Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2013

IUPUI Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Voice recognition is not accurate on the phone system. Oncourse is cumbersome and inflexible and lacks some key functionality, i.e., cut and paste, rebuild functionality. Help pages do not help.

The FAR online system could be more user-friendly. It's not easy to figure out how to do some functions, like reordering the list of service activities. Instructions for printing the FAR could be clearer as well. When printing a copy for proofreading purposes, the font is either too small to read or it runs off the page. Thank you.

The telephone system seems to drop sections of incoming voice based on ambient sounds. The voice to text of voice mail messages is garbled so badly as to be worse than useless.

I have an iPhone and get virtually no reception in the business building, whether I connect wirelessly or try to rely on At&T service. When someone calls me on my cell, I have to hang up and call them from my office phone. This building is literally the only place where I have ever had service problems with my phone.

The FAR is not user friendly, as far as inserting changes. Its save feature should also include reminders when you leave a page.

Please do NOT move to running the entire campus from the Cloud. BAD idea for running Excel/Access... Prefer to run applications locally so we as users can maintain some control.

Update the registrar's system for listing courses. It adds weeks to our workload to edit and proof this three times a year.

I will remain dissatisfied with UITS as long as I am misled with respect to OnCourse. I often teach more than 100 students, but the default on things like Gradebook is set for 50. So, I have to go in, expand it to the entire class, and then enter the grades. This would not be a hassle except that if I get out of gradebook and then go back in I have to reset the value to the entire class. It makes no sense. I have brought this to the attention of Oncourse folks before and my comment, as far as I can tell, has been ignored.

Need to increase the outlook mail ---I have had to discard mail too many times and it should not be this way.

Setting up gradebooks on Oncourse is punishing. It's difficult and the online instructions are confusing. I am limited to specific functions, and I really need the ability to incorporate several activities, i.e.tracking attendance and on-time work while also having the gradebook calculate grade percentages. I literally hate the Oncourse gradebook. Please know how helpful the 274-Help line has been for me through the years. And I have appreciated the free training courses for faculty. Truly well done. Thank you.

I teach off campus, so my resources are very limited in the elementary schools where my [IRD] classes are held for elementary education.

Dropbox would be much better than Box. It is far more robust than Box, particularly in its interface and selective sync capabilities.

A merging and/or re-imagining of OneStart and Oncourse would be nice. Merge them so everything is in one place, or make them more distinct (e.g. let me submit grades via Oncourse). OneStart is still clumsy and difficult to navigate. The two systems have improved over past years, but, in my opinion, there is still much work to be done.

The many great things UITS does are almost unseen because of the big three frustrations:onestart is really zerostart. [IRD] I've been using this system since it came out, I've attended many training sessions, and it still leaves me bewildered. oncourse has finally become usable, but it's still awkward and frustrating at times. We can almost count on oncourse to be unusable during high-peak times (final project presentations, for example.) IU Secure has achieved nearly perfect security. It's secure if nobody uses it because they can't log in or get bumped unceremoniously at random times. If we didn't have AT&T wireless, the students would be marching on the UITS office with pitchforks. I just gave up and use an Ethernet cable, but students often don't have those options. I wasn't able to respond to a few questions because the CS department has a slightly different IT organization. I believe our server support within the department is top-notch, but our desktop support lags behind the rest of UITS. I have made these opinions clear to those who are directly involved in our more specialized IT support needs, so no further follow-through is needed.

I work a lot from home and often cannot get exchange to work and end up depending on web version with less functional capability. How do I get exchange to work ecah time?

I have not yet received a response to a question about IUAnyware access for a high-school student that was completely unreliable, utterly frustrating, and completely random. If he NEVER had access, it would have been better for the research; we would have found alternatives that are reliable. The UITS response, or complete lack-thereof beyond the standard, form-response on this front has been quite amazing!

Please make this survey shorter. It is way too long.

Oncourse has some significant issues. I am not satisfied with the new test and survey. Many times students get bumped off and creates major issues. Many times in oncourse. I will be grading and all of a sudden I have an error message. Many times my time is then wasted and the issue never gets resolved.

I wish that a tablet with camtasia or similar software would installed in classroom, so that I can record my lectures and voice. In the future, we dream there will be a digital whiteboard installed, connected to oncourse.

People at UITS and HelpNet have been very good to work with -- prompt and knowledgeable. The problem is Oncourse. It is slow, difficult to navigate, inflexible and unreliable. Oncourse should be revised along the lines of popular, well designed websites such as those run by Amazon or Google. If it weren't for Oncourse, I would have given higher scores on this survey.

Oncourse is not user friendly. It needs a better interface. Grade reporting and depositing is slow. Interfacing with students is extremely kludgy. These systems all have a "1980's" feel to them, and need updating - things should work and look more like Facebook, and provide more opportunities for simple on-line interactions. The whole idea that a student would send a message to an instructor that would require the instructor to log in to Oncourse to find the message is ridiculous in this day and age! Logging in to computers around the campus is often slow; required long passphrases that must be entered and re-entered are annoying and effortful. Easier would be biometrics or access cards... passphrases are awful. Computers available to students and in classrooms are often outdated and slow (or are just perhaps larded up with defensive software?). Overall, one gets the feeling that UITS invests in visible, high end computing clusters and research tools at the expense of day to day computing resources that, in the end, are important to many more people. Access to campus wifi networks seems to be increasingly spotty, and devices often take a long time (60 or more seconds) to gain access to the network. Not sure why this is the case? Signal strength can be very spotty, even in key locations like conference rooms. UITS should walk through key locations (like the apocryphal "Verizon guy") to ensure signal strength, and make necessary adjustments in router number and location.

You should not charge any research unit for the cost of your personnel when called upon for instance to install a new internet jack. We are not budgeted to pay the salary of UITS employees, who are already paid by you in any case. They should not be paid twice at exorbitant cost (way more than the salary of full professors when calculated per hour). The result is that we are too often unable to use your services because we cannot afford them. The consequence is that many research centers cannot compete with similar centers in other universities because we work with obsolete machines on obsolete networks while they are better equipped. What we need is a mechanism allowing us to bypass your services whenever you want to charge us for your personnel (this is not an RCM issue: whenever other units ask us for our expertise, it would never occur to us to charge them a single second of our time: we view this as unethical).

