Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2016

IUB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

(1) Many of my lower ratings are a function of how accessible and user-friendly technologies and services may be for me. I am very comfortable with technology, but I have experienced significant difficulties with IU Secure wireless, as well as repeated issues being locked out of my user account. Additionally, the knowledge base could improve its search function.
(2) Administrative systems, such as Canvas and SIS, need to improve their user interfaces for much easier navigation. The grading function on Canvas is clunky.

1. IU secure connection to my laptop and smartphone is abysmal! Gets disconnected all the time.
2. I have problems opening and editing files on IU Box (probably because of poor connectivity)

1. The wireless routers installed in the campus buildings and on-campus housing are very bad. The signals drop very often and the speed is horribly worse than those of self-installed routers. However, I could understand that this may be a "cost" issue.
2. The transmission speed between SDA to local computers is very slow, too.
3. I understand that the cyber security is an important issue, but I still hope that more freedom will be allowed and that the use of internet should not be compromised for the security infrastructure.

A lot of my comments were colored by my experiences with CITO, though I tried to consider my UITS experiences directly. Overall, I am much more satisfied with the quality of service and the helpfulness from UITS than I have been recently with CITO.

Adding wireless cover to Evermann Apt.

As a scientist, I find Canvas much less user-friendly than Oncourse (which was great!). It is very hard to do things that used to be easy and straightforward w/ Oncourse!
I have serious difficulties negotiating the OneStart (and One) dashboard. It takes many tries to find what I want!
Similarly with Knowledge Base -- most times, I get zero responses when I type in a question.

As an adjunct in the School of Music only for spring term 2016, I would have appreciated being scheduled for an intro to the computer culture at IU when I arrived. I had to identify and locate individuals and make appointments myself on topics from library services to classroom facilities to desktop computer services. Everyone is exceptionally good-natured, so that has been great.

Canvas is much better than Oncourse.
Canvas would be more helpful if all of my quiz questions were pooled. That way, if I delete a question from one quiz, I can pull it from a pool of questions for another quiz later that semester.
On SIS (or anywhere), it would be helpful to download the roster in Excel - including student ID, last name, first name, major, student status.
It is annoying that Exchange is frequently down or prompts me for a password, and I have to use the Outlook web interface.

Canvas is terrible. It was hard to imagine anything as bad as Oncourse, but Canvas is even worse.
One.IU is way too cluttered, without easy instructions for customizing it to get rid of most of it from one's screen.

Canvas is far inferior to Oncourse, and One.IU is far inferior to OneStart. You folks seem to be devolving systems. What is going on?

Canvas lacks the functionality that the faculty in my department want -- functionality that was available in Oncourse. There are far too many "clicks" needed to get anything done in Canvas. The inability to email all students in a course unless they "opt in" on Canvas makes Canvas nearly useless as a classroom communication tool. I wish you would reconsider decommissioning Oncourse until Canvas addresses the needs of its faculty users.

Canvas really needs a way to duplicate assignments

Canvas support has so many people to get through to get an answer or upgrade to our Canvas site.
My distance students needed to download and run SPSS and it was a lot of trouble. One of my students spent 6+ hours trying to figure out how to set it up. I suggest better infrastructure and support for SPSS IU Ware application. It currently has problems. A downloadable agreement would be better because file saving and re-access is not easy and causes loss of data.
There is no free qualitative data analysis software via IUWare. I urgently suggest making it available to online and face-to-face students.

CITL has been invaluable to me as an adjunct. The schools and departments do not seem to have all of the pieces in place to help all professors/lecturers integrate technology into their classrooms. CITL has helped me to not only learn how to use Oncourse and Canvas, but how those tools can help your pedagogy. With more adjuncts hired by the university these days, I see CITL as really important in helping bridge this training gap.

Continue standardizing classroom electronics set ups.
Integrate webcam capture into Echo360 for all classrooms.

Generally, UITS assistance can help with mild issues or challenges. When I call regarding something in which the KB cannot help, I find the representatives frequently sending my issue to another team. Every time my issue is sent elsewhere, not only do I not hear from anyone again, but the issue is never resolved. I either have to spend a significant amount of teaching time to figure out how to work around a problem or call again and get sent to the team again.

I am an old IU professor, and not very computer-literate. I was more than 40 years old when I had to adapt to doing nearly all communications via computer. At the same time, as the director of two pre-college music programs, who at certain times of the year received 40+ emails a day from clients, I must have my computer and email programs working correctly and efficiently to do my job well. Troubleshooting does not come naturally to me, so I am very dependent on UITS. I am admittedly not an "easy case" to deal with -- sometimes I don't even know what my UITS 'advisor' is talking about. :-) For that reason, I usually hand over control of my computer to the UITS advisor ASAP and let him/her troubleshoot and try to fix the problem.
My experience with UITS and Music IT consultant has been very mixed -- both from the standpoint of their ability to solve my problems and their manner when interacting with a "novice" user like me. I have found their knowledge and diagnostic skills to be highly variable. I've received excellent help from some, well-intentioned advice that did not solve the problem from others, and totally wrong diagnoses from a few.
I want to single out [IT STAFF] at Music IT services as an outstanding consultant, who is always receptive and extremely knowledgeable. I have never thrown a problem at her that she could not solve quickly and well. However, I do most of my administrative work at home on my desktop computer (a Dell XPS) and cannot ask her to fix issues with the home computer. Actually, the Dell has had almost no issues, but I have had a handful of exasperating problems with connectivity, especially with VPN and Pulse Secure. Earlier this year, I suddenly could not send/receive emails because the "system" did not recognize my credentials. It took two of your advisors at UITS Support Center to resolve the issue. The first did not have a clue. After trying various things, he told me I needed to upgrade to Outlook 2013... which wasted about 3 hours and did not solve the problem. Subsequently, I received excellent assistance on the same issue from a young lady at UITS, who not only solved the problem, but explained to me in layman's language what she was doing.
I have one recommendation: It would be very helpful if you had a way to connect users with the same consultant they were working with previously when they have to disconnect out of courtesy to allow a lengthy upgrade or something of that sort. Yes, I know your consultants make notes for their successors.... but it is still irritating to have to start all over again, explaining what's wrong and what's been tried thus far.

I am told by our Accounting people that it is impossible for me to view my own research account info on Kuali. They tell me that by giving me access to see my own research account, I would be able to see everyone else's research accounts (i.e., there is no way for me to have access to only my own research account). I simply want read-only access so that I can monitor what has been charged to my research account first-hand. It seems like that wouldn't be too difficult to make possible.

I appreciate all that UITS does to help me as a faculty member. I rarely have any problems with any systems or applications, and when I do, UITS responds quickly. Thank you.

I attended a workshop about moving to Canvas. After spending a couple of hours trying to figure out how to format the first page of One.IU syllabus, which could not be transferred from Oncourse to Canvas, and being told I could not provide a link from Canvas to the Adobe Connect classroom I use for online instruction, I left in complete frustration. This is an incredible time-sink at a time in my career when I need to be focusing on research, writing, and teaching -not spending an unbelievable amount of time moving everything from Oncourse to Canvas. If this is going to happen, then there needs to be AIs or Research Assistants who will do this work for faculty members. Give us all a 15 minute tutorial on how to use the program. Also, the Shareware Creative Suites should continue to be free to students and faculty without a hassle.

I cannot use my Lync telephone because, since it is connected to my computer, it slows it down too much. This is probably because we get only 4 GB of RAM. I am running OS X.9.5.

I dislike how my telephone is tied to my computer, a laptop with dock. If I am not logged into my computer, I have no phone access, which is unsettling if an emergency of any kind arises.

I dislike the removal of computers in favor of a "BYOD" environment. This works to the detriment of low-income students who rely on the availability of this hardware to complete their work.
When I was, for a short time, not affiliated with IU, UITS seemed to rush to close all of my accounts. This can be a major inconvenience for former students and employees.

I do not use many services provided by UITS as do most faculty, but I am perfectly happy with everything I do use: Canvas, wireless access, classroom IT equipment, advisers working on campus, IUanyWare, and so on.

I feel the wireless network isn't very stable -- or even accessible -- outside of classroom buildings. Why is that? Also, I have no idea how to work the voicemail system for my phone, and thus far, nobody I've reached out to seems to be able to help me.

I get way too many IU e-newsletters. I don't have time to read them, so I never do. I don't know what the solution is for getting information out to users, but this isn't it.
My main use of collaboration technologies is classroom-to-classroom videoconferencing. It seems like the system was recently updated, and as a result, we are having more problems than we used to -- trouble connecting, audio problems, problems sharing a computer screen, etc.

I have appreciated all the help and information that UITS has to offer, but the university absolutely fails to understand that for a great many faculty and instructors, things should be left in place, not changed, if they work. Oncourse works perfectly well for me, yet I am being forced to change to a different system. I recently had to reconstruct my laptop with the latest versions of programs, and in every single case -- Windows, Word, Outlook, etc -- the new versions are worse. The university also does not understand that many of us still access the web via laptop or desktop computer rather than smartphone. This makes IU's home page impossible to use. When you search for something on the classroom desktop computers, you get a huge array of widgets amongst which it's impossible to find the simplest thing -- like how to access the internet. Please, please, please, stop the relentless change for change's sake and consider the value of keeping what is familiar and what works.

I often have internet connectivity issues. I use a laptop to connect to IU Secure in Rawles Hall. You often have to disconnect/reconnect. I know several others, who have different kinds of laptops, who have had the same problem.

I really will miss Oncourse and the old email system. I do not particularly like the new Outlook system.

I use the browser version of Outlook because the application is so bad for Mac; I would love to see that better supported. I avoid using IUanyWare, if at all possible - it's great to have that service, but the interface is awful and slow. Otherwise, in general, things are great. Box is really helpful in all of my work.

I would like to see more flexibility and more adaptability for Apple products.

