Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2016

IUPUI Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

1) One.IU is an abomination. (a) I have no need of IU Bloomington information, so its presence adds clutter and confusion. (b) The interface is utterly idiotic. Why would I, a professional in my field, care how popular an application is to the entire university environment? We do not have the same needs. (c) It is almost impossible to find anything. (d) All the GUI space is wasted by using large "buttons" with virtually no information on them. I am not using a smartphone. I am using an extremely powerful desktop computer at work, and a decent laptop at home. In neither case do I need or want to interact through an inefficient and ineffective process designed for smart phones. (d) Stop showing me all sorts of ridiculous things I have no need of. I am a faculty member. I do not need to see applications that are for students or staff. In fact, except for a very few university services, like SIS, I do not need any of the garbage available. I am internet literate so if I want the weather, I will go to Unisys weather (one of the services available for use by pilots) and check it myself. (e) Contrast is poor on a lot of the GUI (f) In Onestart, the options I saw were based on my needs. One.iu is just an extremely ill-advised attempt to make everyone use the same system regardless of their divergent needs. This is not progress -- it is retrogression. In fact, If you were to compare my satisfaction with UITS three years ago to today, you would find that it has plummeted from quite a high level to previously unimaginable depths.
2) I am extremely unhappy about the consolidation of services in Bloomington. It leads to wrong answers to questions from IUPUI, and directions to the wrong forms and sites. It also leads to long delays. Apparently, IUB calls get priority over ours. One time, I was told, "3 calls ahead of you...", "two calls ahead of you...", "one call ahead of you...", "two calls ahead of you...", "one call ahead of you...", "two calls ahead of you...". As if that were not bad enough, in the last few days, I have had trouble getting any of the Bloomington UITS staff to even answer their phones or emails at all. I need access to mercury to transfer an organizational website from our school's servers. My group account has an account on mercury, as do I. A call to UITS, which took over two hours, established that the fault was not mine. After approximately four hours (no exaggeration) of emails and phone calls, I was finally able to get someone in Tier 2 service to fix my account (which I did not actually care about at the moment). I am still waiting for the group account to be fixed. (My request clearly stated that it was the group account I needed to access immediately.) I have been told a single person is handling all webmaster requests, which there are hundreds. If true, how could any service possibly be so badly managed? I am not asking for something exotic. I need to transfer a simple website that works in one location to another and I can not even log on! UITS is making me look bad. I was supposed to transfer this website on a particular date. No one could even imagine that UITS would be incapable of handling facilitating something so simple. I made sure I had requested and obtained the account well in advance, so that I would be ready as soon as the website upgrades were done. I do not appreciate being made to look incompetent when the incompetence is someone else's!
In summary, the quality of customer service and computing services provided by UITS has plummeted over the past couple of years. None of the changes constitutes progress. I cannot imagine what those in charge of UITS are thinking. More importantly, what the heck are people doing? How can it be possible that a simple problem cannot be solved within minutes? Not to mention that this problem should never have occurred in the first place.

Add Graphpad Prism to IU software. Wireless (IU secure) is still spotty and I often get kicked out, even though I have full signal.

Being able to call 274-HELP is very helpful, and the people I talk to have been able to help me through my problems every time. I am sure you do not pay them enough!
Wireless will never be fast enough. I appreciate all that you do to keep us connected!

Better Wi-Fi on campus; better software downloads (i.e. standalone versions - I work in the field, I cannot always be connected to the internet); an email provider besides Microsoft (Outlook sucks); course and campus websites that are user-friendly.

Canvas should improve the student forums.
Email occasionally disconnects or does not respond, but I understand it may be a server issue.
Classroom services are not well promoted. Information should come out on how you support classrooms. Faculty assume that if we are unaware of a service, the service does not exist.
Classroom recording is hard to use and difficult to turn on/off for classroom breaks and better communications.

Canvas support should be enhanced so that the UITS help line can provide immediate assistance.

It is challenging to install Office for Mac from IU Ware (passcodes, etc) - I had to get help from IT in Dept. in Pathology, which proved to be challenging for the IU employee assisting me, too.

Computer classrooms in Cavanaugh are not maintained properly. Many have broken elements, and it takes a long time to have problems resolved.
Moving courses in Canvas causes broken links. This must be fixed quickly.
The move from Oncourse to Canvas is time-consuming -- perhaps 60 hours per class -- for those who used Oncourse extensively (Modules, etc.). Extra work should have been given bonus compensation or faculty should have been given a longer period of transition.
"Help" in Canvas is not helpful. I've needed to call the Bloomington campus because our campus had no answers to problems.

Easier guest access to Wi-Fi. More reliable polygon. More user-friendly kfs, time sheet, and purchasing interfaces.

E-mail system is intermittently slow, and it still completely stalls out sometimes. It would be nice to have wider availability of IU Secure (as opposed to public wireless access) in Riley Hospital and the Riley Outpatient Center.

Faculty requests to modify Canvas to meet basic grading needs have been refused. We have to spend extraordinary amounts of time finding workarounds for Canvas grading failures.
Extremely concerned about IUOnline initiative impact on faculty instructional independence.

Good job.

I got a Microsoft Surface via CAITS last year. This is a good device. When I asked for help in learning Windows 8, several different CAITS staff replied, "They would like help in learning Windows 8". What I have learned about using this system has been on my own and in random fashion. Like always, Microsoft Help is usually not helpful.

