Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2018

IUPUI Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

1) During a call to the help desk, the tech insisted that I should not be able to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server unless I was on IU secure Wi-Fi. -- Really; are you kidding me?!? Clearly this is not the case.
2) Support hours need to be 24/7 with competent techs.
3) There are too many e-mail connection issues for a university this size. In the handful of other universities I have been faculty at, there were never this many issues.

All of the Staff have been very responsive to the issue of concern.

Almost all of the individuals that I have come in contact with at UITS/CAITS are very nice people. However, I must admit that I have been frustrated with many of my interactions with the IT system. Realizing the problems with security of our system, the following are only a few of the problems that have occurred:
1. Since IT is not a part of the School of Dentistry, but is brought in separately, the flow of "technicians" through the school has not allowed most to understand the problems faced by departments incorporating 3D imaging into both clinical and research needs. There is little understanding of time from the standpoint of completing a project or that patient care is an immediate concern.
Research becomes untimely because IT will not allow departmental personnel to be "administrators" and add necessary software to their computers. Instead, untimely and incorrect downloading by IT has significantly delayed research.
2. IT does not know all the procedures, rules, laws, or problems associated with various hardware and has delayed approval of purchase to the point that it was never installed. This complaint has to be modified, however, by lack of responses by the manufacturer. We were never told the questions that the manufacturer was asked so we could not help with this. So knowledge of these questions would be helpful for departments ordering equipment. IT required that purchasing be done through their contacts, but this took a longer time than usual because of the lack of knowledge of the procedures and policies.
3. It took months, actually years, for IT to realize that wireless could not handle the systems used in our clinic and research and to install hardwiring. They did eventually address the problem in a systematic approach to determine the actual problem.
4. Since IT requires that they are the administrators, then they should totally and swiftly handle software manufacturer contacts when the software needs updating or has a problem and not refer it back to the secretary who does not have administrator rights. Or...perhaps give administrator rights for some procedures.
5. Software is not always updated in a timely manner. For example, Adobe is not always updated and we receive forms that we can not complete because of different versions or loss of various portions of the software.
6. When working at home, internet connectivity is often lost. Is this an IUPUI problem.
7. In addition, the website for IUPUI is often different than the one accessed from campus. It makes access to the library difficult or impossible and that makes manuscript or grant writing difficult. Why are there different websites? Just make one and check the system to remove the others.
8. During the workday, connectivity with printers within the department is often lost, even though it was available a few minutes previously. A work order has to be submitted to IT for repair and the message is that they will try to respond in 4 hrs. Ppphhht - work efficiency. Let a departmental administrator restore it.
I apologize for the negativity in the above statements, but we are very frustrated with our dealings with IT because it limited our clinic use and research. With that being said, the 3D imaging equipment we have has finally been integrated into the patient care system to allow us to share patient care within the school and to be able to query our patient database for research purposes. However, the networking system breaks down for individual clinicians and adds time to patient care. The infrastructure within the school was old also. We were told that it was being updated years ago and it was not. Hopefully, in the plans for renovation, it will be approached after talking with the clinicians and researchers to determine what is needed.
If you do not receive a completed survey, it is because the internet connection has shut down Outlook several times (working at home) and I am tired of reestablishing connections.

Although accessing IU IT resources from IUH computers has improved, there are still barriers that prevent full utilization which are frustrating as I am employed by both entities and cannot fully sync the IT capabilities of each to perform my job.

As an IU faculty member working within the IU Health System, sometimes I meet roadblocks that I have to spend precious time sorting through. I don't find issues on the IU side, it is primarily the IU Health System that makes working through technical difficulties more challenging than they should be.
I know this is not new news to you.

Computer hardware issues- the UITS staff here at IU North was very helpful getting it fixed quickly.

Currently much of the research software and/or computing services are geared towards highly technical users which hinders many less tech savvy researchers, especially faculty and then students, from using services and tools that are already available at their disposal. If a faculty member is unable to use these tools how are they going to use it in their classroom/curriculum? Microsoft Azure and AWS are great examples of how they have simplified creating customized virtual machines with all the necessary software and hardware specifications that people don't have to bother with *setting up their computer* anymore and can get on with whatever they wish. How come we (at UITS) are still not there? BTW, this is not at all meant as criticism since I am aware that Amazon and Microsoft and Google have tens/hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on the web services/cloud platforms but we don't. But here's the thing. Do students and/or researchers consider this point when they contrast IU's computing services to cloud offerings by these private companies? Just saying...simplify much of the offerings and make it easy for people to use...especially technologies related to databases, research computing, geospatial mapping (GIS), and statistics!, are great starts and they need to be advertised, and pushed, much more!

Each year during open enrollment for IU health insurance I continue to be very dismayed how hard it is to find the tobacco free affidavit. Can't you make this easier to find? I suggest during the open enrollment period that opens to a link for directly accessing this form and then a smaller link be shown below that which says "any other functions needed for the operation of Indiana University."

Faster network at the school of Dentistry. An upgrade of servers to store the growing number of digital images taken. Stl files, dicom files, photography, videos. And faster access and upload.

Fragmentation of computer support by school/organization is a little frustrating at times.

Generally, UITS staff and services are very helpful.

Good experience except I'm not able to resolve email issues as they don't SYNC on MAC outlook, MAC mail program, iPhone. I really need it resolved as it interfered my work everyday.
I need more MAC computer with webcams for my classes closer to CA building. IT building is inconvenience due to distance.

Hardware in classrooms could be better- more updated. IU Secure could be more reliable in the buildings.

Helpful staff in helping me get a new computer - this page is not user friendly

I always ask my IT problems to Jason McClellan who is the IT Manager at Herron School of Art + Design. He is so helpful. Also, his responses and solutions are so fast and easy.

I always find experiences positive, with good responsiveness and timely completion of issues.

I am a Mac user. I am not all that satisfied as it takes forever and often times the solution is not known, needs to be researched, the issues don't get fixed for weeks (or ever!). Hiring Mac specialists is an absolute must. There are enough of us around to claim a full FTE of a Mac only support person.

I am based on another campus outside of Indy and Bloomington, thus our use of UITS is mostly for troubleshooting, Canvas and other IU systems.

I do not do a lot of the technology that is available, so I don't often need UITS. When I do call for the most part they are on top of it.
I do not like phone system - if the computer is not on, then you cannot use the phone.
Classroom systems are way to slow compared to what they could be.
I will add my two cents that I disagree with UITS taking some of the students money away from the Schools and the Schools are not able to do some things for the students that they used to be able to do technology wise. I do not feel UITS always makes an appropriate decision when it comes to covering everyone's needs!

I find it very frustrating that I have no phone reception in my office area (lower level of Taylor Hall). I would think that as advanced as IU is with technology, this could be easily remedied!
I do, however, really appreciate the helpfulness of UITS when I call with questions. Whoever answers is always very caring and extremely helpful.

I find One.iu very difficult to navigate. I don't use the Kuali system for IRB very often but I also find it very confusing.
When I teach in different classrooms and there is a problem with the technology in the room, the support staff is typically very helpful, but I typically do not realize there is a problem until shortly before my class begins. It is frustrating when the support person over the phone wants to walk me through several time consuming troubleshooting steps when I need to start my class and I have 75 students staring at me. In some cases it is simply more helpful for the person to come by to assist so that it does not disrupt the learning environment.
When I call IT support for help with Canvas, I find that the support staff are often unable to answer my questions. More than once they have been unable to help and we both start search for answers on the internet and I come up with the solution before they do.