I am incredibly annoyed at UITS because they have repeatedly failed to respond to my request for an Access Token to use the Canvas APIs. I have been in contact since September to get access to this functionality, and UITS keeps giving me the runaround. They have failed to respond to emails several times. Moreover, when they do respond, they never give me an accurate estimate of when they will actually be able to give me a simple Yes/No answer on my request! In September, they said it would be ready in November, but then in November they delayed until January. They claimed they would respond to me the first week of the spring semester (which was five weeks ago). I do not think very highly of UITS.

I am not new to IU, but returned to teaching after a long time. I think you should work with HR to offer new staff and faculty an Orientation session of what is available on campus in regards to personal employee services, teaching, and research IT services. I have worked here for four years and was never told what OneStart offers, or which teaching IT services are available. IU is overall terrible at Orientation for its staff, including Orientation on IT services. I had to learn everything individually through the grapevine, so I am seeing the trees, but this survey reminds me again that I have no clue what the forest looks like or the menu of services offered.

I am not sure if this is an UITS issue, but it bothers me that all of the links I actually need are at the very bottom of the website. I think most of the instructions are provided directly by Canvas, but I am having trouble adapting to Canvas. The instructions are hard to follow and I wish there were more videos.

Improved telephone service and wireless connectivity in the building where I work. A better way to connect to the libraries' catalog and data sources off-campus.

In both of the classrooms in which I am teaching this semester, I have had ongoing problems with internet and sound that even the UITS helper could not solve, and it has greatly disrupted teaching activities

In most classrooms, it is not possible to select audio and video sources independently. This is a major problem for many of us in the School of Music. For example, I frequently would like to play audio from Variations on the classroom computer, while using my iPad to project a musical score on the screen. We have a few classrooms where this is possible, and those classrooms are a pleasure to use.

Increased capabilities on Canvas; for example, makeups marker in attendance, easier ability to see the pages as the students see them

It is really bad that Save & Exit did not work.

It often feels to me that the UITS "improvements" are developed more so as to keep the UITS employees interested in their jobs than in response to campus requests, needs, or experiences. I have never found the online interface or training to be particularly helpful, nor have I been able to implement ideas I have for how to make my classes more digital, because I cannot get help in tweaking current tools for my uses. If only there were some way for interested faculty to actually get assistance in implementing their instructional ideas. I have tried numerous times, and am quickly frustrated by the disinterest of those whom I have approached for help.

It would be great to have a wireless remote type of device in every classroom that could be used to move onto the next Power Point slide so that I am not tethered to the podium when using the classroom computer.
Also, while Canvas is great at handling some things that Oncourse could not, it needs to do a better job with Attendance (that function is nearly useless in actual practice) and there needs to be better, more explicit options for handling extra credit. These are functions that most courses will need to be able to handle.

It would be great to have more places where we can work with others off-campus. In business, this is a given. It is more difficult with teaching, research, and administrative work.

It would be really nice if the supercomputing and parallel processing courses were recorded and made available afterwards online (I have scheduling conflicts frequently with these trainings, but the ones I have attended have been top-notch).

IU Exchange sucks -- a number of changes seemed to have occurred in the past six months and it crawls, especially on mobile devices. Simply terrible.
Canvas does not yet compare to the many needed features I had in Oncourse. I cannot post a file to only my section in a combined multi-section Canvas site; and why doesn't Canvas have IU usernames in every aspect of grade books, exporting quizzes, etc.? It is called an IU primary key -- the Canvas primary key is worthless. IUanyWare is so slow in my laptop-only classroom; it is pretty much worthless until bandwidth improve. Sincerely, [IRD].

Just want to commend you for the response times when I have needed help. Great Customer Service.

Linux desktops are not as well supported as the other commercial OSes. For example, Cloud space is harder to handle with Box, since there are no easy sync clients for Linux on the market. There is less software for Linux, although it could be made available. For example, SoftMakers Office 2016 is an excellent package for Linux (far better than LibreOffice), and it can be licensed for free from SoftMaker with a campus license. This should be done and offered via IU Ware. There are many useful packages for Linux users (i.e. Debian or Fedora) that could be integrated (e.g. RStudio, Xmind), education versions of IDEs for all platforms, including Linux, that beat common traditional ones, like CLion, PyCharm, WebStorm etc. We can get student and teacher licenses for free from the JetBrains site. We should inform students and teachers about that, or alternatively, make arrangements with them to cover students and faculty campus-wide directly.
Karst Desktop should also be promoted much better. This is such a valuable concept and piece of infrastructure, and too few know or care.
I would enhance the connectivity and embedding in modern ubiquitous computing infrastructure, promote the use of iCal and vCard, and improve the communication and event management on campus. Obviously, units need help with that. Most people I talk to have little or no knowledge of virtual calendars and management of those using mobile devices, etc. We miss events because those get sent to lists or individuals buried in email attachments.
I would like to see some services offered to all of us, like Overleaf, that allows for easy collaborative and synchronous web-based LaTeX-editing. We use that a lot, but we pay private membership or use the limited free version. Overleaf is much better than most other services. There is, in fact, more need for technology that would support collaborative work on Office 365 documents that is also compatible with Linux browsers, Firefox, Chrome, or Google Drive.
We are desperately missing a good collaborative coding environment, like Overleaf, Office 365, or Google Drive -- something that would allow us to program and code algorithms with a wolf pack, class, or colleagues from all over the planet, and perhaps experiment directly on Karst or other infrastructure. IU could set up such an environment itself. It should not be too time-consuming to do so technically. There are many ready-solutions that would need minor adaptation to enable that. A playground for Python, with support for other languages as well, that could be used for teaching, presentation, and research, would also be very useful. Some environment that would serve those interactive coding and documentation packages. Some of that might already exist and I might simply not be informed well enough. If the latter is the case, I would be happy to become better informed.
Otherwise, I do really think that UITS does an exceptionally good job.

My one big issue is the problem I continue to have with Echo360 in my classroom (MN001C) in McNutt. It continues to fail to record my student's presentations, and does not allow the students to complete follow-up presentation assignments.
Additionally, some of the staff who come in the classroom to attempt to repair the equipment has been extremely rude to me when I ask questions. I hope this can be considered as well.
Thank you for the survey and for your attention to the issues addressed here.


Not a fan of VoIP

Not having admin access to my own office desktop (Windows) is a major obstacle to efficiency and productivity. I end up doing things on my personal laptop just to avoid having to interact with UITS at every turn - even for very minor things, such as routine updates for my browser.
Presumably, this policy is in place because you think it improves security. But security of what, when little work can be done on the hardware provided? I am sure my laptop is less secure, but at least it is functional.
Also, the fact that Exchange email can be delayed for multiple days is absurd when email is absolutely critical to teaching, research, and administrative responsibilities.

Only one point: email has been plagued, it seems to me, much of this year by slowdowns and difficulties. Whether this is an Outlook problem or a UITS issue is unclear.

Our computerized phone system Microsoft Lync is horrific. I have been forced to use my personal cell phone for all work-related calls. My phone goes to sleep as soon as my computer does and I cannot set it to do otherwise. SPEA IT has tried to fix it, but I still cannot receive phone calls here. All I receive are emails with garbled voicemail transcriptions.

Outstanding service. Thanks for providing so much support for faculty, staff, and students alike.

Please keep instructors updated on the bugs that still plague Canvas and various aspects of Canvas, such as Speedgrader and Crocodoc. Moreover, a simple website of existing outages doesn't actually help instructors. We know something is not working. I'd prefer a running list of errors from the past that would give instructors the necessary information to decide whether or not to use certain problematic aspects of Canvas, which we all know exist.

Please make the One.IU site more user-friendly. The main page does not actually look very professional at this time; it needs to be redesigned. But, in general, I am very satisfied with all the excellent services that UITS offers.

Recently, I have been learning how to use the supercomputing facilities. The information available is helpful, but it's scattered across numerous webpages. It would be more helpful if there were an extended tutorial or comprehensive user guide that covers the requisite topics in an orderly fashion.

Since I am teaching a foreign language that doesn't use the roman alphabet, I would like to be able to type other languages on the computer in the classroom. I used to be able to change the language through the Control Panel, but now I don't know how to find it on the new Windows OS.
Also, when I was using Microsoft Exchange in early January, the connection to the server disconnected frequently, which was very frustrating.

Skype is becoming increasingly more important, and yet the international links are not easy or dependable. Some of the problems are probably on the other end, but it is frustrating to plan a video Skype session for a class, only for it to work for a few minutes before it gets lost... and this is with the help from Kelley ITS.
The survey was too long, which means that the next time you do one, you will not get as good of a response. Maybe you should get some help with your survey design.

Students often complain that the printers are down in Hodge Hall and then they come to class unprepared (without slides). It would make me happy if there were less issues with those printers.
The installation of the technology (speakers and document camera) was not complete in my classroom at the start of the semester (and through the third week of class!). This was a big issue for my ability to effectively teach.

The "phone like" devices are just terrible -- please get rid of them!!

The computer-linked telephone system is a disaster. First, it's inoperable whenever the computers go down. Last semester, all of the computers in my building were out at one point. No one could have called campus police or the fire department if there had been an emergency. Thank God everyone has cell phones these days. Another time, just my computer was out. I had to go to another office to contact CITO -- and then try to convince them to call me on my cell. Ridiculous. Second, the system works very poorly. It's set up to "transcribe messages," but typically generates gibberish: "Ivy Tech" becomes "I'm steak." The whole system is a waste of money. Whose brother-in-law was awarded this contract??

The computers in the classrooms are very slow. The keyboards often stick and software (Office products) will often get hung up. I think that should be a focus in the coming year.

The emphasis to build bigger cloud environment is not balanced well with needing more help for the end users, particularly helping the numerous support centers for research.

The KB is nearly impossible to use or understand. I always need help of UITS to find what I need to know. Alas.

The remote access through Pulse Secure seems very slow (clunky).

There is no wireless access point in the facility - if I need to take a snapshot of an instrument issue and send it to field service, I have to step out into the hallway to accomplish this.
I've attempted installing Cygwin to easy move data to our facility SDA account; however, each time I have attempted this, I just can't quite get it to work and have given up (and calling or emailing for support hasn't help). I would love a tutorial on how to do this, or some hands on help in my facility to do this.

