Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2017

IUB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

By far the biggest problems I have experienced have been related to lack of knowledge of glitches in using Canvas, and Canvas in general.

Canvas is not user friendly. Most of my time with UITS is about Canvas issues, but not all staff have a good understanding of the platform.

Contacting UITS by phone has been really useful on multiple occasions. I really appreciate being able to call them at any time.
I'm not positive what role UITS plays in this, but the annual ballots that are sent to IUB faculty to nominate and vote for BFC members has this problem: One cannot go back to modify one's votes, even when one simply wants to go back and add more nominations/votes rather than to actually change one's existing nominations/votes.

I always appreciate quick responses from UITS staff members in a timely manner but it may be more convenient for us if the email can be forwarded to the appropriate department when the question was submitted to a department but should be better accommodated by other department.

I am a visiting lecturer, teaching at Indiana University (Bloomington) for just the Spring semester of 2017. During this limited period I have had very limited experience with UITS, but the experience that I have had has been highly satisfying. I have contacted UITS staff on two occasions (had problems with projecting video material in class; a minor technical matter with posting on Canvas); both times staffers were nice and very helpful.

I appreciate the availability and access to technical assistance through the knowledge base and call center.

I feel as if the service and information I receive from my school-level IT support is significantly better than that received from UITS overall. So my overall ratings may be somewhat biased since I feel UITS suffers by comparison.
By far my biggest complaint is the amount of time the Exchange server is inoperable. I literally run my day and manage my tasks using Outlook to such an extent that server downtime is DOWN time for me. Not being able to depend on Outlook is highly problematic.
Finally, I find it annoying that in OneIU, when I click on a program icon, I am taken to a description of that program rather than to the program itself. Often the link for where to access/begin the actual program is not obvious, so I'm stuck looking at informational data I don't need to use a program that I cannot find. Once I've accessed a program once, could the system route me directly to it or its login screen rather than to the information page?

I rarely deal directly with UITS, mostly dealing with IT people in the building. My experiences with UITS have been generally positive though.
One thing the survey reminded me of--I find the telephone system very difficult to use. I would like it to be a good deal easier to transfer people, and I'd really like to be able to pick up other phones in my area from my desk phone.

I really like UITS. Every time I call they are enormously helpful. One time I called shortly after changing my password and my account froze because my phone had tried to log me on with the wrong password multiple times. Even though it was outside of business hours the young woman was able to help me immediately.
I love that I can look information up quickly and find a UITS page devoted to most topics.
I wish students would use you more, instead of asking me for help. It's actually really shocking to me how little students know about computers. (I know, I know, "kids these days.") Students these days seem to know how to point and click and that's it. I told them about computer code/computer programming and many had no idea. It's painful for me to watch a student navigate his/her screen with the mouse instead of using a few simple keyboard shortcuts.

I receive most of my IT support through CITO and have had great service. I have not had any issues with central services such as software downloads, etc. I'm not as enthusiastic about the need to use creative cloud to get some applications and the requirement to establish an adobe account that has to be renewed yearly.

It would be helpful to have emergency class services in lecture rooms. Sometimes equipment is broken and only apparent on the day of the lecture. Some sort of phone # etc. in the rooms to call would be helpful.

It's imperative that there be better notification of system outages that effect many users (e.g., e-mail, login).

IU mobile print has not been working well since Jan. 2017. I hope the issue can be fixed as soon as possible.

I've had only positive experiences so far.

My experiences with UITS staff have been extremely positive. I had a team of Techs come to my class during the first week of classes to make sure that the Wi-Fi was strong enough to use TopHat and to help any students who encountered problems logging on. I have also been in contact with the IT training team to arrange instruction for my class on how to use some of the software available through IUWare/IUAnyware. I also received support from UITS in setting up my IU Google calendar with scheduling slots for students to book meetings during my office hours. All of the people I have worked with have been tremendously professional, helpful, and prompt in their efforts.
I have had some issues with IU tech products, though I haven't actually sought help in resolving those problems. I was unable, for example, to get the Citrix receiver to work correctly on either my laptop or my office desktop computer, which means that I have been unable to use IUAnyware. I have also had issues getting my office phone to work properly, and I frequently get voice messages for someone who is not me, but I almost never use that phone, so I've never bothered to try to fix the problems.
Also, as a qualitative researcher and someone who teaches [IRD], I find it frustrating that there are no qualitative data analysis software programs (Atlas.ti, Nvivo, MAXQDA, etc.) included in IUWare or IUAnyware. This makes it difficult to teach qualitative data analysis, as students are required to purchase their own licenses or use one of the small handful of computers that have this software installed.
In terms of IU systems, I find to be somewhat confusing to navigate. The search option is nice, but it seems to work only if you know the precise key words associated with a given application. Also, when multiple options return in the search, it is not always clear which option is the "correct" one to choose, and the lack of description with each application icon makes it even harder to judge. Also, the use of ratings stars makes me hesitant sometimes to even open a given application if it gets a very low rating.

My interactions lately have been with the help center. I call them about problems that I have with the webserver (webserve) and generally have had nothing but great interactions with the helpful people manning the phones.

No concerns or negative feelings.

Overall my impressions of UITS are very positive. My only complaint is that it sometimes seems that we switch systems more often than is really necessary. I wonder how much of this is driven by evolving feature sets, with newer systems having features that seem very attractive but in reality are used by very few faculty and staff.
One other problem has to do with Wi-Fi. A couple of years back I switched from Windows to Mac. At the time my Mac would sometimes have difficulty connecting to IU Secure, and I would say that is still a problem. I can understand catering mostly to the Windows/PC environment years ago, but Macs are so prevalent now it seems that there should be no real difference in support across platforms.

People in tech support are friendly, but not always knowledgeable. I found that especially when it comes to Canvas, they are often at sea.
Also, the two-step authentication process is too restrictive. It's too much to require authentication via Duo multiple times *a day*.
Canvas is among the most poorly implemented systems I have come across. Please get rid of it along with the people who promoted its adoption.

Phone services put us at a disadvantage should the computer be locked and a threat occur. Box has been satisfactory, however the biggest downfall is the terrible lack of organization for shared files. Most faculty have more than 20 shared files which cannot be organized in any meaningful manner.

Staff always seem competent and helpful to me.
Log in at Griggs seems to take a long time.

The UITS staff has always responded to various questions and problems and helped answer questions. They have always been pleasant and never made me feel that my questions were a waste of there time. I do not have anything negative to say about the staff.

UITS help staff are very good--whenever I have had questions they have been able to help in a professional and competent manner.
UITS products, however, are not so good--the new faculty reporting system that replaces the old FAR is pathetic. Far too many categories for each activity, most of which are either incomprehensible or irrelevant, forcing descriptors that are neither accurate nor comprehensive onto scholarly publications, lectures, and other activities. What a mess. Somewhere I've read that it is hoped that faculty will input their entire resumes and past years' FARs ... dream on.
As for IU secure--blah. I hate using my phone, and never have it where I need it. And carrying around a special jump drive is equally annoying. The result is that I now plan NOT to use smart classroom computers, just to avoid the annoyance. And speaking of which: it takes forever for one of those things to boot up, the touch screens leave students and faculty mystified, and the web browser opens to UITS--which is NEVER what I am looking for and makes it look like the University exists solely so that they can have their toys. Tail wagging the dog.

UITS is always patient, helpful and kind. I couldn't do my job without the help staff. Especially now with Canvas!
I do not like canvas in terms of ease of use or grade entering - even using speed grading - everything is clunky and increases my time spent on grading and entering grades as well as setting up the course each semester. I really dislike it and have been using it for a year before we were required to use it.
I need to have access to my student rosters for years with pictures due to students coming back years later for letters of recommendation. Oncourse was used to a point and now I can't see those students pictures or grades so I can't help them by writing a letter of recommendation.

Whenever I interact with an UITS staff on phone, it has always been very cordial and helpful. I also find the staff at Information Commons very helpful.
However UITS has plenty of scope to improve their staffing and overall attention to Residential Computer Labs, particularly the one at Evermann Apartments. It is embarrassing that a department that is famed for access, infrastructure and facilities across the campus is treating the residential labs so shabbily. They have the oldest computers, most aged scanner and worst room facility in the housing labs. I can say the same for Campus View. Please do not underestimate the huge number of patrons (and their frustration) that use these facilities.

While I know that some large and major units will need different, more industrial strength CMS systems, I wish that IU provisioned (IU template/branded) WordPress universally for smaller units to use and for individual faculty/researchers to use for personal work sites.

Wireless access outside of campus buildings isn't great.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

**I no longer receive info about the number of pages left on my printing quota; this was very helpful & I wish this service had not been discontinued.
**Come to think of it, I have not received an e-newsletter from UITS recently either. Why was this discontinued?
**First floor Wells UITS staff service has improved greatly, but it is still uneven. Staff members should never tell patrons "I don't know," but instead should try to find out something or point patrons in the direction of someone who does know. They should wear name badges to be held accountable.
**Overall campus computer centers could be MUCH cleaner please.
**School of Education library computers are a mess now that [IRD] (dedicated staff) are gone. They're always down. Please bring the service back to the level it was when the two of them were at IU!

*I work on all campuses - Kokomo library computers are great and so is the helpdesk!
* The helpdesk at the IMU is great too - often not staffed enough.
* My desktop PC's at IUPUI shuts down often during high winds/bad weather.
* Would love to see ONE video conferencing system. Seems like no two rooms have the same set up. * Video connectivity is with our team of 20 is VERY frustrating.
UITS protocol for communicating breaches has come a long way in the right direction over the past 5 years - Way to go!!!

All my calls for IT support have been positive. The staff on the line helped me trouble shoot and helped me solve whatever issue I called to fix. I've really appreciated this assistance.

All of my experiences with the Executive IT Services staff at the CIB and in Bryan Hall have been wonderful.

All of my experiences with UITS have been very positive. I work with both the Exec IT group and HelpNet and have truly enjoyed working with them.

Answers within a day.

Appreciate the efforts of UITS [IRD] and his staff to help VPCPF with setting our staff up for the duo authentication.

Are there live demos of the technology that we have access to with Q & A sessions? This would be great to see more of in newsletters from UITS and other communications so we know where and when to attend. Even remote demos would be advantageous for all users.

As a general comment, I greatly appreciate working in this environment. The changes in tech seem more rapid than usual and I believe due to security threats. I've noticed co-workers struggling to keep up - I direct to knowledge base when I lack answers and always see it as the first line of information.

As a risk manager I have to say that the phone system that requires you to be logged on and active to have phone connection constitutes a very high risk in the event of a disaster. This is especially dangerous in the case of work place violence or an active shooter. I feel that at the very minimum all front office staff and areas that can be used as 'safe' rooms should have hardwired phones.

As an internal user of a wide array of UITS services, I can say that overall there are many caring, useful people representing UITS. My issues are usually situations where cross communication internal to UITS is not the best - too many silos.
Many of these questions applied to services I didn't know were available to me (i.e. training).

At times the computer support staff in my building (IMU) are over-worked, and I think under-staffed.

Before I read this survey, I received no communication at all that OneStart would be decommissioned, so that was a surprise. When will the change take place? Why the change? What is the replacement to be? How to learn of these changes that I don't receive?
Appreciate the DUO system, although it wasn't explained (and I'm still unsure?) when I will be texted to use it and when I won't. What's the criteria? If it pops up, I "duo."
I asked the consultant on the telephone how to set an appointment to meet in person with a consultant in Wells Library - Bloomington. I was told "they're always in." I asked again that I wanted to set an appointment for Canvas help. Again, I was told no appointment as "they're always here." After I went across campus at 9:30 AM and chunked money in the library parking meter on a weekday, I learned that they "are not always in." Give your telephone people a resource as an option that they can set an appointment for a caller at the time that the solution is beyond the telephone consultant's ability to resolve the problem.

