Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2015

IUS Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final two questions of the UITS survey:
Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?
Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

A one stop website that has ALL of the technology support resources available in one website.

Approval for installation of necessary software in terms of teaching necessities needs to happen much sooner.

Put more support functions back on this is useless to talk to a work study in Bloomington on Saturday when something needs fixing (including the phone!) when all they can tell you is that they will tell someone to look at it on MONDAY. Some of us have events and work over the weekends.

Rewiring PS and LF was disruptive and a lot of computers did not work the first week of class. Windows 8 is difficult to use - we should have stayed with 7.

When upgrading the classroom computers, PLEASE make sure they work. I have had problems with classroom computers not working after an upgrade. If there is a class in the room just before mine starts, I do not have a lot of time to figure out what the problems/changes are.

It would be fabulous if the adjunct professors could have a day of training on Canvas and other technology available to us to enhance our instruction.


I would very much like for my name to be removed from the IU Southeast system of technology: I would like for all phone calls for snow days to stop, for example. I am no longer teaching at IUS and the calls awakened me numerous times over the winter of 2014-2015. (I called Tech Services and asked the lady who answered to take me out of the tech system, but she was not helpful in that regard. Please, no more emails or phone calls. I have retired and will not return.

I oppose the centralization of IT services through Bloomington. We had better service in the past when we could directly contact persons on our campus. It is very frustrating to have to first speak with an off campus person.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Don't forget training for the adjunct instructors.



Please see comments on previous question, and please share those comments. I no longer teach at IUS and do not wish to receive any emails or phone calls.

Regular updates on classroom and instructor machines. Regular software update on office computers when new version become available.

see my prior comment. I oppose centralization of some services, especially support for classrooms and research labs.

The Help Desk and the people who staff it are great. They are so patient and can always solve my problem. Greatly appreciate the service.

The IU Southeast campus has dedicated technicians and specialists that strive to work with faculty in resolving technological issues or in working with new software programs. We are very fortunate for our staff here.

Voice messages from the telephone are not accurate. When the computer goes down, so does the telephone. In an emergency you're cut off if you don't have cell phone handy.

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Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Excellent job!

I greatly appreciate the hard-working techs that provide very capable assistance with great patience and expertise. Thanks so very much! :)

Phone support needs to be quicker and easier. I miss the days when I could call someone on my campus and get something resolved quickly. I dislike the time required to resolve an issue when I call with a problem. computer is turned on, yes I am have a monitor... it takes forever to troubleshoot issues with some of the more junior associates.

Try and figure out why the time card system is down as often as it is. I feel that we would be better off with a time card/punch in system as often as I get kicked out at 5:00 AM here at IUS. It has gotten better over the last 30 days...
Wireless in the Life Science Building was non-existent on the LS 330 side of the building before the upgrade. Now the only room at has an issue is LS 348. The signal in there comes and goes throughout the room (especially up by the white board.).
Better training of the Professors when changes are made to the software or hardware. IT need to take responsibility when they are at fault. They are real good at passing the buck from what I've seen(worked around).
Clean the keyboards and monitors more than twice a year (if that). The latest germ testing on the 3rd floor of Life Science found the keyboards to have the greatest area concentration of germs. The restroom were cleaner than the keyboards.

The Voice Message is getting better and still needs tweaking.
We just received new Data in Ogle Center . The system is great the installers need to check each plate and covers to each Computer to make sure they are all hooked up proper. Hint Check Room 88D there are plates off from the past work done in other areas.
Thank You for setting us up with new computers on the stages! The only issue is to make sure the computers can funchion in all Area's and (Power Point, Video's, Web access, etc with the Projection & Audio Systems)
The Printer in Ogle 88D is not working.
The Great thing I wanted to Bring up! You folks Really Stepped up on the new Data lines in the Ogle Great Job!
The Stem and Robinson is setup for streaming for over flow events.
Inprovement Note: We can also could setup Steifler Recital Hall and the Orchestra Rehearsal hall, Black Box, as well. If we haven't already?
The ethernet lines are there! Mapping it and testing it and use a splitter to send to each venue all together and in reverse, so each Steifler Recital Hall , Orchestra Rehearsal hall, Black Box & Amphitheater through the knobveiw ethernet circuits & venues can simalcast back to the Stem. I'm sure as we grow this funchion will be asked of us. I'm just planning for us to be prepared.
Here is a boost for you folks! You folk Rock! Your IUS IT TECH CREW are working so Hard! The should get a boost in pay! I'm So Proud of you Tech folks here at IUS! We have TEAM Here! Keep up the hard work! The Changes that they endured this past year they all Desarve a Week of with Pay! Love you Folks!!!!!!!


