Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2018

IUN Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

All my interactions have been professional and prompt.

Always ready to help. Taking as little time as possible. Always make it convenient for the faculty.

I find IU knowledge difficult to navigate through. Instructions are somewhat confusing and I could not locate step-by-step instruction and processes on how to implement etext, for example.

I have had positive experiences with the UITS staff whenever I needed computer help. The last time was when we had to use the duo login: I needed assistance.

I teach in the new Arts & Sciences building at IUN, and several of the classrooms have no speakers to provide audio with the projector. It would be really helpful to have permanent speakers in the rooms so that I and other faculty do not have to order temporary speakers whenever we want to show a movie clip in class.

IU Northwest staff are always on the ball and can answer my questions immediately. IU Bloomington staff do not seem as knowledgeable as IU Northwest staff.
My biggest IT headache today is having to logon to IUAP store everyday. Once I have logged in once, I should not have to do it again every time I turn on my computer. I never use the app in the first place and why it can not remember my computer or my computer remember it is beyond me. Or why I should not only have to log on to that in the extremely rare circumstance that I might actually want to use it is beyond me also.
The next problem I have run into is that my computer has decided that if I plug another projection device into it, it will only project Power Point presentations. This is great if what I want to project is a Power Point presentation, but in my classroom and when I go around the country as an invited lecture guest, I sometimes want to project things other than a Power Point, and then this is a real royal pain.
IT might consider putting out something showing how much safer we are today than we were before Duo, because I haven't seen anything being any safer with duo than without duo.

My experience with the UITS staff has been nothing but good. In every case, my questions/issues were handled promptly and professionally. As you can see from my responses, I do not use a lot of the electronic resources available on campus. Quite frankly, much of this is new technology to me and I barely have time to teach my classes, etc., yet alone learn a new technology. Canvas is a great tool, yet you continue to modify it and the modifications are not always good (example: latest changes to speedgrader make it more cumbersome to grade papers). Also, you need to identify each printer on campus as it is identified in the system. I try to send information to local printers, but I have to guess or ask which printer to use - each one needs an ID clearly visible.

The staff at IU Northwest are always very helpful.
Canvas quizzes are still not very user friendly. Cannot see more than 25 questions and answers at a time. Question banks scramble questions, but statistics for the exam are also scrambled.
It would be nice to have some updated monitors on the lecterns in the classrooms at IU Northwest.

The UITS services is continuously improving.
We are planning on providing certifications for students. UITS can help us tremendously in making the processes work efficiently. UITS has been providing us with great service.

UITS reformatting teaching laboratory computers without warning or notification of impact turned out to be a bit of a problem. We have special software installed that was wiped out and no longer worked when the time to use it arose. Discussion with faculty PRIOR to such events would be helpful in planning for and correcting such problems.

UITS staff have always been helpful making my job easier.

Will and Megan on the IUN campus have been wonderful to work with. They both have gone out of their way to provide support. This is my first year as visiting faculty full-time, and they truly have made exceptional in their support.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

A positive experience is working with Michelle Bright on Ad Astra. She is always extremely helpful and responds to questions and concerns quickly. It is a joy working with her.
Negative - many of the links on your web pages do not work - I had to deactivate my crimson card for a short period of time. I re-activated it on the same page, but the card has not been activated even after I called the help desk. I still have the same problems with Outlook as I have had before even after calling the help desk.

I am very satisfied with UITS staff and the services that I have received. Excellent group of employees, always service with a smile.

I have enjoyed my personal experiences with the IT staff at IU Northwest. However, any time I try to contact our IT office by phone, I'm usually transferred to a call center in Bloomington. It would be terrific to be able to talk to a member of the IT staff on my campus if it is an immediate need.
Our Degree Maps need some additional work. If there was a way to have Degree Maps integrate w/ the transcript of a student, so they can see what requirements they've completed, that would be so helpful. The AAR through SIS is bulky and cumbersome to explain to students. Degree Maps has a wonderful, intuitive interface, but doesn't provide the information students need.

I was concerned that a National Guard recruiter was able to not only email me at my IUN email address, but he also somehow was able to text my cell phone. I contacted the UITS and never received any follow up or resolution to my concerns. I most certainly did not give a recruiter my contact information, and he stated in both is email and text message that he had been on the IUN campus that day and was reaching out. I find this outrageous that an individual is able to gather and use my contact information that obviously must have been doled out by this university, and that such an invasion of privacy is allowed within this institution.

