Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2014

IUSB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the UITS survey:
Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?
Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

I would like to have access to reliable virtual machine software, such as VMWare fusion, which can be used with dual boot.

In regards to the phone - it is annoying that my computer has to be working - and ready to get a phone call or message, or call out. I am happy you did away with the entering of a number before doing long distance.

Here are my overall comments. Sorry for being long and detailed. These are based on my personal experiences and from discussion with students, staff and faculty.

1) As an Instructor I tell my students that please feel free to ask any question and I would be more than happy to answer them. I do that multiple times every single class. This makes them feel comfortable and open up. I think that as part of my job. From my experiences and others, Helpdesk folks @ SB do not take the time to help. They can be condescending, outright reject what you ask for without doing any research (even though it may be possible as it is available at other IU campuses), will say they will get back but never do, and finally you may also get an email that the case is closed even when the issue is not solved. That's when I feel the folks in the Live Chat are far better because they take the time to help you. I have never had any issue with them. So I feel this as an opportunity to ask the following questions: Are the helpdesk folks understaffed that they under constant pressure? Are they not trained to know how to provide the best possible experience to their customers? Are they not trained with all the available things in UITS in SB and other campuses? Do they lack the research skills or willingness to help customers?

2) With mailbox, my only concern is the messages from OnCourse have ended up in my spam folder, and the size is pretty small compared to what is available out there.

3) The wireless is spotty and can be improved a lot.

4) Though the Lync system was introduced, I still don't know how to make emergency calls? Is IT considering that emergency calls are not important? I think it is extremely important and IT should create a list of emergency phones available in the campus and their location and snail mail to all faculty and staff.

5) Though I was pretty happy with Wired Ethernet connection I am not any more due to Lync. Now all my data goes through the phone, which defeats the purpose of high speed connection. If I want to download anything it takes long and it even longer with IUWare. It is annoying and I have to disconnect Lync. This can be easily fixed by attaching a cheap hub in the office. Hope IT will do it.

6) Why did the questions about IUWare include Window OS? As far as I can tell, it is not part of IUWare! Am I missing something? I have always been asked to go to the bookstore to buy the DVD.

7) Even though I like the idea of Box I think there is a lot of confusion and it may lead to another data breach situation. It is not clear what should not be stored in Box. See the KB Box: Even though it talks about Box it does not say what should not be stored. Can student grades and graded assignments be stored in Box???? This is not only for Box, I would say pretty much for service that is outsourced!

8) When asked about UITS in south bend why was these urls not included or

9) The website should be reorganized. It is so confusing. For example, why is network drive is part of internet, phone, video connection heading?

10) Before a service it taken down, concerned academic and non-academic departments should be involved in finding alternative solution. IT made the policy regarding student O drives and removed it. As a department that relies on Student O drive, IT should have talked with us. Though they said Box will work, they never had it setup in the campus computers when O drive was removed. This approach does not help the students and instructors. One of the main mission of the university is to teach students and IT should support it not disrupt it.

11) Software requests: I am not sure why it is required to have software requests submitted by April 15 for classes that start in August 15 or later. This policy should be revisited. IT can have a better way to do it to help faculty who teach courses.

12) Can all Classroom Instruction Stations be installed with Touch Screen Monitors and Stylus? It will be extremely helpful annotations and solving problems using OneNote during lectures.

13) I am not sure, but the Classroom Instruction Stations are extremely slow. If you calculate that on an average just 1 minute is wasted every class section and every session, just make the calculation. 3000 sections x 1 minute x 32 class sessions x 31 (students + instructor) = 2,976,000 total minutes wasted. Something has to be done!

14) Student Advising: I completely not clear about the use of IU FLAG. It is not easy for faculty input data into IU Flags. It is not intuitive and it is not user friendly. I can stress this as I am a developer myself and I have developed (and involved in development of) many systems. On the other hand, I am not sure how it is useful to advisors also. Timeliness is the key to help students. If we miss the right time then we may not be able to help students effectively. As an Advisor I shou [COMMENT EXCEEDED SIZE LIMIT]

I wish with all the long distance meetings that more video conferencing would be used. I wish they would clean the classrooms and computers up. The desks and equipment on the desks are filthy.

Must speed up the internet. It is absolutely at its worst. Must replace computers or at least add memory to existing computers. Must be responsible for all labs: computing or otherwise.

Computers that are hooked up in a classroom permanently take FOREVER to load when you're getting ready to give a lecture. If you're using a departmental laptop to give a presentation, there's a good chance that it's going to do a virus scan and shut-down during the presentation. Many installed projectors need maintenance that they aren't getting (PLEASE CLEAN FILTER message stays up for the first 5 minutes of lecture). I once called tech to help with a laptop that wasn't working during a lecture and they came and said, "well, that's not our problem, it's your department's laptop" and left. Thanks for nothing! So here's something "additional" I'd like UITS to offer: ACTUAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT. One additional note: as a faculty member, not being able to have administrator control over my desktop is frustrating, and stifles my ability to get research done.

I would like to see improved classroom technology. I am a heavy user of the computer in the classroom and, especially, the document camera. But too often, I find the projected image too dim or blurry, and it cannot be easily corrected. There are also classrooms in which the monitor obscures part of the screen. The box that switches between the computer and the document camera is outdated and functions sluggishly in many classrooms. Also, it would be nice to be able to send a wireless signal from my iPad to the projector, as I have had only intermittent luck with the physical connection to classroom technology with my iPad. A few years ago, I thought the classroom technology was easily keeping pace with advances. Now, that is not so true.