There should be much more Mac support and programming support for faculty that want to create websites and/or apps!

This survey should have a progress bar. Felt too long!
Additional services requested: 24 hour helpline for troubleshooting

UITS 24-hour service is one reason I am proud of being affiliated with IU.

UITS is doing a great job overall!

Wired access in our building (Student Building) is very slow and wireless empty spots in faculty offices.
Old Tech classrooms with installed PCs are unwieldy and seem underutilized, but new spaces seem to have more couches than effective workspaces. Turn old tech classrooms into new collaborative classrooms with flexible seating and strong wireless and no installed screens which obscure visibility and cut off communication (e.g., in SB015)

Wireless access is poor in some buildings. Many of the services I need to use are not intuitive and warrant an investment of more time to master than is worthwhile to me. SIMPLIFY!!!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

1. Exchange has been a mess for months now; hopefully there is an end in sight. Enough said.
2. I am increasingly concerned about the lack of FERPA-compliant online storage, particularly as it relates to the transmission of critical data. Despite the continuing push towards paperless offices, there is a lot of internal confusion amongst departments and administration in general regarding how to digitally distribute applications and other materials to the appropriate review boards. This is especially problematic in instances where open-ended questions allow for the insertion of critical data in a document that would otherwise be considered restricted.
Adding to the confusion are outdated or inaccurate reference documents. Until very recently, Data Management's "Classifications of Institutional Data" page was self-contradictory, indicating, for instance, that student country of birth and citizenship data were both critical and restricted.
These types of confusion have caused an endemic problem where various departments are using various inadequate solutions and burying their heads in the sand when it comes to FERPA-related concerns. Most alarmingly, upper-level administration seems just as confused as we are.
These concerns show up in other areas as well: for instance, our scans have to be emailed to us from our network printer, and because our building has no phone lines, faxes are similarly emailed to us. Strictly speaking, that should make it impossible to fax or scan critical material: however, we are offered no alternate solutions for situations that require faxing and scanning.

Allow the fax service to use pictures. Some documents I fax have to be on IU letterhead, and I cannot use this service.

As a scheduling officer, I would like to see more computer labs on campus that could be reserved for classes, workshops, etc.

As an auxiliary unit, I receive many of the support services through AIT; they do an outstanding job

Basically, I have received great help when I phone 56789.
Our department IT staff works very hard to keep things running for us. They give us good personal attention when we are in a time of need, and usually can figure out the problem and fix it.

Better support for disability needs in computer labs -- I held a one-time workshop in a student lab and had a participant who needed an ergonomics keyboard, mouse, and adjustable table, and we had to call several places before we figured out who could help us... but they could not help us.

Calling someone used to be much easier :) Now it takes a long time to call and transfer calls.

I cannot hear the phone ring; is there any way to make it louder?

Create central resources/support (all campuses) for GIS.

I do not like the Lync phone system at all. If the computer is down, we cannot use the phone. It is a ridiculous system for an organization as large as the University.

During the transition to One.IU, it was very difficult to find what you used to be able to find on OneStart. At times, it is still hard to find certain pieces of information that used to be easy to find.

E-mail issues have caused a lot of unnecessary work and wasted time. It is very frustrating when you have a deadline for submission and you have to restart your computer several times to get an email to send.
IU Secure is not available everywhere on campus... for example: Assembly Hall.

Exchange e-mail issues continue to be frustrating.
IU fax is great, but there should be better security for PCI, etc.
Lync phones are convenient, but sometimes glitchy.

Fix Outlook!

For our department, Lynch is not the best system. Kudos to the team trying to help us.

Get more Mac people. Seriously.

Group account management is terrible. Not only is the procedure for creating, maintaining, administering, and transferring a group account awkward at best, having a website, mail, and phone account all tied to the same account makes security difficult. To get around this, we rely on Siteshare, which has been spotty at best over the last six months. It has been a huge hindrance, and the UITS phone support has no idea what Siteshare actually is, so every time there is an issue, we have to go through the same process to be passed up the chain multiple times. If you are going to push a process, support it! (Same goes for the WCMS.)
On that note, many group accounts are owned by the departmental chairs or administrative secretaries, who have no idea what sct@iu email messages mean until it is too late. Also, not enough time is given to groups who support multiple websites in order to make the needed changes!

I constantly have problems with the network. I have not added up how much time is wasted waiting on Outlook, Excel, Word, etc. whenever I get the blue screen of death. Thankfully, it usually gets resolved, but it takes at least 30 seconds each time and on some days it happens four or five times per hour each day. This is not just an inconvenience, but it also means I spend more time trying to do the work that should not take as long and delays getting reports and other items to those who need them.

I feel like I don't understand what is available to me; I don't use a lot of technology services because I don't know or understand the numerous options out there. Have you ever had an Open House, expo, or campus event that allows the campus community to meet face-to-face with people in the know? That way, I could explain what I do and then someone could explain what technology services would benefit me and how I can use them. Thanks!

I have faxed things a couple of times in the past year, and the faxes ended up being sent to a completely different office. Everyone double checked numbers, etc. and could not find reasons. I rarely ever fax anymore due to electronic scanning as being more reliable, but thought you should know that these mishaps happened!

I have had ongoing problems with my account getting locked out. It has been going on since November, and it has still not been resolved. It is hard to get my job done on the days my account gets locked out several times.

I know you usually get complaints, so I want to tell you I think your services are great; I think we are very fortunate to have you all. Thanks for your hard work!

I often experience wireless issues in a variety of locations on campus, from inside a classroom to administrative offices. This is a huge problem.

I place orders with companies via fax. However, a lot of the vendors tell me they didn't receive the faxes. If I check the faxPress, the log shows that it transmitted successfully, but the vendors didn't receive them.

I think UITS does a fine job. Thanks.

I understand that Lync is supposed to be better than the previous phone system, but we have not found that to be true. We have had so many issues, especially when it comes to people covering for someone else on short notice.
I am not happy with the Outlook issues lately -- too many times, we get a "not responding", then we get kicked out and/or have to reboot. This takes up too much of our time.

I was updated with a "new computer" a few months back, and it runs very slowly. A coworker stopped by and mentioned it was awful.

I wish I were supported by UITS. Our unit is supported by another group on campus and they are slow and not very good. My experiences with UITS have been far superior.

I wish IU Secure were more stable. I am often disconnected, then automatically connected to the AT&T Wi-Fi periodically, which is annoying.

I work in a residence hall and it seems that we are calling UITS daily so that they can refill the printer/copier. I feel there is a strong need for this issue to be addressed. There needs to be a system set up were you are notified when the printer/copier is running low on paper -- whether that be when there is only one tray of paper left or only 25% full. You might also consider hiring an employee whose daily job is to stock printer/copies with paper. It is frustrating, telling people that the printer/copier is out of paper, and that UITS has been notified. Sometimes, UITS comes right away, other times it can take hours.
Also, when calling UITS about other problems regarding the printer, we are not taken seriously. They would tell us to just turn the copier/printer off-and-on. This does not really solve the problem. It may help for a day, but then that same problem comes back. When people call regarding a problem, a specialist should come look at the printer/copier.

I work remotely at Bradford Woods, so I didn't feel much of these questions were applicable. We are working on a better internet system to connect with IUB more often.

I work with several data jacks around campus for different reporting devices. On two occasions, I've run across data jacks that were labeled incorrectly in your management system. It causes unnecessary trouble when the data jack cannot be found or when making a change affects the wrong jack.

I would like the IUIE data to refresh more often than nightly.

I would like to see faculty have the ability to transfer ownership of STC software requests to an IT Pro. Last year, we had several faculty members who put in their own requests, but then ignore notifications regarding installing media that was not provided. We also had to use the faculty members as messengers to provide information or install media for the technicians when we were unable to comment on their requests.

I will try to explain a few of my poor ratings.
IT-28 - The problem with IT-28 is that while it is a great policy, there was no infrastructure in place to handle the consolidation. A lot of the information, especially early on, was widely inaccurate and looks nothing like what we have in place now. There was little clarity, which left a lot up for interpretation. Everything it is trying to do is great, and much needed on campus, but it was rolled out terribly.
Security news - I feel like security-related communications are too late and too infrequent. We generally hear from UISO only when something big comes out, like POODLE. It would be great if there were some kind of knowledge sharing across the various campuses on hardening or IT security. A monthly webinar or something would be great.

I am a website designer. It would be really great to have access to developer resources at IU, or someone to call from time to time if I need help thinking through a design that requires scripting language.

I am not a huge fan of Lync, since I do not like the fact that I have to have mine on and connected in order to use my desk phone. I also experience a lot of Outlook connectivity issues in my area -- it seems my email is offline while at work 2-3 times per month. Outside of these two areas, my experience has been very good, as indicated by my responses of 4+ for the majority of the survey.

I am satisfied with everything except the ongoing Outlook server issues, and unfortunately, that is a huge issue for me. It affects every aspect of my work, and I work much less efficiently when my Outlook server is constantly unavailable (as it was for nearly the whole day yesterday). It is extremely frustrating, especially because it is a problem that has been going on since the start of the Fall 2015 semester. I hope that the day that I can log on to my email and know I will have reliable email access for the entire work day is coming soon.

In general, I am very happy with your services. I could not do my job without you folks. Although, I have been disappointed lately with the IU Webmaster team's response time and availability.

Is Oncourse decommissioning for courses and project sites, or just courses? Should I start transferring project sites to something else? Thanks.

It has been a bit frustrating lately when Outlook email is 'not responding' and seems to fade....

IU Secure and wired connections in my building ([IRD]) is atrocious and I get the runaround anytime I try to get it fixed. Similarly, Lync issues and most tickets I open with Tier 2 support are ignored for weeks.

