Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2015

IUB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the UITS survey:
Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?
Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

1. Knowledge base can be improved. There is "stale" information there that makes finding up to date applicable guidance more difficult.
2. It would help to have detailed guidance for routine tasks on knowledge base. Sometimes I feel as though I am the 200th person asking how to do something, but that IT support is satisfied with making every single person contact them to do something that everyone needs to do. For example, updating the license on SAS requires the user to notice the message and then contact (somebody? where?) to get the script to update the license code. It would be much more efficient if these sorts of things were "pushed out" by IT, rather than "pulled in" by every individual user.
3. With respect to security--I get it. However the security policy revolves around information types that are N/A for most users. If you want everyone to encrypt their systems, then make everyone do it. But don't tell users it is because they have social security numbers or credit card numbers on their PCs when they don't. Also, be consistent. If my PC laptop is a threat, then so are: 1) my home desktop, 2) my smartphone, 3) my tablet, and 4) my colleagues' Apple machines, because we are all doing the same things on all devices (accessing email, Oncourse, and library servers). We are academics. Consistent and coherent security principles matter to us if you want buy-in.
4. Wireless access is awful. I would say that I am unable to access iusecure wireless in the B-school at least 50% of the time. I end up using eduroam. I don't understand why it is, I only know this is the way it is.
5. The printing situation is arcane. For class I must print paper copies on my local printer, give the master to staff who fill out and print a blue form, and then carry the paper packet to the basement. Once there, the paper forms are used to create copies, which are periodically retrieved by staff. Wouldn't electronic transmission, routing, and processing through the network make so much more sense? As in, I fill out an online form, attach a electronic pdf, specify number of copies, route to staff to approve, route to basement to print. Staff can see where in the process are particular jobs, and so on. As is, many faculty print class handouts on local printers because it is easier. This can't be cost effective.
6. I appreciate that the construction and moves have created a great deal of additional work and that staff are trying hard. My feedback on this survey reflects overall satisfaction relative to my "ideal." Given the realities of the last year, I shower IT with praise and understanding for getting through it.

1) need to support some kind of CMS.
2) Improve Wifi coverage, it is spotty even inside the buildings.

Canvas is cumbersome and has taken hours of extra work. There are way too many stages to each process, it is NOT intuitive, and does not enable me to do things I need to do. Oncourse was hardly smooth or slick but it had all the necessary functions. The Canvas system frustrates me, my students, and my graduate assistants, giving us more work, less ease, and prohibiting numerous functions we all expect.
One is equally laborious. It may look slick on the surface but is anything but when it comes to ease of use.
Similarly the phone and email services do not seem to be able to find people at IU, so a separate web search is needed to find numbers and email addresses. These sorts of basic functions should be the starting point for this kind of technology.

Change the encryption triggers in emails. My emails are encrypted too often. Every time I update my textbook and send a chapter on [IRD], the email gets encrypted and the recipients usually can't figure out how to open it.

Consultation on basic software such as MS Office

Happy with UITS services!

I work at IU campus children's center:
--wireless connections are better but they still go out a lot which makes it difficult to use our tablets because everything that we need to access has to be stored on the T-Drive which cannot be accessed without that connection (I connect to the base weekly to make sure it is updated)
--my other issue is with Kuli for our p-card statements. It used to take me 5 minutes to reconcile and turn in. Now with all the scanning and logging in it takes me 20 minutes. That is precious planning time for me when I can be prepping for my class, communicating with parents, and working on all the projects I can't do in the classroom because I need to supervise the children. Part of this is due to the above issue because if we get kicked off our tablets, I then have to wait for one of the three slow desktops that 9 other people are trying to use in that same time period. I am one of the few who will still use the tablets so most of them are just sitting there. I find them quite useful when they work but my colleagues are not patient enough to fully explore.

I would prefer to be able to add programs or change settings on my office computer without having to call someone in to do it for me. I really do understand the difference between a virus and a program that I have sought out and find the extra step both inconvenient and unneeded. For example, I was given an ebook to review by a research institute but couldn't download the viewer so I was unable to read it.

I'd like to see more WAPs on campus with less restrictions on use (i.e., WAPs in dorms should be accessible to university employees while in the buildings). The lack of bandwidth adversely impacted one of our survey research projects because students were frustrated with the inability to log in and authenticate, and the incredibly slow speeds once they were in. I'd also like to see improvements in wireless access outdoors since student events are often the best place for survey recruitment.

I'd really like to be free of wired connections in the classroom. I want to come to class, use my own laptop - where files, web site links, passwords, etc. - are, and then use my wireless connection to access the projector. Same for a tablet or phone.

Increase or eliminate the email quota for faculty!!! It is ridiculous that students have 10X larger accounts than faculty.

IT-28 means moving servers to the data center. It would be nice if someone had figured out how we are supposed to pay for this.

Love IU technology! But.....the Kuali system for IRB is very strange and not at all user friendly. It's design is so awkward it makes me dread doing IRB submissions. Sorry.....I actually embrace technology but in this case I'd like to go back to paper. thanks.

Make canvas a hotlink on classroom computers in Firefox


None, UITS does a great job.

Over the past year, classroom technologies have gotten noticeably more standardized and reliable across the many classrooms on campus. Please continue work to standardize these systems and improve their reliability and ease of use for instructors. Nothing is more frustrating that coming into a classroom ten minutes before a class, and having to diagnose why the computer/projector isn't working. We instructors don't have the time or interest or expertise to dig into the details. I definitely don't want to "reset" the computer or whatever just before a class. At those times, I am interacting with students as my primary job.

Personal professional webpages for faculty

Please be sure to check hardware/software compatibility for the plotters, before putting them into the library. I feel this is an oversight with management of putting out a system that does not function correctly, and puts undue pressure on the consultants tying to figure out a system, that should have been checked.

Shorter survey, please. Sorry I got started.

Stronger wifi connection (IU Secure)!

Superb supercomputer Big Red 2 and Karst are very much critical for my atmospheric modelling research.

Support for linux

Support for online teaching is not strong. There are many issues with Adobe Connect that have not been satisfactorily resolved - to the point that I am contracting with an outside vendor to provide Adobe Connect.

The amount of info and services is overwhelming to an average user like myself. I know I don't take advantage of the possibilities because of the overwhelm and the daunting task of making sense and getting up to speed. Help. Make it simpler. Please.

UITS seems focused on providing core services -- email, storage, LMS, etc. I would like UITS to expand into providing programing support for departments wanting to implement innovative projects. High-end infrastructure is available, such as streaming, but UITS provides little to no support to departments who do not have resources or expertise, but wish to implement these services. Something as simple as example code for using tools such as hsi and htar, or streaming servers which might help a resourceful person figure out how to use the tools.

wireless in Sycamore is still unreliable

You are not particularly customer service oriented. Things like the Cyrus migration are ridiculous - faculty business e-mail should be automatically moved. The time away from research and teaching needed to learn how to shift email from one server to another on the part of a large number of faculty hurts the teaching and research mission of IU and makes IU a less attractive place to current and new faculty.
You need to learn to think about things from a faculty perspective - not that computer security isn't important - just that implementing it should not interfere greatly with the primary duties of the faculty.