I would like to see a list of services offered at IUB and IUPUI, so that I can assess what services if any should be available here. To pick on issue to work on, I would suggest "high speed wireless access" throughout the campus.

The second issue that I would raise is the manner by which applications (such as Visual Studio) seem to be loaded and run on instructor stations as well as computers in the computer labs. It appears that the software may be loaded via the network from servers (that may be down in IUPUI or IUB). This often takes close to a minute to load, during which everyone in class is waiting! It seems to me that someone needs to perform some analysis to figure out what is the bottleneck. If the servers and/or the network pose a bottleneck we need to find a better solution.

The third issue that I would raise is the decision to centralized IT services in IUB. In general, it appears that with the move to centralize our campus has lost access to some services, and over time it may lose personnel and expertise. Concentration of resources in one campus may provide efficiencies, and of course provides better services for the primary sites; however it should not be at the expense of the regional campuses. One issue that our department is facing right now is the replacement of student drive with the IU-BOX. There is nothing wrong with providing a commercial system such as the Box to our students, however pedagogically, the network drives were necessary for students in early CS and INFO classes. Removing them without proper dialog with the academic units was inappropriate and has cause disruption for our faculty teaching early classes. These initial programming classes are where we typically lose a significant number of students, so anything that hurts our retention efforts in these classes works against our academic goals and our campus' retention goals.

Making sure all classroom technology is working correctly, as well as providing notifications for when licensing terms are up. For instance, when I first arrived I got a newer version of SPSS, and it expired without my knowledge.

1. Lab consultants' most busy job is to deal with printing problems. Need to make it more stable.

2. OneStart portal can't accommodate library online databases well. There are lots of problems if students open databases within this portal. So we library people always suggest students to use the databases directly from library website instead of within OneStart portal.

More options for "smart" classrooms.



IU BOX does not support MacOS Packages - it is not right that has not fixed this issue - it works well in Dropbox. We need to put more pressure on this company so they fix this ASAP. It creates a great deal of problems with mac users.

Webpage hosting service is important for some of the course that I teach. The retirement of Mypage service has big impact on my teaching. Should UITS collect faculty's opinion before making such decision?

Easy access to my drives and files from home.

IU.Box as a networked drive on both PC's and Mac's on all computers on campus.

The classroom computers can be extremely slow at times and seem old. The overhead projectors are sometimes slow as well. Update the classroom technology. Also the rooms are not set up for students to bring/use their laptops. The desks are not big enough nor are there enough outlets in the classroom. The classrooms need wired tech desks to support student lap top use (we test on laptops).

Add an annual update of software on my desktop - some of these programs, e.g., SPSS, have expired certificates or have been superseded by more recent versions, but won't be updated until my hardware is replaced on the life cycle program.

Add a desktop camera, to allow videoconferencing from my office.

Computers in computer labs frequently lag or have slow response times or are not all the same where, for example, one Excel program looks differently on one computer than the next and students working together find it frustrating when their screens aren't the same.


Telephone service via Lync is atrocious. There is no culture on our campus for having VoIP service, therefore, many do not log into their phone service for days and days and days. The headsets are great for working with two hands while speaking, when the system works properly.

Lync for Mac is still not as robust as the PC-based application, yet there are many Mac users on campus.


I would like guarantee that there is at least one reliable, working printer that I can use from my office whenever I need to.

It's cool to think about the hi-tech stuff we have access to thanks to UITS. But the campus pays a very heavy tax to IUB for this. Meanwhile, our college's shared printers & copiers are falling apart. In my dept., we can't retain a secretary because we can't pay enough - so, new printer cartridges don't get ordered & I can't print. And, our dept. has hard time paying for the cartridges from our shrinking budget. So, my funding priorities look different from UITS'. I just want the IT basics, for least possible cost, so money could be spent on what I do need to get my bottom-line job done.

IU mobile app: can't reply message.

With faculty and staff increasingly using personal smart phones to conduct university business (i.e., even those without university-supplied phones), it seems to me that subsidies should be made available. I understand that there are IU rates with some carriers, but the discounts are small.

Some of the business class rooms have a variety of different media equipment... meaning an old piece of equipment in one classroom and something much newer in another. Standardization of equipment and/or systems should take place a quickly as possible. As an example; years have gone by before the same purpose equipment in two of my classrooms were changed out for a more updated piece of equipment.

Support for discipline-specific classrooms.

Bulk download in OnCourse. Google calendar integration. Access to Microsoft Lynx app on android from the google play store. Integrate cloud connected services such as drop box or Box on IUanyWare.

Need more effective wireless, debugged classroom technology including the computers and projectors, and an updated desktop computer in my office. It's all old and losing (and in some cases never has had) functionality necessary to teach and advise students.

IT support would be immeasurably improved by enabling faculty to load applications important for their research and productivity to their personal workstations and to IUanyWare.

It would be a courtesy to tell a person in advance how much time you are asking for in filling out this survey. Or to indicate the percentage of the survey that is complete at each screen. Or something to allow a person to make an informed judgment instead of just asking for time without any clue about the nature of the commitment.

More training on WCMS is needed.

Keep the lab assistants in the labs. Maybe they are not needed in Bloomington but for a regional campus trying to help students who can barely cover tuition and books, the computer labs are necessary; and these students often need help with software, attaching documents, and printing.

I wouldn't mind an office phone in [IRD].

