Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2015

IUPUI Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the UITS survey:
Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?
Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Better integration with IU Health Service, less need for vpn's
More user friendly security - I have a tremor, having to use 15 character passphrase for IU services on my smartphone (an iphone) is difficult for me and limits my ability to use my smartphone to access IU services

1. Some of the newsletters like pervasive technology and some security alerts are written in computerese and not easily understood by the average user.
2. I think that it's difficult to find information about high performance computing.
3. too many different help email addresses, should be one and routed appropriately. (Usually is routed but I'm always sending to the wrong one.).
4. training classes held only in Bloomington should be televised or made available via Adobe Connect or something. (Database design and packaging)
5. I would like to see some Oracle training.

A more resource friendly but effective security software suite as an alternative to Symantec

As a teacher, I would like more computer labs available at the beginning of the semester to schedule so that I can review what technology we will be using in a course with students.

As an adjunct, I do not use many UITS services, but in my class The Computer in Business, it is essential that students have dependable computer access.

Better arrangement of computers for classrooms. Some of the equipment is old.

Canvas is a wonderful system, it reduces the amount of paper we use.
For Engineering we need software that could incorporate executable math formulas, easy to use and write equations that could be be incorporated into a report. This would reduce the need of scanning documents that many times are hard to read.

Classroom set up between Riley NICU learning lab and conference rooms, Methodist Candlelight room, and teleconference activity are poor. The systems are not operable for many sessions. And, in conference room 4506, the projector light has been dysfunctional for over 1 month and not usable. It would be helpful to have more intuitive systems in place or recipes to use for each of the devices and a technical person available when systems are nonfunctional. Perhaps proactive testing of all rooms for teleconferencing would alleviate some of these issues. In addition, education of key staff to manage the systems would be helpful. If UITS is not the appropriate group to deal with these issues, please forward to appropriate persons. Thanks very much. [IRD] [IRD]

First thing, about a year ago, I became unable to access my IU email account through my iPhone. I gather this was due to changes made in IU's IT Services. I consulted with ITS consultants, but they were unable to restore my ability to access my emails on my phone.
Second, it would be very useful if I could sort my emails according to sender, subject, etc., rather than just by the date sent, which is the only way they are ordered. I dare say, too, that if I could sort according to sender, this would go a long ways toward allowing me to more effectively clear out the backlog in my emails.


I would like more free computer use classes. Individual instruction in my office to address my particular software needs would be ideal. Unfortunately, I've been too busy to access what has been offered. If you are responsible for ELMS, I have found that very user friendly.

Make Canvas more user friendly to instructors concerning course set up (being able to put classes in chronological order) and more options when emailing students (font, and etc.).

More personalized faculty help

more storage on Outlook email mailboxes!

My students are required to have color prints as a part of the lessons I teaching in painting. I would like for them to be able to print in color from their allotment of printing available through their technology fees. I would like training in the system that they university used to pay for faculty travel - I receive communication from this system that I don't understand.

no comment

None at this point

Overall I am very satisfied with the services and support offered by UITS--with the exception of Canvas. My opinion is once you roll out a usable version of this portal there had better be EXPERTS on staff. I find in many instances when I reach out with questions I am often more knowledgeable than the person I am asking. That is incredibly frustrating!

presentation hardware in lecture rooms S116, S117 in the dental school need to be upgraded to similar capacity as new lecture rooms 114, 115.

Software requests to UITS were met with refusal and a statement that needed software licensing would have to be secured and installed via our college ITS. Why ask what software we want available for our research and teaching as well as for our students if you aren't going to purchase it for our use?

Staff always helpful. Outlook frequently loses connection on my laptop at eskenazi even while on iusecure network

Stop sending newsletters by e-mail, which I cannot block because internal to my organization.

The H: drive is no longer available from off-campus locations; it is only available indirectly via IUAnyWare / Remote Desktop. I believe this was an inadvertent result of increased security / encryption requirements. It would be very helpful to either regain direct access to the H: drive from remote locations or clarify that Box should be used in its place as a depository for class related material.

The wireless service available at the Park 100 Community Learning Center is not good. It often does not accommodate the number of student users that need access during high student traffic times. This often causes problems in teaching content that requires both instructor and student access to the internet via the wireless network system. Several complaints have been made in regard to this situation but both UITS and AT&T have not been able to correct the issues.

UITS must be a more proactive communcator!!!

Wifi tends to be spotty. I would like to see better coverage, if possible.
IUAnyware remains somewhat difficult to use. Great idea, but it can be tricky to integrate it with files on one's own computer. Also, it is sometimes down, but there are no announcements on the IUAnyware page about whether the system is functioning or not. For example, sometimes SPSS just won't run.

Wireless access in all rooms including faculty offices

The new requirement in the past year to have my laptop "locked" and put in a password every time I open my computer, and a different password every time I install software, is the bane of my existence! There is substantial waste of time and frustration... and I do not even have any sensitive student information on my laptop! Really dislike this requirement.
I love the feature of oncourse where I can set up a custom email address for my class, i.e., and then just email messages and attachments to my students directly from Outlook, and they are archived at the class website. This is an enormous convenience. Please add this feature to Canvas before you shut Oncourse down! And publicize it more widely -- most faculty don't know about it but it is a great feature.

Some notes:
1. The IT training classes have been almost universally wonderful, and because they have been free to faculty, I have been able to explore a lot of software that I would not otherwise have learned about. This has been a tremendous help to me in both teaching (both using available software and knowing what is available) and research!
2. The Knowledge Base almost never answers my questions. While someone has taken a lot of time and effort to write the information, there are almost always key gaps in the information, or basic questions that are not answered, thereby rendering the information useless. The information needs to be proofread by people who actually need to know the material rather than just people who know it.
3. I find calls to UITShelp are helpful about a quarter of the time. About a quarter of the time I get someone who truly knows what they are talking about and is able to answer all of my questions and solve my problems. About half the time I get someone who is relatively clueless but is able to figure out the answer after I wait for them to reread the Knowledge Base sections I have just read. About a quarter of the time the person has trouble understanding the question or cannot provide an answer because, as I already know when I call, the Knowledge Base answer is inadequate. When I email, OTOH, the probability of getting a useful answer on the first try is about 5% as the people who answer seldom seem to actually read my question before referring me to the Knowledge Base (often the very page I have just told them I don't understand) or answering a question other than the one I asked. It is only after my second, third, or fourth angry reply pointing out that my question has not been answered that my email seems to find its way to someone knowledgeable. At that point, I usually get a helpful answer to my question.
4. I have been very frustrated in the past year that the IUWare site has several times provided outdated versions of software. The availability of software is a huge benefit, but it is a hassle when downloaded software does not function properly because the site has not been kept current. I hope that efforts will be made to bring the site back to the level of quality it had in the past.
5. I am very frustrated by the general attitude that all faculty should be using Oncourse / Canvas, whatever. I have maintained a teaching website since before I joined the IUPUI faculty, where I provide a site for each course I each semester. These sites include homework assignments and solutions, exams and solutions, lecture notes where I feel that additional material will be helpful to the students, links to the publisher's and authors' textbook websites, lists of textbook errata or links theretoo, links to the final exam schedule, links to helpful material on websites worldwide, instructors, and where applicable recitation or TA hours and locations, and anything else potentially helpful that I have time to add. This material is available to my students in "perpetuity" (i.e. until my death), so that students may return to my website while taking subsequent courses, or while on the job, and provides them an opportunity to benefit from the material published during previous instances I have taught the courses as well. Thanks to Oncourse, I answer email from students only to discover days later that they sent it from within Oncourse and my reply went to an unmonitored address. This is ridiculous. Similarly, occasionally someone will submit homework through Oncourse and in addition to the problem just mentioned, I get links to log in to get the homework rather than receiving the homework as an attachment. This is a waste of time that would be better spent on lectures, grading, etc. It is also annoying to have to go into Oncourse every semester to send an email telling students I will not be using Oncourse so that they do not stupidly send messages I will never read. I publish my email address on the course website. There is no need for them to use any communication method other than ordinary email. I could go on, ...
The last point that comes to mind is that service has deteriorated since it was moved to Bloomington. I have received incorrect answers to questions regarding submission of grades, when grade rosters will appear, etc, because when I called UITShelp, the call was answered by people in Bloomington who gave me Bloomington information rather than IUPUI information even though they could surely have told by the phone number from which I called that I am at IUPUI not Bloomington.

