Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2014

IUN Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the UITS survey:
Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?
Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

I would have liked WordPerfect software, but I am no more supported with this.

There are problems in the Oncourse system with uploading the item SPA iRubric for my courses K 543, K 344, and K 520. I have to submit SPA ratings, but since the rubric is not there, I cannot do it, so I am and the students are running into problems. My advisor asked many times for help with uploading, but it never happened.

None I can think of - I think UITS does an excellent job, and I have always had pleasant interactions with the staff at IU Northwest in person and Bloomington folks over the phone and chat.

I feel that UITS has been very negligent in servicing users of Apple laptop computers. When the laptops were issued, users were told that they would get an operating system upgrade and get a battery replacement during the current lifecycle. We are halfway through the lifecycle, and I get ignored when discussing this with them. Also, we were told how important security was. Anti-virus software was installed. However, there were months between upgrade in virus definitions. I had to complain about severe degradation in performance before anything was done. We were told how important hard drive encryption was, then when the only viable solution was to upgrade the OS and use Apple's system, this was now deemed unimportant. We are working with an OS (Lion) that is no longer receiving security upgrades from Apple - where is the security?

Please, in the future, don't offer as an option something you will not support.

Videoconference availability.

That we be given access to Pexip trial and help with setting up accounts, etc.

There is no ability to block telemarketer calls on the telephone.

When you use online help tools that give, e.g., people in Bloomington access to your computer for the purpose of downloading software, they don't tell you if they lack keys. As a consequence, I have wasted a lot of time. So, why not just say it the way it is: You cannot download the software (full stop) instead of "troubleshooting" that leads nowhere... for obvious reasons.

Yes!! When you purchase a piece of software like SPSS, purchase the ENTIRE suite of application add-ons or at least make them available.

No comments.

Oncourse, the assignment using Turnitin, has a few flaws like computing grades when using a rubric.

This morning I attended an IT workshop on Echo 360. This program seems to be promising.

Some kind of personal web hosting. There appear to be no options at all at this point.

Make all the parts of the Faculty Annual Report online documents.

Now that we have used the Lync system for a bit, it would be nice to offer some classes again.

FAR report to be able to rearrange files that are uploaded on the supplemental tab. Rearrange is available on other tabs but not on the supplemental tab.

There are a couple of classrooms in Hawthorne Hall that make it difficult to use the technology because the light switches to the room are on the opposite side from the Lectern.

Get PowerPoint pointers for faculty.

Update my laptop more frequently with current programs.
Allow me to put programs on my school computer.

We should not have to pay such high costs to access software that IU Bloomington has (SPSS add-ons, etc.). We do not have the types of software available that we need to do high quality research, and when we inquire we are directly to contact Bloomington. The focus on teaching is great, but we need real tools to conduct research.

As long as you list CISTL as part of UITS service, there needs to be more technical people in CISTL who can actually create learning and teaching materials for faculty. I can often spend hours and hours developing something or wishing I had time to develop an animation or video using a software product for my classes. While is fantastic, it does not always coincide with my text books.

There was a question about ....

I usually am not successful finding what I am looking for using this.

My computer at IUN is often not up to date, and I have the same comments for the classrooms' computers. Instructors and researchers do not have administrators' rights, and if I need to interrupt what I am doing because my computer or the classroom computers are not up to date, it becomes very inefficient. At times, it takes days and days to get someone to fix what is wrong. Expediency is needed.

The students' registration system should automatically check the prerequisites properly.

It would be great if we could integrate (selectively) with Oncourse to integrate it with certain courses.

Since we have Microsoft agreement... is Office 365 available freely for IU community?

I've heard students complain about the limited hours on weekends for student technology labs.

It is important that we switch to Tablets and not stick to laptops only because of expanded online education programs.
Help desk must stay open for the evening classes!!

The telephone service is absolutely a major deficiency in the system. The system does not connect calls, often will not indicate that a line being called is busy (just dead silence), disconnects without my doing so, slows down the voices on the other end of the line, and loses calls being transferred within our office. I could go on, but I think whatever that system costs, it was too expensive since it is absolutely the worst functioning system I have ever dealt with.