I teach a class each spring that using a computer lab. The experience with support staff this year [IRD] has been much more positive than in 2012 (one of the ET rooms). At the same time, I hear the university plans to phase out such classrooms, although my students insist they find the hands-on experience invaluable.

Make Onestart more user friendly.

My home wireless is better than what we have in the nursing building in particular the first floor. I refer many students to 274-help and the help desk needs to be more fundamentally sound/helpful with students.

RFS system is archaic, drop box not suitable for confidential materials, routinely encounter access issues where cannot get to RFS materials despite requesting tokens, IU anyware not useful since cannot access RFS and other servers to use the software

No further comments at this time.

Oncourse is simply terrible. Versus Blackboard, WebCT, pretty much anything. Everything outside of Oncourse--great. Oncourse--awful.

Could e-mail capacity be larger?

outlook is bad ans email space is running out all the time unlike my gmail account!


Please provide infrastructure to the School of Dentistry to bring us to the level that so many other schools enjoy. Patient care and research is minimized by the infrastructure.

Please improve the wireless signal in the LD Science building.

Increase storage space of email service. 2. Increase storage space on big red, quarry, etc. 3. Improve the service quality of IU Box. Files don't sync.

The wireless internet signal is still very weak in some place (such as in our lab). An orientation to introduce the IT environment at IUPUI campus for new employee or student is necessary.

The procedure of wireless authority is a little bit slowly.

We need better software for recording lectures to facilitate online teaching. I tried to use Adobe Connect, but it was very cumbersome and it failed so many times that I stopped using. At another institution, I used Panopto, which was much easier to use and more reliable.

Network data storage and networked (cloud) high-performance processing is woefully lacking, or at least my (faculty) access to those services is.

Whenever I've needed assistance, UITS has always been very prompt in resolving my issues. I greatly appreciate this!

Probably not appropriate for this survey, but access to google scholar outside of Bloomington would be fantastic. Otherwise, I am generally very impressed with the reliability and performance of all UITS services I've used!

UITS can apparently do a lot. I seem to know of very little of it. Requiring fifteen keystrokes to log in was a step backwards for my use of the system. Connecting into wireless systems can be a frustration because I never seem to know what is needed to log ing.

Perhaps outside the UITS domain, but the IU Mobil iPhone app is embarrassingly poorly constructed from the perspective of the user interface and the (lack of) any ability to customize the home screen menu to the user's needs.

It is frustrating that most IU systems are at least 1-2 generations behind the newest version. My department[IRD] is still using Microsoft XP, and outlook 2007 for email. Both are so old they are no longer supported. For example, one cannot populate the outlook calendar with national holidays, because Microsoft stopped supporting this feature in 2013. Several websites I use do not work right with old versions of Internet Explorer. Second. I get a request for some damned survey, or announcements from departments I have no interest in, in my email at least once a day from someone on campus. Please severely restrict the ability for anyone to send what I view as spam to everyone.

Generally the computer use requirements here are an obstruction rather than a help. I cannot think of a single instance where a roll out of some new UITS program/hardware/initiative has made life easier or more efficient.

While I can connect with my smartphone here at IUPUI,when I go to Bloomington, the network doesn't recognize it.

Search functionalities are ponderous & often yield unusable results even when desired resources ARE available within the IU system. Business (payroll, HR, etc.) employee support is poor. Video conferencing options on campus should be better publicized. Transition to cloud services is horrible for faculty who need to work in remote locations with spotty (slow or unreliable) internet access.

SIS is so opaque to navigate. I have been using it a while, so I know where to go, but I was just showing a colleague how to do something simple (find the GRE scores of a graduate school applicant) and I was reminded that NO ONE could find the path on their own. That said, my research and teaching relies on internet access, and UITS does a great job in providing that.

This is a very long survey. Use branching to make responses more relevant. You also need to make services more known to the faculty. Many of them referenced in the survey were not known to me and I have been on campus over 30 years!

research pages for IRB are very difficult to navigate and change very frequently (probably less an it issue, than poor design)

The signaling for IU secure wireless network sometimes is very weak, so it's pretty slow surfing when smartphone connects to it.

I work for IU [IRD], so am not very familiar with the campus resources but rely heavily on the library and other electronic resources.

The regularly sent information (weekly/monthly) is helpful and timely. However, notice of problems (outages, downtime, etc.) are often insufficient or totally lacking. The new KFS system is awful.

I learned a lot from this survey in terms of services I wasn't utilizing. Thanks!

I use Outlook web app for email to send and receive some data and save a lot important information in mailbox. It always remind me the mailbox space is not enough. So, it will be great if the space of mailbox can be enlarged.

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

This survey is too long... I know you have multiple departments, but shez. Consider making it a two piece survey sent out a week apart from each other in a thank you note. The search bar on the IUPUI homepage is terrible. It was altered within the last 6mo's and needs to be put back, it's completely unusable to me now. The TIME sheets look and function like they are from the 90's, please update and make more user friendly (when editing a time sheet have to save every single tiny step, very time consuming).

Wireless access is poor in several areas across campus; SIS and the IUIE are both slow; the search functionality is awful; timekeeping is awful for supervisors to use

In my work as an academic advisor I highly appreciate the Academic Advisement Report (AAR) as well as the Academic Planner. Unfortunately, there are few people on campus who can code the AAR and it's time consuming and not an easy system to navigate or learn. The school I work for just lost our seasoned/knowledgeable staff member who coded the AARs and now we're really at a loss. We made so much progress but with her departure, we're set back quite a bit. I definitely believe in the value of using the AAR tool. I would love to see more support given to coding for AARs and doing exceptions.

I am old and was not educated with computers and do not have great interest in them, I'm just stuck with them. I don't understand why there have to be so many different systems, why is there Oncourse and E-train--why can't there just be one place to go for all training? I really do not like the phones connected to computers, if the computers update the person you are talking to disappears! What if electricity dies, we will all have to use our personal cells--this doesn't seem very smart.