Lync is in general a good product, but it has a number of weaknesses:
- call quality is, occasionally, very poor
- sometimes calls are ringing/routed in a very strange manner
- the usability of the Lync client is below average


Simpler system for requesting software or software updates for classroom computers.

PLEASE, PLEASE continue to support Tableau server. If UITS makes a decision not to support this any longer, it will seriously affect many years of work and resources. Love the fact that UITS supports Tableau. It is the best tool UITS has EVER introduced.
Telephone support 274-HELP is exceptional! Great service and easy to access. Please continue to support this!

Can't think of any.



Not at this time.


None. Thank you for all your great support.

RE: the Lynx telephone system - if there are updates (ex, Windows) while I am away from the office and my desktop shuts off, I do not have any telephone service. That has happened numerous times and I have missed important client communication.
RE: our school IT department is very stretched. It has been very helpful to me in a pinch (like converting a video to digital format); but in my office area, I have become the go-to person for the Smart board in our suite conference room.
RE: I would like to see a big-Box critical data storage option. I work with sensitive data that I save on a server that can protect critical data, but when I am off-site, going through a vpn connection to mapped drive on the school's server can be very inconvenient.
RE: about the vpn process - while signing into another application that requires the CAS authorization while already logged into one - can cause a disconnect from the original application. This means I often have to use multiple computers to keep seeing the original application (which I do have at home - 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 2 iPads, a Kindle, and an iPhone). Can this disconnecting problem be addressed?
RE: IUWare - I greatly appreciate the access to significant software for free or at a discount (particularly as I have multiple devices).
Thanks for all of your hard work!

Not sure, probably more face to face support.

I am not sure if this is your office's responsibility. In January of this year, 2015, a transfer tool was supposed to be launched to help instructors transfer courses from Oncourse to Canvas. On January 6, the tool for transferring quizzes and test banks was supposed to be released. While I transferred what I could, I waited until January 6 to use the quiz transfer tool only to find that the release date for this tool was pushed back to December 2015. This left me with only six days to set up my quizzes and exams, 20 quizzes with extensive testbanks of about 50 questions each. I am [IRD]. I say this because I think it is important for you all to remember how much decisions that you make affect real people and their lives. I seriously considered quitting teaching this semester due to the high stress the lack of a transfer tool caused. My students, I am sure will give me bad ratings, especially, since I got sick shortly after midterm and had to keep pushing due dates back. I realize your job is often thankless, I do appreciate all that you do. I wish that we had had more than six days notice to know that the transfer tool would not be available.

We are in a building at 1410 Indiana Ave. that does not receive much UITS support. We would like to supported the same way other classrooms "on campus" are supported. We have to pay for parking outside our building and we are accessed as if we were on campus, but we do not have a lab in our building and we can not get equipment or other support delivered because we are not on campus

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

1) Migration from Cyrus to Exchange could have been handled better
2) I will soon have to use "Pulse Secure" to use Microsoft Remote Desktop Client to access officially maintained servers (I don't use it to access my desktop PC). Is this really necessary? RDC already has encryption built in, is Pulse Secure really necessary as well? In 2007, I was required to install an SSL client from Neoteris, which is probably the direct descendant of Pulse Secure. It essentially "broke" my Windows computer. There was no tech support from Neoteris (later Juniper systems), no uninstaller, and it was a real pain getting my PC working again. So, I am worried about installing Pulse Secure.
3) I would like to get more complete security advice from UITS, for example, how to best avoid malware like Cryptolocker, etc.
4) Old software like IE version 8, windows XP is installed on some computers I use at work - I'm not sure it's IU or IUH, but in either case, given securitty issues, is this a good idea?
5)VERY IMPORTANT: some of the advice in your knowledge base is obsolete, and needs to be updated or removed. For example, a couple of years ago I purchased a desktop computer for my home with Windows 7 Basic, thinking I could easily update it to Windows 7 Ultimate under IU's site license. This was well described in your KB. Problem was, the KB was wrong, It was not possible to upgrade, and I had to reinstall Windows 7 from scratch, which was very time consuming.
6) IUWARE is great, BTW.
7) Generally phone consultants are quite professional, though sometimes they don't know the answers. I guess computers are that way...

Ah, also, the new wireless service... it can be very annoying because even when I am plugged into the ethernet, it pops up every 10 minutes or so to ask me to log onto the wireless, and keeps asking. So you have to log onto the wireless even if you don't need it, to stop the interruptions. I hope you don't get charged on a per-login basis... if so, you are being overcharged because many people are logging in just to make the pop-up go away, and not actually using the wireless connection. Wish this could be made less annoying. Thanks for soliciting the feedback!

All comments were included in answer to the previous question.

I appreciate the knowledgeable and patient staff members ([IRD], [IRD], etc.) who have helped me on occasion with e-mail account issues.
The OnCourse/Canvas tools are fairly easy to use, but as a faculty member, I am glad I can still submit detailed narrative assessments and letter grades through other means.

I often work at home (i.e. grant writing). The wireless connection is very slow sometimes. My computer often shows "no response".

I think UITS is a very good campus IT support organization. I have worked at two other major universities where IT support didn't even come close.

I'm very satisfied with (and greatly appreciate) the technology partnership among UITS, IUPUI Testing Center, and participating academic/support units that use BS3000 and SL070 Testing Center Facilities.

Most of the services are good or excellent. Problems are rare, but those instances are far more noticable than all the things that work well.
I have struggled with communications with classroom technology support. I have experienced changes to the build and to the hardware without any advance notification, so that I arrive in class and suddenly things no longer work as I expect. I have had my requests go unfulfilled for weeks. I have had my requests apparently not fully read, especially when the room has two computers and someone has only attended to an issue on one of them but then treats the job as finished and closes the ticket. More open communication between faculty and classroom support would be very helpful.

[IRD] has been an exceptional support in helping us develop reports and data extracts for reporting purposes using Tableau and other tools.