I have had a positive experience this year. I was having trouble with a computer in my classroom. The person at UITS was able to walk me through it over the phone and get it fixed.

I have had contact with our IT professionals in our department as well as professionals who provide service for Cerner. All have been very professional and helpful.

I have had disappointing experiences with the fob I was given to log in to CAS. It has consistently become 'unsynced'. I would much rather use a fob than my cell phone. This could definitely use improvement.

I have had good response time to problems.
It is sometimes difficult to get an understanding of why a small technical concern is a big concern in a classroom.
It is difficult when you walk into a classroom and the computer setup has changed or the software has been updated and you had no idea it was happening or how it works.

I have no concerns. The UITS staff are quick to respond and immediately resolve the issue at hand and I have had all positive experiences.

I have not called the UITS people lately because we have our own SOE people that I have contacted with issues about technology while in my office.

I like being able to access files from a remote computer, but I find it difficult to do that from home. I was given instructions but they didn't work. So, I can only access my H drive files from a university laptop specifically configured. Some process or service that makes it easier to access files from my home computer would be helpful. Also, more users want to access information from a smart phone, so all websites should be monitored for ease of use when accessed from a smart phone.
I recognize that there is a lot of functionality I'm not employing, but some of the stuff I do use isn't very intuitive if I don't use it very often, like SIS.

I like the UITS help and support on campus. Thank you for the excellent service. I have one suggestion and one question below.
I recently had difficulty with using the projector before a colloquium. The help numbers are available but they are sometimes located in places that are not readily/easily found. A simple solution would be to add help numbers to the desktop background of the computer, or with labels that are taped directly to the monitor. This issue can become quite frustrating when you have a room full of people and a speaker who can't start their presentation. Quick access to the help number would make this situation smoother.
The survey mentioned Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers (ATAC) [e.g., Assistive technology loans, alternate formats for instructional materials (braille, tactile diagrams, Kurzweil 3000, LiveScribe pens, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, TextHelp Read&Write Gold, etc.] but I'm unaware of what these services are. I recently had a student with visual impairment in one of my lecture courses who struggled to read my PowerPoint presentations. Where can I find out about options that are available for helping students who need additional services?

I love Box as a collaboration tool. I don't love it's limited organization and search functions.
I hate dual authentication.
I think you need to put GraphPad Prism on the IU share page, if possible.
I love Zoom.
I would like to see a secure chat format for collaborations between IU folks and outside IU. I would like to see an online, archiving, updatable conversation that people who eschew social media and use mostly email would be willing to use. Slack is too difficult. I think an IU portal would be best. Something to replace a string of emails.

I love the guidelines and knowledge base as it has provided guidelines in times I am working remotely.
Everyone on the phone is very nice and helpful

I often contact IUTS services with Canvas or external tools issues. Sometimes the issues are resolved and sometimes they are not. When an issue has to be elevated to another level, it seems to take a long time to receive a response.

I really hate the duo process. If I don't have good connectivity it can delay being able to approve missed punches, logging into one.iu, canvas. I do not understand why I have to duo for each system within IU. I realize it is about security, but it is crazy to have to duo for each system. I INTENSIVELY DISLIKE DUO

I really utilize and like the Knowledge Base (kb) resource. I often refer students to items/directions there. I do think it could be improved a bit with more variables in the search engine. Sometimes I don't know the lingo or even how I should draft my query. Consequently, I feel it is luck that I found or came across the answer to my question.
Note: In the section asking about "student' instructional opinion, I wasn't sure if I was to answer the questions as a teacher instructing students or if it was supposed to be from the student's perspective.

I think the IT support for the epilepsy monitoring unit and EEG at Riley is overall not as supportive as it should be and often difficult to get things addressed in a quick and timely manner. Also, we have been requesting help in the Neurology clinic at Riley as Adobe has not worked on the computers there for >6 months. Despite someone coming probably >10 times to "fix" this it is still not fixed and causes significant problems with work flow in our clinic for all providers.

I think the staff is very good. I sometimes feel bad that I cannot resolve a problem and have to call or email. They are always very patient and reassuring.
I do not care for the phone service that is connected through our computers-Lync or skype for business. If the computer doesn't work you can't call to tell anyone. If you've logged off for the day and then need to make a quick call before walking out, you have to sign back on the computer to do so. These things are irritating and unsafe nowadays. You cannot call for help if you have no computer access.
My cell phone will not work in my building. It is often assumed that if you can't use your computer or your phone that you will use your cell phone. I cannot. I have to be outside.
Canvas.....this tool has ruined my efficiency and productivity. It is not user friendly. For crying out loud, I cannot even print a test I've created nor can I look at it to review it (with the answers) in edit mode. Building tests is a pain. I could go on and on.
I wish we could pay the IT Radiology staff what they're REALLY worth! They just get trained and then they leave. In past years I've been told it is a combination of pay and work load. These are THE nicest guys I have ever met! Their turnaround time is phenomenal considering some of the timelines we request. I never hear one negative word from them and they treat me as if I'm the only person they are helping. They don't act rushed (and I know they are) and they never act put out by even the smallest of requests. I don't know what they make but I can assure you it's not enough. Seriously, some of the nicest people on this entire campus!!

I think you are understaffed on the IUSM - INDY campus in terms of meeting teaching needs

I use Macs and in general the UITS staff does not seem to know enough about these computers. Several times, when asking questions, the UITS staff have instructed me to contact Apple.

I use Outlook Web App for email and I don't like its text/message editor. I have tried both text and html options and each give me some trouble with formatting. HTML introduces extra blank lines/space after paragraphs and while in the text version I cannot control the font size for my signature block.

I use UITS online chat frequently and always find staff to be helpful, prompt and pleasant. I usually google my tech issues, figure them out on my own or go to the hardware/software website before contacting UITS. I often work from home and it's easier to chat with UITS than contact my School's IT department as well.
My main complaint is that I mostly teach in Cavanaugh and the classroom computers/monitors are dated and often restart, move slowly or distort color.

I was buying new computers last year and had some interactions with the IT stuff on software problems, and my requests were resolved timely.
One improvement I would really welcome is buying a plotter that prints on canvas.
Another area that I have problems is telecommunication, but I'm not sure what can be done: none works as flawless as Skype, and I have a lot of problems with other packages, but once Skype became a part of Microsoft, it seriously affected my accounts, and I'm not sure that it's safe to rely on Skype any more.
Finally, I think that school-wide default printer settings like double-siding would promote reducing paper expenses.

I was recently in Nigeria and could not pass the fire wall with DUO system. I called UITS , the front staff and supervisor was excellent in technical support skills and emotional and moral support. I really appreciated this and had no further problem with access. I shared this recently with a faculty applicant, as one of the benefits of been a faculty at IU.

I will be honest here. I am often frustrated by the rapidly changing technology and the fact that support staff just don't seem to understand the frustrations. I was not hired for my technical skills and would never expect someone else to be able to step in and do what I do. Tech support staff (regardless of age) needs to approach questions and technical problems with this understanding. I do not have time to be up on all of the current technological tools and advancements. I am already swamped and overwhelmed with what I was hired to do here at IUPUI (TEACH and CONDUCT RESEARCH). I wish there was a way to get more assistance/one-on-one help with technology issues in the classroom.

