Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2014

IUB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the UITS survey:
Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?
Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Email storage quotas are inadequate and should be increased.
It would be nice if the wired network speed could be improved. The 9Mbs I get in my office is 20% what I get at home.
Better training sessions (mini-sessions) on the new phone system.

I would like a webmail system with larger storage; the current one is too tiny.

Help with setting up home computer.

There have been significant problems over the past three semesters with Oncourse. Problems encountered include daily resets to gradebook, problems with date and time resets to scheduled assignments, and indiscriminant deletion of materials.

About printers in libraries: have them be default double sided please.

I use the SDA for back-up storage. I have tried in the past to understand and set up a link through Cygwin, but didn't get very far. Even after talking to and attempting to have someone walk me through the set up, I gave up because I was not successful in getting this to work. It would have been helpful to have someone come to my office and help, but this also didn't happen.

Ability to restrict or monitor students' web traffic in a lab during computer based exams.

Please implement Central Authentication Service for Outlook web access!!! It's extremely annoying that this one web service does not use the same authentication as everything else.

More support for Macs.

Here's a typical scenario: a colleague of mine at another university has some custom research software s/he has developed; could be Mac/Unix/Windows/Java. I'd like to get this running on my machine(s). Frequently, I can only get things to work 95% of the way; there is some installation trouble at some point. I'm not savvy enough to comprehend the subtleties of the sometimes sub-optimally documented install instructions.

Is there a UITS resource for this? I can be very patient, time horizons of months are fine with me.
Average classrooms are pretty awful. The stations are big and get in the way. Some make it impossible to use the board.

My problems would be:

a. There are still a number of smaller rooms, esp. in Woodburn and EDUC which are not smart rooms, and have NO electronic capability! Even a doc. cam would help.

b. Wireless is erratic for me around campus. I lose and pick up signals.

c. Oncourse is still a rather clunky system although it has been improving. I use it but it is cumbersome to manage files, is occasionally slow, and still needs a good GUI. I was recently talking to a prof. who said that Blackboard was better in many ways. (I am a supporter of open-source and SAKAI, but wonder why their functionality could not match a commercial application?)

Of course, overall UITS is great and I'm sure that if I went to another school, I would quickly appreciate what I have here. So thanks.

This survey took longer than advertised

UITS is great, the services are wonderful, and the staff is ALWAYS an absolute delight! In fact, the time I've interact with the staff - from setting up a new computer in COAS to a second phone for my lab to conference call setup - ALL the staff are always wonderfully responsive and friendly. Thanks!

We need much better support in terms of courseware and administrative systems. The travel system, for example, is an arcane piece of garbage, and one that clearly has never been through any form of usability testing.



My main issues with the Knowledge Base are that answers are given in computerese and almost always refer the user to another link in order to really get an answer. I use computers because I have to; I have no desire to become an expert. I just want to know what to do when I have a problem.

As for Oncourse, it is a dense, very irritating-to-use-system, though it has improved since the early days. SIMPLIFY!

I would like more software to be available for free use.

Reliable Wi-Fi. IU- Secure frequently cuts out in offices and classrooms.

Kuali is not very intuitive making it harder to complete activities/tasks. It has improved but could be better.

Better wireless access.

I have a screen saver on my desktop that goes off every 5 minutes, which is in accordance to and IT policy, but is detrimental to work flow, as enormous amounts of time are spent logging in several times on to the computer.

It would be great if there were a way to have Skype capabilities in normal classrooms, but I understand that it may difficult to implement.

Ensure that all support personnel are familiar with Macs as well as PCs. Offer better support for Macs.

I had several incidents of academic misconduct last year that took place within Oncourse testing. I wish that we had the capability to know if students were searching the web and doing other prohibited activities during tests administered on Oncourse.
(1) A larger default email account storage limit, so that I can keep the student- and course-related emails that the university requires me to keep without spending a ton of time archiving once a month.

(2) I was an early adopter of the Lync system, and have found that it is not an adequate replacement for landlines for university purposes. More than once when I have had a difficulty with my computer, I've been unable to contact CITO because the Lync system is down (because, obviously, it is only working when both the computer is on and I am logged in). The advantage to Lync would seem to be no-cost long distance and international calls, and yet for some reason we have to bill accounts for "long-distance" calls from Lync. (The other possible advantage is the voice recognition system that delivers voicemail in the form of text emails, but that is useless when callers speak anything other than English.) So there is a net loss of quality, with no clear advantage to the faculty user. I find myself using my personal cell phone for work calls, using Skype and other VoIP connections for international calls, and just not using the Lync system at all.

Better support for social science research. The Unix environment is not helpful to social scientists.

It is slightly confusing/difficult to connect a smart phone to the IU secure wireless network (Android). Perhaps clearer explanation could help? For example, if you can't connect to wireless, how can you access the web page in order to register your phone while on campus?

Better programs for research - campus-wide free access to qualitative analysis software, structural equation modeling package like MPlus. Free access to Microsoft Project. Support a campus-wide license for Qualtrics that will provide free access for all faculty, staff, and students as other major universities/colleges have done.

I would be interested in having IU adopt Google Mail for faculty email accounts.

Lync phone service is worse than the old analog phones for a variety of reasons you already know. In particular the Lync application on a Mac crashes all the time.
We currently use RFS to share files within our group. We have two RFS accounts (one more public and one less public) and it is really inconvenient not to be able to mount both accounts on a desktop at the same time. We have actually resorted to using Dropbox to move files from a desktop that primarily uses the less-public RFS to a computer that only uses the more-public version. (We would have used IUBox but it would need to be associated with a group account and that doesn't seem to be possible.) So, a system where you could mount multiple accounts at the same time would be great.

It would also be great to have some kind of cloud system for automatic backing up of our desktops using Crashplan or the equivalent (with the ability to restore files immediately).

The faculty annual report application is a real pain that takes hours to enter information for the year.


Improve the usability of current research computing options. SDA, RFS: that we have to SSH or SFTP into them is a step too much for most people! Make them as easy to use as Dropbox and people will actually use them.

Yes, if numbers of public workstations in libraries are generally going to decline in coming years, get out in front of that. Possibly the main reason people (generally undergraduates) enter a library is to "print". If the Bloomington response to undergrad learning needs is a rather blunt, "you don't need to print", then all faculty need to be on the same page, and believe that is the case, and teach as if that is true.

If printing syllabi, course PowerPoints, and PDFs will remain quite easy using iPad /tablets, and print release stations, get those instructions out to people first, watch it work well, verify its working well because trouble ticket frequency declines, then, after that, then remove public workstations from libraries.

Some retail products such as HLM and Mplus should be made available on IUanyware.

I've been at IU for 21 years. When I first joined, each department was assigned a technology person, who would problem solve computing issues. Having a person who was a physical member of the department was much better than the rather impersonal communications we have with a variety of people now that IU has consolidated these services.
Once you have log in into a computer on campus, I would like not to have to log in into every single application/software I need such as webmail/Oncourse etc. It would be less time consuming.

In the classroom, the possibility of saving (at least for one semester) some passwords so I do not have to log in each single time in Dropbox,, etc.

What has always concerned me is that there is no Oncourse help during the weekend before final grades are due. Several times I have had problems that the UITS support person really has no idea how to solve. This is especially true for new faculty.

I find the Knowledge Base (or whatever it is called) almost impossible to understand.

On the other hand, I have had some absolutely outstanding people help me when I have called for help and I have written emails to their supervisor praising their abilities. Some of your help desk people deserve Nobel prizes...

The phone system is confusing.

Yeah, get faster wild west nodes and more of them. Or tell me how to check to see which one is the least used. Also, my x-windows crashes when I do complicated things. It made me switch from using Quarry to using my own, slower desktop, so that I would not have to restart so darn much.


Need more reliable wireless coverage.

Still occasional glitches with classroom technology.

Most serious issue is lack of adequate storage space for email.
To whom it may concern,
I know that IUB has a reputation, or aspires toward a reputation, as one of the USA's "most wired" campuses. However: I have been engaged throughout the past year in developing and delivering a high-enrollment and high-visibility "hybrid" course that involves the use of recorded lectures (together with traditional classrooms), and I really have been quite startled at the lack of available infrastructure to support the development of this sort of course. I do not believe that what I am seeking to do is overly complicated, but the technology to accomplish it simply does not exist at IUB. I have very fortunate to work with extraordinarily supportive and inventive people in CITO, CITL, and Collaborative Technologies, who have helped me cobble together a patchwork of systems that mostly works. But after over a year of work, and the valiant efforts of these very fine and talented folks, what I have still does not deliver the course the way that it really should be delivered. Certainly I do not feel that what I have been able to pull together is worthy of a truly world-class university in the 21st century, even though I am thoroughly convinced that I am working right at the very edge of what is possible, given the current limitations of instructional technology at IUB. Best, - [IRD]
Continue to support personal home pages for professional use.

More support for Linux would be nice.

Provide additional services related to data analysis for research activities.

