this site. I appreciate all you guys do.

I don't have much trouble with computers, or technology, but if I did have a question, I'd know where to go and who to ask. Also, the Knowledge Base via the website has been an important factor in my classes. Thank you! It is wonderful! Although the key word searches sometimes come up with pretty random articles, for the most part I get what I need in a timely fashion.

Concerning the "UITS Monitor", I think it might be good to have some sort of survey that students/faculty can take, wherein they list the types of devices that they have, and perhaps their major, and other information. Then this information could be used to tailor what the messages contain. For example, a student that does not own a Mac computer would not receive information about new versions of Word for Mac available on IUware. But if they owned a smartphone, they would get information about new mobile versions of IU websites, or IU apps, depending on what type of smartphone they said they had. I also think it would be great if IUware started including mobile phone apps that were relevant to school/studying. The example that comes to my mind is the Wolfram|Alpha app. Others apps might include ones for scheduling, or keeping track of upcoming assignments.

I would like to see a more user friendly interface when I am working within my onestart account on the Student Self-Service tab. The interface in the Student Center popup window is terrible. I would like easier navigation through the enrollment process. The popup window is simply a list of links followed by pages impossible to navigate.

Logging on to computers is extremely slow. Printing quotas should be increased, some students don't use them but others have to put a lot of extra money into it for printing off class notes.

I would like to see the availability of paper in the computer labs well stocked or a note stating where the paper is stored at. There are to many times where I have had to load the printers and have to go through every cabinet to see if there is paper available.

Since returning this semester, I have had issues with utilizing the WIFI for my smartphone on campus. Also, when on campus and accessing onestart/oncourse, it is extremely slow. Other than than, I am satisfied.

The network is very useful and IUware is so helpful in downloading applications that we need for classes without having to worry about paying for the expensive programs from somewhere else.

This service has helped me tremendously throughout my classes. Thank you to all those who help and continue to help the students.

I have been very impressed with IUK Technology Services and all the assitance they provide:)

I had issues with getting wireless Internet to work on my macbook on campus

When the university is experiencing a problem with wifi internet, it would be helpful to sent an email out to the students so we can plan accordingly.

Oncourse is very glitchy and not very user friendly.

The student self-service is ok, but when registering for classes...it's very clunky and hard to use. I would like to see oncourse standardized, not every teacher is computer savvy and those classes tend to be badly organized. It would be nice if the on-line teachers could use the tools provided. I would like to see a more simplified onestart page and menus, the ones now are ok, but could be simplified for people with helpful hints.

I love that there are so many computers available in the library as I have a lot of down time in between classes and am able to do most of my homework here at IUK. I do wish that there was more information about open lab times in other buildings. Sometimes I would save a lot of time if I did not have to go back and forth between buildings just to print something. This information may already be posted and I have just missed it. I know that it would be very useful in the main building. I have found UITS to be very helpful here at IUK and appreciate that there is someone to help figure things out with different programs because not all of us were required to learn things like Power Point or Excell in previous courses. And though it is not hard once you learn it, the trial and error way of learning takes a very very long time!

I am not sure if this is something you can do, but make it easier to link email to smartphones. The system now isnt easy to do for people who are not tech understaning. Other than that, I think the technology services here are awesome!

I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work and determination. I think that you are doing a wonderful job and I appreciate that you are keeping my interests at the top of the priority list.

The reason I gave voicemail such a low score was because of the automatic email which tries to transcribe the voice message. It is unhelpful and should either be updated (google has fantastic services for this, so it is possible) or it should be removed, in my opinion. Other than that, UITS is growing each semester here at IU Kokomo and we have a fantastic staff. They area ll very knowledgeable about information systems and can easily help with most complex problems that students and faculty have issues with.

I don't like the required IU software that spies on my computer that I was required to have downloaded this year.

Get rid of WCMS, increase sound support, make navigation of the Online Portal on Onestart easier

Box @IU seems like something I want to use, but I have had minor problems. I don't have time to sit and fuss with it so I have ignored it for now.

[IRD] are outstanding and are always willing to assist whenever needed. They go above and beyond to help in any way they can. They are a huge asset to IU-K and have been a great help during my return to graduate school.

I appreciate how helpful [IRD] is! He is truly worth his weight in gold. [IRD] is ALWAYS willing to help any student with any IT issue. [IRD] helped me download Symantec antivirus on a Sunday evening via telephone. It is obvious that [IRD] cares for students and their needs. Thank you [IRD]!

Staff in Computer Support area across from Study Study Rooms in Library not caring. It took 6 hours for them to download onto my new computer what I was supposed to have [IRD] and they still were not done. I had to finish at home and it took many, many more hours. Still not everything was accomplished (I was told 3-6 hours tops) and multiple (63) viruses came with everything. The hard drive crashed in 11 months and when I took it to the Support Center, they worked on it for 2.5 hours then said "it's dead, you'll have to buy a new one." No "I'm sorry" was forthcoming. [IRD] Astounding and yet no one seemed to care.