You need a better wireless system; in my experience the current IU Secure network is very slow and unresponsive, in offices and in the classrooms.

Better coverage for stable wireless, especially on mobile devices
Integrated and understandable strategy for secure data storage of moderate size data sets
Usable system for IRB documentation and approval

More scientific programming support. Big Red 2 is only great if I can use it.

No -- everything I need is already provided for.

In general, search functionality in UITS space is not good. For example, when the classroom computers default to the UITS web page, there is no link to Oncourse on the new page. When you try to use the new pages and are looking for a software program to install, the search takes you to information ABOUT the program and not the program download site itself. I get the sense that design is done by folks who live too deeply inside the system and don't understand or get sufficient input from everyday users.

Desktop research computing is not sufficient in power, memory, graphics. The "new" computers are nearly obsolete when received, and replacements every four years are appreciated but completely insufficient. My computer is my laboratory. External funds usually prohibit purchasing computers, so I am stuck with what someone who doesn't do my job thinks I need.

support that can actually fix something would be nice.

Canvas was rolled out before it was ready and that is unfair to instructors. We work hard and deserve something at least as good as Oncourse or better. Canvas does not include student photos and hasn't allowed us to easily upload grades. And the UITS helpdesk is not helpful with these issues. Furthermore Canvas documentation is extremely poor.

More classrooms like in Cedar Hall, please.

While UITS can surely improve on specific services, I have great respect and appreciation for the staff and the work they do. My life at IU would be impossible without them! UITS is critical for my teaching and research and support of my IT environment in general ...

No additional thoughts here.

I find it disturbing that, when one opens a web browser on the IU computers in classrooms etc., the page to which it opens is UITS--not the University website, NOT the libraries--the computer service. This, I think reflects UITS arrogant sense that we all should genuflect at its ubiquitous presence, its overbearing insistence on what it considers "security", and its supposed magnificence among US universities. In fact, it has consistently provided sub-par services (Oncourse is rubbish, except for the ability to generate mass emails to students--an essential and very basic service--and as storage for reading assignments; Peoplesoft is an opaque maze of bureaucratese, and Onestart a pain in the neck to use). As for IU's vaunted computing power, I find the supercomputers uninteresting, and am surprised when small projects in the digital humanities can't find the fund for programmers or in one case even a server ... the project administrator in one center has had to buy space on an off-campus sever because UITS could not provide him with one that fit his modest needs. And this has affected negatively two research projects with which I am associated, to the point where I am considering contracting with a competing university for my own research. Is this what IU wants to be known for--an institution whose faculty go elsewhere to have their computing needs met? So I have had no reason

I was very disappointed to see so many computers removed from the Information Commons. Many students rely on these, and they should be easy to access. I dislike the number of decisions that appear to be made based on the assumption that everyone has a portable smart device. I find this highly problematic for financially disadvantaged students.

Stop churn. You put in systems, you rip out systems, you send chirpy emails about how we can invest our time in learning new systems--time that is supposed to come from where? Don't get me wrong. I love technology and adopt new technology when IT DOES SOMETHING I NEED TO DO OR DO BETTER. Coolness is not a motivator for me. Utility is. I find myself a forced adopter to many of your new technologies, which don't seem better than the old technologies. I've never figured out how to make the phone work--it took me a huge amount of time to realize that the mothership landing noise was actually the phone--so I use my cell now for my university business and stay logged out of the phone. Maddening.

A few wishes - 1. A storage system for continuous backups of desktop computers via Time Machine or CrashPlan or the equivalent (my understanding is that we aren't allowed to backup to the Cloud which means backing up to local harddrives which isn't very satisfying). 2. An RFS-like file sharing system but faster and more stable with the ability to have multiple accounts mounted at the same time. 3. Cordless phones!!

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Canvas and email storage limits are my main complaints. Canvas is supposed to be an upgrade but instead it's just different and it lacks some of the better features of Oncourse, like iRubric. Email storage limits of 2G for faculty are ridiculous, especially given the near unlimited storage for most other things.

Chemistry ITG staff is very helpful in resolving all computer and network-related issues as well as facilitating research activity in our lab by assuring smooth and uninterrupted operation of analythical instruments.

Currently, on the Thunderbird e-mail systems, one cannot delete (or move to a new electronic location) unwanted e-mail messages. This has gone on for about a week or so now. It is the result of an ``upgrade'' of some system used by UITS. But the fact that this problem persists after several days, seems to indicate bad judgement or professional incompetence with respect to the task of carrying out the upgrade. The UITS should either not do such an upgrade at all, or else do it correctly, without damaging the functioning of standard e-mail systems such as Thunderbird. The piling up of unwanted e-mail messages is not the worst thing that can happen, but it certainly does not promote confidence in the professional competence of UITS.

Despite any gripes -- we have awesome technology services on this campus! Thank you!

Great infrastructure and low level support.

Great job -- thank you for all that you do!

Great staff on the 5-6789 number!!!! Always competent and pleasant.

I am admittedly spoiled. Within the Kelley School of Business, I have an AMAZING IT support group. The contrast between their performance and the general performance of non-Kelley UITS is significant, and I'm afraid UITS suffers a lot by comparison.

I appreciate the IT-centric campus. I am also excited for current and future efforts to bring supercomputing to researchers who aren't completely comfortable with UNIX. The obstacles to using the supercomputers in the regular course of research are daunting, even if the support is there and willing to help. Even for those of us comfortable with scientific programming.

I don't think UITS understands the purpose of the university.

I feel that some UITS personnel are outstanding but some, especially those on the helpdesk for Canvas, are not helpful at all. Being told that something doesn't work correctly without any kind of apology is not helpful. We deserve better! The person who works at Wells library on Canvas transition, however, is GREAT. She actually helps.

I have used UITS for years (decades?) and staff have been unfailingly patient and helpful. I really appreciate the 24/7 nature of the support.

I once received a notice that I have cancelled a workshop when I did not. I called and e-mailed but didn't get any response.

just gave them in the last box ...

Lync system is spotty at best. Many times my system will alert me to an incoming call but when I pick up, the phone doesn't answer the call and the call goes to voicemail or disconnects. It also doesn't ring at all sometimes and notifies me of a missed call instead of ringing to my phone despite my status saying available.


Please understand that I am now retired and do NOT utilize very much the many options which UITS has to offer!

Policy on faculty using specialty software on UITS Classroom machines needs to loosen up. It constrains what faculty can teach using these systems.

see previous box

Thank you for all your help on the help line!

Thank you to the technology support employees. I always get the help I need. I also wanted to thank you to the classroom technology specialists.They are quick to help!

Thanks for getting the wifi to work better in Ballantine. It was pretty bad for a couple of weeks, but now seems largely reliable.

The wireless network in some areas are rather unreliable – in others it works fine but it can be very frustrating when IUSecure disconnects or clogs randomly. Fortunately, AT&T's service may replace that for a short time, although the later is very slow but at least it works where IUSecure does not.