UITS may already offer this service, but I am unaware of it. I would like to be able edit videos created using Echo 360 software. I use this recording service for my public speaking classes, so there are numerous speeches in every class session and it would be great to break them up into smaller video files instead of streaming the entire session.

Usage instructions need to be clearer.

Wireless connection was pretty slow on campus sometimes (Jordan Hall).

The library issue is a huge problem. I am a nursing faculty and IUB and IUUPUI are a core school. I need access to main nursing resources at IUPUI to conduct my research, but to get those we have to jump through hoops every year.

I also feel like the school needs to do a better job decreasing the sheer volume of emails we get.
I appreciate the support UITS offers - we are fortunate compared to other universities. I would appreciate one place (webpage?) that comprehensively lists all the services which faculty, students, staff may access or subscribe to, including a paragraph description of the functionality of each of these services (i.e. what we might use them for) - e.g. IU Webserve, IU YouTube channel, IU Anyware, IU Box, IU cloud services etc. I seem to hear about these services by word of mouth and I am not really sure how I might use them or how they might be useful to me. So many faculty are unaware that they may request a Webserve account for certain projects or an SDA account. Or they don't know how to use IU Anyware. It would be nice to have one place to go to and learn about our options rather than having them buried in various places within the knowledge base

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Everyone I have interacted with has been very helpful and professional.
I don't understand why you are maligned or disparaged, you do a fantastic job - the wireless network has incredible up time, the people at the help desk are always friendly and helpful, the classroom stuff always works - what more can you ask for?

Simple Automated Cloud-based backup for Mac and PC. I would like help planning a data management system for our lab.

Really great customer service.

CITL is fabulous.

Statmath is excellent.

I have had excellent support from IT Training in presenting workshops for my students.

5-6789: great

kb: great

human beings: great

Classroom tech: great

"911" classroom number: great

There was some unpleasantness last summer in June about getting our non-IU NSF-funded 8-week summer undergrad research students "affiliate" accounts. This was essential to our research/teaching mission, and it ultimately took, I think, the intervention of our chair to work that out. I understand the need to adhere to reasonable "username" expiration protocols, etc. but the numbers were small (13) and there were clear and demonstrable needs for the group to enjoy full blown access to all reference, research, teaching environments. I'm still not sure why this was so complex. We'll have another group this summer and I want to avoid a repeat. PI = director this year is [IRD].

Thanks for all you do,
I think the FAR (faculty annual report) needs to be completely re-structured. The system is cumbersome and time consuming. It appears to only be used by departmental merit committees, and have no other function. There does not appear to be an easy way to share the FAR across units. And, the report that is generated is very difficult to read. It is rendered near useless.

In terms of amount of hours it takes each faculty, I would not be surprised if inefficiencies in the FAR are costing the university hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted faculty hours.

I have a PC at my office, and every time I want to install anything at all, or even update a program, I need to ask for help. This is absurd and annoying. Mac users don't need to do this.

To boot, it requires that I put in a campus telephone number. OUR ENTIRE DEPARTMENT HAS NO TELEPHONES BECAUSE OF BUDGET CUTS. No telephone means no telephone number. Please, please, please: remove the telephone number as a requirement to fill out that form.

I have more complaints about services and support we currently have: I would like Oncourse to be sunsetted immediately, and I would love for PeopleSoft to be banished to the lowest pits of hell. This University prides itself on its tech systems, and is by far the worst of any University I've experienced in the past decade. I am aghast at how poorly designed many of the resources are -- the library website is organized very poorly, and searches are a pain to do. The faculty travel system is garbage, and needs to be replaced with something that is easy and direct for faculty to use.

The systems here are made by technicians and clearly made FOR technicians. There is little thought placed in terms of user experience, user testing, or usability. The visual design of our informational technologies at this University are appalling, especially for a University that seems to pride itself on its technology. Bring in people from the outside -- consultants who know interface design and interaction design, and not people who are invested in the systems that we've homegrown at IU. Because we made it is not a good justification for keeping systems that cause me and my colleagues to waste time and effort to do our jobs.

Thank you for providing departmental specialists who are available and willing to answer immediate questions that arise onsite.

The design of this survey assumed that I knew more about IT than I do.
Love our tech team here at this research institute – IIDC

I would like to attend not only workshops, but circles, where we would discuss about website building, embedding technology in the classroom etc.
Sometimes the wireless connection goes off and on or I have limited access on the 8th floor of Ballantine.

VoIP phone often has glitches and isn't usable.

I have not used many of the services offered by UITS due to no other reason than lack of initiative.

The billing system for phone services does not have enough flexibility to reduce charges when a unit reduces the number of phones that are assigned to it.

A few suggestions:

Webmail was useless when I started in Fall 2008. I've basically never used it as I send up a forwarding filter to send everything to a better mail client (Gmail). Going to outlook systems makes no sense in my opinion.

The KFS ordering system has a very annoying bug in the Shop Contracts page that requires you to unblock the page EVERY SINGLE TIME you want to check pricing or place an order.

My primary responsibility during "normal working hours" are research in the lab, teaching and service. Tasks like placing orders or looking for the best supplies to buy are better done in the evening. Therefore, it is maddening that the KFS (and formerly) EPIC systems go offline in the middle of the evening and have no set time to come back online. Can't this be done in a better way - maybe take things offline from 1-5 a.m. instead of ~9pm to? The idea of needing to go offline for a period of time seems to be based on antiquated systems in general...

Lastly, the ability to download material from the Lilly Medical Library for IUB faculty and students seems to go in annoying cycles. There are SEVERAL journals that biochemistry-based students and faculty lose access to when we are cut off from the Medical Library subscriptions. Please fix this issue.

Streamline the various mass storage Systems, make them (should be it) easy to locate and use.

2) Improve VPN functionality. My laptop VPN works intermittently. I still cannot figure out how it comes and goes (there is no IPS network connectivity involved).

3) Re-design or better annotate the Travel IU and Kuali systems in OneStart. For Travel IU, there should be notification when applicant's response needed. It is lacking right now and I almost missed the deadline for reimbursement. For Kuali, make sure it works for mainstream browsers (Firefox, Safari i.e.).

UITS and CITO both provide good services on their own but could be better integrated and coordinated. This would especially help head off (totally foreseeable!) problems like the Lync phones being unavailable for computer troubleshooting.

Make IUCAT easier to navigate - right now it is worse than the previous system.

The most frustrating thing for me is to have to submit a request every time I need to do an update to one of the programs on the computer in my office. I wish there was some way to allow limited admin capabilities so that I didn't have to make this request.

I think Knowledge Base is great and all of my interactions with UITS help folks have been very good. Our local IT help guys are fantastic. I took some excellent workshops in 2011 and I very much appreciate having access to as well as all the IUware. Overall, I am very happy with the technology services at IU. I only have three negatives - 1) The RFS system is not great. It is slow and glitches up too frequently. 2) The OneStart interface has got to be one of the most unintuitive systems I have ever used. 3) The new phone system seems far more complicated than necessary and the fact that these phones come corded with no handset alternative takes away much of their utility for us.
Much of my dissatisfaction comes from the assumption that mere access to networks and use of devices equals utility. This is a false assumption, but one that governs many policy decisions on this campus. In that regard, UITS may succeed on the level of infrastructure, but I see it as fundamentally opposed to critical elements of our pedagogical and research mission.

I was surprised to find very little support for using open source software given that the university is known for developing open source platforms. I was basically pigeonholed into using proprietary software which I had abandoned previous to coming here.

I have already had issues with software obsolescence and the current UITS policy on open source software all but ensures that I will face it in the future.

The one that really bother me most is that I can't install True crypt and am forced to encrypt my personal data on my external hard drive on a different platform that as we now know has backdoors. I also have ha hard drive encrypted on true crypt that I cannot use as intended.

Get rid of AT&T provided wireless--it's an invasion of privacy and also doesn't work very well.

Switching from old-style telephones to USB phones and Lync has not been a step forward for me. The Lync software (on Mac) is clunky. If I am not using the computer for 20 minutes, it goes to sleep and the phone stops working! And I had to set up an Exchange account (and have all my mail processed/forwarded through Exchange) simply to get voicemails with the new system.

For many years, both the IU Libraries, and UITS have been assembling / logging trouble tickets year round. When there are computing problems, people have many options for reporting those problems. Where is the analysis of all these technical problems? Shouldn't all that be viewable by the Bloomington faculty? Won't we all know more about the functionality of computing systems and services if all of that is shared widely?

How many questions /problems per semester are related, for example, to public workstation printing of materials?

Can any generalizations be made about the most common computing problems? If 1000 Bloomington faculty members are made aware of most common problems their colleagues and students encounter, perhaps problems would be addressed at their source, rather than having IT service people (who may only hold jobs for short periods) rush around and address the same problems over and over again?



At times, application of IUanyware would freeze and the program would automatically shut down.

There have always been problems accessing files stored on MDSS from On campus housing.
The phone system is just terrible. One time when someone didn't show up for an appointment, I tried to call him but because he was scheduled out, I couldn't get ahold of him. I got a voicemail once when I was sitting in my office. I still haven't figured out how to leave a message on my machine for people calling me. Just because I am not on my computer doesn't mean I am not in my office. I may be sitting there grading papers.
See above.