I am grateful to have someone to contact when I have problems, and I appreciate the chance for training to improve my computer skills.

very much like the free classes available on IUPUI campus which helps me keep up on newer versions of softwares

We need more storage if we use Outlook for our mail. I often am working with large photo files and it can only take a few large files to fill my email box up.

There needs to be a video to show people how to work the new phones and the various functions.

[IRD]. Our community students can get a Guest Password, but the passwords do not work in the IUPUI computer labs, so these students cannot login or use the printers. What I would really like to see is a way for community program organizers such as myself to obtain a program login /i.d. car that could be used in the labs and for printing. I have heard that other universities have cards that can be assigned to a program, and a certain amount of money for printing can be added to the card when needed. If we could please find a way to make this happen for IUPUI, it would be wonderful. [IRD]

I see bureaucracy creeping in to UITS with every reorganization Occasionally there is a lack of flexibility driven by the bureaucracy Decisions are sometimes made by those who have no knowledge or experience of what it takes to do something

1 No sending code in email: this is a constant irritant. I doubt that the security benefits of not being able to send code through email outweigh the frustration for those who would often do it. Compare the cost benefit analysis to allowing anyone to freely send or receive html emails with clickable links. No one should click on email links, yet we still get such emails from IU. Sometimes even from groups like ITPO. 2. Forcing VPN for remote desktop has caused a noticeable decline in productivity when working offsite (as I am often required to do). In this case, I know my use is unusual and I accept that the benefits in security may be greater than the problems this causes me, but I still wanted to register the complaint.

You're doing great! For the creative services question, I was referring to IUCOMM/PAGR. I do not have experience with media requests to UITS.

The TIME system kiosks for my employees [IRD] breaks down often. Also the CFS computers [IRD] need to be more durable as we have 10 employees using each of them. They seem to have issues sometimes, but not as much as the TIME Kiosks.

Wireless issues, slowness, dropped connections has been a serious issue for many of our staff and patrons. Very frustrating for laptop users trying to work. More resources should be directed toward resolving these problems as so many faculty, staff and students depend so much on wireless for their work at the university.

The change to Lync phones has many benefits but at a high cost in loss of reliability.

Not a huge fan of the phones--don't like it that I can't call out when I'm not logged into my computer. Mainly for safety reasons because I don't get good cell coverage in my office.

I've never had any issues when using UITS services

UITS has too many missions and too few resources devoted to solving tech problems that are enterprise-wide. "Solutions" that were supposed to be delivered in the last few years have always come in over-budget and well over-time. UITS does much too much; it should pare its mission down to just providing services related to the academic mission of the campuses and discard all other missions.

Explore some other types of software, such as Nik software and others used in the arts. Some are leser known but they are plug-ins to other softwares (such as Nik is a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop).

Thank you for this opportunity.

The Lync telephone services do not adequately assist the administrative office [IRD] with regard to transferring calls, accessing other employees' voice mail, and the obvious flaw of not being able to contact emergency services. I have had our tech support director contact the service and there has been no satisfactory resolution to our problems. Many high profile callers have been disconnected in the process of transferring calls to the Dean.

I have been very satisfied, in general. Though my technology skill level is not high, usually I have found a resource to answer my questions.

voicemail messsges are 90 percent recorded wrong using new phone system

wireless drops signal frequently in many conference rooms around campus. Speed has been an issue with both wired and wireless, especially over the last six months?

make it easier to use: phone out of office printing EPTO printing payroll

Would like a bridge system to allow for information sharing from the units system to the university system.

While the Lync department/people are great and do exactly what they need to, the Lync system stinks. The whole roll out of the Lync system has many problems and while it may save money creates a lot of head aches for staff who are not technologically inclined. Seeing as this is my only grip with UITS, UITS is doing a great job over all!

I'm very disappointed at the amount of effort, time, and work we put into learning and implementing SharePoint [IRD], only to have it quickly replaced by this new Box thing. It makes me not want to trust or learn any new cloud programs until IU figures it out.

Wireless is not accessible through some of the campus center. I am not a fan of the polycom/Lync phones. Faculty use OnCourse resources very differently, making it difficult for students to function quickly in Web-based classes (not the fault of UITS, but are there recommended processes for faculty?).

please increase the reach of the wireless network.

My VPIN (Remote Access) typically cuts in and out. I have a decent internet speed at home.

The switch to KFS and Kuali Award has been terrible. There were a lot of functional problems when it was rolled out, and in my opinion it should have been delayed. Most of the trouble is with the Epic replacement and with Kuali Award. With Epic, there are hundreds of users that don't have secure tokens that now need them (or the fiscal officers/delegates will need to initiate purchase orders). When you consider the labs on the Indianapolis Campus, this is not practical. Additionally, fiscal officers are having difficulty viewing invoices to approve payments. This is unacceptable. Kuali Award is not functioning as it should. FIS was being used as a crutch for some time after it was launched, and now it is gone. I fear [IRD] that the university will not have good records of our grant activity going forward. Kuali Award has increased the time that we would normally get accounts set up and digests produced to time frames that are not acceptable. I have been waiting on some digests (now award summaries) for over a month. All of these issues cause real problems with the management of accounts. The Office of Research Administration has a goal to reduce the time it takes to close the accounts when a grant is completed, but I'm also told that in KFS accounts cannot even be closed at this time (another bug). I also see a big problem with this integration in the upcoming fiscal year with budget construction, which none of us have been trained on.

the search IU feature is crap - it searches the entire IU system, but when I am on a regional campus website - I only want to search that website not the system wide information database. Very frustrating for guests and prospective students as well as current staff attempting to assist others.

I really miss the old search function (web content and faculty/staff) on the IUPUI home page. The new search function has been getting better, but it has a LONG way to go before it becomes as useful as it was. I work with incoming students, and I appreciate knowing that I can refer students to the UITS helpline and know that they will be treated well. I have never had a student come back to me and say they had a bad experience after I referred them. Thank you and keep it up!