There are serious deficiencies in Canvas, particularly in its Gradebook and Attendance features. Do we have sufficient influence over Instructure to rectify these? Some of the complaints that appear on Canvas forums are years old and have not been addressed.

We have been somewhat frustrated in [IRD] getting a project done via UITS, but disregarding that, UITS has been pretty good. Our local UITS guys (based in our building) are absolutely wonderful and a fantastic resource.

We have had a lot of trouble with using The Geometers Sketchpad on computers in STCs this spring.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

1- Glad to see OTP to Duo migration and hope this will include TouchID feature when authenticating from compatible iOS devices.
2- Faster guest Wi-Fi access would be appreciated for our visiting guests.
3- Glad to see unlimited IU Box accounts, but SharePoint continues to be woefully outdated.
4- Support more mobile apps! Shame about the "official" Outlook app, which looked so promising, but I certainly understand why it was pulled Anything that enhances mobile computing, however, is always appreciated!

3D printing on Bloomington campus and not just Indianapolis campus.

A virtually unlimited unread inbox for traveling IU faculty and staff
Perhaps a clinic for hands-on security improvement
Large volume, high speed, short-term, data/device backup (again, for (before) travel)
Faster VPN
Faster workstations in the student technology centers, some are painfully slow

Certain IMU locations drop and loose internet/wifi connection.

Class on how to read IU email via smart phones using a pass phrase

Don't appreciate the way in which most of the new software and systems are implemented and rolled out. Very displeased with the implementation specifically of Lync phones.

Every time I need help, the IT dept was very helpful. one person that stands out particularly is [IRD] that works IT at Teter.

For my computer help needs, I depend 100% on the Jacobs School of Music IT Department. Occasionally I call the UITS number, but I am rarely able to explain to them my problem, let alone get help from them. It is usually about Outlook or an Excel issue, and I am just not satisfied with their help, generally. I have too little time to take advantage of classes. I would like to take advantage of the online classes, and have signed up for them. It has always turned out that I had too much work at the time, and had to drop out. I think I'm not a good survey respondent. I am always happy with MUSIC IT, and [IRD] in a couple of years. Recently UITS REwired our old building, and everything does move more quickly and smoothly. Thank you!

Generally speaking, I'm fairly satisfied with UITS' services. The one place that I think needs improvement (probabaly because I work w/ them fairly frequently) is Telecom. I often feel like we are "speaking" a different language which makes it difficult for me to describe my question/issue and to then understand the answer. The staff are very friendly and nice but it would be helpful if they "spoke" in layman's terms and explained more thoroughly. The transition to Lync and VOIP phones is a good example; I've finally cobbled together a partial understanding of how to manage phone numbers, phone assignments and phone moves, but it has taken several years -- through talking and emailing with Telecom staff multiple times, reading KB and associated documents.
In general, I feel that UITS does not do enough usability testing on their services and documents to make sure that they are easy to use and understandable.
Finally, I'm filling out this survey on the day of the DUO rollout; I honestly have to say that I was not surprised that it failed. I do not understand why UITS did not test the system and implementation on a weekend or on a weekday w/ volunteers. I'm sure that many departments and individuals would have participated. This reinforces the feeling that UITS pushes out technology without adequate preparation and testing.

Go back to the other phone system...

I absolutely despise the lync phone system. nothing but trouble, inconvenience and time-consuming. Bad impression to the public calling into it.

I do not like the new It is extremely difficult to use for administrative purposes. The "app" function may appeal to the students, but it is very difficult to use for administrative functions.

I feel like there are so many systems that you offer but a medium grade user has difficulty figuring them out so it is frustrating. I would like super simple video tutorials on all the services you offer and how to set them up on our devices. Thanks for your interest.

I feel that sometimes the support people don't read through the support ticket thoroughly as I have had to explain things repeatedly.

I got very little support when I started working here. It was a vastly inferior level of support than I got at my previous university. No support with the phone, lync, or my computer. It seems like professional staff should be setup for success with these things. I figured it out on my own but...

I hate that the Lynx phone system requires that the computer be logged in before you can use it. The translater/ for the lynx system is terrible (the conversion of voice mail to text).
DEFINATELY NEED more technical support for Peoplesoft system (Human Resources). Tired of fighting for resources.

I often get emails encrypted that should not have been encrypted - they do not in any way contain information that should be secure. I think it would be good if UITS could improve their system so that it just targeted the correct emails that need to be encrypted. I have brought this up with staff over the phone before but without receiving a solution.
I do not like the fact that the lync phones at a reception point log out every hour and it seems to be impossible to program the phones to stop doing this - it's quite an inconvenience. Transferring a call on these reception phones is also unnecessarily cumbersome. The old land-line phone was much easier to use.

I submitted a survey about the wireless services in our buildings recently. The wireless network is not very good in our seminar room buildings.
CITO services most of our computers so I don't have much contact with UITS.
I don't like that the lync phones turn off when my computer is logged out or locked but there's nothing you can do about that.

I think the phone service for departments could be enhanced. There is a lack of overall training and understanding how the new phones work and what they are capable of doing.

I think UITS does a great job trying to offer services to all varieties and types of users on campus. They seem to anticipate needs before the general users even know they need these services. Thanks for the great work.

I think UITS does a splendid job.

I think vast improvements need to be made to IU Secure. I realize that the challenges offered by having a broad wireless network are different than a personal wi-fi spot at home, but all across the country, the ONLY place I have wireless issues is with IU Secure. I have sought help several times and the fixes only seem to be temporary.

I wish Lync had more emoji options.

I would like for their to be email updates (opt-in) notifying us when key services are down. Over the weekend our group was effected by the CAS issue. It would have been extremely helpful to know about it during the issue rather than after the fact.

I'm surprised at the number of weak spots for wireless all over campus. We report 'dead' areas as much as possible.

IT training for advanced Word use (advanced macros, building blocks, etc)

It's getting harder to understand where UITS has responsibility and authority especially as it relates to security and guidelines. It seems like when we have questions about how we should be "sharing" certain types of restricted and critical data, UITS doesn't want to say "it's OK to use IU email for restricted data" for example. With so much uncertainty about data security, we need someone to stand up and advise IU about what to do and not to do.

IU Secure can be hard to connect to from mac devices. It also often doesn't work well in Eigenmann, where my office is. I also think that outlook is rather clunky on a mac (the laptop my center provided--not my choice). Finally, I wish that there was a way to archive my email account so that it would be available on multiple devices, not just my office desktop. I have to be mobile a lot for work.

IU Secure wireless has been extremely unreliable in Wells Library and other locations on campus this year.

Maxwell hall has an amazing IT team that works with us! Very satisfied with Z and [IRD]!

Merge all the service providers into one. I get bumped from UITS to HelpNet and HelpNet to UITS all the time. I thought we were all IU???

More info or help on using the Cloud and not just be directed to another website. More one on one training help would be useful in many instances.

More wireless access points.

Need MORE support and information regarding IT elements of credit card processing and security. perceived lack of available, knowledgeable resources.