The services offered are really good apart from wireless/network connectivity - this has improved over the last few months but prior to that was slow and patchy in my office which I don't really expect.

But overall the services are really good and the help is really good - thank you.


Research computing infrastructure is biased towards the needs of the natural sciences.

I was concerned about the changes in the personal home pages policy, which I continue to rely upon, but so far I have been able to adapt to these changes.

The IU search engines tend to be very ineffective and confusing. This is especially noticeable on OneStart. I simply do not understand the logic by which information is organized on most IU webpages and search results.

The new phone service does not provide very good connections on many calls. I often find Skype to be of better quality.

The Kuali system is a time drain. It is over-complicated and unintuitive. Very frustrating. We could be more creative and productive if this could be simplified.

Phones in both my offices have recently been "upgraded" to Lync but I use Macs and I think I was better off before the upgrade. Last year a new wireless transmitter was installed outside one of my offices and that helped a lot but I still lose connection about once a week.
Everyone I have interacted with has been very helpful. I have had the most interaction with"(IRD)", who is a delight to work with and who always shows me new things that I can use for my classroom and how to be more tech savvy.


Purchasing software and hardware has been easy and straightforward.
You guys are awesome!

Comments about Oncourse - it is very clunky. It is disappointing that you cannot copy a folder into Oncourse. Instead you are required to copy the folders contents, each individual file, one-by-one, which is very tedious. It's also disappointing that you cannot drag and copy files into Oncourse. The upload system is cumbersome compared to how we are all used to working with folders and files in Documents on our computers or son server directories in our departments. Oncourse needs to be updated to a more user friendly and fast system

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Phones & Lync continue to have many issues that could be improved upon. We are also in transition on a number of systems, so although some current systems may have shortcomings, I have hope the new systems might show improvement.


No requests at this time.

Not that I can think of. I believe the university takes great strides in providing unique services free of charge to students, faculty, and staff, and to provide a comprehensive and reliable computing environment throughout campus.

None that I can think of.

None at this time.

I can't seem to find instructions on how to use Microsoft Lync...such as how to change my voice greeting...such as if I'm in or out and when I will return. I don't know how to access my voicemail when off campus.

More quota on email. Better compatibility with non-Microsoft platforms for calendaring. Cheaper disk, more cores, and more memory options for II VMs


The Lync computer telephones don't translate messages clearly. The technology seems to try to translate the human voice but messages left by callers appear are usually not accurate. For example: Caller's original message: This is the parent of Zack he has an appointment to meet with you today. The message appears on e-mail as: Your meeting with Tank's patriot is meeting.

I wish that all the new books added to the Wells collection were available online in a weekly listing.

Enterprise-class technical support and training for Enterprise-wide business system initiatives.
Need better phone options for VoIP and faster response when dealing with phone issues.

Wireless tablets and smartphones are becoming more prevalent on campus. It would be great if a method to allow seamless but safe transfers of information among platforms: smartphones, tablets and desktops during passphrase change periods could occur.

I would like to see the software expanded on IUware and IUanyWare expanded. For example it would be nice for developers to have access to better Prototyping/Wireframing software tools. Additionally, Adobe Creative Cloud has been out for quite some time and there has not been any word on what IU plans to do with Adobe software licensing.

Communication of issue and status of support requests.

I do not have suggestions at this time.

It would be great to have an e-mail sent when a paycheck is deposited into our accounts.

#1 I suggest UITS spearhead an effort to get the campus to set consistent policies for IU programmers regarding data entry by end users. Those of us who use multiple IU systems (SIS, HRMS, Travel, KFS, ORA, etc.), encounter a mix of how info must be entered. Some force use of upper case instead of lower case entry of the IU username. There are differences in how a date must be entered. There are many, many small differences/inconsistencies that result in user frustration for those you use multiple systems.
I would like to see a Microsoft Windows Server solution providing leveraged file share services to departments offered. Departments would get full control of NTFS file level permissions and assign AD groups as need for access with a simple migration path from existing file servers. I believe at one time this was offered via the Bison service.

It would also be great to see a service for providing ready to go, virtualized, and managed instances of Apple's Profile Manager (Mac OS X Server) tool for departments to use for managing and securing iOS devices.

Another useful tool would be a service for IU Secure to be able to manage identified MAC addresses or even by a departmental account used for IU Secure login the range of IP addresses used by those devices. This would be a huge help in securing services provided to only a specific range of devices.

Blocking RDP at the border has caused usability issues for Remote Desktop services provided by Windows Terminal Servers. It would be useful to be able to block access but allow exceptions to be created for use by specific and secured servers at the IU Data Center firewall configuration.

Would it be possible to provide a VPN product that is equally secure but doesn't require client software and can leverage standardized VPN technologies supported by most operating systems and devices? The windows Juniper clients have been a usability downgrade from using VPN services that are supported natively by Windows.

There are applications that a consolidated group in UITS could provide to eliminate numerous "silo" development processes around the university that cost plenty in resources utilized to develop over and over again. There are many departments that could use a clean mobile friendly web application that can accept a University Barcode via form input and record the record that a student or faculty/staff attended an event, participated in something, or is interested in more information, etc.. Data could go to a data store that can be retrieved by staff for reporting. Consolidating and safely securing this data for departmental reporting would also be useful.

A good server monitoring service configurable by web interface for departments would be a great one also. It seems like every department has to figure this out and their own and figure out how best monitor and alert for problems with their production services.

I like UITS. I think overall they do a good job.

I understand how difficult accessing the wireless networks through our concrete block walls may be in Ballantine Hall. However, the routers all seem to be placed down the hallways and none in the center of the building where many of the main offices are located. In order to have reliable internet access on a non-Ethernet pc, I usually have to disconnect the Ethernet cable from our desktop and attach it to the laptops in order for us to be able to maintain a solid connection for such task as using Skype to communicate with potential faculty or students. This can be very cumbersome at time if we should also need to use our telephone at the same time since the phone relies on the Ethernet connection to the desktop too.


Update browsers so we can use the technology provided by departments various software. Email is terrible - prefer something besides the current Outlook version. Keep our campus computers more up to date with the software and technology that is offered to faculty/staff/students.

Adobe CC integration would be nice. I have students asking about that a lot. Final Cut X on the Mac computers on Campus would be helpful.

Life would be easier if we could better integrate our video conferencing tools with web conferencing. In rooms with videoconferencing capabilities, it would be nice to be able to simply turn on the PC connected to the monitor and know that the camera and audio can connect with Adobe Connect. Instead it takes an IT person to get the systems to talk with one another.

We also need a better CRM system. Talisma is not as good as the systems used by our competitors, leaving us at a disadvantage in our efforts to nurture relationships with prospective students.

Wireless access in the Kelley Undergrad building is spotty at best. Hopefully will improve with the new renovation.

I would appreciate support for Windows Phones.


The decision to use Lync for telephone service was the most irresponsible move possible. When the servers go down, when there is a problem with the desktop, telephone service is lost and it's impossible to notify anyone of the problem. If there is an emergency, I can't use 911 and have to search through the IU website for an emergency number to call. I should not have to rely on my personal cell phone as a back-up.

A more intuitive system than IUIE

SDA could use speed/user interface upgrades.


Please, no, no more.

A secure web application programming infrastructure is a worthy goal, CHE comes close. More Software as a Service efforts would be welcome. Further development on the Business Intelligence initiative will aid the College in accomplishing its mission.

My experience with the secure Wi-Fi has been terrible. Configuration instructions in the KB are sometimes difficult to follow or are out of date. Connections often get dropped or simply don't always work.

Lync has some real problems, and can be frustrating, especially the e-mail print-out of the voice mail. We don't have good wireless reception in our building (Sycamore Hall) and therefore it can be a problem.

I would like to see the Lync phone systems voicemail system work better. When a message is left and you read it you don't understand what was sent.

More classroom basic training.

The services are great. It would be helpful to have greater awareness of what the services are. For example, a UITS consultant led a technology information session for students participating in the Groups Scholars Program during the summer. The session was great. I learned a lot about services that I didn't know existed. I left excited to know about the services, but also wondering how I would learn about them outside of attending the information session.

Not sure if this is your department but many names don't match phone calls.


IU Knowledge Base has been challenging to search for me. I don't usually find the information I need or I get caught in taking embedded links and still cannot find the info needed.

The interface on IU Anyware is hard to navigate and seems slow.

I just started using Google Chrome to have the links I use for work available wherever I am. Is this possible thru an IU app?

The Wireless access on this campus is miserable.

On the next survey, provide an indicator of how near someone is to completion--very long!

I very much dislike the new phones, IM Lync I do like, but not the phones.


A centralized initiative regarding SharePoint and Adobe Connect. These are two user friendly tools that don't seem to be used to their fullest potential as solutions for document management and training.

TIME is good for employees that work 8-5pm M-F but it is awful for a department that works around the clock and odd hours. (I don't believe that it is the fault of UITS).