I hate the transition from my old mail system to the Microsoft system.... it is a lot slower than the text-based system I used and it takes much longer to read and delete email messages.
I find it very slow to get my account and the relevant software started in classrooms that I teach... I am not sure why it has to load all this "desktop stuff" so slowly. I use the same machines every class period in the same room as the previous week, log in with the same ID, and it seems to act like it has never seen me before.
Since I have no choice, I use the services for instruction and normal day-to-day activities, but I find much of the "service" to be slow and cumbersome. Thus, I try to avoid using UITS services as often as possible. A prime example was my use of Echo for recording my lectures. I would really like to do something like this routinely, but editing Echo took hours and I have dropped it completely... I am looking for an off-campus vendor that I can use on my own hardware and software because my experience with Echo was so bad and I don't even have the files I created because you "own" them and have probably destroyed them by now. I find this extremely inconvenient and not to be serving the faculty or the teaching efforts effectively.

I have had UITS personnel tell me after a training that they would come to my classroom to help me set up. They were a no-show. Then, two weeks later, they could not do what I was told could be done in the classroom. Turns out they did not know much at all.

I have some suggestions for improving Canvas, but I'm not sure that is something UITS can control. It is mainly organizational issues, like rearranging the "dashboard" and more options in communicating with students.

I think it would be useful to have a classroom teacher's orientation to the equipment in the classrooms, especially troubleshooting. Also, design a means of making the use of Canvas in the classroom more user-friendly.

I think UITS is doing an excellent job! We at IUPUI are very fortunate to have such wonderful access to technology and support. The only suggestion I have is the program that is used at the workstations around campus -- it takes a very long time for the program to connect and sometimes, after waiting a long time, you cannot access the internet at these workstations or other things that you need.
Otherwise, excellent job!

I work in the basement computer classroom in Cavanaugh, and there appears to be some trouble keeping up with the wear and tear of the equipment. I would avoid adding complicated equipment or software, and focus on working with basic systems that can be easily repaired and overcome with on-the-spot troubleshooting. Fancy bells and whistles will not be as effective as good, solid interactions with the equipment and the technology. Avoid the blindness that can come from thinking that the latest technological gadgets equals effective learning. As you know, the technology should serve rather than we serve what "interests" the technology (or what the technology demands in terms of practice).

In IU Ware, the transition of Adobe from letting us download the software to this new regime where we need to have an Adobe account and then download the software directly from Adobe is extremely annoying. It dramatically slows down start-up, and the software download is slow and buggy.

I have never heard of many of the capacities and systems available to help. The overall IU website makes retrieving such information almost impossible.

Most negatives surround Outlook instability, which I don't think is necessarily a UITS problem. Overall, very responsive and capable service is provided, and I appreciate it.

Need proctored computerized testing centers on campus!!!! Canvas has a great quiz/testing system, but it is not possible to give online exams, unless they are unproctored, which is ridiculous in 2016. I recently started working here, and I feel like I stepped back into the dark ages.

No suggestions. I think you guys are doing an incredible job! I get such personal service from people like [UITS STAFF] with Echo 360, [IT STAFF] - tech guy for Liberal Arts who comes to my class whenever I have problems, [IRD] - who visited my class to make sure all was working, and all the men and women who man the telephones at 274-HELP - [UITS STAFF]. You have been there quickly every time I have had a problem. You have always found a solution to the problem, and you have always treated me with kindness and understanding. You guys are fantastic!!!!!



One.IU would be so much better if, after entering the site via login and password, the user would not have to re-enter login and password information again for any other application. As it exists, I don't understand why I need to log into One.IU, since it doesn't appear to offer any benefits.
Canvas is currently experiencing anomalies with the SpeedGrader. They have been working on it for the past week and posted a fix, but it continues to be unreliable. Also, Canvas is not improving/changing as quickly as I had thought it would, given all of the feedback it solicits.

Overall, UITS does a very good job -- certainly the best of any of the three universities at which I have taught. Web for departments is horrid, exacerbated by the branding demand, though that probably isn't a UITS decision. Something needs to happen to make it easier for departments to have direct access to their own department pages.

Please get rid of Movi/jabber/pexip/video bridge. It is a horrible videoconferencing system that is unreliable, and it consistently drops users. I can't understand why we are being told that Zoom is not available for use with classroom video systems (Nursing building). It is ridiculous!
This is 2016 -- videoconferencing should be simple, efficient, and consistently of high-quality. Currently, that is the case with Zoom; however, if we can't use it from our classrooms and conference rooms, something needs to change.

Please set the default on classroom PCs to use the Start button menu, rather than the tiles. It's too hard to find what I need.

Retain Oncourse for at least two more years.

Some of my lack of expertise is due to my limited time. The support is excellent, and I appreciate IT every time I need help. In the coming months, I hope to have more time to explore other available functions.

Sometimes, I email IT Help, providing a phishing attempt and the full mail header. I am always disappointed with the reply. What I expect is for them to say something like this: "1. Thank you for reporting this phishing attempt; we appreciate it. 2. Based on your feedback, we have removed the email from everyone's email account to mitigate the risk. 3. We have adjusted our spam filter to prevent similar emails from getting through in the future." What I get instead is some generic nonsense that could have been written by someone at a call center in the Philippines. The main point is that IT Help should not be a human manual. Rather, it should be the go-to people who actually fix problems.

Support should be quicker to arrive on site if there is a technology malfunction in a classroom.