I think the library online search via iucat, etc. could be a bit more user friendly, as well as access to online databases and use of interlibrary loan.

For media production services, actual assistance in helping determine a department's needs would be good. I had to host a virtual meeting and although the technology is available, I felt like I was trying to do something completely foreign, and it was difficult for staff to understand what it was I really wanted to do.

When changing/upgrading software for the classroom computers, please:

1. Notify faculty that there will be/has been a change.

2. Provide a brief summary of feature changes (e.g. Word or PP in Office 2010 to 2013).

3. Actually open up and run common programs as part of the installation process.

There is nothing like stepping up to teach, loading your PowerPoints and having to click through 8+ dialog boxes (that you do not have administrative ability to use), prior to being able to start the class.


Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Many, many helpful people here.

The telephone system is AWFUL. The user interface is terrible, and the screen on my office phone has already started to blink out. The voice mail transcription is laughable. I do like having access to caller ID and voice mail (audio) through email, but that is honestly the only worthwhile aspect of the phone system.

That we continue to be able to manage the personal pages for our professional web pages under each department.

The telephone message voice recognition-to-text is not accurate enough to be of any use.

Excellent job with keeping the IUN community networked, connected and wired.

IUN computer people are much more respectful and, I would add and emphasize, much more helpful. I wish, therefore, that all our computer and technology problems could be addressed locally, here at IUN.

The walk-in help has been hugely effective and has aided my teaching and research. I really appreciate that I can bring my computer to a knowledgeable person and have the problem resolved.

No comments.

I can download faster on my home computer than here on campus.

Speed of connection is a problem.

Having to call over and over for set up of computer in Conference Center when ordered ahead of time and then not able to use the equipment after it gets there. Also, IT support not able to get flashes to work either.

The new IUCAT system, apparently, has glitches in how it accesses catalogued items. I have performed searches by typing a "subject heading" term into the search box and received very different results after clicking the same "subject heading" embedded as a hotlink within a catalogue entry. I reported this problem two months ago and received no response; nor has the problem been fixed.

Oncourse is frequently problematic and should be replaced by a more reliable platform.
There was a bad episode in telecommunication, when our link went dead in the middle of our presentation for IU system grant application. In 5 minutes or so reviewers could hear us but not see us and our slides.

Overall an excellent job!

The phone system is not good. If the power goes off for a few minutes, the phone does not work. If people hesitate when speaking, it is difficult to understand. The email phone messages are usually gibberish.

I have always gotten help immediately with any technical issue. The UITS group is to be highly commended for their quality of service.

Box is frequently slow and gives occasional error messages when I try to log in. Otherwise it's great.

Voice delay in the new phone system is very annoying and interferes with smooth conversation.

I love all the IT people at my campus, but I think they are often working with very little resources. We need more resources in regional campuses. As an [IRD], I am asked to perform at very high standards, but I get often caught in the small little issues that pertain to resources (including availability of paper). This should not happen.

Faculty should be able to delete shortcuts from their desktops. For every small thing I need to do with my PC, I have to call IT people. Not convenient.

Does UITS have any plans to create a community to support Open Source software products?

I think the technology here is great and so is the support.

Better and expanded laptop choices, if this is the only device we get to have! Technology changes so rapidly, and it takes too long before we get to make a change from the existing device. This must be shortened and/or the devices we are given can withstand the time span!

The HELP support and technology assistance has come a long way, and I applaud all of the changes made to IT services on the IUN campus over the years. No matter if I walk into HH, email, or call, knowledgeable help is always available, and I have never gotten frustrated or felt as if help was not available. Congratulations to all of the staff there.

[IRD] have done an outstanding job supporting my teaching in a teamwork class at both the senior and MBA levels. They have enabled me to video tape student teams working together and use the videotapes for the assessment and development of teamwork and team leadership skills. Within the last year, we have been able to publish 4 refereed articles on this innovative approach. None of this would have been possible without their assistance.