I would like it if all of the phone consultants were all well trained. I am sometimes given bad advice from consultants who do not understand what my problem is or goals.

Inadequate orientation time to learn IT systems

It is disturbing that many new systems and software products are introduced with apparently NO input from users. Many of them turn out to be disasters that destroy productivity or create large burdens on users, for example the current TEM travel reimbursement system.
Every system that will be imposed on users should be tested by a representative group of users and improved before it is deployed for all, and at least a focus group should provide input before it is even developed or customized for IU.

Love UITS, they are there when we need them. Much of the technology in the rooms they steward such as many rooms in IUPUI's campus center and the School of Informatics (just to name a few) have very dated technology in the A/V components, it is very difficult to connect computers of today to.
They need help upgrading much of the technology infrastructure to HDMI etc.

Most of the time I've had positive experience with UITS staff and services.

My chief concern this year was that at the beginning of the semester none of the software we were teaching was installed on the classroom computers in the ET basement or in IP 102. This included Creo Parametric, Matlab, and Visual Studio 2015. We had four C programming sections, all meeting in IP 102, and it took until the end of week two of the semester before Visual Studio was installed. Even after installation, it would disappear on random computers, sometimes even on the instructor station. We need to be able to use this software, beginning at day 1 of the semester.
I have been given no access to UITS staff except through sending of help tickets. We do send help requests through our E&T Computer Network Center, but not directly. Sometimes I get to talk with a UITS student worker who generally will send a help ticket or try to fix a problem that I have discovered, but usually we get no resolution. The UITS student workers in the ET basement usually have very little expertise in solving software problems.

My experience with the SOS/UITS staff has always been positive.

My interactions with UITS is always through HELPnet. Adam Nover is the HELPnet representative I always work with. He is exceptional.

My laboratory receives IT help from Mr. Robert Lawson, and I am not sure about his affiliation to the UITS.

My most recent experiences with IT have been with Conor and Sarah Jane, and they are both always so pleasant, quick-to-respond, and helpful.

My new 2017 laptop - Air-book form Mac has been managed by UITS, it did not work properly for 2-4 weeks and I needed support almost daily. I had 3 previous Air-books and never needed IT support to use them. Security restrictions put on laptop by UITS was preventing my laptop from working properly and few times delayed my ability to provide patient care. None of the IT staff knows Mac operating system well.
Also the new version of outlook mail is really difficult to navigate, worse than the previous one that was pretty bad too...

no concerns regarding services. I do wish that I could get assistance outside of the school of nursing when needed. For example- installing a printer on my work computer for use at home - would be nice to be able to do that without contacting the school of nursing person.
need better connection at Nursing building. interferes with classroom instruction with signal is not strong. phones struggle with connection and service which makes duo difficult. need a better Wi-Fi signal in building


None- Very pleased with service.

On the whole, I find UITS services to be very good. The IT infrastructure is generally very reliable and I almost always find a tool from UITS for any task I need to perform.

One this that is really irritating to me is not being able to use the library services when I am not on campus via using VPN. My service provider service at home must be terrible as the VPN is so slow and delayed that I have given up being able to complete any lit searches at home. I wish the library services (Pub med etc.) were accessible from One.IU and then I could log in there and use the system from home without having to use VPN.

Our radiology staff are always helpful, quick to respond and able to assist us with our issues. Very pleasant staff (Jesse and Brian)

Our school IT techs MUST become more Mac friendly. I am sick of hearing that a large University such as IU does not support APPLE products. Faculty should have a choice and should have techs who can support Mac users.

Overall attention is good. Only suggestion is to improve some understanding of the needs of a faculty or staff in their own computer requirements

Overall, I appreciate the effort of UITS in keeping us safe and all my interactions have been positive. However, I think that the efforts are sometimes shadowed by an overly developed system that does too much and reduce efficiency in communications. An example is the need to confirm and re-confirm mails that are sent to mail lists.

Overall, my experience with UITS has been positive.

Overall, very good and convenient services which is really helpful.

Research resources have improved, but are not always aligned with priority research needs. For example, we have needed a secure windows environment for research for some time. Yet we only have access to Linux environments.

Slow service that needs to improved

Specific points:
1. In IUware, the new Adobe system is a somewhat less user-friendly than the prior Adobe system.
2. The individuals at CTLA are marvelous. I am lucky that we had a day of meetings with them as a faculty and now I have some emails that I reach out personally to them.
3. The phasing out of PowerPoint OfficeMix is sad and I am bracing for its replacement.

Staff are great. The People are great. However, some of your policies meant to create safe working environments are not very effective. Specifically, the DUO login is really super ineffective, because I have to login so often. Specifically, I have to login several times a day usually when I'm working because I've timed out, etc. Thus, I've been self-trained to auto approve every time I see a duo request, without thinking about it because its become such a pattern, which IS NOT WHAT Y'ALL WANT and is not helpful for security purposes.

The only complaint I can think of is that the university internet connections go down relatively frequently, leaving me unable to use my e-mail.

The Two-Step login is probably a real deterrent to people logging in to the IU systems. I would like to see whether students actually use Canvas and email less because of the additional steps required. If so, what is the benefit in terms of increased security.

There are too many IT departments on campus.
hospital, departments, school etc.
needs to be consolidated

They are good.

UITS has been very helpful setting up my classrooms for recording our lectures. they have been attentive to any problems that occur and always willing to help

UITS is not approachable. I feel like I'm talking to a giant machine when I message UITS. That being said, they are always really quick to respond, which reduces that feeling.
By the way, I'm getting ready to purchase federal data and see nothing about how to do this and work with UITS on your website. Luckily by word of mouth I'm learning how to go about this. For a major research university to have this be such an opaque process is embarrassing.

Usually, UITS is very helpful, friendly in providing service, and great at not making me feel too old to still try to use a computer.
One issue is that I cannot add a program to my computer even if I download it from the library because I have no administrator rites. If it is an internally acquired program like EndNote from the library, a "ticket" is really not required most of the time. Can that policy be amended?

We recently had an issue with UITS staff being unable to fix a problem (guest speaker's computer not being recognized by the Crestron system in the Lilly Auditorium). The UITS staff people noted that they'd been having this problem for a couple of weeks -- but they did not have a solution ready to go. They tried a couple of things but left before we had fully resolved the problem, leaving faculty to troubleshoot the problem. Our guest was left with a poor impression of campus resources.

We use UITS servers for our clinical services (Radiation Oncology) and have been put in a position of not being able to upgrade software in a timely fashion, unable to treat patients on several occasions because of server issues and have frequent downtime with respect to access to clinical data. UITS has not listened to the specs forwarded by vendors as to server needs.

When calling UITS, my students are frequently given incorrect information. As a 100% online program (MSW Direct), my students are told by UITS to try a different browser, etc. when videos don't work or to contact me as instructor when they can't upload something. However, those issues are typically on the student end, such as students not having Google enable Flash Player every time the browser updates (essential since no one is supporting Flash Player but the video comment for feedback in Canvas requires its use).

When I get access to the program I need, it works great and I am very satisfied. However, I feel that we are expected to do a lot of things that unless you are in computer science are very confusing. I have had to ask my brother who is a computer scientist at a company in Indianapolis, to help me and he has told me that some of the things I am asked to do are what he does in his job for the people at his company. I know that we get directions on how to do things but honestly a lot of it is like a foreign language to me.
Also, the wireless access does not work in most places in the School of Nursing.

