Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2017

IUPUI Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

-- Help Desk staff are absolutely wonderful
-- Online wireless access is very spotty
-- School of Liberal Arts IT Support Staff ([IRD]) are a PRICELESS RESOURCE. They are unbelievably quick in responding to faculty concerns, are absolutely reliable, and manage a torrent of faculty requests with enviable patience. I honestly could not be as good at my job without their availability.

Always a good experience.

Always good.

Always helpful, courteous, and patient.

At the instructor station in the computer lab where I teach it often takes about 10 minutes to log in and up to 20 minutes to access and set up a project in Visual Studio. At the beginning of the semester even though I reported a projector problem several days before the start of classes, it had still not even been investigated by the first day of class. Then it took several days to fix. Was not an easy fix. And there are problems almost daily with response times, printing, and Visual Studio freezing up. Sometimes the consultant can help, but often all he can do is send a trouble ticket.

Better coordination between IU and IU Health systems.

Communication is not always as good as it should be: changes in Canvas, for example, are not always announced with time to adjust to those changes and typically with good rationale for them (TaskStream come to mind; also the shift from Connect to Zoom).

Difficult to get help promptly.

DUO - not needed for Canvas. A lot of bother for marginal improvement in security. Wastes a lot faculty time.
BOX - not intuitive. Not easy to use with students. Limitations on uploads.
Canvas - tied to BOX?? Limited upload capability. Hard to transfer complicated courses from one semester to the next and Canvas does not transfer many of the functions.
I am an Apple user. Occasionally have difficulties with the Exchange, UITS cloud service changes not communicated. I use my own Apple in the classroom - the workstations in various classrooms and IUPUI student center are different, making plug-in a nuisance/problem when moving between rooms.
Need to pay attention to user needs and simplify and train - rather than force changes that are unwelcome (e.g. DUO). Do fewer things very well, rather than have lots of things that don't work well or very challenging to make usable (e.g. video recording in the classroom).
Make the in-class stuff easy to use - always a surprise when I need to occasionally use the windows system and find the programs that I need.
We are the customer .... please help us rather than jam changes that require lots of time and effort on our part to implement and/or troubleshoot. Figure-out the total cost (including faculty time) in the changes that you have implemented. I spent countless hours converting to Canvas as well as lots of wasted time using DUO just to log into Canvas and Box ... and I still get all the phishing stuff.

Everyone was very professional especially [IRD]

Generally satisfied.
I'm not that happy with Box, however. I also use Dropbox (for free), and find that its implementation across platforms and file types just works better than Box, which often generates error messages during sync. Great to have access to the unlimited cloud space on Box, but I have never been able to get it to work on iOS, whereas Dropbox has been no problem.

Helpline staff helpful when I phone in with laptop problems. I'm glad they are available weekends / evenings.
Wi-Fi not adequate on campus.
Duo is a headache.
No walk-in service after hours -- or when the it building is closed. (Made a special trip to pick up a duo device but the building was closed.)

Hire better people.

I am satisfied with the services received. The knowledge base is a great resource that I always use in case I have any doubt. Besides, UITS has always given be a quick response whenever I have needed their help, either installing a new research or managing software or solving minor issues.

I find that the HELP desk staff are not particularly knowledgeable about some of the course management systems, like Canvas. I usually seek advice from staff at the Center for Teaching and Learning instead.

I find them to be incredibly responsive each time I contact them.

I have had - in the past, these seemed to be reconciled now - instances in which my needs (including access to necessary software and fixes to my computer) were delayed for months. Because every aspect of IT needs has to go through the IT services, and we are at the mercy of whomever to which we are assigned, small and large adjustments and needs are taken out of our hands. While I appreciate that there are many things I cannot and should not be able to do (I know I am not very tech savvy), basic updating and downloading administrative rights and the ability to circumnavigate assignments that are not working for academic time restraints must be in place. I have excellent experiences with support for Canvas and other in-the-moment 24/7 help items ([IRD] assistance has been excellent!!), but other long-term, time sensitive items such as SAS updates and rebuilding of motherboards and assists with unresponding usb-ports have been very frustrating.
In addition - there is a serious problem with Phishing and other concerning activities. Each time I have tried to utilize help or report an issue, I have been yoked in arduous ways in regards to documentation and otherwise, keeping me from reporting subsequent and future concerns. These processes need to be easy and "report it/leave it" for busy researchers and teachers. Having to become a detective to find out the problem in Phishing situations or Canvas problems defeats the purpose of turning to IT professionals.

I have had nothing but very positive interactions with UITS staff. Everyone has been very helpful, especially for non-techy people such as myself.

I rely on classroom technology to teach, and just this semester I have had to go without technology on at least two occasions. I also think faculty should be informed when Canvas is down so that before we enter the classroom, we have time to prepare adequately.

I think it's important to make sure IT services are always user friendly. e.g. I've found the Duo authentication a bit cumbersome at times for services that I use repeatedly - but overall I think it's been a pretty successful roll-out; it would just be nice to NOT have to authenticate, for example, on my personal computer repeatedly.

I wish that it were easier to get copies of MS Office as well as Visio, particularly if you have multiple personal computers. I have not tried Office 365 yet. MS student discounts are not very significant for expensive products like Visio. It should also be easier to get copies of operating systems. In general, IU does a good job providing resources, but these are areas that have become more restrictive over the years. Appreciate the ability to provide feedback. Thank you for everything that you do for us.

If there is any way to change the format of canvas email to a date based email rather than conversation, it would be very helpful. It is extremely difficult to search for emails in the current system.

In general I have always found the UITS staff very friendly and helpful.
I thought of 2 additional comments during the survey:
1) Saving data and output files in SPSS is very awkward - the default locations are not reachable from anywhere else (and maybe don't permanently store anything), and its very difficult to find a way to your own drives and folders. I have not tried cloud storage to see if it works better. It would be nice if a user could set up a default storage location the first time they use SPSS that activated each time that user accessed SPSS.
I recently used one of the Student terminals in the space between Psychology (LD) and Engineering (SL), and found the setup remarkably uncomfortable. I can't remember the exact problem; I think it was that I had to crane my neck upward to see the monitor. It was almost unusable.
My answer to the question about participating in a focus group is maybe. It would depend on when, how long, and the particular topic.

In my particular field, geography, we use remote sensing and geographic information system software extensively. We are one of the few research-oriented universities I know where having access to multiple software titles is not the norm or falls on departments or schools. Even more concerning, we have been in discussions with UITS personnel (myself and colleagues from IUPUI and IUB who also teach in these fields), and the level of support we have been receiving is on the decline. We had far better support and access when tech fees were retained by the school and these services were not managed centrally by UITS.

It is becoming completely impossible to navigate your systems. I spend more time putting in passwords that I spend on teaching or work. You need to rethink your computer security methods.

It is terrible having graduate students using Umail and staff using Outlook Exchange. It is extremely inconvenient that the two systems cannot be integrated and transitioning from a graduate student to staff was a major inconvenience in terms of e-mail, as I now have two university accounts with non-overlapping contacts that do not sync easily, as well as two calendars. It is a terrible system that seriously needs improvement.

It would be nice to have better support for Mac. There are many Mac users on campus but much of the support seems to be focused on PC.

It's clear that UITS is involved in a lot of services I use, and I appreciate that. One recommendation I would make is to enable my phone to be able to block spam calls.

IU has very impressive IT infrastructure and support. It is much better than those at any of my prior institutions.

IU SON IT has been and continues to be very responsive to my IT issues. My one main issue with UITS was regarding Box/Box Health. The primary owner of the account had left IU, and months after she had left, Administrators of the Account deleted it without informing any of the other active members of that account. It was restored for a few days and then disappeared. Fortunately, when it was available, I backed up all the folders. I had informed the technician, who was helping me at the time, that the account had disappeared (again). The easiest solution to restoring that account was for me to re-upload the files back to Box/Box Health.

UITS is great and we are generally happy with their work. A few comments about areas of improvement: Kuali is an old system that should be decommissioned. Teleconferencing at IU is difficult. Wireless Internet works poorly. Working with Karst has been difficult: we decided to run our own cluster.

I've had really good experiences with UITS for the few times I've had to use them.

I've had some issues with having to wait in the evening for help that never appeared (a UITS supervisor learned of this and helped out the next day).

I've only had superb experiences with UITS, especially [IRD] who is an incredible person and asset to Herron School of Art and Design. I would like to see short UITS workshops offered to students at the beginning of every year. I had [IRD] give a talk to my senior class about general information and it was really helpful and improved the semester.

I've used UITS several times the past year. Twice the support person to whom I spoke on the phone was unable to help me with the issue and had to send the problem to someone on another level. Though I received a response from the next level, the response didn't resolve my issue either. I think there are some issues, particularly with Canvas, that haven't been resolved yet, and I am unaware of the conduit though which I would channel those issues. The phishing emails I receive, and there are several, look so real, they are hard to distinguish from legitimate emails; It might be helpful if those emails could somehow be made to look different. Having a repository of scams would only help if the scam had already been discovered. After the phishing email is open, it is too late.

Keep up the good work! You all provide so many excellent services for IU IT needs.
Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) are going to start playing a prominent role in University research. We need to look forward and consider how to archive these geospatial assets.