I get the newsletter, however, I still do not know what is available throught UITS.

Regarding the Lync phone, make usability features instructions clearly available

I have been very happy with the help that UITS has provided. They are always very helpful and quick to answer questions.

Filling this in from IU med school-south bend. Our problems are legendary, and the solutions always seem to be makeshift.

Fantastic services !! Thank you

I may be doing it wrong, but when I search for something (such as even some departments) on the IUPUI home page, I get a lot of Google junk, and not what I am looking for. I would like more information about some of the services that I am not familiar with. A periodic generic email directing people to the right site for info would be good.

They are always willing to help with questions or deal with problems anytime I ask.

wireless internet on Bloomington campus is horrible

nothing is ever perfect, but I have not had a lot of troubles. I think things frequently run slow and that is probably my biggest issue I have.

my devices (notebooks, tablets) frequently experience disconnects from IUPUI wireless network

It's frustrating to not be able to call a direct number for some of the computing assistance, but rather the webpage or contact link is an email that takes 24-48 hours to get a response (i.e., HRMS, Time). It would be very helpful if the IUIE reports include suggestions about what reports to run to get certain kinds of data. On several occasions when I've called UITS after 5 pm, I've been told to call back the next day and talk to ISTM [IRD]. This is frustrating because technology help should be available after 5 pm at the same level as 8-5.

no additional comments or IT issues to discuss at this time

[IRD] To simplify my life, I have IU Health email forwarded to my IUPUI email and use it as my "main" email. However, I have noticed that messages are forwarded, but voicemails are not forwarded. This is very inconvenient, especially when I am covering for colleagues and have to check all these different email systems every day.

UITS can be a great organization. But that requires some additional work. Their support is lacking and in need of a make-over. We often seek external experties when we should have them here, in-house. If the focus is student and academic units, then UITS gets 7/10 but if the focus is business and business units, then UITS has more room for improvements. I see them as a huge organization, that means well, but executes badly and slow to react or adapt to IT market conditions. But, please keep up working at it, you are on the right track. We still can not do it without you.

Since I use the School of Medicine IT group, I don't have a lot of contact with UITS outside of telecommunications. UITS has always provided excellent service with regards to telecommunications (phone service, install, equiopment, repair, etc.)

We do not have administrative rights at Ruth Lilly Medical Library. It would be nice if standard software like Java, Flash and Acrobat would update on their own without admin intervention.

some answers my be skewed as to the business systems as it is not taught. ie: FIS, etc. They are hard to use and when info is only being passed down makes using system difficult.

Would like to see the HR software for hiring be improved. It is not intuitive and doesn't allow for a team to add notes to it. Would love to see some training on how to maintain secure computing at home especially for Macs.

There seems to be inconsistency within the department regarding assignment of e-mail names; sometimes accounts are labeled with the first letter of the first name followed by part of the last name, sometimes they consist of the first three letters of the first name followed by a portion of the last name... this adds steps in trying to contact others. There is also inconsistency among technicians in the way that clouds are structured or repaired; this has caused issues when repair is necessary since various technicians are assigned at different timepoints regarding single accounts. I have appreciated how quickly technicians respond to requests, by e-mail, by phone contact, or in person.

I do not use nor am I familiar with many of the services UITS offer.

the lynx telephone system is awful, it is not user friendly, drops calls, drops calls transferred. Not happy with at all.

UITS is so big that it suffers from trying to do too much for too many people, that the performance is sometimes inadequate. For example, phones that require computers to work is an incredibly stupid idea. If someone's computer is broken, how are they supposed to call someone to come fix it? They can't, because if the computer doesn't work, neither does the phone. On IUware, some of the listed software (i.e. Cyberduck), is merely a link to an outside site. If IU isn't going to host the software on its own servers, why are they linking to it? Is this an endorsement of some kind? Is there some reason the software can't be hosted on IU's servers?

Wireless internet has been spotty in the HITS building since it was built- at times better than others. It's also spotty in R3.

Part of my dissatisfaction is working in an IUH owned building on an IU PC and trying to access IU systems-I have to VPN to view attached forms. Too many barriers

there seem to be basic things that could make the systems easier (alphabetizing menus in OneStart?) but overall the UITS staff is helpful & I don't typically have many problems with my computer or phone

I am very appreciative of the software available to IU faculty & staff.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I think UITS is doing an excellent job. I did run into technical difficulty with some of the IT equipment for a course I was teaching [IRD], but UITS was very responsive and handled the issue in a timely manner.

IUPUI's wireless internet always cuts off and on.

Better advertisements of the services available through the individuals schools so that students are more aware of the programs.

The internet in the law building is terrible. The connectivity is spotty throughout the entire building, it is difficult and repetitive to reconnect (especially with the long passwords required by UITS), and the connections are slow once they do finally connect. It's atrocious and disappointing.

It is not user friendly enough.

Please fix the wireless internet in the law school!!! It stops working at the worst times.

The structure of oncourse is really annoying. My biggest complaint is that it lists the courses by course number and there is no way to change it to say "contracts" or "PR". You constantly have to click and guess/try to remember what the course code is for the class you are looking for. Onestart is awful. It is impossible to find things your are looking for. Also, it is annoying that onestart does not send out an email saying when there is a loan pending, or something that requires approval, etc. You have to constantly monitor it. The wireless network is sketchy. I continually have difficulty logging on, and then it is slow. It constantly requires me to "sign in" with password and username- every time! The computer technicians are helpful, but they are not necessarily pleasant.

I know that UITS offers workshops, but I have never taken advantage of them. Thanks to this survey, I now know about workshops and training services I can do on my own. I will take time to review these options and try to take advantage of these offerings.

The wireless is not so good in many rooms in the IT building. I don't know if it's possible to improve it. I have never heard about a number of the services mentioned in this survey. Maybe you could promote them more.

Get better wireless connectivity. It is incredibly frustrating to be either kicked off the network or not be able to access the network. Also, if there is some way for the system to remember my password so I don't have to type it in every time I power on my computer.

I could not respond to many questions because I am only an "IUPUI student" [IRD].