Thanks for all the work on IT. Presentation equipment in DS S116 and S117 need to be upgraded to include smart monitors for instructor podiums, which would allow us to draw on the screens over the PowerPoint illustration slides.

The issues with Outlook have been incredibly disruptive and problematic. We have lost incalculable hours of productivity.

The KB pages are a very complete resources however there a lot of forwarding to other pages meaning that for any problems we most of the times need to joggle between 3-4 pages to get all instructions.
Also sometimes information are conflictual (for example regarding the wireless connection to insecure with a group account, one page says it is possible and one page says we cannot). It is probably due to the complex architecture of the pages with he information hidden in many pages so when an update is necessary maybe not all pages are changed, but it is definitely confusing for the user.

The new web-based phone is extremely bad. I'm sure there is a way to make the phone work as if it's a standard landline because this is what I have at home.
Also, I simply did not hear anything about videoconferencing facilities.

The walk in help desk in Indianapolis should be improved. The knowledge level of the person working there is ridiculously low and lack of troubleshooting ability.

This survey completely missed opportunity to evaluate CAITS.
That rating would be unsatisfactory and not meeting expectations.
It's time for meaningful changes in CAITS.

UITS provides a great service. My questions are all answered immediately with courtesy and your representatives are always very professional. [IRD]

Would like to give feedback to Canvas developers and would like to know if they used the feedback. Do not like relearning platforms, such as the evolving Canvas and the biannual library interface changes. A little frustrated at times that I have to think like a nerd to teach my classes. I am very unhappy about the technology choices made in the social work classroom in the new AD building. Would like to have a full sized white board to write on. The technology dominates the setting making it difficult to engage the students. Love the teaching and learning center.

Would love to be able to consult with UITS to set up on-line data storage and backup. What software to use, how to accomplish from off-site, etc. Takes too long to wade through the information publications.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Absolutely love free access to Lynda resources!

Add a progress bar to this survey so we know how much farther there is to go.

Bring back Onestart; One.IU is terrible and geared more towards mobile devices.

Canvas is an improvement over Oncourse, and One is an improvement over OneStart.
OnCore database system is the not user-friendly at all and seems incredibly messy.
I like the email from Exchange and the Outlook Web app, but the Calendar is very glitchy. Printing calendar appointments, which is required for my work, is incredibly problematic because there is no built-in function to print via the app itself. Editing calendar appointments can also create a lot of formatting errors, and copy and paste exacerbate these formatting errors, even when copying and pasting from the Outlook Web app itself. It would be great if there were a way to not get an email every single time a calendar appointment description was updated. We put a lot of information in appointments to share it with everyone involved, but it is more of a reference (not actually a change to the event).
I do not appreciate that I cannot unsubscribe from the UITS newsletter. All I need to hear from UITS is incredibly important security information that requires action or vigilance on my part. I do not need to know what you are doing on Twitter. That is a waste of my time, and it clutters my inbox.

Cost of getting a new wired data jack installed is too expensive. It is also difficult to determine if a local ethernet switch meets the policy requirements if it is not on the recommended list (
The Exchange 2013 upgraded did not go smoothly.
Overall, UITS services are excellent and the staff are competent and professional.

E-mail access/computer functioning has been a disaster at the end of 2015, and is marginally better so far in 2016. Not sure what has been happening, but it makes working very difficult and it does not help when IT leaders send out e-mails basically saying "suck it up... even us IU folks are having trouble". Neither helpful nor professional.

Exchange server sometimes crashes and has difficulty connecting to Outlook on my local computer, which can be annoying and affects my efficiency at work.
Also, the IU Secure wireless network either does not work or performs very slowly in certain locations on campus (specifically the Barnes and Noble at the Campus Center and the Herron Student Services Office). This becomes an annoyance when I have to work with students in my office that are trying to connect to IT services from their portable devices. It would greatly improve my experience if wireless connectivity were increased throughout the IUPUI campus.
Thanks for all the work that you do for the university, and for allowing me to have a voice when it comes to IT on campus.

Experiencing long delays in internet connectivity.

Having to use UITS as a "middle man" for research projects that utilize technology services makes the process much slower and clunky, which results in a dramatic overcharge from the third party (requiring a lengthy refund process). Plus, we had to pay UITS for this additional hassle out of our research funds. Streamlining this process would be appreciated, or careful consideration of the role UITS plays in research-related services would be helpful.

I am very appreciative of the robust range of IT products and services available to me as an employee of IU.

I cannot stand IUanyWare. it is very difficult to manage. It is not intuitive at all. I spend more time trying to figure things out.
Removing the lab in Taylor Hall was a big mistake. I watch students look for computers all the time. Why didn't UITS fight to keep that lab? It was utilized a lot.

I find the KB very hard to use. I put in terms that make sense to me and nothing appropriate comes up. I think you could use some more user testing on it, or capture information on what people are searching for and whether the KB has appropriate information.

I gave a 3 for Outlook because, as of last week, I was still getting bumped off. So far, so good.

I get kicked off wireless many time throughout the day on my computer or phone.
It would be helpful on the survey to have a % complete indicator to know how much time to dedicate to survey completion.

I had a great experience working with UITS Outreach. They were very helpful and were able to provide a great resource to my students during Orientation.