Methods must be identified and implemented to improve cellphone coverage in buildings where extensive teaching, advising and faculty interactions take place. The Van Nuys Medical Science Building is a prime example. The current home for Medical Student Education within IU School of Medicine as well as the Health Professions Program and IUSM Graduate School offices, is plagued by poor service from most carriers. This makes attending a meeting in this facility a hardship for the students, staff, and faculty (many of whom are volunteer faculty) who are unable to send or receive phone calls or messaging of clinical relevance during their time in the building. Solutions must be found ASAP.

My interactions with UITS have all been positive.

My office is located in the [IRD] of Taylor Hall and I have terrible cell phone reception. Also, the lower level of IT has bad reception. It would be very helpful if you could improve this.



No negative experiences. They've been helpful. Changing the phones so that the are not connected to the computer would be helpful, especially when calling in computer problems.


On-site person to help saved time and stress

Overall UITS is responsive to faculty needs, but I am very disappointed with the constant change in software support which seems to pervade the UITS culture. Over the past 2 years, we have routinely been in a rolling model of software implementation/retirement which makes managing our work more challenging than need be. In particular, I am very frustrated with the constant poorly announced CAITS changes to infrastructure, only to find out that this results in a breakage of dependent processes which are business critical to our radiology department. As one of the major PIs responsible for having to handle these poorly managed roll-out schemes, I wish they would perform testing on a development environment and then roll this out to production once they are sure this is viable. All too often new software infrastructure is rolled out and little to no forethought has been placed on how this will impact the faculty or staff members.

Overall, UITS' support services and support resources have been very valuable, useful and helpful in facilitating my work at IUPUI.

Please make sure that Linux VPN access/clients are better supported and documented. I am not sure how to use Duo for my non-gui client (instead I do it through Windows and VM but that can be clunky and has other issues).

Positive, positive and positive! Your staff are lifesavers especially when they help us find a lost document at midnight! So true! I have always found your staff incredibly helpful for all of my questions.
I am in a unique situation in that I [IRD] on the IPFW campus, which is Purdue governed. Our systems do not communicate with one another well. I have problems at the IPFW campus that our generally outside the scope of UITS to help with. When they can help, they do. With more politics going on at IPFW, i.e., the split between IU and Purdue, I am actually hoping that things will improve and that we won't have to go through any of IPFW's (to become just Purdue) systems in the future. That would be great! They still use Blackboard for example, for their courses. Everything I do, I am essentially doing remotely from the IPFW campus, and that makes certain things challenging.
In general, I use UITS for support with software and I find them to be consistently amazingly helpful! Thanks for the great work that you do!

Support staff is always efficient, helpful and professional - I am very happy with them.
The changes made recently regarding the outside log-in to IU and IU Health VPN networks are highly disruptive and render the log-in process almost impossible to use. To access patient information from home, I have to go through two-step log in to access IU VPN network followed by two-step log-in to access IU Health website, followed by log-in to Cerner. This is excessive and takes 5-10 minutes before the information can be accessed.
Multiple software platforms are not interconnected and use multiple passwords/log-in processes. Synapse (radiology cloud services) does not work on most computers. To sign off on resident dictations, one has to log into an ancient 3M system that uses a different log-in process, forces Windows XP (!) window and fails to work on most computers.

Syncing iPhones has been an issue for me. I am overseas so I will contact UITS when I return. (My phone still shows emails that I deleted from my laptop in my inbox, etc.)

The internet service is down or inaccessible at times which is very inconvenient especially when time-sensitive work needs to be completed.

The IT people I interacted with were very responsive and follow me until the ticket was closed.

The survey is too long. You need to find a way to tailor questions for specific individuals. For instance questions about IT and research may not be relevant to a staff.

The Wi-Fi in the Medical Science Building in Indianapolis is poor. Often it takes 5 minutes or more to connect to Wi-Fi on my phone while in my office, which delays my ability to complete the Duo link. While this may not seem like much of a wait time, it can be very frustrating as one is preparing information for classes on canvas or committees.
VOIP using Lync does not work, at all, in my office. Incoming calls never ring through and always end up in voicemail. Outgoing calls take a significant amount of time to get a dial tone, if I get one at all. There is no cell signal in my office, and so if I need to make an outgoing call I always go to my lab and use its phone.

The Wi-Fi service provided by IUSecure is not very fast. Hope you can speed up the service.

UITS provides quick service in my research lab, even for my MacBook. I'm very satisfied.
The SIS system for HR and students is not as user friendly as most systems at IU. I think this system should be improved.

UITS staff are fine.... Cerner is a poor system!
You need to create surveys that are shorter as we don't have time for this!

UITS staff generally very service oriented and high performing.
UITS strategy sometimes veers into pursuing a technology agenda that veers from mission. There can be alignment that allows both technology and mission to excel.

Updating the computers. etc. without letting instructors know is not a good idea; nor is the fact that [IRD] is frequently non-operational due to events the night before.

UTIS service is reasonably prompt and is effective.

We have had issues because we are off campus and used a microwave, which went down, and have had to work off a provider, which has meant slow speeds and inability to perform some work.

When there are shared resources between IU and IU Health, such as printers, it is not always clear how to solve problems that may be network related.

Work with Microsoft Office 365, do more with SharePoint and OneDrive.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

* More webinars or streaming for all areas across the university although specifically HR, financial, travel, etc. The university has the tech infrastructure in place, we need more central units willing to utilize the service and adopt the desktop to desktop meetings or training sessions via Zoom and/or Bridge. UITS can help by leading the way and helping other units understand how easy it can be to use the services.
* The university needs a better contact list system. Able to search by name or tags such as school, function, department. Tie it into the annual contact/security updates that occurs via IUOne.
* KB needs and university webpages need better search engine.

All good experiences. Nice job.

All my issues have been resolved completely and in an efficient amount of time.

Always a positive experience on the IU East Campus. [IRD] and the staff have excellent customer service skills. Cheerful, helpful and I would be lost without them.

Always a positive experience. We usually work with [IRD] or [IRD] and they are very responsive and terrific to work with.

Always helpful.

Always very helpful.

At this time, I do not have any comments, but I do like being kept updated about important improvements taking place with Technology Services.

Before the fall 2016 we were offering technical support to our students in-house for the online Kelley Physician MBA program. We also published contact information for the UITS Support Center. I am the only technical staff in our department and it was becoming difficult to manage resources to support our 80 students. As of Fall 2016 we transitioned to recommending UITS (including a link to the KB) as the first point of contact for technical support and removed my contact information from our student resource list. The experience has been very positive for our students and it has freed up my time to focus on other technical aspects of the program. The Support Center is an especially valuable resource for our students who rely heavily on technology to complete their degree.

Being forced to use my personal smartphone to use the two step log in is inappropriate, especially when sometimes the internet connection is not good and I have to use data to get on my phone. I use this to log into Kuali Coeus IRB and to use the VPN. Hard to access if I have forgotten my phone in the car or at home!!!! Why are we using our personal devices as required items for work?

Better integration/communication of IU Health IT and IU IT services. As a [IRD] located at University Hospital, I must use many services provided by IU Health (Cerner, Provation, fax/scanner services, etc.) which interconnects with my IU computer. When those systems fail, it is extremely difficult to get problem resolved because both IT departments don't communicate efficiently and holding one department responsible to correct is a challenge. Our IU IT staff does their best to help but many times meets resistance from IU Health IT.

Every interaction has been positive.

Every time I interact with the techs from the help desk, my needs are met. They are not only competent, but friendly and pleasant.

Every time I try to connect my Outlook account on a new personal Windows device I have issues even though I follow the same steps and processes. The UITS support staff have always been helpful and thoughtful and have helped resolve my issues in a fairly timely manner.
My one complaint/improvement would be to make new software on IUware easier to find. This is specifically regarding the Microsoft Office 2016 rollout. I had wanted to use the updated software and thought that IUPUI didn't have access as the primary link advertised was locked specifically to IPFW. There was another entry however for all other campuses that was inconveniently tucked away. One of the UITS techs had to show me which I was thankful for but frustrated that I could have had the updated software months before I did.

Everyone I have encountered is very personable and customer oriented. The online references are not as friendly. Specifically, the DUO sign in for VPN users was very vague and hard to understand.

Generally, I find the UITS staff and services to be easily available and helpful. I occasionally visit the UITS help desk in the IT building and have found the people who work there to be responsive. One opportunity for improvement is for that desk to be staffed by two people more frequently. Sometimes the wait is long - more than 15 minutes. Another option is to call for back up help when more than one person is waiting for service.

Hello. I've had very satisfying experiences with our IT dept. The dept. always responds to our needs whether it be hardware or issues with software concerns. They are considerate and don't make me feel foolish when I ask what may seem to them 'simple' questions. I believe they are stretched thin and would like to see additional people added to our building (Dental).
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this survey.

Hi, I don't believe I have used UITS services. We have our own IT division in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences.

I am less familiar with the IUPUI UITS team more broadly, and have more experiences with the two person team in my department. I find their support to be substantively professionalism, expertise, support and progressive theory for IT support. For example, every time we have an issue (which is often), they seem irritated to have to address it and often note that it's really not their domain, but a UITS domain (which I don't really understand). So, some shirking of responsibility. Also, it seems that the team is often encouraging us to use technologies that lighten their support load versus the technologies that actually fit our needs - downward management. Not satisfied at all with the pervasive and consistent issues we have with technology, and the lack of effective, collegial support we receive from the team here in our department.