The wireless internet throughout Inlow Hall is very unreliable and unpredictable. Some days it will be easy and very fast and other days we are not able to connect at all.

I would like to see more computer labs located on the IUPUI campus. Some buildings do not contain a computer lab, whereas at IU, every building had some sort of computer lab which made it much more convenient to complete work on campus.

Wireless internet is way too unreliable. Listservs have serious problems. Could be the law school admins do not know how to use them but I get hundreds of emails a month that are completely irrelevant to me. UITS is generally very good about quick computer maintenance/troubleshooting but the printers are more often messed up and rarely fixed. OnCourse and IUCAT are terribly outdated. Please please please update or get a new service provider.

Great the free software offered. Wish the bursar stuff was easier to use and more forgiving [IRD]) when paying for tuition.

There are areas on campus that wireless Internet cannot be accessed. I know that I am not the only student to experience this problem, as I have discussed it with several of my peers.

I think notices or announcements about available services and how to get help might be a good idea. Sometimes I have forgotten that It services are there and avilable when I have had a problem. Seems like they are only there for teacher needs and I don't know how to get help sometimes when I need it.

I like the idea of the new IUAnyware software. It is convenient and cost-effective. However, I've found a little difficult to use. I think there could be more resources on how to set up cloud file storage and navigate the IUAnyware applications. For instance, I tried the cloud version of SPSS and it took me a while to figure out how to properly save my files and where to save them. I am still unclear on all the features, such as whether it is possible to import existing files from my computer hard drive to the cloud version of the software.

More user friendly in IUCAT site

Layout of course registration in OneStart is confusing and unappealing, though it gets the job done. It would be nice if OneStart and OnCourse were less-similar sounding names. The steps to access the IUPUI wireless network on my laptop were very long and confusing. I haven't been able to successfully hook up my laptop to the IUPUI network-I just use my smart phone. I wish software purchasing options were more accessible. I know I can download many programs for use while I am a student, but are there discounted purchase prices for software so I can continue use after graduation? (specifically photoshop)

I think that UITS at IUPUI is doing a great job for how many people it serves.

I would recommend more scanners that are placed throughout campus buildings such as at the Campus Center, Cavanaugh, Science and Business. The only ones I know of are at IUPUI library.

The website for registering classes is very confusing.

You should add something to these surveys to show progress through the survey. E.g. show if I am on page 2 of 5 or page 3 of 20. It's also a good idea to give participants the expected amount of time it will take to complete a survey. Email alerts come through to my phone, and it's not fun to fill surveys out on my phone. So if it's not quick and easy, it's not likely to happen.

Wireless internet signal lacks in strength within Herron school of art and design. This could be greatly improved.

I am a center student [IRD]. The lack of uniform statewide technology for our telecom lectures results in poor quality of experience when it kicks us out of the lecture, or the time delay prevents real time participation. Faculty development and lecture halls that encourage faculty to involve us is lacking as well. Something as simple as projecting our campus feeds on the back wall of the lecture halls so the lecturer is reminded we are there, and can see we are ready to participate, along with the students who are physically there makes more sense than projecting our feeds on the front screen to distract the students in the actual lecture hall. Faculty often forget we are there, because the image is behind them, out of sight. Otherwise, the Centers aren't really part of this questionnaire. The vast majority of the questions relate to services which have nothing to do with us. Yes, I get wifi and internet access when I come to Indy, but that isn't very often. Yes I use Outlook, but the amount of white noise information pertaining to only Indy students is at times staggering. Oncourse could be great, but individual departments never bother to reconcile their materials so we see redundancy. In Psychiatry, for example, they have two active links to Medical Student Affairs, but I shouldn't complain. At least those links are direct, and everyone else who has similar links sends you to an additional sign-in page rather than directly to the information. Other Clerkships don't update, they just serially post new information, so you might get three answers to the same question regarding requirements, in three different folders. Can you suggest or create a workshop on "Maintaining your Oncourse documents" so that instead of burying us in outdated irrelevant information on things like, say, blackberry requirements, they discuss smart phone requirements? With Onestart, would it be possible for you guys to work with a graphic designer to create a Graphical Interface that doesn't numb the viewer with so many options it makes you queasy? What the hell is Koala Coitus? Just kidding, but seriously, I have no idea what all that KC stuff is. As [IRD] student, do I really need to see everything the undergraduates see? I would love to see an IUSM-focused Onestart page streamlined down to my financial aid information, my course specific information, my faculty information and then links to the wider campus services-if I need them. I truly hate to look for anything on Oncourse and Onestart because it is so random and overly listed that it is painful to even try to figure out the status of my financial aid or account balance at times because of all the windows and screens you make me go through. I do love the free software. And this questionnaire indicates you are trying, so keep up the good work. I am sure all those things you asked about are relevant to someone, just not me right now.

The information is fragmented and this is expected given the amount of information UITS trying to provide. But I still think there is some room for improvement. These should be considered for improvement: search, readability, structure of the webpages and their integration to make a one central domain.



The OneStart and Student Self Service pages are very difficult to navigate. Not very user-friendly and had a much better user-friendly experience on MyPurdue (Purdue's student self service network).

The UITS staff at the Wells Library help desk are the best. They should all get raises, They have helped me out more times than I can imagine!

Please revamp your programs, such as oncourse, IU search engine, and OneStart. None of these programs are user friendly nor is IU's entire website. I have never used less user-friendly programs than those at IU.

I am pleased, but professors always comment to us how difficult it is to navigate OnCourse.

A student [IRD] told me about IUanyWARE, I never knew it existed until two weeks ago! Would have been nice to know about it beforehand. Also, some training on how to access files in IUanyWARE. UMAIL should have a spell checker!!!!! Anytime I have used chat or called, UITS department employess have helped! Although I still can't remote desktop to my office at IUPUI :(

Let the back button work in Oncourse instead of having to click on the progressive links to go back.

Wireless Internet connection is unpredictable and sporadic.

