Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2014

IUE Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the UITS survey:
Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?
Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

More portals for access in a classroom.

An API for OnCourse so that I can script repetitive tasks.
Video/teleconferencing that works for Linux (Adobe Connect Meeting does not allow Linux users to share the screen or use camera and microphone).


Better support of mobile devices. I've been trying to integrate my iPhone and iPad calendars into Exchange - and all I'm ever told is "you can't do that". I researched a way on the web, and was able to do it myself (Download iCloud to my desktop at work).

Our IT personnel have an "it's not worth my time" attitude. Terrible.

Local support is great. [IRD] at the help desk has gone above & beyond on more than one occasion. The staff at CTL- [IRD] - have helped on more than one occasion.
In terms of IT services here at IUE, it's the people who make the difference.
Faculty desktop computers should be routinely updated I should not have to call to have someone come update because I do not have admin privileges. The smart classrooms are hit and miss when the technology works. This is needs to be addressed.

The commercial email application can be used to do batch email more easily as well as email that has a times release or contingency based release of email
This would be very useful in OnCourse and for managing advising or supervision of staff.

Better analysis and follow-up for computers. I came in Fall 2012 and was told I would just have this temporary computer till a new one came in. I still have the same temporary computer. I was told that I am on a list for later this semester. I shall wait and see.

We need better technology in our classrooms if we are going to be able to prepare future teachers to use this technology. We have to have in order to demonstrate it.

Mac support for Lync and video bridge.

I would like to see Chromebook support for IUAnyWare.

I think the university could do a better job scheduling routine updating and maintenance of computers. There have been several times something would not work or had been unhooked in a classroom and I have had to call IT. I teach at 12:30 and sometimes everyone is at lunch and I have 45 students waiting for me to start. I think help desk and IT staff should stagger lunches to cover classes that start at 12:30 and may run into unanticipated issues.

I would love if the university would provide access to survey software like Qualtrics to faculty to collect survey data.

Technology in the classroom could be improved - should be able to pause the projector without turning it off. Right now it is difficult to go from projector to board quickly because of the time it takes for the projector to warm up.

The [IRD] at IU East are extremely friendly and helpful!

We need better functionality in OnCourse. In particular, we need the ability to integrate mathematical equation editors in OnCourse discussion forum and in the wiki.
OneStart is just horrible. It's cluttered and not intuitive to use.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

More in person training services made available on the IU campus related to online teaching technology at the same time they are made available elsewhere. The CTL here does a good job but would like to see this augmented.

Some of the classrooms have really old computers and these run on software that does not support new versions, programs, etc. If UITS can look into this, whereby we can still use these computers with some improvements.

IU AnyWARE is difficult to access and the link does not always work. I would like to see this improve or give faculty the option of having statistical software installed directly on their desktops.

I have ALWAYS found the UITS to be VERY helpful, friendly, and available to support my technology needs.
This past year, our IT personnel have taken a real down turn. Everyone (with the exception of the [IRD]) is negative and unhelpful. Everyone from [IRD]. [IRD] are completely untrained, unprofessional (standing in your office telling you their life story...), accusatory, and the standard solution is to replace hard drives after days and days of wasting people's time with installing updates. As the [IRD], I find it hard to believe that this is always the fix.

When I call about the things I need, they shrug me off.

As an administrator, I did my best to coordinated a room renovation with IT in our suite - when IT ordered a stand for a screen that we didn't want, and then refused to return it because they had the already put it together and it wasn't able to be returned. It was a big expense, and I was quite challenged to hear about what was best for classroom technology, when I'm the [IRD].

Lastly, as the closest administrator to IT, I never know anything about what's going on. I walk in the building to see the IT yearly fair - and never heard a word about it. I hear nothing from our IT about the latest anything. Everything I hear from [IRD] when he comes to visit us (he's great).

I have all of these concerns directly to the [IRD] of IT and was met with defensiveness. Nothing has improved. And we used to be a really good team.
I am new to IU but not to online teaching. The functionality & usability of OnCourse is not on-par with LMSs at other state institutions. Moreover, it makes my job harder, not easier, and I am not as effective as I could be. OnCourse is a huge disappointment and time suck.

I have a laptop that was due to be life cycled over a year ago. It has intermittent mouse problems that cause much frustration.