I would love being able to highlight (and save) text in emails in my inbox in Umail.

IUanyware is easily one of the best and most useful tools I've seen in a long time, and I encourage you to continue to host support and improve that service as much as possible.

Support/training for WCMS. Support/training for Ad Astra.
-Consulting IT and development services for transferring data to cloud applications.

-Better communication from development teams to schools and departments including more defined design specs, and functional/acceptance testing of applications prior to production releases.

-Better communication and required annual training for LSP community.

-Training coordination on enterprise applications prior to release.

-Better internal communication within UITS as many times it appears a lack of communication is creating confusing amongst various teams.



I work at the IMU. Wi-Fi signals have gotten significantly better, but continue to be a problem at times. This could be a huge downfall for our hotel guests.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Do not like the new time keeping portal!! Not user friendly.

Comparing the amount of services offered to the limited services I use, I think UITS does an awesome job supplying me with tools I need to do my job, and then some. Thank you!

Wireless connectivity could always be improved. For tech savvy individuals resolving the connectivity issues is typically easy, but not for most. I cannot comprehend all the challenges that involve providing consistent, reliable wireless connectivity to all students/faculty/staff, especially with many bringing their own devices to the network, and the demand the network has to support all of the respective traffic, academic and not. However, for the most part, the university does a terrific job in making it happen. Other than that, I'm looking forward to the full roll out of, and how the Box partnership will evolve as a tool for all.
Job well done!

I would like to see all IU databases preference preferred names and allow for more than "male" and "female" options.

None at this time.

I want to say that the UITS Staff of professionals do a great job. I appreciate their expertise and their good natured professional attitude. I want to say "thank you to them". They are all so helpful and positive. They are an extension of each other. They are on the same page in regards to providing excellent service. They are really serious about preventing and resolving problems. Best regards and thank you!
The people who answer the phone (5-6789) are always extremely helpful and polite - some are Super helpful and polite but they are all professional and courteous and have always 'solved' my question/problem.
I have a lot of comments that I'm sure a caring, collaborative open mind would love to hear, but they are more related to management and decision making than the services they provide or any IT issues that I have.

I do appreciate the help desk for LSP's (Tier2 Support). I do sometimes get confused as to where a particular question should go within the UITS structure as there are many sub departments. I also have trouble from time to time with some of the specific enterprise systems not working well together; for example KFS, Kuali Time, and 5/3Direct Check scanning all require different web browsers or different versions. These systems are all used by my department's business office and it can be a trick to get all three to work. Another issue is there is very little support in setting up a PCI Compliant work environment. There is little documentation or procedure for a department like mine to follow.
My most recent dealing with UITS was a phone conversation with someone at the help desk. Being someone that is probably more familiar with technology that many, I felt that the customer service representative could have done a better job at tailoring [IRD] questions had [IRD] taken this into account. In addition, the issue I had could not be resolved immediately and I was told that my issue would be taken to a third-party. While it may have been that the third-party was responsible for my issue going forward, some follow up from UITS would have been nice to ensure that I wasn't still having an issue.
As I write these words I have been waiting for over 24 hours for help from UITS on a specific computer software problem. Very poor customer service and unhelpful attitudes continue to be a major problem in the UITS organization.

Thanks for supporting us!

I am primarily concerned with business functionality and the one complaint I have is with search speeds. Searching in FIS was nearly instantaneous. The move to Kuali has resulted in very slow searching by comparison. Now there are a wide variety of improvements related to moving to a web based technology stack for our business applications, but the performance impacts are completely unacceptable. Given that Google can catalog and manage data aggregated from the entire internet it should be entirely possible to get rapid search results from the Kuali applications. This should absolutely be a priority for correction in the near future as aggregated across all tasks performed at the university it is a huge hit on staff productivity.
The UITS staff has always been very kind and helpful. I appreciate their services very much. Thank you. It is amazing and wonderful that you offer 24/7 service to the campus.

KFS catalogs for vendors doesn't work in Firefox.

I'm pleased with the direction UITS is heading with providing many services. I do think usability is paramount to getting adoption and some services (like IUanyware thin clients, SSL VPN, IU List, and more) could benefit from considering the user experience as the foremost requirement.


I really appreciate the ability to call and talk with someone in person when I'm having computer issues. I have received excellent support from UITS whenever I've called.

When I indicate poor rating on Lync that is because of the system, not the staff/service.

IUIE is great but I can't always find the reports I need.

We use QR codes and it would be nice if there was a site set-up for IU just to help us create nice codes that are consistent without paying for the service.

I've been connected to IU as an undergrad, later a grad, and now as an employee. Through the years, the availability and responsiveness of services has greatly improved. Some of that certainly is the nature of IT growth in our society. IU, though, continues to support the infrastructure and resources to extend the best tech services available to its students, faculty and staff.
I have been very impressed with the UITS training courses I have participated in (some directly related to my job, others simply as extracurricular activities).

My main qualms/less-than-satisfactory ratings in this survey have to do with the eApp, which seems to have had many technical problems and bugs this admissions season, and there are a lot of design issues that make it less than intuitive, sometimes confusing, and frankly lacking in features that applicants have come to expect and that would make everyone's experience much simpler...

UITS on the whole is doing a great job!

Need color printer in the Business/SPEA Information Commons

Computers are very slow even more so with the new system.

My office uses our own online system for most of our work. Kelley has its own branch of UITS/IT support so I haven't used IUB's general groups much at all. Our biggest tech issue is the new polycom phone system. Our local UITS/IT guys do a great job trying to help us as much and as fast as possible but phones act up and do stupid things all the time which causes dropped or unintelligible calls leading to office frustrations.
Overall, I feel that we must have one of the best university IT departments in the country!

The IT Pro email ticket system should be refined. As is, there are too many email messages generated for a single ticket. Each comment or message is accompanied by an additional message.

The UITS notices website can be slow in posting notices. This is understandable, however, as is, at times, a notice is not posted until an issue is actually resolved. Perhaps an additional notice category could be added that would indicate "Per reports a potential issue exists related to ____________"?

This would likely cause additional people having an issue to chime in with more details that would help resolve the issue as well as let people that something might wrong so they don't continue trying to work and become frustrated.

I can never find the answer to the question I need in the Knowledge Base and always end up calling the helpline. Even then, I have gotten bounced around because the workers aren't always as well trained or knowledgeable as they should be.
The Polycom and Lync system is horrible to use for daily departmental business. Calls are dropped and routing office calls cannot be accomplished as efficiently as with a land line. The entire staff is frustrated with the system.

Oncourse needs to be improved to better respond to registration changes. SIS rosters and Oncourse rosters often do not match.

I appreciate getting the UITS e-newsletter to stay informed!

The only reason I don't refer to them much is because in the School of Public Health we have our own tech staff who are excellent!


The phones are terrible, slow, don't ring. I don't give the number out. Network (wired) is often down. The it notices are most useless (everything is always good) which never shows what is really happening (like whole buildings down). It is a running joke, we see nothing, we hear nothing, and we know nothing, situation normal. Very hard to find someone that actually knows a particular area well enough to be helpful.
Generally, UITS is very helpful to my position at the University. More innovation in all services is always needed.

Why do we at Physical Plant not have more up to date versions of software? Why do we at Physical Plant not have a UITS plan for "roll over replacement" for desktops, laptops, and printers?

It's ridiculous to have office telephone numbers moving around the campus with the movement of personnel. An OFFICE phone number should stay with the OFFICE, not some transient office WORKER.
New UITS websites are really nicely done.
Overall, I am impressed with all of the services and support that the IU campus has, however, is there room for improvement, my answer is yes. In the past year, I have had to have my computer rebuilt two times do to viruses. Each time, it has taken several hours to a couple of days, to get the computer back to running the way it should be. I have a lot of applications that I use on a day to day basis that I cannot do without and when it takes a long time to get it back up and running and then also figure the potential of losing information, it becomes a real headache. As with everyone on campus, my computer is replaced every three years, well the one that I have now is getting close to that deadline. It has had problems ever since I received it, however, about a month ago, it finally has got all of the bugs worked out of it and it is working properly, but now it is getting very close to time for it to be replaced. I hope that the next one doesn't take two and half years to get to working properly. I feel like that with all of the problems that I have had with machine it should have been switched out a long time ago.

One suggestion that I have that would save time for the customer (me), for lack of a better term, and to help out the IT staff, is to possibly have a couple of extra computers that are basically ready to go at a moment's notice. Then when a person, as myself, has a major computer problem that has crashed their computer, the IT staff takes one of these pre-built computers, adds any special applications that the person has and then they just switch the computers out. Then the customer is back up and running within a few hours, vs. a day or two. Then the IT staff takes the bad computer, fixes it at their leisure and rebuilds it back to a basic unit, ready for the next switch out. This would save everyone a lot of headaches and more importantly, time.