Techs are usually really helpful when called from the lectern or phone.

The technology personnel are always there to assist and provide excellent service when I need them.

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

It would be great to have a secure server to store sensitive information from IU Foundation, such as research reports. Currently, all I can do is "look" and not save them anywhere - that makes it hard to refer to at a later date, because the report is only available for 2 weeks via the IQ Secure file transfer system. There has to be a better way to share and store that information, particularly as we get ready to enter a campaign. I realize there are many issues surrounding the protection of information, but it would be nice to make sharing of that information a little easier for those in development.

The help desk needs some serious improvement. I have been on hold several times for one of the assistants to ask another person what to do. The questions have not been difficult, but their training needs to be improved.

I would like to have faxes sent from my computer but cannot because I am wireless.

Can't forward calls easily from digital phones. No "panic" button feature on phones for public service areas of campus. On my phone the red light stays on all of the time (even though I have no voice mail messages). The recorded voice mail in my email is not very understandable.

None that I can think of at this time. However, I think that staff and faculty ought to be able to download programs themselves without having to call IT to access an Administrator.

No comment at this time




I don't particularly like the new telephone. I don't like the fact that you have to dial the area code to make a call. The calls fade in and out, and it always drops your calls.

The Outlook program is one of the most horrible things I have ever encountered in my life. Things disappear off of the calendar, never to be seen again. It makes things so difficult that going back to paper/pencil is an increasingly enticing direction. Outlook on the web is even more horrible. The same options are not available that are available on campus (Example: the ability to search the calendar for particular names. You can't do it!)

The Lync system is okay, but it is frightening to consider that there is NO phone service if power is interrupted. Since many buildings make it difficult to get a signal on a cellphone, I hate to think about the things that could happen if we were in danger, under attack, etc.

The KFS system is atrocious, especially since we have NO training on this campus that is available on an ongoing basis. Not everyone has time to flit off to Indianapolis or Bloomington to get training. The people that are supposed to get back to you don't!

IUIE is the biggest quagmire on the planet! Understanding anything, receiving all levels of permissions is like going on a treasure hunt, again, no available training on an ongoing basis...horrible!

I'm not sure why an email is sent once I call in for service. I realize that a ticket is generated, but I don't understand the purpose of this step.
This merely clutters my mail box.
Request greater usability for Also, IUware is not very organized. I find duplication or inaccurate naming of software or categorization. On occasion the license files were wrong.

None that I can think of.

UITS does so much now that it's incredible. I can't think of anything at this time.


None at this time. Thank you.

We should be able to do Schedule Proofs from the Registrar online.

All the new advising stuff (SSC, AdRX, Degree Audit, Degree Maps (what ifs)) should be more integrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I appreciate the help desk is available, and I would like to see a list of which people work on which problem. For example, if I have a problem with my Polycom, then I know [IRD] will be over to look at it. A list of who works on what problem may be helpful.

I find the support and services offered by IT at IU Northwest to be overall responsive and very good. Once in a while a request is made that seems to get lost or take longer than it should. However, this is the exception. Maybe this is unavoidable, as it may be impossible to have a statistically perfect response system, or maybe it could be addressed by further enhancements of the process.

Please discontinue the protocol of having help desk personnel start every conversation by asking for one's user name. People are calling because they need help, and the help often doesn't relate to one's user name.
Instead, how about, "IUN Help Desk. How can I help you?"


I would like for the instructor-led classes to return. Self-study is great, but that is not the best way for everyone to learn. To have an instructor there that can answer detailed questions is a great way to learn new software and retain the information.

Voice mail that gets transcribed into our email is a joke. It transcribes gibberish that makes for a good laugh. Never transcribes the voice mail verbatim as it should be, so why bother having any voice mails we receive go into our emails.

All in all, IT support are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I am never disappointed.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

I am quite "new" to the IU system, so I'm quite happy with all the tech help! The support has been great, and I am "tech'ed to the hilt" with the latest and greatest - makes me very happy and efficient! :)

I am still having trouble with long distance calls that seem to fade in and out when talking. [IRD] has tried to address the problem, but it has not been resolved.

