2013 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

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ILTE isn't really a UITS operation; adding it in this survey was a little confusing

I would really like to be able to send text messages to students via our Oncourse class site. I would like students to be able to opt in or out, but allow instructors to select send to phone as an option for important last-minute announcements.

i hate having spss in the cloud computing format- cant use it if not on wifi

As we start to offer online courses I hope that UITS keeps the needs of those faculty in mind when ordering office computers. Printers should be in all faculty offices - printing it off copier on another floor is inconvenient and does not safe guard exams and student information.

Wireless connectivity is spotty in some/classrooms in CV and campus.

Really miss just calling our campus IT and having them fix the issue. I understand centralization but logistically it makes little sense to me. Lync has been a disaster of late at the regional campus. Switching to movi.

We need to be able to connect directly with local support for some issues and not have to go to Bloomington and back to receive help. I am still waiting for a return call on support for a new website! 2 months now.

The services and staff that are housed at IUS are top rate. Where I have had problems is with the centralized IT Help Line (I assume at Bloomington.) A simple task, like updating JAVA, took 45 minutes. IM is not efficient in terms of the person needing help. It facilitates the help desk personel in their multi-tasking of several "clients" at once. However, the loss of time in the case of faculty actually costs the university money. I do want to thank IT ingiving faculty administrative priviledges for some software so we can update without going through the helpdesk.

More consultants are needed for lab configuration and software support. Anything outside the "normal hard drive image" requires resources which do not seem to exist.

When calling the Help Desk, it is helpful if the people to whom you are speaking are from the same campus. Several times when I have reached someone off campus, that person has said he/she didn't know the answers.

Centralizing user support at IU Bloomington has been a disaster for the support level on this regional campus. My office computer has been down for a several days to a full week because the work study student in Bloomington was unable to reset a simple print spoolers.

[IRD] The departmental printers are nicely linked to my office computer, however they are often down, or being used by others. As a result, it is sometimes a laborious chore to perform simple jobs even printing a few pages. The need to use telephone consultants to update common software programs on my office machine is problematic. The batch updates administered to my office machine have reconfigured frequently used programs such as Word, and Window's Explorer so that I am forced to reverse the changes using time and effort in an unproductive and unnecessary manner. Telephone consultants use a program to take over and install updates on my office machine that is unpredictable and often inoperative - it does not work as intended all the time. Oncourse team was at one time very responsive to users and each semester came by to ask our opinions and describe changes. Since the changes of a few years ago when Oncourse was redesigned that helpfulness has all but disappeared. For example, for the last three semesters rather than using the Oncourse Test and Survey Tools - which I found to be extremely unreliable and hard to use - I have had my students pay for use of an outside testing tool produced by the publisher. This alone has cost them thousands of dollar and was only necessary because of the unsuccessful implementation of Oncourse changes as that occur via the "University consortium" put in change of reengineering Oncourse. Onestart is a forced contrived product. Its useability is extremely low and not worthy of IU. When I use it I need detailed instructions. It should have been integrated into the Oncourse platform rather than the clunky and hard to used software that it now is. IU Online The online efforts at IU have missed the mark - strategically. We are behind the time and fighting a rear guard action in this regard. Where we are today, we should have been in 1999. Even today, our online efforts are splintered, ineffective and overall dysfunctional. The bottom line in this regard is that IU is loosing students to other institutions and systems and it did not have to happen. We were slow to see the trend and build in impediments to change with the misconstrued widely held opinion that if IU did not go online, the online world would go away. Instead of embracing it 10 years ago we ignored it at our own risk that has come to haunt us. I don't wish to be contacted by UITS because I have zero confidence that what I say will be listened to or acted upon.

Webmail storage amount for faculty is pathetically small.

My only dissatisfaction is with my office desktop terminal [IRD] I think it ought to be replaced, since it is one of the same systems that are now being sold for $100 in the bookstore. Seriously. This one is a clunker.

I have had some difficulty with the Help Desk. Most of the suggestions I have received when I have had a problem were not helpful. I had a problem accessing my homepage, and I got the runaround from the Help Desk. It took intervention from a higher-up to solve the problem. The suggestions from the Help Desk just wasted my time. The technology in one lab I teach in is old, and it make teaching in there difficult. Oncourse is still very user UNfriendly. FIS is even worse. The annual reports online is the worst bit of technology I am forced to use.