None at present.

Oops! See the previous page for my comments. Thank you!

Overall very satisfied with services,

Please improve Canvas. While it's shiny and new, there is much to be desired. The conversations tool needs to be more flexible with the ability to change subject lines and sort by attachments. The grading tools need to be more efficient. Speedgrader is rather cumbersome. It would be easier to just see a list of submissions. Instructors need to be able to see student logs, when students first access a resource or quiz, not just the last time a student accessed it. Small things like these add minutes, hours to the already tedious job of managing a large course using a LMS. While Oncourse had its issues, I was hoping that we wouldn't inherit more with Canvad.

Regarding Canvas enhancements. I'd like to see a regular list of enhancements that have been released for development. While I see numerous comments/requests, some dating back years, I have no idea what is actually being developed, priorities, etc. In other words, comments/suggestions go in; no feedback comes out.

The answers not applicable are things I do not use or know anything about such as email. I connect my work email to IUPUI's as an adjunct. The classroom setup score pertains to the physical environment such as chairs and desks only.

The UITS directions and answers may work well if you already know how to solve the problem and know the answers. However, I do not. The UITS websites answers are not at all clear -- at least to me. They seem to often refer you on to another site rather than answering the question. The Cyrus changeover was particularly frustrating. I spent several hours trying to understand how and eventually gave up and had a colleague do it for me. It became even more frustrating when near the deadline UITS comes out with an announcement saying that it just realized that users were having some problems in transferring from Cyrus and it would postpone the deadline.

UITS advanced research computing support (supercomputing, storage, consultation/optimization, etc.) is world class and has helped our high profile NIH research projects tremendously!

We have not been well supported by UITS since the move to a more centralized system was initiated several years ago. We see a change taking place as the the Think It Make It Lab gets closer to complete and we hope to be able to maintain a more open discussion about our school's unique and nationally important relationship with technology increases

Well done

When I have requested assistance, the help desk is thoughtful and kind. They answer all questions with patience. I am very happy with the response of the staff at the helpdesk.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

a realistic time frame to complete the task at hand.

Applications on computers seem to have to be installed several times.
IT series classes are offered out of series or with huge gaps in classes offered. It would be nice if the complete series was offered in order... i.e "every Thursday at 1 pm for 4 weeks", rather than months apart.

Appreciate all of the services. Time limitations prevent me from taking full advantage of training but I like the full array of training opportunities.

As a student, browsing the catalog for class offerings is not as user friendly as it seems like it should be. For example, I was looking for a class to take for fall and found several that interested me, so I put them in my planner. Why can't I just select a class from that screen and see if and when it is offered for the coming semester?

better access to wireless services in lower level rooms.

Dedicated resources to support IT intensive systems and programming development such as exist within CFS would be beneficial to efficiently and effectively accomplishing our system initiatives. (More resources and higher quality programming staff)

Ensure that individuals giving software advice are knowledgeable about their recommendations. Misinformation can cause extensive unnecessary grief for novice technology users.

Fax needs to be electronic.
ONE needs to not auto log employees off. Onestart doesn't, and it's a hassle.
Mercury and individual pages, i thought were going away. I liked them though.
Need to vastly improve IUAnyware.

Good job! Faster response times would be helpful though and someone to always answer the phone

I am not a fan of Tandberg videoconferencing units, my experience with Polycom has been much easier and more reliable.

I appreciate the web conferencing and video lecture functionality. The low score I gave doesn't really reflect on UITS, but moreso on my professors inability to effectively use the technologies effectively. For example, the record lectures that don't seem to play on any platform, or the audio quality sounds like it's recorded in a wind tunnel, or they loose audio half way through the slides and don't correct it (so it's slides with no audio).

i don't like lync when my computer is down and i can't call for assistance.

I have a hard time using the wireless service. I have tried IU Secure but can never get in it. I do use attwifi and can get in it most times.

I like the One.IU service; however, I don't like that it keeps logging me out if I don't use it regularly throughout the day. That is very frustrating to continually have to log back in.

I really appreciate the service our department has gotten from the phone service department, including/especially from [IRD], [IRD] and [IRD], [IRD], [IRD] and the other data techs.

I wish there was a way to have an IT specialist to be at each facility. Even if sites were assigned on a rotating basis. I believe hands on are something staff could use, but more importantly that our faculty need and desire.

I wish we could return to a phone service that is not connected to our computers. My phone cuts out repeatedly and if there is something wrong with my computer (as happens fairly often) I can't reach our IT staff either by e-mail or phone. I have to ask someone in my department to contact them. It is cumbersome and inefficient.

I would like to have more storage in my email (Outlook). I have a large number of Power Point presentations that I work with from faculty that get emailed in and out.

I've frequently had trouble connecting to the wifi on campus.
I hate how when I check outlook exchange on another computer, it groups messages. I frequently don't realize I've missed email(s) until I log into my desktop Outlook and see them. This has caused many problems and much confusion.

If I am already CAS logged in, I would like to have this function work with single sign-on to IUAnyWare? Currently, I log in to CAS, then log in to IUAnyWare, and then log-in to OnBase Unity Client.

If I put non-applicable on some it is because I don't use or do not know to use. There are a couple items I would like to use.

Improvement in response time to service request would be appreciated. In the last several months I have sent 2 requests that took way to long for someone to respond to. One was simply adding authorization for my back-up person to access a restricted database. This request took over 10 weeks for it to be addressed. (I finally received a call asking me where the data base was located.)

IU statewide system is a great place to work when it comes to the latest and greatest tech and services!

KC financial is too confusing and not user friendly...very hard to navigate...

Keep up the good work! Keep us safe and secure!

Lync is not functional when not logged in to the computer. The phone slides around when dialing. Thank you.

more responsive peds it. better trained peds it

More support for work from home applications, please. I'm really struggling with this -

More user-friendly guides and support for Lync telephone usage that will enable basic office functionality.

Off site IT assistance at the IUPUI campus is sub-par. The communication between the IUPUI and [IRD] IT staff has been terrible, and has resulted in my use of a computer which doesn't allow me to perform all of my job functions, and causes significant delay in those that I am still able to perform.

Our Lync services for phones seems to still have troublesome bugs that interfere with some business activities.

Outlook randomly erases or eats messages periodically. The phone sometimes does not ring but goes straight to voicemail and drops calls. For a place that wants to call itself high tech, we have a lot of very basic tech challenges.
Also not happy that UITS no longer has video services on the IUPUI campus. Having people come from BL is cost prohibitive. This may save UITS money but it costs more for schools on this campus.

Phone service through Lync system needs to be improved. Oftentimes calls are dropped and hearing is compromised.

remote support outside normal business hours is awful. I've worked for campuses that have stellar support services 24/7 and this institution should be no different.

RFS to become easier to manage.

SharePoint 2013 Footprints workspace administration/configuration training

So grateful for everything you do!

The phone system that is linked to computers can pose challenges to offices that have space limitations. It would be great to offer a code that individuals can use to unlock phones and use them at someone else's desk without disrupting that person's computer functions. This would make us more efficient.