It keeps changing too much

IT staff are always extremely pleasant and friendly. They also do their best to explain the problems and how they can be avoided in the future.

key boards aren't always clean

Michelle Bright is a knowledgeable great colleague to work with for Ad Astra. Extremely responsive to our problems and needs with training and suggestions.
When calling the "Help" desk at IU Northwest it would be nice and professional if the students identified themselves with their first name. Some student staff members are much more helpful and knowledgeable than others. Wish they all could be on the same level of knowledge.
If the IUN help desk is busy and our call is transferred to Bloomington it seems as though that staff is much more knowledgeable however is not familiar with our campus and many times cannot assist us.


Overall, I have a positive impression of UITS. All staff members I have worked with are friendly and helpful. However, I think it sometimes takes too long to fix simple problems and do not have a high level of confidence in UITS solving complex issues.

The IT staff is the best. They never make you feel stupid and are always willing to help.

The only problem I have encountered when calling IT on my campus is that calls are sometimes forwarded to Bloomington and they have no idea about buildings, facilities and equipment on our campus. Calls that are about on-campus IT issues should not be transferred, it is very unproductive. Perhaps a call menu to direct calls would be helpful. When I speak to someone on our campus the conversation is short and the issue resolved quickly.
In regards to the IT resources available online (helps, software downloads, etc.) I feel that the website in general is not easy to navigate; information is often not easy to find.

UITS has always been very helpful with any problem I have. One recommendation I have is if an item is no longer available for departments to check out to have it removed from the online website.

UITS staff have been very prompt and helpful with any issues I have come across, not to mention also very friendly!

UITS's quality has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY in the past year. With the outsourcing of calls to Bloomington, the turn-around time for tickets is slower, the ability to assist is weaker, and the quality of service is abysmal. I dread having to call IT help desk for anything. On several occasions while on the phone, I was able to Google how to fix the problem and explain to them how to remote into my computer and fix it, which is just sad. In addition, the fact that administrative assistants and faculty are responsible for maintaining, updating and programming our websites is just a mess and waste of time when we supposedly have a Web Services department. Why do we have to take (sometimes) hours of our day to navigate technology that is not intuitive or easy to use, and has limitless possibilities for errors. This has scared most people into have such basic websites that our overall websites are flat and boring because we do not have the time or knowledge of programming (despite the lengthy training) to update everything properly. This should be Web Services' job where they could create exciting and interactive content that would comparable to other universities. This is extremely important in this day and age, yet it seems like a secondary thought to this campus. It is very frustrating, and disappointing.

Very pleased with IT. The staff is always eager to help. Especially appreciative of the Web team and Instructional media.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

A positive experience occurred around my inability to have a push sent to my mobile device to log in to Canvas. The IT rep walked through the process, step by step, problem solved to realize I was missing a required app and then assisted me to resolve the issue. He did not terminate the call until he confirmed that I received the push.
There are too many security features to use Canvas; it really gets annoying to be logging in repeatedly just to submit assignments, discussion posts etc.

Any time I need help UTIS is always there to help me!

Any time I need to contact UITS for a technological issue, I have had the pleasure to talk to people who are professional, efficient, and patient. A criticism I have is that I think the Duo Mobile makes it inconvenient and difficult to log onto the university website, especially if you have misplaced your phone. I feel this extra step before logging into the website is time-consuming, unnecessary, and inefficient.

The Help Center is an amazing resource. Always willing to go above and beyond to assist with technology issues.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Any time I want any help regarding a job, the only answer I ever get is to go to
I even called one day to talk to the manager, couldn't do that. They like refused to give the phone to the manager. Totally unacceptable. Any other company or school would be more than willing to give the phone to the manager. In my opinion, pretty useless staff from my experience.
Also, I cannot stand how when you go to and click any link that you want, a new tab opens. This is very annoying and can easily be fixed.
I feel like certain people do not deserve the job they have at UITS at IUN, and are just holding those positions from people who really need a job, internship, or anything else similar. Honestly a joke.

Every experience I have had with the IT has been a positive one.

Everything's fine.

I am pleased with the service.

I didn't have to wait too long to be able to talk to someone about issues I've been having with my college life, like failing grades and not knowing what to do.

I do not have any negative concerns, the one time I had to go to the tech department they were very nice and helpful.

I don't like doing the 2 step login.

I feel like the IT department is doing a good job accommodating the needs of the students. The new mobile printing is super helpful and was a great choice.