I am disappointed by the current process by which list serve messages are approved. I think that too many substandard messages go out, e.g., messages with incomplete information, spelling errors, or those that could easily be perceived as spam. I'm not sure if it's IT's problem, but I would like to see some leadership around this embarrassment.

Our IT staff is amazing!

I love the remote access when needing to download a new program, etc. It is extremely convenient and quick.


It takes so long to get my webpages updated. I regularly have updates to a webpage here on campus (that I do not have access to do myself), and I'm usually constantly contacting the website department to get them updated. Most of the time they are little updates so nothing that should take more than 10 minutes maximum. I usually give them a week to respond and make the changes, and they rarely do by that time. Usually it is 2-4 weeks out before the changes are made (and this only happens because I contact them once every week to update. Otherwise if I did not contact them, I feel the changes would not be made. I do also notice that lately, when they do make the changes, then they change something else that was not supposed to be changed, and then it becomes wrong. Then, I'm contacting them again for another 2-4 weeks to make these changes that shouldn't have been made in the first place. It is just really frustrating and time consuming.

Thanks for all of your help when I need it. It is truly appreciated.

The Lync telephone system is okay. However, when callers leave a voice mail message and it comes up on the computers, it is not even close to the message that the caller left; therefore, the transcribed message is horrible.

Generally, I believe UITS does an excellent job providing service. The past year, though, there has been some dissatisfaction within my small office. On a number of occasions, both my office colleague and I have had technology issues that have languished unresolved. None of the issues were by any means critical, but the issues have made it necessary to work around or do without some functionality occasionally. My ratings this year might reflect this by being a bit lower than years past, but I think generally UITS is a fantastic asset.

Also, this is not a matter of service, but perhaps a broader planning perspective. The number of new or growing technology tools out there can be both good and bad. We have had to keep up with the various new systems, upgrades, and trainings over the last several years. It has become quite overwhelming to regional campuses. Many offices do not have the technical expertise to keep up, and it seems to fall on support offices, like ours, to help train folks on the new systems. The regional UITS offices have generalists, mostly, that can make sure hardware and software are working, but I don't really know that they have specialists in operational systems that can help support the campus as much as we'd like. It has fallen to the more technically inclined in support roles outside of UITS to fill many of these roles, and we can fall short sometimes because we have other responsibilities to take on that specialty. Support from Bloomington can sometimes help, but that situation is not always optimal. That's just one person's perspective, and I understand it might be a reality of circumstances. I just don't want it to be lost that it is difficult to have all these tools fully implemented when there seems to be something new coming out every month.

Keep up the good work!


The customer service is absolutely fantastic! Whenever I call or email an issue, the UITS team is right on it and provides a swift reply.

Help desk needs more support and prompter time to repair.



The new phone system is not reliable. Dropped calls happen often, and the instrument is not easy to use - not intuitive. The old instruments were much easier - you pressed a button and transferred a call - unlike now where you have to hunt for the function.

Reliability with telecommunication staff is an issue. A user should expect an issue to be corrected the first time--not after the second or third request. [IRB] is great but the other employee is not often reliable to solve your problem.

I think the help desk staff is really helpful. They are always responsive and seldom is there a wait. One thing that I will observe is that they follow the rules. If they are not allowed to touch someone's personal computer to install someone's software, they won't. They will instruct someone on how to make an adjustment, but they won't touch it. They have been trained very well!

I would like to be able to talk with enterprise teams, such as ADS group, SCCM groups, and have access MS Tech net resources. Rather than dealing with startup teams or test groups, I want to speak with the actual enterprise admins - in other words, the people that maintain the systems each day. I find difficulty reaching the high level teams. Example: Who do you call if you want to validate group policy for IU-Secure or Implementation of local admin accounts for enterprise? On occasion, I see inconsistency between policy and real world implementation.

