Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2014

IUPUI Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the UITS survey:
Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?
Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Yes, provide training for the new phone system OR give the option of having a simple phone in office and lab spaces!

Communication between UITS and local IT service of host campus of IUSM. Highly improbable in Terre Haute!

An improvement to the SIS system in OneStart to make sure the Cancel buttons appear in the same place on all screens, i.e., always at top or always at bottom. As is, it is very annoying when you want to cancel back to the main screen and have to guess where the cancel button is. Better yet, put it in both places and make it easier for us.


One thing that irritates me is when I log into the system & then try to open Oncourse or VPN, I get kicked out of Outlook mail. Can you fix that? Otherwise keep up the good work.


I need access to a database (preferably PostgreSQL + PostGIS) system with spatial extension (PostGIS in this case) on which student accounts (semester based) can be created which can be used in my classes. Currently there is RDC which provides oracle and MySQL which I can use for research, but there is nothing that I can use for my classes. I teach GIS and, IMO, we need access to databases that can be used for teaching purposes! Not having access to it and not including in the curriculum is a mistake. It is also a disservice to the students (future professionals) and misaligned with the larger vision of IU system. It is not a rant even though it appears like one.


No, I am often surprised and overwhelmed by what we have access to.

At least two of my students could not download SPSS from IUanyWare to use for their data analysis.

I would like to use my cellular phone in my office IB 244b.

(1) Need more Wi-Fi hotspots, particularly one in my office!

(2) Have the login to PeopleSoft happen through social security numbers; having to find my employee number every time is a major pain.

(3) Should make IUware install itself in a subfolder rather than create one more root folder (e.g., at c:\program files\iuware instead of installing itself at c:\iuware).

(4) Persuade Wolfram to grant IU local licenses for Mathematica with unrestricted access without requiring the extra annual payment.

(5) Have the Forums and the Chat of OnCourse be available by default (now they are hidden by default, and I need to enable them every time).

(6) Ask to make their website more intuitive; it is a mess.

Absolutely. There are two things that dramatically improve instructional computing here at IUPUI.

1. An alternative to Oncourse that emphasizes delivery, rather than storage of course content, that would be friendlier to hybrid and, particularly, on-line courses.

2. A computer-based system that could be used to deliver web-based brief continuing education courses to persons not enrolled at the university. That is, this system would be able to collect a user's relevant personal and credit card information, process a credit card payment, direct the user to the on-line course, quiz the person and, if the quiz is passed, issue a CEU certificate. This will require negotiation with campus administration and legal counsel, but it is a big deal in our field right now.

Accomplish those two tasks and I will, for the rest of my career, rate UITS right up there with Mary Poppins -- perfect in every way!!

Drawing pads for Macs should be available at Herron.

Make more wireless connections available in all campus buildings including medical campus.

Oncourse is no longer workable on an iPad. You cannot respond to students' emails via an iPad anymore. This occurred with changes made to platform last summer. I went to our tech team and they contacted you and we were told that is just the way it is. Having purchased an iPad and doing almost all of my grading on the iPad, this was especially disappointing.

I would like more offerings, such as Endnote, etc. to be made available.

I wish the Teaching and Learning Center was more involved with activities like they used to be about 5 or 6 years ago.

Better wireless coverage of campus (e.g., genetics department in IB building).

Provide a visible version of my exchange calendar (even just free/busy) to external users would change my life.

Would like to see individual lease of OriginPro software at all IU campuses, not just Bloomington.

Since you inquired about the FAR: That form is clearly intended for faculty working in medical, clinical and STEM contexts. But even for them, I imagine, it is a terrible interface -- very difficult to navigate, very difficult to read. If it is within the purview of UITS, I would suggest creating a new form for the humanities (SLA, Herron, School of Ed, etc?) that is simply geared toward the service, teaching and research/creative activity we do in these areas. It would also be a huge benefit to have a more easily navigable, readable form.

I would like UITS to provide MOOC support similar to what is provided by edX (not Coursera). Also, MITx had an outstanding discussion forum for the first course, 6.002x, before edX was formed. It has been abolished with the result that the forum is much less useful. Please try to get the MITx version of the forum. Much of the edX, MITx software is supposed to be open source, so it should be possible to set it up here. (Yes, I am aware that there are manpower and staffing issues associated with offering a MOOC, but unless we have the technology, the other problems are moot.)

Whenever I ask for help with a university system, UITS essentially offers a one-sentence answer that does not help me solve my problem. I sometimes have to alter my teaching plans/strategy because I can't get a function to work and UITS won't fix it. What I would like is more than a sentence, an offer to really get into the problem, an offer to help.

The classroom equipment is slow and old-fashioned. It is really the only thing I have been dissatisfied with.

Outlook distributions lists are cumbersome and redundant. I would like to see overhaul at IUSD.

The B21 Color Printer is not easily accessible and cumbersome for our staff to use. The last three times we had ad hoc reporting that needed to be printed, the printer failed: no toner, no paper, etc.

I would like to see some step by step written directions in how to access some services that I use once per semester, such as uploading grades or changing some of the Health choices. These are done once or twice per year.

Expanded software availability, e.g., GraphPad Prism.



Provide tools and suggestion to optimize the performance of computing devices.



MOVI (Jabber) is a disaster! It is embarrassing that we continue to use this service that is cumbersome at best and not functional at worst. I use it routinely and cannot count on either audio or video being of appropriate quality. UITS should (a) orient students to this and be more "present" at the beginning of the semester to help students and faculty troubleshoot, (b) adopt a more functional videoconferencing system.

SIS also is nearly useless unless you use it every day. Not at ALL intuitive, it takes 49 clicks to get anywhere, etc. This should be an easy way for faculty to gather student information on advisees etc, but it is cumbersome at best.

Oncourse...sigh! I use it a lot. I am actually good at it and STILL there are problems. Every single semester I have to apologize to students for problems from content displaying improperly to poor access, etc. This makes faculty look bad, and yet there is nothing I can do to fix it. Gaining consistency in how modules look, for instance, is difficult. You basically have to know code to be able to even attempt to fix problems.

Make specialized software/tools available on the cloud so they don't have to be physically installed on every device/computer. Brief tutorials on how to get started for these, also useful - send links for these periodically (maybe via weekly communication, one or two programs/week with option for people to unsubscribe).

Send out/publish tutorials/tips on 'add-ons' and other end-user controllable features that have increasingly become a pain in day-to-day use of IT.


Please provide prompt assistance for faculty and students for their research needs.

For example, help to install research software on supercomputers Big Red II, Big Red, Quarry, Mason. The project doesn't allow us to wait too long.

I would like better equipment for my film classes in NU103. The component parts do not "communicate" together well, and the result is a diminished visual experience for my students. I have requested help numerous times, but the problem has not been resolved.

I would like a resource for faculty having issues in Oncourse related to what faculty, not students, can see. A few times, I've called for support and found that the person trying to help struggled significantly because he didn't know what Oncourse looks like from the faculty view.

It would be helpful to have online workshops of the basics of some commonly used programs like Word, PowerPoint. Most of us do not utilize many of the available features.

It is hard to get help promptly when needed. By the time someone is available to help we move on to the next project.
A real telephone. I think it's dangerous to have telephones that don't work unless the computers work. Of course, most of us have smartphones, but not everyone does.