Better replacement cycle for computers in STC labs, some of the hardware is old and running very slow with Windows 10.
-Should probably rethink the durability of the Ricoh printers. The one closest to where I work is always breaking down. Don't know that they are made to withstand the amount of constant use.
-Printing is difficult to understand, especially when printing from a laptop.
-KB could be clearer for a user when trying to set up their laptop for the very first time too. (I've tried to help people with it)
-Don't think the thin clients were a good investment, should rethink that and probably not do it again.
-I work in a library that partners with UITS and ended up having to have the thin clients removed from our space because they couldn't get them to recognize our library print queues. What a disaster that whole thing was for us.
-I do have to say that the STC folks who fix issues are prompt, reliable & great at their jobs. Kudos to them.
-Same thing for the CTS people. Kudos to them.
-We changed out our analog phone this year and I am thankful to the Unicom ladies who walked me through the process of setting up our group account and getting our voice mail set up . They were patient, kind and willing to help.
-UITS has some very good people working for them, I certainly hope they are not taken for granted.
-Kudos to the consultant who helped me with DUO after I had changed phones. It's working great for me.

Bryan Hall EITS guys are the best. Always helpful, knowledgeable, and provide very pleasant service.

Calls to UITS have been positive. People seem to go out of their way to get the answer if they do not know it right away. The students who work in the Library support center are wonderful. I always get my problems solved.
Phone- which you could increase the sound; the head sets do no hold their charge well.
I put no for focus group because I am not very tech savvy- if you need someone like that I would help.
I would like to see repeat classes, as with a work schedule you can not always take the time away- and then you have to wait a long time- I do realize you are busy- just wanted you to know I like the classes when I can fit one in.

EITS supports our office and does a very nice job.

Every interaction I have with any of the people from UITS is great. Your people are so polite and professional. I have said it before and I will keep on saying it, the people in your office are amazing and patient.

Every time I've called I've had a positive experience. That said, working with towers vs a laptop /docking station model has been a big change for me personally - not necessarily a bad thing to not bring work home, but also not quite as flexible as I've been used to in corporate.

File storage solutions are not very well "advertised". Besides departmental servers, I really don't know how to store/share files.

The "monitor" seems to be more for techies and students rather than general staff/faculty users. More tips and tricks regarding phone services/Skype/general storage solutions/iuware apps/mobile computing with tablets would be interesting & helpful.

Folks are generally pleasant, efficient, and able to solve the problem no matter what you ask them or when. Extended hours are appreciated. Walk in service is great when you need to show them what your machine is doing. Liked having folks come out to various sites on campus to help get Duo added and up and running. Love the free token backup login option for Duo systems.
Kuali is ornery to deal with and logging in hours worked is time consuming and cumbersome. Software is not user friendly and not well explained. SIS is difficult to use. Searching for classes requires many steps and these frequently have to be redone if you want to go back and check something. Canvas can be tricky to find what your looking for and the dashboard display is awkward. I'd like to add more tiles to the screen and move them around to correspond to the different roles that I have on campus. Signing up for career advising appointments requires scrolling down and checking lots of boxes. Can we figure out something else? ORA it is just awful. No IT support at all for my work group. It took nearly a week to get my IU-assigned computer back up and running and three guys to figure out why I was locked out of ADS when I changed my password. They did way too much of saying nobody was assigned to support my group and not enough of "Get me back online so I can do my job with the equipment the university assigned me to do it with."
Need a helpline for the big machines (Karst, BigRed). My scripts would fail and the email notifications would not get sent out so that I could go back in and edit my job and submit again. Need KBs for the big machines as well. Nothing out there with graphics, basic commands, etc. for new users to get up to speed with. You're dependent on some other user telling you what you need to know and how to troubleshoot when things go wrong. That's not helping students stay in STIM when their first experience is more frustrating and time consuming than it needs to be.
For the first time in three years, my workgroup's data line to the bunker at the bypass did not get disrupted over Spring Break. Incredibly painful to not have access to systems you need because it takes a week to reestablish services because folks are saying "that shouldn't happen". Um, yeah it did. Now how do we fix it so we can get back to work?
Overall UITS does a good job and I've found them to be helpful, patient, persistent and caring under trying circumstances.

Footprints, as implemented, could be better. The acknowledgements result in duplicate email messages. It creates more messages than should be required.

For the most part, my interactions with UITS have been positive. I have enjoyed the various different training classes I have taken through UITS, the way they are structured, and the fact that you seek feedback on them immediately and adjust accordingly. There have, of course, been those times where I contact UITS for help with something and either get an extremely delayed response, or get rather rudely told to contact someone else. These are less common, but still occur.

Generally, I'm really happy with the services UITS offers! The only two areas in which I would be happy to see an improvement are in some wireless network coverage gaps in the RTVS building and the Android interface for IU Mobile. It doesn't handle Kuali Time well at all.

Great support from LSP Services as usual. [IRD] in particular doing great work.
Support from could be a little better (slow response).
Wireless network access in SRSC could use strengthening (sometimes have to switch to LTE).

I always go away a happy customer in my dealing with UITS, but I am a little concerned about the
focus on security issues and how it would impact my freedom to configure
computer hardware.

I always have a good interaction with [IRD] when I have questions regarding IUIE data group problems, or how tables are built. I appreciate his attentiveness and his quick responses to my questions.

I always talk to someone who's friendly and supportive, and nearly always resolve the issue I have.

I am a newer employee. A technology on boarding for IT pros would be helpful. There is a lot of information to absorb and navigating and finding the correct resources has been challenging. Some policies seem unnecessarily complicated and out of touch with practical day to day operations.

I am served by EITS and they are wonderful.

I am very pleased with the services provided by UITS. While my interactions are limited, I take that as a good sign.

I appreciate the help that UITS staff gives.

I called the center to speak to the rep. who had just emailed me to call him. A woman spent 20 minutes looking for him and then told me they had no one working there by that name which is not true since he emailed me again today!!

I can speak only of positive experience with UITS staff and services. In this specific survey I do want to single out [IRD] and his colleagues for smoothing our transition from manual management to SCCM management. His entire team was available as needed for helping me and my team through that transition.

I consider taking this survey a negative UITS experience because you don't give up until I take it. The emails are personalized, making me feel observed and harassed. I don't trust that I could choose not to take the survey without consequences, and I suspect my privacy will broken. I'm taking this survey grudgingly.

I do not feel I've used the services enough to provide the input you need.

I don't interact often with UITS staff as the School of Informatics and Computing has their own tech support team.

I don't like that my phone only works when I'm logged into my computer...missed a few calls this way.

I find it helpful to chat with UITS online since I'm not able to call or come in person during most of the day.

I find the people who staff the help desks to be incredibly helpful, as are our library IT staff. I also really appreciate the classes you offer. I do wish you'd consider offering more advanced classes and especially more long-term classes, with homework, where we could have the opportunity to practice and get feedback.
We've been looking for an advanced class in Word macros and VBA for years. Any help finding resources on that would be greatly appreciated.
We are constantly having meltdowns with Outlook in our department that causes us to miss important emails or send emails that get stuck in the outbox. We can get around this by using the web app, but I don't see why this has been a lingering issue.
Lync is a nightmare. I'm always missing calls and the phone will suddenly go dead. I have a brand new computer and I've read the very sparse support info.
Overall though, I feel so privileged to have access to the technology and support at IU. Thank you!

I have always been a big user and supporter of WordPress and I'd be happy to see much more support and enthusiasm for this platform at IU. Many Universities are leveraging WordPress as their primary website infrastructure and here at IU yet it seems to always get discouraged/pushed away in favor of Hannon Hill Cascade Server. WordPress can be implemented securely and successfully as proven by many institutions like Boston University and University of Washington. Even with the new HHCS "Framework", HHCS is not as approachable/usable as WordPress on Webserve and it seems many departments and groups would like to use WordPress (Media School, Medical School, Research Groups, etc.). If nothing else, much more support and coordination between HHCS and WordPress would be very helpful and useful.

I have chatted online several times with the UITS help desk staff. Have always been very helpful.

I have had a great experience with all IT staff. [IRD] in particular has been outstanding!

I have had great experiences working with any issue I have had. Very prompt service.

I have had NUMEROUS positive experiences with UITS. The only issues I have had are related to not having support in our building. While we have wonderful IT staff with such positive attitudes who get to us as quickly as possible, it is often difficult when they are pulled in many different directions and have a trip either across campus or off campus to contend with. It would be very helpful to us if we had IT support in our on-campus building.

I have limited contact with UITS staff as I tend to communicate through my department's specific IT personnel. However on the occasions where I need help specifically from UITS, I have often found that I don't get direct answers and solutions take weeks or months to come up with.

I have never had a negative interaction with the UITS staff. The system is another story.

I have not had negative interactions with UITS staff or services. I have taken several of the IT Training courses and found those to be helpful. I would find it beneficial if IT Training continued to expand what software they provide these trainings on - having a session or two on Tableau would definitely be helpful.

I have only been an employee for a short time so my responses reflect the last 6 months. During this time, the system I use has not been reliable...the phone doesn't come on at times on a regular basis, the laptop does not transfer the image over to my desktop, Outlook doesn't load at times, and my screens, just recently, have been locking up. Oftentimes, I have to shut down the system a couple of times when I initially log on to get things working. And sometimes, they still don't work. I appreciate the continued trouble shooting services provided but it gets a little frustrating to have had these problems on a consistent basis. Therefore, my responses reflect this frustration. Is it possible to get a new system to use that's consistent, and move the trouble-shooting to your department to determine the problems with the various components of my system? This way, I could be more efficient and effective doing my work. Just a thought. Thank you.

I have only had positive experiences with UITS. My only concerns are the recent declines in staffing that jeopardize the timeliness of responses.

I have only one comment regarding IT training courses offered. The courses I see are for Excel and other desktop applications, which I don't consider IT, but I'm sure those courses fill a need.
I'm wondering if you offer training for network management or router configuration? I'm thinking CCNA but not quite that deep. Additional training in network management would be helpful in my position as a broadcast engineer.

I have really enjoyed the UITS classes that I've attended and am grateful that these no longer have fees.

I have responsibility for [IRD] computing resources across all campuses. I have to work with UITS units at each campus. While the individuals on each campus are helpful and cooperative, it is sometimes frustrating to have to try to coordinate with so many different units. It would be helpful to have all [IRD] resources centrally managed, in a single [IRD] OU, with centrally managed GPOs etc. Local UITS personnel from each campus could be granted admin rights over machines at their campus, so as to enable them to provide local support, while also maintaining central management.

I have struggled working with HelpNet since I started my position [IRD]. I have found that while there is a very quick response rate for the HelpNet employees when a ticket it submitted, oftentimes they are unable to fix the problem or provide a "Band-Aid" solution that causes things to worsen. For example, I was having trouble with multiple email accounts that are all linked to Outlook when I open it. Any emails I was sending from three different accounts, were showing up in my Sent folder for my personal account. I made sure to select the correct account in the "From" drop down, but it would never make a difference. This meant that we were unable to use our accounts in the intended manner, due to this technological issue. When a HelpNet employee responded, they stated that there was nothing that they could do -- even though there were other users in my office who had the accounts working properly. Another individual from HelpNet came later and stated that my account was set up incorrectly, and reformatted it so that the emails were sending properly, the same as every other user in my office. A few days later, the original employee came back to look at my account again and stated that my account was now set up incorrectly and reverted everything back to the way it was originally. This is not an unusual pattern -- I have found myself not calling HelpNet for assistance because I have found that there have been times when their assistance has made things worse and have caused more work for myself.
Further, there is one HelpNet employee who comes to our office often who has been very dismissive of my concerns and unwilling to explain options further, focusing specifically on the one solution that he was willing to offer at the time. An example of this was when I was concerned about being asked to log into our kiosk iPads with my personal username and passphrase. I fully understand why this is needed, however, I wanted to consult with my supervisor first to determine who would be the appropriate person to enter their credentials. When I asked for more information to explain to my supervisor the situation, he placed the iPads down on the desk in a flippant manner and then said, "Call me when you and [INSERT NAME] figure it out." He then left the office. Another example is when he got into a heated argument with an employee in our office because the employee in our office felt like the HelpNet employee was saying that the issues were operator error, when she specifically documented the issue she was experiencing. While this was a two-way argument - and it is not the sole responsibility of one party, it was a moment about HelpNet services that caused tension and awkwardness within our work environment .