I am relatively satisfied with the services from UITS. HelpNet has been a godsend to this office. I can't thank them enough.
I work with the ATAC in Bloomington. They have been awesome as well but need to take the much needed time off. It is ridiculous that people are working there 12 plus hours a day/7 days a week. We can do only what we can do.
I would like to see more interaction with the UITS staff. I would like to be invited to the technology conference in Bloomington as it would only heighten my knowledge of what is available here at IU.

I don't ever really deal with UITS...I did to set up my phone, but that was all. For work, I have to call CNC, and well that is always a problem as no one there knows anything about MACS and they openly admit that. Why let people in your department get machines to do their work on and then not know how to help them fix issues they have. AGGRAVATING!

I don't have many interactions with UITS, which I think speaks well of the general reliability of their systems.

I don't know if there is an overlap with CAITS vs UITS. I know I have to contact both for different issues. I will do my best to focus just on UITS, but please know that CAITS' reputation has a large impact on my opinions of IT in general.....and I don't feel like we have great service from CAITS. Some is good, but most of the time it is pretty frustrating.

I don't use UITS services enough to be have suggestions.

I have always had timely responses from IT services.

I have been highly pleased with all of my interactions with UITS staff that has assisted me to set up specialized computer classes. [IRD] was very patient and flexible with us and worked hard to accommodate all of our needs, which was no easy task.

I have experienced good turn around time for IT problems.

I have had only positive experience with UITS.

I have had very good experiences with IT staff. Always friendly and willing to work with me. One complaint-when multiple staff members are getting new equipment, please give everyone the same permissions and printers.

I have not had any negative experiences with UITS. I particularly like all of the resource software available on IUware and instructional pages (Knowledge Base) for any technology troubleshooting.

I have used UITS on several occasions and have been completely pleased. I called about an issue with my W-2 and spoke to a tremendously helpful young man who fielded my question professionally and reached out quickly to his supervisor to confirm one of the issues we discussed. So in terms of both tone and quality of service, I have been impressed. I've had other similar experiences.

I have worked a lot with [IRD] and she has been great.

I honestly deal mostly with our department IT (MMGE) who are able to solve my problems incredibly quickly, so I do not have much experience working with UITS. It has been fine every time I have, though!

I love that we have an UITS Help Desk in the IUPUI Campus Center. Great location, very convenient.

I rarely interact with UITS staff, maybe a handful of times since I started almost 5 years ago. I primarily interact with my IT person in the department.
Like most of the comments on one.iu, the Duo two step process is difficult and has been frustrating for co-workers since their workstations are not IU computers, but affiliate computers. They are currently unable to log in at their desk and must come to an IU station since the affiliate is unwilling to make changes to the computer. This wastes time and energy. Duo should have been tested on multiple browsers and versions.
I would also urge IU to consider expanding Google at IU to make it PHI compliant (as well as other applications). It is frustrating that most applications are not PHI compliant so research teams are left using REDCap or a Health Box.
Additionally, while a small item, it would be nice if you could numerically organize folders in Box without having to rename them. Right now, you must use 01, 02 if you don't want 21 to jump in front of 3, 4, 5 etc.

I really do not have anything to add at this time.

I really miss LYNDA...( you think we'll ever renew the subscription?

I think a central location to identify possible phishing attempts would be a great idea.

I think that the commitment to good service can be uneven at times as it concerns faculty facing staff. I have worked with individuals who strive to address issues, working hard to find answers to any solution. I've worked with others who decide that if they cannot immediately address a problem they drop the issue with faculty.
I wish we had more staff who were already or who were encouraged to be more curious and dedicated to finding solutions to problems or exploring what other units do so that they would know that the answer lies within UITS as it so often already does.

I think these surveys are only intended to permit UITS to develop rebuttals because I have never seen an end user request implemented.

I went to the UITS help desk to get help with setting some things up on a iPad my department gave me to use, and person there said they didn't help with those kinds of issues, only if a computer wasn't working, etc. After going to CTL, I went back to the UITS help desk and this time they person was a lot more helpful.

I wish I had known the Research Technologies existed.
The Knowledge Base is incredibly extensive (and helpful if willing to put in the time); unfortunately, each step describing the solution to your problem has a link to another knowledge base page that has a link to another page and so on... In my opinion, there is a massive gap of information in what UITS expects of it's users and what is actually implemented by them - especially in regards to computer security and database systems/management.

I work at the [IRD]. We constantly have issues with our computers and software. Our IT department does the best they can to help resolve the issues, but I feel the biggest problem is the wireless network. Also, computers that are hard wire sometimes will run slow or just freeze at terrible times. Another issue that I've personally witness is when my doctors and I out at Riley Hospital, their laptops don't always connect Axium, which contains important info and radiographs that they need access to, to be able to provide quality care to our patients.

I work for an IU function that is not on an IU campus and only has access to UITS services via phone or remote access. While we are required to use IU systems, the ability to access and utilize those systems is severely hampered by our location. Frequently, it is difficult to make the UITS responder understand our situation. While there have been efforts to improve this, we are still frequently hampered in our ability to function effectively.

I work in [IRD] at IUPUI. I am never sure when UITS needs to get involved when installing camera(s) and/or the best way to contact them. They tend to be an after-thought and either myself or the end-user has to scurry to find a way to reach out to them. We need to have direct access to someone at UITS to handle these types of "data jack" issues.

I would like to see a bit more clarity as new systems are introduced and old systems are phased out. For example, when I search for "video conference" in the KB, I do not see anything about Zoom on the first page. I think UITS could perhaps use more internal advertising to IU employees of different services along with their best practices and limitations.

I would like to see improved functionality for the Polycom system. Often the participants on the other end are blurry and there is a delay in sound. My office does several cross-campus polycom meetings every week, and our collaboration and communication are not at all on par as if we were in the same room. This is almost exclusively due to the quality of the polycom.

I would really like more of the trainings to be recorded and available for watch on my own time. I have looked for training on Excel and Outlook regularly, and I have not been able to watch recorded sessions once.

I would really like to have classes offered more frequently online regarding Microsoft Word, Excel.

Internet Explorer seems to shut down on me all the time. "Some websites do not interface well with IE" is what I have been told. I am unclear about whether or not I can download new browsers.

It would be extremely helpful to redesign the KFS portal. I don't like overall, but the KFS app in particular is VERY inefficient. I'm speaking about the IU Enterprise Business Systems. Having to navigate through all the KFS options in a single list is a nightmare and it would be extremely helpful to be able to customize all the KFS options in a way similar to We need the ability to view the options (and sub tasks) we need and hide the options (and subtasks) we don't. For example, "budget". Theoretically, we only use "budget" for several months a year, but we have to visually scroll through the list and see "budget" on a daily if not HOURLY basis. If we could hide the task until we need it, it would be wonderful! Not get rid of it, but have a hide and unhide option. From a finance person perspective, we pretty much despise the long list and sub tasks. We are in and out of so many of the tasks just to find the information we need for reporting etc., it really takes a lot of our time because we have to find the main task and then the sub task we need. It's difficult to quickly navigate because you have to keep going back to the main list!

It would be nice if Google would not go and come constantly and the internet sites failing all the time.

It would be nice if the Symantec security software on the website specified it was also anti-virus. The description is not very clear that it is an anti-virus software and not just some other type of security software. "Security" can have multiple meanings. Also, it would be nice to have another "bookmark" app within One in which a person can save all of their bookmarks if they wish rather than saving them in the internet browser. Onestart had such an option and it was so handy to save important work related websites that I could access from anywhere in case I did not have my work laptop.

IU is a big organization and is hard to satisfy everyone needs, normally UITS responds very quickly to the clients.

I've had excellent resolution of questions I've asked UITS about.

I've only had positive interactions with the UITS staff. Services sometimes take multiple follow-ups for response. I really would like for the software developers of programs like KFS (or whatever it's called these days) & TEM to talk to the end users while the software is still in the development many things about these programs are NOT intuitive, making them more time-consuming than should be necessary. Also, it would be good for the developers to realize that most of the end users are not working in just that one program all day & switching mental gears can sometimes be difficult in a hurry. It would be GREAT if our various systems would communicate with each other.

I've taken one-on-one classes with UITS and they have always been very patient and helpful. It's easier to learn a new program for me when the class is "hands on."

Just got back to the campus after a [IRD] year assignment with [IRD]. I was issued a new laptop and [IRD] was assigned to get my new computer up and running. He has been nothing but professional in his duties as he downloaded and upgraded the necessary software and doing various troubleshooting to make sure things were working like they should.

Lynx is hard and confusing. difficult to make a simple call. Duo is cumbersome. Outlook crashes too much. I am hating VOIP phones....if your computer is down, there is no recourse in an emergency.

My biggest concern right now is dead spots in your cell signal inside the buildings as well as the dead space and flakey Wi-Fi from weak signal areas or who knows what.
Please don't assume Wi-Fi is just students checking their Facebook messages, I need a solid and consistent connection so that I can be alerted to updates with my family (namely changes to our two worker household, or emergencies with our children in daycare).
Wi-Fi should be strong, stable and reliable first and foremost in even the most obscure areas of the buildings. Mobile should come at a close second.