Whenever I have come up with some glitch with the technology in my classrooms, the men and women of UITS have come to my rescue brimming with resources and always very pleasant. Keep doing what you're doing with respect to classroom assistance.
The Kuali system is not user-friendly.

Why are computer support services split into HELPnet and CAITS on our campus? I was in one of the units to switch from one to the other, and the year of transition was a nightmare This was a few years ago, so the transitional issues are largely moot, but, when there is a tendency to centralize all manner of other support services within the IU system, it seems odd that we would support the split here.
Second concern, which may be more properly directed to the campus architect than UITS, is the design of some classrooms is sometimes perplexing. In computer labs, you can run into sight lines that simply don't work (there was one in ET where a pillar was at the front of the class blocking views of the screen). In other classes, the screen is horribly mismatched to the scale of the room. And in one class, I pulled up the screen in order to write something out for the class on the board to discover ... only a painted wall behind the screen. One would think there should be some standards of practice that could be applied to avoid these problems.

WHY, WHY, WHY does my computer default to Explorer as the internet provider and at least 50% of the time it does not work. This is 100% annoying and it happens several times a day!!!!!
Is there any way to stop getting a zillion e-mails for predatory and bogus journals and conferences? I never get an option to unsubscribe or to block the messages.
E-mail negatively affects the quality of my work life.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Actually UITS all are very helpful and respectful I want to thank each one work over there .

All good experiences!

Always friendly and helpful.

Always have Wi-Fi connection access as I left OH building towards the parking lot #63 by New York street.

Always helpful. Refer appropriately if they cannot help.

Any issues I have had have been addressed promptly and courteously.

Any staff I have interacted with have been great! Quick to respond to inquiries as well. Overall no complaints.

Appreciate the staff who work to set up conference calls.

As an IUSM healthcare provider physically located in an IU Health hospital and operating a clinical lab the IT challenges are enormous. We need to expedite bridging this divide.

At the School of Nursing, we have our own IT staff who are outstanding at responding quickly and fixing a myriad of problems. Our down times would be seriously affected if they were not on-site.

Being able to login to One. via your phone with duo mobile.

Centralization has been awful and the rotating of UITS staff has not worked.

Computers are very slow and Outlook is a sub par product. My computer crashes many times a day. It is very difficult to get work accomplished.

- Repeated Outlook issues
- The length of time to add data lines and the very high cost of adding data lines
- Need easier way to view the departmental telephone bill details - this is not straightforward
- The very poor quality of wireless internet - this is a major concern as medical students attempt to use computers, tablets, phones in classes and frequently there is no service, poor service, or specifically no service for Verizon users (Medical Science & Path Lab Building). This is a basic requirement that is not being met and a serious concern.

Contact with UITS staff has been good. Depending on my question or problem, UITS may call me or come to my office. I always offer they can access my computer remotely if that is a viable option for my issue. Thank you for helping me.

Does UITS have a departmental expert to assist with specific critical needs, which may be unique based on function? Would it be possible to create a liaison list which quickly identifies those resources?

Duo is awful, it's a pain to have multiple devices and the fact that I have to use my own personal device and or carry an extra device is taxing.

Even though I have noted that I do not use or, I'm looking forward to using them!!

Every time that I have contacted UITS my issue was resolved.

Generally, I have had good experiences with assistance from the UITS team. I do wish the KB had better search capabilities.

Glowing recommendation of HelpNet and UITS. Everyone who I have been in contact with has always been very helpful and friendly.


Happy with current services

Have always had prompt and helpful responses from any help ticket I've submitted.

Having the phone system tied in with whether my laptop is in its hooked into the system is problematic. At one of my offices (IU ICO/518 Indiana Ave.), the laptop sometimes isn't connected or loses its connection. And because of this, I lose access to a physical phone. It would be best if they were independent of one another.

Hello for the most part I am very pleased up to this point of my working career, I am also very pleased with the family health care that's provided, now some of the down sizes about this job are needing better/newer equipment as the other site's have for the better up keep of the many facility that are cared for i.e. floors and general cleaning, I also believed that having an open discussion with employee's only to speak openly about issues and concerns and sharing there thoughts in moving forward ,also in speaking about the employee's appreciation annual picnic would catering in the food [Jud's Catering] be better than the staff cooking it, so that the staff and employee's are both able to mingle together for a fun day and maybe have some type of raffle drawing tickets for small give away prizes. I thank you in advance in reference to this matter.

I always have a great experience with the team. If someone is not immediately available, they respond in a timely manner.

I am an IU employee working at the VA. Honestly I am confused as to when I am supposed to contact the IU help desk and when I am supposed to contact the Department of Medicine IT. I always seem to have it backwards and do not have the correct phone numbers.

I am not sure what is a UITS services versus my department IT services. No negative interactions that I know of. I do have a concern that when I work remotely my outlook does not always work. My recommendation for a new service is weekly technology updates/presentation (15 - 30 minutes) that show us how to take advantage of all the technology available to us like: Zoom, Skype for business, Phone System, One Note, IU Box, Advanced Excel, etc. Something I can connect to from my desk and watch while I eat my lunch or maybe use as an agenda item at weekly staff meetings.

I am very frustrated with the VOIP phones dropping off the caller on the end. They can hear me, but I can't hear them. It happens at least 3-4 times a week, and is very, very embarrassing when speaking with high profile leaders.

I am very pleased with the services I receive from the UITS staff. They are very polite, courteous and skilled. I always receive great service as they work to resole any problems I may be experiencing. It is good to know that there are professionals on your staff, that always take the time to explain what is going on, as well as what I might do to enhance my skills in trouble shooting.

I believe campuses/schools/departments need support to create a tiered and standardized approach to audio visual and communication technology. Software like Zoom is an excellent start although it must be partnered with the right equipment that is setup to university specs.
Additional support may be in the form of procurement as well as ongoing training modules to assist students, faculty, and staff.

I cannot praise Will Simon and Sarah Puls enough. They have always been on top of my request and completed tasks in a very quick/timely manner. Totally appreciate their dedication and service. I have dealt with IUHealth IT from time to time and it's always a stark difference. Our UITS employees I deal with have always been of exceptional caliber.

I can't think of any recommendations off the top of my head. I've had fairly good experiences.

I continue to have problems with connecting to IU Secure and with Outlook functionality.

I do like the training they provide. Not sure if its possible but I would like to see them take over the CAITS - Clinical Affairs IT.

I don't have any suggestions for changes at this time. My interactions with the UITS staff have always been great.

I don't know if it is a UITS product or not - but Salesforce on this campus is next to worthless as a CRM. It seems there is very little useful functionality. I wish the campus would invest in a product designed for colleges and universities - Slate would be a good example.

I don't work with UITS very often, mainly CAITS.

I feel I am surveyed for every transaction, experience and triviality of my life. I hate surveys. I wish you would stop sending them.
I have very little direct contact with UITS. I talk to the phone support team often and love them, they are great. We work with Gary Curto for videoconferencing and think he is a wonderful professional.

I feel UITS is only useful when you have your computer or email isn't working. If you have a problem with a particular software it seems like they are not able to fix. Would like to see more support on these software systems.

I find all of the staff at UITS to be extremely knowledgeable and very easy to talk to when a tech problem happens.

I found the new system of UITS working the desk at the Crimson Card office confusing and unhelpful. When I called earlier this year asking questions about purchasing copy cards, they were unable to answer my questions and recommended coming to the office to get the answer.