When I have had a problem with my computer and dialed 2447 ti get it resolved I have never had success. Every single time the consultant on the other end of the phone has turned the problem over to the local IT staff on the IUS campus. I do not know the general statistics but my experience has been dismal. I far preferred when call was a local call; the local staff were always able to work out the problem and it took me less time to get the problems resolved.

I've taught at several schools and on a few different online course management platforms. Oncourse is awful--stop punishing us and our students. There are better products out there. I called for help connecting to a network printer recently and the person really didn't know how to help me. Luckily, one of our secretaries had instructions that a different IT person had provided to her. I'm not totally cranky about IT--I have had many good and helpful experiences, but the printer help is fresh in my head and the Oncourse issue is a constant source of frustration--I really don't understand how such a large university system has managed to avoid providing students and faculty with a reasonable and reliable tool. None of the other systems are perfect, but they are better than Oncourse.

I wasn't aware that UITS had anything to do with the online Faculty Annual Report, and if it is not UITS who designed the system, this can be ignored. The design is attrocious. It is extremely unfriendly to the teaching aspect of the annual report. Its fine for the research and service portions, but it is next to worthless for the teaching part.

The voice recording system for the telephone provides many laughs as it's not accurate most of the time. We are now having problems with transferring calls (don't go through). No longer able to pick up an office-mate's phone. Very inconvenient and miss calls.

I teach [IRD] and am very grateful [IRD] are there to take care of my tech issues. They're the best. [IRD] at ILTE have been a tremendous help this year, [IRD] and they have patiently and expertly helped me solve tech issues.

[IRD]. Specific disciplines/schools OWN labs and won't share. This is a major problem that is not being addressed.

The phone support (x2447) is NOT very useful. Most of my problems got re-route to the IU Southeast campus for local support. For example, the central IU support line cannot remotely install my printer (I was told they should be able to do so)... so someone locally did it over the phone. The campus support is GREAT. However, I always get frustrated everytime I have to call the central support first... when they can't solve my problem, they told me to call 2447... which I did and they couldn't help me! Many times I asked them to give me the local phone number, and they still said 2447(!). It's very frustrating. I wish there's an imediate feedback button so we can report our experience with the helpdesk right when things like this happened.

i just had a student in my office--again--complaining about how often the network is down or unbelievably slow and how once again the printers were not working. He also was upset that he couldn't get his research done before spring break because the network was down. This student feels as I do--that things have been worse over the past two years. Yes, every time we complain UITS pulls out a bunch of statistics to supposedly show that we are wrong and everything is fine and working just great. Not so. The new phone system, supposedly a great advance, can be an absolute pain--dropped calls, times when the phones don't allow you to call out, etc. I think IT is better here than other campuses I have been on simply because there is more technology available. But I firmly believe that the whole affair is not working as well as it did about five years ago. So what is the real impact of all these huge investments in IT? the lastest and greatest advances come along with slowness, network outages, lousy printing, and absolutely frustrating. lunatic phones. And, also, TIME is constantly down and having problems. For a while I was actually saving the flurry of email messages about TIME issues. I don't believe even talking about these issues will do any good since the central IT folks believe that complainers are an anomaly in the world which is constantly rushing to the latest "gizmo" to supposedly make like easier for us.

Resources and Services are not present and evenly distributed.

UITS should NOT be centrally run. Those at Bloomington have no idea what's going on at IUS.

UITS offers a great service.

I still have not hooked up with on campus wireless service because it takes a call or visit to IT. I teach once a week in the evening. It should be easier.

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The systems are too complicated and there are too many processes to get information.

The new telephone system is my least favorite. We are an office that always picked up the telephone, customer service is very important. With the new system we can't pick up other phones from our desk. I feel like we have put so much work into customer service, only to have this new system take some of that away

Considering the IT strength of IU the employee tie keeping system is extremely weak. It is not availabe regularly, has too many abbreviations fr type of time(sick, vacation, etc,), and is generally not user friendly. It has show improvement in the last 6 months. Still there is a large jump this system could make to make time keepin much simpler.