I have extremely helpful co-workers who have trained me on the WCMS and Cision/Vocus systems among others, but I am very surprised there is no official training. I ignored the photo system entirely, as I heard we are getting a new one, and I will eagerly attend that training. Every session I have gone to, whether in person or teleconference, has been excellent and informative.

I like the offering of ITT classes, but they could be a little more aggressive by offering more training. Thank you.

I think the Lync phone system is probably a good one. I just think it is difficult to learn.

I wish we didn't have to be logged into our computers to use our telephones. Also, Outlook has been awful this past year. Please change systems.

I would like more Ed-Cert training classes offered on a more frequent basis. Having a spring, summer, and fall course would be beneficial. Having only a course offered once a year makes it difficult to attend or have others be able to attend the class.
I would like to see better communication on why services are being retired, why new services will better help, and what the benefits are for the IU community.

I would like to see more user-based account permissions that align with job responsibilities. With no admin access to update files, the system is not very user-friendly. No ability to download and install approved software on IU Ware is frustrating; we have to wait on computer support, who is extremely overwhelmed. If a list of software is approved, allow users to proceed, instead of setting restrictions. I would like to see this issue addressed, but everyone says this is an IU Policy.
I like the One.IU system, which has a better access to systems.

I am stationed at P100. Network access has been a challenge.

IT departments that support my school are very disorganized and do not complete requests in a timely manner. I have to follow-up several times in order to get my IT needs met.

It is difficult to have the phone off when the computer is off, especially when CAITS or UITS is troubleshooting my computer. But the phones seem reliable as long as you are on your computer.

It would be very beneficial to have increased cell phone service inside the campus buildings. There are so many buildings that have almost zero cell phone service and it is detrimental to productivity.

I have had a lot of trouble with Outlook. Sometimes, e-mail gets stuck in my Outbox and I have to reboot. Sometimes, I cannot access out-of-office. Also, my Lync/Skype phone keeps turning the ringer off. The reliability of the wireless network seems to be greatly improved since the last time I took this survey.

Lync is absolutely terrible! It has made it harder to communicate via phone. I now tell students, staff, and faculty to e-mail me. There is no support for this service, no matter how many times I call or e-mail.

My department regularly calls and emails specific UITS staff. It takes days -- often weeks -- longer than anticipated for their assistance. We enjoy interacting with these staff members, but the wait times are horrible.





No, thank you

None at this time.


Not sure if CAITS is under the UITS umbrella or something else. If it falls under UITS, they need to work on supporting their users. Frequently, they seem uninterested or unable to help their users resolve issues. Perhaps UITS is understaffed, but they are not addressing concerns of their users. For months, it has taken me forever to log on to my computer and get Outlook started. After repeated attempts, others in the office and I have given up and just put up with taking quite a bit of time to get started in the morning. Outlook continues to drop from the server on a regular basis. This is beyond frustrating.

Our office mainly works with the CAITS group.

[IRD] is the BEST!

SIS is cumbersome and problematic. One.IU is fine, but the search terms need to be expanded. There is no cell service and limited IU Secure network connectivity in the Campus Center. I work in the Registrar's office, and we must tell students to step into the hall or go outside to look up addresses, get emails, make phone calls, etc. because it is so bad.

Some of my hesitation to give the top ratings for questions in this survey is the learning curve for the changes -- in part due to personal adjustments, and in part due to the IT process of changes. For example, Crimson cannot give us reports that we could do previously; it is coming, but for now, we must request reports and wait, rather than have it available. One.IU is better than One Start, but there is still a learning curve. The time of notification was great, so we could begin to become familiar before the start date of One.IU.

Some of these items sound familiar, but I could not state any level of satisfaction, since my knowledge of the service is limited.
Overall, I appreciate the effort and services provided by UITS. Thanks!

Something must be done with the functionality of Outlook and the servers on the IU campus. This has been going on for months and months, and must be costing literally hundreds of thousands of lost time in productivity. Countless times a week, you click on an item in Outlook and it sends the system into a spiral, and you are left with your computer "Not Responding" for 5-10 minutes at a time. This happens 8-10 times a day some days, and occasionally you are left with no choice but to reboot. They say to report when this happens, but it happens so frequently that I feel like this is all I would be doing all day. You literally hear people shouting from there desks, "Come on!", and you know their computer is stuck yet again. I feel that this is inexcusable at a higher education institution. I could see this happening initially and then a fix would take place, but this has been going on for months and months, and it is super frustrating and a giant failure in the system if you ask me.

The Exchange/Outlook applications does not seem to be working as it use to. On average I am disconnected about five times per day for no reason. It wants me to log back in, yet it won't recognize it. You end up having to re-start each time. I have spoken to the help desk with chat but they were of absolutely no help. Also, the duo-devices are OK, but I hate that I have to sometimes log in several times a day.

The IT notice regarding the exchange upgrade has been listed as an issue now for five months. I think it is time to fix the problem!

The phone services via Link/now Skype are not compatible with general office use, for administrators who have assistants needing to transfer calls. This has caused numerous problems with callers being disconnected. The help from in-house and UITS personnel has not solved anything.

The polycom phone system has a bit left to be desired; dropped calls, calls that will not go through. Tt certainly is in need of some improvement. Additionally, the Exchange Unified messaging is cumbersome to use with too many prompts, takes too long to get through prompts. It seems more antiquated and slow than the previous message service. I think those two systems would get a "D"... not satisfied grade... ugh... sorry

The telephone transfer-a-call process is super slow, takes too many button pushes for each task, and will transfer a call to a cell phone even though you dial a seven digit campus number--something to do with personal Lync contact entries.