I get frustrated with the "old-fashioned" outlook system for e-mail. I would MUCH prefer something along the lines of Google In-Box which help provides a much more holistic framework for managing e-mails and creating a zero in-box environment. I wish we had a system like in-box that bundled messages and so seamlessly worked with tasks and calendar.

I had a positive interaction with online support, they assisted me with an issue I had with Canvas as an instructor, promptly and conveniently.

I have a dislike of UITS but honestly they are pretty quick with helping me. I know some of my dislike is really just embedded in being at IU for a while and the few annoying instances stand out more. I also know they got A LOT of money from the university here at IUPUI and that money was taken from program areas that support student initiatives. I don't know why UITS needs so much money and want them to be transparent.
Also: the Wi-Fi in the Campus Center is TERRIBLE. We cannot even do video chats for events unless it is hooked into the wall.

I have a request in the que that was submitted in July 2017 and I was told that there would be a delay but I have not received any feedback on where my project is in the que.

I have always found UITS staff very polite and reassuring that I was not a dummy. However, a couple of years ago I did have an experience with a gentleman whose accent was so heavy I couldn't understand him. I even told him that and asked to speak to someone else which I did. Your staff must be able to communicate with your customers so speaking fluent English should be a requirement.

I have always had a positive response with our IT staff

I have been a full-time employee for more than five years and, until the end of last year, was also a full-time student. All of my interactions with UITS has been very good. Once, while working on a school project, I needed help with my home computer. A UITS representative accessed my computer remotely, fixed the problem, and made my life much easier within about 10 minutes. Once, I needed help with some computer equipment in a conference room and, again, I received prompt attention and my problems were resolved within minutes.
My suggestion would be that UITS take over FIAD Tech. I have worked, on the employee side, on two projects for which I needed IT support. Each project has now taken more than two years and neither project is completed.

I have found UITS staff to be helpful and responsive. Have not had any issues. I know they get pulled in many directions during the day because most problems are "immediate".....

I have had a few encounters with the IT staff and they are helpful and get the job done.

I have had a terrible time getting working phones in the lab and phone lines as needed. You can refer to ticket #2161841. Also when I try to reply to your survey attached to the "completed" e-mail from you I can never get access to the "take survey". I have an IU School of Medicine computer and I access IU Health programs. This causes an issue sometimes, however, the phone is all UITS and it always seems like any phone issue can never be address timely.

I have had good experiences with UITS staff. They have been helpful when I need them.

I have had mixed experiences - some good and some not helpful.
My sense is that some UITS support staff know policies, systems or technology issues better and can help while others tend to Google issues and copy/paste a solution that I have already attempted to do myself before contacting UITS support.

I have not had any issues this past year with UITS. I have received excellent service from whom ever I have spoken with.

I have had only positive experiences from UITS. There are no issues or concerns.

I have had very positive experiences with UITS staff. They were helpful in setting up my consoles/internet when I moved in and have responded promptly to any printer concerns I have in my office.

I have not had any negative experiences regarding UITS help.

I have not had any negative experiences with the UITS staff in the multiple times they have worked with me. I appreciate their hard work.

I have noticed certain areas where the Wi-Fi drops. I use a laptop and access hvac controls for the campus through the Wi-Fi. Has caused difficulty for me to perform my duties.

I have put in a couple requests for People Admin help and they have been answered very quickly. PDF issues have been aggravating.

I have worked with a few different groups within UITS (CAITS, Research Technologies, SMART Services, Enterprise Systems and DBA Teams) and all the people have been great to work with. The level of services do very significantly across the groups, given some of these groups provide similar services and the experiences I have had are both positive and constructive. Here are some considerations: 1) An area that UITS can improve on is that of those units which have overlapping services, such as server and database administration; consider consolidating into a centralized unit. 2) A second area of improvement is when there are new technologies/platforms introduced for faculty, staff, students to leverage, that these technologies/platforms be considered for critical data, such as data under HIPAA. There have been several instances over the recent years in which no consideration has been made until someone raises the question. There is significant dollars coming in to support human subjects research, UITS needs to always be considering this as new services, especially as it relates to technology, are implemented. 3) A third area is to provide HPC environments, e.g.., Windows, that can be leveraged by faculty and staff who are not HPC programmers. 4) And a fourth area is to provide secure storage which can be accessed by multiple systems (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.) without the need to xfer data from one environment to another.

I just started the Access training. I'm not very far into it, but so far it seems really helpful. I like being able to work on it at my own pace instead of blocking out a huge chunk of time to go to a workshop. thanks!

I just want to say that Sean Moser, Josh Ratzburg and Don Burgess have helped me all last year with critical meetings, making sure equipment was set up correctly and have done an excellent job working with us here in CTSI! We appreciate it very much!

I love the turn around time with UITS. There services are awesome.

I need to use the services more. I'm not very tech savvy. I did have a positive experience with someone from UITS recently who helped me to show my instructor that I submitted an assignment.

I never have problems when dealing with UITS.

I really appreciated and enjoyed last year's Statewide IT Conference; everything from the opening sessions, breakout sessions, and the delicious healthy lunch and snacks conveniently provided was a complete success. In addition, the reimbursement for parking much appreciated as well.

I really have very seldom needed to connect with UITS. I use the School of Science IT help mostly.

I really like the services I have received through UITS for all of my tech issues and help. I have not encountered any negative interactions with anyone on the staff. I would like to replace my laptop through the university at some point but not sure if that would go through you all. I have nothing bad to say about this! All good! Tech support is very crucial with my job as I use a Ticketmaster computer and I'm making calls constantly for potential customers. It is crucial that all of my technology is current and working. UITS has been very helpful in this process. Thank you for making my daily job functions a lot easier.
Actually if I did have to change one thing, my outlook is very sensitive if I move from one Wi-Fi connection to another. I have to completely shut down my computer to access emails and do a restart. I think it's because my laptop is old. Other than that it's great!

I really miss the service you had previously supplied. easy to use and great learning tool.
your new service just does not make it, not helpful, had to use.

I sometimes find that one hand does not know what the other is doing with UITS. For example, many times I hear about questions asked of the folks in the support center front line about things like Adobe Connect content and voice-over-presentation - instead of referring these questions to the Teaching Centers, Mission Critical, or eLearning Design and Services, callers are given incomplete or unhelpful answers. Some way of making sure that the front line knows when to consult with other UITS groups would be helpful.

I think it would be a great idea if UITS took over IU Health's IT department and merged the systems. IU Health is terrible and does not play well in the sandbox with UITS.

I think it's important that UITS staff realize we aren't computer experts and, just because of this, we shouldn't be made to feel like we aren't intelligent or capable.

I think that UITS staff need to be very highly trained, even if they are just students.

I work for UITS so this is a little awkward, but yeah its all pretty great

I work in SOM/Department of Radiology. We have our own IT department in Radiology.

I would like to see mobile app for Kuali TIME

I'm not sure what UITS does, specific services they provide or their acronym even means. They're basically another faceless, oddly named university entity.

In general the interactions with the UITS staff has always been very good. The biggest issue that we deal with is the apparent disconnect internally of UITS itself. The requirement to submit multiple requests to different entities within UITS to install, test, enable, set up IP address on data jacks is very cumbersome. It appears from a customer standpoint that the process is only in place because UITS doesn't want to be responsible for it's own internal communications. I have seen this delay several projects etc. from on time completion.