Also, the network phone system (Link) rates only about 3 out of 5 satisfaction with me, because the phones are not very good. One example as to why I say that, is the volume of the ringer sucks. If I am more than 10 feet away from my desk, I cannot here my phone ring. Also, if the computer goes to sleep so does my phone and just because that I am away from my desk does not mean that I am not able to answer my phone. The other problem that I have is, if the computer crashes as I mentioned above it has done a couple of times in the past year, then I have no way of calling the IT department or communicating with them if they are logged into my machine working on it. Also, if someone needs to contact me they cannot during that time, for the same reason. This also can be a problem.

I do like the fact that I can copy and paste phone numbers into Link and then call them, and I do like how it keeps track of who is available and who is not in your contacts, so you know if you need to contact someone whether they are going to be available to answer your call or not. So it does have some advantages over a regular phone system, but as with any thing, there are some major flaws.
LOVE Lynda. Thanks for proving this information service for so many years.
The on-line chat is very helpful. I use it frequently and the support is great.
Send emails to traveler/travel arranger when Travel has not authorized reimbursement for a trip as well as the reason why. We get emails about trip creation, trip approval, trip coming to due date, but not about trip problems.

Don't make us go all the way out to "view my traveler" after we are done viewing one traveler. Take us to the traveler list in travel arranger view.

I think the services you provide, the people that you have working for you and their expertise is phenomenal. We are fortunate to have all of you here at IU.

Be Honest. If it's "broke" say so. And not give the "party line' that all is well 110% of the time. I am a tech and understand that "Stuff" happens. I just wish UITS would be more honest about when things go wrong.
Communication coming out from UITS about general services and the availability of deals, products, support, etc. is abysmal. I don't know that anyone even knows that UITS actually exists based on a lack of interaction with the larger campus community. The newsletter sent out is straight from the 90s and needs an update. The UITS web site hasn't changed in years and remains clunky and outdated.
Always very responsive and helpful by phone.

UITS does a great job.

I am content with Umail, but find webmail antiquated. Very happy the upgrade was made some time ago, but the webmail account I use gets frustrating as I can't see messages in a thread or see what response I've written. Additionally, my experience with IUanyware has been frustrating, likely due to SPSS problems and slower internet connections/outdated smartphone, not due to many glitches. Tech support has been great. Adobe Connect could be a bit more intuitive and a bit less rocky (have had sound/video sharing issues, screen share issues).
The web pages across the campus are shameful - old versions, duplicates, all different styles - and the search engine, when used on IU pages, is useless.

The lack of reference material or clear authorities on systems like SIS or the IUIE make them extremely frustrating and nowhere near as useful as I'd expect and hope them to be. Locating pieces of information or determining who to contact about requesting access to that data is difficult enough that I do my best to avoid using or relying on those systems as much as possible.

Just a small FYI that the survey lists the IU Financial System as FIS. The FIS has been retired and replaced with the Kuali Financial System (KFS).
The Outlook web access does not work well on alternative browsers.

Sheer net speed here is a real plus if not a bragging point.

Our IT guys have always been wonderfully responsive and helpful. We're lucky to have them!!

I would like to see Outlook Web improved. It's not user friendly and I think the design could be improved.

Voice quality of the Lync phone system is very bad!!

Good job at staying at the forefront of technology and innovation! ... All the while dealing with students/staff/random people who can steal/destroy equipment all the while you're trying to help them.

UITS is overall very good. The Lync telephone system is VERY difficult to use and of uncharacteristically poor quality -- part of which may be the telephone equipment itself. The phones have terrible sound quality when speaking with someone; the telephone system is obtuse and difficult to navigate. The voice translation of voice mail messages makes for a good laugh now and then, but otherwise is completely useless.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?


I've thought about using Mechanical Turk or similar services, but it's not quite clear to me how it works. Perhaps UITS could offer a guide, or, if you have enough surplus work study hours, an in-house version.

I like the old IUCAT better.

"Ask a Librarian" (chat) service is one of online services that I particularly like.

Better access to a scanner that can feed pages for when there are a lot of pages to scan; and simplified color printing.

Wireless service is frequently cutting off on the process of my works.

In person research classes.

I want to attend them, but I often have schedule conflicts with my courses.

However, I appreciate that they are offered though! :)

While most of the computer labs on campus are impressively up to date, some of the smaller labs could stand to be updated (for example, the labs in office buildings like Weatherly Hall).

I would like it if access to Box was linked on the homepage. I also use the IU app but because I have attended both IUB and IUPUI it only lets me see the info for IUPUI. My home campus is IUB. It would be helpful to be able to change the campus on the app.

IT Training workshops on JavaScript.

Connect ability is often limited in many rooms on campus for laptops. In the conference rooms on the 4th and 5th floors of Ballantine, for example.

You should censor the internet. There is absolutely no justification in using public funds for providing access to content which the vast majority of people would not want publicized.

For graduate students a brief IT walk through to set up various accounts and run through Box, Oncourse, Onestart
I would like to see the bug for SPSS AnyWare fixed. That would be the most useful AnyWare tool to me.

The Box electronic storage is not very good. A partnership with Dropbox would be much better.

I do wish that the classes offered (i.e. Excel) had more options and times available. I can't always get down to Bloomington, but the same class at IUPUI often doesn't fit my schedule.


I am an international student and really needed some of the software (Windows) as my computer crashed while abroad: however IU does not ship these CDs abroad which made my life so much harder! I wish this would change so that these programs can be accessed from anywhere

I had to get them shipped through International services to Germany and thus pay twice for shipping.

VGA port is becoming less popular. I would like to see more HDMI ports for laptop connectivity to STC classroom monitors.

I would like more Ethernet ports for wired connections throughout Kelley School of Business and Hodge Hall

Oncourse went down two consecutive Sundays in the fall semester between 6pm and midnight, which is a high traffic time. This caused many frustrations, and should not happen.

Additional polycom devices needed throughout school as teleconferencing becomes more popular.

Additional space for electricity and Ethernet port outlets (on wall or from floor) in Wells.

Ability to borrow external CD drive.

I don't take advantage of all that UITS already offers, so it's hard to say what they should offer.

Statistics software is more important than any Adobe software in study. But most of them except for some free software are not free here.
-If I don't print things for 1-2 days, my printer logo (KSOB) will become grayed and I need to re-install the printer from IU-resources. I don't know why.

-I'd appreciate if moving forward system can send me alert email if my printing quota reaches 80% or 90% of my cap.

-It is a pity that for MBA Core courses, I had to read hard the cases (especially Strategy and Marketing courses) because fonts on the cases are very small when printed out. Is there any way to enlarge the font of the letters when print out?

-If I am not connected to internet, I cannot access my email (refer not to the, but the normal IU email). I wish that even if I am not connected to internet, I still could have access my email documents which had been saved to my email folder.

-I wish UITS could provide IT support to my smartphone, which helped us access information on the go.

More printers in the music library. The new printer in M160 is great, but you got rid of TWO printers for ONE fast and efficient printer. That is one fewer printer. Couldn't you have left the old tabloid printer?

MATLAB and Stata installed on more computers. Specifically in the Chemistry building.

I would appreciate it if we could upgrade our Google accounts (accessed via our UMail accounts) to Google+ so that features such as Google Hangout (militiaperson video conference) were available.

No. I think you are doing a great job meeting my needs as a basic graduate student.

None at this time.

1) I would like to see more support and services for a) protecting our data and b) reaching out to us students and former students in a more humane, honest, apologetic and work-for-you way. The school seemed defensive and cold to all of us whose data (in many ways potentially our lives) was found online by webcrawlers. Maybe hiring someone for PR full-time or making a significant part of someone's job professional communication could help your image, but I've never seen an image hit rock-bottom faster than I saw UITS's do last week, especially after that email we were sent. I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with UITS over the course of many years, but I am (as is every student I know), frankly, horrified and disgusted by the response the university's technology services verbal and action responses. Hence many scores of "3" on my survey that would have, before last week, been a solid "5." It's just senseless to let this issue become such a bitter pill for us. Know that we're on your side (or we were and we'd really like to be again): we like, even LOVE UITS, and it would be really nice to hear and read that UITS takes this breech seriously and proactively, empathetically helps us deal with the aftermath, rather than tells us to check our credit scores for free and behave. I think this was a situation of putting too little faith in your clients. I have always been proud of our UITS, but I really hope the expression of attitude on UITS's part changes fast. It's not fair to the students who work for you who have to deal with our lingering mistrust and hostility when we go to them for help. They represent you and you represent us. To all the students and people low on the totem pole in UITS who work for UITS, thank you very much for always offering great service.

2) Having even more desktops in the libraries and in major classroom buildings like Ballantine Hall would be great. It is so hard to carry my laptop around, and I can't afford a new one if this one breaks amidst all the travel and moving around on campus, that I prefer to use the desktops on campus, as do many others in my department. I know we'd love to see even more.

I am a Kelley Ph.D. student and do not understand why our computers (located on the 7th floor of the Kelley undergraduate building) do not have access to certain software that is only available in STC labs. For example, LISREL, Mplus, and HLM are not available.

Download for statistic programs.
Support of wireless connections of Linux machines to IU secure.
Never, ever, ever, ever replace real computers with thin clients. They are the worst concept ever to grace the world of IT. I refuse to use the ones in the JSOM library because they never work, or if they do they are slower than a tortoise slogging through molasses. I understand it is a cost saving endeavor, but they are Satan incarnate in computer form.