I feel that the IT services are the best that they can be. I do believe that the IT department should offer workshops to help people figure out the mobile printing and how this new email change is going to work. Sending out emails with instructions and how to steps is not enough. I also think that some staff members could be a bit nicer. Some people don’t wish to approach the IT office because of problems with attitudes and not having staff be open to help some.

I hate Duo because it means I have to have my phone on me and out and I have to bring a charger to school.
I have a desktop at home. I hate when I just want to quickly check my email or log into Canvas and I have to go back and look for where I set my phone down. I realize it's a minor inconvenience but it's still inconvenient.
I wish all the computers in the STC in Marram would print in color.
Kaltura sometimes does not record the lecture and it's also glitchy and does not want to play sometimes.

I have always had a great experience with UITS.

I have always had positive experiences with the UITS staff. They have quickly and efficiently solved any issues.

I have gone numerous times to the UITS services and every time the staff was nice and very pleasant.

I have had a positive experience with the UITS staff when they helped me get back into my account when I had a problem with DUO mobile.

I have had only positive experiences with the IT services. I had an issue trying to sign up for DUO, but the person who helped me was fantastic. Shortly after seeking help, the issue was resolved and my DUO was working. I am using an Etext this semester and navigating the book can sometimes be frustrating. I am constantly having to go to the beginning of a chapter to look at the sections when I need to find a certain page. I find that the search option is in most cases not helpful when utilizing the text. I am not great with computers, so I do not have any recommendations.

I have never personally had a bad experience with UITS staff. One suggestion that I have is to provide assistance with student’s personal computers. There have been problems using IU software, websites and programs on my own laptop, but UITS staff informed me that they were not allowed to do anything for me. It would be a great help to us if that weren’t the case.

I have not had any experiences with UITS staff. There are no negative concerns.

I have used the chat a couple times, I really appreciate it.
Why do I have two emails? and

I haven't had any negative interactions with the UITS staff. I do have a suggestion for the DuoLogin. While I understand it is for student privacy, it is cumbersome to logon two times every day in order to see courses and emails. I think something needs to be done to make this less annoying for the students. I thought it was just me being picky, but I have heard from other students they are not fans of it either. Why are we logging in from our phone to enter a passcode from our phone?

I needed help installing the version of Microsoft Office that IU uses on my laptop, and the IT guy was very helpful and patient with showing me how to do it.

I think everyone is doing a great job!

I think the staff work really well with students and provide the best help possible to fix any technology issues a student may have

I was pleased to find out my school even offered tech assistance.

I wish it was easier to print at the printer on the first floor of the Dunes building by the nursing lab.

If I remember correctly, I have twice called UITS located at IUN for assistance, and they were very helpful, courteous, and professional.

IT dept. is so terrible!!!

It was very hard to figure out how to put Word on my laptop, but the staff was excellent and helped me get what I needed in order to put Microsoft applications on my laptop.

It's always positive. I think we have a good staff who knows what they are doing.

I've only interacted with the staff once to ask about charging issues I was having with my new laptop, and they recommended I get a new battery while it was still under warranty.

My dealings with the UITS staff has been pleasant. The staff is knowledgeable as well as patient and courteous. My only recommendation is to create a way the client/customer can sit while being served.

My experience has been good, I haven't had a problem at all and I've been at IU for 4 years.

My experience with UITS staff has been appreciated and very helpful. I have no complaints. They're always ready to help me with any of my issues and concerns.


No they answered my questions and showed me step by step on what I had to do.

One of the biggest issues I hear about is people not knowing how to save something on one desktop and then be able to access it on another. Another concern is Mac users have (to my knowledge) just one place they can access Mac computers on campus. This is a problem for accessing and printing work, because the format frequently ends up switching.

Overall great campus!

Since becoming an IU student I was at first overwhelmed just by the appearance of Canvas. But once I learned how to navigate the system I must say it is a one stop shop.

Staff has always been professional, helpful, and courteous.

Tech always takes care of the problems you need taken care of.

The majority of my experiences using the UITS services have been positive.

The only problem I have experienced at IUN are with the computers located in the main area of the Hawthorn building. I tend to use these computers as they have access to a printer but there are some problems when logging into them. Most times, I have to wait for a computer that works to be able to print my work out. I know the computers that I have had the most difficulty include the ones on the furthest end on each side (the closest to the hallway on the side of the door and the one on the opposite diagonal end).