My biggest concern with the UITS help line (317-274-help) is that I often encounter a staff member who is unable to answer a technical question or provides incorrect information. One example is when I called the help line last summer shortly after the university started issuing student ID numbers that started with the number "2" to ask for guidance on how to enter a series of ID numbers that start with both 0 and 2 into an Excel spreadsheet without losing the zeros. The staff member did not know that answer and didn't make any attempt to figure it out. I was very surprised by this, as I figured I was not the only person in the IU system who would run into trouble with spreadsheets and other documents that contain ID numbers once the new ID's that started with the number 2 were introduced. My coworker ended up finding the answer online. Another example is when I contacted UITS regarding an advisee who was newly admitted and was being blocked from creating a user account whenever he accessed the itaccounts web site. The staff member I talked to consulted with a supervisor and told me we had to speak with an admissions rep at IUB even though the student was admitted to IUPUI. I didn't think this was correct but followed the advice and confirmed that the information was incorrect. The staff member also told me that there was nothing UITS could do to fix the problem even though it was a technical issue. I ended up finding someone higher up the information technology food chain who was able to assist. My suggestion is to provide more training to front line staff and encourage them to try to troubleshoot or consult another staff member rather than simply saying there's nothing they can do to help.

My concern is the confusion relating to what UITS covers and what CNC is responsible for. I upgraded my teacher's station with hardware & software several months ago. The touch screen instructs you to call UITS for help, but when you call the telephone number listed on the screen, the responder sounds confused about whether the problem should be handled by UITS or CNC.
When there is a problem, the average user does not know if it is a software or hardware problem, or user error. Avoid some of the confusion by listing both/all telephone numbers, and then give the user a choice based on the type of problem. For example; if it's software dial this number, or if it's hardware dial this number, or if it's after hours, dial this number.

My connection to UITS is minimal, but overall satisfactory. I do work with [IRD] and [IRD] and they are both always helpful. UITS did just loan projector bulbs from their inventory to Kelley School of Business which solved an urgent issue for us - greatly appreciated the support!

My experience with installation crews, managers and others has always been very good. My biggest frustration the past year has been with Outlook and all the issues that have probably been reported by hundreds others; but it still seems to disconnect after a time of inactivity and takes a minute to reconnect and upload any new emails and such. I'm also not a fan of DUO being applied to every CAS application as it does slow down your access to information (especially if you are already in a hurry). My only recommendation would be to find ways to maintain security without having so many logins and extra authentications.

My only concern are the updates that have been coming in the middle of the day around Noon. It is very difficult to stop doing work on emails, projects and tasks for a shut down in the middle of the work day, especially around lunch. I have come back to my desk to find my computer has completely rebooted and as a result have lost important emails or files.
IU Secure is also very spotty and unreliable for a University of our size.

My only thought and concern is that of a very frustrated end user. I work as an [IRD] employee in the department of [IRD]. I am physically located in an IUH facility and have had months of issues getting connectivity issues and the IUH IT and IU PEDS IT teams don't seem to work compatibly together. As an end user....I just want my stuff fixed and when it becomes a political mess amongst the IT departments, it just creates frustration and angst for the end user. I simply wanted to be able to access my server document without having to VPN and use a wireless connection in order to do my job effectively and efficiently. VPN and wireless is not reliable nor fast enough to do my job here....I may as well be working from home where I get better connectivity. While I do finally seem to have took approx. 2 months to get it resolved. Not acceptable

My professor was using Adobe Connect to record lectures in Fall 2016. It was not compatible with Macs. I emailed, and was basically told I was out of luck. No one offered other suggestions for me.
I have an email. This caused problems with some of the IUware that I wanted to download. It would not accept that address. I had to email back and forth 3-4 times before someone told me I actually had an address. The answers were short, short sentences. If the person had taken time to explain this the first time, it would have cut down on confusion and frustration. I still not get a satisfactory answer on how to log on using this other address. I was not at all happy with this lack of concern/explanation. My impression was the person answering did not care or was just lazy.



No additional comments.

Our department is in the middle of being absorbed by UITS and while I realize there are other factors in play the experience so far has not been positive. There have been very few decisions made as far as how the units will merge and what decisions have been made we have had no input on. Our department as it stands is very small and there is no reason that there can't be communication involving every employee instead of drastic decisions handed down that completely disrupt our work with no one held accountable or reachable. When these decisions are directly tied to technology services within the university it is especially disruptive to the customers we see daily and can't help. From what I've seen, person to person customer service is severely lacking, often to the point where I can't find someone able to help with an issue. I frequently have to provide customers with an email address to assist them, rather than actually being able to help with their problem, which is absurd.

Overall I am pleased with my interaction with UITS staff members and the services they provide. They have been responsive to the issues that I have had in the past and have been quick to resolve them. I would like to see an increase in the trainings (either in person or web-based) that are offered on the various software packages available to university faculty and staff. I am new to using EndNote and would be very interested in learning more about how to effectively and efficiently use it. I have spent a great deal of time fumbling through and trying to find relevant video tutorials on the EndNote site and other training sites. Another would be how OneNote can be used for organization of research and projects--two things that greatly overlap in my job. Or is there another software available to IU employees that is of better use for collaboration and organization of files? My job tasks/responsibilities involve projects that occur on a yearly basis as well as long-term and on-going research projects either on my own or in groups with colleagues both on-campus (IUPUI/IU system) and off-campus. Another would be how to better/more effectively use IU box or Google Drive or other cloud storage/collaboration software. Also, at my previous institution the Qualtric software was available to all employees, but to my understanding, this is only available to specific departments at IUPUI, is this true or a "campus urban myth??" On another note, THANK YOU for the switch over to the Zoom platform! This is a great improvement and has made collaborating with colleagues across campus (IUPUI/IU system) and off-campus much easier. I feel it is also important to note that I have only been employed by IU since [IRD] so all of my feedback is looking back to this date.

Overall, the UITS staff has been very helpful and attentive to resolving my issues.

Phones are horrid running on digital. I constantly have dropped calls, calls that ring 1 time and go straight to VM, and I'm sitting right next to my phone working. My boss thinks I'm never at my desk.
Many times it takes 30-60 seconds to get a ring tone to dial out or complete the call. Often I have trouble just making a call out.

PLEASE get more consistent WIFI access throughout campus!! PLEASE! In particular in Walther Hall and surrounding areas.

Positives are worked relatively quickly on getting me a new laptop and also allowed me to borrow a loaner so that I could continue my work. Negatives are that previously when I was acquiring a new printer it was an extremely long drawn out process. We ended up not even getting our printer until two months after it had been delivered to IUPUI. The only reason I knew it took that they had it that long was because I asked about the warranty. The other item that bothers me is that when I received my new laptop I received it with Office 2013 on it. However, any IT training is only available for 2016. When I received my new laptop in Fall of 2016 why did they not go ahead and load it with 2016? If you are no longer going to have training available for 2013 then you need to start upgrading computers to 2016.

Ques 1 positive experiences: can't think of any (ever)
Ques 2 negative interaction: Communication is obtuse, esoteric and full of jargon - I can do the same to UITS in my field; also the ability to promulgate rules (seemingly) arbitrarily or without regard to impact on Customers operations is unhelpful.
Ques 3: improvements - give Customer some ability to address its own issues rather than completely dependent on UITS - UITS response times are slow, with little feedback and little positive resolution

Responses related to campus UITS was specific to IUPUI FIAD Tech Services that oversees FIAD departmental needs. Service is not timely and below par in regards to expertise and support provided. Their internal help desk system is not efficient, have had numerous tickets that take too long to be responded to and resolved. Webpage services are managed by having to request updates through this help desk system which is not timely or efficient.

The IT people are usually very helpful. I knew the Duo log on system was going to be implemented. However, I felt unprepared for the actual start up. I didn't feel I understood how to actually do the duo log on and that it wasn't very well explained. The email screenshots were hard to read. Just a couple of sentences to explain how to use Duo-log on would have been very helpful for me.

The IT people with whom I work most are [IRD] and [IRD]; who consistently go above and beyond, fixing anything we ask them to fix; helping with downloads, laptops, etc. They always come to us and complete work in such a timely manner that I feel like we are the only people in General Surgery with whom they work. But I know that is true for everyone. They are stellar!!!
The gentleman I worked with at the walk-in Help desk and those that I have spoken with on the phone have always been extremely helpful and courteous; as well as efficient and knowledgeable. Thank you all!

The Lync phone system is horrible. I often have to call vendors and they complain that I sound like I am in a tunnel. I've reported this to UITS but am told it's a common occurrence. I feel like most of my interactions with UITS are not resolved (by the person I am speaking to), leaving me feeling very frustrated.

The Lync Skype telephone system needs to provide training for support staff because most don't know how to use the phone. They also are not able to transfer calls to voicemail which is very annoying when you have a meeting in your office and you have to let the phone ring so it can go to voicemail.

The people I work with at UITS know how I feel about them and the services they provide. We've had many discussions. No need to recount everything here, especially when my comments are about to be posted on a public website.

The person at the campus center was very helpful and patient explaining the DUO system.

The School of Medicine has a LOT of issues with CIATS (which is now part of UITS). There is lack of transparency, lack of communication, lack of forethought- the entire experience is horrible and needs to be addressed.

The transition from Travel@IU to the travel system within KFS has been very rough. There have been a lot of glitches along the way and a lot of delays.

The UITS staff that perform the work within our building are always friendly, and efficient. I'm not sure if you have changed your process or not but I have noticed an improvement in communication when attempting to get work scheduled. This used to be a complaint of mine but it has improved greatly.