Part of my job requires that tax forms be sent to me via fax, so a secure fax system would be helpful. Right now visitors are unable to fax forms back to me because it is unsecure.

Phones that don't require desktop PC to be on.

Please find a better web server than Outlook web. It's terrible and clunky to use.
Lync is an awful telephone service. May be better for texting, but is annoying and difficult to use as phone. Can't be used for Duo tokens.

Speaking from one perspective it seems UITS introduces many new projects very bullish to entities outside UITS. Very short timelines seem to be dictated with very little, if any, input from dependent entities. Based on the level of support received during the project one could easily venture to say that skill level and staffing of UITS on these projects are not sufficient for the demanded timelines. I am sure you have heard about these challenges before and I know that these are not always easy problems to solve especially in an economy where there is high demand for IT professionals. I appreciate the other areas where UITS seems to be excelling at such as their committed to on-line IT training resources, community of practices, and technical training. These have definitely been valuable and I hope these great resources will continue to be available.

Thanks for all of your help over the past 18 years!

The CBI has many existing issues. There is potential for great features here (the Tableau server install at IU is fantastic for instance but unfortunately existing UITS policies/practices do not align with actually being able to share reports in it).

The introduction of the New Polycom integrated telephones has been trying. This system is very "buggy". In my position I answer the phones all day and receive and transfer calls routinely all day. This new phone system has been very frustrating to use and I am now happy with it.

The IT-28 policy mitigates the risk of a weakened position for UITS within the University's power structure, but not much else.

The KB very often does not have answers to my questions or uses terminology that I don't know so that my search yields no results. Perhaps you can institute some sort of metadata of terms that unsophisticated users might use? I find the phone system clunky to use. I have difficulty finding my messages and resort to listening to them through e-mail.

The long passphrase requirement is stupid. I have to think of a logical sentence to remember something that long, which undermines the security of a password. I also don't like being forced to change it every x number of months because the requirements are so ridiculous.

the Lync system has several bugs.....

the phones are junk

The training and preparation for the use of systems is non-existent or not readily available. The university makes changes and doesn't tell anyone about the changes and presumes a level of sophistication that is unwarranted. Faculty and staff spend hours accommodating UITS innovations that are unwanted.

The wifi in Wells is horrible.

This was a "service-oriented" survey, but it seems most IT system decisions are made more from the UITS/security/administration point-of-view, than the user and business-processes being supported...though we do see improvements. We have some older or cheaper systems in certain places (due to budgets), but then we disproportionately spend many many staff hours is creating workarounds, or troubleshooting (ie net cost).
UITS systems are pretty impressive, yet in prior places I've worked, the customer/user was in charge of the projects, with IT as a teammate-

Training on the Lync system. No one seems to know much about this system, and there is no training offered that folks seem to be aware of.
Thorough training on the phone system, and training on software upgrades when they are loaded on your computer. Most folks simply teach themselves through trial and error. This is not efficient and software nor the phone system are fully utilized as the result of lack of training.
Other corporations that I have worked for provided training as new items were rolled out to users. This was wonderful training, and employees always felt informed and fully competent to use new products. A UITS training institute, whereby training was offered virtually or otherwise to folks would be wonderful - again, specific to use of the software as installed or updated on our computers, and thorough training on the phone/Lync system would be much appreciated.

UITS has been making a number of changes over the past year that include new technologies that haven't been fully tested or implemented. This has put a lot of pressure on departments to drop their current priorities in order to make changes required by UITS. SQR conversion, CHE migration, and Onestart-to-One migration take significant time to complete.
Given that the initial impetus for appears to be student-oriented, I would recommend that staff-related administrative systems be allowed to remain on OneStart rather than pushing all of those systems to One. doesn't currently have CAS authentication, forcing all the apps that use it to put CAS authentication into their apps.
SQR conversion was implemented without having robust tools ready to go, and roles and permissions were frustratingly poorly implemented.

We've experienced several phone related issues in our department. The response time was not acceptable.

Wireless connections seem to be going down a lot in our buildings

wireless is very poor

Would love server space to create and run java applications.

You may have this already, but a list of students that can assist in home installations or setups on all levels. List their expertise and service charges

Wish there were some sort of counseling services for employees wishing to expand their technical knowledge, i.e. direct them to and provide training in areas for which their is interest. Would like very much to learn how to create websites, but have little idea how/where to start. Thanks.

(1) UITS staff help with software and programming (such as creating and troubleshooting complex Access databases), because few departments can afford an IT staff support person on the payroll. And typically, a department's general support staff don't have the resources to take on yet another responsibility. (2) Better coordination between schools' IT services (such as CITO) and UITS. If the university is moving away from file servers and toward cloud-based storage, then the school IT service staff should be assisting with that migration. Investing a lot of time in further securing files on CITO servers (something my department has been asked to do) when the servers are slated to be discontinued does not make sense. Thank you for soliciting feedback.

Fantastic job!!

As a full-time staff member, I would say more advanced or second level training in Microsoft (Excel and Word) and research software (SPSS, SAS, STATA) than novice and very basic. As a part-time graduate student, I would appreciate more information on IUAnyWare and IUWare - what's the difference, which is is best for x software or purpose, etc. For both of these systems, I have technical issues with.

I think Lync phones are dangerous and do not allow for good planning in emergency situations. In fact, we're screwed in emergency situations. Also, there are lots of bugs. I never know who is calling because the name that shows up on my computer is not the person calling.

The one single thing that I believe would be extraordinarily useful to IT Pros all across campus, would simply be to include a detailed section in IT Notices (view-able only to IT Pros) that explains how an issue was resolved. Rather than "Exchange issue resolved", it would be useful to see how the actual issue was resolved. In this way, one could better identify certain issues within independently managed departments; it would allow one to say "Okay, the fix applied to exchange is definitely something that would affect your issue in Outlook, so you should see that it is now working correctly." This is just one example, but I'm sure whomever is reading this will be able to see that this sort of transparency would allow for better service to end users and more overall cooperation and satisfaction with independently managed departments.

I think that the IU Call Center should always be staffed by Bloomington people rather than switching to IUPUI operators (when a person calls 855-4848)


Thank you for including me in this survey.

I really appreciate all of the new changes being made (one iu, etc.) including the aesthetic presented with these, as well as the streamlining of all of our systems. However, the largest issue is STAIRS not working many times throughout the week, as this is something we use daily when advising our students and creating schedules for them. My hope is that these issues will be resolved swiftly, and AdRx will be updated so we can eliminate STAIRS as a need in the near future. Thank you for your time & help!


Would like to utilize i-Pad for multi functional device(texting, work orders,etc). Have had no success accomplishing this task with UITS.

1. Wish wireless network in my building was better. My mobile phone is off network a lot, not stable.
2. Wish staff get printing allowance at STC supported labs. Often times I had to print out at IMU or other places for work; and couldn't do so. If staff had small allowance, that would have been great.
3. If we could have bigger Outlook mail storage space. 2GB fills up quickly.
Overall, great service. Thank you.


