Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2017

IUS Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Although this is my first year here at IUS, I have been very pleased with the services I have received. Everyone has been attentive listeners and have provided solid solutions to any obstacles I have had.

I do not like the two-step login.

I find the staff to be very supportive. Any time I have had an issue or needed assistance they have always been efficient and helpful in solving it.

I have had nothing but excellent experiences with UITS staff. I think, however, Canvas never should have been adopted. It is inferior to Oncourse in my opinion. It has been a step backward, unfortunately.

I know you probably have phase-in schedules for new equipment but in my humble opinion, the computers and technology in the School of Education section seem pretty dated/limited. Consider that future teachers are passing through courses in those rooms that have lower tech than what they will work with upon graduation. Because of the slightly different set of circumstances regarding the importance of technology for our future teachers, I wish they could be on an earlier replacement/update schedule.

I prefer to speak with the technology people at IUS. They know our campus and have ready solutions. ALWAYS ALWAYS when I end up with a Bloomington tech, they spend an hour with me on the phone NOT finding a solution and then give me the direct number for our techs who typically have the solution or understand our systems better and obtain the solution directly. It is wasting my time to have to be directed to the Bloomington tech support. So on the following survey you will get mixed reviews because I am very happy with IUS tech support. Not at all happy with Bloomington tech support.

I use Skype (regular) for meetings with research teams from universities across the country and found that I have to use Skype online to do this (it's less than ideal).

I would like to create a faculty webpage, and have asked for help in from several sources. I am fairly tech savvy, but programming language is out of my wheelhouse. I've used the kb, but it is not in laymen's terms. It gets to a point that I no longer understand, and I've tried. There has to be a better way for faculty who want to develop a webpage. Maybe a template we can use to fill in the basics. Is there not something like WIX to develop it?

I would love to have the faculty email work on my phone. I can receive emails, however, I can't send them.

I've had great experiences with the staff in my 2 semesters as Adjunct Faculty. I've had to call for help a few times, and service was always prompt and courteous.

Local support here is wonderful.
When I have to deal with the Bloomington office, it is more hit and miss - primarily because they do not understand our unique needs / setups at the regional campuses. At times, I am told to wait until I can speak to a local person to get the help I need.

My experiences with UITS at IUS have been very good. They are quick to respond, effective, and friendly.
My experiences with UITS from headquarters though have not been good. The roll out of our two step login changes was not user friendly. UITS is recommending hardware (the U2F token) that does not work with the Lenovo computers used in class rooms here at IUS.
I was forced to buy a U2F with my own money, only to find out that it didn't work when I tried it in my classroom. I'm currently on a waiting list to receive a single button hardware token, but apparently UITS provided IUS with a total of 25 of those devices.
25 for the entire IUS campus. Seriously.

My general experience has been very positive. My concerns are with Canvas problems. As a new platform, it has been very challenging at times to troubleshoot student issues from my set up issues. Staff has done well with giving me step-by-step resolutions. My chief concern has to do with setting up groups in Canvas and the fact that there is no way to correct the groups if energetic students post ahead on future assignments.

No comments.

Our Campus (IU Southeast) IT services have always been tremendously helpful and available.

Overall, I'm satisfied and very impressed with the quality of technological services on my campus, as well as with the broad range of technological resources available to me. The only thing I don't like is Duo, which requires that I carry my smart phone with me at all times, in case I need to log into Canvas or Box while teaching a class. That gets a bit annoying at times.

Since I am not currently teaching at the university, I am unable to express my opinion. I hope to return in the future.
I will say that during the time I was on faculty, I found the technology support to be excellent. The department assisted me in every aspect I requested.

The UITS staff at IUS are polite, understanding, helpful, and efficient.
It would be nice if I did not have to use Dual to first sign in on a classroom computer and then use Dual again to sign in to use Canvas on the same classroom computer. It is hard to do in a classroom with students wanting to talk with you before a class.

Two concerns - 1. When new software or operating systems are installed in classroom computers, no instructions are given on how the new system differs from the old. I have wasted valuable class time trying to figure out things that operate differently than they did 24 hours earlier (such as playing videos linked in a Power Point presentation). 2. On two occasions, I've called IT for issues with classroom computers, only to be told the computer worked fine. I've confirmed with other faculty that it wasn't just me having the issues, so I know they weren't fine. The computer in KV 015 is a disaster to work with, for instance.

Two relatively minor comments:
First, my classroom [IRD] does not have up-to-date controls for the projector (for use with the classroom computer and with my own tablet). Somewhat frustrating to use (inconvenient to find and use connections for my tablet).
Second, Canvas works well, but its interface is a bit clunky. I like long file names, and these do not display well in the file list box.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I do not like this new Duo link stuff. It is a complete hassle to always have your phone to sign into E-mail and Canvas. I believe that this is the dumbest thing that has even been implemented at IU.