I have utilized the walk-in UITS service at the Wells Library to add money to my IU staff ID card so I can print at the Student Technology center computer labs. The UITS people at Wells have been helpful. I work for the [IRD], so for work-related technology issues, I contact CITO first (not UITS). I would like to learn more about how to utilize Wi-Fi services on campus, using my Smart Phone (Android).

I like the new KFS dashboard and find easy to use as well. I appreciate the information you share about phishing issues and other things that are going on.

I love the Knowledge Base. It is fantastic.

I love UITS! The breadth of services from training (both online and in person), software (IUanyware rocks!!) and reliability of internet speeds is amazing!

I love UITS. They are always friendly, patient and helpful.

I might have called UITS once this year; if so, they helped me rapidly and effectively! Normally, I ask CITO for help since I am employed by the [IRD]. They, too, are excellent. When you ask my satisfaction with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook/Outlook Web Application: I love Outlook and I HATE Outlook Web App (so much so that I only use it in extreme need). The Lync/Skype phone system is OK but TOO DIFFICULT to transfer calls; I can do it but others in my office have a lot of trouble. iGPS Course Search is too deeply layered, i.e. I have to drill down very far (many clicks) to find out if a course is still open. I much MUCH prefer the old SIS Course Search and REALLY hope you don't EVER take that away from us advisors. It is SO much faster.

I needed to purchase a new cell phone after I had already registered an old phone with Duo, and it would have been beneficial to have clearer instructions on how to walk me through the process.

I rarely interact with the staff, so I have no comments. As for the services, I use them everyday and have no complaints.

I really haven't had any issues that has brought the need to communicate directly with UITS. In general, I've not had any problems with IU technology. My only comment would be that IU Secure would connect a little better in places such as Memorial Stadium and the parking lot around the stadium on game days. It has seemed to have gotten better however.

I so appreciate that if I have issues on my home computer I can phone and get assistance to do my work at home.

I think the most prominent issue I face is the lack of coordination and cooperation between CITO and UITS. As a staff member of a unit within the College it is endlessly frustrating to be shuttled back and forth from CITO to UITS and vice versa for issues when neither is sure who should take responsibility for resolving the problem. There are occasions when the two support teams need to work together and they rarely ever do so efficiently or smoothly.

I think the services are performed very well. I have always had help right away. Issues were solved quickly. Thank you for your support.

I think the UITS help desk is fabulous, in 20 years I have consistently experienced success with these individuals and they remain unrattled in their approach, patient, kind, and resourceful. This speaks to the training they receive as they take on this challenge.
The knowledge base is a great tool, but frequently it is written from a technical perspective, not a user perspective who can't understand or has no knowledge about the system framework or vocabulary terms used within the knowledge base. I think it would help to have the language redone to consider that perspective, adding, less technical terms in ( ) would go along way. Finally, adding pictures of what the screens might look like would also help. Recently, a co-worked couldn't comprehend how slashtmp worked and I couldn't understand the instructions completely either, but due to my background, I was willing to play with the system, using my double monitors, I had instructions up and tried various options using my gmail to see how it worked, then I print screened the steps as they occurred interspersing and re-writing the Knowledge base instructions so they were more first-time user friendly. I do this from my "educator" framework.
Overall, I think UITS does a tremendous job, keeping so many systems ready to go for thousands with an eye on possible hacks, security threats, and capacity and use of system constantly. I am grateful everyday for the systems your provide as I hum along, navigating many features everyday! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

I think the UITS staff does a great job, sometimes they are a little slow to respond but then again, it is a big university. The one service that I am deeply disappointed in is the ability that we once had to purchase software as an employee for a discounted rate. It was super nice to buy accounting or book keeping software...etc.

I understand the importance of security but there needs to be a balance between too much security that does not allow us to complete our jobs.

I usually have very positive interactions with UITS.

I am usually using HPC system for my bioinformatics research projects. If UITS HPC team had more computing scientists or senior computing engineers who are not only strong in computing hardware and software but also strong in both structural bioinformatics and genomic bioinformatics, we could then seek deeper and more broaden services or help from UITS in our research projects. I am satisfactory that UITS have a strong team in HPC system and software maintenance. The team always provides right or alternative solutions for my questions.

I utilize the tech folks in our building frequently and they are wonderful! I have used some of the software that we can get from IUWARE, and that's about it. The lynx system SLOWS down job function for those who have to transfer phone. Instead of an instant process it take 30+ seconds to do it...very frustrating.

I was disappointed when was cancelled and was one of the people who used it quite a bit. It was very useful and wish we still had access to it.

I was hired as a [IRD]. I've had very positive experiences with UITS. I got help setting up my email on my phone and getting a token for the Duo two-step login.

I went to the UITS help desk at the Wells Library just last week for help with my Droid phone dropping the IU secure network. The person I spoke with blamed IU Secure and was not really able to help me. He just dismissed my problem saying there was nothing he could do.

I wish there was a way to turn off the graphics on One.IU and instead just see the choices listed alphabetically.
The migration from SP2010 and Nintex workflows to SP Online and K2 Appit has been stressful and frustrating. There needs to be more individual contact and assistance, and more prompt responses when questions are asked.

I work in RPS and work through our AIT staff, who then will refer a work request to UITS as/if needed. The process is satisfactory.

I work in the Wells library and have had good experiences whenever I ask the UITS folks in the lobby for help.
I'm also always impressed with the 855-6789 help line.
And the Knowledge Base is usually helpful.

I work with financial systems and have used a token to access systems for years. When DUO came about, I added my cell phone to be able to access my personal data from home. The system now defaults to my cell for authentication and I would prefer that it default to my token. In a chat with UITS, they told me that the token was never meant to be the main tool for access. The token has been my only source for years. And now, some people are only using a token, no secondary. If some can have only a token, I think I should be able to make my token my default.

I worry about security. I have had some very strange things occur while working on the pc I am assigned. I am not one to open suspicious emails, etc. and I certainly do NOT share any of my passwords or account(s) information. Local IT professionals thought things to be serious enough to replace the hard drive this past year a few months prior to our replacement cycle, but the oddities have kept occurring. I wonder if there is some sort of internal problem ...?

I would like an online tutorial or in-person workshop about how to use Facebook. Also a tutorial about iTunes.

If there is some kind of campus-wide outage or problem e.g. Outlook not working, it would be great to be kept informed of the situation (e.g. has the problem been reported, is it being addressed).

If we could get advance notice of system changes it would help us get things set up . Like when mail service was down and res. cards . This would have been a lot smoother for us and the HA's if we could have prepared for this.

In general I do not think UITS or UISO provide the necessary volume of resources and guidance to departments concerning their individually respective internet presence. Many units pay resources outside of IU to develop their web pages. Usually because it is less expensive to hire externally than be charged by IT for the services. This is unfortunate and should be changed. It's 2017, all departments are on the internet. Are they all safe? Who knows...because I don't think anyone in IT or Security is watching. Are all systems patched, updated timely, and running anti-virus? No they are not. It's IT policy that they should be but IT does not proactively investigate and enforce their own policies.

In general my experiences with UITS have been positive and helpful. The issues I have most often do not have to do with UITS--at least I don't think they do. I'm under the [IRD] and I think RSTS doesn't allow us to do enough--for example, I can't download IU approved fonts or calibrate my monitor without RSTS assistance. If this is under your purview, PLEASE change it!

In my experience, UITS has always been top notch. I am grateful for the helpfulness and high level of expertise.

Is it normal for me to have to restart my desktop computer at least once and often two times each day? This is usually because Outlook and Skype will not work.

IT Support in my building is excellent, particularly [IRD]. He is extremely talented, professional, and courteous.
I know this is probably not practical given the size of the campus, but I wish we had Wi-Fi outside.

It would be helpful for someone from UITS to follow up to confirm when something has been activated or a project has been completed. While it's okay to be given an expected time frame for completion (i.e. within 3 business days), it makes it difficult to know what happened if the activation or project doesn't appear to have worked.

IU Anyware is a very useful tool you have provided. I like having software available without needing to install it. It is very useful for times when I only need certain pieces of software occasionally.
The degree map page is very buggy. It seems to have a timeout period, but it is not indicated by any sort of message. It simply stops being able to search or save. It is also very un-intuitive to use. It pulls too many courses (it shows current term and unscheduled courses) and students and advisors do not immediately know how to filter. Overall, it is a very clunky system.
The IT Pro communications are very well done, but it often seems like important messages to end users get lost in other information like the monitor. For many in my area, they were unaware of Lync 2010's retirement until the week before it was to be retired. This may seem like it should be the work of the local ITPro group, but they were not proactive in this situation in communication or execution.
I also do not always know the best place to communicate issues about various systems. If I have problems with IUIE, or SIS it is unclear the best place to address those. I have a similar problem with degree map, which lists 3 different email address to direct questions to.
Overall, I very much like and appreciate the services UITS provides. It has excellent front line, good how-to documentation, a reliable VPN, and I find most provided services easy to use. Thank you!

I've always gotten quick resolutions to issues I've reported. Now that I'm at the end of the survey, it would be nice to see a progress bar of some sort.

I've had several chances to work with the UITS folks and I've always found those experiences pleasant and helpful.

Kaltura Mediaspace - Having it seems like a needed service and very welcomed. Using it in the past I have noticed performance issues when trying to view videos which has discouraged proactive use of it.
Tier 2 support - Most of the time we have direct access to the individuals that actually do the work we need done. On occasion we go through the central help desk. I am sure they are trying to be helpful, but in my experience it seems they try to solve problems that are beyond their skill and knowledge. Instead they become the middle man creating noise during the conversation which overly complicate the problem. After initial engagement I would prefer working directly with those who will be resolving the issue.
Additional items - adding additional self service capabilities would be welcomed.

Most of the questions were answered.

Most services I know of and use are clicking along amazingly well. Hardware in some STC rooms is getting long in the tooth. IUAnyware is amazing when not too many are using it, it slows down a lot by mid-semester. Interface to cloud storage gets particularly slow.
I would like to see support for Onedrive and Google drive to be considered secure. I find their functionality and speed greater than Box. (They're both better capitalized, I imagine.)
I'm sure you're well aware IU Secure slows down and begins to frustrate students. Student oriented social media becomes a litany of complaint about it around mid-semester, and finals time.
Having to use Pulse Secure rather than built-in VPN options is slow and painful. Particularly frustrating to have to toggle apps on phones between Wi-Fi, Pulse, and Duo, all just to get connected for a short time somewhere in the world, on slow Wi-Fi.
(I totally understand and agree with the need for this level of security... I'm just expressing a hope that we can get back to OS-vendor-supported, built-in options someday.)
I would also like to see Google Authenticator as an option in addition to Duo, for n-factor authentication. It would also be nice to find a vendor for inexpensive Duo-capable token generators, in case of loss/theft of smartphones, and to be able to generate a short list of single-use tokens in case of loss of all devices. Especially in today's environment of increased device-confiscation at border crossings. :(

Music ITS is a dedicated, hard working group. Thank you!

My answers were concerning my limited exposure to UITS, as since I work in the Office of Research Administration, I find that I use the services of RASD and RSTS to handle any immediate needs. My one overall frustration would be concerning when I am working on a project that needs IT development, and am told that there is such a backlog of work, it would be 2 to 3 years to begin any phase that involves programming. If there is that much demand for the time of our programmers, why are we unable to simply hire more people? I do appreciate all the help that the various IT teams have provided, and need to mention that the people I have worked with have always been kind, professional, and driven to solve any issues in an timely manner.

My experience on this instance was very good. The technician was prompt, courteous, and efficient.

My experiences are always satisfactory.