An area of Central/Enterprise GIS expertise within UITS would be an asset to the University. With the richness of IU data--attaching to GIS as a tool for visual analysis and planning is powerful. Wondering how IU's Enterprise IT compares with colleague universities in terms of GIS expertise.

Access to live feed of TV channels via network.

Share more information on UITS financials

Visual Studio 2015 Professional, please.

The IU List services for group e-mails is not friendly.

The KB used to be easier to find what you needed. Various things in the KB are now very hard to find, even if you know exactly what you're looking for. This makes front-line support struggle as well, since they use the KB to get most answers.

My only real issue is with the Lync phone system. If you have a job where you sit at your desk and wait for phone calls, this system has it's merit. Messages that are left are indecipherable in sentence form, but it makes for some laughs when you play back the actual message.

Since UITS changed their website it is impossible to find things that I used to use a lot. I feel like they're trying to hide all information and want me to go "fish" for it. You change things with no notification and I walk in on a Monday and everything is different on various websites especially the home page!

Better wireless service both coverage and dependability


No more additional, UITS can not do the ones they have very well. Don't screw up others. The phone system is not usable and a cruel joke.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Always very helpful, quick to respond, friendly and well trained; great people. Hate the new phone system, btw; clumsy, difficult to use, far more complicated than necessary.

Appreciate the IT support that is provided.

decisions like iiBasic service being retired. Our shop had demand for a cheaper alternative. We formulated a plan for our school wide VM lifecycle policy based on the II-basic pricing that gives each faculty up to 2 VMs. For ~100 faculty (and various associated class VMs) that has the potential to cost us 100*2*$160 = $32K/year.
There was lots of input during the IT-28 review from various units asking for a cheaper VM option. UITS responded with a service that we embraced. Now, to have it retired without any discussion whatsoever leaves us disappointed. If there had been some discussion and we (as well as other campus units) had an opportunity to let them know how we are using the service (and plan to use it in the future) then it may have impacted the decision.

Every time I call the help desk (which thankfully isn't often), the representatives are always very patient, helpful and friendly.

Fantastic Job!!

I couldn't make outgoing phone calls for a period of 20 minutes this morning which is a first time, random occurrence. I think it would be great if UITS Telecom had a faster response time and consistently responded. I feel like my requests sometimes fall into limbo. I also think that DUO should've been rolled out on the weekend. You could've solicited managers for volunteers. I know you piloted Duo with RSTS but you should've extended it to others (but perhaps you did). In HR, Research and Financial Services we rely heavily on the tokens which are an essential part of our job. I think with the UITS site you should enable notifications so that we can elect to "follow" issues as updates happen.

I have worked in [IRD] and [IRD] as [IRD]. I have also worked at [IRD]. When at [IRD] I was always puzzled by the self-congratulatory attitude of management. Working in [IRD], I knew most of my customers were not happy with UITS. Speaking with co-workers I knew that my customers were not unique. I knew that [IRD] was not one of the best places I had worked in [IRD]. I knew that the majority of my co-workers felt the same. Yet the UITS PR folks frequently referred to surveys to demonstrate how wonderful things were. Now that I have had an opportunity to complete this survey I understand how the PR folk can do that. There is one question about administrative systems buried in among all the other things UITS does. Some things UITS does do well and those they don't are easily ignored in the context of those that they do. There are things that are done as standard practices in other IT organizations the are not done at UITS that would improve the quality of administrative services. I was amazed that in my tenure at [IRD] I never had one annual performance review. I was amazed that there is very little in the way of documentation for standard procedures. I was amazed that there is no continuous improvement process to identify root causes, identify solutions and prevent recurrences. When I left [IRD] there was no exit interview, another common standard practice. I could have asked for one, but why bother? Nothing says 'We're not interested in improving things' better than making a departing employee ask for an exit interview. Trying to work with the Business Intelligence tools as been difficult, partly because the Knowledge Base is not complete and what is available is often incorrect due to false starts and a failure to revise outdated documents. The amount of turnover within the UITS BI team has apparently created problems as well.

I think the service provided at IU is fantastic! I think it's great that many of the trainings are accessible through lynda and adobe connect!

I think UITS is a great technology research center.

I would have rated all of my 4's as 4.5's if that were possible. The stuff I use for work suits my needs upwards of 90% of the time. But sometimes things are slow/nonworking for no outwardly apparent reason (though admittedly I'm not an expert), and sometimes it's a little frustrating to be unable to download things (or install Firefox/Chrome updates on my own).

I would love a MAC supported environment. So much better!!

Keep it up, champ.


My boss has had problems with video bridge connections using all of the 22,23, and 24 bridges when having meetings with multiple participants connecting. The availability of this technology is wonderful and it is great when it works properly but very frustrating when it does not.







Overall very satisified with the system in place and the security means. I realize there are numerous resources available throught UITS and I only use a fraction of the services that are available.

please read my previous comment. Wish this survey had go back option to edit previous entries

Recently a group of Students from a local middle school, in partnership with the School of Ed, toured the CIB. We received rave reviews from this visit and wanted to pass along our thanks for such a great and rewarding experience.

Refreshing to see the UITS Staff list on the web! It has been a point of frustration for years to find names of UITS staff members along with area or responsibility. When IU staff work together across functional areas to solve administrative challenges, it is beneficial for the greater good to be known and accountable within our areas of expertise. We are each others customers.

SharePoint should've been updated a couple of years ago.

Some of the shared computer labs are rather dirty, making it uncomfortable to be in them or to hold classes/sessions/trainings in them with others.

Stop referring to IU KB articles when responding to customer issues and, instead, pick up the phone and SPEAK WITH him/her directly. In addition, be proactive with suggestions related to a customer's issues. UITS exists as a support organization and often is viewed as a power-grabbing enterprise building organization.

Telling someone to use the exchange on the we4b because you can't fix the outlook problems is not a solution to the problem

Thanks for the Pluralsight efforts.

The Excel training courses are wonderful!

The IT department in our office is amazing!

The IU List group e-mail system is not user friendly.

The key to IU's great support is it's documentation, there should be one place where all resources are searchable, that place should be the KB or some other system that indexes all of these pages.

The Staff that comes to our building to work on our computers are the best example of customer service at the university. Kudos to all of these people and there efforts.

The translation of information from V/M to e-mail messages leaves a great deal to be desired. I frequently just have to call the person who left the initial V/M back because the translation makes no sense.

Try doing some training on basic systems like "Lync" which is extremely painful to use and I'm not sure of its capabilities because I don't have an intuitive mind for computers which is all computer developers seem to say - oh you don't need training it is intuitive.

UITS has a tough job serving the campus needs, overall I feel they do the best they can with the resources they have.
One comment about the phone system- I believe it is a safety/security risk to have so many phones linked to the computer system and unavailable unless logged in. First, in a time of crisis the dependability of this communication system is vulnerable. Second, if an immediate threat is present there may not be time to log into the system. Puts too much reliance on cell phones that have proven to be problematic in a major events.

UITS presentation over the phone and in person could be improved. Their people skills are lacking. Of course, their email/computer communication responses are excellent.

Very satisfied with UITS

We need better customer service from the SDA.