More archive space in Outlook email folders.

Better wireless access in Campus Center Theater.

Oncourse and RFS system slow down sometimes. Hope to keep the running function stable.

I have a laptop and do not have access to download updates. I have to bring it into the hospital to connect to the system and then have someone from your department download the updates. I travel for work, and this had become a hassle. I recently was attempting to edit a paper but needed the newer version of acrobat to do so. I had to wait a week, holding up my collaborators, to complete edits after returning to Indiana to have someone from IT update the version on my computer. I am not happy with this system.


I wish we had better cell phone reception in some of the buildings, but I don't think UITS can change that.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?


Online UITS is doing a great job! The available resources are great!

However, using services efficiently on various computers (portable, office, handheld) in class and for research is VERY challenging on a host campus which supports totally different systems. Not sure what to do about it, but it is getting worse every year.

UITS is great. I wish IU Health was as helpful and that their network would let me do things like use the IU Cloud storage services.

In general, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between IUPUI services and those provided by IUHealth. In general, the IUWare is great, the operators are great. I dislike the loss of administrative abilities on my desktop, as this severely hampers my ability to accomplish academic work efficiently. This is more of an IUHealth issue than IUPUI, I believe.



Research in a non-HIPA based area should not be governed by HIPA rules. Research has separate needs.

The testing part of Oncourse is not very user friendly. I haven't used it since the first year of the change. Oncourse is getting better and easier to use but is still a little clunky to use.

In discussing IT issues with colleagues from other institutions, we have a first-rate system and far greater access to IT services than most.

One thing that annoys me is the fact that the email system encrypts my CV and NIH Biosketch every time I try to email it to an outside collaborator. People external to IU complain the encryption messages are not easy to understand and always have trouble opening the file, especially at the VA where their systems prevent them from creating an account to view the contents. Therefore I have to put my CV and Biosketch on Slashtmp to provide external access. It would be wonderful to "turn off" or suppress the encryption feature with an explicit "I certify this is not PHI; therefore, please don't encrypt" when sending. Alternatively it would be nice if the encryption messages recipients receive could be more user-friendly so they can understand what happened and follow steps to open the message.

The output generated from the Faculty Annual Report can be quite difficult to read, particularly as it relates to faculty courses. Spacing between courses would greatly help differentiate between the different courses.

I was unaware of the great majority of the services covered by the questionnaire. I am at an offsite campus, Evansville, and didn't even know I could get help from someone somewhere offsite. My biggest issue is with virus and malware. Is someone running and updating antivirus programs?

Some of the HelpNet staff who works for UITS seem to be bothered when faculty have asked them questions. Also, we've received conflicting answers from some of the HelpNet employees.

Phone and tech support are superior!

By far the largest IT issue for me is on the IUH side of things. We have variably outdated software intermingled with roll outs of upgrades of systems (e.g., Synapse) that occur apparently without concern or forethought regarding the end users. In addition, the systems do not talk to each other very well.

In addition, when something does go wrong (my IUH office computer's hard drive crashing twice in the last two years), it is very difficult to get the IU and IUH IT departments to work together.

Specific IU issues are that 1) I can't access my native Outlook account (i.e., the one that lets me see my archives) unless I'm using my office computer; 2) Outlook lost approximately one year of email archives (2012) that cost me countless hours of redoing materials, and 3) we can't take advantage of IUware downloads for some software on IUH computers (apparently due to licensing concerns?), making it less attractive to do specific sorts of work in our offices.

I've had a lot of trouble with wireless access across campus. There are hot spots and dead spots, and if you're walking and working on your iPhone, it's likely that your signal will cut in and out. I've also had weird downtimes with internet access in my office on the fifth floor of Cavanaugh. It will cut out just for 5-10 minutes with no warning or explanation. My colleagues with office desktops don't have the same problem, but the wireless system has been oddly unreliable.

And as much as I hate Oncourse, switching over to a whole new operating system will be a huge chore for those of us who have to deal with online teaching. You should definitely be meeting with volunteer faculty from the different colleges to talk about how to ease that transition. We all have different expectations and requirements for our teaching systems, and you'll never get a fair representation unless you're talking to people from different disciplines, e.g., I don't need super complicated quiz question functions which seem to be designed for the science teachers, but I do need the grade book to be able to cope with an occasional small extra credit assignment or a sophisticated grading scheme--for example, I allow my students some flexibility in the Short Response Assignments; they have to complete ten of fifteen, and if they complete more than ten, only the top ten marks count. As is, I have to transfer everything to Excel to calculate final marks. I also hate that the default settings on Oncourse don't allow students to see their grades. You have to specifically alter the settings in multiple locations to release grades and feedback to students. Why would anyone take the time to write feedback if they didn't want students to see it?

I just can't emphasize enough how responsive, accountable, reliable and helpful our SLA UITS staff are. [IRD] in particular is incredibly generous with his time and has solved innumerable tech crises for me and many of my colleagues. [IRD] and [IRD] are equally invaluable to our school.


The IT training classes are, on average, fantastic, and their being free to faculty has been instrumental in dramatically improving my knowledge of and ability to use current software technology. I cannot tell you how important this has been to me.

I have worked with the Advanced Visualization Lab, and they have been extremely helpful with our research activities.

Wired connectivity in my office is excellent.

The classroom technology is outstanding. You should put notes on the systems, though, that say to turn the projector off. I am aware that the projector bulbs are expensive, so I turn the projector off every day when I come into class (or when it first shines into my eyes if I have forgotten). However, it is clear that most people are not aware of this.

The CTL staff have shown us document cameras, etc. which will be very helpful. Don't know the nature of the interaction between UITS and CTL, so thought I'd mention it in case there is interaction.

Positive and Negative: I don't know if UITS controls IUIE. IUIE provides access to a lot of financial data that is helpful to me. OTOH, it needs better help files and a dedicated support staff. Most of the time my queries go unanswered.

IUWare is great, but should contain a warning that downloaded software may not work properly if the original version of the software was installed by ones local support staff.


I would like Oncourse to be deemphasized. I create my own course websites that I maintain "permanently" (at least as long as I live) for the future reference of my students so that they can access course materials after they graduate. I consider this to be more important than anything Oncourse could ever offer. Also, I do not care to spend time learning a new system that doesn't do what I want when I already have the knowledge and tools to provide the students and myself with exactly what I want. The only thing I need from Oncourse is the photo roster.

Use of Oncourse for sharing of campus committee documents is a tremendous headache. Frequently I have to keep badgering the owners to fix the permissions because inexplicably, I do not have access. Some administrative staff even try to make it my problem, telling me I should contact UITS, when they have not properly implemented the sharing. This should not happen (both that the process works for some people and not for others and that the instructions are apparently deficient so people cannot figure out what they have done wrong.). Furthermore, once I have access, the tools for downloading and uploading files are horrendously inconvenient. A separate, convenient, and efficient system should be used for file sharing and communication among the faculty members and staff.

The UITS help lines staffed by students help me only about half the time. (The half that they do, they are a tremendous help.) However, frequently, it is clear that the student has less of a clue than I do how to address my problem. It should be recognized that some technical issues are beyond the capabilities of most students, and it should be possible either to directly contact staff or to have students quickly pass one along to staff when they do not know an answer. It irks me to sit around waiting for them to google questions I've already googled or to be referred to the Knowledge Base.