- I think you should consider providing an e-reader experience for students. Digital materials should be able to be read for a limited time in our e-readers (just like amazon's lending function).

- Accessibility of some e-books only from some specific campuses is making things harder. A solution to this problem would be great.

Great work overall. However, I have had difficulty finding the right person to get an answer to my questions. I was directed to another person 5 times in one call and that final person did not answer the call. If I need to get an answer, should I call the first person again?

This may be simplistic, but I have struggled to figure out how to access Umail on my iPhone, as well as connect to IU Secure. They may be my own problems, but every time I got on the UITS website to try to figure it out, I feel as if the instructions aren't clear. I need to chat with someone I suppose but I just thought I'd put that out there.

Also, as a first year graduate student, things can be overwhelming when you come on to campus and don't know how to do simple things like print anywhere from your laptop. It can be daunting. Even when I look through the UITS website I still don't feel like its super clear. It may be helpful for first year graduate students to get an email explaining simple things like that (and I may have, and missed it).

More printers perhaps? Also, a bit cheaper color printing.

Free copies of Matlab on IUware would be incredible, but having free access via IUanyware is still awesome.
More IT Training! Especially things like hardware, or maybe common debugging.
It is very difficult to connect continuously via iPhone through IU Secure, and it drops always in my department (Psychology) and I have to reconnect.
The wireless is not stable; I hope you can improve the quality of the wireless. Also, the speed of the computers is a bit slow.

For IT trainings, I hope there will be more advanced courses for graduates.

I would like UITS to upgrade the processors and RAM in the library. Especially the IUanyware Client... Because they are too slow... Also the express workstations need to work like an express 10 minute workstation... Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes to open the browser itself... We need something which is very fast... Something like a Chromebook or a Chrome OS... Because in an express workstation people usually want to email something or take a print out.

Streamline the process for preparing/registering laptops for wireless network access. Make the class registration interface/process more intuitive and streamlined.

More opportunities for the Comp TIA or EdCert trainings in Project Management etc.... I feel like they currently are really directed toward professionals and not as accessible to students. They run 8-5 on Fridays for 5 weeks in a row. This is not conducive to a student schedule when a lot of class labs or work on campus occurs then.

The start speed of computers in library is a little bit slow.

Be able to contact students with webinars about web scraping.

Printing from tablets (e.g. iPad) to a release station?
Regular training seminars or sessions (but not lengthy, if possible) at times other than the start of the semester. Start of the summer would be good for grad students and most likely faculty. Or even mid/end semester for those who realized they could use some training after the start.
Personally, I would LOVE a workshop on Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint formatting techniques for dissertation and document preparation. How to make multiple Table of Contents and link specific pages to the ToC. What "insert page" or "section break" actually MEAN in terms of the entire document. How to insert tables or charts from Excel into PowerPoint such that you can manipulate the chart in Excel and have it automatically change in PowerPoint. Having it all figured out in one or two sessions is much faster and less frustrating than I would figure it out if I attacked each thing on my own. Maybe this kind of thing isn't even UITS-related. Sorry.

Some printers are unattended, and cannot work for days.

Letting students know what kind of service could be accessed. I think I haven't even heard of some of the service that's being offered.

Get through the bureaucracy to update some of the outdated web services!

Better help documentation in KB, with examples of syntax, especially for Linux systems. Have larger email quotas and message sizes. Get a file sharing option for research colleagues that does not require them to use Flash applets or go through layers, like on Make it accessible to FTP/SSH, and simplify it.
Improve reliability of network on campus - we had an all-night experiment running. A power failure at midnight knocked out the network and it wasn't restored until 5am. That was unacceptable.
Give better personal webpage hosting options. Simple html page with storage linked to HPSS would be great.
I have asked twice now if someone would replace the AUX audio chord to the "technology cart" in the classroom I teach, yet it seems as though no one has done it yet. It looks like it got pinched in the folding arm which has created a short or disconnect in the wire. You can see where the copper inside the wire has been severed where the chord would connect to my laptop.

I think I am probably happy with the service provided. I haven't faced any issues as of now. It has been happy times always for me with regards to UITS.

There have been several times when I have called UITS about spam I received and was surprised that there wasn't a bigger sense of urgency. Perhaps spam really isn't anything to be alarmed by but receiving it through IU mail is disconcerting.

Admittedly though I appreciate the graduate commons resource on the top floor of the library I was disappointed that there were not any macs included in the inventory and the chairs are horrible. The best chairs that you have are the tall ones in the IMU where you have the option to sit/stand. I wish that you had more sit/stand stations.

Auto connection to the secure wireless network.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Great teacher for the excel class!

Fix IU Anyware. It has frozen on me when using SPSS several times and I have had to contact UITS and reset my profile.

And allow the user to reset their own profile, maybe.

UITS goes above and beyond my expectations for what a university IT service should offer.

I don't understand why a person can't navigate "back" when in the Student Center. Signing up for classes is unnecessarily annoying as a result!

Library database search (IUCAT) - "IU Link" and actual databases/electronic resources (such as articles) are sometimes not well connected and I have to check several different databases (through different paths) before making a request to the ILL Delivery Services.
Put a progress bar on your surveys....

Most of the points that I had taken off in this survey were more due to unreliability than an issue with the service itself; e.g. my wireless connection is unreliable, iuanyware is great but kind of glitchy, I love box but sometimes it doesn't sync/connect, etc.


I don't connect my laptop to the IU Wi-Fi because I do not want to install IU software to use the Wi-Fi. Other than that, it's good.

More tech support for AIs (I've sent e-mails with questions with no answer), more double sided printing for the environment, get a better system than Oncourse!

My experience from undergrad at a different university dealing with the equivalent has given me an appreciation at how far IU has come in terms of being available and ready to help. I and not the best with technology, and have had a ton of people help me form UITS and they have all been not just helpful but so patient and nice.

My in-classroom technology has functioned extraordinarily well over the course of my years teaching at IU. I'm also extremely satisfied with the OnCourse platform and with Umail.

I think in Onestart page some of the features like, registering class, student information, Bursar bills payment etc. are not kind of handy.

Box sometimes did not let me open it. This was a big problem when I had stored my class lectures on it and I had to scramble to recreate it before I taught.

Make it more transparent how to opt out of the Monitor newsletter. (I myself love getting it and reading it, but it's not very useful/relevant for my wife, but she doesn't know how to unsubscribe.)
I have found that most of the printers on campus have printing default settings of color instead of greyscale (although most of the printers are only black and white, right? so maybe that's a moot point?) and single page printing instead of double-sided. Would it be possible to change the default settings for the sake of sustainability? I get the feel that most printing that occurs in student technology centers are usually articles for assigned readings that totally don't need to be printed single-sided.
Wireless speed and reliability in Goodbody Hall is less than optimal, especially in the basement grad student offices.

The last time I attempted to scan a document in the Life Sciences Library, both scanners were broken.

Graduate students should have the option of opting out of most technology related fees at IU, as most departments provide students with their own computer labs, print quotas, and network access, outside of the infrastructure provided by IU. IU's systems are therefore redundant and costly for graduate students who are mandated to pay these fees.
IUanyware SAS sometimes has bugs.

My laptop stopped connecting to the internet on campus (is fine anywhere else) and I can't figure out how to get it connected. This has been a great annoyance.

As an AI and a student I have quite a large printing budget that I have yet to exhaust in any semester. This allotment, however, only applies to black and white pages. I would like to see some things like color printing and even poster printing for research presentations be taken out of this allotment. EX. 1 color page = 100 BW pages. I am not sure of the conversion, but why be allotted so many BW pages and have to pay for a single color print.
The IUCAT search occasionally returns some strange results. Sometimes the most recent publication is not listed first. This problem is most noticeable with electronic resources. If I search for "Journal of Health and Social Behavior," for example, the most recent publication and the link to the electronic issue come up as the fourth option. It would be much more useful and expedient if the listing with the electronic resource were listed as the first option.

Thanks for the work you do!


I have two concerns. First, my MacBook is registered under a different username, which means that I can't print wirelessly without changing my Apple ID.

Second, IUCAT frequently fails to return search results for books, articles, and authors that are in the IU catalog. Likewise, I am find myself logging in an out of IUCAT multiple times.

I love the UITS staff. They are very helpful almost all the time.
I'm not sure it this falls under Information Technology services, but I was one of the students affected by the data breach - meaning that I am now have concerns about identity theft that I didn't have before. In addition, major news outlets reported on the data breach before I was personally notified. Taken in conjunction, these two events made me very unhappy. I would be grateful if, like other companies that have experienced data breaches, IU offered credit monitoring services - above and beyond the annual credit reports I am entitled to.
I don't find the Knowledge Base page layout particularly friendly. It's hard to say how I'd improve it though.

Can we get another printer in the music library on the first floor?