The upgrade of the exchange server has been a terrible experience--the connection has been spotty and the response time to fix the issue has been abysmal. It continues to be an issue at the heaviest traffic times that the email system lags and then my inbox fills with 20+ emails that had been sent over the last several hours that had not been received. This is not acceptable and needs to be resolved sooner than it is being resolved. Additionally, the survey did not ask about Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is no longer meeting the needs of virtual classes and needs another solution ASAP.

There are still some glitches with One.IU. When I try and open the Paycheck Details page it brings up a page either saying it's not available to I've clicked too many times and it won't open. Either way I've only clicked it once so it doesn't make sense.
Email is a big problem because we seem to loose connection at least once a day. We can't send emails or receive them and that's what most of our jobs are. It needs to be fixed!

This is all are ok for me.

When using the phones every little noise is picked up and many times it deletes my calls when checking them or goes to something else. Along with my colleagues I'm not happy with the phones.

When we needed some ancillary items for our computers we were able to find them for half the cost that IU would have charged us if we bought them through IU...and they were the exact same item (manufacturer, model). I don't think most people know they can purchase outside the system. This is a shame since most of us in research are pinching pennies.

When you make changes sometime it not in order, with the out put, when closing.

Wi-Fi is terrible here. CFS employees are issued iPhones that cannot contact emergency assistance if needed. Some of the duties we perform are high risk, and it is discouraging to know that help may be extremely delayed or not arrive at all. Thanks for asking, I hope someone looks into it.

Would like to receive estimated start date/time to respond to technology support. Too often many e-mail are resubmitted because we have not had any response to first request. If we know it's going to be two hours or two days from request, we can plan accordingly.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

As an online or distance education student, I have been pleasantly surprised by the online environment created by IUPUI. Aside from the instructors and classmates in my program (SOIC-MLS), my favorable impression of the university has been shaped mostly by the IT professionals I have been helped by numerous times. Cheerio!

Distribute papers with the various surfaces in all classes at the beginning of every semester, especially for the international students.
Upgrade the visual card inside the classes.
The Wi-Fi needs speed.

Canvas is difficult to use for inputting grades.
The email app within Canvas is also weird. The threaded emails do not clearly indicate or track to whom you are responding, especially when there are multiple recipients in the email thread.
This section of the phone app for Android is also full of bugs.

Certain software through IUanyWare should also be provided for download on IU Ware. Sometimes IUanyWare versions cannot be a complete supplement for the actual software, and it makes working through IUanyWare difficult at times. i.e. - Outlook or SPSS, etc.

Classes to assist those returning to school who have full-time employment outside the academic environment might benefit from weekend classes to aid in the familiarization with new technology changes.
Classes to assist those who are not as technology finessed as our UITS staff to be able to navigate the intricacies of Canvas and all the added benefits that are available that many including instructors (your Voice of the Customer) who still have no idea how to work this new system. It is all well and good for the UITS staff to be able to work freely in the system you created... the real test is your VOC and whether they can maneuver. This is not about you! It is about your customers, and many of us are not happy with the lack of education outside Computer Based Training Modules. Some students and employees do not learn well with this method of instruction. Do you like your job? Think about the VOC and see what they need.

Continue the good work. I have been in other university situations and UITS' services are unparalleled.

Good job!

Having the walk-in Help Desk and live-chat support are extremely helpful.
IUanyWare has been unreliable and slow. When programs crash, I lose data.

I am an online grad student, so many of these did not apply to me. I would like to say that it would be an improvement to have more of the software that is required for my Masters of Science in Music Technology degree to be available for download. Many students in my program who are local can take advantage of equipment and software that I have to purchase.

I am in a three year graduate program. I have three separate IU emails that have to be checked and three different platforms used by professors. Everything should be in one place with the feature to forward emails to my personal account. I realize that emails are supposed to be forwarded, but the IT department could not figure out how to make it work with my accounts. I have missed important information for classes due to the disorganization of the IT system. It is simply a mess. Professors should not be able to choose which system they use during the transfer; it is not fair to the students. Students should be the primary focus of the university!

I had issues with the Citrix receiver, so IUanyWare was not accessible to me many times. The Citrix receiver should be there at every computer in the library.

I think UITS services are fantastic. I have had to call in for assistance twice in the past year, and the person that I spoke with was very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. I do not like the discussion forums in Canvas; they were much easier to follow in Oncourse. However, I have no other complaints about the switch. Thanks for everything you do!

I tried to use the SDA, but it is impossibly slow to retrieve any information. This was suggested as an alternative to storage options, such as the Wells drive; however, it did not satisfy that need. I think we are in need of additional, easily accessible, storage space for large files and the thousands of image files we generate during experiments.

I really dislike how AT&T is the wireless connection; it tries to connect first, no matter how many times that I go to IU Secure as my first option. It drops constantly.

I work in a basement and do not have wireless cell service (which worries me in case of an emergency).
IU Chat has been really helpful, probably the best service UITS has had, since most of my work is done using computers with various software. It is an easy way to get help. I cannot remember the hours of availability, but I think, if it is not staffed 24/7, it should be... especially because a lot of us students/employees work nights and weekends, so the traditional 9-5 M-F does not work for us.

