Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2016

IUSB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

- I understand that Help Desk is the single point of contact; however, sometimes you did not hear back from the contact you are working with for a few days. I would prefer a direct contact (i.e., an assigned individual) once the Help Desk ticket is created.
- The front line staff at the Help Desk and the Web Services department is always helpful. However, the quality of lab consultants varies. Some are very energetic and want to help people, while others do not show interest in offering help.
- provides good information on what product is forthcoming or in testing. I would like push notifications of this information, instead of needing to go find out myself. Also, some of the products, e.g., soft chalk, is available to only those at IUB.
- Is it possible to have regular news to showcase new technologies (whether instructional or not) that different campuses have? This information will enable us to learn what others have and could be implemented at our campus.

1) Our campus has yet to fully implement responsive web design. This is critical, given the proliferation of mobile and tablet devices. Why is this not a priority?
2) The WCMS is horrible! It is difficult to use, cumbersome, and limited. Because of that, many departments do not update their pages. If they do, they are unattractive and uninviting. There should be a folder that includes templates, buttons, rules, etc. that can easily be grabbed and adapted. There is insufficient staff on campus to help with webpages or provide training. Even some of the local UITS pages have included bad links, dated info, etc.
3) I think specialized labs should be supported and upgraded by UITS.
4) Crimson is awful.
5) Students and community patrons need better mechanisms for adding money to their IDs to print.
6) Staff has not embraced Sharepoint because it is not intuitive or attractive. I wish there were a better intranet platform.
7) I am confused about computer builds for student labs. Why are different software programs loaded on other campuses' lab workstations and not ours?

Canvas: Pop-up materials get in the way of other applications in smaller screen environments. These are not helpful. Please stop using them.

I requested to install SAS, paying from my own account, and it took me a semester, working with UITS several times on different laptops, and ended up being told I should try IUanyWare. Come on, my student can pay $100 to install SAS on their laptop, and it took me, as a faculty, so much trouble; I kept receiving confusing messages from different people. I see no sincere efforts from the UITS to support faculty's research needs on this campus.

I struggle to get the assistance I need when I need it. I'm constantly referred to someone else by a link or email address rather than having the service I contacted contact who needs to be contacted to address the issue. It often feels like I'm being bounced around and what I need never gets done because it should be some other person or department handling it.

I use classroom in Northside 013 IUSB; the classroom computer station seems to need some work and updates. It works just okay; also, the screen in the room is tearing at the top. The internet in the room when playing videos seems to be quirky. For the most part, things are ok...

I wish designs of webpages didn't change so often. I'm always relearning where things are.

I am an adjunct, and find many of the technical processes here at IUSB to be difficult to understand. For example, a brand new computer lab was built in the EA-1109 lab with a pole in the middle, blocking the view of the whiteboard and projector screen for 10% of the machines in the room. It is good to have reliable networking, but it would be even better for those 3 students to be able to see the projector screen. Sure, it is "just" 3 students, but...

Lack of consistent, reliable Wi-Fi in classrooms in Northside Hall classrooms on IUSB campus

Make SPSS available on faculty computers at no charge. The IUanyWare option is not an acceptable alternative. It crashes, lags, and does not share the same properties as the desktop version. Also, the wireless service is unreliable. I regularly have to reconnect my phone, laptop, or tablet to the network.

Need better web content management system.

None at this time.

