Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2018

IUE Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Generally, I have had positive experiences with UITS. If I have a problem, I contact them, and they know what to do to get me back up and running.
I especially appreciate Kevin in the office at IUE. He has been very helpful on more than one occasion, whether I call or drop in.
One time I did have a problem getting started with Zoom when I was out of state during the holidays. I contacted UITS, and the person I talked to didn't really know the answers to my questions. I eventually contacted the IUE office, and they were able to help me.

I am an adjunct in Nursing and do not teach on the IU campus. A few years ago we had an awesome lady who was specifically assigned to nursing and she was MOST helpful. She is now gone and although others are nice and courteous, the service is not nearly the same.
She had all the answers, others do not.

I have found UITS to provide excellent support in a variety of capacities in many areas: immediate classroom issues, teaching online courses, Canvas, and compatibility issues with my personal computer.

I’ve had few problems with the technology I have used on campus and off. When I have had problems, I’ve been able to find solution through trial and error or a Google search.

In setting up for the spring semester, I had an issue with cross-listing course sections, in which some sections were invisible to me, and appeared blank to students. IT was extremely helpful in sorting this out quickly and helping me debug it.

Kevin at IUE is great at IT

More training with Canvas

None yet. None at the end.

Our UITS staff are great; however, it seems like technology in classrooms offers spotty effectiveness. Also, Canvas messages needs to have a way of saving a draft message. Finally, it is highly inconvenient to have to have my Crimson card in order to print from my office computer.

Service has been very helpful to me

The UITS staff has always been very helpful and courteous when contacted.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

* Box - GREAT for actual file storage and for video file sharing
* Box - NOT SO GREAT for files used by multiple people with different links and fonts also stored on Box (example - an InDesign file created by Person A, but edited by Person B, with the links and fonts stored on Box ... Person B often runs into major missing link/missing file issues) ... also not so great for quickly finding a photo stored with a batch of photos - I am of the understanding some solutions are being offered
* Outlook for Desktop = Great
* Outlook Web application - No matter how many settings I try to set and reset, my Outlook Web application will send any and all messages connected with any deleted message to Trash (not just the thread, but everything connected with the person whose message is deleted). This doesn't affect my ability to use the application, and I simply don't delete messages when using the Web application, but this results in massive backlogs when I am on the road for an extended period since I can't delete anything for fear of an accidental mass deletion.
Skype for Business = Would be AWESOME, for candidate interview purposes, if those could be used to communicate with those with "regular" Skype accounts

At times there have been e-mail issues during the migration to the new servers that have been frustrating but in general it has gone well. I'd like to see more notification of new packages available in JAMF - we receive e-mails announcing updates in SCCM on the Windows side. There are too many internal phishing exercises. In general, UITS and technology services at IU are excellent - so much more available to students and employees than years ago.

I am responding to this survey based on my encounters with IUE IT department since that has been the bulk of my experience. My guess is that I have need for the main IU IT help desk about once or twice a year however did have to contact them late one eve this last year. My contact with the main IU IT help desk caused me to encounter an IT professional who appeared quite knowledgeable and could be described as professional, patient and helpful. He asked me several questions in order to understand the problem then tried various solutions via phone, however given the nature of the IT issue he was unable to "get to the bottom" of the problem via phone so I had to follow up with resolution of this issue with my own IUE campus IT staff the next day. Thus, my contact with the main IU helpdesk/IT department has been quite limited, offering little experience for me to base my responses on.
That said, I've had numerous extremely positive and professional interactions with IT Director Todd Duke and his staff at Indiana University East campus during my 5 1/2 years as a professional staff member on this campus.
Director Todd Duke's commitment to IT success across the IUE campus and strong leadership of the IUE IT department is evident in interactions I have had with he and his team. The positive attitude of IUE's IT staff toward Todd and each other, their dedication and effective response to IT issues on campus as well as the productive positive work environment this department exudes serve to illustrate this point. Todd's leadership ability, IT expertise, intellect and problem solving skills combined with his kind, easy going, friendly nature work well to produce IT excellence in this department and IT processes on the IU East campus! Finally, while committed to his leadership duties, Todd continues to maintain an open door policy to team members and campus personnel alike, responding to acute crisis as needed. (Examples include his immediate response to IT issues I have had while videoconferencing or using smart boards for student, faculty or staff meetings.)
Not surprisingly, Todd's IUE IT team reflects his leadership. For example, Kevin Lykins, of the IUE Help Desk consistently offers a friendly/happy greeting, whether in person or via phone, then uses an open approach to communication as he works to understand the IT issue at hand. Next, Kevin immediately enters "a ticket" and contacts the applicable IT team member to address the problem. This is resolved as soon as possible, often within the same hour or day. Chris Carter's professional demeanor, IT expertise and ability to problem solve speak further to the strength of this department as does Joy Maupin's ability to use her professional expertise, yet kind nature, in addressing lap top updates or IT issues. Aimee Thompson's willingness to set an appointment for me with Todd or clarify a basic IT need along with Lucas Starritt's professional and energetic approach when quickly solving IT issues add to the positive interactions I have encountered with IUE's IT department. Finally, if an IT issue can not be resolved immediately each staff member has asked me when it is best for my schedule for them to return and complete the work needed, demonstrating a respect for the time of others and willingness to collaborate.