In my experience, which may be unusual, though I see no reason why this would be, the Knowledge Base is wrong 50% of the time. It is also hard to find things. It spends much more effort in telling the user that help is available than in actually providing that help.

When I have had security questions, I have been bounced from one person to another. People have not even bothered to transfer me! If the university is serious about computer security, there should be an option on the UITS Help line for security issues. In fact, since we are already asked to select Windows or Mac, it would be highly desirable that the phone system offer enough options that we can bypass the students if we need something more than minimal software help; that we connect to the right staff if we have an issue with e.g. Maple, and so on.

It is hard to find things in OneStart. The interface is busy, ugly, and just plain confusing. It, like the university websites overall, suffers greatly from attempts to categorize users. This invariably makes things extremely difficult. A typical problem with this type of system is that I, a faculty member, want to see a list of faculty associated with a department, school, or lab, or want to see a list of courses offered by a department. I then have to try to figure out whether I am supposed to pretend to be an undergrad, a grad student, or an alumnus in order to get this information. A similar problem exists with OneStart.

On late nights and weekends, my UITS Help calls seem to get routed to Bloomington. The IU help staff frequently seem t [COMMENTS EXCEEDED LIMIT]

If you could make Oncourse more "stackable", it would help organize large numbers of files. Currently, it seems files can only be posted as a list rather than linked in some conditional sequence.

I find the availability of computer labs for teaching very valuable, a sentiment my [IRD] students strongly agree with.

You asked a question about the online library catalog and called it INDYCAT. There is no such thing as INDYCAT, only IUCAT.

UITS has completed most requests efficiently and on time.

I know this is a slightly different issue, but problems in Synapse and Cerner are really overwhelming at times. Cerner is not a good EHR system from a clinician perspective and seems to find a way to add time to my day.


Please include a tracking feature on this survey to inform the user of their progress. I almost stopping taking the survey because I had no idea how much more time it would take.

Some of these questions were difficult to answer because I get some of my IT support from IU and some from IU Health.

Better connectivity between IUSM and IU Health.



Greatly appreciate how helpful UITS staff are whenever I need help.

Why can't we get support for MAC. The university is way behind in the technology that faculty and students use every day. My personal laptop (MAC) is so much more functional than my work-provided computer. My iPad is what I use when I travel (on university business or for scholarship) and yet Oncourse barely works on this. It is time to start making the change to MAC!!!!

I use the Pinnacle system in my [IRD] class to record student interviews. I HATE that system because it frequently will not "accept" certain USB flash drives. I'm aware that it is a specific kind (as told to me by UITS folks), but communicating that with the students has proven challenging.

I would just assume have them record their own performances on their Smart phones.

UITS is fantastic. My only complaints are wireless network (IU Secure) not being consistently available for students in the IT classrooms and the overall functionality of Oncourse.

Oncourse OK but is not very user friendly - a lot of compatibility issues across various platforms. If some file formats don't (may not) work on one or more platforms, please show a warning to save us time and frustration.

A great job overall - but have a suggestion for changing the format of this survey. A majority of UITS services/facilities were so specialized that they may benefit from having a different survey that is more targeted. Alternatively, asking screening questions at the beginning about usage pattern and then directing the respondent to appropriate sections of the survey will likely improve the quality of the responses.

Get rid of the pass phrases. They are annoying and I mistype them about 50-70% of the time. I would also like to see it made easier to copy and paste grades/scores from Excel into the grades section of Oncourse. Currently, the Oncourse gradebook is so cumbersome I refuse to use it.

The Lync phone system is awkward and having to be logged on to your computer to use your phone is often very inconvenient!

Free software at the bookstore is nice, but the selection is very limited. I wanted Windows 7 for my computer, but got Windows 8 instead. All other programs are freely available at IUWare, so there is no point to get those on the disc. I ended up buying Windows 7 at the same time, which I really did not want to do. Now I have Windows 8 disc that I may or may not use in the future. Why couldn't you just offer any discs for free???

I dislike that the ability to record classes in ANY classroom on campus is being phased out and shifted to only having this option in a few classrooms with pre-installed technology on campus. Moving students to a different room for one or two classes is disruptive. Technology should enhance teaching, not disrupt it.

The surveys should be area specific.

I often draw on the help of the IT staff at the law school. I rely on them, not on UITS.

Overall, The UITS provides good service, and the phone line 274-Help is a very helpful service. Thank you!


Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Basic computer skills training to the public. Training/Helpful tips for web queries.


I would like my department to once again be able to post to JagNews.


My only recommendation for improvement is to have an easier system for retrieving your pass phrase. The system frustrated my son who attends IUPUI.


Don't like the new timesheets. Harder to approve and not as apparent as TIME.

It's very difficult/impossible to download programs like SAS on anything but a Windows desktop or laptop. Is there a VPN network or other way to assign this work so students could still learn it? (I'm a grad student so services/help personnel aren't available to me when I'm on campus at night.)

Better printers in high-use offices, including color printers.

Very dissatisfied with the Lync phone systems. If you shut down the computer or log off, then realize you need to make a call, you are unable unless the computer is brought back on. Also, the phones they gave us are horrible to use--very light-weight, have to hold onto the base of the phone to put numbers in, the handsets have a large hole in the middle, and difficult to use and try to write or multitask. The other nurse and secretary in our office have a much nicer version and easier to use with different handsets, although we make as many calls, etc. as they do. Just a very poor phone unit, I think. I wish i had my old cisco phone back.

It would be helpful to allow integration of systems with outside email address so as to have the ability to collaborate locally and globally. For example, allow to integrate Outlook, SharePoint, with non-IU email addresses (other .edu extensions, IUHP, Eskenazi, gmail etc.)

The voice-to-text translation on the VOIP system is so poor that it is a joke for everyone. If we are going to offer the feature, surely there are better translation tools?

Wireless connectivity should be a given everywhere on campus, and I still find that in some buildings, it is not reliable (Campus Center is one).


I don't know if this falls under the umbrella of IT services, but updated job aids are always useful. Particularly for less intuitive systems like HRMS and IUIE.

The only thing I would really appreciate would be updates (like iTunes or Adobe or whatever it is that will pop up constantly) with ease -- should we be requesting those of UITS??

I recently had Lync system installed for my phone service. I have concerns that calls cannot be made unless user is logged onto his/her computer. Could possibly pose a problem in emergent situations.


Internal IU spam blocking.
Faster data jack activations.
Better IP phone support.
Tier 2 help desk support.
KB is nice but updates are slow to be made.

A course on the phones. We all have cheat sheets of certain functions but we do not use them to capacity unless we happened to be in a setting where we learned more.

Also there is some means to set up a connection (video bridge) where people can call or connect. I usually have to find someone who can do this for me, as I don't know how to develop such a connection.




No, thanks.

I have not had time to research training on IU Box, but it seems so cumbersome.

Is there some other way to share short documents so people can all edit one document? We have a collaborative Oncourse site for a committee I'm on, but the wiki isn't working.



Wish the wireless network in the campus center worked better. In some areas the wireless signal does not work at all, nor does it work on our cell phones. This needs to be improved.