There needs to be some better way of updating software on faculty computers. It's a major pain in the ass to contact the help desk for every little update that needs to take place. At this point, several things no longer work correctly in my browser because I'm missing plug-ins, etc. With that said, the people who work at our help desk are always very efficient and take care of things with no hassle, but I do get tired of having to go over there every time that Flash or Acrobat needs to be updated, which seems like every other week.
Also, is a tremendous resource for students and IU should continue subscribing to the service.
- OneStart is still difficult to navigate (must memorize too many steps).

- When new equipment is added to classrooms there are never notices or tutorials to help use it.

- New equipment in classrooms isn't always tested to make sure it works.


Travel has been very slow this semester. They are also not very friendly at times.

Not impressed with organizational skills related to keeping track of faculty requests, encryption keys, hardware needed, etc.

The Cisco secure messaging system requires remembering yet another password/passphrase, and for uses only once every few months or years. It is truly annoying when one gets it wrong and has to reset it, and especially when one loses the message as a result of trying. There may not be anything anyone can do about it, but I wish there was.

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Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

The more wireless connectivity, the better!!!

I believe we would benefit greatly by having an orientation time for all new professional staff as they are hired and how they will interact with the UITS services offered. A lot is left to the employee to ask and find.

Better compatibility with other systems like CS Gold and our banks direct capture check scanner.
When you are on the new phone system and another call comes in it beeps and sometimes it is when a student is giving account information so we have to ask them to repeat what we didn't hear because of the beeps.

East seems to be having some difficulty with the on campus hardware consulting services. They can't seem to fix anything without it taking all day. They've had some personnel turnover. They also do not offer very convenient help desk consulting service.


It would be nice to have items tested after requests are made to ensure things are working properly before the [IRD] left
more clear communication on ticket items - not left hanging on where items are when more than one person is working on a ticket item
Better cell phone service inside buildings.

Server back up for the C-drive.

Not that I can think of.

Headsets would be nice

None at this time

It would be nice if there could be more webinar based training for advising systems instead of having to make the trip to IUPUI to learn how to use a system if you are a new employee.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Although there is quite a bit of info in the KB, I find that there are a lot of services which are not covered very well. Primarily I find it very hard to get info on setting up networking and web services and an easy way to find out what is available and what kind of requirements there are for setting them up.

I find IUIE somewhat useable but still there are so many reports to select from it is hard to figure out what is the correct one for my needs. Also, when I do find useful reports I find that the field names are confusing. I don't like how fields that have no information in them have one or two spaces which can make working with these reports in excel or access a challenge (especially fields like date fields).
The system functionality is great. I would like to see more collaboration from the UITS people on-site to evaluate departmental needs, train new colleagues on systems available and to be proactive in their support rather than waiting until we are in crisis or change mode to fix it (whatever the "it" is for the day).

Timekeeping and purchasing are services I use daily. Both are cumbersome, time consuming and not user friendly.

compatibility of equipment in the bursar office

I've worked at several different institutions of higher education and IUE is by far the most responsive and proactive in terms of IT services and infrastructure.

I am left frustrated after being "helped" by some of the IT folks. One person I deal with frequently really knows [IRD] stuff and can relay the information to me in a way I can understand. I am thankful for [IRD]. There is another person, when I call to ask a question or when this person comes to my computer, it's like [IRD] is reading a script to me, and usually if I hunt long enough I can find that same information somewhere on the IT website. When I ask for clarification, I am read the exact same answer. Yes I am serious. The EXACT SAME ANSWER I WAS JUST GIVEN AND DID NOT UNDERSTAND. When I ask more questions, I am made to feel like I am doing something wrong and that I shouldn't have any more questions because [IRD] has answered them as much as [IRD] is going to. A third person also makes me feel stupid when I ask questions and [IRD] answers me like [IRD] is too busy and important to be bothered by my silly thoughts. [IRD] has even told me "I don't know. You will have to ask someone else that." when I asked [IRD] how to move the apps icons onto my desktop screen. Couldn't [IRD] have asked someone else for me? How about at least telling me who would know? Some of these folks could really use some customer service training. I, the customer, should not be made to feel like I am an inconvenience.
The only suggestion that I would make would be to make the eDoc system more user friendly.