Many of my complaints stem from the institutional hardware upgrade issues. Why are universities always 10 years behind the curve on personal computing, but cutting edge on institutional accessibility and supercomputing? OneStart is glitchy, though not to the extent of commercially available platforms like BB/WebCT. UITS is accessible and a fine resource, but there is room for improvement on the student access end.

1. The wireless network is not always functioning, especially in some basements.

2. Many computers in buildings and offices are slow. Would be appreciated if you can change the most malfunctioning ones.

3. Would be VERY appreciated if the wireless can cover the whole campus.

4. Is it possible to make e-mail login more convenient, similar to the Gmail app on IOS, so that I can login at any time and receive mail notice when mail arrives? That would save a lot of trouble and time for me. Thank you very much.
IU Secure can be very poor at times in the third floor of Wylie Hall and in Wylie Hall 225 (the conference room).

As an instructor, I have struggled with getting the recording equipment in classrooms to operate correctly and reliably. For example, inexplicably the video recording equipment will stop in the middle of a speech or, alternatively, it will indicate that it has begun and then never record. I never quite know what and whether anything has been recorded. My solution has been to stop using the classroom recording equipment, purchase my own computer camera, and video my students. It would be very nice to get more reliable recording equipment in those rooms.
Wi-Fi doesn't work in bathrooms.

Wi-Fi keeps breaking up on non Mac computers.

Wi-Fi sometimes just doesn't work in law library.

The wireless access is quite good in most classroom buildings, but wireless access is quite limited where my department is housed in Memorial Hall.
Thank you.

The computers on campus take a long time to launch after logging in. However, they are still better than the newly introduced system at Wells Library where there are some stations that the user can get into very quickly but only launch the programs they are going to use (which should make the time of launching shorter). In the new system, if I would like to print some things, there is no way to open up the folder and see my files, which is very frustrating.

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

I don't know if this is feasible to fix, but the standing computer stations for quick use take FOREVER to log in. The computers are functional, but when I'm in a hurry the wait for login feels like it takes forever.

My laptop disconnects from the IU Secure networks several times per day and it's frustrating. I don't know if that is an issue with the network or my computer, though.
I hope the wireless speed could be more stable in the on-campus housing. IU secure is getting worse and slower since I came here 5 year ago. The technology fee increases every year. I hope the money you take from students not only upgrade the computer system, develop super computer, and hire excess personnel, but focus on students they really want. All we really need is having stable internet speed, enough internet access, printer station on campus, and not updating the windows system every year. Thank you.
None at this time

I would like to see more support and services for a) protecting our data and b) reaching out to us students and former students in a more humane, honest, apologetic and work-for-you way. The school seemed defensive and cold to all of us whose data (in many ways potentially our lives) was found online by Webcrawlers. Maybe hiring someone for PR full-time or making a significant part of someone's job professional communication could help your image, but I've never seen an image hit rock-bottom faster than I saw UITS's do last week. I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with UITS, but I am (as is every student I know), frankly, horrified and disgusted by the response the university's technology services verbal and action responses. Hence many scores of "3" on this survey that would have, before last week, been a solid "5." It's just senseless to let this issue become such a bitter pill for us. Know that we're on your side (or we were and we'd really like to be again): we like, even LOVE UITS, and it would be really nice to hear and read that UITS takes this breech seriously and proactively, empathetically helps us deal with the aftermath, rather than tells us to check our credit scores for free and behave. I think this was a situation of putting too little faith in your clients. I have always been proud of our UITS, but I really hope the expression of attitude on UITS's part changes fast. It's not fair to the students who work for you who have to deal with our lingering mistrust and hostility when we go to them for help. They represent you and you represent us. To all the students and people low on the totem pole in UITS who work for UITS, thank you very much for always offering great service.

I work primarily in Ballantine Hall and the wireless connection in that building is terrible. It goes out at least once a day and never worked when it rains (I'm not entirely sure there is a correlation, but it happens nonetheless). That is my biggest complaint. Overall the websites are fairly easy to use, but I find them clunky at times and difficult to maneuver.
Since the last summer, I do not feel comfortable when using the PCs in the libraries as they are old (I am not sure actually they are old!?!) and I had lost my data without doing anything but just plug my thumb drive into the computer in the main library. There was no way to recover the data and that happened during my qualifying exam. :(
For those of us who use computers as part of our research, we often face difficulties when running into sysadmin policies at IU, especially with regards to local machines. They are stifling to innovation and exploration.
You should advertise some of your services better. I think Lynda is a great way to learn but still even senior students in my courses hear it first time from me.
OneStart and course enrollment and selection system is horrible.

Not intuitive, complicated, unpredictable, I can never find what I really need, slow and the design (visual and button placement is really bad - Like a system from the 80'...).

Also, they don't fit any browser or system well.

Why are there tons of services and supports I did not even hear of?
Really hope IU students can install ArcGIS from IUware with an EVA code assigned through "My Product Keys."

I was extremely frustrated when I had to install an active control to pay online and print out a transcript from my old university back in Korea (where they mostly use Windows-based systems) - there's practically no way to do that on campus. I consulted with a dozen of people spending few days to jump around different places, and they had no clue, keep saying that UITS won't let them do it. I was frustrated, and they were frustrated. Also, I do research with new technologies, including new software programs out there. There's no way I can try out anything new on the school computers b/c there's no way to install without administrative access. I do understand the school needs to keep the devices and systems safe from mal-wares, but shouldn't there be some room for research or try-outs? It's difficult to always use your personal devices to try out different things - esp. when you want your students to try them out in your class. The procedure we need to take to request for installation is just frustrating and time consuming. I love UITS crews who have been very supportive in my years of stay at IU; they are all friendly, helpful, and proactive, but the system often makes people frustrated.

I absolutely love IT Training!! Those guys are the best.

I would love to have Wi-Fi everywhere on campus, not just inside the buildings, but even on the campus roads and outside the buildings.

Wi-Fi in the School of Informatics and Computing is terrible!

Switch back to previous IU bursar bill.

The financial account section in Onestart Student Self Service is much less helpful. It is somehow really hard for me to see the history of activities clearly. I miss the old one.

IU Secure wireless network frequently disconnects on my laptop.

The only things I wish we had access to would be databases that we could use for larger school projects and printers that weren't frequently out of paper or toner.

The resources are wonderful, but the management and policies make them difficult to use to their maximum potential.

Often my smartphone cannot connect to IUsecure, rather it tries to connect to Guest and fails all the time.

There are two locations in Ballantine where I and other lose connection to the Wi-Fi. This is in BH 328 and the downstairs cafe. I don't know what it is about these locations, but the service there sometimes is nonexistent or it kicks you off soon after you connect.

I can volunteer to test any new service that UITS plans to introduce.

I and many other people have run into problems using SPSS or SAS from IUanyware. It is very buggy and it is hard to find files or have operation execute. SPSS and SAS are easy to use when they are installed on computers, but they can be frustrating when streaming them.

Also I do not understand the point of the Thin Clients. I do not like them one bit, and many other people I know do not like them either. They can be frustrating too.
Will you add more sit/stand mac stations like the ones at the IMU? Would you consider adding those kinds of chairs to the stand-up mac stations in the fine arts library?

This is probably not your responsibility but would you add more Purell/sanitizer dispensers around common computer areas? The cold/germ sharing is awful. I always wonder if the keyboards are ever really wiped down in lieu of just dusting. It's unfortunate that students eat/sneeze/drink all over them but would be helpful if they were actually cleaned once in a while. Often mac keyboards (e.g., in the SPEA/Kelley School commons) are grimy - literally the keyboards have a layer of filth on them. I'm sure that I sound like a neat-freak, but it would probably help reduce colds and flus.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

I love your operating system.

I hate using Oncourse because I have only five classes and yet I have about 15 tabs to choose from. Working off of that, there are about more or less 3 different tabs in each class section tab in which to find assignments. All in all I have to check around 30 places for my day to day homework. This NEEDS to be something where professors must place assignments in ONE spot, not get to choose at their discretion because then students miss assignments and tests because they cannot find it. Secondly, grades cannot be checked readily such as in CHEM C117 without redirecting to another website which is highly inconvenient.



Capital IQ.


More computer labs would be nice.

It would be nice to have access to Adobe Final Cut Pro X on IUanyWare! Many journalism and telecommunications students use this program often.

Better Wi-Fi.

Some of the computers are run on different systems (non-windows). They seem slower and unrecognizable to many students.

No, UITS offers an ample amount of services.

I wish there were more printers and print stations around campus in hallways and other common areas. For example, there are computers in the lobby of SPH but there is no printer. It would be convenient if there was a printer there as well.

The only lab I ever use is in the psychology building and they are getting rid of it. Infostations do not help me write a long paper!

Faster IUnet
Making sure all devices are registered with UITS and available to use the IU secure network is a pain. I have had to re-register my computer alone 3 different times this year because it keeps getting kicked out for no reason according to the help line.
Access to Wi-Fi is also spotty and difficult.
I have had problems printing stuff off at the IMU standing computers. (not the Apple ones)


More 1 credit courses in high level computer literacy.


Need for our IU email to be on our phones instead of an app.