A website page that lists all relevant IU technology services/applications/software suggestions that administrative units can reference.

Combining IU Health, IU School of Medicine and IUPUI help desk. It gets confusing if the printer isn't working who to call, finding out you have called the wrong help desk after being on hold for 10 minutes.

There needs to be more communication and advertisement for the classes UITS offers.

Kuali workflow docs, esp. travel and some financial processing docs would have fewer errors and quicker time to finalization/fewer disapprovals if there were customizable pop-up helps. E.g., IU Travel staff could write custom popups if there seems to be a common error or to prevent errors in the docs related to a newer policy.

You need to update the survey with current system names. We no longer have "FIS" as an example, and the TIME system just changed too.

I would like to see a much more robust and understandable degree audit system, particularly as it relates to transfer classes. Many institutions have automatic coding set up, which means that courses much more easily articulate as they should. The current system is very clunky and credit often automatically appears on a student's record, even if it doesn't apply to the degree. This is quite problematic, as students who are diligent at reviewing their records assume that the system will only display correct information. If we could devise a way to restrict access to the AAR until all credits have properly been evaluated, that would be extremely helpful.

Not at this time.

It would be wonderful if we could get cell phone access inside University Library. The coverage is very spotty and useless most of the time.

Looking for video editing software on IUanyWare.


Would it be possible to offer videos for the use of software (e.g., Lync)? I know there are features that would improve my productivity, but it is often hard to find the time to read through the documentation to uncover them.




Training on using Adobe Connect for voice/web conferencing together - an in-person training course, not just the help from Adobe.

N/A - I'm very satisfied with UITS services!

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?


In general (exceptions exist of course), UITS engineers and reps do not project a spirit of camaraderie or customer service when dealing with IT personnel from other units. The conversational tone is almost always adversarial or condescending. As a general rule, unless I can speak to one of the reps that I know who act like human beings, I try to avoid contacting UITS for anything. That having been said, I don't have any complaints about the technology services themselves only the culture in aggregate.

The wireless rate would be higher except at my desk, and then in the campus center there are a lot of spots that don't have strong enough signals.

I find it hard to sign up for IT classes. I would like to attend classes and start to work on certifications. I want to make myself better and would like to talk to someone one-on-one. is awesome! Please keep renewing it. I also really like IUanyWare. The wireless network keeps dropping, though (in University Library and by the Wood Plaza fountain). Please work on that.

While requests are not always resolved immediately, the support staff is always very willing to work with me to resolve the issue and answer my questions.


I had a strange problem this year with my work desktop which took a lot of time to resolve, and things still aren't 100% correct. It was an unusual problem where I needed to switch my department IU computer/email ID to my personal IU ID. There had been a lot of turnover in my position before I got here, so the department established a general email/computer account for whomever was in that position at the time. It was originally set up so that my personal email was forwarded to that department email account. It became a problem the longer I was in my position, as people didn't know who that general email was really going to. Switching the computer ID created a domino effect of problems that took time to sort through. UITS was always receptive to my problems and continued to work with me to correct the problem. If the person I was talking to wasn't able to help, I was referred to someone who could. I still have times where my computer freezes, but I truly appreciated the help in correcting my situation.

I have been very impressed with the level of service provided from UITS, especially within the Department of Medicine. Keep up the great work everyone!! Outstanding knowledge and professionalism!!!

The time system is so specific and requires a lot of precise effort. A slow computer, never mind a lack of one, can cause a problem where a time punch issue has to be left. Could we throw out this system or try one that doesn't require 4 punches a day? Clocking in and out for lunch is obnoxious.

Voice recognition is not very accurate.

Some of the services provided by UITS stated in this survey I didn't even know were available or how to access them – publishing, for example. A better educational/information website for new employees to access would be nice, especially for non-expert computer users. We had a person train staff in my department, but I was lost by the second slide. I'd like a website I can work through on my own for training and learning what UITS offers and at my own pace.

Please look into upgrading the cheaper version of these phones. is not useful because I am not able to select the random keyword or phrase, the randomization of it means it can't be used in marketing or publications. Revising this system to allow some flexibility in the phrases would make this system much more relevant to my job and business needs.

My office has had extensive issues regarding permissions of new users due to our floor being on a different subnet from the rest of the building. Adding new users is a chore for everyone, including HelpNET.

I've had difficulty working with webservers using VPN. Permissions regarding webservers is an issue that could likely benefit from additional SOP.

There are certain services that make sense to have centrally but some areas that should not be centralized. UITS needs to understand the business of certain schools better to customize services to their needs. For example, the School of Medicine has needs for partnering with other institutions and has different challenges with HIPAA, global integration of services, etc.

Thank you for IUanyWare so that we can use remote desktop from anywhere. Prior to this, the VPN connection was poor; connection lost over and over but much better with IUanyWare, and being able to count on that is "priceless".

Some of the computers on campus are old and outdated and run very slowly. This would be the only complaint that I have with the IT system at IUPUI.

[IRD] often comes to our department when we are in need at the child care center. She always is respectful of our differing circumstances and is happy to work round our hectic schedules and the children. I really appreciate this!

UITS has always been very helpful and easy to access for me. I appreciate having such high level of IT service.

Always helpful, courteous and thorough!!

Very pleased with your service -- just note comment above!


Very helpful in instructional support. Help desk has been very helpful.


The telephone routing through the PC has many issues. Meetings scheduled longer than they should last because you cannot receive the call. PC must be on to use the phone, etc.

I work off campus and was having issues with my passphrase and getting it reset. After several attempts using the knowledge base information, I was unable to get my passphrase changed. Called via phone and talked to someone who basically told me to try to reset my passphrase again in ten minutes. After several attempts, finally got it to work. Felt it would have been nice to have some help over the phone. He told me I could come in person to get it fixed, but that isn't the most convenient when my office is not located on campus. I would just like to see better phone support--someone who can actually walk you through the process.


No, thanks.

UITS is a terrific resource. I am not very tech savvy, so I'm sure I'm not using all I can be. I ask for help when I need it, and I usually get it quickly. HELPnet services our school, so they are very helpful and they are my main point of entry.

Using IU-Anywhere on a wireless network hasn't always provided a strong signal; repeated drops when at the Campus Center.

There are too many "smaller pockets" of UITS, so it gets very confusing regarding whom to contact. There should be ONE help desk trouble ticket that's then distributed accordingly.

We receive your large postcards 2-3 times a year advertising taking your classes, but this is a BIG waste of trees, ink, and effort. (If someone wants to take a class, they are going to look online). The campus population is always in flux, and MANY of the campus addresses are incorrect. Some departments have faculty, lab staff, and students that move or change 2-3 times a year! It is difficult and time consuming to deliver these postcards once they get to the department, and Campus Mail does a very poor job of delivering them to the correct department (creating more work for department staff). All over, campus staff is spread so thin. This is a huge frustration. I've heard this same comment (unsolicited) from several others--it's not just my opinion.

I would appreciate better training of the staff answering the main campus phone line. The caller tends to be transferred multiple times when the operator does not forward the call to the appropriate department the first time the caller explains the reason for the call.


I wish the functionality of Exchange was better. Thanks!

No comments.

When I login to IU secure on my iPhone, it always puts me back as IU guest, so I have to go back and forth a lot, which is inconvenient. Thanks and good job.