There is limited use of UITS for the department in which I am employed. Our department has IT Specialist on staff.

There should be a better way than using DUO for time cards.

This past October, [IRD] was instrumental in resolve my issues with Qualtrics. He patiently worked with the vendor to fix the problem on their end. He made my work easier.

This year I communicated my needs for a UITS controlled computer classroom for special needs and those needs were met. I also had a help desk call concerning Canvas and those questions were answered as well. So, so far, everything has been good.

UITS has always been a great partner to Campus Facility Services. Those with whom I have worked directly are: [IRD] just to name a few. They are all helpful, informative, hard working and team players.

UITS is obviously understaffed. I do not blame the staff. But why are resources not being allocated to the very backbone of this university? We can appoint more Vice Chancellors but not allocate resources to support the functioning of basic services? Even requests for very small fixes that could save hours of human resource time each week are ignored. I don't really feel there is a UITS that offers service: Look at the list of tech requests, and how old are those requests?
The university is pouring money and resources through a black hole. I don't spend my time being creative. I spend my time, as do my staff, with dealing with silly/simple system errors that are repetitive. There is no leadership, no one at the helm to drive strategy for UITS initiatives.

UITS needs an internal service that helps UITS staff with security issues. UISO has been unresponsive and generally not helpful several times. Perhaps it isn't their job (to help with lay and complicated security/policy issues) which is fine, but where to go for advice? It would behoove UITS to offer a security consulting service related to advanced technical and policy security issues as well as professional staff to guide the implementation of security issues (especially those which do not yet have a clear policy).

UITS Staff are always timely in their responses and focused on finding solutions which is very much appreciated. I think the best area of opportunity is to make information easier to find regarding enterprise systems that may be beneficial for day-to-day department operations. There are so many systems available at IU it is difficult to find what systems are already here and difficult to figure out the capabilities of those systems that IU already has available.

UITS staff are always very professional and approachable. I always appreciate the same day assistance with technology.

Very responsive, positive experience, but I don't use UITS much. Don't care for Duo.

We deal mostly with CAITS, however UITS has been very responsive and positive to our needs. Especially when the tokens were introduced. It was very convenient to go to the campus center to have UITS's help. They set everything up for me, I appreciate it very much.

When contacting UITS, it's a 50-50 chance of assistance--sometimes helpful, sometimes not. It can take multiple days, if not weeks, to achieve resolution.

When I have a problem, the IT guys are always quick to respond.

Whenever I put in a work request, they always get back with me in a timely manner. The wireless internet service is a bit slow. I guess due to the construction, the service is either slow or not connecting at all.

While the knowledge base is a very helpful tool, it's written from a very 'techy' lens. Our office is constantly asked to help interpret what to do to fix things or to use products, etc. The help desk chat function is AWESOME. Would like to have many more online/recorded trainings offered so that they can be accessible at our convenience on topics like: SIS Basics, Admin Center (so that we can offer to a new staff member during their first week); IUIE trainings. Would like to have a way to sign up for 'alerts' when job aids are updated. ( in particular!)

While the UITS 4-HELP staff cannot always solve a problem or answer a question, they are highly trained, courteous and know to whom to transfer a high level issue they cannot solve.
Since the mandate of using the UITS machine room, UITS needs to have test environments for classroom equipment and IUAnyware in both Indianapolis and Bloomington. I have run into firewall issues multiple times when getting software with licenses installed on classroom computers and IUAnyware. This delayed the implementation. Also, those responsible for classroom computers and for IUAnyware are very slow to respond and install software.
There are still areas where wireless service is spotty, mostly in older buildings around lab space.
The question concerning how important are UITS systems and services is disingenuous given that that is the only way to get nearly all of the service UITS provides.

While UITS is a fairly broad reaching, enterprise unit at IU, I have been able to interact with several different people advancing and supporting the work of those on campuses. I have been satisfied with the interactions and collaborations, and have increased the amount that I rely on UITS to assist me in my role at IU.

Would like to see Fax service become HIPAA compliant.

Would like to thank the staff, they were always pleasant each time no matter how long the lines were. Wish they would continue the gas cards etc., also the unlimited amounts. 75 isn't enough when you eat off your card & provide gas for household.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

All my interactions and experiences were very good. Instant responses. Completely satisfied with the functioning of UITS.

As a clinical research specialist working in the field, I needed tech setup (laptop, scanner, wireless hot-spot, etc.) upon my hire. As these things go, there were a few glitches in getting everything up and running. However, [IRD] (at the School of Nursing), was always quick to respond. He would come swiftly up to our office with a big smile, address any problems with ease, and has just been such a pleasure to work with. I often get frustrated with the things I don't have administrative privileges to set up on my computer (mapping to printers, installing needed software, etc.), but this frustration is lessened when I know there will be someone more than happy to come up and do this for me in a quick and courteous manner.

Canvas messaging and discussions are very slow to update and are not as effective as other means of communication. We switched to text messaging for a group project to make sure everybody got the messages in our discussion without any time lag.

Complete working hours on Saturday.
Wi-Fi not accessible in every part of the lab.

DUO is as annoying as it can get.

DUO login is a waste of time for all the students.

First of all, I am frustrated that certain labs are closed on weekends in Heron's main building. Secondly, I had an issue printing in one of Heron's labs (the large-scale printer produced an error message, didn't print my file, yet $20 was subtracted from my JagTag account). Most of the UITS employees could not help me and sent me from one to the next around campus. The level of experience and knowledge seems to range greatly in the UITS staff, and I have been frustrated several times. I have also sought out help and been met by closed doors when certain UITS offices were listed as "Open." On the whole, I have been very dissatisfied with the level of professionalism and availability exhibited on the IUPUI campus. I would not consider myself an expert regarding computers, but I am proficient, and at times, I felt I knew more than the UITS worker and had to help this person assist me with the computer.

For the past three years I have had really great experiences with UITS. My Wi-Fi always works on my computer and my phone and I have heard of my classmates having issues but I have not had the same issues.

I am happy with the services and the facilities offered at UITS. Please continue it all.

I am very satisfied with the services and support offered by UITS. The staff were very helpful when I had technical difficulties accessing my google account which was required for my class discussion/Forum.

I appreciate that UITS guides are online and available 24/7. However, the layout and accessibility of these is extremely convoluted and difficult to navigate. As well, though I have not had to in awhile, most direct interactions with UITS are not pleasant, as I feel talked down to.

I don't have any comments at this time.

I found Onestart and Oncourse very easy to navigate. I'm not too fond of, particularly the more "app" or "tiles" style format, but I'm getting used to it. As of now, I have very little experience with Canvas, so I have no comment on whether it is better or worse.

I had 2 different problems, more on the technical side, and in both the cases, the person who helped me was quite friendly and the solution they provided worked.
I'd like to say, though, that documentation about double authentication on the UITS website doesn't cover all the user cases. For example, I had installed the app and registered for Duo last semester before it was compulsory, but later I deleted it. And when it got compulsory, even after installing the app I was not able to register for double authentication because it was sending the notification to the app that was uninstalled, and there was no way to change my preferences from app to call me. And I couldn't find any documentation to overcome the issue on official website.

I had a great experience with UITS during orientation. They were helpful in getting my computer set up for an online program. The only thing I would recommend is more services for distance students or more advertising for distance services already available. When I have issues during the semester I don't really know how to get UITS help or even if it available from a distance.

I had a very positive interaction with an IT person - I wish I could remember his name - maybe [IRD]? I am in the Exec Masters in Philanthropy program and all my classes are online. I had to engage with a listening thread and it wasn't loading. Of course I was exasperated and frustrated so I called the IT folks and miraculously he helped fix the issue. My browser, Chrome, was not allowing the thread to load so I had to switch to Mozilla.

I had trouble getting access to SPSS through IU Ware, but the IT tech helped me and he was very nice.

I hate Kaltura and Echo360. They are glitchy, sometimes quit, and have annoying interfaces.
I find the discussion forum part of Canvas infuriating. It's an integral part of some of my classes and I don't think it's an effective mode of communication.
I think the Wi-Fi is great, the software available is helpful, printing on campus is easy, Onestart gets the job done, and the tech chat is also good.

I have had generally positive experiences with UITS staff. I did have a negative experience where I was not able to upload a document for a class assignment, but the teacher later corrected this for me when I emailed her about the problem. I would appreciate it if general discussion boards in Canvas would initially include an option to upload materials, since the written posts for my assignments on the discussion boards in my classes are generally quite long.

I have had generally positive experiences with UITS. They respond quickly when I have had in-class issues, they have helped me when my account was compromised by a phishing email, they pick up the phone and are able to answer questions quickly and helpfully. I have also found the UITS folks to be really friendly. I have not ever had a negative experience with UITS.

I have had positive experiences when I have called in for technology support and help.

I have never had a chance to interact with any UITS staff but as far as I have heard they are very efficient. Apart from interaction, I have used different services provided by UITS.

I have not had any issues with UITS.

I have nothing but positive experiences with UITS. Every time I call or need a tech, someone responds appropriately and I receive the help I need. I would not wish to work with any other technology group on campus.

I haven't really had any interactions with the staff. If I had any complaints, I would say the computers take a long time to boot up. Also Canvas could be a little smoother to navigate.