I am very pleased with the level of service I have always received from the UITS staff on the EAST campus.

I believe there should be more interaction with technology such as Smart boards in the classrooms.

I find that UITS staff at IU East are always willing to assist whenever there is an issue. And once a solution is found, they always follow up to make sure you are no longer experiencing problems. They are also very patient with those of us who are a bit "technologically challenged". Training for newbies on the phone communication system would be greatly beneficial. I have had to learn as I go with the system so still don't fully understand it.

I have always had positive experience when working with UITS. They have helped me with multiple computer questions and I have found it to be a very useful campus tool.

I have no complaints at this point.

I have not had much interaction with IT, but the IT staff at IU East were very helpful when I had to reset my password.

I think there is some confusion on the IUE campus about the interaction between the roles of the IT consultants (especially at the help desk) and the role of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Especially when the faculty member has a question about Canvas, it is unclear on our campus who provides what support. Recent changes in the personnel at the CTL have failed to make it clear whose role is what. I believe there would be less frustration with the services of both units if some clarification could be issued to the campus at large. This is NOT a criticism of either unit--just with communication issues.

I wish there were a way to Edit the original note in AdRx instead of having to make an addendum. At least if you have to make an addendum, they should show in on the main screen because not every Advisor will use History tab at the top.

I would like to see SIS updated someday to reflect a platform similar to the one.iu interface.
In the admissions office we struggle with the fact that county & recruiter are not fields in salesforce for report building. Our salesforce reps in South Bend are wonderful though, as are our IT reps at IUE.

I'm happy with everything.

I've had generally good experiences with UITS. We have frustrating moments with the printers but everyone has been quite to help and fix issues.

My responses are based on the recent past. I do have a new computer now and the issues I was having with the old system seem to have been eliminated.
One system we use is OnBase. With my other computer when I would try to start OnBase it would take several minutes for it to bring up the log in information. Sometimes I didn't know if the computer recognized my attempt to start the program and would have to try again resulting in more issues. With the new system it logs right in and starts up without a headache.
I also had a lot of issues with Adobe. My Lync currently shuts down if I click on a chat box that pops up in my shortcut screen.
I did not know we have an IU Fax system available outside of the fax machine that sits next to my desk.

Our campus UITS staff are friendly, helpful, and very responsive to any requests or questions I have. Kevin is wonderful! And the others routinely rescue me or someone in my office. :)
The digital signature in Outlook is frustrating. We are supposed to activate it, but I send HUNDREDS of emails with attachments to my advisees, and I have to inactivate it each time I send an email, or the students will not be able to open the attachments. It would be easier to not have the signature on my email.

The UITS staff at the IU East campus are always extremely helpful. They are always willing to lend a hand quickly and efficiently.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

60% of the time I attempt to print on campus, the printer does not show up on the computer. This is a common problem among my classmates.

Everything has been running smoothly for me.

I reported an issue by email with a course syllabus rubric image. When I did not receive a response, I called and left a message. I was contacted quickly by staff who walked me through the steps to check my computer. When he ascertained my computer was not the problem, he offered me an alternative solution, a screenshot of the image.

I think IU East is doing a great job in making sure our students are progressing with Technology as part of their daily lives.

I think that, as a new online student, I felt a bit overwhelmed when I went online to ONE. I wonder if having a short description for each one of those boxes would be helpful. For example to check email, I had to click on Exchange and not Umail. Maybe emailing new students the list of descriptors before they start class would alleviate some frustration with having so much information displayed all at once. Or maybe, if possible, organize the boxes on ONE in categories related to the function - Administrative, Research, Communication, etc.

No issues.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

A couple years ago when I was a sophomore on campus I had to go over to Hayes Hall and get help with my laptop. I cannot remember what was wrong with it, but he fixed it right up! I have never needed any other help from IT than that. What interaction I did have was positive and I got what I needed fixed.

All good

Anything that I have questions over I get answers to fairly quickly. The two-step login is slightly irritating, however I see the significance and the importance! I am a humanities student, so I do a lot of research, and I have never had any issues with online databases offered by IU and even those articles IU does not have, the system can usually find for me online.