Staff has been very helpful when I was in need of assistance.

UITS HelpNet at IUPUI is wonderful. They are always available when we need help and very kind and patient in working with us to get our needs met. Thank you.

More outreach to staff indicating services/applications/software that could be used in their department for process improvements.

Poor scanner quality from copiers/fax/scanner. Phone system in whole is slow on connectivity when picking up or calling out for the speaker to respond at start. Library changes too often the features on "upgrading," and I've been told I've missed calls when I've been at my desk working and peer/faculty come looking for me after they cannot connect on the phone. Adobe "Flash Player" is constantly wanting updated and I cannot do it without IT. I've just stopped using it all together. Complete lack of WEBSITE instruction for dummies, maybe because IU changes software too often. We do not update our department because of lack of meaningful training. That being said.....all my requests are met with speed/courtesy and are eventually resolved... (IRB), I do a lot of IT requests for the many staff/faculty that I support and very much appreciate IT's response time, helpful and friendliness.


The IT folks I've dealt with who service the pediatric education department have always been available, very helpful, very prompt and very courteous. I think we have a good IT team! Thank you.

The new phone system that makes you put in an area code for a local call is the dumbest thing yet.

Staff is always friendly and helpful, sometimes making extra effort.


I really appreciated the responsiveness of the support teams. I've always felt that the people helping me have owned the issue and were making an honest effort toward its resolution.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the UITS service I receive working at the Office of the Registrar. We refer many student inquiries to your office. We appreciate the friendly voices we always get when we reach out to UITS.


Thanks very much for increasing Exchange mailbox quotas recently.

Keep up the good work!

I feel that the Kuali Coeus is not very intuitive or user friendly and also seems to run somewhat slowly.

Technology at IUPUI is fantastic and allows us to achieve our goals of teaching, research and service at the highest of professional levels. We are fortunate to have these resources and the excellent professional and technical staff at UITS to ensure we have the best!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Increased training, webinars, conferences, and workshops on how to use the supercomputers at IU for graduate students in engineering.

Please, please, please can we have ANSYS 14 on Big Red II?

Can you increase the availability of the sun microsystems terminal for accessing RFP, Big Red, Mason, and Quarry?

Increase wireless network to include parking lot areas and sports venues.

Registering my device when logging one causes problems.

Please try to improve wireless connectivity when possible. There are certain areas, namely the basement of the Medical Sciences Building at IUPUI, that are dead zones.

PHP for personal web pages, please!

Thank you for the services and help. This is the best!

All the bases are well covered.

Get IUSM-FW better Wi-Fi quality please.


Maybe some informational classes on dealing with basic programs/problems.

Issues with academic advising and guidance groups have called to my attention a need for a better system to handle advising across campus--collectively and individually. The hardest part of academic advising is finding the correct people to talk with in the current convoluted website possibilities.

I would love to see IUWare have the Microsoft Media Center software. It is not included with Windows 8 like it was with all the previous versions of windows.

No. Not at this time.


Citrix application on iPhone without VPN.


The Umail system and transferred email address sometimes don't work well. Can you provide an independent login address for Umail except via Onestart?

1. Need to organize and extend the support for high-throughput computing services such as BIGRED || and other supercomputing facilities.

2. Need to build more force for online support of UITS services, and it should be specific.

3. Online or offline training workshops might help better to improve above two areas I mentioned.(If they are being conducted, UITS should find better ways to reach out to users more rigorously).

More classrooms with audio-recording capabilities.



No, UITS is providing the best support services ever. It strives hard to provide the best services it can to the students and faculty at IU.


I would admonish UITS to appreciate more availability/connectivity for Linux/chrome OS devices to the wireless (802.11a/b/g/n) infrastructure. As of now, I do not believe these devices are capable of maintaining a connection due to security certificate incompatibility.

Better computer access during busy times for printing.

Improve the wireless signal in order to allow them to more adequately reach the basement in buildings.

Make OneStart more intuitive in terms of navigation. I can find what I need, but it takes longer to get there than I would like.

Free printing.


More individual guidance is needed for students that cannot connect wirelessly (their service has been terminated) and don't know how to rectify the problem. I've talked online to UITS, read the KB (no help really), and still just keep getting emails that I have a problem, but I keep getting different answers each time I go to UITS help desk.

Fix the instructions on the Knowledge Base for adding Umail onto Mac OS Mavericks "Mail" program. Your current instructions DO NOT WORK.

Onestart can be a beast to navigate while trying to enroll.

Not that I can think of as of now.


The paybill from Bursar office is confusing.

On lecture recordings, sometimes there is a lag on switching slides especially during the day.

Oncourse takes an extremely long time to load at school. Also, my IUPUI mail has a tendency to not notify me of new emails, so I have found myself missing emails fairly frequently because of the stacking that occurs when replying back and forth with one person.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Several things:

Why does Oncourse insist on add/swapping characters to filenames when downloading files? It is an asinine feature and should be removed!

The P2P protocol is not just for torrents, and not all torrents are illegal.

Why was the right-click spell check feature removed from Oncourse mail?

As an instructor administering an online test, I should have the ability to force the test to go full screen and lock alt-tab/Windows-Tab keystrokes to reduce cheating when using Oncourse's test & surveys feature.

It should be a lot easier for a student to be able to access wireless internet on devices. I was never able to use it because it didn't work on my computer. But I also never called in for help because I needed things in the moment. I am not technology savvy, and I just needed things to work easily and they didn't. Thank you for asking for my opinion.

I am very dissatisfied with the access to Wi-Fi on the medical school campus. Within the MS building, Wi-Fi is so spotty that I cannot access the internet during class when needed. Oftentimes, even the library has unreliable service. Furthermore, the process of allowing different devices to access the Wi-Fi needs to be improved. I should not have to contact IT every time I want to set up internet on a new device. Streamline the process and make it more intuitive.

In addition, OnCourse is also extremely disorganized. Make the option to name the tabs classes rather than their class numbers.

I used IUanyWare for SAS, and the server was often slow and sometimes did not work. While having this tool free to students is wonderful, the accessibility was not always the best. It is also often difficult to connect to the wireless connection while on campus. It has not been communicated to me if PhD level students are given a printing stipend, so I have not attempted to print on campus, though that would be convenient. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

I am a medical student, and it would be nice if there was UITS help geared toward the issues we face--namely, using Outlook calendar through the medical school has been a nightmare. Any issues I have had with Oncourse have been that my professors didn't use it correctly, not with the system itself.

OnCourse and OneStart need serious revamping. I can deal with OnCourse because I am used to it now, but navigation and functionality are not ideal. As for OneStart, even after using it for almost two years, it is still a terrible system. The navigation is not at all user-friendly or intuitive. It is inaccurate, slow, and barely meets its functionality goals. The registration process (finding classes, adding classes to shopping cart, and actually registering for classes) and finding any financial information (tuition and fees charged/paid, etc.) is nightmarish. There HAS to be a better way to organize the information in an updated platform. PLEASE find or create a better system for this information.

Very satisfied overall.

Wireless frequently drops and is often unavailable during evening classes.

The user requirements to have student email on a cell phone are onerous and overly intrusive. It would be nice to access email on a phone or tablet without it being able to, for instance, reset your phone. As a student, no communications we're receiving require such action.