I have yet to have a problem, question, or concern that has not been addressed very efficiently, quickly, and graciously. I realize that machines and the networks on which they exist are not perfect and have issues, so I have no problem reaching out for help, and I have been very pleased with the end result. Every person I have worked with makes me feel like I am participating in a collaborative effort. Thank you.

Keep up the good work!

The one and only complaint I have about any IT function on campus is the 941-2447 info help line. It is absolutely unhelpful that the people who answer the phone are not here on campus and can never answer my question. Therefore, I go directly to the source and contact members of our IT department directly, but don't feel I should have to do that because that creates probelms if I need a question answered quickly and no one is available to answer their phone/email. Then, too, I don't always know who to call for a specific issue, but the helpline has never done me any good. PLEASE make the info help line a local service again! Thank you.

[IRD] and rest of the IU Southeast team are AWESOME!

It would be nice if staff could provide hands on training when new technology (Lync, touch screen computers, etc.) are introduced into the office. I feel like I should be doing more with these technologies but I don't know how. I do not have a reference manual for either my computer or phone and would benefit from one.

The voice message email is bad. Makes little sense.

Calling the IT support that links to IUB is fruitless, time consuming, and frustrating. It takes an unnecessarily long time, and almost always, it gets elevated to the point that they refer it back to an IT person at IUS. When we could directly call someone on campus it took much less time, and worked much better. Now, a simple question turns into at least an hour-long project. Now the helpdesk is also going to support Ivy Tech? What a nightmare...

It is often a better use of time to speak directly with campus help desk then having to go through central assistance only to be relayed back to campus assistance.

The support at IU Southeast is better than any other support services I have experienced.

Calling the help desk number is usually not helpful. I get a better response when the call is redirected to my own campus. The support at the local campus is much better.

Any interaction I have had with UITS has been very helpful and expedient.

UITS does an amazing job keeping all campus technology up-to-date and functional. The team of techs always do an incredible job, and when they come to our office to assist with computer issues or phone issues, they do so expeditiously and with a smile on their faces. Thank you for everything you do to support the University, our students, and our faculty and staff. Keep up the excellent work!

Calling the help-desk is a nightmare. Nine out of ten times, they put in a ticket for someone on my campus to assist instead of being able to take care of it remotely. Oftentimes, the call center has no idea how to assist with the IT issues I have. It is very frustrating and takes a lot of time out productive work to have to call someone in a center and then wait another day for someone on my campus to help with the issue.

Please increase e-mail storage to 5 gig.

Instead of print articles in the knowledge base, it would be nice to have video of screen with voiceover/narrative instruction that can be replayed.

I would much prefer local phone help for IT rather than Bloomington. The people in Bton are not helpful - more frustrating.

bring phone call support back to local service - the call center support is very, very time-consuming, doesn't seem to track calls or keep notes, forcing the caller to go over and over and over and over the same information day after day after day with no resolution, and ends up referring the call to a local person anyway almost every time. Extremely frustrating. Give us more credit for knowing a few things about IT and listen to us. Read the notes on our account before asking us the same thing and when you refer or take action, note it so the person on your end knows who to refer the call to immediately.

Keep up the good work UITS! The helpdesk staff employees are very helpful and knowledgeable. The switch to Lynch phones has been simple although I'm not entirely happy with the phone options. The telephone services staff members are also extremly knowledgeable and quick in their response time. Again, keep up the good work - I really appreciate your time & effort!

My suggestion is that more time be spent on the IUS website to make it easier for people to find information about admissions and advising. There is way too many tabs and clicks and terminology that is ambiguous. I feel people will give up before they consider attending IUS based on the web experience. Also - the A-Z list is great but why is the link so tiny up at the very tippy top?

There are not enough student computers on campus. I love the stations in the lobby of HH second level.

I wish we had an option to talk directly to the helpdesk located at IU Southeast. I have never had any luck when dealing with the helpdesk in Indy or Bloomington.

The technical services and systems that I have used have been very good. In addition, the IT personnel with whom I have interactted whenever I needed assistance, have been so helpful and very responsive! Nice job!

I don't like the idea of not being able to connect with the on campus IUS helpdesk initially when seeking help.