Not completely dissatisfied with anything, but there is room for improving all of it.
Most of my problems stem from not enough training when something new is coming out, or an upgrade goes in, and then I feel like it's up to me to learn how to use it, which I generally don't feel like I have enough time to do.
Zoom is the most recent example.

Not enough log in "keys" for everyone who wants one for Duo.

Nothing but nice things to say about IT both in my department and when I've had to access services at the library.

On most issues the person I talk to can fix the issues we are having. Other times it takes a while to get results.

On the rare occasion I've had to call in from home, your staff has been very polite and helpful.

On the rare occasions when I've needed to call for support, I've gotten quick and effective assistance. I very much appreciate the availability and usability of services such as IUware, IUanyWare, and Box. Overall, I feel like the resources available to us remain timely and up-to-date. The only recurring issues for me have been outages that affect Exchange/Outlook connectivity, which is central to my work.

One comment on IU Secure: during my busy season, I work long days. IU Secure will kick me off after so many hours (not exactly sure how many) and I have to log into the system again. This is problematic and worrisome, as I want to be certain my documents are being auto saved on my network.

One of the only reasons that I am completing this survey is because I want to make sure that as many people as possible know how awesome the Kelley UITS technical support is. I don't know to what extent the Kelley technical people are connected to UITS but they are amazing and amazingly helpful. They always respond quickly; they never make you feel stupid or as if you are asking a simple question that most people would be able to figure out.

Our department is a CIC system user and it would be very helpful to have better training on how to use this system to it's potential. To those of us that are not technical-minded, help documentation is rarely helpful.

Our UITS team is the best ever!!! :O)
I have always had patient & experienced service. :O)

Over the 17 years I've been at IU, UITS has improved greatly at being customer focused (for example, this survey). Recently, I've been involved with video conferencing and the UITS staff who handle this are really great! I especially appreciate all that UITS is doing to keep the IU network safe and secure... although I frequently wish I still had admin rights to the computer I use every day.

Overall experience has been good.

Overall I think UITS is very good - better than other places I have worked.

Overall I've been happy with all of my experiences with UITS. Whenever I needed a new computer set up or had an issue with outlook or an add-in, they responded promptly and were able to locate the problem quickly.

Overall the services and assistance provided by UITS has been very satisfactory.

Overall, a good experience.

Overall, I am generally happy with my interactions with UITS. I have no complaints.

Overall, I'm generally satisfied with most services. I am not satisfied, however, with departmental web support. There is very little or no support for departments without specific IT positions. The rest of us muddle through as best we can. However, when I try to access resources in regards to web publishing, I often run across outdated and inaccurate information (as I later find out) still online or, even worse, in the Knowledge Base. Please update these resources.

Positive experiences with UITS staff - always found them to be willing to help in a very timely manner.

Recently I emailed about a problem - I couldn't figure out how to set up the push notifications for Duo, because I already had text message notifications set up. Email replies didn't make sense, so I called and a staff person talked me through it. On the phone, he understood why it wasn't working (I wasn't starting from scratch - my phone was already in there). Not a big deal, but it was irritating that I was being emailed instructions that I had just followed on the UITS Duo website, that didn't work.
I work at Kelley and our KSBIT staff are our main source for IT help. In fact, when I needed to send a phishing attempt, I IM'd one of our KSBIT staff to ask for the email (I was close, but had the extension wrong).
I usually only use UITS for issues to do with campus things (Duo) rather than things at my computer or desk.

Services for the phone system seem to be incredibly slow and unresponsive.
Persistent Outlook issues are getting very tiresome.
The new Duo is cumbersome. If I'm bouncing between systems, I may have to two-factor several times a day. It seems strange that it does not recognize a frequently used machine. I have to answer too many questions from others who don't know how to use it.

Since I am in the COAS, a lot of these questions did not apply to me.

SIS is a pretty outdated and bug-ridden system. It is by far my biggest overall frustration in working for the university, and needs an overhaul.

Skype for business isn't as good as Lync was from a user standpoint. However, it doesn't crash as often as Lync did. I don't like how difficult it is to manage my contacts. It would be nice to see the user interface updated for all of the administrative services we use. An iPhone app to manage ePTO that works well and looks good on mobile and on laptop would be great. I'm continually frustrated with the WCMS because you have to expand EVERYTHING to see where you are on the page and to add or edit content. It was easier in the old version to see everything because the boxes didn't need to be expanded.
I've not had any issues with any staff.
Also, I have a HIGH volume of spam messages going into my inbox. I've created rules, and a lot of them now go to junk, but I am still receiving many of them in the inbox. I have hundreds in my junk folder over a weekend. I don't feel like the IU junk censors are doing a great job.

Some UITS groups are very disorganized and communicate poorly - in particular, it's difficult to get the correct information about teaching and learning pilot programs. Also, it seems like a lot of the pilot initiatives don't really meet user needs, which is frustrating. The support center is a mixed bag, depending on the consultant you get. IT Training is fantastic. The Skype/Lync people have terrible customer service and don't seem to know what they're doing.

Staff is always super friendly and helpful. They do seem to have issues with the plotter printers - it takes way longer than it should just getting things set up to print, but I appreciate having this as an on-campus service.

Telecom requests do not get answered in a timely manner. I have had two requests in [IRD] that have virtually been ignored for weeks until I contact someone personally.

The Casper service is critical to compliance with IT policy. If UITS wants departments to actually follow IT policy then this tool must be supplied to the university departments at no cost. SCCM and Active Directory are provided to departments at essentially no cost. Without Casper/Jamf we have no real way to actually be in compliance with IT policy.
Research Technologies needs to do a much better job of telling departments and specifically researchers about services like Karst, IU GitHub and other central systems that can help researchers meet their needs. These systems also help with IT policy compliance by allowing researchers to use managed systems so they are not trying to manage their own servers outside of IT policy. UITS needs to do more in this area of supplying expertly run systems that departments can utilize for their research goals.
IU Print for departments is a great thing but like other services you need to actually support that system and be more responsive to service requests and provide the cross platform configuration files and information through already established systems like IUware and the KB. Casper and SCCM are tools that should also be used for the distribution of IU Print configurations.

The fact that the quality of basic IT support varies across campus (ExecIT vs. Helpnet, for example) drives me nuts. As nice as the Helpnet guys might be (And some of them are not at all nice and consider any questions to be a burden on their time), more often than not they're left to Googling solutions to basic IT issues. I've started just doing that on my own instead of bothering to make a request. At least that way I know no one will be rude to me.

The few times I have had to call UITS for help, everyone has been very helpful. I do at times have issues with getting connected to the wireless on campus. It would be nice if that didn't seem to be so difficult.

The important instructions for Lync/Skype telephone functions seem to change with every software revision and are not circulated. I have not been able to successfully transfer or merge a call since the first system upgrade. Instructions received at the time of adoption are no longer accurate, and no new instructions have been distributed. I don't know where to find them or who to ask.
The switch to IU Box (following OnCourse project site retirement) has been frustrating. Box is incredibly slow at my university workstation. There was no provision with OnCourse retirement to batch transfer files from the old system to a new system. Senior level staff and faculty end up spending hours of time in the mindless task of individually, manually downloading files from the system that is to be retired and uploading them to the new system if you don't give us an automatic batch conversion tool.

The IT personnel internal to the School of Public Health are exceptional. They have assisted me with troubleshooting my work iPad and replacement. The wireless network in the basement of the School of Public Health building is sporadic. I cannot keep a steady connection on my smartphone or my laptop (MacBook Pro).This is distracting when I am in meetings and have to utilize the internet on my personal devices.

The IT support staff in psychology are consistently wonderful!!
Internet has been a bit of a problem in certain areas of the psychology building (second floor, research labs hallway) and one wired computer losing connection periodically as well. This could be improved.
Sometimes emails (which I'm told were sent to me) do not come through to my inbox or are delayed in coming to my inbox. This poses a major inconvenience.

The new two-step login is incredibly obnoxious and I hate that it is mandatory. I don't always have my phone available when I want to check my email on a computer. What if my phone dies when I am using a computer away from home? Guess I can't access IU services anymore!

The on site service in Athletics is fantastic.
The inability to email a link is inconvenient and I wish more emails went out explaining why and how to get around this problem and still send informative emails.
I still don't know how to use my phone.
Outlook is terrible. Please change to gmail.
The duo process is inconvenient. Please get rid of that double step process.
One.iu is still hard to navigate and keep my homepage with the items I need.
The financial reimbursement system is a pain and not user friendly. It also takes too long to get reimbursed.
Thank you.

The landing page makes me cringe. The organization seems totally random and it's difficult to find topics, requiring you to know the name of the system/program you need, rather than what it does. Plus, nothing is alphabetized! Please put the things in alpha order, and maybe allow a search by what you are trying to do ("enter time") rather than the name of the system you need to use (who knows what Kuali is?).

The only concern I can think of to mention is the linking of my phone to my work station. While I understand the logic and financial reasoning behind this situation, the link has made my phone much less, rather than much more, functional.
I also have problems now with my mobile device and my IU e-mail account, but I'm not sure whether that problem--which surfaced with my "upgrade" to a new phone--is the fault of the service provider or new security protocols at IU. Even my in-house department IT guys couldn't get my phone to accept IU e-mail.
I guess I would also say I'm complacent about UITS services. I take them/it for granted, but suspect that when I step away from IU I will recognize how much service/protection they provide. So thank you for that!

The only concerns I have are with the slight aggravation related to updates on software like Skype, Adobe, and others that require admin rights and therefore I have to get UITS or ETS staff to take care of such a simple, yet persistent, issue.

The only real interaction I have had with IT is really the staff at IUHC. [IRD] and [IRD] are excellent, but only having one of these as full time is really a detriment to this facility. There are enough issues that could be covered full time by these two employees, and the load could be divided more evenly, resulting in a better work place. These two employees in particular are knowledgeable, considerate, and are a joy to work with, but they seem to have a lot on their plate that could be more evenly divided with more work hours allowed.

The only snafu that happens regularly is silly and very minor:
The transcription of IU Voice Mail messaging into our Outlook email never translates in any way close to the original message!!! It could easily be considered alien or an excellent source for comedians. Might we just get rid of that feature?!

The overall technical support is ok, but majority of the UITS Help Desks usually do not offer in-depth solutions to the posted problems. Instead those IT students usually refer everybody to search the Internet for the answers and possible solutions for the problem at hand. Not good. When I come to Help Desk to reach for help I don't want to be sent off to some other sources to look for a possible solution to my problem. That's what the Help Desk should be for. One more thing. When you come to Help Desk with a problem and are trying to describe it with your own words, the people at Help Desk expect for you to "speak their IT language". Otherwise they will not make any effort to try to "translate" the issue you are describing into the realm of pro IT language and terms. In other words, if you don't speak IT "language" you better stay away from the Help Desk for no real help is awaiting you there. Sad. Very sad. Waste of my time....

The phone system is the WORST. I get echoes in my calls regularly. Transferring process is getting worse instead of better. You can't relay/shorthand a customer's message to another department before transferring the customer - so they have to start over with a new department. Frustrating.

The transition of my profile from IUPUI to IU has been rocky. The profile is attached to many things and I have been discovering them one-by-one.

The UITS staff members have always been helpful and considerate, and well prepared to answer my questions.

The UITS staff that reside at the IUF that work with us at the IUAA are very helpful and very responsive. They are kind and we enjoy working with them. Outside of the staffing I do believe however that the Duo system is overkill, every single time you log in is inconvenient.
My iPhone does not trust the wireless on campus now for some reason. It consistently says there is a security issue. Could this be due to the new security you have put into place? Not being able to use the Wi-Fi is disappointing.

UITS in person support has been great, sometimes can be slow depending on availability.

UITS has always been very helpful to me.

UITS has always made computer/internet issues easy to correct, I have no problems with your support staff at all!
There is one area I feel that could be improved on, although it is rather specific to myself and not to campus. I work in MSB2, and I believe that UITS and the SPEA BITS have two separate servers in MSB2, so all Ethernet ports are either UITS or SPEA BITS owned/operated. To make it even more confusing, I switched from one office (working as a [IRD]) to a nearby office as a [IRD] for a SPEA professor. I thought it was strange that SPEA and University networks had such a hard time communicating with each other (in a physical sense with computers/networks, all support staff on both sides are extremely helpful).