Wireless network could be better. The connectivity with movie could be better.

Wireless connection is spotty, which makes it difficult to access internet connection in certain classrooms. The majority of my time is spent in ES building, and I have to switch between several different networks which is not overly convenient.

New PC computer systems at IUPUI campus center and Cavanaugh Hall don't have programs (like Office) to allow me to accomplish normal use. Usually have to wait for a Mac to get work done. This seems like a simple thing to be able to fix.

Wireless usually doesn't work in campus center or Cavanaugh if not on the top floor of that building.


Onestart and all the programs within it are wonderful once one knows how to work with it and know what to look for. It has a steep learning curve. Initially, it is very time consuming to work with as it isn't intuitive and seems to expect the individual to know what programs to use for what service and how the programs are organized within Onestart.

I appreciate all you do for the school!

Always friendly and helpful.

IU anywhere is not reliable, unfortunately, and the programs run slowly when used on or off campus.
I have never had consistent/reliable wireless connection for my laptop in the LD building. When I move from room to room, I have to re-connect to the internet and it seems the connection should be stronger such that I can consistently connect throughout the day.



UITS is doing a great job. On the rare occasion that I have an IT problem, the information on UITS Knowledge Base leads me in the right direction.

Thank you for your kind and patient help!

The wireless services need dramatic upgrade and improvement throughout campus. In this day and age, it should be possible to get on Wi-Fi anywhere in the hospitals or education buildings. It is very spotty and the password is cryptic and requires you re-certify and login after 5 minutes, it seems. Most of the time it is not useful.

In addition, it would be great to see some new computers be brought in. I know it requires lots of money and it cannot be easy to maintain the vast number of computers required in the hospitals and beyond in a secure and functioning capacity. However, the fact that there are computers around that are running Windows Vista or even XP (!!!) is obscene. Old, sluggish, outdated computers with browser support issues and software crashes galore.

Overall we are satisfied with the UITS services and efforts in general. Keep the good job up.

There isn't strong wireless internet connection in the basement of the medical science building.
The card scanner used to print on the 3rd floor of the medical library does not work (must go down to first floor to print).

Have been very pleased with the service I have received when I have called with questions. Everyone has been very helpful and pleasant.


Search engine for IU med website is poor. Doesn't recognize names that are misspelled but close.


I have been having a hard time connecting on my personal computer.

UITS support pages are by far one of the best resources within the IU campuses and even outside of them.

The IU exchange email capacity is small. I have been a student here for 6 years for my Master's and PhD, and there are a lot of emails research-related that I cannot erase. I asked for additional space about 2 years ago and I was granted my request, but I find myself sometimes almost running out of space and still have at least a year or two until I graduate.

So, If the space capacity of the IU exchange email can be enlarged, it would be a great help.

It took quite a while to learn to navigate Onestart. There also has to be a better way to name and organize classes on Oncourse.


Searching for anything using the library is impossible to understand. Also, OnCourse and OneStart are horrendous. I've been at IU for 7 years now, and I still have trouble registering for class. Look at some of the other universities around the country for examples of programs that work.

I think overall UITS is great. The only real problem is IUanyWare. It is VERY SLOW, even on campus.

The Echo 360 System takes a full day to upload videos. It renders online videos of class somewhat useless when you cannot watch them until the day after they were presented.

Overall, I have had only good experiences


Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

It would be nice to see if UITS could try to get more companies to get downloadable MotorSport Engineering software for students. That would be a huge help as there are a limited amount that the MSTE group can get.

I would like to see Umail through Gmail offer the different themes and skins that normal Gmail offers. The wireless has gotten better over my three years here, but I feel like it could still improve.

More computers and printers.

Maintaining and updating the systems in all computer labs especially the labs in the engineering and technology should be a priority. A lack of accessibility due to outdated contracts or whatnot hampers the ability of students to learn.

Faster speed to sign on. Takes way too long. Should not have to login to Oncourse if already logged in to Onestart. AirPrint capability.



When I have used IUCAT, I have briefly looked around for a way to browse the catalog and have not been able to find such a feature. I haven't had enough time to spend looking for this feature if it is even available, so I would highly suggest integrating a browse feature which could and would fundamentally change how often I, and probably other students, use IUCAT and even the library in general. Also, the library webpage should have a link to login to IUCAT front and center instead of a tiny link at the bottom of the page. Most of the traffic is probably students who want to login to IUCAT to find items or do research (and likely browse collections, like me) and there is no obvious link to do so, especially to someone visiting for the first time.

Also, the wireless network options (ATT, IUsecure, IUguest) should be accessible "on campus"!! This includes outside between buildings!! Some classes like to go outside and cannot access internet; students cannot sit outside and do work online, nor sit in their cars which they have paid permits to have parked "on campus" and yet cannot access "campus Wi-Fi" internet to do schoolwork or anything else. I don't understand this, especially having been at other universities in Indiana, let alone [IRD]. I know many others who have expressed the same frustration about this as I have, and it needs to be seriously considered.

Better Wi-Fi connections across campus and more printing locations.

I'm graduating, so no.

They should really improve those info-stations. In my past experience, I have seen blue screens popping up on them, or wait time for the computer to load, or the computer will just freeze. It is ridiculous for something that was supposed to be more convenient to do the exact opposite. UITS should also offer more options for users to be able access software across campus; for instance, in the Engineering building's basement at IUPUI. This is only place where majority of software is available for Engineering majors. If you try to go to the 24 hour lab, you only receive limited access by mapping into the H: drive or to certain software. There should be a more convenient way of having software installed onto computers in certain areas as well. The wireless network should have a stronger signal in my opinion. If you are too far from a building and trying to access something on the web, it is hassle to run back to a building. I would expect it have a range at least up to the garages on campus. I guess what I am saying is that there should be a way to use the Wi-Fi on the fly.

I would like there to be a service center in which to bring a laptop or even a desk modem to have checked for viruses. If such a center exists, I haven't heard of where it is and therefore it could be advertised to students.






Navigation through Onestart is very difficult. Every semester I have a hard time navigating it to find and pay my Bursar bill, register for classes, view class schedule. On average it probably takes me 5-10 minutes just to find what I'm looking for through Onestart. It needs to be more user-friendly.

Not that I can think of.

Wireless printing from MacBooks and other computers or, if this is available, make it easier.


I am unaware of places that you can get color prints or scan or copy. They should be available in every building. Engineers like me never leave SL and ET, and I think that stuff is only available in the library. Also, not all buildings support Matlab therefore I can only use computers in ET for matlab. Speaking of not leaving SL and ET, can you pass along our need for an outtakes or restaurant in that part of campus? Many of us are on campus 12-16 hours at a time with nothing but vending machines :)

Change the startup appearance on the windows computers. Everyone hates it, and it is CONFUSING! The IU List is unnecessarily complicated. OneStart is horrid. OnCourse is mediocre. Please stop the madness (I mean this in the most respectful but stern way possible).

I don't know if this is offered already, but it would be a nice feature if there was some sort of remote desktop help. I've had times when I need help and wish someone could access my desktop to show me what to do.

I'm satisfied with them.

I don't have issues connecting to service from my tablet, but it can be very difficult connecting/ getting service on my phone in several buildings on campus.