In general, I have had extremely good interactions with UITS Staff members and services provided.
My only thought about improvements would be to increase direct communication (via phone/in person) for Tier 2 / High Priority matters. It can be fairly difficult to get someone on the phone or get a timely response to an issue. The most recent issue I had was time sensitive and it took over a week to resolve causing some problems with our website.

Interaction with UITS is circular. I have rarely been given a straight-forward answer regarding tech issues. That is the least of my concern because the problems campus voicemail system is pathetic. When someone leaves a voicemail message, it is unintelligible. The text is gobbledygook. It is puzzling to me that this program was selected for universal use when it is completely useless. Very poor product choice and is an embarrassment to an organization which has UITS on site. Google voice would have been a better choice.

It is apparent that in the scope of my duties that axiUm was not set up correctly/completely for my job description. Unfortunately, I do not find out that something is not correct, usually settings, until I need to access it. I believe that most of this has been taken care of but it is very inconvenient when it happens.

It would be nice if the IU Health and IUSM IT teams could work together a bit better. For instance, I haven't had a working phone in 3 weeks as my computer is IUSM and the port is IU Health. It makes it rather inconvenient.

It would be nice if the voice mail messages from voice to printed message could be improved upon. The service connected to my home far exceeds what IU's does.

I've had positive interactions with UITS. As an LSP though, we have noticed response times for Tier2 Support are a bit slow, no doubt from volume of requests, but sometimes it's a bit frustrating. Also as a support provider, with courses offered, a lot of the courses have been awesome, and Robert De Roke (sp?) is a great instructor. That being said, as IU ramps up it's security initiatives even further, I would love to see some custom courses tailored to the IU environment for securing Servers, supported networks, maybe even securing systems with 3rd party vendors in accordance with the 3PA process. Also as an ITPRo for the School of Medicine, I'd love to see more HIPAA Aligned offerings, for example HIPAA aligned for, Zoom, more HIPAA aligned cloud storage offerings, BOX Health is great, but I have faculty and staff that would like to utilize OneDrive with integration to their windows 10 systems.

Most of the time the problem is fixed, although there has been a couple of issues that were never resolved, so I just try to work around those situations hoping to have a good day at work without having any computer shutdowns.

My experience with the UITS staff has always been positive and professional.

My experience with UITS has been good. Justin Jones has provided prompt responses to all of my queries.

My experience with UITS has be great so far primarily because of the responsiveness of the teams that I work with on a daily basis. Honestly I don't think they need to improve anymore. They are already doing a great job. I would like to suggest when new enterprise applications are rolled out for administrative use there should be a robust support structure following such a roll-out.

My experience with UITS is always positive.

My experience with UITS staff has been predominantly with Exec IT and they are always very responsive, very helpful and indispensable to our office.

My interactions with UITS staff has been either wonderful or lacking, depending on who answers the phone when I can 274-HELP with an issue. The knowledge level differs greatly between representatives and some can assist with an issue that I've talked to many others about in the past.

My main source of IT support is through CAITS, so many of these questions were somewhat difficult to answer with regards to UITS, but my Outlook crashes multiple times per day and no one can seem to fix it.

My major issue is that I am a constant KFS user. My computer only has MS Edge. I have issues with KFS and MS Edge. Only the first page of a KFS doc prints no matter if using File/Print, Cntrl P or Cntrl A/Print Selection. There are huge issues with Edge yet our unit does not allow use of IE due to security issues and, from what I was told, that MS no longer updates IE which will lead to security breaches.
Unit is IN-LAW


no comments, I don't really use UITS

No concerns

No experience stands out.


None at this time

None! My UITS professional was great.

One of the bigger issues I face is not having administrative access on my machine(s) and it's compounded by slow response time when I have updates needed on my machines.

Outlook server is up and down for me or a faculty I support at least once per month.
My phone is a piece of crap.
Faxing s/b on our Outlook mailbox - I used 12+ yrs. ago at a former employer, yet we still do not.
Printer in basement INDSB1 does not work properly most of the time. confidential info spits out w/out you keying in your code to print it when you want. Also, only way I can get color to print is to save the document into a PPT. Excel, Word, PDFs will NOT print in color regardless of how doc is set up for color inside print menu.
Scanner in the basement is excellent - but the scanner on our floor INDS223 in the business office is horrible quality!
Most issues are addressed in a timely manner but not always resolved the first time. Staff is super and tries real hard.

Overall I am happy with the services provided by UITS. It is generally timely and efficient.

Overall I am really happy with the support UITS provides, and appreciate the focus on security and training for phishing. I wish there was more interaction and discussion with instructors around instructional technologies, which is a specialized subset of IT and needs faculty and staff instructor voices when looking at needs and use cases. My biggest struggle in regards to productivity with technology is with the constant freezing and crashing of Outlook; it is the tool I use every day in my work and I need to work consistently.

Overall I appreciate that there are lots of different ways I can get in touch with UITS. One of the only negative parts of my interactions with UITS has been for complex issues that have ultimately required me to contact CAITS for follow-up. I wish there was a more seamless hand-off process for such IUSM-specific questions. I'm also not always sure about what is UITS's purview and what is CAITS's responsibility; perhaps some type of organizational document distinguishing between UITS vs. CAITS questions could be provided as a part of IUSM faculty/staff onboarding?

Overall pretty happy; large system failures have not been an issue for me.

Overall the staff of UITS are very helpful and engaged in solving problems.
We run into some issues however with navigating the data policies and structure. We often get caught in loops regarding permissions for things that should be simple.
For instance, as BI developers we were unable to get a simple data source of staff name and University ID for the entire University. It is all University Internal data and there was a clear business need, however it required many conversations and still resulted in an inelegant solution.
There can also be a disconnect between strategic decisions at UITS and the actual users. New solutions, such as Denodo, may be implemented but there is not clear documentation of how to use the tool or whom to contact with questions. The users sometimes have a clearer picture of how a tool can be used and are left to figure it out on their own.
Overall it is a good, flexible environment but there is not enough communication and documentation for the end user.

Overall very satisfied with computing technology. The phone system, however, is another story. Not a fan of Polycom. Some faculty in our department have even made the decision to unplug their phones. This results in administrative staff having issues with trying to contact them for every day business. Having the phones tied to the computer is an issue from time-to-time. A faculty member who does not use his Polycom asked to use my phone once just as I was getting ready to leave for the evening. I had to stay until he finished his conversation, since logging out would have disconnected his personal call. Transfer of calls is sketchy and sometimes impossible. My phone locks itself, and I have no passcode, but then it unlocks itself eventually. My officemate recently had her phone suddenly go to speaker and could not resolve that issue for 3 days. Voice to text is pretty amusing, however, so I don't really mind that.

Overall, I think UITS has been doing a good job. I would like for UITS to remember that when setting up a new computer, please make sure that folders/desktop is satisfactory to customer before leaving. NEVER assume that its correct.

Overall, I've always been super happy with UITS staff and services. My biggest recommendation would be to find a more modern, user and technician friendly ticketing system than FootPrints. Moving to something more modern and mobile friendly, especially if it could support digital signatures on e-mail communication and possibly even allow IT staff to provide support to faculty, staff and students via social media, would really benefit everyone, as well as put IU back on the cutting edge of support services.

Phone representatives are generally helpful, though not always pleasant, once they understand the issue at hand. By phone is my most frequent experience with UITS staff.
Wireless network on campus can often lag depending on time of year/student concentration.

