Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2017

IUK Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Do what is asked for rather than dictating protocols that interfere with the primary functions of the university.

I've had mixed experiences with UITS staff. Some are very helpful and pleasant, others are neither of those things. Sometimes, I must request assistance or information multiple times before UITS responds or resolves an issue.
I suggest that UITS confer with faculty regarding the software offered through IUWare.
I would like to see more in-person training options.


They are friendly and helpful. No negative experiences. No recommendations.

UITS on my campus seem VERY understaffed. They are focusing all their time on major classroom disruptions and are barely able to keep up with smaller faculty requests.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

A major concern is the level of training the students at the Help Desk receive. They don't seem to be able to answer simple questions and seem confused about things. There seems to be very little communication between UITS and the rest of the campus as well.

I have had only positive experiences with UITS staff and services in my month here.

Telephone systems is not conducive to having multiple lines for a department. Very difficult to manage with multiple lines and multiple users (including student workers without dedicated numbers). Help desk doesn't get the best response, sometimes it takes a long time for them to figure out or respond to the issue. I normally do not call unless I have exhausted all my options. When there is an issue that impedes an interviewee on campus or a meeting taking place, it isn't always resolved before the meeting is complete. Help desk wants to do everything over the phone instead of coming to my desk, which is normally a lot quicker, but convincing them is difficult.

Usually, when I send an email to KOHelp, I get a response. However, there are times I send emails to certain individuals and receive no response.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I am very impressed with IU Kokomo's IT department. I set up an appointment back in December to have my computer uploaded with all the content it needed for me to be successful in my Master's program. [IRD] and [IRD] were extremely helpful in my computer set up. They both have very positive attitudes, answered all my questions, and provided helpful tips to make me successful.

I received thorough, excellent support services. Find the systems to be easy to access and navigate. Appreciate access to an outstanding internet library. Have not yet used all of the equipment, software, and additional services found on this survey.

So far, all the UITS staff have been very helpful. No concerns at all.

They helped me set up my new computer. It was great since I have never owned a laptop until now.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

1. I seem to have printing issues often. It could just be me, but it's none-the-less annoying.
2. IUSecure seems to randomly stop functioning at certain points. I never get disconnected, but the internet doesn't work.

Canvas seems to have a bug where it will not show the overall grade for a class, even though grades have been submitted.
Wi-Fi connection is terrible no matter where I am on campus. It never stays connected.

Even though the printers are downloaded on my computer, I have never been able to print from my personal laptop. It is just unneeded if it is not going to be used then if I cannot print.

Getting issues is very time consuming and often takes several days. The IUK campus received new printers over the Winter Break and instead of installing them when no students were on campus IT decided to wait until the first week of classes to install the printers causing confusion and serious printing issues for students.
Several of the "old style" printer stations were still left around campus for about a month despite them not working at all and the Science building did not have student accessible printers for 3 weeks causing students to have to hike to the Library in order to print. Despite all of these issues several of the printers still have issues printing from student laptops as well despite IT being notified on multiple occasions.
Then the IT department just hired a new Associate Director of IT who has no formal education in IT at all, he has an MBA now I am by no means a computer server expert but an MBA does not prepare someone to be a server admin.

I am pleased with how UITS is currently. I have never had a bad experience with them and I greatly appreciate the service.

I find that the staff on hand is helpful with upholding IT information and making sure that the campus is working, but they are incredibly slow at responding and the Wi-Fi still seems to work only 20% of the time without kicking off the students. It is very disappointing and frustrating as a paying student.

I have always had great experiences with UITS staff at IUK, especially the student assistants. I think that during the beginning of new semesters it would be nice if more than one person could be working the desk, as it always seems there is a long line up during the first few weeks.

I have had pleasant experiences with the UTIS staff in fixing issues I have had with my computer or when my card wasn't working for printing.
My biggest issues with IT is that printing is very difficult because not all printers work and sometimes the card readers don't work and it is confusing as to when you can and can not use your card for the printing. I hope they get the printing system fixed soon.

I know the CAS.

I think the services provided are beneficial and helpful for students that are not experts in technology. It would be better if the staff would take more time in explaining how to download the software when the student is a freshman for future reference. The Wi-Fi connection needs to be more reliable around campus. I always have difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi in Hunt Hall.

I would like to see further Box integration with IU services, especially Canvas. Adding functionality for a Box file upload in assignments or direct import of files into Box accounts would help encourage the wider use of Box at IU.

Make the Wi-Fi network strong enough to allow my computer to stay logged in without having to reconnect every 10 minutes.

Positive experiences with staff and student workers.
Only negative experiences with UITS has been with connectivity issues to the Wi-Fi network.

The IU secure internet never works. The only way I can use internet on campus is to connect to some AT&T network.

The new log in system I think is very unnecessary. I have been at this university for 4 years and have been simply fine with the log in system. But having to send a approval code to log in is just frustrating. Especially when it happened all randomly and not expected.

The only complaint that I have is that many of the printers on campus have not been working properly.

The staff was very helpful and I did not have to wait long to get the help I needed.

There should be more than 1 window. I had to wait 20 minutes for a problem that took 5 minutes to fix.

Typically, UITS staff are very prompt to respond to IT issues. There have been a couple of instances where they were needed immediately to assist in setting up a video conference before it started and they did not arrive prior to the meeting beginning. I'm sure they are busy all over campus, but it can be frustrating when the equipment does not work the way it is supposed to in the conference rooms.

UITS Staff are very polite, helpful, and prompt with services.

When I first came to IU Kokomo, I was nervous about getting a new computer, and learning how to use it. The guys in the IT, helped me. The helped me download things I needed, and helped me realize some things about my laptop. They made me less nervous about scoping out my laptop. I am very thankful for this service. I would like to learn more about the UITS services.