Every time I've sent an email to set up an academic advising appointment I always get a response back within the day. I've never had any issues with scheduling advising appointments and my advisor is always willingly to answer all the questions I have as well as offer options that I did not consider.

Everyone has gone above and beyond to help, process applications, get information to me and to help me register, obtain aid and is there if I have questions.

Everything is good, and I have no serious issues.

Everything is good. Very user friendly.

Everything seems to work well. The only area I'm concerned about is some classes use the McGraw-Hill connect, and sometimes while I'm in one of the chapters working, canvas will log out in the background, and I'll be forced out of the book. I'm worried that one day, this will happen during an exam, or some other 'only get one shot' assignment, and my exam will be prematurely exited. If I'm going to take an exam, I always go to my canvas page, and select something just to restart the logout timer, then I go in and start my test. Also, I wish I could clean up my canvas a little. There was a scavenger hunt that appeared, and I wish it would go away, and also, one of my classes I took last semester reappeared, and I wish I could make it go away.

I am an online only student, so many of the on campus questions are not applicable to me.

I did not put any comments when I started but after completing the survey I see that there is a lot I do not know about UITS at IU. I am a new online student in my first semester so there is a lot I have not encountered and/or used yet. I think in time I will be better acquainted with the services that are available to me as a student at IU and be better able to participate in these surveys.

I do not like the two step login. I understand it is for security purposes, but it is a pain in the ass.

I found the Indiana University Technology Services very helpful.

I had excellent experience and service the first time that used UITS. The technician was extremely helpful and patient.

I had to go to UITS for a problem I was having with my computer, and although it was something that IT would not fix, they were very helpful as far as where I should go and they tried everything they could to help me getting it back in working order.

I have always had great service when going to IT!!

I have communicated with UITS via email, and although it took a few days, they helped me access Office 365 when I was having issues. One.IU is fairly easy to use. I like it better than Onestart.

I have had good experiences with UITS staff in helping me with getting my phone and laptop connected to campus Wi-Fi and connecting my phone to my IU email. I have also had a bad experience when I was trying to submit a paper on campus and the Wi-Fi was down. I called IT and they said they were working on student and staff email and it wouldn't be up until 3 (2 hours later). I had to go to my professors office and explain to them the situation. It just would have been nice to know of this problem before they started working on it. If they could have sent an email out saying they are working on the emails from 1-3 and it would be down during that time.

I have had nothing but great experiences with this school. I have to say that honestly I will be sad on the day I graduate because this is the best education I have received so far.

I have never had to use tech support, but I hear really great things about them and that they are a huge help.

I have no concerns or issues.

I have only had positive experiences thus far and have yet to find a reason to contact any UITS staff for issues.

I have taken advantage of the IT at IU East. They were very helpful and the experience was positive.

I have utilized UITS with the absolute quickest and courteous customer service regarding Canvas issues and security questions. I do not have any recommendations, thank you for all that you do.

I haven't had any issues arise in which I've needed UITS staff. One improvement I would like to suggest is a way to have DUO remember credentials. I literally have to 'accept' via my phone EVERY time I log on, regardless of the device and there appears to be an option but it's not accessible. This is very frustrating and time consuming.

I haven't had to contact UITS for anything. Being a distance ed student, I am happy w/ Canvas and "cloud" desktop solution of google (email, drive, etc.).

I haven't had to deal with the UITS staff at all. however, the things I have heard about the have all been positive.

I haven't had to use IT services often, but I appreciate the free software programs that are offered. These programs can be very expensive, and I think it's great that they are provided to students.
I think Duo login was a good idea for security, but it's important to recognize that there are some students who do not have more than one other form of technology they can apply to duo. They may have problems if something happens to the technology they use for Duo.

I haven't really had to us the services yet but that's because I haven't had an issues with the website.

I personally have not had any experience thus far with UITS staff. I have heard a few other students discussing negative interactions they have had with IT staff, but I was not present for any of it and cannot provide much feedback. The only issue I've personally ran into is double login for Canvas--I understand and appreciate the extra security, but it is frustrating to have to do it every single time I log into Canvas. There is an option that will keep you logged in for 12 hours, but for some reason, it will not allow me to select it.
I also received two messages on Canvas last semester that seemed suspicious. They were links (both said they were links to a song I "needed to listen to"), and both were from people I have never had any contact with. I ignored both of these messages--I did not open the links, but I did not report them, either. I never received other suspicious messages after this and still am unsure about what caused it.

I really do not like duo log-in, it makes everything very complicated. Also, I find it hard to download software.

I think sometimes the staff can be really rude when you have a question about something. A couple times they have made me feel stupid for asking a question because it felt like were irritated for me asking at all.