I like everything of UITS except the job submission system. Karst/Bigred2/Mason have their own job submission requirements, which make things trickier.

I love it when y'all do screen share and fix all my problems. Greatly appreciate it. Keep doing what you all are doing!

I love that I can ask almost any question and be directed to someone who can work with me on the issue until resolution. I also appreciate that UITS is always proactively forward-thinking and ensures that the IU community has access to the best products, especially through IU Anyware.

I recommend that UITS have a link put on Canvas. It was easy to find on the old Oncourse, but I fumbled around looking for help on Canvas.

I tried to solve this problem by phone, email submission, and finally in person. Being able to talk to a real person made all the difference and everything was all cleared in up minutes.

I wasn't able to find antivirus from IU ware. I do not like the fact that marks are posted on the very first page of canvas. In some courses like [IRD], one student has to sign in for the group assignment. This is done through Canvas. Once they sign in to Canvas, the other students in the group can see their marks for their last exam which to me is a violation of privacy. The marks should not be displayed on the homepage of Canvas.

I will say when I started my online program I was worried about the technology end of it. Would I be able to understand and navigate the software? Would my IT problems be handled quickly since I wasn't on campus? How well would the systems work? Questions like that. Overall I'm extremely pleased with it. Everything was easy to understand and use and problems were fixed quickly. That's one thing I tell people who ask about my online program-The technology side of it was a breeze. IU and IUPUI know what they're doing when it comes to offering degree programs 100% online.

I would like to be able to control canvas notifications by class. I'm an aide for a class, and don't need to have notifications for when assignments are turned in, but can't shut them off without shutting off all notifications. has bugs that need worked out.

I'm impressed that there is 24/7 service.
I'm disappointed that there are too many multifaceted and complicated portals, sites, and apps with the conglomerate school: IU, IUPUI, IUSM, IUSB, IUSM-SB.
Perhaps this could be simplified by being subdivisions under one umbrella?
As an [IRD], I have seen how Notre Dame uses the google interface with email. This can link communicate better with my macmail and gmail browsing in general than microsoft outlook. I prefer anything google.

It has worked well, but I often have trouble finding things I need to find on the website. It seems very convoluted and unnecessarily busy. I wish there was a way to only get what I need for MY campus, not all IU campuses.

IU Box has some issues with updating other people's information. It is also a hassle to have to save and upload everything to put it into box. I do not like google docs but prefer this to box at this time for it is easier.

I've had good experiences with UITS Staff. They are always helpful in helping me determine what my computer issues or software issues may be.

Just not impressed that there's no way to control the 400 junk emails I get every day in my junk folder. It's only with my IU account. No one could help me.

Last year, the law school printers offered a duplex printing option but that option has disappeared this year. For both environmental and simple space/quantity of pages concern, it would be helpful if this printing returned to the law school library. Also, the new OneIU page to access things such as OneStart, financial aid, etc. was confusing and felt like it was rolled out without notice or clear instructions on how to now access those services. was really helpful.

My biggest complaint is the Wi-Fi connection - it is often spotty and will disconnect my devices at random which leaves me in the dark on information I need, especially while I'm in class. This occurs with both the AT&T network and the IU Secure network (not sure if they use the same server/provider). I have never liked AT&T Internet as a non-business user and feel that students could get a much better ISP for the price we pay, especially since reliable, high-speed internet is a must on a college campus.

My one, and maybe only, complaint is regarding the Canvas system and some of its user interface scenarios.





Now that I am familiar with it, I like Canvas. I appreciate that I can use it on my apple devices. My only suggestion would be to make wireless printing easier. At the law school, it is nearly impossible to get wireless printing to work.

Please start working with Lynda again.

Remove Duo Login from Canvas.

Services are fine for my needs.

So many "systems" and constant changing...Oncourse and Onestart and CAS and Canvas and another here and another there...this is ridiculous. Then your prof. asks you to use one he likes (TWEN)...c'mon many different places and passwords and nonsense.

Sometimes it takes them a long time to respond to emails. Is UITS staff the same as SOShelp? If so, please respond to my requests sooner.
The wireless reception is crappy sometimes too. Thanks for reminding me.

The confusing part was when I kept receiving prompts to do the two-step login over and over again.

The graduate students should have the allowance of printing 1,000 pages per semester. It is not fair to the respective schools (i.e. Liberal Arts) to have to pay for their graduate students to have such an allowance. This should be allowed by the university, just as it is allowed for the undergraduate students.

The only comment I would make is to maintain the same kind of software in every computer. I have had the problem where I work in an adobe suit program in the 24 hour lab in the first floor or in the Graduate Lab in the fourth floor and when I bring that project to Marla or to 255 I cannot open it because the rooms have two different versions of the program.
If every computer will have not only the same programs, but the same versions of them, it will be easier to work.
Also please give immediate building access to students (especially graduate). This is my second semester here and I still don't have building access. I have requested it at least four times or more but I still have not gotten access. Sometimes I work until late and I'm forced to stay in the building because I cannot go out. Also if I want to come back on a late time to work at night I can't, and it is frustrating.

The services by far are good. UITS staff and services give the technical assistance as and when I have the need and have been a great help at peak times. I appreciate the effort. Continue the good work. The only concern is the computers take a lot of time to login. If anything can be done about it, it would be great.

The staff is patient and helpful and always solve my problems.

The UITS staff was very helpful! Two gentlemen worked with me and they were very kind and did everything they could to solve my issue. It did take a little while for them to get back to me though.

The UITS website is very informative and user friendly. I've used it several times to look up how to do something, like how to use IU Secure on my new phone. The IUWare website is also very user friendly. I also emailed UITS recently regarding a IUWare question and really appreciated the quick and thorough response.

This is a little thing, but I would like a way for our grades not to be shown on the dashboard of Canvas under "Recent Feedback" when we sign in. When I log in to Canvas during class, I intentionally scale down the size of my browser to hide my scores from people sitting behind me. It would be nice to have a setting I could change telling Canvas not to display "Recent Feedback" on the dashboard when I first log in.

UITS has been particularly important to me, an off-campus student. EVERY time I have called, the staff have been courteous, kind, and consistently helpful. They stayed with me until I understood and often walked me through the process for which I sought help. Because I have not been on campus more than a few times, UITS serves as an important representative of the IUPUI campus. UITS support has left me feeling welcome, included, and wanted as an IUPUI student. Thank you very much for such a positive experience!

UITS is nice. Once, I couldn't install Matlab student version, a staff at UITS helped my to work on it for 3 hours, by searching and checking every possibilities online. Though, the problem was not solved, I so appreciated his help.
One suggestion.
Some computers could save my work for the whole semester after I logged out, but some will delete it immediately. I didn't know that and couldn't distinguish them.
Could we put a clear reminder next to the computer?
Once I was working on a class project on one of our computers, and wanted to continue the next day. My works were all gone the next day, because I used a wrong computer.

UITS lab is a great place to work for me. The quiet zone is maintained quiet properly. However, the vending machine needs to be fixed as it doesn't read the jagtag. Also, the number of 2 screen workstations should be increased.

UITS should be available all the time 24/7 for students to use and study.
I use and like the collaboration rooms. It would be nice if the rooms had long white boards all over the wall.
Being HCI students, we should get full access to AR/VR lab. All the latest technology devices like wearables and smart watches should be available for us to play with and test our designs. Usability test labs should be available with Eye tracking, audio/video recording etc. equipment.
Classrooms should be more of Auditorium form, present classrooms are inconvenient for us to interact with Professors, TA and watch Keynotes on the projector. They are not even feasible to interact with whole class.

UITS staff attend to the students' need promptly. I believe they are doing good job.

UITS was very helpful to me on a number of occasions.

Very good IT service.

When I had questions specific to IU School of Medicine technology, the UITS staff either were unable to answer or gave incorrect answers (specifically in regards to IU Notify and One.IU access - because Medical School starts a number of weeks before undergraduate but we have access at the same time so cannot complete some One.IU tasks in advance of our first Orientation day). Otherwise, the students have been helpful in answering questions about locating services online, different software suggestions, and privacy. I love the online web chat! It has been most helpful in answering questions quickly that are straightforward.
Three of the librarians in Med Sci were unfamiliar with how the printers work and what paper goes in the printers. Librarians should be trained to use the UITS hardware to a reasonable degree.
There are rooms in Med Sci and Emerson which do not support internet access (to Canvas and TopHat) when all 100+ medical students attempt to access internet at once. In particular, the Pathology Labs in Med Sci do not have any internet access very regularly. Some students have limited access and other students have none.

When I had trouble getting my DUO access to work, I received quick help all over chat which was very convenient. Typically though I can solve most of my problems with the resources IT provides on iupui websites (like setting up my email and changing important passwords and making my email work on mobile devices).

Whenever I have needed help with issues IT has been there, even on the weekend.

While I do think that UITS provides excellent products, there are definite areas for improvement. I would appreciate more integration of services into one.iu like accessing Canvas or e-mail services. It would be great if you could login just once and never have to input that again. I am very disappointed with DUO. It has definitely been a significant time drain.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

A. easy way to print from cell phones.
Printers aren't always the best.
Computers on first floor of LD need to be faster. It takes forever to login .
Printer needs to be in SELB building.