They could send more frequent blasts out about training opps.
Classes to become more efficient in Office apps would be much appreciated

Video production support in Indianapolis

When teaching computer classes for employees it would be nice to have a manual with a print out of each page pertaining to class being taught. Many times in the past I have attended such instructional classes to only be taught from a LCD projection with the instructor telling everyone to go here, now here.....when you return to your office you have forgotten half the stuff you learned. if a handout with step-by-step instructions (screen shots) were given to participants that would be a plus in my viewpoint. However, it has been sometime since attending such a class and this may already be done.

Wireless service on the IUPUI campus is very sporadic. It is very frustrating. The new phones have some very frustrating bugs and the fact that we cannot call when our computer is not on is extremely inconvenient.

Would like more on how a remote connection to my desktop from home - can also allow me to use LYNC to participant in Lync meetings and or calls.
Like when my "out of office" message show as what is happening today on my LYNC, and my status shows as off work.
There are times items on my calendar as reminders will set my LYNC status to busy, do like that so much.

you should not try to be ALL things to ALL constituencies because then you cannot do anything well.

Proactive communications is great. I've emailed with specific questions about our web content system (Concrete 5) and Sharepoint and never get a response. So I would say reactive communications could be improved.
Thanks for asking my opinion. Keep up the great work!

I am not sure if Qualtrics is considered Enterprise software yet or not, but if not I hope that it will become Enterprise wide.

I find that when I ask for help, I often don't get asked very many questions, so that sometimes the short fix is not what I really needed. I suggest having UITS staff ask better questions to find out the whys, needs, problems may lead to better solutions.


KFS is just not very user friendly. it should tie to other systems on campus such as IU Comm because they need to approve certain requisitions. Also using the copy command causes errors when the PO is faxed due to the vendor being updated and there is no notice of it... can KFS give comments such as "the vendor on this order was updated on such and such date, make sure you have the right information" or if the vendor no longer has a fax #, it could comment "this vendor has no fax#, please select PRINT method of transmission"- I do not know how much this entails, I would just like to see the system HELP the users out more when they feel lost with better error descriptions and what not.. I am sure I am discussing way MORE than I understand... The fax-press, works, but in my opinion can not be used as much, if department members were aware they could print and email most of their orders themselves... it seems the community is at a loss of understanding transmission aspects. I care for the failed orders on our Purchasing fax-press and have trouble understanding how it actually does it's part... I do know the fax-press does not recognize the "double line" phone systems where the end user must prompt the fax to go through... these are just thoughts.. I deal with what I have and I share as much knowledge as I am able. Through perseverance we will all be on the same page. :)

A newer version of Aqua Data Studio on iuware would be nice.

Better manipulation of outlook through the exchange. Difficult to filter out what you are looking for.


No. Good job overall. Thanks.

Overall, I think UITS is doing a much better job than a few years ago.


Please be nice..not everyone knows your IT lingo

I have real doubts that employee senstive data such as SSNs and student medical records, human subjects research records or other sensitive data is being properly secured. Even if the technical safeguards are in place is anyone in UITS training users how to secure this info (i.e. do not take screen shots of sensitive info on your personal device or download such data to your flash drives). Especially what is UITS doing about enforcing policies regarding encrypting personal devices - I see absolutely nothing happening to train and enforce policies. They seem to be just a checkmark to say UITS has policies - - period.

Not really. You guys do a bunch already.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Accessing the wireless network is a problem. Why not make it an easier process? The phone system is a lot of work just to use the phone. In the case of an emergency, no one could use the phone unless someone is logged in and if we have power.

All talk/very little service. no consideration or involvement of TRUE end-users. plus very obvious that tech support must follow rigid guidelines & cannot 'think' outside of box.

Great proactive communications.

I am very happy to have CANVAS and Taskstream available.

I appreciate all of the support, information and services provided by UITS. Please just remember that for some of us older non-tech folks, a little more explanation and guidance is helpful. We can learn it - it just helps to have someone talk us through it and provide documentation.

I hate our phone systems here. I'm good with technology, but they are awful.

Trying to work with the Business Intelligence tools as been difficult, partly because the Knowledge Base is not complete and what is available is often incorrect due to false starts and a failure to revise outdated documents. The amount of turnover within the UITS BI team has apparently created problems as well."

Is it possible for to not automatically log you out after a certain amount of time? It is frustrating to have to re-login 20 times per day. Also, I wish the wireless signal near my work place was better. It is difficult to use my cell phone data while at my office.

Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work.

KFS is extremely difficult to work with. Placing orders is even more difficult than with EPIC, and I thought that was bad! This was a very poor decision.

leveraged services group is good at implementing new tech, but not good at supporting the items they roll-out. Staff responsible for development and support need to make support a high priority. Not responding to support requests for days or weeks is not acceptable.

make it easier to figure out who to go to for what kind of IT support.

more connectivity spots in Campus Center lower level

Most of our tech support is provided through FIAD Tech. However, after a particularly frustrating experience of trying to set up my remote desktop on a Mac, I contacted the UITS help desk for support. The rep that I spoke to probably spent close to 90 minutes chatting with me to finally get my remote access set up. It turns out that even though I was told multiple times my computer was set up for remote access, it actually was not. Being able to tell FIAD Tech that UITS said my computer was set up correctly spurred them on to finally take a real interest to get me connected. I wish we could use UITS for all of our IT services.



No help from any UITS personnel in resolving permissions problems since updating Mac to OSX 10.9.5, despite several email/in-person/telephone discussions. I developed several workarounds on my own, but all the tech support people seem to be baffled. Because of the problems with OSX 10.9.5, I will not upgrade OSX again until required to do so.



No. Not at this time. Thank you!



none at this time

pt's always want access to free WIFI..not user friendly..what is password etc

stand up workstations throughout the campus not just in the student areas would be appreciated

Support is poor for individuals who work off campus.

the CAITS help line is not particularly helpful in that tickets/tasks are closed and the problem remains about 1 out of 3 times. On issues that stay open you never get any assistance for a work around, etc. you are just left hanging.

The IUPUI audio conference services are great. They save travel time.

The new one.iu is HORRIBLE. The other worked fine. Have no idea why the massive change. No input from people using it. You have to search for everything. Terrible change, terrible for us all. We are all complaining about it. I have been through MANY changes at IU in 29 years. Change is usually better. This is not a good change. The introduction has been minimal with no input from us or instructions. Reconsider.

Would like to be able to use SPSS on IUAnywhere without a $50 charge

You kind of learn to live with UITS. You guys have lots of power and we learn to work with that. IU is UITS world, we all live in it!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

1- I am extremely unsatisfied with the new thin client systems at IT building.
2-Moreover the wireless almost useless (iu secure with mac, don't know if it's different for windows) I know there is AT&T but I need iu secure to connect to the printer.
3- many of the important softwares are unavailable in iu ware , and it's not easy to find the software needed at compus. Try to enable different search strategy like software type, service, and so on, not only the name. Because sometimes I can't find the one I know but if the university computers have another one that do the same job that will be hard to find out.

1. IU secure wireless network consistently disconnects if I am in certain places on campus, especially the campus center or Cavanaugh Hall.
2. IUAnyWare is ridiculously slow. It's almost unusable.
3. The macs in the basement of Cavanaugh in the hallway are also really slow.
4. Anytime I have had a question, I have been able to find an answer and receive timely help. Thank you!