Good afternoon, Helpful suggestion: Existing Cables that are nolonger used in the Ogle Center can be used in a different fashion. The Stem Concert Hall, Recital Hall, Robinson Theater & Black Box.All have Coaxial cable from Stages to Booths that we can used or to be Trouble shooted for Projection & Camera Feeds. Also along with the other Feeds for over flow events (Debates / Sanders Series / External Rentals like Clark Memorial in Mid March) I believe? Venue to each Venue [IRD] a summer project for venue down time. [IRD] event from Audio & Lighting booth to the venues.

Thanks for providing such good service on the Southeast campus. :)

The printers supplied for students use need to be built for higher usage. The handing out of paper and toner is better but could be improved by having supplies located in the offices in the buildings [IRD] This would speed up the delivery process. It would be nice if the Desktop monitors were cleaned once a week or at least twice a month. Does the UITS department have a booklet or a PDF file that lists all of the services available to students, faculty and staff? If a booklet exists, sending out a campus wide e-mail with the PDF attached would be a technique to improve awareness of all of the services provided. Specific PDF files for students, staff and faculty would be the best way to provide the list of services being offered.

All of the IT staff do an excellent job. The only thing I am disatisfied with is when I have to talk to the BL Helpdesk for a problem.

The new phones that were installed still have problems. We lost capabilities with the new phones that we miss. If you are a single person office the phones are great. But when you have multiple people in one office area and you all back up and cover each other's lines this opens up multiple issues that we are still trying to work through. We would be glad to discuss these issues with someone upon receipt. Thank you. [IRD]

The on hold message is not professional sounding and when trying to connect to campus life for example, there is not an option to talk to a "live" person.

IT support services on the IU Southeast campus are wonderful. They respond quickly to any issues or concerns and are always willing to help. They're an excellent team. My only concern is in regard to the design of the forms (i.e. e-docs) for various services. While I understand the need for consistency, the forms are not easy to navigate and the fields names (or required information) are difficult to interpret. For example, MyInvolvement is using the same e-doc format for student organizations to register their groups with the University. My concern is that students do not regularly use e-docs and therefore they are not familiar with other systems (i.e. SIS, FIS, etc.) that use the same e-doc format. The current e-doc format is not user friendly and hard to complete.

[IRD] The student center is really outdated and difficult to use. I find that there is not a high response rate to my inquiries/tech issues when I email the IT desk. I also am confused as why when I call for IT support I get connected to Bloomington.

Lync is unnecessarily complicated and redundant. The email transcriptions do provide comedic moments, but transferring calls is a nuisance and the call log takes up space in Outlook. I don't find it has many advantages.

I'm still not satisfied with the centralized service. I know enough to determine that I need to speak with someone locally. Calling the helpdesk and not getting someone on my campus is not the best way to handle the situation. I have been on the phone for an hour with the helpdesk to have them tell me they will have someone local call me. Then I have to go over everything again. Or they try to VNC, find out they can't because a local person needs to come to the desktop. Overall, I am satisfied with UITS.

I normally have no problems working with IT staff on the SE campus. If my call gets directed thru BL, it's a nightmare. It takes a huge amount of time and the answer normally is they will have to contact someone on our campus - which usually takes a day or so for them to respond.

There are only two issues that bother me when navigating IUS sites. First, in onestart when you are trying to go back to a previous page the only way it can be done is by clicking go back to student center. The other issue is having to log in two times to clock in. Then waiting for the six screens we have to navigate through just to clock in load. Sometimes its fast other times it is very slow. Regardless of internet speed, we should not hav eto navigate through six screens to clock in. I think the navigation on onestart could be tweaked a bit also. Otherwise excellent services and great people working in this department. I had nothing but positive experiences with the staff in IT!!

It would be great if we could get someone on our campus when we dial 2447. There was an instance when I identified myself and my department and was told they didn't have a record of either one and I needed help with something right away. A faculty member was standing at my desk needing help with a class. I got discouraged when I found out I reached Bloomington instead of someone on our campus. Then I had to look up personal phone numbers to get someone on our campus for assistance. The representatives in Bloomington are nice and go out of their way to assist. It just takes so much longer over the phone. Back in the day, someone from our campus could just pop into the office and fix it in no time at all.

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The wifi on campus is extremely slow, if you can get on at all. Most of the time I am kicked off. [IRD] the signal is very weak. The signal needs to be boosted [IRD]!