Add more study rooms on campus or in the library. The first floor could use some if not more.
The ability to record a speech needs to be evaluated. Speeches are getting longer and the media files say they are too large. We are permitted to either record or record and upload. The upload is having issues with file size. Please fix this.
Dell computers in the library randomly restart often, and it's annoying when you are in the middle of work or an assignment that you don't know if it was saved or not.
Mac mouses are super slow and don't glide as easily as the windows computers.

All computers need to have the software necessary. There should not be computers in the ET building that lack programs like Solidworks.

All of my experiences have been helpful and positive.

All services provided are easily accessible and equally helpful. However, there is a learning gap/curve with a handful of professors using Canvas which is frustrating for students at times.

Always good!

As a student employee who has known this campus for over 5 years, I have a good understanding of our technology services, and how they are perceived by incoming students. I think Umail is a wonderful service, and offers everything and more that Box offers. But the address is very confusing for new users. Furthermore, Umail's inability to set send-as addresses is frustrating, because I prefer to market my email address as, yet when I send from the Umail interface, it will send or respond with I think this should be technically feasible considering the Umail interface is nearly identical to the widely used Gmail interface and both are developed and provided by Google.

Canvas Duo is such a hassle, especially since I have classes that require all tests to be taken at the testing center. It makes it a lot harder to log into Canvas to take exams, which would be stressful enough by themselves without the added stressor that Duo brings. Also, I don't like that you need to download another app just to access Canvas or financial information. Most of us don't have unlimited phone storage.

Computers on campus take a long while to log into, especially in SL building.

Computers will freeze and not save important work.

Double side printing on mac computers at the library.

DUO is terrible. It makes accessing the testing lab a complete pain and if your phone dies you are unable to access One.IU or Canvas until you have a charge again, meaning if you need to access assignments or emails you can't. It also makes clocking in and out of work stressful if your phone is dead because you can clock in late due to a dead battery and be penalized.

Free software.


Haven't had any interaction with UITS lately. Last semester I had recently reset my passphrase, and when I needed to log in to take an exam I couldn't get in. UITS staff was very helpful and friendly.

Having never taken an on-line class before, I had some trepidation about approaching a class where I'd never meet a classmate, the teachers or the TAs. It was not as harrowing an experience as I expected. Connections have been very dependable. I have no complaints.
I have not interacted much with support, but when I have, I've been able to resolve issues with their help fairly quickly.

I am a new student and have just started my art and technology classes. I am so far quite satisfied with the level of service I have been experiencing.

I am happy about everything to date and I will definitely let know the faculty members in the future about any inconvenience.

I am in [IRD] quite often studying and have observed a couple UITS workers who do an exceptional job at keeping the computer chairs pushed in and the environment clean. However, I would like if all the computers in the ET basement were up to date and each contained the same programs(CREO, Multisim, Microsoft Visual Studios, etc.).

I am not a technologically savvy individual. I don't really know what UITS services provide, but I'm aware that I use them every day (Mon-Fri); using Wi-Fi on my personal device, logging into the campus network, email, etc. As somebody who doesn't really know what I should do if something goes wrong, I'm glad that I've never had to encounter any issues in the time I've been here!

I am really impressed with the motives the UITS take in offering sufficient service to students. The staff I have encountered know what they are doing and they are really polite. For me, I think they are good and they offer a good service to students.

I believe that UITS has done a fabulous job at helping this campus, be an accessible and learning environment. I used Canvas in high school as well, so using it in college is great for me. I do not have to worry about not being able to navigate any assignments, notes or discussions from my classes.
UITS is also a great help, if I ever need anything done technology wise, such as internet or computer problems, they are a great help.
Thank you! [IRD]

I dislike the hours being cut to the 24 hour lab. I frequently use it late into the evening since everywhere else on campus is closed. Since I work and go to school it's the only time I often have to work on homework and I can't do that now.

I do not have any problems with UITS staff or services.

I do not have very many recommendations for new services, but some improvements that could exist would be personal communication via FaceTime/video source from home if an issue with technology occurred that needs step-by-step guidance that is processed by UITS staff members.

I do not like the Duo two step program to log onto canvas. It complicates things way too much. (Especially at the testing center.) I'm not worried about people getting on my account, so the double log on frustrates me.

I don't frequently use the resources presented by IT on campus, but it is reassuring knowing that if I were to have a problem that there are people willing and ready to help.

I feel that UITS does a fine job however the computers in the IT building lab literally take 5 mins to sign in. Don't believe me, try it yourself. That may not seem like a big deal but it is when you need to get something done. I would either buy new computers with an i7 instead of an i5 or update the system that they run on together but it's ridiculous. Another part of the problem is that you have every program imaginable installed on every computer. Autodesk is huge, all Adobe programs just a little much to me. You could offer specific computers with those functions possibly?

I had an issue with downloading software to my laptop, the UITS guy helped me via chat the best he could. However I still had to wait till the following day to get my software to download

I hate the two step log in.

I have dealt only with highly knowledgeable and competent workers throughout the resolution and completing of all of my tech needs at IUPUI.

I have had a very satisfactory experience with UITS services. I've been especially pleased with the computer services people in the IT building. If I had any suggestions it would be to perhaps odddffer a basic hardware tutorial session for students

I have had all positive experiences with UITS and the staff. No recommendations.
I would be interested in the focus group if compensation was given to participants.

I have had multiple issues negative instances with UITS staff. For example, the printers at the Campus Center were not working. They were flashing a red light. It wouldn't print my paper. I called UITS and the lady said it would take approximately 20 minutes. I needed the paper printed sooner. It wasted 20 of my prints. Also, the printer at the Riverwalk Apartments did not work. There are signs all over that say "Call UITS for help"... so I called UITS. The guy on the phone could not even recognize what printer I was at. He said it was not a real printer. I wasted another few prints. I have since returned to try again and it did not work.

I have never been able to connect my phone to the IU Wi-Fi and I'm not sure how to, I wish there was sort a tutorial somewhere like on the library page on how to get connected. Also why do the Outlook accounts disable after we graduate, I think students should be informed of this because I tend to use my IUPUI email for most everything since I began here, so it is very inconvenient that I will no longer have access to my email.

I have never met anyone from UITS.

I have not received any help from them.

I have twice printed out big packets and the printer put big black streaks down the center of the pages towards the end of the packets both time.
Information on how to print from a personal computer would be helpful.

I have visited IT in the Campus Center, the IT bldg., as well as phone contact. Each time, the IT have been extremely helpful with my situation.

I haven't had any interactions with UITS staff in the past year, but all the technology that I've used has been fine. However, the Wi-Fi doesn't usually work as well as I would like.

I haven't had any problems with the people, but some of the computers in the library aren't working.

I haven't had much experience dealing with the UITS staff. Often times in classrooms, however, they were needed to fix a computer. This happened almost daily that a computer wasn't working. Eventually, it got to the point where the classroom was completely full and I couldn't use a computer since about 3 of them were broken. This kept me from doing my homework in there for over 10 minutes. Most of the time the printers work across campus. However, the printer on the bottom floor of the science building is often times breaking down and needing repairs. Only recently have I actually been able to use it. The same goes for the computers in that area. Really slow and login times are very long. In my current physics lab, all of the computers are outdated and very slow. They seem to have been here for multiple years of thorough use.

I haven't had the honor to work with UITS yet.

I haven't used UITS many times but the times I have, it's been positive. They're very knowledgeable and make sure you understand what they're doing to help you, in terms that you understand.

I had a positive experience when I re-enrolled at IUPUI but my name had changed. I needed to get a new student email and the IT staff was very helpful and managed to do it quickly.

I love the campus computers and computer labs. I also love the library. The computers are huge and I love being able to have a word document and the internet open on split screen. On campus is my favorite place to study and do homework.

I love using the Knowledge Base, so I have had few interactions with UTIS on campus help.

I spend the majority of my time in the nursing building and Wi-Fi availability could be better there.

I think UITS staff is very good. I had no problems with my experiences with them. When I asked my questions, they were able to help right away. I recommend them to everyone who has questions.

I think the testing center takes away the ability to think during tests. I find that in the testing center I am looking around the room, looking at the staff, and rushing through my test. I think there should be an option to sit in a room by yourself or have the ability to write your tests.

I think there should be more times offered for the IT Training classes. I could not participate in some classes which I really wanted to take, because I had my regular classes to attend at that time.

I wanted to scan a document and needed help. The equipment prompts were not helpful so went to a help desk and the person had no idea how to scan a document. WHAT? How can an employee not know or have access to a tutorial to assist in helping me. He was useless and I had to get help from someone not associated with the UITS department. Silly right?

I wish it was bigger and had more people working.

I wish the Wi-Fi was better during peak times. I also would like there to be access to the Adobe Cloud software for free.

I work with them a lot, they are always helpful.

I would recommend having more work stations with 2 monitors. As an engineering student I have lots of reference material, eBooks, and googling to do while I am working on a project. I could work much more efficiently without switching between different windows all of the time. I would also recommend putting, solid works, autocad, and ANSYS available on IU anyware.

Improve Canvas.

In some of the IUPUI buildings, internet does not work very well. It makes wasting our time by waiting for the time to speeding up of it. Thanks.

In the beginning of the year, I was having trouble turning in assignments through Microsoft Edge. I went to the desk at the campus center, and was helped immediately. The man helped me find what the issue was, then helped me download a different browser to use. It was very quick and efficient service.

In the student self service center, the class search is not at all intuitive. I struggle with it every time I am trying to find a class even if I know the course number.