Automatic backup (Time Machine) on my office Mac.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

The Box synchronization is super slow and is not as helpful as the former student O: drive for students working on assignments in a computer lab. I would prefer to have students taking Computer Science courses with labs to have their O: drive back.

-- Some of the questions in the survey were too broad and confusing. Here are some examples:

-- Why is library catalog part of the first question?

-- Why is "Student Technology Centers:" part of "Instructional and Student Computing Services" It should be just under student computing services. If you are asking about campus classroom services in the next screen, just remove instructional from the title.

I hate the phone system. The only good part is the email. The worst part is that you are in a call and another call comes in over the call you are in. Also, why can't you set your phone away message from your email? It is hard to turn on and off and each time you have to change it. Seems it could be more automatic. It is also so complex you can't figure out how to use its features. I am sure it can do things but I cannot figure it out. Like redial or to call someone back.

Must stop being paranoid. For all your security, you could not prevent the hacking off student data. It begs the question what you achieved by preventing all professors from clicking on even google ads or installing software on our computers.

Recently, I was getting a lecture ready for class (two hours hence) and the mouse that was provided by the university stopped working. I called the office to help, and they said they'd get a new one to me. The trouble was, they didn't say when, just that they'd do it right away. I called back in 45 minutes, about ready to lose my mind because working without a mouse on PowerPoint is highly impossible, and they told me that there was some guy in my building that should get me a mouse, but they weren't sure when. I wish they had just told me at the outset to come get one from the main office if I needed it right away, which is what I did next.

Also, students seem to have a heck of a time with their email and OnCourse. I'll bet a lot of this is user error, but I have a few bright students that can't log on to their OnCourse to get materials. Apparently, one student in particular contacted IT services to help with this issue, and they were told, "try again next month". I am frustrated by this, but don't know what to recommend.

The new phone system is not as useful as the traditional phone service was. If my computer is not on or if the power goes out, the system is useless. If I call IUSB campus security, the call is routed through Bloomington first which makes absolutely no sense to me. When I had an emergency in the classroom and called security, it stunned me that I had to talk to Bloomington first then wait for someone from IUSB to call me back. I want to talk to someone who can help me NOW and knows where I am when I tell them what building I'm in on campus.

I would really like to go back to being the administrator of my own desktop computer. Not being able to install updates or programs is a pain.

Having served on the senate IT committee some years back, I know that we paid a significant tax to UITS in IUB. Even with that tax, it appeared that we had significant reserves on an annual basis, which the campus was given an opportunity to tap on an annual basis (via competitive grant applications). It appears that with the merging of our campus IT with the university UITS, that surplus is no longer being used by our campus, and the process of competitive grants have stopped.

I would like to see a fuller accounting of the UITS budget (both revenue and expenses at IUSB). This could be presented at the senate meeting (at least once a year).

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

The Lync voice mail system often has problems - some phone calls lose signal and the problem seems to be the digital phone. The phone is not reliable - if lose power, cannot use.

Better communication about services for faculty would be helpful.

Students complained about having issues whenever they had to use Java on campus. It seems like the computers are not updated as often as they should be.

In general, I am satisfied with UITS and in particular, the staff has been very helpful when I have had questions or problems.

Overall, UITS has done an excellent job. The major issue for me is that the constant barrage of emails about certain systems (e.g., travel) can be numbing. The information needs to be archived and used to produce an online best practice handbook. The rules are many and the memories of infrequent users to limited.



Lync has been a disaster since the first day it was connected to my computer. Tech hit "on" and my laptop crashed. It's been downhill from there. Ninety-percent of the time I cannot get the phone to dial out no matter what I do (with or without the area code, using my special secret access code, using the keypad or using the menu).

IT has been to my office more than a couple of time this past year, and the problems always come back.

I have reached the point where I just tell people to contact me by e-mail because the phone is not an option.

OnCourse is a disaster. Clunky, not user friendly. Incredibly slow. Very difficult to move course materials from one semester to the next.

Not very fond of the new phone system - it's a pain to have to log in every time. I am glad you got rid of the long distance access code. It was hard to find that access code. I also do not think many of the features are overly intuitive to use.

Not satisfied with the phone system. Would rather go back to regular phones and phone lines or make the phones work independently of the computers. Logging out and then realizing I need to log back in just to make a phone call can get irritating.

Keep up the good work.


Most of my contact with UITS is via the help desk; response times are quick, even when it involves a hardware issue. The staff is very helpful and efficient.

1. It will be nice if you could put less stuff on our computers (office desktop computers, lab computers that are purchased by the department but are on the university network). Too much updates and patches can reduce the life span of the computer. Some applications are not useful, such as GoPrint.
2. I would like to see a hook or something similar to that installed on the wall next to the headset of the phone. This will keep our desk neater.
3. I would like to see less turnover in the helpdesk personnel. In the past year or so, I started to sense that people at the helpdesk are less willing to go out of their way to help (due to the lack of expertise or due to lack of connection to the people they serve?) I know you guys are over-worked, the same problem everyone is facing. University expansion definitely comes at a cost of quality of service.

IU Flags is poorly designed & significantly less useful than IU Retain.

Tech desks now boot up much more quickly - thank you. This makes a big difference to early morning classes.

There are many excellent systems, but several of those collected under OneStart are clunky and dated.

Compared to the institutions I was affiliated with before, IU is a good UITS environment. I could invest more time in finding out how to use the available services more extensively, but I had rather focus on my research, which is well supported by the services I do use.

The support staff is incredible, and I'm very happy with hardware support and network access/performance.