Stop changing things without improving them - One.IU is definitely not an improvement over OneStart, and we were given no voice in the decision and no reason for the change. I have no reason to anticipate that Canvas will be any better than OnCourse, and by the time I learn Canvas, it will probably be replaced by something else. Most of the campus computer labs for students have been closed and not replaced, which creates a real problem for students, especially since the "Print to any print station from your phone or other mobile device" apparently either does not work or screws up in unpredictable ways at least as often as it works.
And, above all else, please talk to the faculty who actually use the classrooms before changing the classroom technology (I absolutely hate the current "tech lecterns", which have zero surface space for notes, demo materials, etc, block the students' view of the chalkboard and/or the professor with a monitor that can't be moved, and with dismaying frequency refuses to operate a critical piece of equipment, such as the LCD projector or the document camera). I do not have a single colleague who was aware of the change until they walked into their classrooms on the first day of class, and none of them were happy about it. Forcing us to give up valuable bench space in teaching labs for laptops that are locked in place and can't be moved in order to be able to show diagrams or figures is also incredibly frustrating.
Please train support staff to support more than one system. Last summer, my phone stopped working (it logged out spontaneously and refused to let me log back in); I put up with not having a phone in my office for several weeks, and tried everything I could think of before asking my campus IT Help Desk for assistance. As I had anticipated, what I got when I did ask for help was, "Oh, you have a Mac - that's why your phone doesn't work. If you want a phone, you'll have to switch to a PC" (ignoring the fact that I had a functioning phone with a Mac for several months, if not years, previously). I get this all the time: "You can't do that", rather than, "I/we don't know how to do that", which would be less frustrating if it weren't for the fact that, as mere faculty, I am not allowed administrative access to my own computer. So even if I can figure out how to solve a problem, I do not have the authority to change what needs to be changed in order to fix it. This policy, that only IT is ever allowed to change anything on individual faculty office machines, should be rescinded soon.
And, since I mentioned the phone system, has anybody considered the fact that now that the phones run through the computer system, every time the power goes out, the phone system also goes down? This means I cannot call out and I cannot get any IU Notify alerts telling me what's going on. I have to rely on random students in the hall, getting messages on their smartphones and sharing those messages with me, to find out if this is just a temporary issue or if my class has been cancelled. The assumption that everyone is permanently hardwired to the internet via mobile devices that always work (the whole floor of my building has no cell service, and the never-very-reliable Wi-Fi goes out when the power does) is simply not valid, and putting systems in place that rely on my ability to access e-mail and/or text messages in my office or in my building's basement during a tornado, for example, strikes me as not a good idea.

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Big changes over the past few years. Special kudos to [IRD] for their leadership!

I hate the phone system. Requiring that I be connected to my computer in order to use the phone is ridiculous. When computers go down, those on the outside have no idea why we are not answering our phones. it results in terrible customer service.

I have received nothing short of fantastic service from our IT department. They are fast, accurate, and patient with my n00b self -- and fun.

Outlook is a huge problem. For months, it has locked up numerous times a day and no one at the Help Desk seems to have a solution. I know I am not the only one.

Phones are linked to PC. When that goes down, we have no way of communicating with the outside world.

We have had a drop in service for Wi Fi. I understand that building changes cause problems, but it's inconvenient.

Wireless is spotty enough that it is hard to tell if it is the Apple device or the network services. Administration Building (AI) around the conference rooms 250 / 251 and along the front side of EA.

Wireless service can be spotty while remaining stationary in Northside Hall at IUSB. This can be frustrating when working with students who have their own laptops.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Computer labs and staffing keep getting cut. I understand that while the next Admin remodel is taking place, the EA open computer lab will be lost. That will only leave open labs in the Library & DW as places to get computer assistance, which will make it much less convenient. While the express stations that were added are helpful, they are not a replacement for having a person available to assist. I know money is tight, but there seems to be money for "extras", like fancy charging stations in the library, and I have heard rumors of 3-D printers, which are definitely not cheap.

I hope Umail can be improved because I am not the only having problems with it. For example, I sent an email from Umail to my professors, but they said they did not receive it. I hope Umail could add a feature that shows whether the recipient has received the email or not. This would be more convenient for some of the students and professors.

In the future, I would like it if you had sufficient browsers to read the material assigned to me on Canvas

Integration is key. Continue to reduce the number of different systems, such as email.

Some of the menu items (e.g. enroll or add courses) are redundant, and only one of them works properly.

Stand-up kiosks are not helpful for disabled students who need to sit in a chair, which are not available at these kiosks.