I am very impressed and pleased with the UT guys. They helped fix my computer and software updates and saved me a lot of money I could use towards school. I don't know much about computers but thy are for sure knowledgable and friendly. In fact I had a good conversation with one of the guys after he fixed my computer. You all should be proud of yourselves. Thanks!!!

GOOGLE CHROME on every PC is a must. Faster wireless network would be great. Availability of certain labs could be better.

The IU app for android needs to be improved. It is very slow and oncourse does not fully work with it.

Is there any possibilities that you could add more computers in the third floor in library where they have only chair and table? sometimes, especially in the morning I do not find even a computer in the 3rd floor. Also, in KV hall(uppermost floor) there are more open spaces. You could add computers there too as like in library of 1st and 3rd floor.

IUS IT is the best and they all deserve raises. Especially the part time staff because they're so helpful and kind and awesome.

I took a computer class where I had a lot of confusion. I tried getting walk up help and call the IT desk and no one was able to help me. I believe it would be very helpful if the staff knew how to help people with the gen ed computer class because I know I was not the only one who had troubles. Also during that course I was forbidden from making a mypage.iu.edu. Again, I asked for help but no one was able to help me [IRD] and all staff members. Also Wifi is not consistant on campus which makes it difficult to actually use E-books on my tablet (you can only access certain books with internet connection). I bought a tablet so I did not have to carry books around since I have spinal problems but everytime I needed to use the E-texts wifi didn't work and I had to share text books with fellow classmates. A bit of a waste of money.

Last semester the University had a printer that jammed constantly on every single print. It was like that for the whole semester, but has been fixed since the begining of this semester. Also, when calling to get ink for the same printer this semester, the IT lab worker asked multiple times to what was wrong and to what room needed to be changed. When the phone was picked up I stated what was wrong and to what room we were in. A one minute conversation turned into 5, with most of it in silence. After hanging up, a friend asked myself when they were coming and they did not state when or if they were coming. About 30 minutes later someone came and exchanged the ink. Just small issue but there were many students that needed to print but could not. The service of the website (ius.edu) and the links on the page are very helpful and fast. I have not had a problem with the site. The wireless connection sometimes gives me a little trouble on my phone but not enough to have a major issue. Overall I would rate everything at about a 4 to 5.

[IRD] My last experience at IUS was not as technology oriented and I found the new technology a bit daunting at first. But as I started to use it and became more skilled, it was quite helpful and I actually prefer it. when I ran into trouble, I called UITS and was always helped and treated very kindly. Thank you.

The password requirements for OnCourse are a little difficult to come up with a password for.

Is there a way to show all your classes for the semester automatically on the calendar without having to enter every single day on oncourse?

Let us have Visual Studio 2012 on the campus computers. All of my [IRD] courses this semester require that we use it.

Should have spent less money on the Lenovo touch screens and got something with higher resolution

One of the main "complaints" I would have about the atmosphere of the computer labs is that they are very noisy. OFTEN groups talk about their social lives in the labs and it is very distracting. I have very limited time to complete my school work and am not happy about the lack of respect shown in labs (like right now, three girls are at one computer talking about spring break). I've experienced this in several different labs - both monitored and not monitored.

Some computer labs at IUS have been upgraded recently with new computers. These computers have 8GB of RAM on a Windows 32-bit OS. Since 32-bit OS's only recognize a max of 4GB, why were these machines purchased with 8GB of RAM but not a 64-bit OS? For reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa366778(v=vs.85).aspx

None really the only issue I have no way of knowing how many copies of what I can print out or have left.

The wireless internet is horrible on campus. It does not matter where you're at. You can be in the lunch room, the hallway, a classroom or even the computer lab. It does not matter what device you are on either. You can be on your phone, tablet, nook/kindle, or laptop. Often times the schools desktops are slow.

Oncourse and SIS are clunky and not user-friendly. The IU sites in general seem to have widespread problems with understanding what a good user interface looks like. Also, help instructions are often incomplete or downright confusing.

My lack of cooperation with the IT helpline (phone) is due to the past three times I have called there. The last being the worst. Even if you haven't held a job before, the people who work there should know that no matter what you need to ask what the problem is and take what the caller/customer has to say into consideration. I was also without wireless internet during finals week last year as were all my roommates, so as I stated to the representative on the phone, it had to be the connection of the dorm/campus, due to all my roommates having issues (not just my computer!), but although I stated that three times, the representative took me through many other processes, resulting in restarting and putting my computer out of use for the next hour (not to happy, especially due to having to study for finals).