I would like to recommend the Bursar Bill. They always calculate the bill incorrectly! And the law school just has only one!!! Person who can deal with Bursar!! So I have to wait for him to deal with Bursar and I have to pay for a service charge of $15 because I did not pay all of my bill. I did not pay it because you are calculating my bill correctly!

I would love for more standing desk options in the School of Medicine and at Riley. I wish that we would totally switch to a different browser, instead of Explorer as the default. Many sites are not readable via Explorer due to the outdated nature of the software.
I also wish some things were more MAC-friendly.
I will say that IT is always willing to help and is always polite. I have had experiences with other organizations where this is not available.

I would request for increase of surveillance cameras, especially in the parking lots.

I would like to see Adobe FrameMaker added to IU Ware.

It is very hard to log out of the Box system, or log others out so you can log on yourself. It is ridiculous. It is supposed to be secure, but it remembers only the last person who was on and keeps logging them back on. Seriously?

Keep up the good work. It is not easy to support such a big campus and University system. Kudos to the men and women on the ground, day in and day out! Love you all!

My only concern is the Wi-Fi . I have a hard time with my laptop. I lose signal of IU Wi-Fi periodically. That is the only technology that affects my day-to-day tasks as a GA. Thankfully, we have desktops available.




Not any.

Often times, the internet connection is very slow, and it even randomly drops off-line completely sometimes.

Printing is too expensive. I am a graduate student and we don't receive any "free" printing. I think students in IU's grad programs should, like undergrads, receive 500 pages of free b&w printing each semester. We are paying tons of money for school, so we could at least be given this "free" service.

Some questions lumped like-platforms together, and if asked individually, would have elicited a different response (e.g. I hate web Outlook and Box, but I love the other platforms). If you are asking about the service rather than the platform experience, UITS has always been exceptionally customer-oriented and responsive.

Thank you for all of your help!

Thank you for providing such wonderful services and support.

The library printers often leaves streaks on the page, which makes for a poor final portfolio. They either need more maintenance or replacing.

The new Canvas UI is a step back as it requires twice the number of clicks (on top of the general psychological burden of change); I understand that we probably had no control over this. Your top implementers should consider letting Instructure know that changing the UI without client consultation is not a good idea in general.
Also, all campuses should have STC stations upgraded to Windows 10 (Win8 was a major downgrade) for productivity/speed reasons.
In general, what UITS will need to focus on is customization as much as possible when using enterprise-based applications, and request that vendors allow such customization in order to avoid excessive UITS tickets being sent.
UITS itself, however, is doing a great job. I have worked with your group on implementation course projects before and I know you will continue to do a good job serving all of our campuses.

The printer in the Social Work PhD lounge computer lab is awful. It's always printing gibberish, spitting out page after page of strange symbols wasting paper and time and causing headaches. Can this printer please be replaced? We depend on that lab for research purposes and having a solid, dependable printer would be awesome. Thanks for listening.

The Wi-Fi signal is easily lost in a few locations in MS.

Very few of my instructors use the options on Canvas. Large scale scanners need to be updated when the systems are. When a work study works in the IT labs they should know how to use the equipment in that room, and I do not mean looking it up on the computer when there's a question. Wireless doesn't work in May studio spaces and labs in Eskenazi hall even after the upgrades even the desktop in the print grad studios rarely gets Wi-Fi and when it does its AT&T.

When we make a request for IT support that requires someone to come up and assist, it would be better if the new students who are still learning were sent with an older student who knows what they are doing. The process right now when the new students have to figure it out on their own is tedious. It takes too much time on things that would not take that much time to fix if someone was there to help them.

Yeah, you should check on the iuanyware, some programs like R Studio are not compatible or up to date and do not support some of the data we use for analysis.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

- Minimize the IU password; provide fingerprint code reader.
- Improve the network signals in some places.

1.Wireless network sometimes disconnects by itself and in some places on campus, I cannot connect to the wireless network because of the low signal strength.
2.Many computers are out of order in the library.
3.The printer sometimes won't print, so we have to find another printer.
4. Wireless network sometimes won't work, and I think it is because so many students use it.

Additional PC workstations for student use on the Indianapolis campus would be nice. There seems to be an inadequate number of PCs where seating is available.

As a fan of all things tech, I consider myself an expert. However, I am not a fan of the inconsistent/haphazard nature instructors are allowed to require a student to setup his/her online class/lab/testing services -- i.e., one instructor requires or all doing essentially the same thing. It would be nice to have more consistency from the university - - keeping everything under a single umbrella.

Bad customer service

CAITS is terrible to work with (see exceptions below). We, at the Dental School (including [IRD]), have contacted them numerous times since late 2013 to come up with a workable solution to the Dental School's intranet Roster Builder database. We used this program to provide instructors with photo rosters of students and staff and to send HIPPA protected information to the right person and avoid $10,000 (or more) per occurrence fines to the school. Instructors, faculty, and staff have all asked for it to be fixed. Nothing happens. [IRD] is aware of this and we still wait.
The exceptions to CAITS failure are the staff at the Dental School. [IRD] all take ownership of their clients' needs. Even in times of heavy traffic at their office, they maintain their professionalism and continue to be empathetic in servicing the needs of clients.

I do not have much to add, since I am a returning student in my first semester and I take all my courses online.

ET 010 has a TV that does not connect to the professor's computer station. Also, the speakers do not work in that room. I have spoken with every department and each department says it falls under someone else's jurisdiction. It is frustrating watching thousands of dollars of equipment be wasted.