The staff is very friendly and very kind. They speak with a kind voice to everyone and are willing to help when needed.
My only concern is that sometimes the staff is not very knowledgeable about computer programs when asked or they don't understand what you are asking. That is not the case with everyone who is approached it's just frustrating to know which member to go to.
I purchased a computer from the school and I was having problems with it during the Fall semester of 2017 and the representative I spoke to on the phone was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Recently though I've asked for help on things such as help finding a specific tab in Power Point, or help with Excel and the IT person in the lab didn't know much about the programs.
Also I had a problem locating my Crimson Card and I was trying to locate it. I called Bursars and they sent me to IT because they are the ones who now take care of the issuing of the card but because it was a lost card they sent me to the Police Department.
The Police department tried to send me to Bursars because I was told they were the ones who issue the cards and most times the cards make there way back to that office. because they didn't have a report about having it. That shows there is little communication among the departments on campus because the Police Department should have been directing me to IT.
I called IT back asking about the possibility of temporarily deactivating the card. I was told that would not be a problem but with the DUO system in place there would not be an issue of someone using the card.
I tried to explain that was not accurate. It would protect me from unauthorized usage on things like the computer and printers, but when you have EZ pay deposit you can swipe your card at the cafe and bookstore without DUO login. At the bookstore you sign for it, and signatures can be forged and with the cafe it's a swipe and go. The representative did not seem to understand what I was saying.
I have two recommendations. First better communication. Bursars knows that IT issues the Crimson cards. It seems you left the Police department out of that email. Send the Police Department an email explaining that IT takes care of the issuing of the cards and if a lost card is turned in to anywhere else other than the police department it goes to IT not Bursars.
The second recommendation I have is the Crimson card if your going to lock it down for usage on a computer you need to lock it down to protect the account in it's entirety. A signature is not enough as those can be forged. Swipe and go for food is not acceptable. There needs to be a required pin number.

The UITS services were always pleasant. I've never had a bad experience when receiving help with my computer. The people are friendly and always fix any problem that I might have.

The UITS staff at IUN has been amazing. They have always been able to help me out and show me even how they fixed my issues. They even work well as a team and help each other out which is amazing and not something you see every day. I think that the DuoLogin can be frustrating when the Wi-Fi is not working on campus. The Wi-Fi seems to be weak and not able to reach all areas. When it comes to doing research I found that the IU Library for IUN does not offer the same things that are offered at IU Bloomington (where I am a graduate from). This makes it difficult to find the best research articles and feel that we are not given full access and feel this to be a disadvantage. It is also unfair because we all deserve the best education and resources that the home campus receives.

The UITS staff have been exceptional in helping me resolve my IT technology issues. I only wish that the more seasoned veterans could teach more of their knowledge on to the rest of their staff to get quicker, more efficient, and less time consuming results. Time is important and everyone should address it as such.

The UITS staff is all of the buildings at IUN are normally very friendly and willing to try to fix any problem that you are having right away. However, the staff that is in the library on the main floor is the worst. The only thing that they ever seem to want to do is refill the paper in the printers, if that. When in the library early in the mornings they are always very loud and you can hear only their conversations given that there are not many people in the library in the mornings. I understand that the first floor is a place where people can talk amongst themselves and they do not have to be quiet, but when it is rather quiet I should not be able to hear their conversations halfway across the main floor. All other staff is amazing and always helpful, but I wish the library UITS staff was the same way.

The UITS staff is great. The only time I have a problem is if I need something addressed with an eBook charge. I get transferred around a lot, sometimes back and forth to the same people. It's always a fiasco trying to get a charge reversed.

The UITS staff is very helpful. They have patience with anything and everyone and know what they’re doing. I don’t have anything negative to say, nor do I have any concerns or improvements.

There are copious amounts of computers, printers, copiers, etc. at our disposal. I have a computer and printer of my own, but being able to print out PowerPoint slide notes is very helpful.

There are no negative interactions so far.

They're always very helpful whenever I have a question or need help with an online class problem. Super friendly and knowledgeable.

This is my second semester and there's been a few times IT has assisted me, and they've always been so patient, kind, and very helpful. Even the day at open house, IT had a table to themselves, of course I had questions and they answered professionally.

Two step login is the worst idea ever. Forgot my phone one day and failed something because of it.

UITS are simple to use and well thought out in their organization, minus using the “back” function on student services, which will take users back to the home page of that app.

UITS assisted me when there was issues with printing services.

UITS services are really good.

UITS staff are great and have helped me with every problem or concern I have ever had.

Very good

When I went to the It department they were very helpful and actually solved my problem.

When we had an issue in the classroom with a projector, UITS responded quickly and fixed the problem quickly and effortlessly.