I think the UITS staff are great! The people have helped me with every problem I have had with my computer. One thing that I think needs to be changed would be to put student ID numbers back on Crimson Cards. They used to be on the Wolf Cards, but they are not on the Crimson Cards, and it would be helpful if they were.

I use canvas everyday and I would like to be able to access it easier. I do not like the idea of having to use our phones. I know that a lot of people have phones and it seems easier to access, but it does become an issue if the class doesn't allow phones out or if we do not have it with us. This may only apply to me but maybe others as well because I can not afford a smartphone which makes it more difficult to access canvas. I would like to see a different way to access canvas that does not involve the use of our phones.

I wish canvas was more smartphone adept.

I wish teachers would go through a canvas training session. Many of my teachers refused to use Canvas for assignment submission, as they did not know how to use it. I don't own a printer, so creating hard copies of assignments was quite difficult.
If you were ever able to make it so we could check umail from our phones, rather than just canvas messages, that would be fantastic.

If possible, it would be nice to get a reminder if a flash drive is in a usb slot when login off a computer.

I'm content with how the school is run.

I'm enrolled in the IU East program and we use the Lawrenceburg Indiana Ivy Tech Community College facility and I would like to see a designated space just for IU students because Ivy Tech technology equipment which includes: computers, projectors, printers in the classrooms need to be updated.

I'm not fond of the system that allows you to pick your classes. It was really hard for me to find and figure out how to select my classes. If there could be a more user friendly way to do that, I would be all for it. When I try to show my work for my math class, I have to take a picture and upload my work, which is time consuming on timed exams. I have not been able to finish an exam because of running out of time because of this. If there is a way to extend the time for students when they need to show their work or recommend options that would allow them to do this faster.

IT has always been very helpful, when I've had to ask questions.

IU East is a great campus, with great teacher to ratio. I had a great positive interaction last semester with my math professor Roberta Rosewell. She made me a better student, by criticizing me when needed. It would be nice if IUEast had an online chat 24/7 for homework questions. Rather than having to submit something, it would be nice to get help right when you need it.

I've had nothing but positive experiences when I visit a UITS staff in person and online.

More security

No bad services at all.

Overall I have been very satisfied with the information technology staff. They are always helpful and do the best that they can when asked to help.

Overall, each interaction that I have had with staff has been positive.

Please design carefully.
Even this survey has redundant questions!

Recently moving from Florida (Eastern Time zone) to California (Pacific Time Zone), even after adjusting the settings within Canvas, my assignments are due at 8:59p.m. rather than 11:59p.m. Given that time is so limited, I just need to make time to contact Technology Services to see if there's a setting I'm overlooking, versus if it's not available. Given integrating online school within my work/life-balance, I often depend on assignments being due at midnight.

Staff at IU East was unable to print for the longest time.

Staff has been really helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to the new duo login

Students who go abroad for overseas study programs have problems with DUO authentication due to international cell phone numbers.

The duo login is very inconvenient and I do not like it at all.

The only concern I have is the hours that on campus IT have. They are very hard to get to when you work out of town.

The only issue I have seen is in class instructors seem to have issues often with playing video and getting sound to work IT can usually fix this fairly quickly but it still seems to cut it out class time.

The only problems that I have had really has been with Canvas/Umail. Umail has gotten better for me, however many teachers are having delayed or lost emails coming either to or from the students. Canvas has also told I was not authorized to access random things on my page. Login is fine, but will randomly deny me access to course materials. The Canvas site has also not worked at all for hours at time and will kick me off. When asking classmates if they experienced this, they say they did not or have at another date. Usually the site is fine, but the uncertainty at times can be frightening on a time crunch. Both services have gotten better

The only thing that came to mind while taking this survey was that I wish discussion forums in Canvas were easier to receive notifications from and also to compartmentalize your own posts so you could easily refer back to them and reply to students who have started a discussion with you.

The staff is very nice all over campus.

The UITs staff are awesome. Anytime I go there with any problem related to their area of service, they get it solved. As for now, I don't have any recommendations or Amendments. They are doing a great job.

The UITS staff is always very nice to me, and quite helpful!

This is my first year using this type of service and so far it has been very easy to learn and interact with. I haven't had any issues as of yet but I'm only 6 weeks in.

Very fast answers

When Canvas is experiencing issues, UITS gets it back up and running very quickly.

While obviously countering the problems of phishing should be a priority, the two-step Duo system is the most obnoxious, aggravating, and time-wasting solution I've ever witnessed. Isn't it a good thing to unplug from our smartphones every now and again? Now I have to be sure to have it on me if I want any hope of access my courses. That probably makes me sound ancient, but I am firmly in the millennial category.
There are better and more appropriate ways to fight phishing. Require strong passwords and the changing of said passwords every 90 days. Don't outsource the problem to some gimmick company that just wastes everyone's time. Please and thank you!