Many online services, however, are frustrating. SIS, for example, has an awkward, outdated and unpleasant interface. Box has great potential (50 GB - yay!), but some major gotchas: the Web Document functionality is very poor (with no signs of improvement), and Box does not support package files, e.g. those for Apple's Keynote - this has been a known issue for, literally, years. As a result, I don't feel comfortable relying on Box, so I still use my personal DropBox service which, in my experience, has been much more reliable (it actually works with my Keynote files which I use extensively for my teaching).

Lync has not been a good experience for me. I'm a Mac laptop user, so I frequently connect and reconnect the headset as I come and go, and Lync is not good about recognizing when it is connected. I frequently take a call only to find that it's trying to use my laptop's built-in microphone and speakers. Even when the headset is properly recognized, the call quality is not very good... and despite trying to accept something new and adapt for the past year, I have not been able to get used to using a headset - I very much dislike using it. For the reasons listed, I avoid using the phone as much as possible and generally leave the Lync application off. As I've never enjoyed using the phone much, I guess this is ultimately okay by me).

When I have gone to DW for IT help I have had excellent help from the [IRD], but there is someone in the office who is generally condescending and not at all helpful every time I go in there. If I have to deal with [IRD] I always leave feeling like I am stupid and not worth helping. As a faculty member receiving this treatment I can only imagine what the students are experiencing in the event that this person has to help them.

IUSB UITS staff has been great. OneStart/SIS still very cumbersome, hard to use in advising, hard to find information six screens deep, etc.

Too long of a period for replacement of computers--machine becomes obsolete before replacement.

I have always been very impressed by the UITS people with whom I interact. We have great staff in UITS for South Bend, but we need more of them to properly serve faculty, students, and staff on our campus!

I don't like the PC based Lynx as a phone in my office. It really complicates something that should be simple. And, when the computer fails my phone is unavailable. And, every time I use the phone a pop up comes up on the computer screen that doesn't go away when I hang up. It is annoying.

I've live chatted with the IT dept. to update/fix problems with my desktop software and also wire my computer to the main printer in EA. Neither of these attempts was successful. I can't print unless I'm using only my small printer in the office, and I can't update my Java or Flash Player.

It would be nice to have more stability with video conferencing.

Hate IU Box, Lynx, and my email goes down at least once day, in the afternoon. Hard to connect wirelessly.

Just getting used to using OnCourse and we're told we will have to learn another system.

UCET staff have been accessible and helpful with issues surrounding building and running a new online course. IT has also been helpful in this capacity.

The South Bend team is often strong and very strong, certainly. I wonder if the folks responsible for centralizing some functions downstate understand that there is a necessary loss of confidence and clarity for those of us at the regional campuses when these centralizing moves take place. We don't always know who we are talking to and whether they know our local circumstance or not.

Our Wiekamp IT people are THE BEST! Shower them with purses of gold. In the years I have been here they have solved all but one of dozens of my computer hang-ups and glitches. (You can see I know all the latest "techie" terms.) They don't laugh at me when I do something dumb. AOK people all around.

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?


None that I can think of at the present moment.

While the phone system works wonderfully on its own, when there is a power outage and we can't log-in to our computers, we cannot use the phone. Should there be an emergency, none of us on campus can dial out unless we have our cell phones with us. It is possible that not everyone has a functioning (e.g., cell phone battery is dead) cell phone to use during an emergency to call out.

More in person training locally would be helpful.

Many times there is information I need to get my work done that I have a hard time accessing. I am sure there is a better/easier/more-streamlined way to access the information I need. I would like to see some information on who, when and what I can address questions.

The phone system is terrible! The fact that it's linked to the computer and rings in my ear when I'm talking with someone else is VERY distracting. Often I can't dial out; I get a message that says my call cannot be completed. When the computer goes down or the power goes out so does the phone, I can't even call the help desk to let them know of a problem because the phone doesn't work! I do not think this was an improvement over the previous system at all.

It is frustrating, sometimes, that IU South Bend staff are not versed at all in system programs.

The second item would be automatic updates. My computer does not update with Adobe and iTunes updates automatically. When I have a few that are due, I generally call to have someone with rights remote in to update my machine during business hours. This usually requires a reboot, all reducing production time for something that apparently should be happening after hours.

Providing rights to my CPU would alleviate a lot of wasted time for both UITS and my office.

We need additional IUIE and reporting training opportunities. We've discussed starting an IUIE users group at IUSB, but we're all so busy that it hasn't gotten off the ground. We need someone with expertise in this area to head the initiative.

We also need hands-on training opportunities for staff to access IUAnyware remotely from various devices. In some cases, and even when staff follows KB step-by-step instructions, they are running into roadblocks that prohibit them from accessing systems remotely.

We need more physical phone choices to purchase/use with the Lync system, which is one of the greatest improvements as well as one of the biggest headaches. I LOVE the instant message, email, contact info options within Lync because that has improved my response and look up time, and helped me to be more efficient. But we have ongoing problems with headsets and phones. I've stopped reporting the problems with my headset and phone because it never gets better with what we have available to use. I miss a lot of calls and have to return calls to make up the difference, not the best professional impression for [IRD] office.

We would like our phones to be functional in the event of a campus power outage.

In addition, though the Cadillac phones work okay, they are not universal. Those of us with older handsets don't have all the functions of the newer Polycom phones, and that can make our operations between each other difficult.

UITS needs to offer on-campus training sessions for staff and faculty at IU South Bend. We could do our jobs more effectively and efficiently if more training in SIS, etc. were offered on a regular basis. Since technology is constantly changing, and we rely heavily on technology to operate almost every aspect of our business, providing thorough training is essential.