When making the bursar payment, the large charge for using credit card is not noticeable enough. I was very dissatisfied with an 82$ charge to pay my bill due to not seeing the notification of the charge that the bursar office insists is there, although I did not notice it until the final charges went through and were not changeable by that point. I have been exceptionally satisfied with all other IT related services except there was an hour and a half wait to get help resetting my password at the walk in area. ( Unable to do it from home because I couldn't get the answer to my security questions right- I had set them up approx 5 years before). Overall, I am very satisfied with the services IT provides.

Get Connected has messed up my wifi capabilities with my laptop and smart phone. It also was confusing and a pain to install.

It is very inconvenient that you cannot attach a document in Exchange while it is still open. Also, I wish there was an easier way to label emails as they come in. The course list on Oncourse is clumsy; it would be more functional to have all the classes I am in displayed at once.

The wireless connection seems to have gotten worse in the past couple of years. During 2010-2011 year I never got dropped, but last year and this year I get dropped constantly.

its best..

Wireless connection is really a headache sometime.

passphrases are stupid and very dissatisfied that I was forced to convert from a password

trash onestart and oncourse and get a real system like blackboard

The IU Secure wireless availability on campus is absolutely terrible. While sitting in the medical sciences library I often have trouble maintaining a connection. Additionally, there are multiple computer stations on the second floor of the library that do not work. With such a small amount of computers to begin with, this makes studying very difficult. Finally, not having these computers connected to printing services seems ridiculous. Overall, the hardware/accessibility is very disappointing.

I'm at [IRD]. The main IU software/network works fine, but Colin, our IT worker, is awful. He is never around and is not pre-emptive in his work. He also has limited skills and does not think outside of the box when it comes to solutions.

Iusm media site crashes and runs slow a lot. This is a site that is instamental to my education and I'm really grateful its offered to us. I do wish it was more reliable though. Nothing's worse than having media site crash the night before an exam and really wanting to go back and see what a prof said on a topic.

I changed my name this summer when I got married and have had difficulty getting in changed in every system even though I filled out the appropriate paperwork.

The email service is probably the most confusing-- in order to set up Outlook on my laptop, I needed to let a support person "take over" my computer. I appreciate how helpful the service was and it got set up fine, but it would have been easier if I had been able to do it myself in the first place, rather than have to attempt the technology of iMapping that was required.

For medical students, the functionality and navigation of oncourse is incredibly frustrating to use. In order to access certain websites through oncourse such as grades, evaluations, surveys, etc. is different for each individual student making it difficult for students to understand how to access it through their account, and thus, sometimes just not using any of it due to inconvenience.

Increase size availability of Microsoft Outlook mailbox.

The internet was weak, but okay for my first two years of [IRD] school. Now it is not functioning AT ALL. I can plug in an ethernet cable in some classrooms (not all) and most of the plugs in the law library cubicles do not work. If it wasn't for AT&T free wifi, you would have students with pitchforks at your door. But even AT&T is spotty and definitely not an appropriate substitute.

I'm a [IRD] student. As such, our school supports most of our needs in house. I wish you guys supported us directly though - it couldn't be any worse. Generally dissatisfied with the support we get from [IRD] regarding technical issues...but that's not your problem.

It is difficult for me to evaluate this because I am not a center student [IRD]. Will I still be eligible for the free software?

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I feel like the bursar/registration tasks are difficult to understand. It took me a while to figure out how to register online and I became frustrated. I also feel like it should be easier to see when your bills are due, I feel like I have to go searching for when my next bill is due.

I think the service is great and lots of options, it seems as I personally don't know of all the options and a handout with a little about each service would be nice

The thing I desire most from UITS, is better (faster and stronger) and more reliable wireless networks.

I would like to know more, but taking most of my classes online, I do not have a classroom setting opportunity to be on campus to learn more.

I have taken several Ed Cert classes from UITS and I am surprised more students dont take advantage of these classes. On the street, most of these classes would cost $2500 plus test. For students, it's only $200 including test. The Ed Cert classes are a great perk. The IUware software allows students to try new software, love it. I spend hours on learning things that aren't in my major, I love it! Anytime I have needed assistance, I have emailed and received an almost immediate response. Congrats on a well-run program!

I scored the services very high for the most part. If I have not used them I checked the appropriate selection. Two (2) things that I have used in the past worked very well up until this year and that was the IUware area. Critical software I needed for classes was unobtainable. For whatever reason I was unable to download any of the Adobe software suites I needed for several classes requiring me to have to make a 25 mile round trip visit to the campus book store to get the software I needed. I had to make this trip to campus 2 times this year and I have to say it didn't make me very happy. I have no idea what caused the problems there. I have a very high-speed cable connection at home of over 35mbs and it would have taken no time at all to download the software I needed. So I'm quite sure it wasn't on my end. This never was a problem in the past.The only other thing I would comment on is the overall improvements in "Oncourse". The changes that have been made there are a real improvement from previous years.

Can't seem to access homework assignments through the oncourse Iphone App? Don't know if this is something that needs to be added of if I am not using the app correctly.

it would be nice to have an oncourse app

Great!!! Keep up the Good Work!!

I like the IUPUI library's e-books collections. I search there constantly. Wireless connection at school hasn't been completely reliable, but it seems to be better this semester. In programming classes, connecting to external databases has been a problem.

Overally, pretty satisfied. Although, I find the usability of concourse to be cumbersome.

My only problems are accessing wireless networks from my smartphone

I have contacted UITS by e-mail for some technical problems with Oncourse, difficulty accessing courses through the "my work space" tab, within the past year and they answered promptly and were very helpful and polite. I like using the wireless internet in the IUPUI campus buildings, but unless I am very close to a router the connections are very slow, and some web pages may start to load and then fail to come up because the connection is slow. I have not had this experience with the wired internet connection.

Greatest IT group to work with in the world.

Ever since the routers were changed out in the SL and LD building the wireless internet is much harder to connect to. My phones internet is constantly faster. Its at the point were i always plug my labtop into a wired connection when in the lab...its rather sad. There needs to be a higher upload rate. Thanks

Should check into email services like those at UCF. I don't even use my school email because I don't know how to access it and its a pain in the butt to get to it.