I think that the print stations at IUPUI should be changed from having to swipe your card to entering your username and password like at IU-Bloomington. It is too easy to misplace or forget your card, and then you are unable to print or forced to go to the library and endure a drawn out process.

I found it very difficult to get my laptop set up on the wireless network. I had to update several things and do this and do that, and it just got to be too much so I left and went home to use it on my network. It would be helpful if there was an easier way to set it up.

Better internet on campus. Some rooms in the ET building are particularly bad.

Upgrade Adobe so we can use the cloud. I am starting to get files from people who are using the cloud now, and since I have CS6 I'm losing data in the conversion.

Having access to Lynda, online books, Box, etc. are all great, but I can only access them through Oncourse. I'd love to be able to use the apps for those sites, especially the 24x7 book one. I had to download a different browser onto my tablet just so I could open the program. Then it's very difficult to read books on a tablet when you are in an internet browser rather than a book reading app.

The new operating system at IUPUI is not functional for students. It seems significantly slower than the previous operating system, as I have to wait a great while to start up internet explorer or Firefox. Logging in and out is faster than the other, but that is about it. It seems like in a lot of my classes, pulling up videos or certain YouTube clips has become a problem. One has to wait a long time, and set and reset the videos in order to get them to play. To my fellow students and I, it seems there would have been an upgrade in speed when switching to the new system. Other than that, things are great. The wireless support is great, and the IT people are always very helpful.

I think that there need to be more printing stations in Hine Hall and also the SPEA building due to early classes; need to be able to print before the labs or library opens.

The Wi-Fi on campus could be a lot better. I know that myself and others frequently have trouble with it and the AT&T Wi-Fi for devices, such as the Windows surface, that are a little bit more difficult to connect to the school's Wi-Fi quickly.



I'm not sure how many classes are offered, or where I would even find them, but I would be interested in hearing about classes I could take.

Would be nice if it were easier to access wireless internet.

None that I can think of.

It would be nice if UITS had a small satellite office in the student center or maybe in the basement of Cavanaugh computer labs where students could go to seek face-to-face tech help—just something more centrally located. The IT building is a little out of the way especially during the winter.


Yes, in the campus center the new software in the computers is so bad even for small things like printing. I hope you return the previous software it is much, much better.


The internet connection is always weak on the first and second floors of Herron.

Not sure.

I am very pleased with my overall services. I have no complaints.

When accessing IU network (Remote Desktop) from home, could you please make the screen bigger.

There is relatively no wireless signal outside of the buildings. Phones will stall if doing work when walking between buildings.

The wireless service is not always that reliable, more in some parts of campus than others. It also tends to run slowly and makes it difficult to do some of the basic things needing to be done while on campus with a laptop, etc. I often find myself going to the library just to use a wired computer because I can't get a reliable Wi-Fi connection to IU secure.




Not applicable.

Creo needs to be on more computers.

Most of the time the system is too slow.

Not that I can think of. It does a decent job of WAN on campus, but it is still spotty at places such as Hine Hall and IT building. Not sure how that can be helped, though. I like the charging stations for devices in the campus center and wish that they were more widely available in other buildings on campus.

If we could have more 24-hour computer labs.

What we really need is functionality and a competent support system.

I would like to hear more about classes and when they are offered. I still don't know how to use my computer all the time. Do you offer individual training classes for people who want to learn how to use their computer?

Free classes for Adobe.

Programming help.

Keep up the good work!



Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Not really, just keep up the good work. I am a freshman this year, and the Onestart, Oncourse, mailbox have all been great.

Echo360 is awesome! More professors should be encouraged to use it!

The biggest issue I have is with the new Citrix system and the wireless services. I have so much trouble connecting that I just wind up connecting to ATT instead.

I consider myself one of UITS's biggest fans: I have had wonderful experiences with UITS support reps and services, and I really admire and appreciate all you/UITS provides and do that I am confident is largely due to all of you and the services you provide IUPUI. I am so grateful for your services and support at IUPUI. The nearly invaluable resources of IUanyWare and IUanyWare as well as all the information in the knowledge base have tremendously enhanced my experience at IUPUI. Also, I want to mention the CHAT feature which is the only one I've used (and same for friends of mine) because it's so accessible and quick and the fact that the reps know what they are talking about and are human is invaluable. Way to go on this, UITS!!!!

I was never able to successfully log onto IUPUI's wireless internet. I would have used my laptop or tablet in class if I were able to log on. My other classmates had the same issue.

Wireless connection is often slow and unreliable at times, especially when it comes to connecting and staying connected. This is true for both my laptop and smartphone, but more so my smartphone.

Nope, all were mentioned in the above question.

Improve Wi-Fi in classrooms.

I would like to see more advertising of speakers, plays, events, etc. I get announcements of group activities, fundraisers, and other student-led events, but I never hear of speakers who visit the campus, or plays, or art exhibits, etc.



Streamline/speed-up the process from login to printing at the print stations. Not a huge fan of the Thin client. Seems kind of slow. Also annoying to have to enter IU credentials twice (login, then Oncourse).

Occasionally IU Secure Wi-Fi will prompt for login credentials multiple times, even though they have been entered correctly.

Wireless internet and the television connections on campus suck. It is hard for me to keep my internet connected (even long enough to fill out this survey). Especially in Ball Hall. Other than that, things are good.

The wireless goes in and out. It just gets old going all the way to IT when I don't have any classes in that building. I shouldn't have to do that as often as I do. I live on campus and sometimes I cannot even connect to the internet. Other than that, Oncourse and Onestart are easy to navigate.


I've never used campus email because IT couldn't set up my account. When I first became a student there, I was told it didn't work for a certain number of students and that I was one of them. It's strange that my IUPUI email is set up to forward messages to my personal account, but I don't actually have an account I can log into. I wish it worked so I could change some of the email preferences.



I have an iPad and, like most tablet users on campus, I have found that network stability for the iPad (and at times, smartphones) is not reliable. I have consulted UITS about this problem before, but I think that the problem is centered in overall network issues. Further, as all IUPUI students know, WIFI reliability in the campus center (especially B&N) is very minimum. Even using my 4G connection, I only get 1 bar (if I am lucky) in B&N. Using my data while trying to do homework in the campus center should be unnecessary. WIFI should be consistently available in all parts of the campus center.

I have really enjoyed the technology on campus greatly; it has always been fast and reliable.

Yes, the stand-up computers in Cavanaugh Hall on the first floor are slow, and the printer does not work for everybody.

My mobile phone signal in many areas of LD, SL, and ET has absolutely no service in any basement, anywhere. It drives me crazy and has been a joke among people that I talk to while I am on campus because I will drop calls every 2 minutes. I'm not sure why there isn't more hardware to support wireless in all or most parts of the buildings.

The persons who are available to help in the IT building are phenomenal! Very caring and knowledgeable individuals.

I find that the printer reliability is very poor. There are many places (residence halls, nine hall, 2nd floor lobby) where I have needed to print something for class only to find that the printer was out of order. In Ball Hall, the printer is still missing.

One of the WORST things that I have to work with at IUPUI is the Student Center in OneStart. This is the worst system I've ever encountered. There is no back button; pages won't load, forcing you to shut the window; navigation is not easy; and everything is crammed into one tiny window. I would like to see the Student Center given a few improvements to increase its usability.