The equipment is not being timely life-cycled, downloading software takes forever, OnCourse submissions times out, the phones have a mind of their own. Recording of events is consistently of low quality and generally unusable.

I have a hard time getting wireless on my kindle here.

I do not like the way you can see your paychecks, it is very confusing on where to go to get the information. It is also very confusing with the new system what current vacation and sick days you have available.


A profile troubleshooter that can assist in discrepancies between profiles would be great. Constantly evolving software makes web based specialty applications a challenge, mostly seems to be in the java or flash realm.


Great job- well done. Excellence in all areas of operation.

Internet in Northside Hall is terrible. Can't get any service.

I would like to be able to use my telephone without my computer.

Keep promoting learning opportunities and communicating new software, processes, etc. there were many items on the survey, such as research technologies, that I had never heard of but might use if I knew about them and how to use them/what they can do.

I wish the website at IU South Bend would be more user-friendly. Nothing is intuitive to me. I can't find things I think should be where I think they should be! I can't imagine a student/parent trying to navigate it, being unfamiliar with IU South Bend.
Other schools have great websites - why don't we?

You need to address Polycom voice mail issues.

Better phone service - the sound is poor in terms of volume and quality.

IUIE Training

Other Software/tool training - some tools are available but there is no training on how to use them. IUanyWare, IU Box.

Support the functionality of the Outlook calendar and email with substantive support.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?


I think UITS services are GREAT!!

Some of the individuals working at the Support Center and also in computer labs require customer-service training (e.g., how to communicate to people on the phone or in-person). I have experienced (and others have told me) how some of these individuals are not respectful (e.g., condescending in speaking with individuals particularly those who are not as tech savvy as they are). Some of them also make strange sounds on the phone while they trouble-shoot issues. Silence would be more appreciated.

The phone system is very frustrating. I still experience static when on calls.

IUIE is not a user friendly portal. Training sessions do not seem to occur on the regional campuses and I do not recall any recorded or on-line sessions.

PeopleSoft is a difficult program to work in. I would like to see the university explore other, more user friendly, systems.

UITS does a great job and they are always willing to work hard to make sure everyone has great resources on and off campus. I appreciate their hard work. Having more communication of all services offered and fairs during the year are of extreme importance. Their work on the campus is excellent!

The folks I've worked with in university IT on the South Bend campus and in Bloomington have been really great to work with. While I may not be thrilled with the software or products the university is using, I think the people working in IT are doing a really good job.

The UITS staff is very responsive to the needs of the office staff, and that is much appreciated. Problems are resolved in a timely manner.

The consultants on campus are always very responsive. [IRD] is always at the ready whenever we have an issue.

Instead of pulling everyone's rights to update/add programs, why not focus on those who abuse it? I don't have time for web surfing, nor for taking time to contact UITS for required updates to current programs when I could easily manage this myself. Is there any way for me to get the rights to this machine?

It seems very difficult most of the time to get on the wireless network on campus on my iPhone, especially in the SAC. Sometimes I cannot access it, or it is very slow to connect. Overall, I think services UITS provides are good. I can always pick up the phone, and know someone at the helpdesk is there to offer assistance that I need.

If there is a way to improve the response time for software/hardware issues, and the communication during that process it would help. Recently my computer went down, and after talking to support (520-5555) they said they would put a ticket in and get a technician to me. It took 2 days for that to happen and that may have only been because on the 2nd day I contacted someone else in the department. This was very inconvenient as I need my computer for work. While waiting for a tech and my computer in general no one would update me as to the status of the situation.

Any negative ratings herein are not tied to particular UITS staff members on the IUSB campus; I find these individuals very responsive, committed to resolving particular issues, and pleasant to work with. My general dissatisfaction is with what appears to be a "refer to Knowledge Base and figure it out on your own" overall IU philosophy. It's not efficient and can be quite frustrating when the KB instructions don't lead to successful outcomes.

Absolutely terrific assistance from UITS here at IUSB, always 100% when we need something. The department here is truly outstanding.

I love the regular UITS newsletters; they really help keep me informed and pass along info as needed. The newsletter form is terrific because I can store them and go back to them as my time permits. Although I'm not sure what IU campuses participate, it feels great to be informed on an all-campus level through those newsletters!

I hope my responses applied accurately as I understood the questions to mean, there are really very few problems and our people are terrific at solving them when they do arise.

IF however you folks really are in charge of the eDocs... that software system is very poor (from my user standpoint). It is not user friendly, not intuitive, and an ongoing hassle and headache for all of us that have to use eDocs. I marked scores poorly on that, we are constantly wasting hours of time trying to "make the system work" and it seems there are no clear directions for the "case by case" scenarios we are required to handle.

I am really surprised that a university this size is using non-intuitive software for us to get work done, in ways that cannot be standardized and with very little direction or communication from Bloomington (where, if my understanding is correct, our eDocs are routed with MULTIPLE necessary approvals in the routing chain).

For eDocs, if you wanted to call me, that would be fine. I can only offer from a user standpoint, but I know that here in [IRD] I am in connection with all of our secretaries and the Dean's office, and we ALL have problems. I would strongly suggest meeting with us as a group and asking for specifics if there is any chance of improving that system.

Thank you for letting us help with this survey. It makes a HUGE difference to be a part of improving things overall, and I would love to be able to more often.

The new phone system is terrible. Unreliable, obviously doesn't work when the computers are down/power is out. Interference in the lines.