1) I find it really disconcerting that computers in the library do not always let users, with valid credentials, to log in.
2) I have also noticed that computers in the library are configured to ask for permission to save user credentials--I don't think this a acceptable request for public computers.
3) Find a way to improve printing services--current system seems rather obsolete.

All is good

Although I have used knowledge bases in other settings, I find the IU knowledge base to be less helpful than any others I have tried. I also find the registration process needlessly circular and frustrating.

An easier way to opt out of emails. It would be so nice to be able to respond to any University email with an unsubscribe button. Im sure if I dig long enough, I could figure out how to reduce the emails I get, but it would be much better if I could more easily reduce the email I recieve.

Canvas needs: ability to make folders in your Inbox; ability to view details for more than 25 questions in quiz section; a section for exams & quizzes

Continue doing what you're doing. I have appreciated the ongoing tech support.

I am especially thankful for the 24 hour chat. I work and cannot always do my homework during regular business hours.

I am in medical school at the Evansville Campus - not sure if a lot of this information applies to this branch of IU.

I find the registration for classes process to be confusing. I always accomplish getting registered; however, it's always by fumbling around. For example, I [finally] find the course I want to register for and click on it. However, through the process I receive messages like 'there's is nothing in your shopping cart.' So I muddle through the process again until I receive a message that I have successfully registered.

I think there are way to many different sources used between classes (check email in onestart, announcements in canvas, register in on course, etc.) I would like to use a single source to navigate through.

I use remote desktop from outside of campus to use my computer on campus, and I lose the connection very often usually because of VPN. And it sometimes takes hours to get connected again. If there is anything that can be done to improve it, it would be great.

I wish there was only 1 email account for everything. It is really annoying to have an outlook account on top of a gmail account. Everything should go through the gmail account.

I would like to be able to be able to link my to my gmail account. I finally got Outlook to redirect my mail to my gmail account but I still cannot send an e-mail from gmail using my address. This is due to our inability to access our SMTP settings along with POP and IMAP. I'm not sure of the reason for blocking these privileges but it is extremely annoying.

It would be helpful to have all IUAnywhere programs Mac compatible.

IU Secure WiFi is often problematic to use, with a low signal or frequent lost connections. Students and faculty alike have been heard saying the AT&T WiFi is more reliable and faster than IU Secure.

No, thanks

Offer courses for older students to learn to use oncourse or canvas. Or if you do offer them, inform students when they register how to access those classes

Stop sending the email publications (e.g. Newsbit). Make setting laptops up for campus wifi easier; it is a horrible pain for something that shouldn't be that difficult. A complete joke.

Survey was just way too long!!!!!!


The associate who helped me was very nice and helpful. He answered all my questions and helped me install the necessary software.

There are some software programs that require updates and new software that becomes available to multiple faculty members, yet we need to contact someone to install these. Can there be a (not an IT person here ok) pool of software that if we need it, we don't need administrative rights for it to install? These programs would be located on a UITS site that we could access for installation (UITS approved software) Thanks

UITS should offer full versions of Windows.

Unified workspace + collaboration platform (eg, more integrated LMS, email, cloud storage / sharing, collaborative workspace, event calendar, messaging and notification system), better mobile access (apps) to resources, less intimidating security (CAS sessions and long passphrase), better time logging system than Kuali (see "Toggl"), more event calendars with iCal support (to import / subscribe in calendar apps)...

update the printers in the school of education library so they are the same system as the rest of campus.

Why am I redirected to the UITS website every time I enter the IUmail web page and then have to be directed to the login page. This is an annoying extra step that is super unnecessary. I just want to log into my email not search the IT website.

Yes, I would love stand alone windows 7 that does not require upgrade disks. More dual monitor system at the medical school library in indianapolis



Speaking as someone who has himself provided consulting information to UITS in 2013...
Please do include adequate Wi-Fi bandwidth at all campuses. At Indy/IUPUI, I have seen quizzes totally crash in the middle of a course session due to UITS's lack of bandwidth availability for students. This is a quantitative problem and I hope that it can be addressed easily. Beyond that, best wishes for your pursuits!!

Thank you for being there

I would additional information about secure storage options for administrative units. We currently use RFS but would like additional information about secure network storage options.

Overall my experience was good, I put some of the rating as 4/5 to indicate that there is always room for improvements. E.g., I have seen few places where WiFi strengths are not that good, KB can always be improved (specially with new devices like android etc.).
One final note about the new services coming out of UITS, graduates students rarely use them unless they were informed that there is a service like this. E.g., box. One suggestions is you could reach out through a bigger social media campaign from IU it self and show a quick video etc. Emailing rarely work these days specially for me, I believe for others too.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

More high end printers,copiers and usable and better interfaced scanners in UiNV Lib IUPUI - those in writing center are terrible And too little in high traffic areas like library.
Color printers. Workstations with basic stationary like scissors staplers etc.
Binding machines Would be nice.

The use of Canvas was a terrible experience compared to the OnCourse structure. The Canvas organization was not very intuitive to a course instruction. It was sometime hard to find the pages I was looking for and the instructor did not seem to provide very helpful guidance. I do not find anything wrong with OnCourse and do not think it should be changed at the time.

I have frequently called to get help on software applications. When an update stops functionality, your team is there to explain how to repair the situation. Help in installing software is another help. As an [IRD], fingers do not always type accurately. This help assures that the planned solution is not lost as the entries are checked for accuracy. I already have Master's degree and a BS from Ivy League. [IRD] Business applications have some issues--maybe very old and need updating to be more friendly: 1. Class registration is a trial. Screens quit too soon. Finding a class needs intense accuracy and basically a call to the department is better than the search engines. 2. Finding financial aid reports is not easy. They are buried several layers in. The language to seek them is obtuse. 3. There needs to be an easy to find directory for phone numbers for the basic services such as bursar and financial aid. Canvas is a lesser product than OnCourse. The privacy option--that you have to know a classmate to communicate with them--is a weakness not experienced with OnCourse. For those who are in a cohort of classes together, names come easier than the visiting student who comes for a class a semester. OnCourse has the email option when a Message is composed. That gets more opportunity to catch a classmate who has a smart phone with email. OnCourse has the additional option to file conversation history for group projects. Google products will have potential when I am able to find the work-arounds to the limitations that I have encountered. OnCourse, by its simplicity, has not failed me as Google products have. The icons on the opening screen (that look like Windows 8) should have a promotional help button for those who are not using that approach and have bought laptops intentionally with Windows 7. Information on what they do and don't do is a good thing to encourage their use. In sum, I worried that I would lose this help when I graduate in the fall. I look forward to help as an alumnus for as long as the option is available. That encourages donor relations and the consideration to give.


Classroom connectivity could improve.


Not sure at this time

None at this time

The student-self service window is not user friendly, it requires all those fields to be filled very specifically, making it difficult to find classes. I also have no clue what number they actually want when it comes to searching by class number. It is especially not helpful for graduate students.