UITS has always worked hard to help and fix McNutt problems.

UITS has been very helpful.
I find having to have the token to sign in to most things rather annoying.

UITS have always been very knowledgeable and helpful in resolving my issues.

UITS is doing a good job, but I feel some units are understaffed, such as the SCCM group.

UITS is great! I love the consultants: they are always available, they are patient, they understand multiple platforms and are both creative and persistent in looking for solutions. I have a Chromebook, which has a different kind of interface, and I know it posed an initial challenge. Thanks to UITS, we've figured it out.
I could use better instruction on Lync. I just found out I can do groups!
My only minor criticism is in training. The courses offered are on point, and the program administration is good. The content delivery is uneven.

UITS is great! When our local LSP's don't know a solution to any problem, they call on UITS for the answer.

UITS is so helpful as a department. Each person I've worked with has been amazing and so very helpful! One thought. Is there any way you can get better connections in Assembly Hall during games? The internet is so slow. I know there are so many people in there. Just wondering if there was a way to connect or speed up the ability to connect. Thanks! You guys are awesome!

UITS is terrific. Great responsiveness and personal service, especially for a group with as large a footprint as it has. The people are always very helpful, friendly and accommodating.

UITS keeps everyone working! UITS adds new services that improve and streamlines the way staff, faculty, and students work.
UITS supports the IT Edge people very well, and it is always very much appreciated.
The only thing I can think to add is that the IU Fax Service should respond to their tickets. We submit things through their website, but never receive a confirmation that it was sent, nor do we get confirmation that the work has been completed. It's awesome when the service does go into effect, but it would be nice to get notification from them in some format.
Other than that, with everything and everyone UITS has to work with and serve, they do a wonderful job!
Keep up the good work!

UITS staff have been very helpful in figuring out any IT problems that I've had!

Usually quick and efficient reps.

Very happy with UITS services.

We (my office) do not rely on UITS, typically. When I've contacted UITS, they have been able to assist. I just wish that we could pick passphrases on the computer instead of visiting in person to a UITS center.

We need a safe location to store MANY passwords under ONE password. It would be good to work with Purchasing to get a contract vendor for this so that IU can provide depts. with this ability without having to pay an additional fee.
The people answering the hotline (5-6789) and chats don't say I don't know often enough. Giving the WRONG information is bad; saying I don't know I can escalate this issue to get you some help is better. For example, a retired staff called the hotline and got the run around, was told she didn't need a Duo method to pull her W2, but since she RETIRED, she did need it. They also told her that she would not be able to set up a new Duo method since the token she had had while working was left in the dept. but not deactivated. [IRD] fixed the situation for us with good communications. I can only participate in focus groups during the work-day if my supervisor agrees (I haven't asked yet).

We need more IT resources for system enhancements and business needs. Also, it takes too long to get a security review completed.
I find KB difficult to use.
The live chat online function is great. I always get good service.
I miss Lynda.

When someone or something has hacked my account, I do appreciate that my passphrase is reset. However, sometimes it happens two or three times a year and I never know when it will happen. The result is that I may be suddenly shut out of just about every system that I use. Then, I have to walk to a campus consultant and prove who I am. Then, that person resets my passphrase and opens my account. By the time I get back to my computer, I'm locked out and I have to then call a consultant. Surely, there is an easier way for staff, especially IT staff to get back in after an incident like that. In general, the support is very helpful.

Within the employee portal and Outlook Web Access, there seems to be a security flaw where if two members of the same household are both employees, it sometimes holds the first user's information on the computer even when they have logged out of the system. Only solution seems to be to go to a different web browser. For example, seeing the first person's employee data on pop-up screens even after re-logging in with the second user's credentials.

Would love to see more resources to help administrative departments with Business Intelligence projects for the good of IU administrative decision support.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

All issues I have had they have told me are external vendor issues. I would say that either means they're doing a great job, or everything important is outsourced.

Brought my computer into UITS at Wells because it was slow, and a member of your staff downloaded software that my computer did not support and I was unable to get past the login screen for almost a week. Then took it back and a different member got me back up and running, but my computer was easily twice as slow as when I originally brought it in, it's borderline unusable now.
Please make sure your staff are more careful and knowledgeable.

Canvas has been having outages lately.
Knowledge Base can be very confusing, but helpful if you keep digging for information.

Canvas is clunky and doesn't allow me the freedom in grading that Oncourse did. I've been working with various IU systems for [IRD] years and it seems like each of these shifts add some new tools, but take away some very important ones. It would be great if we could give feedback before these big changes occur.
The Duo system is extremely inconvenient and doesn't make me feel any safer. The frustrations of not being able to log in because I don't have my phone with me that day are immense, and can have serious impacts on my ability to teach. I've taken to having to put all my class materials up on a non-IU webpage just so I can be guaranteed the ability to reach it if my phone battery dies or I leave it at home some days.

Canvas is terrible, and seems to be getting worse.
It at least used to automatically run submitted papers through Turnitin, but now I have to load an obnoxious external tool that doesn't work properly when it comes to actually downloading my students papers for review, checking originality reports, etc.
There is no way, that I know of, to associate a lecture class with its individual discussion sections. I'm sure there are differences of opinion on exactly how to structure such a connection, but at the very least I should be able to identify which students in the lecture class are associated with which section, sort their assignments appropriately, etc.
The email system through Canvas is a disaster. At least half of the time I do not receive attachments that my students try to send me through the Canvas email system. Sometimes I don't get their emails at all (although that may just be them not really sending them when they say that they do). When I respond through Umail to a canvas message, Canvas does not register that I have read the email, and so I have alerts that I have new messages until I open canvas and open the message itself, and even then the alert only goes away about half the time, or it goes away only when I receive a new alert, which means I don't know whether I actually have a new email from a student or am just being told that I have a new email that I have in fact already responded to.

Duo login is a hassle--could there be a way to only require it for a select few IU sites that conceal highly personal information or allow each person a code to use for a set period of time rather than requesting a new one every single login?

DUO Login is awful, it is a waste of time for every application. I understand for sensitive information such as my tax, pay stubs, etc. But requiring DUO for everything is not only a hassle but provides no benefit.

Duo login is inconvenient. The instructions on how to connect the duo app to your phone so you don't have to get a call after you have matched duo to your phone is unclear and doesn't work for people who have already linked duo on their phones and forgot to download the app. It is already really annoying that our passwords have to be very long. Canvas is not mobile friendly.

Faster computers, faster network, less use of Duo for all Canvas logins.

First, the negative. I have noticed that none of the IT interfaces for any electronic service the university offers is either intuitive or user-friendly. On the contrary, I have found all of them to be quite convoluted, laden with technical jargon, ill-organized, and obviously oriented towards an IT audience's use, instead of a student audience's. For any actually useful applications of the systems, I have had to rely on either fellow student word of mouth or time-costly trial and error. Even the IT presentation I received as part of my orientation was obviously an afterthought for the presenter, who was required to present SOMETHING to the students, but who nevertheless neglected to introduce himself, quickly glossed over things that seemed to have been possibly critical to functioning within the digital environment of IU, and who also spoke entirely in his own dialect of IT throughout. I have discussed my IU IT experiences with fellow students and found them to not be isolated. In short, IU's IT resources are prodigious and offer AMAZING services, but getting to those services seems like a form of Machiavellian torture made more darkly comical because we are forced to rely on them to function here. By the way, I work for the [IRD], so I understand better than most the exact nature of that construct!
Now, the positive:
I could not access my email and, after running into walls gaining access by using the system's not-so-helpful online instructions, and after then fortunately receiving detailed instructions from a friend who had experienced the same thing, I found the UITS desk and had an excellent interaction with the two agents there. They quickly and politely resolved my issue and even seemed genuinely pleased that the issue was resolved. They were awesome.

Friendly and helpful. Obviously there are limitations on what UITS can do with hardware but their advice has been very sound and educative.

From when I started at IU about 6 years ago, IU Secure has improved tremendously.

Generally, good so far.

Hardware, scanners. At non-IU campuses I've had access to and used top-down image capture "scanners" that are self-contained units (no messing with programs on an attached computer). You hold or lay the book open, press a touch screen or foot-pedal to capture the image, then it crops the image for you and separates it into the two distinct pages of the book. You can compile a file this way then save it to a usb or email. Makes it much easier and faster to scan lengthy articles and books, which I frequently do for my graduate research. Would love access to a machine of this type.

I am a distance learner, so many of these questions did not apply to me.

I am an online student and have not had any experiences with IT staff.
It would be great if you had more Google Tools like LucidChart available for students.

I am satisfied with most of the UITS services. UITS has been able to help me several times in the past and it was always a pleasant experience. The only aspect that I think could be improved is the class registration website - it's not always intuitive.
Thank you for providing information technology services on campus - it's very helpful.

I appreciate the role of UITS, the updates provided on the Listserve, the online courses available for basic skills such as Excel, and assistance.

I can't get on IU secure since being forced to change my password. It's very annoying. It's on me though to see IT so it's not necessarily your fault.

I don't know why I often get 1+ phishing email and fake emails per week from IU or mail

I found the notification about two-step login to be way overdone, but the actual instructions for setting up and especially activating it to be lacking. Also, instructions for how to set up the VPN were clear, but very challenging to find in the first place.

I had issues for [IRD] years trying to connect my phone, computer, and other device to the IU intranet/Wi-Fi. My repeated calls and inquiries were given to entry level workers and nothing was done besides giving me nonsensical excuses. "It is just your computer. It is because you are using windows 7. It is because you are using windows 8 (after switching). You are not listed as a student. Are you sure you are a student? We don't have any record of you having any issues in the past" This has negatively impacted my education as I depend on this technology to treat patients on a daily basis. My account was finally fixed (meaning it worked some of the time) my final semester. I would discourage other students from IU professional programs based on this experience.

I have all the positive experiences with UITS.

I have almost no experience with UITS staff or services, unless downloading software through IU Any Ware counts. Sometimes IU Secure does not work very effectively at my office in Ballantine Hall.

I have found the software on IUWare most helpful because it has saved me time and money figuring out which anti-virus software or which version of Microsoft Word to purchase. I do not necessarily have the best computer software knowledge, so it was helpful to have a few options supported by IU all in one location.
I find Canvas a lot easier to navigate in comparison to Oncourse, but I do miss the messaging feature on Oncourse that separated the messages in my inbox by class section. On Canvas, all the messages are lumped in one inbox which is slightly annoying. One of the best features of Canvas is the fact that it lists what assignments are due and which ones are coming up. The calendar of assignments helps to keep me organized.
As you have probably already heard countless complaints about, I do not understand why I need duo login for every application even as an IU employee. I understand having it for financial records, but do I really need it for Canvas? All I want to do is check to see if the professor put up the assignment portal, and I have to go through a complete extra step when logging in. Sometimes my phone and extra device are not near me either. My roommate also is now terrified to lose her phone because, unlike myself, she does not have a secondary device like a tablet to download the duo app on. If she loses her phone, then she cannot access anything for class or even her email to keep in communication with her professors and classmates.

I have had no interactions with UITS staff or any services beyond using the software provided by UITS (Canvas, IUWare, IU Secure, etc.) as requested for courses and other interactions with the University.

I have had NO negative interactions with UITS staff at all. I spend a lot of time in the Cook Music Library, and print most of my materials for teaching and class (I'm a [IRD]) there. On several occasions, I've had to grab the attention of the on-duty UITS staff person and they have been responsive, kind, and completed the task of fixing what needed to be fixed promptly (be it telling me I needed to add more money to my print allowance or refilling paper into the printer).

I have had positive experiences with the UITS staff in the computer lab in IMU both this semester and last semester. They explained what steps I needed to take to directly or indirectly solve my problems with UITS technology such as the printing system (via email) malfunctioning.

