Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2016

IUE Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I think the separation of Center for Teaching and Learning and UITS is a problem, since a faculty member may not know upfront that their issue may be one covered by the other group, and this may be a case where it should be done all in one house.

The biggest items that seem to be lacking is a reasonable response time (if any response is given at all), accurate ticket logging (i.e., what is stated as a resolution isn't always true of what has happened), and diagnostic practices that are designed to find solutions cooperatively, instead of rejecting the request outright. This may all be due to a lack of staffing, but it is affecting the quality of service dramatically from my viewpoint.

The never-ending changes of systems (e.g., retiring OnCourse for Canvas) is maddening! I don't have to be an auto mechanic to drive my car. Cars have basically remained the same for about 100 years. Yet it seems that every time I really need to get something done, whack, some new something or other comes up that will take me hours to handle.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I have been employed for one month. The IT professionals are professionals and are very helpful at IUE.

I wish computers in the classrooms were regularly updated and included shortcuts for commonly used sites -- or even a shortcut leading to One.IU, Canvas, etc.

It would be very nice to have the option, when realistic, to accept or refuse certain upgrades. There have been multiple "upgrades" made to various servers, systems, and applications for which I had no input if I actually want to opt-in to the upgrade. The upgrades have often caused major inconveniences for me by taking away my ability to complete essential tasks. I try very hard not to be one of the "all change is bad" types of people. Change is important for progress. However, I am very frustrated that some changes completely take away my ability to perform essential tasks, and the only response I get is a shrug and a comment along the lines of, "Sorry, it should not have done that."

Regional campuses benefit from the tools available via larger IU. Where there seems to be a problem is with Administration of local systems. Faculty and professional staff cannot install the most basic updates or add-ons to get their work done without placing an IT ticket -- really? Keeping my system up-to-date is made impossible by not allowing me to run updates. And given how often I have seen updates that cause trouble making it through whatever testing system is in place (I don't think there is one), it could not be any worse by allowing faculty and professional staff to install on their own. I use a faculty training lab, where the staff cannot install basic updates -- e.g. Java, etc. -- to show me something because IT will not allow them to have any Administrative rights in a non-public lab! Beyond that, the regional in question does not provide professional staff or faculty with laptops or the choice of desktop vs. laptop? Seriously? A major university in 2016?

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Very disappointed with Canvas. MSN student and the capabilities of Canvas are not up to par with the previous system or current systems like Blackboard.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

As an online student, I have just a couple comments on disappointing differences between Canvas and Oncourse.
Canvas combines all of the messages into one inbox, rather than keeping them segregated by class, and I feel this detracts from the clarity and usability of the online environment.
The forum format on Canvas is also less clear and more difficult to track.

As an online student, I appreciate the professional attitude of the IT people who have helped me.

Classroom seats are for children not adults.
Classroom space is inadequate for working. There is no room to open a book and a tablet at the same time.
Chairs are hard as a rock, and with the fees we pay for our education, we should be able to sit comfortably and have space to open our books and notebooks.
Instructors are more interested in getting out of class early than teaching the students.


I feel like the teachers perhaps don't utilize all that is available. We have PowerPoints and recorded lectures that are years old. The online office hours would be a little easier if perhaps we could talk instead of type questions. Maybe we can, but the professors don't use that, either.

I required assistance on a Sunday afternoon. I called the UITS support; they used Bomgar to access my computer and installed the newest version of Word/Powerpoint/Note on my computer for me. I lost my connection with the UITS support and they emailed me and called me to finish helping me with my install. I was extremely grateful for their expertise and support. Thanks again.
I do struggle searching and registering for new classes. I'm not sure how to access all classes that are offered in a specific skill cluster, such as Cultural Diversity. Once I find the class, I still have to reach out to my adviser to find the Class Number. I'm sure that I am just missing a step, but thought I should share with you that I find this difficult.



On the positive, I think the web systems are better here than at many other campuses, and they are certainly miles better than that at CUNY First.
On the negative, in general, I would like to receive zero emails from IT services, and instead, have any truly important information posted as a bulletin on the website or within Canvas.

SIS is still a pain to navigate and find the information for which you are looking. However, the "app" interface is a much needed improvement to OneStart.
I have been unable to use IU Secure for the 3.5 years I have been attending IU. I have taken my technology in to the department where downloads have been placed on to run, but I still have had no success in logging in. I got tired of visiting the office and hearing excuses. I am able to connect to the ATT Wi-Fi, and occasionally use that if I can get the browser to pull up the page in order to fully connect... sometimes this is a struggle.
Some of the self-learning materials for programs are simple to navigate, while others are a pain. Podcasts should probably list at what time in the video the actual lessons start. It is annoying sitting and just waiting for everyone to log in and say their hellos or whatnots when it is a recording, and not a live class.

The student center could use a facelift to be more user-friendly like One. It is difficult to explain to long-distance students how to register for classes using the student center. So far, I am very impressed with "One" and "Canvas."
One feature I am disappointed by is that our mobile print feature at IUE has not been working since the end of last semester. I would like for that issue to be resolved on our campus.

Web based class instructors could stand to use more video/media. Canvas system is crappy; whose idea was that? We need a SINGLE email, instead of all this UMail, IMail, blah blah provided by someone else. I end up with three different email addresses showing up to instructors and fellow students; usually not the correct one. IMail doesn't leave me signed in when I check the box. Too much clutter in the IMail design. Seems to be many IT systems running circles around each other and not connecting properly to each other. KISS, keep it simple ;)