UITS does a fairly good job providing services and information. However, many IUSB programs are confusing and seem badly-designed:

WCMS is very user-unfriendly and processes very slowly. In addition, WCMS trainings are rarely held on the IUSB campus, leaving users to rely on webinar training sessions that don't answer our most pressing questions, or waiting to receive a one-on-one training from a swamped colleague who may also have only a partial understanding of how the system works.

Policies pertaining to HRMS eDocs, KFS, FMS and Travel are often poorly-defined, not well-documented in a centralized place, and constantly shifting based on decisions made throughout the IU system. Secretaries do the majority of the work with these processes, but are often the last to know about changes to policy and usually have little or no input in those decisions.

It bears repeating that these issues have little to do with UITS itself but rather with the university's bureaucracy as a whole. Nevertheless, these problems do ultimately often result in users feeling dissatisfaction and frustration with the university's technological systems.

1. It would be nice if I could set the exchange server to not delete messages if I delete them from my phone. Sometimes I just don't want to search through all that stuff on my phone but still need it in the office.

2. The support staff is great!

3. Sometimes things are available that we are not aware of ( I didn't know this was available.

4. The wireless network in Admin is often weak or not working. When I called about it last week I was told about a couple of other available options, but I also didn't know about them (eduroam, att) until I called about the wireless being out.

5. I can't seem to connect to my desktop from my home computer, no matter what I try. It is not always convenient to take home my laptop or IPad. When we had snow/weather days I just didn't think I would need them.

6. I called for an obsolete inventory (CDs, floppies, etc.) pickup from my storage area in the basement of Northside and it was all arranged without much interaction from me. It was great!

The only communication I receive about UITS services comes through the Monitor e-newsletter, and through the South Bend campus Bulletin Board. So many messages come through the BB that important UITS announcements are missed by those who need to know. Also, communication about various IT training opportunities seems to be ineffective. Staff members have received postcards in the past detailing available courses, but they were never available to our regional campus. Now searching through UITS' website, I see there is something called Pluralsight. I have never heard of this service. It would be nice to have a brochure or comprehensive list that is in one location detailing all of the training available to IU staff members. There are bits and pieces of information in too many places. It is confusing to find out exactly what is available, and what might be recommended for various positions on campus.

There needs to be a contingency plan in place for power outages because switching to VOIP has made dealing with emergencies a nightmare! Not having a land line phone means you cannot communicate with anyone else. Sure I have a cell phone and can dial 911 for an emergency, but what about just calling another department or another building to see how widespread an outage is? Forget it! You cannot access the phone directory because it is online, and you cannot call other departments using your cell phone unless you have programmed your coworkers' cell phone numbers into your phone since you cannot try to reach anyone on their office VOIP "phone" when the power is out! Also, the voice quality is sub-par; voicemail greetings sound robotic and unfriendly, no matter how many times you record a message for callers.

Major problem with the Lync/computer system when campus has no power...unable to receive any communication about the issues surrounding the shortage (not a problem with "land lines"). Have given up trying to transfer cell calls, often dropped. I just give the caller the phone number they are trying to reach.

I cannot praise [IRD] enough. He has been an amazing resource for our PAUA staff for printers, desk tops and phones. A kind, patient man with a great sense of humor!!!

The strongest thing UITS has going for it is its people. They are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They bring over the correct equipment and set it up when necessary. They double check to make sure we are comfortable with running the equipment before they leave. They remote in and download necessary programs and correct problems.

I hate being logged out of my computer when I am writing or interviewing someone, then I turn to use the computer and I have to go through the log in many many times a day. Multiply that times the number of users and that is a lot of time. I am in a locked private office that is locked any time I am out of the room. Setting the log out a little longer for users in a secure area would not hurt a thing.

And you then lose phone which is a security problem.

Why do you not send the audible signal 30 seconds BEFORE it is logging you out rather than to tell you, Ha Ha, you just got logged out?

You can see this is very frustrating to me. Thanks!


It seems that Lync still has some hardware/software compatibility issues that manifest themselves in dropped calls or lack of signal.

The balance between security and functionality seem to have some issues. I understand the need for security patches but on the subnets that are protected by virtue of the sub-net a patch seems like it can unnecessarily cripple a web-based application. Building automation (Johnson Controls/FX or other systems like FM Interact or ProjectDox from BL).


I think they do a great job!!

I think IU South Bend has a GREAT UITS team. Very satisfied with their speed to respond and with their professionalism extended to faculty, staff, and students.

A few years ago, two guys made a campus presentation about a "dashboard" that would be available in a few months to managers. It never happened.

UITS administrators are non-responsive and are only interested in their own agenda.

The system or server is very slow. There have been many of times that the email become disconnected and keep requiring you to sign in. There are times that the printer goes 'off-line' for no reason.

The IT staff on our South Bend campus is exceptional. They will work until they can find the answer, follow up, and make me feel confident to perform my job without worry. They are friendly, highly intelligent, and a great group of people "behind the scenes." They keep this campus functioning smoothly.

There has been a noticeable improvement in IT services at IU South Bend in the past year. Thank you!!

I do not like the new phone system AT ALL. The phone is too lightweight (I cannot push the buttons to dial without holding on to the phone to keep it from sliding off the desk). I don't like the connection to the computer with windows popping up on the screen when I'm on the phone. I feel the system is UNSAFE . . . there are no phones in the event of a power outage!! That is a major concern to me.