I will come across very complex issues that require expertise where the use of UITS (where Tier 2 moved me to the upper level teams) and MS support did not solve my issue. While I respect UITS attempt, and they did in fact assist in helping me in a number of areas when I needed to reference MS support, it was wasteful. Not sure if we have bad support with Microsoft, but their support is horrible. Sorry about being so direct, but I am attempting to move our services to the next level, but due to MS support I cannot completely solve. As I mentioned earlier, UITS does attempt to work with me, but in the instances where MS is needed, it turns out to be a waste of time.


Speed and reliability issues for the network are an issue.

KUALI fiscal documents are extremely slow to come on the screen and the steps needed to go from one document to another (e.g., requisition to purchase order to payment request) are slow and time-consuming in number.

I appreciate our UITS department. I don't care how many times I may call over, I always receive a professional and courteous representative.

None at this time. Thank you.


I would like to thank the following IT units for their attention to detail,

WEB team: always helpful and responsive.

Support Center: very polite and responsive.

Telecommunications: very responsive.

Microcomputer Support: responsive and willing to do what it takes to solve a problem.

Instructional Media Services: responsive and always with new ideas on how to better support the campus with technology for instruction
The Polycom Office phones are sometimes problematic. I can be in the middle of a conversation, and suddenly the other party cannot hear me or vice versa. Sometimes calls get dropped when the other party is not on a cell phone.


Some STCs and library staff do not get training to learn how to use some software before it is installed on campus, i.e. computer labs and library.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

For the group email addresses, it would be nice if the student groups would be able to start these on their own.

Not at this time.

More workstation/printing in Moraine Lounge. Bigger text on self-service portal. Oncourse copy/paste is horrible (and when it erases text). Make more software available to students, such as 'Project.'

Wireless printing on campus would be convenient when we are using our laptops or tablets.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Better printer support in STCs. Techs should be able to immediately credit accounts given the frequency of print errors that are hardware problems, not user problems.

Thank you for this service.

The only problem I have had is trying to hook up to the internet on my laptop in the library and could not get ahold of anyone in IT to assist me. Going forward, I used the library computers instead of my own laptop.

There should be better instructions to connect to Wi-Fi. I have attempted to connect my laptop numerous times....user name and passphrase not accepted and technicians will not TOUCH my computer to help.

I started at IUN last spring and received great assistance by phone and email to establish my email/Oncourse login information. Thank you.

The staff in the IT department at IUN are extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

It is a pain in the butt to get into email.

Deeper integration within Oncourse on a tablet-side to be more useable in the classroom. The mobile view of Oncourse on phones is excellent, but further development in the tablet realm would be excellent for classes where a desktop isn't always the most viable.

Better/ faster Wi-Fi connection.

My IPAD cannot connect at IUN.

I like how friendly the employees are!

IUCAT is a little confusing along with Illiad. They don't find related searches too easily. Also, Oncourse dashboard could be a bit more simplistic.

I wish the computers in the computer lab had USB ports on front of the computers. I have lost a couple flash drives because I forgot about them and left them plugged in to a computer in the lab. When I returned later that day, my flash drives were gone. A real bummer. I know it was my fault, but if I saw my flash drive on the front of the unit, maybe it would be easier to remember. Maybe a sign on the door, "Did you remember your flash drive" would help students avoid this. Just a thought.

The Wi-Fi does not allow me to log on with my current username and password used for Oncourse and Onestart.

I like the idea of the Wi-Fi, but every time I connect, 5 minutes later I will have to re-connect. I've already verified my phone and all that for the Wi-Fi.


The GoPrinting software is the worst program I have ever used at a campus. It is extremely slow on most computers to load printed pages, and sometimes it won't even load. It wastes students' time to print Power Point slides before class. Numerous amounts of students and I always have trouble with it. Please get a new printing program because the one IUN currently has now is a disaster. IUPUI and Purdue Cal have way better programs that don't make you wait several minutes to print.

Better wireless connectivity would be greatly appreciated.