The new academic planner is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to use than the previous academic planner.
One.IU is an improvement from OneStart but the interface is still busy and overwhelming. The "homepage" on One.IU is just awkward. I just want to start with my short list of favorites. I realize that the page is busy because the amount of information is staggering and there are all different kinds of resources available to offer. Maybe have a "you might like" column or row on the interface to help with discovery of relevant apps. You could also have a list of standard apps that everyone starts out with, such as, the bursar and class registration. Every student needs those two apps.


Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

A while back I was interested in connecting to the IU server (where our lab stores our files) from my smartphone. You have a vpn client for smartphones, so I downloaded that, thinking it would allow me to achieve a secure connection and then map the network drive. Unfortunately, that functionality doesn't appear to be available. I searched KB with no luck. I called the support line one day and the guy who answered was very helpful. He said he thought it would be possible with a third party app. I tried that, but was unable to map the drive without the IP address. I called back the next day and spoke to someone else who told me A) there was no vpn client for smartphones (I directed him to the KB webpage where I had found/downloaded it) and B) there was no way to map to the server using my smartphone, so I should just get a tablet instead. The whole point was that I was traveling to a conference and wanted to pull a file off the server to email to someone without pulling out my laptop. These two encounters gave me the impression not everyone at UITS was on the same page. Also, I'd really like functionality if you are able to offer it in the future. I already have a smartphone and laptop and am not looking to purchase a tablet. Aside from that, I've generally been quite happy with the assistance from UITS.

All the services available have been more than helpful. As a soon-to-be graduate of the SPEA program, I have benefited from access to and availability of serrvices whenever I needed them. Thank you for all you do!

Dear [IRD], please refer to my earlier comments. If you have any questions as to how we may optimize IT services, please never hesitate to email me at [IRD], and I shall oblige. I hope we are all in this together.

Easier Passwords

Fix the wifi, it ia slow and patchy
Also can't attach files to emails on exchange in google chrome neither on windows 7 or 8, or see the calendar in chrome

Get rid of windows 8

Good job !

I assume that because canvas is new that many professors don't know how to use it correctly. I realize it is a learning curve for all but professors need to understand the functionality better.

I enjoy working with the Learning Technologies group in UITS. They make our areas function at a high level.

I have shared all my thoughts in the previous section. Please share them. Thanks

Keep up the great work and services - it is the best I have seen in all my years in college. Congrats to the team!

Listed in the previous question.

Much was said in previous screen.





Nothing at this time

Overall I have been very satisfied with the aspects of technology provided here, although as a graduate student I don't use very many of them.

[IRD] and [IRD] and they make my life so much easier. They deserve a pizza party for outstanding service to the Anatomy department. They did not bribe me with pizza to say this.

See also the response to the previous question.
1. The new academic planner is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to use than the previous academic planner. I know it still has some bugs but I prefer it by far.
2. One.IU is much cleaner than OneStart but it is still too busy and hard to navigate. I would prefer a simpler start page. Maybe the start page would have only my favorites with 4 or 5 suggested apps in a column on the right or on a row at the bottom. It would also be nice for a first time user to start with some standard pre-selected apps based on their role at the university, such as the bursar and class registration as part of a student's favorites. Then make it so the user could un-favorite those pre-selected apps if they chose to.

Some computers are too old and too slow. Hope update some of them.

The service network at the parking garages are not effective.

This is my first semester to use Canvas with my graduate class. It was easier to contact students in the class with the emails next to their names in OnCourse. If contact information for classmates is in Canvas I haven't found it. I stopped looking and went back to OnCourse to find someone and contact them.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

I don't know what the deal is with the WiFi network, but it is seriously horrible most of the time. The E&T building has some of the worst damn WiFi I have ever had the displeasure of using. This is of course, the 50% of the time it doesn't throw a fit when I'm trying to use it. Also, no WiFi in the bathrooms? That's messed up. I'll put it to you this way, there are no newspapers in those bathrooms to read so what is so outrageous about putting a access point on there. The Wi-Fi is ridiculously substandard for a building dedicated to education and advancement of technological fields. What the f am I paying all these technology fees for if I can't connect to aforementioned technology?

1-More stand up printing stations these are always being used in buildings
2-I tend to find Oncourse easier than Canvas but all classes need to be on one or the other
3-More Mac computers in library if feasible

All in all, I think they are good.

Better wireless signal strength, especially in the science buildings!

Canvas is a significant step down from oncourse. The only thing that is better about is the calendar, but that really isn't that important.

Currently, I'm only taking an online class. I have to wonder if students on campus also get 6 year old lectures. Granted, this is not the fault of UITS but the department. OnCourse works just fine, OneStart isn't very user friendly however.

Downloading shareware is not a copyright violation no matter what company tries to pressure the school into submission. The internet should be free and we should be allowed to do what we want on the internet at our school. Not constantly watch our backs in case a company decides to claim something happened. Its a fear state and is not how the internet should work. The courts have even made precedence that an IP does not constitute a person. Therefore copyright violation processing should be disbanded at our university and people should be allowed to use the internet how they please.

Expand wireless limits. Fix the many bug with the IU Mobile App for iPhone.

I am not good with technology and it is help to have easy steps and someone to walk you through the process. But the best part is that the person doesn't make you feel dumb and that you are wasting their time. I have had two experiences within the last two weeks and both gentlemen were wonderful.

I attempted to print from the Cavanaugh plotter printer and none of the UITS staff knew how to use it. They are only trained to fill printers and surf the internet. I am also bitter about having to pay $40 for my undergraduate print allotment of 650 pages. Why am I buying pages at all if I'm not going to use them? Prints cost $0.04 per page. This should be $26 dollars! Also, get rid of the thin clients! They are horrible machines and they only cause problems for students and staff. Drop the price of duplexed prints too. Currently there is no price difference between a duplexed page and 2 one sided pages. And most importantly destroy It is a mockery of our collegiate professionalism. Finding course information shouldn't be likened to 'using an app'. It is a wildly inefficient user interface and leaves much to be desired. Maybe you could just update onestart?

I believe that you need to increase the strength of the wife net. upgrade logging to the concourse using easier and faster. you could achieve a link with other UN allows students to share information and learning strategies. Thanks for your services

I can never connect to the WiFi on my cell-phone.

I can not access some folders on oncourse when I'm on my phone or onestart. It would be nice if the Mobile ap were a bit more functional.

I do not appreciate the push for One as a mobile website. Onestart has everything easily accessible, and it is a pain to try to find the services on One. I understand the premise of the search bar, but I know where everything is on Onestart, and if I do not know the exact name of what to look for in One I cannot find it.

I don't like canvas. I'd rather stay with oncourse

I had Canvas for a couple of classes during the Fall semester and I find that it still needs a lot of work when compared to Oncourse. I'm all for using new things, but I found Canvas to be a bit much to navigate when in comparison to Oncourse and I find the emails for every single grade entered a bit annoying.

i hate the student self service, it is very VERY confusing and it logs out really quickly. I really wish someone would make it more user friendly. I always end up having to come on campus to get help signing up for classes, or trying to look up information

I was unable to use wireless Internet through IU Secure this year due to the change in applications. The old method of logging onto IU Secure for Internet access should be reinstated.

I would like it if the new printers in the ET building on IUPUI campus that say they print color, would print color. Also print 11 x 17 like they say.