It would be helpful if could be offered as a phone app as well to make certain functionalities available/easier to use on the phone.
Canvas is great for class organization! Along with one.iu it's my favorite school interface thing I've had access to so far. However the recent crashes have made taking tests, turning in assignments, and studying difficult. Considering classes rely so heavily upon canvas, if it doesn't work it can feel like our education or the class has to stand still until the issue is fixed.
Printing has been a big issue this semester. Many wireless printers (in the library especially) have printed empty pages, lines instead of words, or just do not print at all. This interfered with being prepared for classes. It was also upsetting considering we are required to pay a set amount of money in order to use these printers each semester. I expect IUPUI to offer functioning services if I'm being expected to pay for those services.

IUPUI ET building needs new lab computers.

I've only ever had a few experiences with UITS. The first was trying to figure out what computers on campus had the software Maple. The first person I went to, who was in the basement of ET, didn't really tell me where to go so I went to check IT and saw another person there and directed me to the computers in the SL/LD lobby. The second time was online, trying to figure out how get the Citrix receiver to work. The person I was chatting with helped me through the entire process as well as sending me the knowledge base page to deal with the people.

I've used the main computer lab before and found the noise of others talking and playing music very annoying.

Laptops in psychology lab rooms are old and slow and sometimes do not work.

My main concern is the ability of the IU Secure Wi-Fi access points and if they can actually handle so many devices at once.

My only experience with UITS is through the web. The One portal and with Canvas for online courses. I've been generally pleased with the One portal and related apps. The Canvas system appears to be good for distributed learning for the most part. But I've been disappointed with the quality/age of the videos and the technology to play them.
The lecture videos for the [IRD] class appear to be 7-10 years old or more. I realize this is a class specific issue but it reflects on the overall technological perception of IU.
I really wish the video player technology would remember where you left off on a particular video between sessions and devices. It's very frustrating to watch part of a lecture and then have to scroll/scan through the lecture to a certain time when returning to it later and/or on a different device.

My personal laptop will not connect to IU SECURE Network and I have to use the AT&T Wi-Fi and it was an inconvenience but that was about the only thing that I had an issue with.





No comment.

No issues, they always help me with my tech problems.

No recommendations.

No, I do not have any issues.





Once, I was unable to figure out why two different videos on canvas were pulling up the same feed, and a UITS staff was able to view my screen and figure out the issue. One thing that can be frustrating at times, is how I am unable to connect to the WIFI to do homework assignments. Sometimes its in the middle of the day, others its at night. I know technology can have glitches, but it can be frustrating when I am trying to accomplish tasks.

Overall good experiences.
Have experienced dead zones of Wi-Fi services within numerous building on the IUPUI campus. Most notability IT. I'd recommend preforming some form of signal integrity evaluation of coverage within buildings.
One.iu is much better than OneStart, however I think the number of "apps" could be reduced or at least clustered/categorized to reduce clutter and make it easier to find the service you are looking for without having to search for it.
Canvas is better than OnCourse, but I think the messaging service should be more integrated within the courses.

Overall interaction with any UITS staff has been helpful. Availability of screen recording software for us to use would be ideal (like the instructors use), or training for all of them to know how to use it. I just had to purchase a subscription to Screencastify (a plug-in for Chrome) to record screen and audio.

Overall, my experience has been positive. For the most part, staff has been available to come quickly when I have a problem with the printer or computer on campus. I'm super impressed with the wireless charging in the IT building in the computer lab. I would love to see some of that in buildings closer to the center of campus, because I am a liberal arts student and I don't have any classes in that building.

Please get rid of the two-step login. It is annoying and unnecessary. I understand that I need it to access my employment information through Indiana University, but I feel my password is more than long enough to make me feel secure.

Provide more cleaning products to clean off desks, keyboards, monitors in labs. Not all labs are cleaned (appropriately or at all) by staff. [ex: library is very dirty, but I do not think UITS is involved in sanitizing library computers.]

Since attending IUPUI in the Fall of 2015, I have not had any issues with UITS staff or services. Any problems that I may have encountered have been professionally addressed and rectified by UITS staff personnel. They have taken the time to listen to my concerns and have appropriately helped me in overcoming any problems in a timely manner.

Some computers like the ones in the Print Shop at Herron are incredibly slow. Often they take over 10 minutes to open up.

Staff are always helpful and nice. Although, sometimes they are a bit loud (especially in the IT building lab on the first floor) which can be distracting. It is also unfair because students get told to lower their voices, yet the staff is often loud.

The computers on campus take a long time to logon to, it would be nice if they were faster.

The Duo process seems good and ideal to protect our information, but whenever my phone is down, or I do not have internet, or my phone is simply not with me, how am I supposed to get access to my canvas?

The employees are typically quite nice.

The internet access still needs to be improved.
The printing system on personal MacBook still didn't work. Makes it difficult sometime.

The internet in University Tower is horrible. It is super slow and is always crashing. Also when I try to log into Xfinity on Campus it always says that I am not connected to campus internet.

The IT system that IUPUI uses seems quite well put together and user-friendly. I have yet to have to use any more than some very basic functions though.
The one thing that could use some major improvement would be a password secured Wi-Fi that is thoroughly supported and boosted across campus allowing greater usage of personal devices.

The new unified printer driver system is hit and miss, especially in the ET building. Also, IU Secure packet throttling is a bit heavy-handed.

The search engine for classes within for registering classes is horrible. That has been my only problem when it comes to technology at IUPUI. There should be a better way to search for classes with specific key terms just like on any search engine. My searches were always too broad or too specific so finding courses was a pain and took longer than it should have. I ended up using the websites of various schools to find out what courses they offered and generally when and from there checked the class search engine for specific times and teachers.

The self service center needs to be mobile friendly. I do pretty much everything on my phone. I am constantly out running errands etc. and busting out a 15" laptop every time I want to browse class offerings or check on my registration to do's etc. is not practical. I wish I could use igps and self service on my phone. Sometimes it works, sometimes its impossible.
Umail is frustrating because there is no way to connect it to my phone email either. I cannot receive emails through my phone email or view it easily or quickly through iu mobile. IU mobile I can at least access it, but it's a 3 or 4 step process.
I did set up my umail to forward everything to my private school only email address, but it hasn't worked so far.

The staff had been great. I did have some trouble using my jagtag to access the lab. Not too sure why? user name [IRD]

The UITS staff is fantastic. Their response time and expertise have gotten me out of some technological conundrums as well as helped me purchase and encrypt hardware for our overseas sites. As for services, the electronic fax system is very efficient and definitely takes the hassle out of the faxing process.

The wireless network can get bogged down sometimes, and some of the computers in the ET building have really slow loading times occasionally.

There are a moderate amount of Wi-Fi dead zones in lots of buildings.

There should be at least one printer that is easily accessible in every building or on every floor.

They are all very helpful.

They are so very helpful!! Every time I've come to them with a problem or called them, they have been there to solve the problem. Very reliable!

They were very helpful connecting with iusecure.

Though it has been only once, the experience I had with the UITS staff and services was positive. I had several questions in regards to the IUware and all of my questions were resolved quickly by their services.

To be honest, I haven't had any interactions with UITS staff.

UITS helped me download Creative Cloud and helped me work through the issues I ran into while installing said program. The employee was very helpful and gave me good pointers and instructions.

UITS services has been great.

UITS staff are typically very quick to respond to technology issues I have and come to my office to help the same day or the next. I also think it is easy to submit a tech request.

UITS staff I have come in contact with have always been helpful and fixed my problems. I appreciate that most of them do not do the 'hand holding' which means they make the patron do the steps themselves so the patron can learn how to use a system or fix the problem if it happens again.

UITS staff is great - always friendly and helpful. IU Secure, as a network, is terrible sometimes. I will be in the middle of campus and just get kicked off the network. This is especially troublesome when I'm trying to complete assignments for my online classes.

UITS staffs are very helpful and friendly. My only concern is the scan machine. I had some trouble using it to scan a book, but no very few librarians are able to help me solve the problem.

University Tower's printed in their computer lab has been down all year long. Please get this back!

Well sometimes when some electronic appliance does not work, I have informed UITS staff to take look at it and their usual response is that they will check it out later. And the next day it is still the same, nothing is fixed. I don't know whether they have taken a look at it or not. It might be that they don't know how to fix it, but this is one thing I am concern about.

When I had to get my Duo token because my phone was acting up, the staff at the campus center and IT were very helpful in getting me what I needed and how to get it.

When the campus first started using two-step login, I didn't have my token with me and didn't have my DUO Mobile set up in my phone. I called UITS at 10pm and had really good service. The agent was very helpful and patient, and my problem was solved in 15 minutes.

While it is understandable if it is not currently feasible, please consider adding support for the steam link. Also, some parts of some campus buildings do not get sufficient connections to IU secure. Consider using Wi-Fi extenders like in the dorm rooms. It makes a huge difference and they are relatively cheap.

While using a University Library computer, I was IM'ing one of the UITS helpdesk staff. There were minutes between replies. I hope to not sound picky as it could have been the connection.


With the addition of streaming TV instead of cable, Wi-Fi has been slower.

You are doing a great job.
I understand there can be problems with my older computer, but I wish the Wi-Fi connection could be strong and consistent throughout the entire library. There are occasional dead spots or areas where it might occasionally be harder to connect with IU secure (especially on the third floor).