Please contact me for a detailed explanation of my last year's interactions with UITS.

Positive experience. Needed Excel training for a new employee. Answered my email quickly with a link to Excel training.

Provide ability for web developers to utilize new scripting languages on the server side than PHP and Perl. Node? Python? Technology has moved so much that there are more options now than before.

Recently my greatest use of UITS services has been through the Knowledge Base. I've found information there to be of excellent quality, easy to follow, well-written, etc. The topics I've needed have nearly always been available. Thanks for this treasure trove of info!
In the past I've completed workshops offered by UITS and was quite satisfied with them.

Robert Lawson and his team go above and beyond when helping with IT issues.

Some processes put in place by UITS are very frustrating and cumbersome to navigate. Software that the university has purchased, but a department has a need for, must go through another review before it is approved. The department then has to purchase a separate license for the software. Why can't we leverage the enterprise licenses already in place?

sometimes maybe a more in person experience mostly over the phone interaction .

Specifically to IUPUI; I feel like the staff, even staff that are a part of the same smaller compartment with UITS, are too spread out across the ICTC building. With the growing student body base of Informatics students, I see this becoming even a larger issue in the future. I don't necessarily have any solutions outside of possibly moving UITS to a new building. I do feel like it is pertinent information to be aware of and consider moving forward.

The cable installation crew is great to work with!

The Office of Conference and Event Registration (OCER) developed a newer registration system that would be nice to use but we can't because individuals must create a registration account using a personal social media account (last time I checked). This is not possible when your customers are mostly universities or nonprofit organizations. It is my understanding that UITS made this decision. Please keep in mind that non academic departments/programs that need event/business development course registration services are serving other organizations not individuals for personal use.

The only issue I have is with some of the student/employee kiosk workstations. For example, the stations over at LD 1st floor main lobby have the screens mounted in an odd fashion. One has to bend their neck upwards to see the screen. The screens should be adjustable or at least be moved down so people can have their neck in a more natural state.

The payroll advance program using CrimsonCard has been ruined by the onset of UITS taking over Jagtag. The process is horribly difficult to understand and does not make sense in the slightest. When Jagtag ran the process is was smooth, easy to understand and just worked. UITS took a good program and made it so complicated that I don't even want to participate anymore. Very disappointed!

The phone connected to the computer is not user friendly. It doesn't fit you ear/face. I can't operate the computer and the phone at the same time.

The polycom phones have had a lot of issues and do not work with macs well and do not work at all with Linux. The newer phones we are getting are better but the Skype for business interface with mac is still not that great.
The UITS IT training course selections are very minimal and basic. There are no mid to high level training/education material for Linux, sys admin (windows or Linux), DB admin, etc. Many of the materials are "how to" videos of KB articles.
The higher level content is subscription based that we have to pay to use it. I also thought Lynda was a great resource and was disappointed when it was canceled.

The technology at IU and the services available to us is absolutely incredible! IU is always staying ahead of the curve and for that I'm grateful.

The UITS staff are outstanding.

The website and knowledge hub could be easier to find from the main IUPUI site. I'm always struggling to find answers to simple questions that if I could just find the knowledge hub, I know I could work through.

The websites go round and round with their links. The language spoken is as if we the users had a background in IT. Difficult to navigate who to talk to about certain issues.

There are so many wireless and cellular dead spots inside buildings.

There is no way to opt out of the mobile device security certification. I do not, nor will I, ever use a personal device for work purposes, but every year I still have to avow that I follow the correct protocols to do so.

There needs to be more solid solutions for workers trying to work across the IUHealth and IU systems Working on two separate computers to do your job isn't productive and is very wasteful of time and equipment.

They always give great service

They are always welcoming, even if I pop in on them.

They have always been courteous and timely in resolving our issues.

They respond to issues is a timely manner

This is a general note in regards to IT service for new and relocated installations.
A big thanks and recognition to James Cole for all the help he has provided me for all the new/remodel construction projects I have had to manage. Not all projects clearly define the IT needs of the user and James has been instrumental in helping me understand what I need to do in order for his group to provide service to the user and in a timely manner.

To be honest, dress code and personal hygiene could improve for field staffs.

To me; It is not really clear what UITS does. The emails I receive are not written in layman's terms and are hard to understand.

Too many homegrown systems, systems that do not talk to each other, and systems that are not designed with end users in mind. This creates more opportunity for user error and training issues. HRMS and KFS are the two with which I interact the most and everyone seems to struggle with using successfully. Our data is only as good as our manual entry which is a big issue if folks don't understand how to use the systems and they aren't intuitive. Continuing to build or buy new software that don't talk to each other (DMAI, People Admin, eDossier) is a major issue as well and there is no attempt at getting usability testing done by those of us who are experienced users/trouble shooters.
My laptop, and most of the folks on my time, have issues with the original build that continually affect our ability to work and be productive. I cannot reliably connect to IU Secure IUHSN Secure which means I cannot save important documents in shared folders or retrieve them, when I am away from my docking station (e.g. in meetings in other buildings or at night from home). Some technicians in CAITS are very helpful but they are overbooked and cannot help on demand.

Transparency of billing and getting to the right place and person to help you is difficult.

UITS has been super helpful

UITS does a great job and IU has amazing network speeds. I do have issues with outlook (like most people) and other issues but overall I would UITS is great but please fix that ongoing outlook connectivity problem. That would be delightful.

Uits has always been quick to respond to issues I experience, kind when I have questions (not demeaning I have experienced at other institutions), and on top of the needs of our work positions.

UITS has always provided excellent service. Response time is always very quick, often times immediate, and they're always very helpful. Issues are always quickly resolved, and they're great at explaining what they're doing along the way.

UITS is always responsive and helpful. No complaints here.

UITS responses and help are usually pretty quick, but on few occasions I was bounced from one tech to the other which was a little annoying.

UITS sets up tech in some of our classrooms, but will then not support the tech in those classrooms. This has created problems for us as our LSP doesn't know how the systems are set up, so when they fail, it takes him longer to troubleshoot. If UITS sets it up or designs it, they should support it, I think.

UITS staff are always friendly, prompt and helpful

UITS staff has always been helpful to me at one time I was an online student and being a staff here they have been helpful.

UITS staff have been great. However, I am often locked out of CAS login for no apparent reason and although, I am able to get access after assistance from the UITS staff, no one is able to provide a reasonable explanation for this occurrence.

We've had many complaints about OUTLOOK this year from extreme slowness to "OUTLOOK NOT RESPONDING" errors to severe difficulties connecting to the client from off campus.

When I recommend students to contact UITS I always get a quick and courteous response. It's nice knowing that incredible resource is available even if I don't use it daily myself.

When one introduces things like the Duo system out into campus life experiences (everyday interactions) Please think of staff that may need the tokens (fobs whatever some people call them) and the ramifications of introducing it would be. At least enable everyone via human resources a chance to obtain one before forcing it onto the student body. This goes for anymore techie stuff coming down the turnpike. Now my smart phone is abused in a building without much phone signal and lives on its charger all day! Thank you for not providing us automatically with the fob thing so I can kill my cell phone battery.

where do I access advanced Excel features question

While I find the Duo app fine to work with, there need to be more solutions for the possibility of accidentally leaving your phone at home. I called the help desk once, but they said that they could not grant me a code to login to my systems to be able to complete my work for the day. I learned from outside sources that a token existed, and went down to the UITS building and got one, but the help desk people didn't even list that as an option.
There need to be cleaner cut options to get access to IU systems in case you don't have your phone with you, and you haven't linked your office phone.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

1. IU secure wireless access sometimes works really slow and even inaccessible.
2. I noticed that there are outdated links when I was searching knowledge base. Is there a way to crawl all links and fix those broken ones?