I would like to be able to call my campus IT help desk instead of get anyone at any desk. I appreciate the employees at IU Southeast and they know me. They are wonderful and I would rather talk directly with them.

Calling the help desk and asking for help can be a frustrating experience when you are sent to another campus for help especially when you have a campus specific question. I understand the importance of everyone helping so the wait is short. However, I would rather leave a voicemail and be called back so I am able to speak with someone on the campus I am at.

Our department finds that if we are having IT issues and call the 2447 number we do not find resolve, leaving us to call our IT department here on campus directly which always is extremely helpful and gets to the bottom of the problem.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Awesome Job Folks

I am not always sure for quick emergencies who to call. I know we are to go through the "system" and get IT from other campuses, but sometimes they don't know the situation that is just related to our campus.

I am very impressed with the IT services at Indiana University. Impeccable service with a good attitude is almost unheard of in many fields, particularly IT, but this is what I receive on a regular basis from UITS.
Thank you

I love working with the UITS individuals on our campus. They help the computer illiterate and never make them feel bad about their lack of knowledge. They provide exceptional service and support. I very much appreciate all they do.

overall, everything is great.

The current Lync phone system is my least favorite out of all that I used in my time here. It has some nice features but in general use, it is cumbersome.

The IU Southeast IT team is extremely responsive and helpful. They do a wonderful job!!!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Are there additional services or support that you would like UITS to offer?

Help with wifi on smart phones and tablets. And possibly help people with technical problems longer than five minutes per student.

I hate the new printing system. I am a non-traditional student, and I did not live by my U-card. There were times I could not print something important or had to run through-out campus looking for somewhere that would charge to my allocation. I hated it!
I also hated how difficult it was to get on wi-fi.

I live in Orchard Lodge and our wifi is not very good at all. We are always having trouble with connecting and having the wifi just come and go.

I think it would be nice if the cloud storage service could work through the file explorer, though I'm not sure if UITS could do much about that.

I would like to see an easier/quicker way to be able to check my student status(Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior). I know I can currently find how many credit hours I have taken, but it would be helpful to have my status right when I log into the Student Center.

Less log in areas on one.iu please!


not everybody has newer equipment to use Canvas. I cannot get updates for my computer to be able to use firefox or any other portal besides Internet Explorer. Because of this problem, it is very difficult to use Canvas with the equipment that i have.

One time the internet went out across the whole campus and no one was informed. I was in the middle of an online quiz. Not good. Also, it cuts in and out a lot.

Printing on both sides...I print a lot for multiple classes and it seems so wasteful to not be able to print double sided.

Suggestion: I'd like to be able to make IUOne and SIS more user-friendly and have options to change the amount of time before it auto-locks. As a full-time employee and student, these services should not time-out so quickly or should allow some personal customizing. SIS is down-right maddening because it times-out so quickly and the warning pop-up locks up everything on the screen until you respond to it. IU One seems to lock itself up every 10 minutes so a lot of time is wasted logging in so many times during the day. Also, IU One has an issue with the classified ads webpage. I've tried logging in several times from One, but always have to go thru OneStart instead.

Support for a Oncogene or Canvas App for Mobile Devices

There were several instances where logging-in required a big amount of time, which was inconvenient.

I frequently need access to software that is unavailable on IUS computers and I am not allowed to install it myself. Everything from updating a web browser to class specific software. This is very important to my success in school and nothing says IUS doesn't care about its students more than not providing access to this important software. Even when I've attempted to go through proper channels to have the software installed, it doesn't happen.

No it's okay

No further comments

The department staff is always very helpful when I've needed their assistance.

Are there additional comments you would like to make about UITS?

As a nursing student, UITS has been integral to my education. I have been very satisfied with all of their services.

I feel UITS has an attitude problem towards students, professors and their needs.

I'm satisfied with the Oncourse system used, but changing to Canvas isn't the easiest as Oncourse is very user friendly and Canvas isn't. Also, the technology used for the printing is great, but it'd be nice of the wireless printing from other devices like your personal laptop worked as effectively as the computer system.




No further comments



The free programs that are offered such as Adobe and Microsoft word, excel, etc are an amazing help with school work!

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They have been very helpful whenever I've needed assistance.

WiFi: Satisfactory, but the old service tended to kick me off during the day.
IU Ware: Satisfactory due to it being a free program, but it is not transferrable to all computers on campus. I have the iMac Microsoft Word program. It could be that it is just a newer version and all of the older desktops are not updated with it, but this limits my on campus computer use.

Wireless signal is weak in parking lot. I like to sit in my car on nice days and do work on my laptop