IU Travel System and KFS need to communicate better and have more common screens, especially wire transfers. If we need to do a wire transfer in foreign currency, it is a real problem for the IU Travel System. FMS wants us to issue DVs in foreign dollars when there is foreign currency involved, but the Travel Department wants us to issue DVs in US dollars. If we do a DV with wire transfer in foreign dollars, the travel screens on the DV allows only the entry of US dollars. So if we enter the foreign currency amount on the travel screens of DV, the travel system thinks we are using US dollars. Some foreign banks will not convert our US dollars to foreign currency, so the travel system needs to allow us to input the foreign currency receipt amounts in the non-employee travel tab of the DV.

IUHR really needs to improve the "hiring process" for Temp (hourly/student) employees. There is a significant amount of physical paperwork still involved with this process, most of which is repetitive. An online or electronic method for this process would be a huge improvement!

Just glad to have UITS out there in cyberspace!

Keep up the good work.

Keep up the great work!!!

Location: 509 E. 3rd Street
Software, including Microsoft Exchange, all other Microsoft applications, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, frequently (sometimes daily) lock up and crash. The search function in Exchange is abysmal; it takes extended time and is inaccurate. Opening, editing, saving, and printing in software systems create extended delays (the spinning icon lasts from 10 seconds to 2 minutes or just crashes) for any and every simple action. Much of our work day is spent waiting for systems to load, edit, save, or print. This is a major waste of time and resources. For instance, if we bold a font in Excel, we can expect to wait up to a full minute or for the system to spin. The "Not Responding" message occurs virtually every action we take. Remote desktop functions do not work consistently. Webmail is cumbersome at best - for those of us who utilize email as a major component of our work (i.e. need to sort and search frequently, utilize Exchange as a storage facility for important messages), Webmail is almost useless. Wireless connection is unreliable.

Loss of Oncourse grade book functionality in multi-section, multicomponent courses is ludicrous.
Webmaster support for PHP/MySQL issues is very poor. Major communication problems leave us with no real recourse to solving issues and problems.

Love to have more programs available on IU Ware (e.g. Quicken and QuickBooks) and e-learning software (e.g. Capterra or Articulate).

Lync - when trying to pick up an incoming call over the past month, the phone won't let me. It will ring once or twice, and when I say, "Hello," the caller has already been sent to voicemail. In addition, from the beginning, there is always a good 5-10 second delay between when I pick up the handset to make a call and get an actual dial tone.

Lync is terrible half the time, and so are the bridged calls. WebEx would be much better.

Lync/Polycom is not worth having. When it doesn't work, you get run around in circles. When it doesn't work, you can't communicate - not even in an emergency.

Make staff/faculty desktop Microsoft systems more iOS-friendly.

Many times, I have gone to the "View Paycheck" tool, and it does not work. It takes many clicks for the portal to show up. Other coworkers have tried as well (on different browsers), and it does not work for them, either. If this could be fixed, that would be great!

Maybe this is in the works, but I am confused about LSP Services and where/who they are now. I would like to see a central webpage that LSPs can access, which spells it all out with organization charts, etc. That seems to have been given a back seat, and it is hard for LSPs to support and leverage UITS services when there isn't a clear group/message conveyed. There also seems to be massive turnovers within UITS in terms of temp employees, which worries some of us in regards to the quality of service. Pay and job satisfaction are huge.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is terrible. Not really a UITS issue, but man, did it ever regress. So much less user-friendly than the previous edition. It is now actually less useful, and I have to keep a copy of the previous version because Word 2016 has removed some tools! Wow! Thank you! In general, UITS is awesome. I also had a lot of trouble getting Outlook 2016 to upgrade, and it is not as good as previous versions, but onward and upward I suppose.

Microsoft Outlook has been pretty glitchy lately -- why is that? Also, I still don't like the fact that my computer has to be on in order to use my Unicom office phone.

More consultation with academic units, please -- faculty/staff and IT Pros. Do this to set agenda and to discuss projects at every stage. Don't spring changes as an announcement in the 11th hour.

My biggest complaints are:
1. Phone system: It is not easy to figure out how to get a new phone number assigned to a group account or individual. Also, sometime phones linked to a computer are not very practical (i.e. oral proficiency testing), and stand-alone phones are now cost-prohibitive, since we aren't using phone jacks.
2. IU wireless does not work well everywhere, and some of my devices are difficult to connect.
3. I am having issues connecting to the VPN from home. Juno Pulse isn't connecting properly, since I upgraded to Windows 10 on my home desktop.

My LSP is ExecIT, and they have not been able to help on the constant slow/dropped connection to the Exchange server from Outlook, which has been ongoing since last summer; it has been extremely frustrating.
I am still entirely unclear on whether IU Fax is secure for critical data. We primarily need a fax to send documents containing SSNs over to the IU Tax Office in Poplars. It seems like UITS tells us one thing, and then FMS tells us another.




OneStart was awesome. Change for change's sake isn't good. Stop fiddling with everything. Also, if I choose to send something with my personal information from my email address, let it through. Quit giving me the darn security notice emails. If I didn't want to send it, I wouldn't have. We know the risks for goodness sakes. Kuali Coeus sucks. It's horrible. Oh my gosh. And this might not be a UITS-related issue, but for heaven's sake, develop this product on your own time. It's not a good system at all. Way to reinvent the wheel and freakin' make it a square. It doesn't work, and we are tired of messing with it. Other than that, our IT people are awesome and they do great work. They're extremely helpful and we're lucky to have them. A big thank you for the personnel!!!

OneStart was much better than One.IU and easier to use. Every time we learn a program well and everything works well, a new system is installed and it takes about a year to develop any affinity for it.
I love UITS because we don't have a Tech person and the people in UITS are extremely patient, kind, and knowledgeable. UITS is very important to me - I don't know how I could do my job well without them.

Our phone system is just awful. Call quality is horrendous, and I feel like a complete fool asking my business associates to keep repeating themselves. This does not present a professional face of the university. Our Outlook has also had, and continues to have, unacceptable failure rates. We are told that fixes will help, but they seldom do and only create more issues. It's very frustrating.

Outlook email has been frustratingly slow for the past six months. In addition, communication with our server has also been very slow, which made critical preparation times at least 2-3 times as long as it had been previously. This is costing the department in man-hours and salaries. I hope this is fixed soon, since our budgets are already tight.

Outlook has been terrible during the past six months, and web access has also been lacking. These two problems create a burden to perform my daily tasks efficiently.

Outlook has had a hard 6 months and it has made my job miserable. The Polycom phones may be more advanced, but they often cause more errors than I imagine they prevent. Tech staff is always helpful and courteous.

Outlook Web App is horrible, compared to the excellent Outlook desktop app. Outlook Web App hides the name of the sender of the highlighted (selected) email, so you have to click off to figure out who it is from. I avoid using Outlook Web App whenever possible, although I do realize it has been improved somewhat in the past two years. Also, the Lync phones are truly hard to master, in terms of transferring calls. I had to write down step-by-step what to do, and many of my colleagues are unable to transfer calls after 1+ years using Lync. Very non-intuitive (re: transferring calls).

Please change the email system to Google or Gmail, and get rid of Outlook. Our Outlook email does not sync well with iPhones, which has caused a ton of frustration for me.
I can't stand Outlook and wish we had Gmail.

Please fix Outlook.... mine shuts down at least five times a day

Please fix the Outlook issues

Please work to improve features of AdRx. There continues to be lots of problems with the time it takes to enter information, and it should be improved to make it easier to track students and capture information from it. It is very surprising that we cannot create better systems at such a high-tech university.

Real status updates on systems, like Exchange and printers. As an IT Pro, it is frustrating to have customers ask for updates, and we know as little as they do.

I really dislike the new web Outlook service and the way it works.

Reliability needs to improve. There are times when network connectivity is lost, which means I cannot work.
Also, the lack of printer access for staff at stand-up stations in the Union means that sometimes, when I need to print something for a meeting or training class, I cannot. That is just silly. The effort to save a little paper means that a $85k/yr. staff member has to walk back to his office, print, then return. Penny wise and pound foolish.

Retiring OneStart in favor of One.IU has to be one of the most baffling decisions I've seen in my 11 years at IU. One.IU is completely jumbled and disorganized, and does not even offer any improvements on the quality of the pages to which it links. No one should have to use a search box to find a basic and essential site that they need for work, school, etc. UITS went from a portal website that was relatively organized, had everything one could need, and even self-contained much of the information needed by students, staff, etc. (limiting new windows, pop-ups, etc.) to a completely disorganized "store." The Kuali systems, employee services, student services, financial aid, etc. are sites that are crucial to the daily work and lives of IU students and employees. They are not "apps" to be found in what amounts to a poorly designed app store. OneStart wasn't perfect by any stretch, but as far as usability, it was vastly better than One.IU

SDSS has terrible customer service. They need to remember they're here to help us use the SDSS, but just try and get some help, or even an answer to a question. I wish they were like CITO -- they have excellent customer service.

Several months ago, Outlook took a dive and strange things began happening. Sometimes, it stops responding and I have to restart Outlook. After composing an email, I sometimes get an error message, stating that something was changed and the email cannot be sent... I copy and paste the text into a new email, then send. When I hit "send", sometimes the wheel goes around for a minute or longer -- it used to be instantaneous. That's all I can think of at the moment. All of this has been going on for some time now. Thank you for your interest.

SIS is horrible! It is so hard to use. Your training's with an instructor is great -- do not get rid of that. For departments that use SSCM, the service is awful.

It would be helpful to have software and application training for business units or groups, sponsored and organized by UITS, to assist units with fulfilling basic training needs when budget and time don't allow. The existing IT Training classroom series is valuable and would be a great template for this.

Stop trying to run the university, especially by forcing IT28 upon departments, just because the data center is only half full.

Thank you for the availability of Information Commons resources during slow times. It would be really nice to have them back again outside of 8-5 / 1 -5 during holiday breaks. But thanks for the nice labs, fixing those headphone problems, the glassed-in rooms, turning off those second monitors, and the wonderful lighting, comfortable seating, and big windows. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

The amount of software available to students through IU Ware has been reduced dramatically. Many software is now available only at a STC. IUanyWare is clunky and lacks software.