Make the ability to access the Wi-Fi off of a laptop easier. I had to download the software three times before it would work.

I would like it if we got more printing in our fees, like we did the past few years before it was pared down several dollars.


The wireless connectivity between the buildings on campus can be temperamental at times. Also, it would be nice for the computers on the first floor of Hawthorne to have the Microsoft suite. This way students can print assignments easier.

The computers in Hawthorn Hall should have available software such as Microsoft Office.

I wish the staff that work in the computer labs offered better help. Multiple times I have had problems that have messed up a whole assignment, and they do not know what to do.

The website is not super user-friendly. It takes a little while to get used to, and some functions hold no value and can make it a bit confusing to understand its overall function like resources or library tab in student section.

I wish there were options for students to choose an option for getting emails from certain events.

Sometimes it bothers me to see a bunch of sports emails filling out the space in my email box. always seems to have pop ups.


Yes, additional software to download to help us for stressful times during campus and self-help software on research (templates, videos).
I would like to see that someone makes sure each computer is updated and in working condition before students get on to do their work. Example: At times I like to listen to study music or frequencies to help me concentrate for exams. We need attached headphones on each computer with bacterial wipe clothes located near each section for wiping down before and after use to prevent illness passing to another.

Support for the PlayStation Vita. The Vita doesn't support WPA2-Enterprise security. PLEASE. I NEED TO REMOTE PLAY RIGHT NOW, FOR SCIENCE. YOU MONSTER.



Free printing.

I would like to be able to have the option to make appointments with UITS staff instead of being seen on a walk-in basis.


I feel there are abundant services and support that are offered at IUN for students to take advantage of if they so choose.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

IUWare is extremely important to me, and I hope deals with legacy software such as Office 2010 stay around because 2013 is not cutting it for me.

Improve WI-FI at IUN.

The work stations need to be cleaned regularly. I've sat at many computer stations, and the mouse and keyboards are filthy, along with the desk. They need to be wiped down every day to prevent germs from spreading. There's always dust on the computers.
The employees/students at IUN are very helpful, courteous, and professional. The first time I needed help, the place was busy, yet they responded in a courteous and professional manner, and no matter how stupid the questions I saw asked of them from others, they never once made anyone feel like they were dumb questions (which honestly, there were quite a few dumb questions).

Everyone in that department deserves raises and any accolades that can be given, because numerous times, they have gone above and beyond what was necessary.

I feel the UITS help students learn about and take advantage of emerging technologies. I think the continuous improvement in the UITS develops my own knowledge and skills. This will make me a better candidate for a job after graduation.

I've been helped out twice and both times I was sure there would be no solution, but I was helped thoroughly. Thanks guys!

There is often a long wait to log onto various computers at IU Northwest, sometimes upwards of 5 minutes. This can be very frustrating, and it does not make a difference if I am in my office or in a computer lab in regards to login time. Also I wish that all computers were able to print to various parts of the campus, such as the kiosks in Marram or Dunes being able to print to somewhere in the building or even Hawthorn or the Library printers in the lobby to retrieve the documents.



Sometimes the students who are in the computer labs don't know how to help you with an issue. The main solution they seem to give me is try another computer, which can be very inconvenient because it takes such a long time to log in. Also, if you already have everything up and open that you are working on, you have to do it all over again. I know everyone can't be an expert and issues happen, but I think they could try a little harder to help you out rather than just say to move to another computer.

I love IU anyware. I love being able to use it wherever I go.

Access/passwords to wireless network should be easier to find.

IU app should be able to access ALL Oncourse tools.

Printers OFTEN do not work.

Love having the stand-up computer access!

News/events/info should be easily seen/advertised.

The kiosks in Hawthorne should have a timer on them before they log off. It's very frustrating seeing people type up papers for long periods of time on those computers when they are only meant to quickly print stuff off and leave. It gets even worse when there are no open computers and there are students typing up papers several pages long.


Your on-campus staff in Hawthorne are usually very pleasant.

I think everything is perfect. Really helpful in terms of school and learning.