Thank you

The IU IT department has been extremely supportive and very helpful! I would give them a grade A+. Staff are very personably, which increase there effectiveness.
Thanks IU IT for as great job!

The Wiekamp Building has very poor wireless network which frustrates when at the student center lounge.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

A large number of staff and students use Mac computers. The computer labs should convert some of the PC computers with Mac computers.

Everything's great, except Wi-Fi. There are many, many holes in service throughout the building in Northside.

Expanding the reach of Wi-Fi on campus would be great! Often times, when I am sitting in a classroom and need to look something up, I am not able to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Failed login attempts on cellular devices for One.IU. Internet goes out a lot and it is really slow at times.

Half of the time, computers are not set up to go to the right printer; they will be set to go to OneNote, or something stupid like that, and then you cannot change it to go to the right printer because it is not listed as an option. Also, the Wi-Fi sucks... it only works about half the time.

I feel that the number of UITS emails I receive each day is far too many. In order to cut down on the emails I need to read, I typically delete the UITS emails without reading them because there are so many. I do not see them as containing important information.

I had a problem with my personal computer, and I decided to go to the IT Center to see if they could help. I was helped right away and was very impressed with these two guys that solved the problem, even though it took longer than expected. They had a great attitude and I will always remember to go there if I need anything.

I have noticed problems with the network on busy weeks, like the first week of the semester, midterms week, and finals week. Not having reliable access to a connection or an incredibly slow, bogged down connection makes these weeks very stressful.

I like the variety that UITS provides for students and faculty. I also like how UITS is adherent to the needs of student and faculty, such as Canvas or Box. The adaptation is really commendable.

I was having an issue with downloading the free Microsoft Office onto my Mac. I chatted with an employee over instant messaging to get some help, and when I couldn't figure it out, I walked straight into the UITS office and someone was helping me within minutes. I was very impressed and grateful of the nice gentleman who helped me out. Thanks guys!

I will change schools if I am forced to adopt Macintosh. Wi-Fi is temperamental. IU Secure login does not work well with Windows 10. There are no IT training courses available in South Bend. After logging into my Umail account on my Android, I can no longer sign into the account on my Windows computer.

If I live on campus, I should not have to worry about the internet suddenly going out. It has gone out in the middle of timed online quizzes and homework. I suggest you make a separate, password-protected Wi-Fi connection specifically for housing so that the students there do not panic and have anxiety attacks over the fact that they cannot finish a quiz or turn in homework that is due within an hour.

In the computer lab where one of my classes meets, there is a column blocking the view of three of the computer stations. This was poor planning when designing the room.

IT Customer Service is great. I have used it quite a few times, and the staff is always courteous and gets the job done. I could not say that three years ago. (something changed for the better!)

It would be beneficial if someone were to invent a Dentrix program accessible for student learning on IUanyWare, like the programs for statistics courses. This would be a phenomenal way to gain knowledge and to feel more confident when using the program during patient treatment. Dental hygiene students are not allowed access to this program because of patient confidentiality/HIPAA. Why not make a program that is consistently updated to what is used in the Dental Hygiene program, but does not have real patients? It would be greatly appreciated by students in the future.


Need the following improvements:
Add more hotspots for wireless connection.
Wireless connection.
Printing station.
Hallway desktops.


One thing I am concerned about is the workers in the Language lab, who do not show up and the lab has to be closed. There have been times when I had to use the lab on the weekends, but no one showed up for work. Also, there were times when I needed help with the computer, but the person who was working could not help me. Usually, if I had to go to the IT desk, the people there could usually help me.

Printing stations are convenient; however, with each copy only being a few cents a piece, our printing fee per semester is absolutely outrageous!! And if we don't print the several hundred copies that the fee would cover (who's going to print several hundred pages??), we don't ever see that money!! This needs to change!

Wireless - especially in the library. It will connect to the IU secure for awhile, but then randomly disconnect and will not connect again.