The continuing problems with Microsoft Exchange connectivity have been frustrating, and they have had an adverse effect on my ability to perform my job duties.

The e-mail, Lync phone, and videoconferencing services seem to be overtaxed. There are too many failures, freezes, and dropped connections.

The IU One has not been a very good source of information. It seems to take to much time to find out what I am looking for and then once I do find (for instance payroll) I have had so much trouble just trying to pull up and view . I liked the older version, One Start. It was not so complicated.

The law school and law library have a great IT team.
For years my Verizon smartphone has had terribly intermittent wireless connectivity once inside the law school, but this happily seems to be improving. Yay!
I really don't care for the One.IU interface. I'm getting used to it, but I don't like it.
I will miss Oncourse.

The new one IU does not keep setting and navigation through the many apps is timely. Most employees only use Time and Payroll on a daily basis and having to spend up to 10 minutes to look for them is 10 minutes to long.
No training was offered on the new system is was mainly just put to everyone like here we changed this live with it.
While a lot of people live on smart phones and text and apps , their are more who do not. But after 20 years with IU I know everything changes.
But One Start was a lot easier to navigate in and find what you need faster than One IU.
The new Lync phone system is worthless when we suffer a power loss and have no hard line to report the outage on. Seems common sense goes out the window in a city where power outages and other natural disasters can occur on the true safety of workers and students. When before I can even pick up a phone on one I must first log into a computer.

The only reason I filled out this survey was to point out that I was interested in participating in an IT workshop because there was an announcement sent out within the IT newsletter. However, the newsletter did not clearly state how to register for this workshop, so I emailed the email address to inquire further. Upon doing so, I found out that the workshop was cancelled due to low registration. That being said, something that might potentially help boost registration for the workshops is if the registration link (or just a link directing people to the page that lists the scheduled trainings) was provided within the newsletter that was sent out containing this information, it'd make it a lot more accessible. I would have signed up immediately upon receiving the email but didn't know how to do so at that time. Just a thought.

The Outlook Exchange instability is unacceptable. The Outlook web client functionality is clunky and a step backwards from the previous version.

The PC based phone system is a potential security hazard in the event of an emergency that takes out the computers. Depending upon the personal cell and/or smart phones of employee is not a viable organizational strategy to help assure workplace security for the employer.

The phone system does not work for our department. There are too many missed calls.

The Polycom telephone assistance people don't seem to be able to help with most phone related issues. I generally just have to ask our own IT people.

The problems with Outlook need to be fixed as a high priority. We rely upon email for high volume critical communications and the system keeps crashing impeding productivity.

The problems with server issues and problems with email are very frustrating. Very little communication about this issue and no communication about when it will be corrected.

The software updates to the CIC client were not well communicated to the end user with regards to the changes that were made through the update. Additional communication would have been helpful.

The UITS people have always been very helpful when I needed them. They do a great job.

The UITS website seems like an administrative site rather than a customer service site. If I want to find a UITS service - like report a phishing email, it's much easier to google 'IU phishing report' than to look at UITS website. Now that may be a separate office, but there should still be a link to ITSO or whatever on your main page.
Finding apps on One.iu would be improved if some more attention was paid to searchable keywords.
Thanks for your hard work!

The Unicom phone seems to have trouble toggling between computer users. It blends names together on the screen from the past user and the current user and doesn't function properly. Requires a complete computer reboot to reset.
Frustrating that some applications on One.iu work with only certain web browsers (i.e., purchasing catalogs won't open with Firefox). You have to try multiple browsers for what you are doing. Would be nice to know they all worked if they are all options to use.)

The Unicom phone system is terrible for sound/connection quality, and the visual voicemail service is just a joke.

The wait time for help from the UITS support desk is often delayed and can cause interruptions in the everyday environment of our department if issues take too long to resolve. On the positive side, the support from communications (phones/Lync/etc.) is always wonderful and very helpful with issues and requests be handled in a timely and efficient manner. I would like to commend three UITS employees for their professionalism and eagerness to help. They are [UITS STAFF]. I can always count on them to help resolve anything I need and if they don't have the answers, they are more than willing to find out. I have worked with each of them on numerous occasions and it is refreshing to know there are employees out there who care.

The wireless network has poor connectivity and performance making it difficult for myself and student staff to utilize mobile devices needed for programs and services. Outlook crashes constantly, for me it is usually once a week, it is very difficult to accomplish work when I cannot access emails from student participants, staff, and coworkers. The desk top application of outlook is much more "sensitive" than the web version, but on occasion the web app is unavailable too.

The wireless signal in Informatics East is very weak and we have trouble using our devices in meetings because we can't get a Wi-Fi signal. If it would be possible to increase the capacity and strength, that would be great!

There are a few UITS departments that are slow at email communication and response to tickets.
Examples of great service is dnsadmin, dcops, and tsmadmin. Quick response every time I email them.

There's been quite a few times I call my colleges and they pick up their phone and they cannot hear me, or I can not hear them. We have to say hello a few times to realize there is someone on the other line. Also, I will call them, but it never rings in their office.

This type of action by UITS will help everyone.

Tools for setting up an office ANYWHERE on campus would be useful. Why are there never any easy set-up/use manuals? Perhaps this falls under a different department, but no one area/department seems to want to take responsibility.
Sometimes getting help from area/college specific tech offices is like pulling teeth. Lastly, many users do not have tech backgrounds, so please do not act like we should know the same level of experience as you do. Provide the easy steps! Help guide us through! Provide great customer service! UITS is normally much better at this than the area college specific tech office teams. Thank you!

TV251 continues to be a mystery. Does UITS "own" this room? Maybe Student Technology Centers? I'm in the office next to this room and I never know who to contact when an instructor visits with a problem/an issue. Thank you.

UITS are rock stars!

UITS OnBase team is great support for our efforts.

We need more STC's, more desk space, and ways to insure that our information will remain uncorrupted while using both IU technology and possible use of our home technology.

WIFI for phone service is very unreliable in Radio/TV. IU secure is very intermittent all through the building. It would be nice if it was improved. IE is very intermittent on computers too. It would be good if this was fixed.

Would like more information updates when IUanyware is changed.

Would like to see consistent internet connection services, faster connections and Outlook issues resolved. UTIS services are helpful but they can only do so much with current server connections with regard to speed and connectivity.

Yes. Our building recently moved all of its own printers out, so students now rely solely on one print release station for their print services. We have printing issues often--where students are either unable to print or where their job takes so long to load that they end up needing to leave without papers in hand (10-15 minutes). We also have trouble where the printer won't even show up on the pc, even after waiting several minutes for something to load or after rebooting the machine. It's extremely inconvenient for students--who don't usually have the time to run across campus to another building to print something...they are usually trying to print between classes or just before a class starts in the building.

You guys (men and women) are good! Keep up the good work.

You rock!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

- At the UITS Help Desk at Wells, I have had extremely varied experiences with the UITS Staff in their willingness to help with a tech issue or question. Some folks are genuinely helpful and sincere, while others are definitely not. Ensuring consistency would be great.

- Umail sometimes makes a delayed delivery

1. On Canvas, I could not access some of the videos that my instructor had shared in a discussion forum (and Kaltura) in my IE browser. On Chrome, I could run the videos from the Kaltura media gallery, but not the discussion forum. I am currently doing the R626 course (SP16-BL-EDUC-R626-7282) online. Can this problem be resolved so that we can play back media on Canvas, IE, Chrome, and Win/Mac operating system platforms?
2. Is there a file size limit for file attachments in discussion forums (and the Files section) in Canvas? If yes, it would help to show a message about it. I cannot seem to upload files above 1 MB to any discussion post. It takes forever to add a post with the file to the forum. I have a broadband Internet connection with a good net bandwidth.

Add a web browser, or a few to the desktop.

As an IT Pro, I want more training available for specific functions. Though I know that there are usergroups/lists/e-newsletters for various groups (like webmasters), I feel that the EdCert classes and InfoShares are few and far between. I was just on the website, looking for EdCert classes for system admins, but none of the MS Server training sessions (e.g., 410, 411, 412) were scheduled. I do not know who to contact to request EdCert training sessions. I would love to see more security training, support, and awareness-raising efforts directed at IT Pros, regardless of their general area of work.

Better hiring and training of phone support personnel.

[IRD], I think IU is missing out on a big opportunity to enhance the overall learning experience for online, hybrid, and classroom contexts. That is, Courseload is offered as an eTextbook reader solution at IU - and student access is only offered if an eText is purchased through the Courseload model. While this is one use case, it diminishes the broader value of Courseload as a study and content-specific collaboration tool. Meaning, Courseload is now part of the Unizin partnership and offered to all participating institutions. We should have access to Courseload as a study tool as a student option in every class as it is integrated with the Canvas system and provides a single platform to read, annotate, and collaborate at the content level (.pdf, eText, faculty generated, publisher, and OER). I think there is great academic value in pursuing an enterprise application of the Courseload tool such that students can use it in classes that do not require eTexts. As a doctoral student, all of my assigned readings are .pdf and I have to use a third party digital content reader, annotation, and markup tool that is not integrated with Canvas, let alone at the course level. I cannot track or tag at the course, discipline, topic, etc. level.
I am happy to discuss the use case and the academic return on enterprise-level access to Courseload.
By the way, I am so very happy with the access UITS software as it has allowed me to explore and sharpen my knowledge with specific learning technologies. And, the access to is invaluable. What would be a big help is if you could reestablish the UITS Software link in Canvas. It used to be in the Oncourse LMS, and was very helpful.

Canvas is a nightmare. Even after the redesign, it is full of bugs and it is poorly designed. It has already deleted grades I have inputted twice this semester, and assignments that I had deleted mysteriously reappear. I could fill a book with the number of frustrations I have had with it. I have taught with Oncourse and Blackboard in the past, and I have never had so many issues with a student learning platform. Teaching is stressful enough; it is really unfair that we should be forced to use a platform that compounds our problems.