First, I live in the Hardrick building of campus housing. The Wi-Fi here is really bad compared to other places. Second, when I pay my tuition, I press the submit button twice because of the internet delaying and the website charges me three times for my tuition. In order to cancel these payments, I have to pay service fees, which is too much for me.

Great job!


Have someone monitor the printers every hour or so to check for errors in printer machines (e.g., no paper). It becomes annoying when we are trying to print, but no one is around to refill the printers or there are no "Printer out of order" signs.

I am a student and an employee here as well. I have already called and asked, but please let us upgrade to Windows 10. The old interface is seriously out of date, and every other computer I use is upgraded, which is what I am used to. Please stay up-to-date on this, and please let those of us who want to upgrade allow us to do so. Also, the wireless connection, especially in the Neuroscience Center at the IU Health Building, is horrible! I usually have no service, and this is costing me more by using cell service (which I use for work) and tablet (which I also use for work).

I cannot even connect to the Wi-Fi on my phone

I do feel there is some structure that could use updating, but overall it is good. I also understand that IUPUI has a budget and needs to make money, so with that, IUPUI is doing great for what it has to use.

I don't mind Canvas or the fact that we have switched over from Oncourse; however, Canvas, while improved from last semester, is not user-friendly enough. I want to be able to manipulate certain things about the program, such as moving files and folders, conforming all of my classes such that they are more easily accessible by me. Just being able to personalize it a bit would be a tremendous help.
Otherwise, UITS is doing a great job!

I have been very satisfied with my experience with the UITS on campus. Every time that I have contacted them for help, they have been helpful and very polite. I do not hesitate to contact them with any questions.

I truly appreciate the services provided by UITS; however, I have been unimpressed with the UITS employees who are at the computer labs, providing help to students who have technology questions. Most of the ones that I have met are either uninterested in helping students (i.e. scrolling through Facebook, not putting effort into any help they are required to provide), or they are most concerned with enforcing rules, even when they do not make sense. Just yesterday, I was in the computer lab in the Nursing building and I had a UITS consultant come up and reprimand me for talking on my cell phone in the lab (even though there were no other students there at the time).

I wish there were more printers and computer working stations in the Nursing School Building.

I would like to see even more software in IU Ware; I feel like the same software has been there for some time.

I would like to see more basic information available. I have a wireless Kindle now and have no idea how to gain access to the internet wirelessly on campus. Basic information distributed in short online videos would be extremely helpful.

Improve IUanyWare, or download all needed programs to every computer. Many students struggle to get IUanyWare to work. It is a strange way to login, given the domain is basically a web address. This confuses a lot of students and deters them from using IUanyWare. Ideally, all of the programs would be downloaded onto each computer, but that probably is not a viable option.

In the basement computer lab of the engineering building, some of the keyboard letters do not work well. Also, some of the mice center scrolls do not work well.

In the ET Building on the IUPUI campus, internet access is frequently unavailable, especially in the basement classrooms.
I would use more UITS webinars if they were offered at least twice: once on a MWF and once on a TU/TH, so I could access them regardless of whether I am taking classes MWF or TU/TH.

It has been very frustrating that, for the past couple of semesters, all of my courses have been taught through Canvas, and now this semester, I have an older professor (who is not tech-savvy) teaching through Oncourse. I thought it had been retired when OneStart was retired, and I wish they had both been shut down simultaneously. It is a lot easier to have everything all in one location when you are a full-time student juggling four or more classes and a work and family life.

It might already exist, and I just cannot find it, but I would like to be able to download the different parts of Microsoft Office (open Office? Something like that?), like just Word or just Powerpoint, because I do not have enough space on my laptop for all of Office, but I could really use Word.

It is a lot harder to find the right apps on One.IU than it used to be. The layout is odd and the search is usually not very helpful.

IU Secure is irregular and slow at Riverwalk apartments. Also, I have had nothing but trouble with my Wi-Fi on my computer and have been told it is because of processes that IU's connectivity tools put in place. Not sure that this is true or not, but it would be worth looking into.

IUPUI should consider a more advanced, user-friendly, interactive means of registering, filtering, and selecting classes.

Keep up the good work. I am a novice concerning computers, and need all the help available. Thank you.

Make IU Secure more stable in the townhomes on campus. I have had a significant amount of problems with IU Secure.

Maybe if we can have a real app for iPhones and Androids -- not like what we have right now, which I think is basically a webpage. Other than that, you guys are awesome.

My academic advisor doesn't know what she is doing.

My account was blocked for some reason. I sent an email to UITS, but no one responded to my email!

My internet does not work when my phone picks up the campus Wi-Fi. Very irritating. I can't get my phone to stop picking up the Wi-Fi.





Need to make messages easier in Canvas

Please rework the student self-service; it is a pain to use. Registering for classes needs to be easy and intuitive. Give me a live feed of what a weekly schedule of my classes would look like as I add them to my cart. Also, there are no user guides on how to set up the recently released video game streaming product called, "Steam link".

Power outlets for chargers.

Some hardware is very slow to start; it needs to be upgraded.