I had a very positive experience when I came on as a new employee. UITS staff were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. I liked the courses.

I hate the DUO two-step login.

I have had nothing but positive experiences with UITS staff.

I really appreciate the improved Wi-Fi service.
The technical staff has been great to work with when I've need them.
Really wish the auto start programs on Thursday could get moved back 5 minutes from 5:00 AM to 5:05 AM. It would make clocking in much easier.

OMG, I am so delighted to take a moment and put into writing how much I love the IT department and the UITS staff at IU Southeast. Never, have they been too busy to help me and the students in the [IRD]. The staff is kind and gentle with the older students, very helpful and patient with me, and we really appreciate all they do to assist us with our work and studies. Writing this reminds me that it has been a while since I treated them to donuts on a Friday. Got to get on my game, here. :)

Our IT people here at IU Southeast are fantastic. They are prompt and knowledgeable and never leave a problem unsolved! They are polite and straightforward.

Overall, I have been pleased with our IT support on the Southeast campus. However, when I have been forwarded to individuals in Bloomington for assistance, they have been clueless and not helpful at all. Numerous times I have had to hang up on them and call back to try to get a different person who knows what they are doing.

The IU Southeast UITS staff are incredibly helpful. They consistently help before the desired completion date. My only suggestion would be having them call each person before showing up at their office.
I also miss having access to The self-paced learning materials on are mostly just pdfs. The videos were more helpful.

The students who work with Technology service are kind and understanding to other students needs. They always conduct themselves in the best manner possible and do not stop until the problem is solved.

The two-step login is inconvenient.

The UITS staff is always friendly and extremely helpful. One critique would be that some of the services offered are not advertised well and the result is people like me only discover incredibly helpful tools their junior or even senior year.

The UITS staff that I have interacted with here on the IUS campus have always been very helpful and courteous. They are always ready to help with any questions or requests that I have.

This survey was entirely too long!

UITS department is always friendly and efficient.

UITS on the Southeast campus is extremely efficient and friendly. Like many of us they have a heavy workload but never fail to respond to tickets in a timely manner. When I have an issue, I always know that I am receiving service from highly qualified individuals.

We have a great technology infrastructure. My only area of concern is the consistency of network performance. I would like to see a more proactive approach to monitoring network performance and addressing issues.

When calling the help desk, they are often confused and not able to answer my questions. I get a better response when redirected to my local campus.

When I call our campus number for IT support help and get Bloomington I request a work order to be placed for our campus (IU Southeast) because Bloomington is not familiar with problems we are having here on our campus.
The phones are a problem when it rolls over then we cannot transfer the call. The menu does not give us the option to transfer. It gets embarrassing when we have to tell someone we cannot transfer the call.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

The Dual login is not very convenient. And I don't feel like it makes my information any more secure. My phone was stolen and I had no access to my account. That was frustrating. I am very busy and didn't really have the time to deal with that.

The only issue I have ever had with technology at IUS is in room 200 of Hillside Hall as the computer and projector have issues working together at times. This has been a problem for two professors that I have had in this room.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

All the UITS staff I have interacted with have been quite helpful with their solutions.

Computers in LS building have been having issues with linking to the printers. Half of them work and half don't. It is very frustrating.
I called for help and the way she had me print my notes cost me $4.

Duo does nothing but make it more of a hassle to sign in to anything campus related, and I can't use it if I left my phone at home.

I cannot download Microsoft programs onto my iPad because IU Ware doesn't work well with Apple. Also, I hate the new printer program because I have to search for the printers a lot which makes me late to class. It shouldn't take me 20 minutes to print off a document. Not to mention, for me to use the ArcMap program for GIS, I have to walk to a computer lab not particularly close.

I do not have anything to add. I believe that IUS has very good technology on campus.

I don't know that I have ever worked with UITS staff. If IUWare is a service I like it, however, when it comes to web based services (MS Visio, specifically) I have trouble accessing them both on campus and at home. I had added it to class machines I use every other day for class and for whatever reason it is gone when I come back and hard to access. This could be a Citrix issue. In the Hillside labs having monitors below a sheet of glass is uncomfortable to type on and hard to read. Both of the classes I've taken in this room did not benefit from this set up and made following along harder than a traditional set up.

I feel like the IU Ware is complicated to access. The instructions are vague. In lieu of a download, I was instructed to login via an online access for which I had to create an account, username and password. The first dozen times it seemed very cumbersome. I would much rather have been offered a simple download.
The good news: When I called for assistance the staff was patient and stayed on the phone with me until the software was completely operational.
I appreciate having the ability to use online tutoring via the writing center using a video cam.