Depends who you get on the phone for a helpdesk request. If you get a "regular" employee, often there is a good outcome. If a student answers the phone, who knows.

Overall, IUSB is poor at communicating procedures and new policies. Using the automated email and follow-ups is good for communicating. What I find to be odd is when you get a call about an update to a help desk request instead of responding via email.

The people in UTIS that I have had experience with being helpful are: [IRD].

Standouts are [IRD].

Tying the phone to the computer is not advantageous. If your computer is not on and you aren't logged in you cannot receive calls. If there were an emergency you'd have to boot back up to make a call.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Airplay access in classrooms for iPad/iPhone connection for presentations.

No, you did good

I am not sure if this department is in charge of this, but more computers like the ones in the library and more places one can work outside of a large crowd, unlike in the DW and Northside open labs.

The availability of scanner at the Schurz library is limited.

There is no scanner at the community building at the housing too.

The lack of a photocopier at the housing community is also a shortcoming.



Imail is very complex to access, and it looks like hard to control.

Have most of my classes in Northside. Used the computer lab there frequently. Not happy that it has been closed.


Software download purchases for packages that aren't free, such as Maple/SPSS (pay/charge to student account, download and activate).

The wireless sometimes is not very stable.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

It would be FANTASTIC if the printing system in computer labs (whatever we're calling it this year) would automatically pass the user's credentials from login rather than having to retype it. I have to type my username and passphrase (20 characters long) to login to the computer, type it again to login to OnCourse/OneStart, and then again into the print window to print a document for class. The margin for error, and the time wasted is significant when trying to get something ready for a class starting in only a few minutes.

The website ( and On Course/OneStart services are frequently redundant, at best, but mostly confusing. The layout and tabs are ineffectual as they don't actually sort information and links are frequently misleading or difficult to find. Services that could enhance or simplify my experience are notably absent from the sites (financial aid assistance or forms, the ability to set up advising or administrative appointments, ability to refine preferences and services on my student pages).


The IUCAT system could be worked on a bit more. Sometimes too many windows open and login does not carry over.

The wireless connectivity at River Crossing Housing needs improvement.


Thank you.

As a student and part-time employee, using the OneStart is crucial. However, it would be nice to have this become more streamlined and offer less content. The bevy of extraneous information is distracting and too much ... there should be a way (and there might be) to customize the page to only offer the information the individual needs instead of the full onslaught of ALL the information ANYONE might possibly need.

Registering for classes is a frustrating process!! Finding the specific class you need could be easier.

The IUSB Bulletin Board takes up to much space in the email. Just want to do my work and be done with it.

Other than that I feel UITS played a huge role in my educational success at IUSB.


I don't know why, but I have never been able to connect my laptop to the university Wi-Fi network. It just won't allow me to do it.

Registering for classes can be very frustrating.

The Bulletin Board is sent to our email to often and just take up space.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

More color printers.

Ability to use printing budget for copiers without having to scan documents first and printing them.

None at the moment keep up the hard work. It is much appreciated.

The new version of searching for classes is a great improvement; the only thing I would like to see is a way they we could create a list of classes we need to complete for our academic career. That way we can just login in to search for classes, click on the class we need and the open classes would show up. It is very time consuming trying to go back and forth looking for numbers to type in every time we search for a class. A list of saved searches would greatly help us find the classes we need if we don't have the requirement sheet with us. The student center in OneStart is the only site I really feel needs to be improved.
No. I actually am very satisfied with their services as of lately.


Sessions or emails about apps that could be beneficial to students.

The mandatory printing allotment is the biggest problem I have. And if you don't use it within the semester, it's gone? Instead why not allow students to pay as they print for only what they need, or giving a refund on the following semester's tuition for what printing wasn't used. It's money I never use and never see again. It's like flushing money down the toilet.

The option to have higher speed internet at a certain fee would be a nice option for people in housing. I know for some people who are trying to learn new programs and software the downloads are slow if not responding most of the time due to the size of the file and speed of the network. Another good idea would be to have a little podcast or blog that helps to teach people about basic troubleshooting to more advanced topics for computer science majors.

None I can think of. Updating the look of OneStart and making it a little easier to schedule would be nice.

Not really. I think they are doing a fine job.

They are very kind and helpful.


Improve the interface for the new class search and planning.

Wireless Internet services are intermittent outside of the buildings.

I'm not sure if this is on my part or not: I have set up forwarding to my personal email from IU Umail. It does a good job of forwarding OnCourse notifications but I don't get any of the other emails forwarded from Umail.

I also am wondering about Box at IU. I have noticed that OnCourse and OneStart are linked, so when I long into one I can just click on the other and I don't have to enter my information again. Is there a way that this link can be done with IU Box?

I can't think of anything in particular at the moment.

Not that I can think of.

It doesn't matter, I'm graduating in May. But keep up the good work y'all.

Wi-Fi keeps cutting in and out sometimes. Maybe try and reduce this a bit more.

The wireless network doesn't seem to connect at all sometimes. I do not know why, but the Wi-Fi just doesn't let me connect to it. This seems to happen often, whereas it does connect sometimes but often not so.

None currently

Install more wireless routers to eliminate dead spots on campus.

It would be nice if you would advertise ALL of what you can do for students more. I didn't know about some of your services until my final year in school (this year).

OneStart is too complicated for beginners, make it easier and more user friendly


The school website ( is not very easy to navigate. I was able to figure out a process that worked for me when it came to finding information out about classes and information, but I find myself helping a lot of people who don't understand the school website.



No everything seems to already have a function.