My only complaint is the wireless connection on campus.

The biggest problem I can see is the issue fellow students have connecting to the internet. Their comments all run along the same lines, "We pay so much for school and we can't even connect to the internet."

yes I think we should be able to let others use our printing pages if we want to, there should be an easier way to do that

Overall UTIS is pretty good. Just work on "fixing" broken computers on campus. Students tend not to report malfunctioning systems because we are in a rush and do not feel like it. It might be a good idea for consultants to physically log-in on a computer that is not being used during peak times (non use could indicate malfunction) or just simply ask out loud if everyone's computer is working to get a general consensus.

Overall my experience with the computers available for student use on campus has been great. The quick time-out time that occurs within the one-start self-service while searching or enrolling in courses each semester is what I can say could use improvement. The search capability while enrolling in classes can also run fairly slow and when condensing certain classes (ie. if you were searching for a math class and minimizing courses you've already taken) the program will boot your screen back to the top, I am guessing that is a database lag through your software though.

I enjoy the freedom and all the computers.

Teachers/Educators should utilize ONCOURSE more, use it for email/messaging/communicating with the student, actually post grades, and homework assignments. I know this is probably in preference to the educator but, maybe they choose to do things differently because it is difficult for them. I don't know. One Start- It is difficult to add and remove names to the address book. Also I would like a larger window for viewing my emial. I don't mind scrolling up and down, but scrolling side to side, everyone hates that.

Myself and others always seem to have problems connecting to wifi on our iPads. Sometimes it works and other times it won't connect In certain classrooms.

The wifi needs to improve especially in the campus center.

The Wifi on campus never works, i have to use the at&t wifi to get on the internet

Sometimes my tablet was not able to connect to the internet while my laptop was able to when I tried to connect them at the same time. Also not every room was able to get wireless and that was a bit dissapointing.

I have had to ask UITS to help me with many of my computer problems and they have always been kind and very knowledgeable in resolving my issues.

The wireless network performance and stability is growing increasingly important for student and employee success. While great strides have been made with the new network infrastructure, it still seems to be lacking. Especially in areas with a heavy amount of technology, [IRD] wireless performance is still fairly poor, which makes it difficult for students and faculty. Also, [IRD] classes are starting to rely more on students using a laptop to get through their programs. Lack of stable and fast internet access makes it difficult to complete labs in courses. IUanyWare is another services that seems to have some issues. The web interface is kind of clunky, though usable. Some of the more complex programs, such as Stata and SAS, don't seem to have quite enough resources assigned to them to easily perform data analysis. Stability of user sessions also aren't always the best. More and more instructors are having students take advantage of IUanyWare in their coursework, as it's convenient and free for the students for software such as SAS and SPSS; however, without adequate resources and better stability, students grow increasingly frustrated with the service. If performance doesn't improve as more classes begin taking advantage of the service, then instructors may revert back to other methods of teaching material (or not giving students the real-world experience they need to succeed in their careers after college). IUanyWare has a lot of potential though, and it does make a great addition to services already offered. Overall, I've been very satisfied, and many times amazed, with the number and quality of services offered by UITS. From visiting other colleges and talking with friends that attend other schools, I can say for a fact that UITS is one of the best, if not the best, university IT support units in the state, and the nation. UITS does amazing things for students, and provides students with a lot more resources to prepare them get them through their programs, and prepare them for their careers ahead, than other universities. It also provides amazing resources for faculty and staff to take advantage of in their careers, including research. I only expect UITS to grow and get better over time, and I believe it's one of the biggest reasons that IUPUI stood out from other schools for me, and UITS and its resources will continue to be a reason that IU and IUPUI stand out among the rest for future students. While their are things that I believe UITS can definitely improve, I also can't help saying bravo to UITS for what it has accomplished.

It is almost impossible to get an ipad or iphone registered on the network. It only takes about another hour to trouble shoot to get them to work and it is spotty at best. my Macbook, less than 30 seconds. Please make mobile OS/Android easier to access the network.

Wireless connectivity on Linux devices is shoddy at best.

I think overall it is good, I would love to see better wireless connections. I often have trouble accessing the internet on campus.

They were very helpful every time I asked how to do something in the computer labs. They were also helpful the first day I needed help connecting to WiFi.

the wi-fi is terrible. i frequently get kicked off the internet when using wi-fi on campus

Adequate for my needs, no complaints.

Better wifi and improve class schedule setup drastically!!

I am fairly adept at computers and systems, but I've never figured out how to personalize my campus desktop - if there is a way to do that. It has never been terribly urgent or important, but I wish I knew how.

The wifi could be better in the library, but other than that doing well!

Make more computer labs

As a whole, exceeded any of my expectations about university IT services.

I spend a lot of time in the basement of the SL/LD building. Most of the time I cannot connect to the internet via my laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It would be nice if that could be addressed as I do spend, and will continue to spend most of my time in that building.

I like the idea of the smartphone device charging station, but there's only one in the campus food center. It's a good prototype but definitely could use improvement. The lowest of my assessment, the network. I don't understand how our WiFi can be so spotty, in the science building. Of all places I would expect WiFi access to be less than adequate it would be in the sciences buildings. Weak sauce.

The internet is slow. And sometimes, it takes me a while to do things. Plus it logs me out of the service / connection. It's really annoying.

It seems like I get the slowest and worst wireless connections in the IT building compared to everywhere else on campus. Also the IT computer labs give me the most problems with printing on campus.

IU secure is very difficult and troublesome to connect to initially.

Wifi is too spotty in Cavanaugh Hall.

UITS provides great services to us(students!).

The wireless service is awful at IUPUI. and the security protocols were insane. I don't want to have to load any software into my computer to google a formula weight. The amount of trouble it take to actually use the services you are questioning me about is not worth using the service. I can hook up to the wireless with my laptop if I stand in the right location facing east, on one leg, between the hours of 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. I feel like it is a more trouble to get connected than it's worth to be connected.