Canvas is neither user-friendly nor very compatible with smartphones. I spent the first 3 weeks of my online class searching for the class on Canvas and Oncourse. I eventually found it on Canvas, but it was not easy.

Canvas has a lot of bugs -- messages disappear; speedgrader comments are not visible to students; and sometimes muting an assignment causes grades to disappear, instead of being greyed out. In addition, students taking quizzes on a small screen find that the sidebar covers the questions.
Kaltura is an agonizing pain to deal with. In particular, why can't I delete multiple videos at once?

Fix the cables in DVI transfer machines in FA 137. I cannot transfer DVI for my video art class.
Upgrade the Mac lab in PH 155 with a projector screen that does not reflect the corona of the projector off the white board. Bad design choice.
A new projector that can run contemporary video at full resolution and color.
Computers that can process graphics and run Photoshop efficiently and to a grater capacities in PH 155. Mine always crashes in my D210 class.

Great job, UITS! I know I can rely on the team to help me quickly solve my tech issues. The tech fairs sponsored by IT are informative, helpful, and cutting-edge. Thanks for all you do. I want to commend the IU Southeast IT team. Thanks.

Great service and infrastructure. Very helpful staff. I had an opportunity to visit CIB, and the UITS staff helped me with all that I needed for my research. UITS treats students no less than professionals... hats off.

I am always impressed with the UITS staff for their good attitude and expertise when I approach them with novice questions. It is because of them that I took time to fill out this survey. UITS staff, you rock

I do not like the new "app" system on One.IU at all. It is not intuitive and very difficult to navigate or find what you are interested in. I would prefer an organized webpage with a consistent location for each service that I can find through a menu, rather than a page that changes based on popularity.

I don't know if you have any say in this, but some of the classrooms I have taught in have no technology (Goodbody Hall, Woodburn Hall). It is a slap in the face how some classrooms have ridiculous amounts of technology that are almost never used, but other classrooms don't even have a computer or a projector.

I don't understand some of the questions, or at least the terms/services they are using. What do you mean by the "physical learning environment" in the Student Learning Center? What is the Student Learning Center and/or where is it?? And what do you mean by the "classroom learning environment"? I teach (and have taught) in a variety of lecture halls, and the lecterns are really hard to navigate, despite one-on-one instruction. Is that what you mean by classroom learning environment? I can barely figure out how to use my Mac laptop to project PowerPoint slides. It is like being at a buffet and not being able to find the food you want because there are so many options.

I have classes in the Folklore and Ethnomusicology department, and it suffers from continual issues with Wi-Fi.

I live outside of Bloomington and only visit 1-2 times a year to consult with my committee, so I don't know much about the physical IT resources. Overall, I've been extremely satisfied with the support for those of us off-campus, both in terms of resources, like Box and IUanyWare, and in terms of the individual support via chat. But the transition to One.IU was really weird, and I don't see how it's an improvement; I actually find it a lot harder to locate the information I am looking for in the new site.

I really dislike the new One.IU system - it looks prettier than OneStart, but it is not nearly as functional and it takes you to the old pages.
Grad students (and possibly faculty) need to be informed about the proper procedures to keep student data safe and of disposal procedures.

I think the computer (hardware) is a little slow compared to my previous period of studying at IU (year 2009-2011). I am not sure if this issue is related to the age of the hardware or to the size of the software installed. I hope IU can improve this. Thank you.

I think the computers, especially the Macs, are really slow to log onto. I also don't like the need to have an ID when I want to print. I prefer the system where we logged on to determine what we wanted to print. One.IU is cumbersome to navigate, and horribly organized; this is a step down from Onestart.

I think One.IU is a bit scattered and could be better utilized if it were consolidated under themes or headings that house more specific apps that can be accessed. It is really disorganized right now and it makes it difficult to know where to look for more obscure resources.
There are also connection issues accessing IU mobile from handheld devices more often than not.

I think the services UITS administers are great - One.IU, printers, research infrastructure, IUanyWare, IU Ware, etc. I wish Canvas' design were not facilitated towards mobile users, but for regular websites. These students do not need every interface to look like a mobile app. Some interfaces should look like a website.

I took part in the photo contest by UITS (I think in the month of December 2015), and I have not heard back ever since. I would love to know how that concluded.

I use BR2 and the scratch space on DC2 extensively for my research. I understand that the periodic purges are necessary, but a simple tool to make a full copy/backup of one's current scratch space to the SDA would be immensely helpful.

I want IU Box (or a substitute service) to allow users to select different sets of folders to sync on different computers.
I would like IU Secure connectivity to improve at the Tulip Tree Apartment (especially in Bedroom B's).

I wish the print allotment for students worked across campuses.

I wish there weren't so many different emails (, umail, etc), and I don't understand why I can use the first one, but also have a mail account.
I thought Oncourse was fine; I don't really see the advantage of Canvas.
I guess I'm generally annoyed when they change systems that seem to be working fine. On the other hand, whenever I call or go to the library, everyone is really helpful and patient. Congrats on that!
What I don't like on Box is if files are named alpha-numerically, Box does not order them correctly, e.g. If the files are named S250, W1C1 (for S250 [the course name] Week 1 Class 1) all the way up through S250, W16C3, it will put W16 right after W1.

I would recommend that you set computers aside in the Wells library for printing purposes only. Thank you.

I would say that the SIS PeopleSoft interface is not very user-friendly. The shopping cart interface makes registering for classes unnecessarily difficult, and we need to know either the course section number or go through an entire search to find a class. Also, the inability to search for a class by department name, instead of the code, makes the class search feature difficult to use.
I would also suggest that more computers carry programs like Praat, SPSS, etc. that appear on Ballantine Hall's computers. There should be a way to request installing these programs without being an administrator.

I would love to see more software available

Improved wireless connectivity in Weatherly Hall would be great. Overall, though, UITS is wonderful and definitely well above comparable services at some other campuses where I have been a student in the past.

It would be great if Umail were able to retrieve mistakenly sent emails; I think Gmail has it in its Gmail lab, but Umail does not have this feature.

It would be nice to have clearer and easier access to research computing environments.
Canvas is not so great of a system.

IU Secure has been very hard to connect to this year, even in the library. At times, I have been unable to complete necessary research because of it.

I have found that the support consultants usually do not have solutions to the problems that I have, so I have to figure them out myself. I often get the impression they are just Googling or using the KB, which I have already done by the point I contact them. Googling and KBing are a good place to start, but often that is where the help stops.

Knowledge Base seems to be written for IT pros, not average employees who use computers for their jobs. I find it difficult to understand and use.

Make Canvas more user-friendly for faculty.

More guest lectures from premier institutions and other universities would be helpful, and collaborative projects with other universities, like Stanford and Harvard.

My two main concerns with UITS services are printing and IU Secure access.
1. Printing. I understand that the massive scale of printing that UITS deals with creates challenges, and I usually am able to get my printing done. But I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of unresponsive printers, since the new ID swipe system was installed. The first several weeks were to be expected with a new system, but it has been frustrating for me and my students that it has not been more consistently ironed out. I also wonder about the durability of the touchscreens -- responsiveness already seems to be fading on some of the machines I use most in the Wells Library and Kelley School.
2. Loss of wireless signal is an absolutely critical failure in the classroom. Already this semester, I have had three in-class exercises killed or severely reduced (students switched to their phones, using their individual data plans) due to limited or no access to IU Secure. We are in a newly renovated section of Hodge Hall, so I would expect the hardware to be the most up-to-date on campus. This causes a lot of complications for instructors and students alike.

My use of technology around campus is fairly limited, but unfortunately, I mainly have criticisms to share. What has bothered me most during my time at IU is the Student Center and software for searching/registering for classes. It is the worst system I have seen at any university or community college. The functionality is not great -- it is difficult to find information, including course descriptions or descriptive titles, and it is very difficult to quickly look at courses in unfamiliar departments (do you know the departmental code for other disciplines? If not, you are out of luck). Even the look and feel is poorly developed: tiny fonts, weird spacing, and non-standard layout. So many institutions have software that is both functional and user-friendly, so it seems it would be easy to correct this problem with just a little research into alternative programs. If you look at the ratings on One.IU for this system, you will see it is universally despised and should be a priority. Oncourse was perfectly function and easy to understand -- there is no way that phasing out Oncourse should have taken priority over the Student Center or course registration site.
Another problem is specific to the library: the OneSearch tool is not very helpful. I am not sure how its search functions differ from other similar programs, but it seems to struggle with multiple keywords, which is a pretty basic need for searches. I do not see much coordination between OneSearch and IUCat, so I feel like I lose a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to search for something.
Finally, IU Secure is touchy about connecting to smartphones. I have heard other students share the same experience, on different phones with differing OS. I don't have problems connecting my laptop or tablet, just the smartphone. Cell service on campus varies quite a bit, so Wi-Fi access is pretty important.
All of these items are concerns I have discussed with other students (both graduates and undergraduates), and I have found other students were unsatisfied as well. It would be nice to have more transparency on UITS priorities, and perhaps campus input. I think many students would encourage time and energy to go toward improving the Student Center and course search/registration programs, instead of launching One.IU and Canvas. OneStart worked just fine, as did Oncourse, so for many of us, it is really unclear as to why those functional systems were phased out when there are other barely-functioning systems that need to be improved or replaced, but which do not seem to be important.


There is never enough bandwidth for classrooms in the Kelley Graduate building (Godfrey Center). Many classes have quizzes every day, and students continually do not have access because Wi-Fi does not work in the limited amount of time we have to take the quiz. This significantly impacts grades in several classes.

One.IU is very difficult to use compared to the old OneStart system. The organization of materials as "apps", for which you have to search, makes finding information complicated if you do not know exactly for what you are looking. Even then, I was almost unable to find some important documents for my graduate degree. An option of a more standardized menu would be extremely helpful in minimizing frustration and wasted time.
On Plotter printers, it would be nice if there were a way to bill directly to your Bursar without first having to estimate the cost and add that amount to your printing account.