I have had positive interactions in person and via chat with UITS. Overall, one of the best IT services I have ever dealt with.

I have not had any in-person experience with UITS; I am a distance student, though, so the services are key to my successful participation in classes. So far, I've mostly been satisfied.

I have relied heavily on UITS staff for help. All my experiences are positive. I am very satisfied.

I purchased a new laptop at the beginning of the school year and needed help installing everything. For the most part UITS Support Center was very helpful and kind as I came with all kinds of questions and concerns. However, a few months later my computer was attacked with malware and I didn't know what to do. When I took my laptop in to UITS for help, the person I interacted with was (understandably but it wasn't helpful) upset that I'd let it happen. I felt like shit after that encounter and on some level I realized that I hadn't gone in to get help sooner because I dreaded a reaction like that. The next person I worked with who helped me reinstall my operating system was very kind and supportive.

I sent some emails to ask about how to use supercomputers in IU. I got some good answers. Thank you!

I was having issues with my computer switching between IU secure and my home Wi-Fi, and I believe I called someone named [IRD] (maybe?) who was a big help in helping me navigate through the mysterious world of the command prompt. He was patient, wasn't patronizing despite the probably easy fix this was, and made genuine conversation when we had to wait on restarts etc. I just like when people can be authentic and not drone.

I would like a bit more flexibility in scheduling jobs/submitting to Karst, or more queue options that suit different usage cases for shorted jobs that can hit a node faster.

I would like for there to be an option to opt out of the dual-authentication system for some employees, as the process makes signing in to one.iu considerably less accessible when one doesn't have a compatible second device nearby, makes the process last two or three times as long as it needs to, and all for relatively little reward -- there is little information in my one.iu account that requires this level of over-security.

I would love a map of where printers are around campus. I rarely print, but when I need to, I'd like to find the most conveniently located ones via a simple map of where they are, if they're locked up, when the building or lab is open.
I do QUALITATIVE research and IU doesn't provide access to software (like QDA) or other software used by qualitative researchers. Enough with quantitative already.

If the device is registered for that user then let it pass the duo authentication security. It's frustrating every time you need to log in through duo-authentication. What if someone has to submit a very important assignment and his/her phone is switched off or stolen.

Implementing online chat form of help, it's very effective!
Making duo login remember the devices I have already used.

In general, I am satisfied with everything provided by UITS. The only things that I think UITS may consider improving are the following:
1. Increase the speed of the internet in some of the on-campus apartment buildings (e.g. Evermann, Red Bud, BBHN). The current speed is fine but still considerably slower than the ones in Campus View, Tuliptree, and other department buildings.
2. Increase the capacity of the supercomputers. Now the waiting time on BigRed2 and Karst has increased substantially compared to last year, due to the increased demand for the service. UITS may consider increasing the supply in response to that.

Internet is way too slow for the year 2017. Network computers are also too slow, which can take up to 20 minutes to turn on! This is unacceptable for an institution of this size.
Instructions on the UITS website are not easy to understand. They seem to be written by technology folks who understand what they're writing...instead of looking at it from the lens of a person who is unfamiliar with technology. Setting up email, Duo, Box, etc., has not been as easy as it should have been.

Is there a service I can use to effectively find printers near me? Also, is it possible to connect all printers (including the desk printers) so that I can remotely send a print message?

It is very difficult to reach UITS staff and the waits to speak with one are long. I've had many issues with printing and it seems that each staff person contradicts the other. They don't seem to understand that for distance students who only come to campus occasionally, being able to utilize the technology is vital for success.

It seems more often this year that printing has been down in the School of Ed library. It's also frustrating to not automatically connect to IU Secure and having to do that automatically.

It seems that software at the Herman B. Wells Library Learning Commons is not uniformly installed. For example, SAS is installed on one computer and then not on the computer right next to it.

IU Secure sometimes seems to be particularly spotty on Apple devices (not sure if this is related to my particular OS...I'm running Yosemite on a Mac and iOS 10.2 on an iPhone), especially when walking between 7th and 10th. Again, this could be an anomaly, but I wanted to make someone aware of this.

IU Ware software availability has been significantly reduced, which prevents students from learning software that may be useful in the learning process.

I've always been very appreciative of the good service and services provided by UITS.

I've had a great experience with [IRD] from the National Center for Genome Analysis and Support (NCGAS). I had an issue running Breseq on Karst and I needed to run Breseq for a class project that was due in a few days. [IRD] helped troubleshoot with me and gave me expert advice that led to me completing my project on time. She responded to my emails promptly and with such attention to detail. I'm very grateful to her for her help.

I've used some of the UITS information online, but I've never contacted UITS by phone or in person. The online supports have been helpful for finding what I needed (printing on campus, iuanywhere, iuware, vpn, etc.).

Logging in every day seems to take a long time (i.e. loading a user profile) and then stepping through to get where you really want to be. Surprisingly the Duo authorization isn't as painful as I imagined.

Logging on to computers in the Wells Library commons often takes a very long time. I'm unlikely to even attempt it at this point. Wireless service is also uneven across campus.

Most of my interactions with UITS have been in the form of workshops. I have also sent in two email questions, one about file conversion and one about Box. The latter of these experiences was negative, as the responder simply sent me a link I had already explored.

Most of my UITS-related experiences involve printing. It has been frustrating at times to have to switch printing methods. Up until a year or two ago, I could print directly from Word or Acrobat or whatever program I was using. Then I had to switch to uploading documents online to My Print Center, which often did not work and was completely unavailable for several days a couple of months ago. Now I can print directly from my computer applications again, which I prefer over uploading documents to a website.
I also use campus computers sometimes, especially the ones in the IMU lab. The computers tend to be slow, though, and I only use them for programs I cannot run on my Mac.
Interactions I've had with UITS staff have been very helpful. They have not only helped me solve issues, but they have done so efficiently by quickly providing solutions or links to relevant resources.
The Duo login thing is ridiculous. We already have to use absurdly long "passphrases", then we have to confirm on a secondary device every time we log in?! If I log in on my phone, then I'm prompted on the same phone to confirm... it isn't even a secondary device, it is the same device! My bank, which has all of my money, just asks for a six-character password with a combination of letters and numbers, and it has me do a one-time verification when I use a new device to access my account. Why does the University need to verify every time I log in to Canvas?

Mostly all positive experiences, especially with the help personnel. I do wish it was simpler to send to campus printers from my own laptop while on campus, or at least in the library.

My experiences with UITS staff are mostly positive. I have no recollection of real negative interaction.
The IU secure in WY, however, refuse to log me in occasionally. This stops me from receiving emails, for example.
The Duo Verification is a dumb idea for non-financial services. Unless there are substantive evidences for cheating via hacking canvas, I do not understand the incentive to have Duo covering every student and faculty services. I have heard many complaints among my peers.
The HPCs are invaluable assets in my research. My experience with HPCs are most positive. But it would be even greater if HPC team can update the compilers to gcc6, and perhaps provide a rough estimate for waiting time after one submit a job.

My only complaint is when the printers go down or run out of paper (frequently in the Godfrey Center). Also, I don't like that my computer always makes me select IU Secure and tries to log me onto ATT Wi-Fi first.

No negative interactions as such.
'Register for classes' web page should be considered for a Re-design to look and feel similar to IGPS.


Nothing comes to mind.

On the graduate side of the Kelley School of Business, we need better printing technology and more frequent maintenance to keep the printers from breaking down on a daily/weekly basis.

One comment for improvement. When I started out as a student, I didn't have a CAS account, and could not access any of the pages in One.IU. All I had was the credentials that I used for applying to be a student. It took me days to realize that I needed to create this account.
Embedding videos in Canvas using Caltura does not serve well. Compared to YouTube, for instance, it loads slower, and sometimes gets stuck while playing. The options, such as video resolution quality, are lesser.

Positive: 24/7 availability, always a an answer to my questions.
Negative: stripping away software packages from lab computers, drastically and frequently changing the tools / user interface of software (e.g., Adobe PDF); requirement of security key for teachers; slowness of IU AnyWare.

Printing credits make no sense to me. Why not just translate 1BW page = 1 credit or 1 color page = 2 credits.

Printing: I've had some good experiences, and some bad ones. I know there are technical hurdles to this, but it still seems weird to me that getting something to print at the printer I want can be a challenge. In this regard, I'm mainly referring to mobile print, which I've had trouble with at Wells and at my on-campus office. For instance, using mobile print at Wells, is there an easier way to name the printers (e.g., "Wells 13")? This is compared to the complicated and technical naming convention in place ("BL_LI137_MFP1"), which has to be typed in exactly correct.

Signing up for classes is painful. Canvas is great.

Staff is great, Duo is a hassle and unnecessarily complicated.

The biology technical staff is great. They answer my questions and notice things about my computer that I didn't know and made it better. For UITS in general, sometimes reaching the library through pulse secure doesn't work well from off campus.

The dual login system is unnecessary, cumbersome, and annoying. There have been times when I have been unable to login to my class Canvas page on campus because I accidentally left my cell phone at home, and consequently can't get the activation codes (or whatever they are). Furthermore, the dual login system is extremely unfair to faculty or staff who may not be able to afford multiple digital devices at one time. The university seems to be assuming that everyone can afford to buy or maintain a stable cell phone plan.
The barrier for initially learning how to navigate the many different IU web portals/pages is way too high. I feel like everything is decentralized, and each site has its own interface and rules. It's absurd that whenever IU sends me an email about doing anything online (e.g., entering in early student attendance reports), that the email contains a list of instructions for how to access the site RATHER THAN a direct URL to the site. Why is everything so cryptic and multi-stepped?

The IT services generally tend to work well only for those who have the most high end and expensive equipment such as Mac laptops. I have a Windows laptop and I couldn't even get them to install the printer on my laptop. This makes life very inconvenient which defeats the whole purpose of IT.

The law school printers are often unreliable, especially when using the "My Print Center" program. The print system must be updated.

The main problem I usually have deals with loss of internet/Wi-Fi. I have a personal router and get internet through campus, and sometimes it goes out. Every time I've called UITS they are extremely helpful and patient with me - even when they don't end up doing anything and it's an issue on my end!

The optometry library printer breaks at least 2 times a week for the last two semesters. With such a technology advanced campus (especially with the new duo login system to access everything) It is especially difficult and frustrating to have a broken printer and have a release station. Why is it one of the libraries on campus yet the printer is very old school, outdated and cannot handle the work load of the professional students. It would benefit to have a larger, newer printer that you swipe your card in to release documents (like in the Union, and Jordan Hall, and most of the other printers on campus).
The compulink learning environment for the students to practice on continually shuts down and crashes, maybe restarting and deleting the data on the program prior to each semester could help alleviate the issues.
The projector in optometry 105 doesn't project colors properly, and the document camera in opt 105 has shadows on it and needs to be recalibrated to help with students' focus on the projected information.

The printing experience at IU is severely deficient. As a [IRD] year grad student who has experienced the printing experiences at another B1G school, I can make the comparison. IU Mobile Print seems like a second thought, and sometimes does not work. The Mac native printing experience seems nonexistent, which ignores probably a 50/50 split of use between PC/Mac.

The services provided by IU UITS is excellent. I have attended some of their certificate training workshops and have found them to be very helpful. I have also found the campus facilities well up-to-date with the latest technology. The only service that I have been asking IU UITS to purchase and to consider is a scanning kiosk (Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC)) to be placed in the Wells Library for students to scan books. Unfortunately, IU UITS has refused or denied my request several times which I do not agree. Almost 90 percent of major research universities now have a scanning kiosk from Knowledge Imaging Center. Why not IU? - [IRD]

The staff at the walk-up desk in Wells and answering chat messages are usually not experts, and are only able to help with basic issues. This is sometimes helpful, but usually the advice they can give is only what I've been able to find myself already. I've had generally positive interactions otherwise.
I have found Duo sign-in to be cumbersome and largely unnecessary. IU passwords are already long and complicated, and adding a second step just makes it more burdensome to log in. I have lost money (though admittedly not a lot) because it takes me so long to log in to Kuali Time that it appears I have arrived late to work. I am more distracted at work because I have to have my phone at my desk. It seems odd to me that when I log into IU accounts on my phone I have to switch apps in order to log in, and both authentication steps are occurring on the same device.
A minor complaint: the computers in Wells 002A are so large that if you sit anywhere further back than the 3rd computer you cannot see the board, and anywhere you sit it is impossible to see the rest of the class.