It would be helpful if there were more color printers available on campus.

Some of the IUS printers do not work properly, the papers get stuck, these printers are located in either class rooms, or in the hallways. It would be very helpful if those printers work and students would be more able to print last minute notes off of them without any difficulty. Specially in physical science and life science buildings, other than that everything works great.

Many of the printers I use on campus have a tendency to get jammed a lot

The techonology services offered by the University are a major part of my education. I'm very satisfied with what is currently available.

I wish there was a link from email to oncourse and vice versa; exactly like the link from oncourse to onestart.

Printers run out of paper frequently, but other than that, I'm very satisfied.

Missing having a color printer available to students. Also miss having fax machine on campus.

Your catalog of classes has improved on the main splash page but when actually searching for courses through onestart to register it is not the easiest process. In fact, the whole process of registering should be made easier online. Our current process is very tedious and cumbersome. It would also be beneficial to link to your major to see what courses you need so that you can choose accordingly from whatever courses you have left vs having to search on classes each time that you may or may not know the names of. And if you don't get them right in the search engine it can throw off the system. So the search needs to be a little more intuitive. Don't really care for imail as the email program of choice but it is less of a headache than registering for class. I'm sure there are many things I should be able to do through oncourse or onestart and I don't utilize about 75% of them. I use email, communicate with classmates and teachers, check grades and for assignments and register for classes. That's about it! Perhaps you should "market oncourse/onestart" to students if you want to increase usage. I'm also surprised there are not more online classes that are available...very limited.

just make sure there is enough paper for the printers at all times.

Overall, I have had a good experience with the IT services provided by IUS. Keep up the good work.

More printers in classrooms... the wireless network sucks at IUS... please FIX

I would like to receive a hands on training session of "the box". I don't fully understand it, and don't want to miss out if my instructors and other classmates start using it. Maybe if IT can offer some seminars on "the box"

The printers charge me for copies but do not print or print crooked. I also cannot get the wireless to work on my laptop which is very frustrating, I never had a problem at UofL with wireless. I even stopped bringing my laptop.

UITS is great. I love that they have so many computers available to students. Additionally, I love the speed and great connection of the networks. However, I do have one complaint. The keyboards and computer screens are DISGUSTING. They look like they are never ever cleaned. Even if cleaning is not handled by this department, it still makes them look bad because it is their equipment. Overall, I love the technology services on campus.

One Start is an embarrassment on how clunky its interface is and how it feels. Oncourse is not exactly reliable or as user friendly as it could be. It is better than onestart though. Wireless signal strength is ok over most of the campus but it needs to be boosted. The printers through out the campus are a constant pain in the neck. They are constantly out of paper or low on ink toner with no way of fixing the issue. If they stocked then they have other "printing" errors that make no sense. It is very frustrating to hit accept on your printing alotment just to go to the printer and find out that the printer is not printing. Then there is no way to cancel your print job. So when they finally do get around to fixing the printer it is then overloaded with jobs that are in the que that no longer needs to be printed. another big issue is the lack of a separator between different user works. There should be a separator page between different print jobs. This is an issue in the labs were students are printing off large power points or reports. It becomes confusing when many students are printing off the same stuff. Then papers get mis-shuffled. Then students end up reprinting the same thing just to make it easier to keep it organized. This is a wasteful mess that happens everyday as everyone tries to hurry up and get their printed stuff and then tries to get out of the line for the next person. I'm not the only voicing these complaints. [IRD]

Fix computers in a timely manner. [IRD]! and it seems as though there is consistently several computers that malfunction. -Provide more color printers around campus. -Provide more color printers around campus.

I try to used my smart pulse pen on campus, but I was not able to, the system said I need a permit by the admin... where and how I get a pemission for download software? if this product sell by the IUS bookstore

The wireless network can be unreliable in classrooms in Hillside Hall, where my classes are mostly located. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with UITS.

24hr CPU lab at the Grad Center for [IRD] Students...

I love having the wireless service when I am on campus. I use it frequently and it is so fast. I also think that it is great that you provide it at the graduate center. It is extremely helpful! Thank you!