One.IU is still suffering serious usability issues. It took a long time for the search bar to start matching keywords for commonly used functions (for example, registering for classes, paying bursar bill, etc.), and I would often get a lot of irrelevant results related to staff payroll. It has started to work better this semester, but it was very difficult to use the first year. I would also like to see IU start to move away from PeopleSoft towards a more user-friendly interface for administrative functions.
I also find the "Big Brother" monitoring to be very disconcerting. I understand that there are security protocols and terms of agreement for using IU network resources, but I do not appreciate getting emails that accuse me of violating one protocol or another (for example, leaving a machine without logging out or sharing my passphrase) without any sort of proof. I also do not appreciate having my account automatically acted upon without any sort of due process.
Other than that, you're doing a great job :-)

One.IU is terribly organized. I don't understand why the search is featured. It looks like "Apps", but when you open it, it takes you to the old shell that it is. It needs to be streamlined, instead of fragmented. Better ux and ixd needed. More responsive as well. Come on, IU!

Please fix the ongoing issues with Microsoft Exchange Servers. Wi-Fi in the Undergraduate building at the Kelley School is still spotty.

Pretty positive experience, but Wi-Fi is terrible in SPEA. I do not go many other places on campus, but I often have to jump off Wi-Fi and use my data to get decent service.

SPSS and MPlus should be available on all IU campus computers, but are not.

Student Services needs a revamping; it is very difficult to navigate, and seems outdated. The updated Bursar Billing section is confusing, and I can never figure out for what I am being charged. The "app"-like style of One.IU is very unappealing and surprisingly difficult to navigate.

The availability and reliability of wireless internet across campus, including in faculty offices, is in need of improvement.
The student Self-Service interface is confusing, not intuitive, difficult to navigate, poorly explained, and a barrier to course registration.

The computers in the Cook Music Library are extremely slow. Often times, students just have to print some music out on the way to a lesson or rehearsal, but the process can take a ton of time that many do not have if they are coming in to campus on the city bus, for instance. It takes study, practice, or other time away from the students. It would be better to have print stations in various buildings, where students can print from off- or on-campus. It may seem like not a big deal, but time spent on campus affects students because, if everything takes so much time, it means the students may end up just staying at school all day, eating more and more of the questionable or overpriced food that is around the Jacobs School of Music, having less time to practice, not being able to de-stress enough, etc.
The new VPN setup does not work on my computer because my system is too old, which is frustrating. Many students live off-campus, so it would be great if the VPN were more accessible.

The dudes who work on the plotters on the 5th floor--one day I had an amazing guy; the next day, there were three incompetent and uninterested guys playing videogames who treated me like an inconvenience. Same on the phone: sometimes people can help me, but most of the time refer me to Knowledge Base.
Knowledge Base is often an infinite loop that never solves the problem: "To set up an account, go here." "If you want to set up an account, go back to the page you were just at."
Teaching programming with IT training textbooks is awful, and it would be great if IU instead provided free access to premium coding software like Code School.
RFS and SDA are amazing. I am in awe and respect whoever put it together. An amazing source for researchers.
Box is surprisingly useful, but I wish I could mount it on my Desktop like Dropbox!! I'm seriously amazed by how useful Box is with free storage, esp. for research purposes.
Those supercomputers for everyone workshops are too intimidating for most of us. :(

The internet speed in the IU apartments are slow.

The university should seriously consider changing their student-access online registration system. It is not at all user friendly or intuitive. Also the printer in the SW library is a bit slow when taxed with heavier jobs; I feel bad that other students have to wait but sometimes you need to print larger documents.

The WIFI is really the point of frustration here, otherwise UITS does a good job. The WIFI is inconsistent, often difficult to connect to, frequently cuts out, and in certain buildings almost impossible to use. Thankfully AT&T also provides internet otherwise there would be regular occasions wherein I am not able to do my work at group meetings, etc.

Too many questions on the survey. Consult survey methodologist. Feedback will be more useful if you do.

UITS call-in and chat support is terrible. Personnel are not well trained but yet believe they are far smarter than their clients...and will tell you so. Rather than working through a problem, they immediately want remote access to a system so they can muck. This is terrible troubleshooting. Finally, when they can't figure a problem out, which is my usual experience, they say they will get back with you and then never do. I use their serve only as a last resort as I know from experience there is very little chance they will actually assist.

When trying to use the IU Secure network in some buildings on campus, I'm frequently kicked off (often without any indication) and end up on the AT&T wireless. This is disruptive at best and less secure at worst. Friends and colleagues have reported the same problems, but none of us know why. It doesn't have to do with inactivity, as it happens in the midst of active sessions.
It would be helpful if there were a log of trouble tickets submitted so that we could log in to see the status. Sometimes it's hard to know whether a request is just taking longer or whether it's falling through the cracks.
Exchange and Outlook email have been increasingly problematic to use since the last update several months ago. The search features no longer work reliably or predictably (even known messages cannot always be located). Nested messages sometimes appear in conversations without notification, meaning that communications are missed. Messages sometimes arrive out of order. Also, the Outlook connectivity when working from my desktop in my office is completely unpredictable. It's very common to lose connection in the midst of writing a message, which either causes the message to be lost or necessitates copying and pasting it to another program like Word or Notepad while Outlook is restarted. There are days when email seems nearly unusable, which is very detrimental to our operations.

Wi-Fi should be significantly improved on campus, and is a terrible website which tries to mimic the iOS/Android experience without taking productivity into account. On the desktop, I don't want to launch "apps" for every service I want to use. Instead, make a simple to use interface that lets a user quickly navigate through the different services provided by IU. An aesthetically pleasing website also doesn't hurt. The current one just looks terrible.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

** Canvas: I would really like to order/rearrange and/or hide classes in Canvas like we could control in "Site Preferences" in Oncourse. This helps a lot with organization. Even though the new Canvas UI looks great, I hate that it alphabetizes my courses, and gives me no options to hide completed classes or discussion/lab sections for a particular class wherein the instructor may not publish both sections. It clogs up menus/dashboards and makes locating information difficult.
** Box: I love having Box available as a storage option, but the fact that I cannot organize my files is a huge pain. Between files/folders from my previous position, my current position, and my student files/information, everything is a giant mish-mash. I normally would drag into folders to organize things, but I am unable to do that if I am not the folder owner. I checked Knowledge Base and the published user guides, but could not find a solution for this.
**Printing: Despite using the Knowledge Base and spending more than two years both as a full-time staff and a student, I still find it nearly impossible to utilize on-campus printers. When I had an office, it was not a problem; but now that I am a full-time student and my staff position is "remote", I generally try to print at home. I do not have any networked drives anymore, and even though I have tried to figure out how to send something to a network print release station without having to go to a lab or log in to the kiosk, I still can not get it to work.
I have not had a chance yet to try to get assistance at the Help Desk for any of these yet. I may do that at some point for printing, but I think it would be helpful if there were some more user-friendly instructions for sending jobs to a print station (or, if they already exist somewhere, to create additional hotlinks... e.g., even if I know the building code, how could I possibly know which printer is 002 versus 006 in the same building?). As for Box and Canvas, I assume that's just some user feedback and perhaps it could be communicated to the developer(s).

*You still have not uploaded Office 2016 for Windows or Premiere & Photoshop Elements 14 to IU Ware.
*Computers sometimes take forever to log-in.
*People would find computers much easier to use if they had Windows 10 and a real Start menu.
*Oncourse was retired in the middle of the semester, right around the time people were registering for classes.
*Onestart should automatically redirect to One.IU
*Printers should give user-friendly, helpful error messages, instead of cryptic error numbers.
*You should return CS6 to IU Ware. Many of us do not like rental software and would rather download the real thing.
*Similarly, why did you pull Office 2003 from IU Ware?

At my previous university, our tech centers offered laptops, laptop chargers, etc. for students to rent. This was helpful for students who could not afford a laptop, accidentally left their laptops at home, or simply forgot their laptop chargers at home. This has happened to me a couple times and I always wished IU offered the same service. I think this would be extremely helpful to students, since the computer labs are generally always very busy and it can be difficult to find a free computer to use.

Canvas has many small glitches

Downloadable PDFs of unofficial transcripts would be helpful.

Everyone knows trying to use Wi-Fi during peak hours anywhere on campus is going to at least be a bit slow or even impossible to get any work done online. Please, this is a world-class institution, not a public library. It is embarrassing, and no one expects to do work on campus at the last minute because of it. Also, I do not know what the "decommissioning process" for Oncourse or OneStart was, but I am so glad they are gone. And lease redo/overhaul the Student Center to bring it into the 21st century of user-friendliness.

Everything has been very helpful during my studies here. The only thing I can think of that would improve or make our experience easier would be the ability to print to campus computers from personal laptops. Sometimes, the lines become very long to print, and occasionally the printers are down. If this exists already, I am not aware of how it works! I know most students bring laptops to class, so this feature would be great.

First, please develop a software that we can use to print materials at the library by using mobile devices, like a phone or a tablet (just like a laptop).
Second, school computers take too much time to load windows after logging in.
Lastly, let us move class around Dashboard and Courses section in Canvas. Old classes take place on top, so we have to scroll down for current classes.

Fix IU Secure; it always disconnects in peak times.
Fix Exchange.

Good job.

Have Wi-Fi available outdoors across campus, not just inside the buildings.

I am running for IU Student Body Treasurer, and one of the things I want to improve is the IU mobile app. Is this something that could be feasible with the right budget? Also, are there any current improvements in the works or any plans to change the app? [IRD] Thanks!

I can never connect to a useable Wi-Fi on my phone. My phone always tries to connect to IU starthere and then says the connection is not secure. I am using a Moto X android.

I can never find an available computer! We need more computers!!

I do not like One.IU at all. I liked being able to navigate to what I wanted on OneStart, but One.IU is virtually a search engine. You have to know the exact name of what you want before searching for it. One.IU is actually pointless because it does little more than act as a custom Google search bar for a website that was taken down.