When major upgrades are performed (i.e. rewiring buildings) the communication to end user Building Mgmt., and ownership of issues by UITS is dreadful.

Wireless in buildings has vasty improved. Discontinuing II basic without input shows that UITS is not about Service but about inflated ego's and marking territories.

Would like more help with WCMS problems.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Add a new User interface or atleast more instructions, at new ID swipe printer stations, regarding scanning of documents. While printing is extremely easy, I've seen that scanning takes you a mid level user atleast a few minutes to figure out how to work them. For novice users, it's much longer.

Additional classes for software training, specifically NVIVO, would be greatly appreciated.

By way of explanation for my answers: My computer is 2 years old - not ancient. IT shouldn't judge the computer but focus on helping the distressed user.
The emails from UITS always sounds dire so I tend to ignore them.
I'd try out Canvas (and consider switching from Oncourse) but it wasn't clear if it's best to do this at the beginning of a semester or if one could try it out and switch midway.
I appreciate the sites on campus where I can print my documents without having to swipe my ID.

Consistent WiFi in the optometry building. It is terrible.

Don't completely block java from the instructor computers connected to projectors in classrooms.
Allow my department to utilize the cloud storage integration on their network with the necessary changes they need to make to adapt it to their network's needs.
Improve wifi connectivity in older buildings.
Improve log-on time on stc computers (it seemed to suddenly be way longer when the update to windows 8 took place).

From my experience as a graduate student interacting with IT support staff, there seems to be a barrier between "UITS problems" and "departmental ITG problems" that shouldn't be there. Departmental ITG should have more experience with UITS services their clients use everyday and it is very frustrating when a problem is encountered and after a day of trying to find the right person at ITG they shrug their shoulders and point you to the door.

Get some labs with two screens

Great job!!!

I am a student at the Maurer School of Law. While the wifi has greatly improved since last year, there are still rooms in which I am unable to connect to IU Secure (214). This is frustrating because I am able to connect in 216 and 213.
It would also be AMAZING if we could get a color printer in the library and printers on the second and third floor of the library!

I am generally in the School of Education or Ballentine Hall and consistently have trouble getting connected to IU Secure.
I have tried to enable my carrel computer to print to the office printer and have been pretty confused- and have asked for help several times through email or walk-in services to UITS and have had people tell me they are unable to help me or they don't know.
I am shocked at the small amount of scanners in my building, and the ones we do have are fantastically slow. Further, when I need to print in the SOE library (because I am unable to do so from my computer or my office computer) it is very difficult to find an open computer. I cannot believe there aren't any Mac computers in the SOE library. I'm sure that isn't your fault or whoever is doing this survey but I may as well say it! Compared to my experiences at other universities, I am pretty frustrated with the technology services at IU.

I am in the School of Education and the big computer labs on the 2nd floor have been under construction for a long time, which is highly inconvenient. Moreover, the printer in the room that isn't under construction is always broken. These are the only computer labs we have, especially since the library is often busy when it's open and it's closed a lot on the weekends!
IU Secure has been a disaster this year. Connectivity has been crap in the SoE. Lately, it's been a little better, but at the beginning of the year, you couldn't stay connected.

I don't like the new system of knowing how many pages you have left to print in a given semester. The old system was fairly transparent - telling you the number of pages and, if I remember correctly, the names of documents printer. The new system seems very opaque. Even if there are now different charges for different types of printing there should be some predictor how many 2-sided black and white copies you could print with the remaining allotment, etc. Also, you can only view where you last printed and not see the names of documents. Most changes UITS implements I believe are good, but the change to the printing quota information I think is very bad.

I emailed UITS about [IRD], but UITS has been COMPLETELY unresponsive and has not answered any of my email queries. I have received ONE automated response. This is a potential legal matter and needs to be addressed and resolved quickly, yet UITS is completely ignoring my requests. This is unacceptable.

I wish the WIFI routers were stronger and you could stay connected to one longer or more seamless transfer from one to another.

I would certainly benefit if the HPS group would offer consulting for individualized computing problems.

I'm not sure if ATT WiFi is part of UITS but I wish this was available at most places on campus instead of mainly areas near sample gates. I've realized that my Kindle is not compatible with IU Secure which I'm still not sure why.

If there are WiFi issues in a building, I would like UITS to be able to check it out. The WiFi in the optometry building is borderline useless. We have had issues since August, but I was told nothing could be looked at until summer.

Instructions or handy users' guides on how to use devices that we don't use very often such as projectors and other in-classroom technology equipments that are not so straightforward to use.. Sometimes our teachers have a hard time turning them on our can't solve some problems that come up during classes...

It is often a challenge to load IU anyware software, whatever you can do to ensure ease of use would be helpful.

It would be great if the plotters at the library didn't require the use of Macs. I had never used a Mac in my life, so getting my files ready enough for someone to help me with was difficult.

It would be great if we could have access to more FREE software

IU Secure does not always connect to my various devices. And the wireless internet in Ballantine Hall is often spotty

IU secure has been really bad this year. The workstations (Mac) at the Union take way too long to open any applications. Printing in fine arts is prohibitively slow.

IU Secure has gotten considerably more difficult to connect to and kicks me off repeatedly during my classes and research. It would be extremely helpful if this was cleared up.

IU Secure never works. Wireless on this campus is beyond terrible compared to other schools.

IUB is my second university environment, but my least favorite when it comes to UITS supportive services as I believe that the students who work in this area are usually rude and nonchalant about what they do. I've needed help on a few occasions and have encountered very low customer service from different students working in this department. Hopefully, students who work in this area can be more courteous when other students come in for help. Overall, I have appreciated the services I received. Thank you.

Just have a staff member in the STCs more often (specifically in the EDUC building 2nd floor STC, although I realize that has now been under construction for some months). The thing is, when a printer goes down or there's no paper and no way to find any paper, you are stopped in your tracks. I know we can call UITS on the nearby phone, but when you need something printed in the next 10 minutes .... Otherwise, excellent STCs in general.

login time is ridiculous. A full 5 minutes sometimes.

Make the WiFi not take five minutes to connect every time

Overall the services have been great, but the quality of the WIFI is frustrating at times.

Please put instruction on how to use the new scanning system. It is very confusing!

Seriously, stop sending me so many damn surveys. Stop it. Why in the hell does every single organization, club, institution, or interaction result in a damn survey. 30% of my email every week is surveys. Stop sending me surveys. I'm tired of deleting emails. I am very unsatisfied. Very.

The wifi in Ballantine Hall is very weak and usually unusable for my Android phone and Nexus 10 tablet. The signal in the IMU is also bad, though not quite as bad as Ballantine. If I could change one thing about UITS, it would be a stronger and more reliable wifi connection.

There is no true difference between canvas and oncourse. Please pick one and use it universally - it gets confusing for the student body.

Wireless is VERY spotty in the chemistry building, often connectivity is completely lost.
Chemistry ITG is amazingly helpful.
Wells Library IT staff has also been helpful in answering questions, helping with software downloads, and ensuring printers/plotters work well.

Better support for wifi on smartphones.