A comprehensive list of the services and products available through UITS. If such a list exists, students should be made more aware of it.

Classes for self help with the most popular computer issues and IU technology.
More free IU-ware would be lovely. More readily available help for down printers, especially in the music library - there were two down printers for several hours before people came to fix them.


More training classes for software like Adobe Creative Suite.


No. From the little I know about how to use my computer and smartphone, UITS offers help on everything I could ask for.

TIME portal is frustrating to use.
The new bursar interface is frustrating to use.
The UITS person assigned to my student organization is not very helpful.
Student Self Service is slow and frustrating to use.
After talking to four different people, I still cannot connect my personal computer to IU printers.
The new computer stations in Woodburn and the library and Kelley (I do not know what they are called) are difficult to use.


Better Wi-Fi in Ballantine Hall please. I'm new to my smartphone but walking through Ballantine the phone is constantly having trouble switching between the wireless network and 4G.

Not sure how possible this is, but more wireless access outside of buildings? I can imagine it would be pretty difficult to make the entire campus Wi-Fi accessible, but I think it would be helpful if at least the common area around a building was also wireless accessible.

Have a Photoshop tutorial workshop if you don't already. I downloaded Photoshop CS6 on IUware (awesome) and had no idea how to use it. I watched many online tutorials just to figure out how to do the simplest things when designing a shirt for my club. I think people would go to that if you had an illustrator's/creator's type workshop. Especially advertise it to clubs and organizations on campus so they can be able to design their own shirts and banners.

Workshops in residence halls.

Better Wi-Fi in Jordan Hall and other halls with bad Wi-Fi.


I have a Windows 8 device which works very well at home. But, even at home, I have problems connecting with my wireless internet every once in a while. However, on campus, the problem is greatly exacerbated. Multiple times per day, I get kicked from the internet, having to disconnect, reconnect, turn on/off airplane mode, or turn on/off my Wi-Fi to get it to work. Better Windows 8 support is the only real complaint I have about UITS services.

I think the e-mail system should be easier for students to transfer to an Outlook account.

Get rid of IUanyware-only computers.

Set up more computer labs for self-study.

I didn't even know that as an IU student I was eligible to receive certain computer programs for free until this year. UITS needs to do a better job of advertising this. Also, I'm not sure if this is under UITS domain but I was in Wells recently trying to print a large poster for a class and the girl who was helping me had literally no idea what she was doing, which was just a waste of my time. Your employees need to be trained more efficiently.

Access of materials to alumni!

More classified categories on Onestart.
A better and more reliable way to print on IU printers directly from your laptop.

The Wi-Fi cuts out a lot. Also IUdevice does not work really well.


Help that is easier to contact while in a dormitory.


I was trying to make a website for one of my student groups, and I could not figure out how to do it, and had no one to help me. I went to the services in the library and they told me they couldn't help me with it. So something with that would be helpful.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

The thin client, stand up computer stations are AWFUL (specifically in Kelley). They take FOREVER to log-on (defeating the purpose of a quick stop at the stand-up computer). Half of the time, they don't ever log on, so you just have to give up. The other half, they are slow and function poorly. Also, why is the default printer set to IUPUI? That can't be a hard thing to switch. Multiple times I have logged off, realized my document didn't print and don't have enough time to slowly log back on. Also, why can they not print double sided?

Always thank you.

How can I trust UITS if they can't keep my information secure? My files have been exposed and I don't feel secure about the computing systems, my student information, and my social security number. I don't even feel like I can trust the school I am paying an arm and a leg to. How do I know that my information is being held secure?

I'm not sure there is a way to fix this because I understand the size of our campus, but sometimes the internet is terrible and cuts out on the wireless network. And for the computers in the labs on campus they are sometimes slow to load when first logging on, especially the Mac desktops. Again, I understand the magnitude of these issues so if there is nothing that can be done, I understand; there just observations I have made over the past 3 years.

IU Secure is absolutely awful in the dorms.


Great Job Overall.


The hardware across campus is continuously unappealing to use due to the amount of dirt buildup. The only exception to this is the classrooms in Wells. The people who clean the keyboards and mice do a very good job. In regards to the rest of campus, I often get very grossed out by the state of the hardware.

I don't use my laptop on campus for fear that UITS will get pissed about me having Bit Torrent on my computer, even if I'm not downloading anything, it's really not that big of a deal. Also, I don't use my laptop on campus because the last time I tried to I had to download some software that never installed properly, so I just gave up. I'd rather just use desktops the university provides if I have to jump through hoops to use my own devices on campus.


The IU Secure Connection is very unstable in most parts of the Kelley School of Business, which is where I spend most of my time. I often am unable to gain access to the internet in order to access Onestart.
I went to UITS in the library to see what was wrong with my laptop. They conned me into spending money to buy Windows 8. They told me that Windows was corrupted on my computer, and it would be fixed after downloading windows 8. It did not fix my problem. I went elsewhere, and they told me I had a bad motherboard. I was upset with UITS for not diagnosing this problem and making me spend extra money on something that didn't work.

I really appreciated how UITS services helped me promptly and hastily when I needed to fix a network glitch on my laptop. It was refreshing that they knew my time was valuable and did their best to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Great job, I love the service and helpful tools!!

While UITS offers an ample amount of services, I a) do not think that a lot of people know about them and b) had a bad experience when I went for face-to-face consulting. Some of the individuals working for UITS are extremely intelligent while others should not be trying to help others with tasks outside the scope of their knowledge.

I do not like the IUanyWare that is now in the IMU. It looks old and it functionality is slower.

From my experience in the residence halls, it may be beneficial to come up with a more efficient way of tracking the amount of paper and toner are available in each of the residence hall computer labs. Often, students come to the center desk at my residence hall to tell us the computer is out of toner or paper.

There are new computers set up in some of the residence hall labs as well that are very difficult to use. The system unit (I believe that's what it is called) is much smaller and it is difficult to navigate through the programs.

The services have always been very good.

I just wish there was a way to de-spam my Imail account. It's flooded.
I don't like thin clients.


No, thank you for all your assistance. UITS has always been helpful.

The Onestart for parents to access is not very functional and very difficult to maneuver.

You guys are the backbone of this university. I really appreciate all the hard work that you put in for my benefit. Thank you.
More stable wireless would be nice.

UITS is always very kind and helpful whenever you talk to them. They have never made me feel dumb for asking a question or made me feel uncomfortable with going to them. I really enjoy this service they have helped with several different problems I have had with my computer and they did it in a kind and speedy way.

There are too many computers on campus that are outdated and extremely slow. It is incredibly annoying to wait over five minutes to log in and then additional time for everything to load and/or print when I really need something printed before class.

The Wi-Fi was extremely unreliable for me first semester. I couldn't go anywhere and be sure that I could get internet access. This prevented me from studying anywhere but my room. When I tried to get if fixed, the consultants in Wells couldn't figure out was wrong. It is much better for me second semester, but it has gotten significantly worse for many of my friends.


Very helpful throughout my college career!

Not Applicable.

I am very satisfied with UITS' competency, as they have served me well during my four years at IU.


The info station computers are pretty slow logging on, a long line accumulates for them of people just wanting to print something before class and makes everyone late. Maybe you can have one or two computers available (say in Ballantine Hall) that are always logged on and are just for printing from your email, Oncourse, or a flash drive.

I avoid all Mac computers on campus like the plague. I am convinced they are much slower to log on and get things done than the PC's.

The new little WYSE computers (or whatever they are) work ok. Logging on is pretty quick but they're slower to start applications like Chrome. Also, those don't print double-sided and for whatever reason IUPUI-printers are the default printer, so the majority of people who use it for the first time to print will assume it doesn't work and will give up. I asked the consultant and they helped me, but there's not always someone there. Yes, there is a little sign but hardly anyone reads those, honestly.
IU secure is one of the biggest misnomers at IU. It really needs more security from viruses, cookies, and the like.

Bad wireless connection in certain Residence halls (Briscoe).

IUSecure Wireless connection is frustrating. I do not stay on campus to use my laptop because I always lose connection. Happens frequently - once every 20-30 minutes. Same with laptop and smartphone.
The login times for the PC's on campus are incredibly slow for me, sometimes it takes 5 minutes just to login!

Good job, can you fix my e-mail and you would be perfect.

Set Taskbar default to be "Combine when taskbar is full" instead of "Always combine". Always combine is so annoying. Many people have felt it this way.

A lot of the programs on computers in computer labs need to be updated and speed needs to be improved in general. More printing stations in major buildings would be ideal. The Find a Printer app isn't very reliable either. And trying to get Wi-Fi in even the most important buildings on campus (e.g., Ballentine) is often impossible.

Maybe fix the Citrix boxes/ promote more awareness of what a virtual environment is? A lot of students avoid them because they don't know how to use them and because can't print double sided (which defeats the purpose of a quick printer).

I don't understand why there are several computers using 2008 server instead of WIN 7. That's absolutely useless!!!

They're doing a great job! Keep it up!

Be more vigilant about low toner in the residential printers.


UITS has helped with many technological issues in the past.