The UITS staff are friendly and helpful, however it would be helpful if they had a more visible presence in areas such as the SPEA/Kelley Info Commons; when something goes wrong with the printer there is no one to ask for help. Also, if staff could make sure that paper is always stocked in printers available for student use (outside of Wells Library) that would be greatly appreciated! Maybe even putting a little sign saying "Have a problem with the printer? Contact UITS at ... and we will help you resolve it" at printers would be greatly helpful.
If GIS and OriginPro could be installed on more computers that would be greatly helpful.
Also, I wish I could access my IU e-mail address directly through the "mail" app on my smartphone instead of having to go through an internet browser every time. If this is already possible, it would be great if that info was more widely disseminated.

There should be more in-person technology teaching sessions available.
There are strange dead spots on campus for Wi-Fi. For example, a lot of people seem to struggle with Wi-Fi in the room across from the computer lab in the basement of Wells. People also struggle to get Wi-Fi in the Lilly Library.

They are indeed helpful.

They have been very attentive and responsive!

To date the staff have been friendly, engaging, and helpful.

Train the plotter printer student employees better.

UITS is always helpful to me. 24/7 chat help is always available and it's awesome. I also like that there are computers everywhere, except that Windows 10 loads very, very slowly at startup (upon login).

UITS is an incredible service that really stands out among other university technology services I've experienced. Their 24-hour phone number and help desks have gotten me through many technology snafus in the years I've been at IU.
It would help me significantly as a student if there was a quicker, easier way to print on campus. Without a printer at home, I rely on IU technology for all my printing. However, the time it takes to find an open computer, go through all my log-ins and authentications, etc., becomes quite an ordeal if I'm ever in a hurry.
Also, some sort of map or location service to find computer labs or workstations on campus (perhaps there is but I don't know about it) would be very helpful. I so often find myself looking for a place to study, and either struggling to locate computer labs in unfamiliar buildings or failing to figure out when they close at night or have classes in them. Some way to streamline this information would help me to access more of IU's technology services.

UITS staff are always friendly and helpful. The Duo authentication thing never works for me -- I'm able to get into my accounts, but it never asks me to do the Duo authentication. Not sure if that's a problem.

Very good experiences with drop-in services. Quick fixes to problems. Only complaint is that sometimes printing can be unreliable in certain buildings on campus.
Also, canvas is infuriatingly slow. The lag on that website reminds me of dial up internet. I love the site, it's just slow to load.

What's the difference between a 3 and a 4?

When trouble arises, whether it is in the classroom, or privately owned devices, my experience both as a teacher and a student have been outstanding. I have, on several occasions, obtained requested assistance immediately and completely. I have nothing negative to say, and I sure do not know enough to suggest anything.

Whenever I have had problems using classroom technology, UITS has been very helpful.
I don't like how the forwarding options between Outlook and Umail end up with some messages that are only sent to one service and not the other. I now only use Umail since Outlook wasn't able to handle my Umail forwarding.

While this did not happen to me, I knew people who struggled to use the Duo system because they could not get a signal at the location of their workplace on campus. This caused them trouble clocking in and out of work. Also, the Duo system is not well-suited for those without smartphones. These people cannot just push another button to log in, because they don't have the capability to have an app on their phone.

You guys are pretty awesome and do a great job for IU. I just think the DUO login stuff SUCKS! I get that it gives us more security, but it is such a pain, it's just one more barrier to email and canvas. Can we have the option to remove it on some things? That would be helpful.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

A couple weeks ago, I had a problem with a desktop computer located in Willkie center building. When I was working on an assignment due at midnight that night, the computer unexpectedly went into sleep mode and would not come out of it. It was 9:00 p.m. and I called UITS for help. They tried telling me a couple of things that I could do, all of which I tried with no success. That was understandable. However, they then told me there was nothing they could do to help me. I was very dissatisfied with the lack of care or information that I was given about how to further solve the problem.

Absolutely dislike the two step login.

Assistants at the UITS help desk at Wells are generally prompt and prepared. There could be improvement with wait-times and appointment sign-ups to increase efficiency. DUO has some problem-areas - it is recommended that DUO two-step authentication not be applied to all applications requiring IU login (for instance, applications that allow someone to report a stolen or lost ID should be able to bypass DUO authentication, as phones are often stolen at the same time as IDs, which means that individuals can't readily report their cards stolen).

Better Wi-Fi Connections.
Warnings to system shut downs.

Canvas sucks.

Clarifying downloading and using Microsoft Office for Mac, how to report phishing incidents.

Computers are slow.

Duo is possibly the worst idea anyone has come up with at IU in recent memory. The perfect way to mess up already busy students' lives.

Easier ways to get Photoshop on computers, easy directions.

Every time I have gone to UITS they usually cannot help me with the problem I have.

Every time I try to print something off of my computer the server is not working or the printers wont print/work. When I ask for help over something as simple as printing I get redirected and have to wait because only one or two people can fix the problem. It is frustrating every time I need to print something it takes me at least an hour or more when it should only take a few minutes at most.

Everything I have experienced thus far with UITS has been an immense pleasure due to the fact that an answer is always found for my problem, whether that be a direct response or possibly an alternative solution that still answers my problem.

Everything is good but the only thing that I want to feedback is the thing that when I try to modify my search I need to re-fill out all blank to search.

Extremely difficult to print. Has been an issue since after Winter Break. Takes a half hour to print something. Big issue.

I've only had a handful of experiences with UITS and they seem fairly pleasant. My only real issue I have is with IU Secure. The connection always seems to drop out or load very slow. Not sure if there is anything to be done, but that would be my only complaint.

I am dissatisfied with the quality of desktops in the SPEA/Business information commons. I use desktops frequently on campus, and these are the worst. They take long to log into. They also have many minor functionality issues that drive me nuts. I use Visio for many of my classes; creating objects and dragging them into the correct place never works... the mouse does not respond like you would expect.
However, I am very satisfied with many other IT moments I have with IU including: internet speed, IU anyware software offerings, Canvas education management SaaS, other computer labs. Overall, well done!

I am happy with the UITS services. I have spoken with the staff members in the computer lab in the IMU multiple times and they have always been friendly and helpful. However, I find some of the online information difficult to navigate. For example, my club has a web account through IU and I had to get the password reset, and it was difficult to find information about how to do that. I also find the Student Center class registration system very annoying. It's like there are different places to search for courses versus adding them to your cart so you have to try to remember the course number to add it to the shopping cart, but sometimes that doesn't work either. It's also very annoying to have to keep entering the same search info over and over again "undergraduate :: Bloomington :: spring 2017 :: department" etc. I wish the search function was more like the other course browser app on Also, with the umail accounts, I have trouble accessing other google products, like YouTube. It would be nice if they functioned as full google accounts.

I am thoroughly pleased with the UITS staff here on campus. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of contact with them, but last Saturday I went in to get my computer fixed. I was helped immediately and the man attending to my computer was very helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all the questions I had for him, upgraded my operating system for free, and even downloaded all of the essential applications I needed after I got my hard drive wiped. It took about 30 minutes and it was well worth it.

I am very satisfied with the experiences I have had when I have gone to the help center at Wells Library. The people who helped me were very friendly and dedicated to getting my problem resolved. However, I have not been very satisfied with IU Secure because it isn't always reliable. Also, I have been very dissatisfied with the printing system on campus. Nearly every time I print something, uploading it online to the Print Center doesn't work and I need to log in to the campus computers in my dorm which are very slow.

I believe there needs to be some updating with the computers in the West Tower of Wells Library, particularly in the 5th floor. The computers are slow, making it inconvenient to work in that area.

I can say that all experiences I've had with UITS staff members have been professional and beneficial. The online chat service is awesome and very convenient.

I didn't interact much with UITS employees this year. The few times I did in the library, they were able to help me out.

I don't have a lot of experience with UITS staff. I think most of IUs programs run fine for me and I haven't ever had a major problem with them. I did ask how to setup a streaming device in my dorm room and UITS staff was very helpful and I got it setup quick. They took time to look up information and answered me in a timely manner. Sometimes IU secure is down or a little slow but UITS does a good job of getting it running again.

I feel like the student center needs a new look. It's format seems kind of outdated and it could definitely use a makeover.

I had troubles connecting my devices to the Wi-Fi and they are always helpful getting my certificates. I don't have anything negative to say about UITS.

I hate the duo log in process. I've heard nothing but complaints about it from students. It makes checking your email or canvas twice as difficult and takes twice the amount of time. I do not understand, as a student, why I had to change to the duo log in. If I forget my phone or have it in a different room, or its dead, etc. I can't check my grades or even get into my account. This is annoying and more difficult then it needs to be.

I have attended a training on CSS & HTML.

I have been most successful when talking to UITS staff in person or over the phone. Sometimes working with technology requires restarts and then I lose the UITS chat, plus talking with someone can make fixing my computer less stressful.
IU secure can be unpredictable, especially in older buildings on campus

I have really only visited UITS once or twice, but this year, it was crucial. Essentially, my laptop had downloaded some Windows update incorrectly and would not boot. After 5-6 hours with UITS across 2 days, we were able to get my files off before deleting my hard drive and ultimately reinstalling the OS. My computer works great now, and I haven't had any issues since August. Great job!
I'd very much like to see the redesign/decommissioning of the Student Self Service portal; it's always been difficult to navigate, and now looks old and non-user friendly.
I'd also like to see more kinds of software come to IUWare.

I haven't used UITS except for getting help on how to use the scanners at the IMU. The guy that helped me was very informative in explaining what I needed to do.

I just have one thing to say that is about a printer (it might not be about UITS though). I often use a printer, but it often has problems, so I cannot print out what I need.

I like how the UITS works. Whenever I go to UITS service at the Wells library, I always am satisfied with visiting even though the waiting line is long.

I love IU, the star as well as the students. I'm happy that I decided to further my career here at IU.

I love the KB!
I hate how IU email accounts are distributed. Having exchange & umail & has been a nightmare for me.
DUO authentication rollout should have been more aggressive about giving out the handheld token generators.

I personally don't like duo. I appreciate the attempt at adding security to log ins, but it's extremely inconvenient if I'm trying to log on and my phone is dead or trying to clock in at work within a timely manner.

I rarely have issues that I need to report to UITS, but whenever I do run into them, I have positive experiences with UITS. I feel like they do a great job keeping the systems up and the duo process log in is a good move.

I really dislike the duo two step system. I understand that it is to ensure extra safety for our information, but it's really inconvenient. Sometimes, my cellphone dies and I don't have access to canvas after that, or sometimes I might forget my phone at home, and make it all the way to SPEA, which is a 45 minute walk from my house, and not be able to access my email, class information, or any other IU information I might need. Even if there is a two step system, I feel there is a huge need for revision to be able to access IU services without a phone.

I rely on them.

I think the UITS staff are great at responding to problems.

I think the Wi-Fi has been improved and now it's available throughout the campus although sometimes it's either weak or unavailable outdoors. Improve on that will be my first suggestion.

I think UITS has a lot of helpful services and the website is full of useful information. There's actually so much information it would be helpful to have a page that briefly outlines UITS's in-person services and online info based on activity (e.g. print from your computer, using box, other services IU offers, improve your knowledge of your PC, etc.).

I think UITS should be more open to students. I noticed that there are a lot of useful applications on one.iu, but there is still room for improvements.

I would like stronger Wi-Fi signals across campus. It would be nice to work on my laptop in the arboretum.