[IRD] are great!

Just that they are extraordinarily helpful, courteous and never make you feel like an idiot!

IU East has the best IT department.

Of the 2 other companies I worked for in the past, IU East has a quick response time to issues when reported.

Telephone systems are not satisfactory. Voice mail and messages typed are completely off. Have had trouble with the phones since they were installed. The voice actions do not read properly for the system to type the message sometimes they are completely nonsense.



The inconsistency in wireless communication can become extremely frustrating when a connection can't be maintained. This applies to both IPad and smartphone.
1. Internet connection at IUE is not at reliable. Some places on campus work great but others it is impossible to get a good wireless connection.

2. IU is implementing too many new "advising tools" all at one time. The systems are not user friendly and extremely time consuming for students and advisors. (AAR, iGPS, SIS Planner, Advisor RX, Student Success Collaborative, FLAGS, Degree Maps, etc.). Many of these systems are completely inaccurate and unreliable at this point. Focusing on one or two of these systems at a time and making them work would be a good idea. It is clear that many of these systems were NOT created by professional Academic Advisors.

None at this time.


There is such an overwhelming amount of information out there that it's difficult to locate exactly what you need, when you need it.

The people are great: incredibly able, professional, and so friendly.

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Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Access to wireless is completed without having to take the device to be able to access wireless.

UITS has been very helpful however I have been very disappointed with the wireless network and my inability to connect, really at all in the last year and I know my computer is not the problem.


I think IUE electronic library is not convenient to use, such as the need to use a lot of keywords to locate materials need to query. This is very troublesome.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Seems to be many glitches with printing off materials. I often hear others make mention of this also. Overall, this University is blessed to have the services available that we have and to run as smoothly as it does.
Good job! UITS
The financial part of the online system (payment, the statements, etc.) was pretty horrible late last year. It has gotten better...

None at this time.

Great WI-FI network!!!

We need a more powerful campus wireless network!!!!!!!!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

I think having a technology savvy class to get those of us who aren't as tech savvy the same benefit as those who are.


It would be great if we could access our print allotment and print wirelessly from a laptop, while on campus.

I think your system works great! Also it would be nice to see all of the computers that have not yet been upgraded in the labs, be upgraded.


There are some blind spots around campus when it comes to Wi-Fi. I understand solving that issue may be impossible but it makes some classes actual nightmares.

I believe that UITS offers everything that needs to be provided!

I don't know if it is their area, but some more plug-ins around seating areas would be nice, as if I need to use the plug in some places I have to sit on the steps which can be a hassle for me and others.

I think that before new students start at IU they should have to take a couple of classes on how to use OneStart and OnCourse.


None come to mind.

Not really.

Better inter-transfer help for those taking classes at multiple IUE campuses.

Computer repair.

No, I don't use much more than Microsoft Office and OnCourse, so I'm not really interesting in anymore services.

All of the services that I require, or use, are provided by UITS. I have no complaints, and I am very satisfied.




When I went to the IT help desk. I didn't feel welcomed. The [IRD] there acted like I was annoying [IRD] and made me feel like I was stupid for not knowing more about computers. I had two encounters like that and that is why I haven't been back there in over a year.

I would like to be able to have more printing allotment, especially for color printing.



Not really.

I'd love to be able to access OnCourse via my iPad. I've found many glitches.


As an online student I have been very satisfied with how the computer system works. I have never been to the campus and hope I do not need to go, so I am not familiar with the services other than what I have seen online.


Walking from building to building interrupts wireless...
Also, there is very spotty wireless reception in/ near The Den. I like to use the internet while I am eating.

Can you please fix the bugs in the Connersville campus with the prints and computers?

I work in the library between classes and I lose internet service all the time. That is my only complaint is getting good internet service all over campus. I have issues in Tom Raper as well. Thank you.

Online classes or class's lecturers should be captioned. I am a hearing impaired student and the online lectures are a challenge because I cannot ask the instructor to repeat themselves as I can in class.

UTI always know what to do when there are issues with my exchange account.

I think that the services that are provided already are sufficient.

More articles on academic search premier.

I wish there was a way to sign up to receive texts when my classes are cancelled. I don't always get a chance to check my email before I leave home so sometimes don't know until I have already commuted to campus.