I would recommend change of desks in the CA building.

If Wifi could stretch beyond the buildings, that would be nice. Bloomington did it for IU, somehow, I'm not sure how, but can they be our role model?

Improve the wi-fi in the IT building which is where I primarily spend my time. Most days it's ok and the other days its not good at all.

Improve the wifi at IUPUI. Sometimes I'll waste 20 minutes trying to connect and end up just using the local AT&T wifi

Improved wifi-availability, speed, and quality. Also, a scan option for copying papers on printers. Current copy procedures tear or destroy papers when fed in, especially if paper is not printer paper.

IU Secure was horrible. They really need to fix it.

less emails overall

Might not be possible but it would be awesome if more programs were on iuanyware.



No additional support, but I find that I often lose signal of IU Secure on my laptop while on campus. I also prefer Oncourse over Canvas, but I feel that some of the features from each could be integrated together. I like that I can select to send mail to someone's email inbox in addition to messaging them on Oncourse; I cannot do this on Canvas. (Many people like professors have the messaging feature turned off on Canvas.) I like that I can calculate my grade on Canvas; I cannot do this on Oncourse.

oncourse, canvas, and the like could do with an improved user interface. There have been several times that documents, messages, and even online quizzes have been "lost" inside the assortment of links and files. There is also the issue with online homework services. I know that these services are not made by the school and I'm not sure If UITS has any say in whether they are used or not, but online homework services need to be looked into more thoroughly.
I've seen time and again where a student in a math related field got a question wrong because they used a format the system didn't recognize, even though the answer was correct. I myself have had trouble with a physics class on Webassign, not because of the faulty hardware, but because the professor fell behind in lectures and the homework started being about things we had yet to cover.
If you could look into these issues and see if there is a solution, that would make learning here much simpler. Thank you for your time

Possibly update some of the computers in the library.

Provide information to online students/users on how to use campus facilities and where they are located ect.

Replace SIS with something designed in this millennium. One.IU needs a "site map" where you can drill down to what you need. Search isn't useful since a lot of the time you're not sure what you need. Search is best used when there's a near-infinite number of options, not when you have a small, fixed number of sites to access from the portal. Also, it could use a dashboard like OneStart has, where you can see your schedule, bursar account, and whatnot.
Stop disabling features withing Windows in favor of third-party solutions that are almost always worse (Start menu, OneDrive, etc.).
The stand-up PC kiosks should be replaced with regular desks and chairs, since the current kiosks take up just as much space and are much less useful. Nobody needs to "just check and e-mail" because we all have that on our phones. Those kiosks are usually half-empty, while regular PC workstations are usually hard to get. It just seems like those kiosks have pretty powerful and expensive hardware that goes to waste by just being email and print centers.
I probably could air a few more grievances if I had the time, but that's enough for today.

Some of the survey questions seemed redundant

Somehow fix the wi-fi so it reaches all areas of the campus buildings, there are places in Taylor Hall and the Nursing School where the wifi doesn't work at all

Stronger repeaters or wireless range where sitting areas are available on campus, especially the IT building

Support for Windows 10 Tech Preview. I can't connect to the wireless network because I'm using Windows 10 Tech Preview on my laptop that I use for class. This needs to be fixed, now.

The computer lab at Herron is frequently locked up when the sign on its door states that it is supposed to be open. This is very inconvenient since those printers are the best for larger format printing.

The internet service has been terrible right after winder break. Fix it! No one can stay connected to it for over 30 minutes at one time. Even the smart phones are having problems.

The main issue that I've experienced is 3 or more print stations having broken printers, usually at the same time. AND Once you've released your prints and the printer doesn't print you lose your money on your jag tag. There needs to be better management of jag tag finds. Losing money page by page adds up.

The printer in the Riverwalk Apartments has been broken for over two months. As someone who lives on campus, I rely on that printer for late night or early printing and this has impacted my ability to do homework that requires printing as I have to walk 10 minutes to campus during class hours to print anything out.

The sites are not at all user friendly and seem to be disorganized and messy. There does not need to be three sites for messaging not including our original email. They are cluttered and visually ugly and need to be simplified to one site, not three sites accomplishing the task of one.

The wifi all over campus is good except for in the river walk apartments, it is rather slow.

The wifi is terrible especially in the nursing building

The WiFi needs to be fixed so that it doesn't disconnect everything you move an inch, as well as IUSECURE needs to connect and have have issues staying connected. They need to be able to know how to get kissing links back on one's OneStart account as weel.

There should be more larger tables for students who wants to study from the book and from the desktop, because here i only see four and usually they're been used by other students.. Thank you,

They are doing an outstanding job, it's something to see, when you put it all together.

WiFi access on campus is terrible. In both the university library and Cavanaugh Hall I'm forced to use my smartphone as a WiFi hotspot; there's no point in trying to connect to the UITS network.

WiFi speed is never very good and it won't even connect sometimes in more crowded areas of campus. The oncourse mobile site and app are horrendous and unusable. Canvas is infinitely better and all classes should be switched to it in the future.

Wireless connectivity with laptops is hit and miss. You can always connect, but sometimes the lag is problematic. I realize there are a lot of students and you must have a massive bandwidth issue already, but I often do not use my laptop on campus because of this issue.

Would be helpful for any class file submission (Oncourse) to allow selection of multiple files and/or compressed/zipped files. When submitting 15 linked files, it is far too easy to miss one file and receive a reduced grade for the project.

You guys are super pushing about your survey. Emails every day for the past couple weeks. I'm busy, I'm a full time college student. Blowing my email up just annoys me.
My major complaint about the UITS offerings are hardware quality and of course how awful the IU Secure network is. You've got to download a million things to your computer that nobody wants or needs. Besides, it hardly even works, it is ridiculously slow, especially in the ET building. One minute you are connected to the WiFi, the next minute you aren't. It isn't hardly fast enough to load Oncourse or Canvas, which are essential to most of our classes.
The hardware is alright, there is certainly worse hardware. However, when running programs in the engineering department like SolidWorks simulation, they have trouble keeping up.
Fix the WiFi, it has sucked for four years. I've got one year left, and I don't really expect any changes to be made.

Nothing needs to be added. Existing services should be improved.

Not that I can think of. I would like to see One be more usable, though.

Better Wifi Cleaner more sanitary computers. especially in library

Better internet connection in classrooms on campus; constantly losing connectivity in ET building.

Canvas sucks. Let's be honest, canvas is about as useful as a car with no gas. It has everything you need, but it just doesn't work. Oncourse is far better, canvas is stupid and pointless and confusing.
If literally change schools to get away from canvas. It really sucks. Learning curve on it is 5000000 times harder than oncourse. Seriously. Stop using it.
Internet (wifi) needs some improvement. Overall happy but CANVAS NEEDS TO GO AWAY. Stop wasting money on a program that is destroyed by the awesome oncourse.


How about a link to Canvas on Onestart

The campus center needs help with WIFI and cell signal.
I am looking forward to all classes switching over to Canvas, I feel it has many more collaborative offerings for students.