Sometimes, the Wi-Fi can be faulty, and sometimes, it's hard to connect at the basement of LD

Sometimes, when printing, there will be black lines running down the page. When this happens, I will have to go print at another printer to get a clean copy. I know that there are a lot of printers to keep up with, and I am not sure what the problem is to cause it, or I would offer a solution. However, I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Support services, including SIS, Canvas, and Box, need to be more streamlined. As a Visual Communications Design major, I find the UI/UX design of most of these services, especially the new Canvas design, simply awful. The original Canvas navigation design was much more user-friendly, even though it did not look as nice. Overall, most of the programs are not easy to navigate and there are too many programs to keep track. Among them, there is no streamlined design to make them feel cohesive. One.IU was an obvious attempt to fix that issue, and it's a step in the right direction, but until all the programs have similar interfaces, they will continue to read as a group of unrelated programs we have to deal with to do simple tasks. Stop these drawn-out phase-outs of programs, like Oncourse and Onestart. It is really inconvenient when a few profs are using Oncourse (looking at you, CS department!), while the rest have integrated to Canvas already. From a designer's POV, I understand the desire to phase these things out in a way that will make people comfortable, but forcing them to adapt quickly, instead of letting them continue to use outdated software until it is really gone, and making them adapt months later than everyone else, will result in a much smoother transition later down the road, despite being a bit bumpy at the start. Everyone complains when Facebook updates its look, but they get used to it after a week and you never hear another complaint (until the next update). If users were allowed to phase out their Facebook UI whenever they wanted, they simply would not. Then, when you force them to, they will complain months after everyone else and it gets drawn out instead of one week of public backlash.

Thank you for giving us Adobe Suites!
But please fix the Wi-Fi, especially in the IT building.
There are many websites to manage as a student at IUPUI. I like One.IU, and use it all the time, but it is not enough to explain everything that is going on. I know that I messed up from having to manage all of these sites, and my friend that is a year behind me almost lost it over all of them.


The areas with rows and rows of computers is not a comfortable space. For example, the second floor of the law library - everyone can see everyone else's work. Kiosks - not all of us are 6 feet tall and anything we look up on those can be seen by everyone else. Also, the third and fourth floors of the library - not enough work space around the computer. Lastly, IT building UITS -- same problem, anyone walking past can see your work. Isn't there a way to put something on the screen to avoid this or to design the space better?

The Canvas usability design is not straight-forward; at times, you are looking for the navigation bar (e.g. discussion bar), but it cannot be easily located, and so on. In short, the whole design is not simple, unlike that of last semester's simple and straight-forward easy navigation.

The inbox in canvas is difficult to use. You can't search by topic and when you click on a message from the dashboard you aren't taken to the individual message. It would also be nice to be able to organize messages into folders and by importance.

The remote access system/ computers needs updated. Canvas needs inbox section inside each class instead of one inbox for all classes, possibly could have both. Cell service is horrible in basements everywhere on campus-needs fixed. The: find a printer for personal laptops at IUPUI needs redone to make it a whole lot more user friendly. The design in general in the basement of ET, SL, and LD buildings is depressing and needs updated. Color brings imagination and inspires people. Have some of the art students redo all that. The computer rooms need hand sanitizer stations-which will cut down on people getting sick. ET Basement needs water bottle refill stations.

The Wi-Fi could get attention to try and make it more applicable to use on campus. Barely supports devices.

The Wi-Fi in Ball Hall drops pretty often and can course testing and quizzing a problem due to connection loss.

The Wi-Fi is always slow and difficult to connect to in places such as the Natatorium. It makes it difficult to get things done. Canvas is much more frustrating to navigate with less features than oncourse.

The Wi-Fi is terrible.

The Wi-Fi on campus is very slow and always undependable.

The wireless network is not very strong on the 3rd floor of the library and on up in the library when I use my laptop or smartphone. That's my only dislike, but everything else is great!

There is ALWAYS room for improvement! :)

There is really poor wireless connectivity in some parts of the SL and LD buildings, but other than that, wireless is usually great everywhere else.

UITS is doing a good job, I have no complaints.

UITS It workers are very friendly and helpful.
Canvas could be improved. Only trouble I have experienced with it are troubles with discussion groups/forming groups/submitting files in a discussion.
Other than that, well done.

UITS should consider put the computer back in the multicultural center at IUPUI.

Using Canvas along with One and Oncoarse creates confusion. Some instructors use one program while others use a different one. That adds confusion to an already hectic environment.

Very good follow up services.

Very helpful staff and resources, some wireless network connectivity issues, not a huge fan of One, and printer connections still an issue

We need to have less downtime when on school Wi-Fi. There may also need to be ethernet plugins available for faster large file downloading

When using Canvas, I hate that I have to click modules again and again. Actually, I just go to modules and files and lecture PowerPoint three steps. When I want to go back to file and click it, I get to home page. In Oncourse, when I go back to file, it leads me to file, not to home page. So, I wish Canvas is like Oncourse at this particular point. All other things are better in Canvas.

Wi-Fi in undergraduate library is choppy and very bad at the cubicles on 3rd and 4th floors. The desktop computers take too long to log in (four minutes or longer!). The hobos leave a stink on the keyboards, mice, and chairs. Please provide sani-wipes at all computer clusters and by the cubicles.

Wi-Fi is horrible! I haven't been able to connect to IU Secure in three years and even going to UITS was not helpful, as they could not fix the problem

Wireless in the basement of ET is very weak.

Wireless network could improve more in the Cavanaugh building. I get disconnected a lot no matter what floor I am in.

Wireless printing, more ergonomic computers in building either screen to high or to low, more handicap accessible computers in buildings, all computers need to have basic software such as Word and Excel.