I would like for there to be more accessibility to the information of on campus activities through online.

I would like to have it a little more accessible. Sometimes it's hard to navigate.

More printing money. I've had to pay money to print paper, because my elementary education classes require a lot of printing! :)



Not that I can think of at this time.

Wi-Fi doesn't reach to all the buildings or floors.


Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

You guys are great! Thanks for all of your hard work!

There are still several classrooms that get very low/none Wi-Fi signal. And the giant sliding pictures on the IU homepage feels unnecessary and clunky.


On a personal level - with what I need IT is not a problem. One problem I do have is instructors having problems with in classroom computer/projector/sound - I have had a delay of class instruction of 15 -30 minutes because of IU East instructor's computer - or the instructor didn't know what they were doing. Call was eventually made for IT to come to classroom.

Also, at times instructors will have the classroom bring their computers for a class project - internet can't handle 80 nursing students on the wireless. - Not a big issue - but has happened.

The Wiki thing on OnCourse is pretty rudimentary. Also, you should coach the online course instructors on how to make videos of their lectures.

I don't think the machines are cleaned often enough (the keyboards, towers, etc.) in the computer labs on campus.
The staff who works for IUE helpdesk IT support and CTL is always super friendly and very helpful.
I think your system works great!

Some classrooms in Tom Raper don't have very good wireless connection.

I've seen far worse IT departments. There are a few things here and there I'd change personally but really, I've not voice-worthy complaints. It's just technicalities.

UITS is very good and works well with students. If I have trouble, I know that I can get help very easily.

Not that I can think of

I attend classes on Friday and Saturday and most of the on campus resources are not available to us. I am sure that they are wonderful services but we do not get the pleasure of using them consistently.

None at this time


Just overall very satisfied.

Please take off old classes on OnCourse.

UITS has been very helpful countless of times. Especially when I bought my new laptop and couldn't download Word 2013 by myself, they helped get it in a speedy manner as well as helping me connect my devices to Wi-Fi if I have trouble.



The Wi-Fi in our Tom Raper building is very poor! Sometimes I can't even connect. In general our school is getting bigger and the Wi-Fi power should be stronger.




You are doing fine just the way you are. In my opinion that's how you should stay. Just the way you are. No more no less. Not even a smidgen more or less.
You are fine. I very much enjoy it when [IRD], has the ability to activate the printer on the rare days I forget my Wolf Card. Speaking of that, are Wolf Cards really necessary for buying things here on campus? I mean I go to the Bursar's Office and put money from my debit card only to have it put on another card. What's up with that? Wouldn't be simpler to for everyone to just use there debit card? That question may not be in your department but I thought I would at least ask someone.



I have heard there was a color printer on campus, in the Information Commons, but when I went to use it, it printed out black and white. Is there a color printer/copier on campus? If so, where?

I think you guys are doing a great job but I would like to see more information based education type sessions or classes to inform first time students on how to take an online class. I took my first two online classes this semester and it has been a rough journey for me.

I have been very satisfied with all of what UITS has offered. I do not understand computers, so they have been able to answer my questions, and, with the exception of a few hardware things, have been able to fix any problems I have had. Service is fast and prompt. I don't know what I would do without them sometimes.

I take three courses on-line and OnCourse has always worked flawlessly.

I am only in my second semester here, but the OneStart and OnCourse interfaces are extremely complex and confusing. They are NOT, I repeat, NOT user friendly. Just one of MANY examples would be the ridiculous winding around necessary (and it took several students and one teacher to do it) just to find the Buttonwood link. The computer labs are so slow to log on many times that I could actually drive home (oak Park) and get on my desktop computer in my office and have the information sooner.

I do not like the Cloud System.


I think you do a good job. I haven't had problems with most of the things that I have tried that you control.

UITS has done a wonderful job for be any time I needed assistance

There are places where the internet signal does not reach. Also there are times when the wireless internet stops working or resets resulting in sometimes a loss of assignments.

Every UITS person I've talked to has been great and very helpful. The kindest people I've talked to at IUE!


UITS is working fine.

The IT people are tremendous help when something is wrong with my computer!


Just that sometimes the computers on campus are really slow and annoying.