Overall very satisfied with the services, especially the IT support and Help Hotline. They were friendly, professional and most important, patient and knowledgeable. I had a difficult situation last semester, and the IT personnel worked with me for over an hour. Finally he was able to solve my problem. He was patient and understanding with me. He did not give up until he solved my dilemma, and I was able to submit my video to my professor.

I wish we did not have to download software onto our laptops to connect to IU Secure. I can connect on my iPhone/iPad without downloading anything. Why do I have to download a program to connect on my laptop?!

Overall it works and it's efficient, so on that part you're doing well.

Sometimes there are problems getting into the Oncourse. I hope that there is no traffic or any error occurs because it will be a big trouble for me if I don't get to submit stuff on time.

Thank you.

At one point this past fall semester, I went into the UITS help center and tried to receive help in connecting my laptop to the Wi-Fi. Well, this did not go as planned. I was in there for over an hour trying to figure it out with the assistant. He had no idea what to do, so I finally left because I needed to get to class. That night I got home from class and tried to connect to my home Wi-Fi and couldn't. Whatever the UITS help center did to my laptop had completely messed with the time and date, which in turn made my laptop say that it couldn't recognize my laptop and it was unavailable to the internet. This really upset me. And for about three months after my attempt at trying to get Wi-Fi at IUN, I had to go through and manually reset the time and date on my laptop every single time I turned it on. I haven't brought my laptop back to IUN since, which is a huge disappointment. I also haven't even bothered taking my phone in to get it connected because I'm afraid this is going to be messed up.

It's a lot to answer everyone's questions all the time, so thank you.

Always very helpful and quick for solving any issues. I've been lucky to only deal with kind individuals.


We need to make sure if parents are to bring their children in on the student desktops that they are using headphones because the loudness of these small children on computers interferes with studying.

I have several times tried to use my headphones, and the speaker didn't work properly on IUN's desktop in several buildings.

Writing software, grammar software. I am sure you can get some companies willing to donate to IUN because there is that chance of word-of-mouth advertising that will be passed on to folks outside of the campus.

1) I use an iPhone 5 with chrome/safari as my browsers and noticed OnCourse has issues with mobile messaging. When you select the recipient and then tap into the subject or body, the recipient is immediately deselected.

2) I'm not sure if it's just an iOS issue, but my iPad will disconnect from Wi-Fi after the device is "locked" (standby mode). I don't have any settings turned on to save energy or whatever setting might potentially cause this to happen.

Oncourse crashes too much!

Less emails about things that don't pertain to me as a student, easier navigation on Onestart when registering for classes, and trying to use the Wi-Fi is very confusing to me. It makes you register as a guest but doesn't provide info on what network and passwords to use to get access to the Wi-Fi

Keep it up! The services currently offered are great and work efficiently.

Do something to cut down the walk-in time for technical support.

The set up for wireless is a little confusing and so is the IUCAT set up. I want to know if there is something available in the library, and I CANNOT figure out how to check that online, if I even can, and this irritates me.

Trying to register your laptop on the first day of school after IUN has changed its wireless software is damn near impossible!!! It took me 3 hours and multiple attempts to get your cruddy software to be compatible with my brand new laptop that had Windows seven, and it was not the fault of the IT service department people; they are very good at what they do! Also logging on to your individual account on school desktops also takes about 3 minutes on average!!! It is crazy and maddening!! If you are trying to log on between classes (which is usually 15 minutes apart) you spend most of the time waiting for the damn pc to log you in, and by that time, you're late! As well as having to constantly type in your username and password to PRINT on the pc you JUST logged into is doubly maddening, and then to have to log in an "effing" 3rd time to get onto Oncourse again on the pc you just logged into is nuts! MAKE IT SO YOU ONLY HAVE TO LOG IN ONCE FOR THE PC YOU ARE ON FOR THOSE SERVICES!!! I wouldn't care about being "charged" 5 cents a page if I didn't have to log in every damn time to print. GET ON IT YESTERDAY!! Sincerely, a 4-year student.