I have no issues!

I haven't used them personally, but my professors have needed them to come in and fix the computers in the classroom and they are wonderful. They have helped both times and taught us what to do if it happens again.

I remember a member of UITS staff getting my laptop synced with the lab printer. This person was very helpful in getting me set up quickly as I had a paper due the same day and the document was only on my laptop. I didn't have time to download to an online drive and access another computer. It was also a pretty funny encounter. I saw him sigh in relief and say, "Thank God- it's not a Chromebook."

I think it would be great if there was a color scanner on the IU Southeast campus. As far as I know there are only black and white ones.

I think they are doing great. I wish in Canvas you could change colors in the calendar part so I could tell the difference when I make an event.

I wish that game systems were easier to set up in terms of online service.

I've had good results with the people with UITS. I have run into problems that I couldn't fix since I am not a Geek. Whenever I have a problem, mostly with my laptop, they are very willing to help me. You have one very happy customer when things go well. And I'm still learning what else they can do.

Less surveys please and more free paper and printing money.

My main frustrations are the amount of time it takes to log into a computer on campus, and the NIGHTMARE of finding a computer that is actually able to print to a print station. Also, thanks to the printers on campus being routinely over-filled, we have all learned how to disassemble a printer to remove a paper jam--so thanks for the life skill?

My Wi-Fi doesn't work.





Please be aware that the computers in [IRD] are often not working properly. And on several occasions we (several classmates and I) were not able to print to the printers in this area.
Instructors are having issues logging into the system because of duo.

Printers are often not connected to computers for student printing. Logging on to computers seems to only get longer. We have to enter half a dozen passwords to access anything through IU's portals. Problems with Canvas only continue to grow in number. The university accounts through google are horrendous. Administration has blocked all access to most of the useful add-ons.

Printers are often not connected to the computers in the lodges.

The duo sign in is, for lack of a better word, a pain. I don't always have my phone on me, and having to remember one more code as a student is more than likely not going to happen. I know that I am graduating, so I will not have to deal with it for much longer, but the duo sign in has made my last semester more stressful than it needed to be.

The IT support was able to aid me in figuring out a Canvas issue, and they almost always greet me when I enter the rooms where they are stationed.

The ongoing issue of printers disappearing from the computers in the computer labs causes quite a bit of frustration for myself and fellow students. Also, the lack of understanding that most professors have of how a computer works and how to link the devices has resulted in many times the IT people having to show up and fix it without explaining or teaching. Also, it is a known fact, and an overwhelmingly irritating one, that to log into any computer for the first time it takes anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, ranging to those that sometimes never log on that day. This delay is far more than we often have between classes, and it is extremely frustrating when we have to sit in front of a computer saying "Preparing Windows..." for 25 minutes, so much so that we are having to find ways to work around some of them and give up on others.

The printers disconnect from the computers provided by the university in the different lab locations on a regular basis. When they disconnect, they are often difficult to reconnect because of the enormous list of printers on the network. Therefore, if I am able to reconnect the printer it is after a long amount of time which is not always a luxury when trying to print off a paper quickly before class. Improving the network so that the computers and printers do not disconnect regularly would be advantageous in keeping the attitudes about the school positive.

The printers in the life science building are infrequently connected to the computers.
Also, it would be great if some formal training could be bestowed upon the staff that refills the printer trays, to simply throw the empty paper cases in the recycling bins instead of the trash cans (as I have witnessed countless times). As I can only imagine how many times this is replicated in a given day, this would greatly improve the recycling that is done on campus as I assume this is done on a rather large scale across campus.
Many Thanks!

The printers, at least in the biology building, have been really hit or miss. It's a pretty serious problem for a lot of us, who don't own printers.

The staff is very helpful. It's mostly computer/printer errors that occur.

The staff is very nice and helpful.

The UITS staff helped me to set up an add block program to prevent unwanted adds from showing up on my laptop. The program has prevented adds from slowing my computer down. UITS also helped me to set up Canvas on my Android phone. I have no recommendations for now.

The wireless network is ridiculously unreliable.

They are always willing to answer general questions about IT when they are free, which is very enjoyable to have access to. Wish there was someone to speak to who was on campus more often, since IT at Bloomington does not necessarily have the ability to help with issues at Southeast.

UITS has done a marvelous job. I love Canvas over Oncourse. Canvas is by far the best LMS that I have ever used. One.IU is very handy and Umail is very easy to use.

Your system seems fine, but I don't have to actually use duo to log in, even though there was this push to get me to sign up for it. That seemed a bit weird.
I don't use the Wi-Fi network with my personal devices, because it's completely unsecured. The hardwired Ethernet network is fine though, haven't had any issues so far.