Better wifi (by better I mean wifi that actually works and is at an adequate speed when working)
More printers on campus
Lessons on how to use the new canvas and Igps


improve wifi and outdated slow computers and printers

Please upgrade the wireless access at IUPUI, more WAPS are needed in the buildings. In addition to adding WAPS IUPUI needs to ask wireless providers to install cell phone repeaters (micro towers) on campus. I am afraid if an emergency arises it will be communicated slowly because people will be looking for cell service.
As an IT professional I am impressed with the up-time of services and the effort put into making technology key to education.







na. I have learned useful information in all of the classed I have attend since starting at IUPUI



No comments

Nothing at this time.




Can't think of any


Onestart has been a confusing mess since I first worked with it in 2004. Now 11 years later it is WORSE. I think UITS should be embarrassed for such a site existing (and being the only access for many student and employee services) in a university that offers a PhD in Human Computer Interaction. Ever think about using some of the academic resources to fix some of the shortcomings in UITS ??

please expand the strength of iusecure. sometimes i would like to work online in the parking lot sitting in my car but the strength of the connection is not good enough.

The computers at the workstations in each building need new software. I don't understand why windows were taken off those computers and some random software that no one knows was put on, a horrible decision.

I have a lot of trouble connecting to the school's Wi-Fi outside the buildings on campus. Using Wi-Fi outside would be fantastic, especially for students like me who like to do their homework outside during the spring/summer/fall.

the computers in LD/SL building are locked up and the monitors do not have headphone jacks. The service desk (based on number provided by xerox machine) never has a clue what's going on. When three of the four computers crashed it took 20 min to get ahold of right people to fix them. Those people in turn did not come to actually fix them until the next day.

The computers in the kiosk on the first floor science building study area need an overhaul. They often take up to 10 minutes to load up once one logs in.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

1) Improve network quality in ET building, it sucks
2) Your student support staff in the ET building should not be rolling with MacBooks. What self respecting engineer uses those? Not one that wants access to fill featured engineering software with minimal hassle. If the Jobs clique has to be representative, send someone with a Windows PC since the majority of students usestudent
3) Toilet wifi, I cannot believe this hasn't come up. Seriously guys, let's get this going.

All services offered are excellent, when they work. The largest issue with UITS is consistency. Sometimes services work, sometimes you get a really knowledgeable individual from the help desk but its never consistent.

Canvas is not user friendly. I've seen students and instructors struggling with the format. The tutorials at first use were not helpful for the issues I've faced using it.

Cleaner computers, especially in the libraries

Enjoy and appreciate the free IT Training computer workshops and certificates offered. Instructors are wonderful. 24-hour phone help line for laptop issues is also much appreciated.

For canvas: make it so students can be notified of the name of all new files that are posted to Canvas sites by instructors. And make it easier to search Canvas course files by date.

GO BACK TO ONCOURSE. STOP USING CANVAS. CANVAS is the WORST system I have ever used. And I have used blackboard and it sucks too.


Granted, IUPUI is a large campus and I don't expect to have wifi that is at the same speed as 4G. However, I do expect the wireless to actually work. On several instances when I needed to connect to the Internet with my laptop, I have not been able to. And naturally, on days when I don't really need the Internet and I'm just perusing online, it works for my laptop. If we as a college are going to be relying more on technology, then we need consistent Internet access to our students. I'm tired of this hit-and-miss wireless service when I have to do homework the same day that it's assigned.

I am a UITS employee in the Support Center. I had selected Not Applicable for as many spaces as I was allowed to because I do not wish to impose bias.

I have a great deal of difficulty getting onto the wireless networks, and when I do they are unusually slow. I know that many of my classmates have the same issues, particularly in the afternoons when I am sure that computer traffic is high for the campus.

I have only been using this system since January, I am not too familiar with it but I find the overall system a little confussing. There is too much information on some of the web pages like onstar, canvas, and oncourse. Its so over packed with information sometimes I forget how to get started or where to click to even get to a new email. I use ECHO on a weekly basis and I always have to wear earphones to hear it because without it I cant hear anything even with the volume all the way up. My instructor is really good about speaking clearly and keeping her microphone near her. I am not sure if i am the only one with this issue.

Now that I have had an opportunity to complete this survey I understand how the PR folk can do that. There is one question about administrative systems buried in among all the other things UITS does. Some things UITS does do well and those they don't are easily ignored in the context of those that they do.

I love that Echo exists! It is so nice to be able to go back through and listen to previous lectures. It has definitely helped me succeed in class.

I only took online courses and had no difficulty with using OnCourse over the last 3 years.

I've used the phone support several times and the support team is very prompt in returning phone calls & msgs, as well as providing very helpful user support. They are an invaluable resource!

improve wifi and get faster computers and printers

In umail I'd like to be able to highlight things in email's I've received.

IU Secure is constantly going in and out and it is very frustrating when everything we need for classes requires the internet.we should not have to wait to do homework at home because the internet went out. It is especially bad in the nursing building.

Keep up the good work. It will not always be smooth sailing, remember when it gets rough be calm and solve the problems.
You are doing a fine job maintaining all of IU systems.

Make scheduling classes and searching for classes more user friendly.

many students can't connect to IU secure on a phone or computer and it is difficult to connect to the at&t server from phones and laptops












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Service I received during one-on-one session was helpful. Staff member ([IRD]) was knowledgeable and exhausted resources to help me fix my laptop.

Thank you for allowing us the option to decide which cloud service we can use! As a student of both IUPUI and Butler University (in the Engineering Dual Degree Program), this allows me to use my Butler Google Drive and have it automatically mount on IUPUI campus computers. This is something that Butler does not even let us do. Also, the ability to choose our own email provider is also very much appreciated. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for asking.

thank you for the services you provide. you have a great team.

The computer work stations in each building need to go back to windows.

The new operating system for the window computers on campus has caused it to become much more difficult to access previously available software for Engineering & Technology programs. It is difficult to figure out what is installed on each computer. Every computer lab seems to have different programs installed and if a specific computer lab or classroom is being used, it becomes exceedingly difficult to figure out what other computers might have the needed software.

The only major complaint I have is regarding the wireless network services. The wireless service rarely works on campus (mainly the SL/LD building, library and IP. Even when the wireless logo shows full functioning, it does not allow me to refresh or check my e-mail, etc. on my phone. I know many people who have the same issue, and it would be great if the issue could be improved or fixed.

The Student Service center has proved difficult to navigate, and not user friendly.

The UITS representatives around campus are always very helpful and I appreciate it very much.
I also really appreciate the changes that have been made to the Student Center on onestart and I hope that the school will continue to make searching/registering for classes, paying bills, etc. simpler and easier to navigate.

UITS may be the single best thing about going to IUPUI. I transferred here from [IRD] and they don't have anything like what UITS offers in terms of service, user-friendly websites/applications, partnerships with cloud storage companies like Box, and the many other services offered here. I might just owe my steadily improving GPA to UITS services, and if I had to recommend a school to college-bound high school students, IUPUI would receive my biggest endorsement, without even considering the other services IUPUI offers.

Umail and the campus does not recognize my email as being set up yet and I've tested it and it works. I still get emails and notifications from faculty/staff that my email is not working.

You guys are doing great.

You guys are great!