I am a distance graduate student. I would have appreciated info/tutrorials on using the library services online as well as accessing other resources. As it was, I was not made aware on the resources available. I found out about them by chance or by exploring on my own. This led to time and frustration that could have been avoided. I was happy with the services once I discovered them, but it took a while to get there. I happened to listen to one of the "Talk Nerdy to Me" podcasts, which I loved! It was one from the beginning of the year in which IT services were explained. This was helpful. Why are there no current episodes on iTunes? I tried to listen on my phone from the website, but it can't/won't load properly.

I would very much like UITS to take into consideration WHEELCHAIR ACCESS to facilities and equipment on campus. I can't even use a printer on campus anymore since the latest "improvements."

More Mac-specific support

We need upgraded computer equipment in Central Stores (printmaking). What we have is barely functional.
We need more locations that offer color printing (like the fine arts building!!!)
We need a place where students can bring our desktop computers for service (seriously?? A giant university with no desktop computer repair?)

Software Services





IU Secure is horrible. It consistently kicks people off of the internet, it is slow, and is unreliable.

Wireless connections in SPEA can be pretty horrible. Weak and slow connections, to connections that drop off every so often (partially a Mac problem, but I've heard other people without Macs mention the same issue). I've had to take my phone off wifi at times because using data is way faster; however, it was also part of the reason I went over my data allowance for the month.

Wireless connection is poor in quality. It is neither stable nor reliable as usually expected to be.
IUWare service is perfect for support learning.
If IU list system is much integrated to the outlook, it will be better.
Student Self Service web site is ridiculous. Look and feel is something like from 10 years ago and works unbelievably slowly. All academic system is not unified and meaninglessly dispersed over several system and it seems you should change who is in charge of directing information system for academic administration.

Classes on setting up on setting a Wordpress site (.org, not .com) would be great. Also, maybe some project consulting sessions where people could come in and get help with whatever computer projects (like websites or whatever) they are doing.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Classroom tech consistently has issues. The fact that you can't use presenter view in PowerPoint is just absurd. And too many profs/instructors have problems with sound, projection, etc.- even when they follow the directions provided.

Don't know if my comments were just lost! So I'll retype. I am a [IRD] student in [IRD] year with IU. I would have appreciated tutorials or guidance on using online library services. I needed to use them for research, and it took a lot of extra time exploring to figure out the best way. It would have saved me time and frustration if there were built-in support. Maybe a zero hours course for orienting those new students? I wasn't even aware of any of the research services mentioned in this survey. This is the first place I've even read the names of those services. Additional support/teaching would have been extremely helpful and appreciated. Something students don't need to ask for help from, because many, like me, don't know what help to ask for because we don't know what's available. I listened to several episodes of the "Talk Nerdy to Me" podcast which I enjoyed! An episode from near the start of the academic year was helpful because they discussed available services. Why are there no new episodes available on iTunes? I tried to listen from the website, but it kept resulting in a loading error from the tablet and phone I tried. I would love to listen from my iTunes subscription! :)

I continue to be disappointed with the lack of consideration for wheelchair access to equipment. Standing computer and printing stations leave me with NO access in many places on campus. I have not found a single printer on campus I can use since the equipment was last updated. I'm a student; I NEED TO PRINT! Many labs lack even a wheelchair accessible computer. It's 2015... the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 has been around for twenty five years now, but it is still blatantly disregarded.

I don't know if you can change things in Canvas, but the messaging and discussion sections are not very user friendly. In Oncourse you could see which messages were read and which ones were unread. In Canvas as soon as you scroll over a discussion post it registers it as read. I find it very hard to follow along with discussion threads. In the messaging part, I find it difficult to organize the messages. I like Echo360/Zoom though. I am in the [IRD] and it is a great resource. I can listen to lectures if I can't attend live. When I am there live, I can share my screen to get specific help. I love it.

When I left [IRD] there was no exit interview, another common standard practice. I could have asked for one, but why bother? Nothing says 'We're not interested in improving things' better than making a departing employee ask for an exit interview.

I submitted an email question about Canvas last fall and I received a message back that my question would be forwarded to a specialist, and I no one ever contacted me.

It would be great if IU Secure was more reliable. It always drops on my laptop and tablet. I've actually started using the hotspot on my phone to get reliable wifi, which uses my data.

Library staff (Simon Music) unhelpful with printer/scanner problems. They always seem to be on Facebook or Reddit. It seems rather unprofessional since everyone can see what they are doing.

More access to color printing
Better equipment for Central Stores Annex (printmaking)
Computer repair for students with desktop computers-- including hardware issues!

My mobile phone has never been able to access the IU Secure internet, and my I have to sign in to the network every time I turn on my laptop even though it is set as the default. This has been really annoying, but I don't know what the problem is.









Not at the moment

Please get faster and more reliable internet options than IU Secure.

SPHBITS had been very friendly and helpful. They are quick to respond and assist with issues.

thank you

The public mac computers take a long time to log in. I have sometimes waited 15mins for one open so that I can access my e-mail. I also liked the computers with logins better than having to have your ID card to access printing.

The student UITS workers who work in the Music Library are very up and down. The ones who work first thing in the morning are typically very good, but the ones who work later in the day are often not helpful. I've seen them blatantly ignore a person who was having trouble with the printers right next to them while they watched YouTube videos. Also, when more than one worker is staffed at a time, they usually just sit and talk to each other rather than help people with obvious problems.

When I've called in, I've appreciated the support I've received. Would like more classes for things like Excel and SAS throughout the semester, perhaps more weekend options would be nice since I generally can't make week ones.

wireless connection in the law school is inconsistent

You should replace person in charge of information system for academic administration. Course registration tools, Add/Drop tools, late add/drop tool and iStart is ridiculousy user un-friendly. They should have united and have same look and feel.

Your people in the library support area are mostly kind of terrible at customer service. Like, how hard is it just to politely tell someone where the desk is to check out books, especially when it's 15 feet away AND the UITS desk is positioned so that it definitely looks like a place to ask questions. And, how is it even possible that they don't know where to check out books when they work LITERALLY 15 feet away in the LIBRARY? This has happened twice with two different employees. AND I had to stand there awkwardly because the guy was staring so hard at his computer screen he didn't notice me. Also, one of them told one of my friends to go talk to a librarian to reserve a study room, and it turns out that the rooms aren't even reservable. If they are going to sit at a desk where they look like they are there to answer questions, they should at least know some basic information about the place they are working in, even if it's not their department.
Also, it is hard to find things on Canvas, because there are too many different places a file could be. Oncourse was nice because there was only "Resources" as an option. Now there's pages and files, and I can never figure out what goes where.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

A grester capacity for devices to connect to IU Secure is greatly needed.

it has always turned out that I had too much work at the time, and had to drop out. I think I'm not a good survey respondent. I am always happy with MUSIC IT, and [IRD] in a couple of years. Recently UITS REwired our old building, and everything does move more quickly and smoothly. Thank you!"