More mobile applications

Not at the moment.

No. So far I like UITS services.

A better program for scheduling classes. A way to have a group chat in real time between specific classmates in OnCourse.

I would like to be able to complete MyITLab assignments on my MacBook. I have Word 2011 but the computer classes only use Word 2010.

No additional support, I can think of that IU can offer.


Color printing stations.

The wireless signal doesn't work in most areas. If it does work you have to wait what seems like forever to get anything done.

I would really like to be able to link my IU email account to other email accounts so I do not have to use a separate email. It is a hassle to have it forwarded to a separate account because I do not always get every email and I only check my IU email once a week. Either that or an app that allows me to get emails directly to my phone.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

It would be nice to have easier navigation for OneStart when scheduling classes. I've been here a while so I know my way around, but I feel it could have a much easier interface.

Glad that you made it so when you log into OneStart it goes right to OnCourse rather than the cluttered main site.

I think the way that the Imail is set is a little confusing; the way they have emails set up kind of throws me off when I have to send an email. But I really like OnCourse; it allows me, as a student, to see my grades and what I can improve on since my instructors can provide feedback on my work.

Overall the UITS has been great and is continually improving each year. I especially appreciate the continually improvements that make the websites ease of use better.

Make your e-mails more readable and interesting. Also, it would be nice if your overall services were user-friendly and easier to learn about.


The availability of downloadable software to IU students has been very helpful to me. Also, being able to access my courses through OnCourse and even take courses from my own home has been great! The only big complaint I have is regarding the wireless internet at the Elkhart campus of IUSB. It often does not allow me to connect to Wi-Fi, or it will say that I'm connected but I'm unable to access the internet.

The UITS daily email is too much. I never look at it. A one-time per week or bi-weekly email could be better.



Keep up the good work. I have never had a problem but am sure that if I did they could help.

When I needed help and information about Technological things the people that are available in the labs and service desks have been very kind and helpful to solving problems and showing me how to work and solve some issues on my own. Thanks for that.


So far in my first year of college I have loved OnCourse and OneStart. I love that I can access these at any time to check my grades, Bursar, and just about any other information I could need.

Thank you very much for taking interest in our opinions and questions. Keep up the good work.

UITS services have made my college experience smoother so far.

No everything is good!

Overall experience with IU technology is great!!!

You guys are awesome.


I know it's rather tough to keep a constant wireless network going throughout the campus, but once one goes to the basement floor or Northside, the network cuts out almost all of the time. It is frustrating to have to constantly restart the network to get it come back on. I'm unsure of how this could be fixed, but I thought I'd mention it.

Other than that, I am thoroughly satisfied with the services UITS offers. Titan Productions, an on-campus event organization branch of Student Services at IU-South Bend, has greatly benefitted from the help of the services UITS provides to us.

Overall their services are good and very useful.

I know you guys do your best in trying to get the computers to run faster but sometimes when I get on a computer they take forever to load when I'm on campus, but maybe that's the time they should be taking.

Someone needs to go through and check some monitors on campus. In different computer labs, one being in NorthSide, some computers have only half the monitor usable.

My incoming email does not work. I use the email account given to me when I enrolled at IUSB and I do not receive any incoming emails from the school or my professors which of course, is a problem.

So far so good.

Network needs some work Wi-Fi slow and most the time don't work

A lot of the websites that IT offers I had no idea about. It would be nice to see it being advertised a little bit more so students are able to appreciate all the resources UIT has to offer.

The only thing I would suggest is to make the Wi-Fi connection of IUGuest a bit stronger.

Students living in university apartments (River Crossing) suffer with a poor quality network. Multiple complaints made to UITS have not been heard. There are not enough wireless access points to sufficiently cover all the apartments. When a wireless connection can be made, the speed and reliability is poor. The situation is even worse for wired devices. Upload speeds are heavily throttled, making it almost impossible to upload things, even small files to OnCourse. Additionally, students must go through a complex "ritual" to get their MAC addresses added to the system to even use their wired devices. UITS employees in [IRD] are rude and not willing to help students with complex networks requirements.

Sometimes OnCourse messes up and I'm forced to refresh it in the middle of what I'm doing. Often times it crashes during my work time and my work isn't saved. Another issue is email, sometimes once I get into my account I can't see my messages because it says they're no offline messages. This is really an inconvenience.


Sometimes on OneStart when you go to look at your grades and other things it takes forever to load.

No everything is great.

It is a relief to know that I can count on UITS most of the time when I have problems.

The Wireless internet here at campus housing is often flaky, and in general not very good. If it is possible to upgrade, that would be great.

Echo 360 is kind of a fail. In my experience it has been very unreliable. When it works, it is an excellent tool.

They're really friendly.

One thing I would like to say is that when I am done using a computer and then I log out, other people can still look at my OnCourse/Onestart page in case I forgot to close the web browser. That's not good because sometimes we are in a hurry and we forget to close all the web pages that we open.

I have been very satisfied. I do not use everything that is offered by UITS, but what I do use has been very convenient and helpful.

No additional comments about UITS.

The Wi-Fi access in some locations on campus is very weak.

The one time I called the help desk the guy was so rude I refused to go in and get help. I will be treated like I'm stupid by anyone and that is exactly what he did.

I have never been to a University with touch screen computers! It is amazing and OnCourse helps me so much with homework and due dates. Thank you for the organization it really has helped me succeed! GOOD JOB!

I can't ever get my devices to connect either as a guest or with my login. When I do, my devices kick me off due to poor signal strength.