I have had many problems with the IU Secure network; it has not been working well lately

I have lived in Union Street Pine Hall on the first floor. I felt that the internet usually disconnects.

I love how UITS can always help me figure out problems with my laptop or phone, but most of the technology in the classrooms are underutilized and give the professors a lot of problems very often. Professors usually waste 10-15 minutes of class time just trying to figure out how to get something to project on the screen or the sound on a video to work. IU Secure wireless network also can be really spotty at times and it is annoying that I have to have a large margin of error when it comes time to turn in an assignment electronically because sometimes the Wi-Fi doesn't work for 10 minutes or so and I don't want to risk turning an assignment in late because the Wi-Fi wasn't working properly. That is not something students should have to deal with or think about.

I really love the new printers that have been installed all over campus; however, there have been multiple times when the printers have not worked or have taken a very long time to log into the system and print out papers. If this could be improved, that would be great.

I think UITS does an outstanding job, but there are some things I would like to see. I wish the transition from Oncourse to Canvas were required more directly and a little more quickly. It is incredibly frustrating to have to jump between the two for the few classes that differ.
Also, I would love to see UITS employ something that allows printing from devices to campus printers in a much easier fashion. This is one of the hardest things to get done and could be a major convenience.

I would like for there to be more areas for software help. I also have difficulty maintaining wireless connection in some buildings. And I despise One.IU at this point; it is more inconvenient for me than the previous system.

If possible, try to increase Wi-Fi access in critical locations, like IMU.

I am pretty much satisfied with all of the services provided by UITS, and I do not really have any recommendations to give as of now.

Improve IU Secure

Improve the strength of Wi-Fi at places like the Stadium and Fee Road.

It is a huge problem when it is hard to connect to IU Secure at lower level of the buildings, where the internet connection is not strong. It is very difficult to connect to the internet sometimes, and this problem does not happen due to the usage of a specific brand device. I carry laptops, tablets, cell phones, and phablets from three different brands, and all of them seem to have a hard time to connect to IU Secure when I am at the lowest level of certain buildings. Living in dorms freshman year, I never faced a problem connecting to IU Secure. Even at the lowest level or ground floor of the dorm, I would have strong Wi-Fi connection.
Another problem I faced throughout my years here was that sometimes at a lab center, there would be an empty computer with no user, but an account that is logged in for a long period of time. Is there a specific duration to how long the period would be if someone locked the account and left the computer?

It takes a long time for my computer to connect with IU Secure, and it is often time limited.

IU Devicenet for things, such as the Amazon Firestick and other tv plug-ins, is pretty horrid. It can never be used without rescanning the Wi-Fi at least three times. It is awful.

IU Secure needs to be revamped. Many times, my phone or laptop simply won't load what they're supposed to, and I end up needing to find an ethernet port or use my LTE data.

IU Secure wireless service needs to be improved on campus. It is exceedingly temperamental on certain days, and it is annoying when it decides to not work, usually when I really need it to work.
I really like the new printers all over campus, with their ability for scanning to your email.

IU Ware can be made easier to download.

Literally half of the mice in the computer cluster in SPEA do not work. They double-click every time you click, which makes working in Excel or Access nearly impossible. is a great resource for everybody, and I am very happy using it. Love IU Ware!
However, One.IU is still very hard to utilize. Switching to an app environment has made finding things much worse. Onestart was bad, but after a while you knew where things were. Using apps in One.IU for everything was a big mistake in my opinion. The design of One.IU can be made better, but the core aspect of the way one uses this tool is broken. My recommendation is to allow everybody to create their own dashboards of apps that they would like to use (e.g. iGoogle dashboard).
Canvas as a learning management system has totally not met our expectations. It is not better than Oncourse in my opinion, and is totally unsuitable for online learning. Plus, the Canvas feature request seems to be prioritized at a university-wide level. As a result, the learning experience for students has suffered a lot. I know many students who have complained again and again about Canvas. Canvas support is good to say the least. Canvas discussions, for example, have a performance issue when there are too many discussions. You always seem to get lost in the system and have to go back to the home page to go to a new page. Usability of Canvas is extremely poor. I also worry about accessibility issues. Also, Canvas email seems to be very unreliable. An email sent to students arrive later than expected. Email interface is terrible. Overall, Canvas is a bad design with a technology that is bloated with features that are not useful. An LMS should cater to the needs of the faculty and students, and allow them to do what they do best without technology being a hindrance.

Make sure all freshmen know how to print to a campus printer from their laptops

Make your internet better and more stable.
That's pretty much it.

Often times, when I am working in the Wells Library, or even at home (BBHN apartments with a wireless router hooked up to the campus Wi-Fi), and the internet fails, I have to disconnect and reconnect my Wi-Fi from my computer, and on many occasions, restart my computer. I am not sure what steps, if any, there are to solving this, but I know I am not the only one who faces this issue.

More free copies of software, like Office, should be available for students whose old broken laptops are using their free copies

More instruction on how to reserve/request a classroom

Most people don't know what UITS services are offered, how they would be useful to them, or how to use them at all. In a very easy to understand way, an effort should be made to tell students about them; a quick and easily-accessible option should be made available for students to find out about a problem they have and who they should talk to, and an intuitive hub (a dedicated app perhaps) that makes it extremely easy to get help and get it quick.

My biggest issue is the Wi-Fi on campus. I live in a residence hall, and so, often my laptop and smartphone lose connection, and all my homework is online, so it compromises my learning experience.





Nothing really.

Offer stronger Wi-Fi connections on campus!

Often, I have problems with the printers -- out of paper, out of toner, jammed, etc.
Also, the chairs in Ballantine that roll and swivel are so annoying.

One.IU is confusing. Maybe clean it up a bit. Fewer boxes -- I don't like that I have to go searching for a box to find what I want. Maybe put things into broader categories, then find the thing they are looking for. Plus, my guardian has a hard time navigating One.IU.
Also, I wish Umail were easier to access -- I wish I were able to access it without having to go through One.IU, Canvas, or another IU website. I want to be able to go to and enter my info.

One slight concern I have is the security of IU's wireless network. The security software on my laptop is out-of-date, and I have not yet shelled out to renew my subscription. I have not asked anyone in the IT department about this because I am worried it is a stupid question, but I do not know whether I should be concerned about potential information theft over IU's network when I do not have any "deluxe" security software running on my laptop.

Please expand the wireless coverage. I lose connection frequently, even during the online courses (and checking DoubleMap! The bus is gone, but I don't know because I lose connection automatically! :( It would be very helpful if it were better.

Please fix the Print Finder for PCs so that PC laptops can send print jobs to IU printers. This was an amazing and useful feature when it existed.

Please increase the range and strength of Wi-Fi around IU, particularly at McNutt.
Usually, I cannot use the laptop in my dorm at Mcnutt because the Wi-Fi drops in and out.
The Wi-Fi is unreliable and annoying to use when I need to access Echo360 or other files on Canvas.
Also, please make the reset system for easier. Faxing and/or mailing a form and waiting two business days for a password reset on a digital system is annoying and unnecessary. A better solution would be an ID/DOB/Umail verification system that any academic can use and have their passphrase reset in a heartbeat, rather than having to wait three to four business days.

Please strengthen IU Secure

Please update the interface for the IU app. It is very clunky to use, and it doesn't remember username or password info. I shouldn't have to login every single time I use the IU app on my smartphone.

Printers sometimes are morbidly slow at O-training print jobs and logging in, causing a huge backup. My understanding is that they utilize wireless connectivity and I believe that hard-wiring them would be an advantageous step.

Registering for classes was a huge pain - I had a spot in a class I was going to take, but the server was moving so slowly that by the time the next page finally loaded, someone else had claimed the spot and I was blocked out of the class

Renew the keyboard for the computer at the Wells Library.

RPS parking operation's website is a little confusing on phones.

Sometimes, I want to download something from IT, but it does not work like Google does. I downloaded Chrome on my laptop; however, it shows as the phone screen. I do not why it is so bad. Maybe you would like to renew them.

Student Center is the hardest thing in the world to navigate.
The One.IU app does not let me go back to the page I was on previously

Thank you for making Box unlimited storage! I love it!
Keep updating with new information as it gets released by companies and their products updates. Keep updating the versions you have available for download off of IU Ware.
You could always offer more programs via IUware.
Thank you for the high speed internet.
I love your IT training -- keep making videos of the sessions and put them on or something so that we can revisit them.
When will Office 2016 be available for PC/Windows 7/8.1/10?

Thanks for all your hard work!

The Chemistry building gets no Wi-Fi in some spots, especially in the back of the Chemistry library. Some of the printers had issues with using the backup tray to print on special resume paper. Printers are the things that I had the most issues with. The system for registering for classes isn't very user-friendly, either. It would also be nice to have a better way to view the requirements for each major.

The internet on campus is terrible and Canvas sucks to post grades on.

The people who work there are incompetent and very rude and don't help at all.

The Wi-Fi can go down sometimes during peak study hours, and therefore should be extended to support the amount of students using the network.
Update the SIS to a more user friendly system like

The Wi-Fi connection is terrible, and spotty when in a certain area around campus.

The Wi-Fi IU DeviceNet is very poor and when I use it the places it particularly won't connect are the IU websites like canvas, oncourse, and onestart/one. But my phone always connects to it because IU Secure is so difficult for my phone to connect to. I also downloaded the software to be able to print from my laptop (a Mac) and it has yet to be actually functional. On the student self services, registering for classes, transcripts and such are really difficult to navigate and find. Especially when going from class searches to my cart, I lose the search if I go back a page-no matter what I've gotten into I go back to the first page and lose all my search info. It would also be helpful to be able to input all of the classes I want to take in an order of priority and have the system determine what my schedule could be.

Wireless connection is very poor. It's hard to connect when you're not inside buildings. Make the IU Secure wireless available across the campus. That way only people identified with IU can use it. It will be very helpful, specially in the summer and fall when people study outside.