In general, I find that UITS hierarchy of solving issues takes too long and things occasionally end up more complicated than necessary to solve simple problems. I think UITS sends too many emails about things that are vaguely useful or only useful for a small population. I also have noticed an increase rather than a decrease in the number of phishing emails since duo. Additionally, relating to the retirement of some of the programs, I believe it took far too long and that deadlines were pushed back several times instead of having a hard line when people needed to adopt new technology which caused frustration when taking classes that instructors were allowed to use different technology to post grades and assignments.

In regards to Duo Login, that definitely is quite frustrating. I understand the need for Duo to be used for student financial reasons, and for faculty, but I find it highly unnecessary for students to deal with. Especially in this day and age, things happen to our phones easily. Therefore, that can make it nearly impossible to access our accounts.

It is great! They are very welcoming and attentive to new customers.
Is there a way to make the adobe connect classes more accessible on other browsers?

It is kind of embarrassing because you have to take many steps, but it is nice that personal privacy improved.

IT services have helped me boot camp my computer and help with wireless connection issues I have.
IT has not been helpful with me bypassing the 2 step login since I am studying abroad and can't access my IU accounts. IU IT services are not being helpful in connecting me to a supervisor who can help me with my issue and is instead asking me the same questions if I can call in my problem, and as I've explained, I cannot due to not being in the country.

It's absolutely ridiculous that the GetConnected application is required to connect to IU Secure. It's a Wi-Fi network. Use a captive portal or something, but don't make me install some random software to which I then need to give admin access just so I can get on the damn Wi-Fi. It's spyware, and needlessly complex.
I wish there was a web portal for printing - I installed the application for printing from a personal computer a year or two ago, and it worked for a short time, but then failed completely. A web portal where documents could be uploaded (maybe you could integrate it with Box?) and sent to the print queue automatically seems relatively simple to develop, and would free up the computers around the busiest printers (such as in Kelly) where lines form so people can log on, open their file, print it, then log off, because it's such a pain to print directly from a personal computer. is a great website - why is Student Center so bad? It's barely usable, ugly, unintuitive, and obfuscated to the point of absurdity. You've gotten rid of OnCourse and OneStart; those were good moves, but why is the worst piece of software with which students interact still here? One.IU implemented a review system - how about you read some of the reviews for Student Center?
I know people don't like Duo, but I commend UITS for mandating MFA - great move.
I think it's been more than a year since this change happened, but the unlimited storage on Box is great. Unfortunately, I don't think many people know about it. Same thing with iGPS - great software (although I wish it still had the "build schedule" feature) that nobody knows about.

IU Secure Wi-Fi is very difficult to stay connected to, especially in the Public Health Building. Some instructions on the website are difficult to navigate- still can not figure out how to connect my kindle to IU Secure, for some reason there is a different procedure.

I've been having a lot of trouble with the print services since the beginning of the semester, especially in Jordan Hall and the School of Public Health.
Additionally, it is impossible to get Wi-Fi in some classrooms. This is kind of ridiculous to me. In about 3/4 of Jordan Hall the Wi-Fi is terrible. Simon Hall also has some issues, but not as bad as those in Jordan. It makes it really difficult to do some internet-based assignments in class.

I've had a terrible experience with UITS. Last year I had my school email hacked and every time I would go to get help they wouldn't be able to. However, they would give me a name and number of someone who was supposed to help me. From there that person would refer me back to UITS and it was a 4 month long process where the police had to get involved.

I've had only good experiences.

I've had very limited interactions with the UITS Staff, but they've all left me with decent impressions. The most useful and positive experience I had was with the online-chatting system. The respondents were fast, kind, and were able to solve all of my problems every time. This is a feature that is still very important to me and should be emphasized to those looking for help but are also busy and may not always be able to come in person to have their problem reviewed. Sometimes there have been hardware problems in lab locations with various computers, but otherwise there aren't too many noticeable problems I experience daily.

I've never used the assistance of a UITS staff member.

I've only had positive experiences with UITS staff. They were very friendly and able to properly diagnose my technological issue in a timely manner. I wouldn't change a thing.

I've used UITS multiple times for computer questions. I've used them at Wells, McNutt, the union, and on the chat and phone features. I've always has positive experiences and they've always been helpful to the extend that they can be.

Make an easier way to connect personal laptops to available printers.

Mobile printing is one of the most inconvenient services offered. I am a sophomore and I have a lot to print from home but once I come to campus and try to print, it deletes my print order from the documents lists, and I have been in jeopardy several times because of this. Hope you could improve this service.

My issue with my login was fixed in a timely manner.




No comment.

No problems with UITS staff or services.

Overall, I am satisfied with our technology services, although there can be issues such as periodical crashing.

Overall, I have had generally positive experiences with UITS and its services. I'd also like to compliment UITS on the ONE IU search function, as I believe it was a really useful way to present everything.

Overall, it is great. I wish the IU secure could be more stable.

Please find a way to make HUE lights work on the network. Also, UITS is notoriously condescending and rude. Information gets through, but people are often not willing to talk to UITS because of the way they respond to people.

PLEASE get rid of Duo. It is awful and a gigantic pain. Plus, it isn't even on my phone so it isn't enhancing security all that much. All it does is infuriate people and make it so that we would get locked out of our systems if we forgot anything. I am a full time student as well as an employee and it is awkward having to use a device to log in to Canvas during class hours.
I am graduating this semester so there isn't really much benefit in contacting me and Duo will no longer be impacting me, but I figured I could add my voice to those of others.

Please improve the student center!

Printers are often out of ink.

Setting up printing from a laptop is slightly tricky, and I would love to see a list of where all campus printers are. Usually UITS is very helpful and refills paper or fixes jams fairly quickly.

Some printers in the library or Kelley don't work well.

Sometimes IU Secure randomly disconnects even if I remain in the same place.

The actual staff are quite nice; however, OneStart is still absolutely awful.

The best thing about anything involving technology on this campus is that it just works! I think the IT team is always working hard to be knowledgeable and I have yet to have a question that couldn't be answered by UITS staff.

The customer service is really great, keep doing what you're doing there. My one issue, however, is that remote printing is a pain. Apparently, there's an app for my computer I can get but I can't find the information on that on the UITS website and the remote printing website rarely works.

The live chat help is useful and most UITS staff are pretty knowledgeable. But many of the hardware and software programs provided are unreliable, namely those used through the Citrix receiver. Software and hardware issues often go unresolved. 2 of my 3 business classes this semester have had changes in the course due to technological limitations that haven't been fixed, despite being halfway through the semester. Many computers are also slow and outdated in Well's library and Kelley computer labs.

The main concern I have is giving incoming students information on how to fix any simple problems themselves. And info about network cords.

The mobile print function/website needs to be majorly overhauled. It works incredibly inconsistently when no-hassle printing is a very basic and very necessary need of students.

The one area that I feel we fall short is with our print servers. 50%+ of the time documents I print never make it to the print station.

The only negative interaction I've had with the technology here has been the computer labs in Eigenmann. Even though they work efficiently, the time for the computers to log into your account takes a good amount of time. Other than that, they have been reliable.

The only thing I could recommend is a better way for students to report service outages. I've worked on IT before, and I know when a printer is no longer connected to the IU print system. I'd like to be able to report that without emailing or calling.

The printers in the residence halls never seem to be working and take forever to get fixed.

The printing is extremely slow in the SPEA/Kelley area. The computers take forever to log on, and sometimes it doesn't even get sent to the printer.
Also, I tried to get my laptop hooked up to the printing and I was told some laptops would never connect to the network. I wish the service worked with all computers because I have a relatively new HP and was denied.

The printing system needs to be fixed ASAP. Mobile.Print has not been working this semester.

The recital scheduling program for music students still uses internet explorer or Firefox. It could use an overhaul and an update for a better browser, i.e. Chrome.
-it would be nice to be able to check software availability. i.e. a real time eligibility checker tied to course permissions
-list online the student prices of any software that has to be purchased in person
-creation of an online catalogue of the full range of UITS products (software and hardware)
-a schedule building program built into the course registration process where you select potential courses, and it generates possible schedules would be really nice.

The service is great and they are always there and willing to help.

The staff provide such excellent service that their pay should be higher.

The Wi-Fi "IU Secure" did not work all year!!!!! I'm so angry about that. Also, I made many appointments with UITS - someone had come here, but nobody fixed it.

The Wi-Fi is terrible. It never seems to work and is extremely slow. The printers also seem to be broken all the time. Also canvas seems to not work most of the time.

The Wi-Fi within the dorms really needs improved. On the weekends and Friday nights the Wi-Fi especially in Forest get so bogged down it is useless.

They serve me the best and treat me nicely. Guide me very well for the problems that I had. Never had any negative experience with the service.

This year, printing has been an issue for me. Trying to find a computer on campus can sometimes be difficult, so it would be helpful if the IU mobile print website worked better.

UITS are very knowledgeable people. In the beginning of the semester I got a virus and they were able to get rid of the virus and tell me about the services IU provides for security software. I think it would be helpful to have UITS people in the residence halls because it would be more efficient for the residents instead of having to go to the IMU or Wells.

UITS has been overall helpful, with a few minor things here and there. Nothing major to report.

UITS has provided me a lot of very useful services that I use daily. These include software (especially Adobe programs like Photoshop), Box, Canvas, One.iu, and Umail. These run very well and have positively contributed to my learning.

UITS is a very helpful resource IU has to offer.

UITS provides excellent support each time I visit them. I would try to get a new printer for the Eigenmann computer lab.

Very helpful.

When my computer had a virus last year, UITS was able to fix it very quickly and efficiently.

Wi-Fi needs to be stronger throughout campus.

Your techs are great. They're kind, helpful, and want to get the job done. I've had less luck, however, in a few other areas.
I guess I'm not a fan that I am forced to use two-step login even though I'm not a professor or student employee. I'm just a student guys. My friends don't need their phones to log in to Canvas, but I do.
I guess I'm also not a fan of the fact that computers all across campus often take five minutes or more to log in, causing lines to form of people waiting, hoping to be able to print their documents before class. This backup results in dozens of people either giving up (and thus not printing class slides, etc.) or sticking it out and being forced to go to class late because the computers logged in too slowly.
The computers in Union Street Center take about ten seconds to log in. Why do the ones in the Kelley School of Business (and elsewhere) need five minutes? That means that, realistically, there is only time for two people to use each computer in gaps between classes. That's embarrassingly inefficient.
I guess you could say I'm also not a fan of the wired internet slowdown that took place in my residence hall in summer 2016. These "Aruba" boxes you installed over the Ethernet ports reduced wired internet speeds by over 400 mbps. You wasted your time and money on a project to make our internet WORSE here. Residents weren't particularly happy.
Further, it didn't help that the Aruba boxes weren't even installed correctly initially, so I (and others) had to wait for weeks for my Aruba box to be fixed. Well, you did send a friendly tech within days to *confirm* that it was broken. The tech was genuinely nice, and confirmed that UITS had broken the port over the summer (shocking, considering it had worked when I lived in the same room the year before) but he wasn't authorized to fix it for weeks because of a network freeze. Great job, management. Truly inspirational.
Then, as I mentioned, after it was fixed, I was horrified to discover that my internet speeds had taken a nosedive from the past year — but the techs were forced to kindly tell me there was nothing they could do because my mbps wasn't quite a single-digit number. Apparently 10 mbps is good enough for "academic" uses, according to UITS policy, so it can't be looked at.
This policy is horrifying, and ignores the struggles of college students. Netflix (which I don't have, personally) and other such services require reasonably high internet speeds, and these are how thousands of students cope with the stresses of exams and relationships, and briefly escape from it all. Every IU organization besides UITS emphasizes the importance of taking breaks and not stressing over day-to-day life, including by using such online services. That UITS management established a policy that directly contradicts this is demeaning and definitely worthy of investigation.
UITS is an embarrassment to Indiana University. You have great techs, but for whatever reason management handcuffs them and prevents them from actually solving problems. Management's decision-making with installing the Aruba boxes was sickening. UITS policies are laughable compared to other tech services.
Or at least they would be laughable if they didn't hurt people.