I feel that if there could be a way where the iupui email can be connected somehow to smart phone devices students would be more pleased with the iupui technology center. Students would have an easier time keeping up with school work and contact with their professors because of the instant access from their school email to the email that goes straight to their smart phone.

There needs to be better functionality of the forum system on Oncourse. Even the paste as plain text feature is not reliable sometimes. Further, the wireless connection at iupui never works for my laptop nor my iPad.

This is just a learning issue on my part, but I could use a refresher on IUCAT. I never find what I need through it. I was enlightened to learn of some of the services available to teach students about different technologies at IUPUI. Those could be a great tool, but I had never hear of them. Love onestart and oncourse. Thank you for the free software! It is MUCH appreciated and needed! Thank you! The reason I have answered no to the next question is because I am graduating, so I'm late on the services. I do not have any issues. I would only think about using some of those instructional services.

The campus Wi-Fi (IUSecure) does not always connect. There are times when I can never connect to Wi-Fi, especially on my iPhone 4. In the 2011-2012 academic year, I lived on campus, and actually had to take a zero on a quiz because my connection shutoff in the campus apartments during the middle of the quiz. There are also places on campus where I can't connect even on my laptop. Certain areas of Cavanaugh, and the basement of SL/LD are very hard to connect. When using OnCourse, there are many times when students (including myself) try to send messages to an entire class roster, and the message will end up sending multiple times. I've seen people who have sent the same message over 15 times without intending to. When this happens to me, it seems that the problem occurs whenever I hit "send". After I hit send, screen tends to remain the same, and doesn't appear to be loading or updating, so I hit "send" again. After a while, the page finally begins to update. Just a few suggestions for improvements. I do really appreciate the 24/7 online-chat service you provide. I've used it a few times already, and it has always resulted in success.

It take forever connecting to the wireless network, and sometimes it wouldn't just go through

I believe the UITS has done a great job and of my two years on campus this year UITS has been the best. However, the internet was a tad slow at times and Microsoft Outlook seems to not read the file I saved. . Keep the good, change the bad.

Keep up the great work!

My additional comments: I would like to see more available laptop wall or extension areas in the class room. Times when I bring my laptop to school, it may be hard to find an open plug for my charger. I love the UITS provided at IUPUI. Im my own personal opinion the IUPUI UITS team is far better than any other college technology services. I've been dealing with UITS for school and work issues and I've never been unsatisfied. Thanks UITS Team!

I wish every computer at IUPUI has basic programs downloaded. Some computers on the 2nd floor of the main library do not even have Acrobat or Photoshop! This definitely needs to be fixed.

The on course submissions for assignments, for especially a [IRD] raste imaging should be adjusted for file sizes because you can resize a photoshop file and get the same quality as a jpg or anything else. I just would like to see the file size max higher because zip files, can't even be uploaded for my teacher because the limit on oncourse assignments.

The wireless network seems to work really slow or doesn't work at all in some buildings.

It is great, thank you very much and i think in some campus there are not enough computer labs

I've experienced many issues with wireless access, typically in the library and in the ET and SL buildings. There are many spots with low/no signal. When one can get a signal (e.g., library), I got dropped so many times that I bought a 4G mobile hotspot to use on campus just to ensure that I won't be continuously dropped. That basically makes IUPUI wireless hotspots useless to me since I have to pay for my own anyway to ensure a reliable connection.

Wireless coverage is great. The only issue is that it does not always authenticate on the first, second, or even third try. It sometimes takes up to 10 attempts to finally authenticate.

The wireless internet is weak in some areas. In certain class rooms it's hard to maintain a signal at all.

I think you are working very hard to accomplish perfection.

UITS rocks and they have always been very helpful to me. As a student [IRD] have had a lot of first hand experience with the walk-up consulting services available, and I am usually pleased to find that they are able to manage each task quickly and move the line at a fairly reasonable pace.

Overall services of UITS is very good. However, internet speed in the library's desktops is recently too slow. It seems that I always waste my time. Would it possible to speed it up? So, it will help many student and they can use their time efficiently :)

You need to make people more aware of the services that you provide. Some of the things asked on this survey were things I did not even know was offered

I'm not the most savvy individual with computers and such however, everything I've dealt with thus far seems to work smoothly for me.

On my tablet I cannot access the wifi that has been made available to me. I also can't download any of the IUware without it taking an extremely long time.

Never recieved a response to a question I had… Perhaps a printer can be installed in the IT building? At least, at the computers located under the main stairway.

I wish I could access wifi from the parking lot. I realize this is to deter leaches, but sometimes I find there is nowhere comfortable on campus (IUPUI) to sit between classes, or not enough time to go from one place to another. Being able to sit comfortably in my car while still accessing what I need to online would be extremely beneficial. The hoops you have to jump through in order to get your device to connect to the network is frustrating.

Good job and keep striving for the best

The difficulty level for setting up an IU email on Outlook could be improved.

I'm not sure this is form UITS, but for this Spring semester I used OneStart to schedule the reservation and purchase of my [IRD] textbooks through the Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus. I drove to Indy to pick these up prior to Christmas (1 hour drive). On the first day of class our roster learned that different textbooks had been picked for the course and we had to purchase all new books and return others. This was a difficult task as we had to find textbooks online in a hurry due to our first assignments being underway. It all worked out and I was reimbursed after mailing the unnecessary textbooks back to IUPUI with explanation, however postage was not reimbursed. I'm not sure where the glitch was in the reporting of the change or in OneStart, but is was an unsettling way for many to start their semester.

I wish that wireless connections were easier to obtain, in most of my classrooms I am unable to connect to the Internet.

My true complaint about any and or all UITS services is its WiFi and the extreme variability of it. The Main library has tried to fix that with the ability to wire in your computer if you have trouble with WiFi - however if you're in a study room with someone who is already using the wired port - you're right back where you started.

OneStart/Oncourse are confusingly designed, wireless connection in the Informatics building is beyond awful

Wifi on campus drops connection quite frequently.

Wireless does not always have very much connectivity and the amount of pages one student is allowed to print is not even close to being enough. Many of the students in my classes were out of pages in March and the semester is only half over. That is something that the school should provide to its students.