Overall, really great, just need to improve setting up laptops on network.

Please make a better app for Oncourse. I would like to be able to get everything I can get on my computer on my tablet. It's close but not quite there. If nothing else, I should be able to double-check assignment details and due dates or check my grades.

Also, I had to put N/A for a lot of things because I don't even know where computer labs or printers are in the ET building.

More cat 5 cables in the classrooms in the ET building would be nice.

New projectors in the 2 CGT classrooms on the 3rd floor would be lovely. The instructors have to bring in their own computer and then spend forever setting up only to have the projector cause problems. In the room at the end of the hall (sorry, I can't get the room numbers at the moment) is used for video classes, and the videos look terrible because of the quality of the projector. Sorry if this has nothing to do with you.

The new software that is being used on the PC computers throughout campus is very confusing and many people find it difficult to navigate.

Great crew members who know all about computers and can help with any problems. Keep up the good work because you made my 4 years here so much easier to process all the papers I have needed for classes.

Your wireless internet connection in the B rooms of the River Walk Apartments is very poor. This is my second year in a B room, and both years the connection has been inconsistent and slow. I realize that it is the farthest spot from the router, but I know that the signal range could be improved.

It's a great help!

Navigation/usability/access of individual sites is what is most lacking or frustrating for me, overall. This applies to many sites and many areas.


I don't like how the setup for the computers in the campus center and CA Hall are. Too confusing and too long to load up.

I think the interface of the self-service system could look better.

I don't like how the internet drops for wireless.

Would really love to see Oncourse and Onestart be redesigned completely. They are disorganized and not user friendly.


The required software that you have to download to log on to the network is unbelievably ridiculous. Get Connected and iSCSI services scan your computer and send you emails about uTorrent, etc. You say you aren't getting information, but for the amount of times I get emails about how I have uTorrent makes me feel like you actively search my files.

I'm glad I only have a semester left because this is getting ridiculous for what I have to download. You should make an uninstaller for it, too, so I don't have to reinstall windows to rid my computer of this "virus."

Oncourse freezes up sometimes and doesn't allow logins, and registering for classes is a little cumbersome. Software on some of the computers is a little outdated (Xcode is one that comes to mind).


Connecting to the internet from a personal device normally doesn't work. I can't connect to IU guest or Secure anywhere on campus. Also, Oncourse on a smartphone doesn't work correctly; it messes up the formatting.

Yes, in the campus center the new software in the computers is so bad even for small things like printing. I hope you return the previous software; it is much better.

I like the IU secure system on my devices. The only problem is that I have to constantly log on to my account on IU secure. Sometimes my device says it's on but will not let me use internet until I log out and then back in.

Making the wireless connection more functional would help.


When I signed up for an email account, I was confused by the choices. Now I feel very happy that IU email can forward to my personal email account.

Need a new system. Oncourse constantly has issues every single semester.

Email services need to be updated and more user-friendly. Connecting to the internet often takes a long time.

I think that there needs to be a computer lab of sorts available somewhere in the natatorium. I am a kinesiology major and spend a lot of my time on that end of campus. There really isn't any computer service available over there, and as I mentioned, the Wi-Fi service is lacking in that area.

Oncourse is my only real complaint. It works. That's about the only compliment I can give it. It isn't very useable. The forums are probably my biggest complaint. And the use of frames/Javascript. It really sucks not being able to open stuff in new tabs.

Also consider making the network readiness tool less of a pain. I promptly went through and undid everything the tool did after I was forced to run it to connect to wireless on my laptop.

When I stop by UITS, they are always very helpful and I'm very thankful for them.

Make it known how to connect our personal devices to the printers. I cannot count how many times I have had to stand in line waiting for a computer so I could print and then was/almost was late to class.

I don't know if OneStart is within your control at all, but it is VERY confusing and not very well layed out. The section links aren't very clear.

Earlier this year when I purchased a new laptop, I needed help getting it set up with IU's Get Connected. I went to the IT desk in the Tech building and spoke with a very helpful gentleman (I don't think he was a student but I don't remember his name) who helped me get through what wound up being a more complicated issue than I originally thought. I was probably there for 30 or 40 minutes, and I really appreciated his patience and knowledge.

The wireless is spotty; in many places I cannot access it. I'm sure it has something to do with various buildings, but it still should be corrected--perhaps more routers?



Very pleased with current systems in place. I do not have any complaints at this time. KUDOS on a great, easy and reliable system!

They offer a reliable and great service to students!

I sent an email to UITS asking about how I can use the email address and nobody answered to me.

This is my first semester, and I am trying to figure out everything on my own. I would love if someone can help me.

My experience has been very good.

The biggest joke around campus is UITS for several reasons. Just look up IUPUI kid problems on twitter. You're the subject of half the posts.

The internet is hardly functional. Computers connect, but it always says "No internet access." When I went to you for help, the support desk said they didn't know what the problem was and I should just use AT&T.

The yearly software downloads to "fix" the problem just mess things up worse. I haven't been able to use IUsecure in two years.

Oncourse is held together by the same bubble gum and shoe string. If it's not dumping assignments or freezing up, it has crashed for millionth time. Teachers have to warn their students to double, if not triple, check everything they do. That shouldn't be the case.

The student center self-service is a pain as well. God forbid you accidentally hit the back button at any point in time. That sends you back in a fresh clean page, losing all the work you've done. The whole thing feels temporary and beta.


Advertise all services more.

Nothing much. Everything seems fine to me.

Thank you for being professional and friendly. You guys are doing a great job! :)

The wireless connection at IUPUI honestly isn't all that great. There are many places, a big one being the campus center, where wireless service is almost not available. I can't imagine the amount of people that are connected to the Wi-Fi here on campus, and I don't know if that affects the service at all. But that is one thing that I believe should be improved if it's an option.

I think the ease of scheduling classes could be better, I still don't know exactly how to add classes to my shopping cart; I usually do it by accident and am unsure of how I did it.

I really dislike the IUanyWare software, and I have found that all of the people that I have talked to feel the same. No one seems to know how to use it, and it freezes up all the time, which is very inconvenient because it seems like at least half of the computers in the computer lab in the School of Nursing run on this software, and many of us avoid using those computers all together.

The wireless network at IUPUI is slow quite frequently. OnCourse is also an outdated program in my opinion. It's also very spotty as well. It either needs larger amounts of improvement or it needs to be replaced entirely.

I would like an online library for Paralegal students.

With C105, there is a web-based recitation. I had trouble with adobe connect in all of my browsers. I downloaded it, and then it permanently kicked me out of the chat room. I had to borrow my mom's computer every time we had the class. I went to the UITS support center in the technology building multiple times and they outsourced the problem, but I never got an email with a solution. Therefore, I was unable to use the devices provided for the class.

With email (Imail) I forgot my password. With the current system, they ask you for all kinds of account information for other devices (like xbox) in order verify identity and change the password, but I don't have any of those devices or accounts so I couldn't change my password.

Some of my Echo360 links on Oncourse do not work. I have been trying to access them from my Oncourse page but all that comes up is a blank Oncourse page with no other buttons or links. I have been using a random link that a student emailed to everyone.