I can't connect to iu secure on my smartphone what's wrong

I think it would be good to provide multiple vaccine programs

I would like IUTS to offer students the ability to access audio manuals. I have issues reading but couldn't have this technology because no Doctor had signed a document qualifying me to that need, and my question is do I need a doctor to know what works best for my study? I understand this is not of your resources or might not be but I came to understand that it is still a technology issue that IUTS can solve

If there is a way to make iu secure more of a consistent reliable internet service that would be nice.

Improvement to wireless network- does not connect to mobile devices and rarely will connect to my laptop
More knowledge on canvas provided to students- there was not a smooth transition
Something that would make scheduling for classes less complex and stressful

It would be nice if more of the printers around campus would allow me to print without needing my student ID. Although the new printers around campus are nice and new, I never carry my student ID with me on campus so being able to just type my username and passphrase into the printer instead is much easier.

It's often very difficult to connect to IU Secure, especially on my smartphone.

IU ANYwhere support for Chromebooks would be fantastic.

IU secure is awful. It rarely works for me and when it does I constantly have to reconnect. Also, it usually makes me login in when I come to campus from my apartment even though I use IU secure almost every day. When I lived in the dorms last year it worked perfectly fine but I have had the complete opposite experience this year.

iu secure is the most unreliable wifi I have ever used. It is a very inconviecence as a college student needing wifi all the time. I'm pretty sure iu should be able to invest in a better internet.

IU Secure needs some work.

IU Secure tends to have times when it's just so... finky for a couple of minutes before it returns to normal. Plus, the service is lacking in some area.
Being able to print from my phone.
The app is slow and laggy.
I feel like you can map out better where labs are/seats available in one thing.

Keep printer paper stocked!

My laptop automatically connects to IU Device Net instead of IU secure, and Device Net has literally not worked 1 time, I always end up switching to IU Secure, so all I would suggest is eradicating Device Net or fixing it because it is 500x slower than IU Secure

My only concern is that CyberDuck's link from IUware has adware attached to the website, and it's really inconvenient to get it off my Macbook. i think the adware file was called genio. It alters your default page on your web browser to or something along those lines. I just expected UITS links to not lead me to those kind of sites with adware attached to download files.


Nothing really, just fix the wifi so it works more than just half the time. A lot of times ill be doing work and the wifi will just go out on me or just not work all together.

Please fix the wifi in collins. it is repugnant

Please just improve the connect-ability and stability of IU Secure for laptops/smartphones. Nothing worse than when I'm working on webwork and the wifi goes out, so I have to restart the whole thing over.

Stop hiring people that don't have a background in technology. It gets frustrating calling and a student with a biology major answering and saying to call back later cause they don't know
Also, the Internet sucks
It'd be nice if we could connect to the Internet outside, like the arboretum like other universities do

Student Center is absolutely awful and needs to be replaced ASAP.

The printing stations on campus rarely cooperate the first time, which is very frustrating for students. I would love to see these printing stations become quicker and more efficient.


There needs to be a sure way for everyone to link up to the wifi, and it shouldn't be as complicated of a process. I had to take my phone, tablet, and laptop all to an IT tech to help me sync them all in order to be able to get wifi for all of them, and yet still it is "iffy" at best.

When you mandate new branding, offer examples for WCMS sites.

Wifi is the biggest complaint; I am consistently getting kicked off and having to restart my computer to get back on.


There are some buildings, like Kelley and Ballantine where the wifi service sucks. Also, the printers in Ballantine never work and the computers have a hard time connecting to the correct printer. The mac computers all over campus are ridiculously slow and make it very difficult to quickly get on to print something before class.

Better wifi!

If possible there needs to be more time spent trying to figure out how to make IUsecure more reliable. There were more than a few times that the wireless network would drop me or just all out quit on daily usage and while in class.

Better IU Secure


I would like the whole campus, outside of buildings, to provide Wifi.


I would just like to see better WiFi. I can imagine it's difficult with such a large campus but last year I feel that WiFi was better than this year. Often I can't find WiFi for 10 minutes, it says "not available" or "connecting" and I'm sitting right next to the router. So whatever you can do to make the WiFi strength better, PLEASE do it. It's frustrating when you're kicked off during a Skype interview or can't connect quickly enough to get something done on time.

You guys are awesome! I feel very secure that if i ever have a problem with my computer it can be fixed!

I would say that IU Secure wifi has been very poor lately... I work at a center desk and we have had some issues as well, even with the computers connected to the Ethernet ports...
Additionally I have had a lot of trouble in the last year with printing quotas, mainly that I have not received my full amount. And I know I'm not the only one so maybe being more efficient with this process.
I wish that the computers that have the small boxes and reset each day (I think you call them 'infostands' -- found by the lit desk in the IMU and in some residence halls) would have some way to save things temporarily to them. Sometimes if I want to print things off with multiple pages per sheet [such as my 25 page stats slides], it isn't an option unless it can be saved to the desktop and then reopened on the computer.... If there is a way to do so already, please make it easier to understand. I've tried the "box" thing on these computers and still have been unsuccessful.
Finally I miss the email option of from my smartphones and computers. I live off campus but print on-campus. I would use this and send my documents via email to this before I left for class so that I could just go and release the print when I got to campus. Otherwise I have to either bring my computer and 'attempt' to connect to the printer finder (only 50% of the time works) which takes forever, or I have to log into an IU computer and print from there (not always many available). This feature was much more efficient traffic wise and was so so so useful. I was really disheartened when it started failing for me at the end of last semester.
Otherwise I think UITS is so amazing... You all have helped me with so many computer issues that I otherwise would be lost and confused by. Additionally whenever I have had issues, UITS has been great at fixing what they are able to!


Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Allow for swiping your card or entering your password on the computers to print

I don't know how valid my opinion is because I work for [IRD]. Can we get a coffee pot in the wells library?

There are things that are done as standard practices in other IT organizations the are not done at UITS that would improve the quality of administrative services. I was amazed that in my tenure at [IRD] I never had one annual performance review. I was amazed that there is very little in the way of documentation for standard procedures. I was amazed that there is no continuous improvement process to identify root causes, identify solutions and prevent recurrences.

I LOVE More students, especially more senior students need to be informed of it because it is fantastic. I can't wait for more teachers to also use Canvas! Keep up the great work!

If possible there needs to be more time spent trying to figure out how to make IUsecure more reliable. There were more than a few times that the wireless network would drop me or just all out quit on daily usage and while in class.

Improve IU Secure connectivity








Onestart is complete garbage, but works well enough to compensate for the most part

Oops, last question pretty much covered this too.

overall, good.

The wifi in my residence hall is very bad. The signal tends to be weak, or the network will kick you off even when the signal is strong. I live in Forest and this is true of both towers and the center building.
Also, many computer workstations are set up with the mouse on the right side, and the mouse is zip-tied into that spot. This makes it nearly impossible for me to use them, as a left handed person. The stand up workstations in the psychology building are like this, and I have to unplug the mouse and move it over every time, which tangles the wires.

The wifi is difficult to use; it drops / disconnects multiple times a day.
The workstations / open computer labs around campus take an excessive amount of time to boot up after logging in.

You guys are doing fantastic, keep up the good work!