All of my interactions with the UITS staff has been pleasant and satisfactory thus far.

An availability of service regarding computer hardware will be very much appreciated.

Any concerns I have are always promptly addressed and resolved.

At this moment the services are satisfactory and I have not found a flaw.

Better Wi-Fi.

BS that grad students don't get free printing.
HATE duo. Such a hassle.

Canvas is an opaque pain in the dick, but that's not your fault. The wireless network in ICTC is completely overloaded and unstable in the afternoons.


Duo app and this whole dual security is just cumbersome. Try to come up with something that is not involving 2 devices. Esp in clinics, it is very inconvenient.

Duo is a needless waste of time and incredibly prohibitive for people who do not own smartphones.

DUO log in is an inconvenience for students. Is it not at all possible to add trusted devices to this process? I don't always have my cell nearby and it is ridiculous that I can't save my laptop--even for a few days or a week--and need my Duo device nearby every time. Also, what sense does it make when I'm attempting to log in to my account on the IU app from my phone, only to be delayed by Duo sending an approval request: TO THE PHONE I AM USING? Inefficient to say the least.

DUO login is incredibly annoying and sometimes it causes harm. I am in law school and some of our courses allow for open notes on our laptop. But if our notes are located under the CAS system then we are unable to access them because our phones are turned off at the front of the room during our final.

Duo should add e-mail capabilities, allowing you to sign in from another email instead of your phone. Or, to enter in a second password, or answer a question or something less tedious.

Emails are informative. Two step log in is annoying especially when a phone is forgotten at home and that’s how one does the two step.

Every time I call, I get 100 percent assistance. No issues or complaints. Everyone is always very professional and knowledgeable. I am not computer savvy but never feel alone because I know where to get all the assistance.

Everything is good so far, thanks. But we need a new projector for our research group.

For the canvas, I always have problems collaborating google docs. It is not just me, some of my friends experience this problem too. Besides this, I do not have any problem with UITS services.

Generally services work and work well.
One thing that I thought of is:
The Bursar Accounting page.
This year I was waiting for a Stipend to hit my account.
One day it finally did. And then the money was sent somewhere. I had to find out exactly what had happened. Why can't the comments and processes be documented right there in the bursar as these actions are taking place. It will save us meeting up to discuss it.
Show my need versus my funding so I know if it is beneficial to ask for extensions in work study. This time if I had waited one day I would have got my stipend and then probably only a small work study. It would have been better. I worked all semester for a stipend not knowing I wouldn't even receive it the way I had planned.

Get rid of duo

Get rid of the two-step login. It is tedious and frustrating, and adds unnecessary time when trying to log into Canvas from your phone. This survey is also deceptively long.

Give graduate students some printer uses. I don't know who is in charge of this, but it's crazy that undergraduates get 500 prints/ semester while graduate students are left out to dry.
I called UITS once about this and it sounded like the person I was speaking with was using the first phone ever created. It was incredibly static-y and nearly impossible to understand what they were saying.

Good response time; my issues were resolved each time over the phone

Great assistance in a timely manner.

Great interface and communicate. Never had any negative interactions.
Much better communication than previous institution I was at. Every time I've had to call IT, I have always interacted with caring, genuine people. Love the 24/7 service--much needed, especially for graduate students.

great job

Had great experience with units services always!

Helpful whenever I’ve called for assistance

I really like the exhaustive list of services that are available at IU UITS. However, I do feel that integrating in-class communication on the services that are available for the students would encourage students to participate more often. I mean in-person class presentation on UITS services, once a month would certainly be very effective.

I am a medical student who has had to login to IU services from various parts of the state. I have had a wonderful experience with the IT services through IU. I really appreciate everything that they have done.

I am disappointed in the way the Gmail/Exchange work together (or rather, don't); however, perhaps this will be fixed with the new Gmail. I am also disappointed that there is no alternative to DUO should I leave my phone at home accidentally. I emailed UITS for help and received support the next day...hardly helpful in my situation without a phone on a particular day. I find that student classrooms with all the high-tech stuff tend not to work (examples: almost every single time we have a need to video conference with Bloomington campus, for example, we have to get a tech person to help, and there is a 20 min delay in class; in another class, the professor can't get the recording system to work, so students are recording on their phones).

I am still to conduct uits on how I can have free word on my computer.

I appreciate that UITS travels to orientations, events, etc. in anticipation of problems.
I am confused by the different email systems (outlook, exchange, Microsoft, duo, Umail?) and this caused me a lot of problems at the start of the semester for graduate school. I navigated UITS tab after tab to figure out how to find out which one I even had during undergrad. It would be nice if this distinction was clearer when assigning emails or was condensed to one system.
I do NOT appreciate that Canvas doesn't let you customize notifications PER COURSE. Even when I am no longer involved in a page I still get notifications and I can't turn them off without turning off all announcements for the others that I still need.
For the IU library catalog, I would appreciate more articles available online rather than using the "find it" tool and dealing with getting paper copies sent.

I do not have any concerns. I usually get replies to any issue I send to UITS promptly.

I do not like how to search for classes online or use the shopping cart. It is not intuitive.

I do not like using DUO as the push notification often takes a long time to arrive, or I occasionally need to log in when my phone is not with me. Plus, I am not sure how it makes the site more secure.
I am familiar with the IU data centers (Big Red 1/2 etc.) from work.

I generally have not had experiences with UITS staff or services, but the few times I have been professional experiences.
I think the biggest area of improvement, as a law student, would be to increase the print quota for law students to be comparable or more than the undergraduate students.

I greatly enjoy working with Don Burgess who runs medrooms. Every time I need to reserve a room for an event, Don was very helpful and great to work with.

I had a lot of trouble setting up my Exchange/Umail. I was receiving emails through one method and not another. I believe this ended up being due to the multiple email addresses we have on file. Having just one email would make this much easier.

I had a positive with UITS staff assisting my research group in creating an online education module using Microsoft Office Mix with embedded audio and video content.

I had one specific experience calling into the help line for UITS which had a high level of effectiveness and satisfaction with the representative on the line.

I hate that we have to do the "double sign in"

I have a difficult time using Citrix to access the apps available to us at IU. I've used Citrix at a different institution before and at IU it has worked how I've needed it to depending on the application and which computer I'm using. I wish there were more instructional videos on how to use the applications via Citrix.

I have a good experience with UITS staff, last week I emailed them about some technical issue with my student organization page and they solved my problem in no time.

I have always had a positive experience with UITS services.

I have been extremely satisfied with my interactions with the UITS staff. They are very helpful and professional as well. Very pleased.

I have been locked out of my Duo account a few times, and UITS staff was always very helpful and accommodating on the phone in helping me get back in.

I have called before and had a great experience with someone helping me download IU print on my computer.
I think a good idea would be to have some resources directed toward specific groups like business students, medical students, law students, etc.

I have called before with issues in downloads and connection issues and I have experienced amazing customer service! I was very happy with my interaction and my problems were solved quickly and efficiently.

I have found the staff very helpful in learning and navigating me through how to use your system.

I have had minimal issues and have usually attributed them to my internet connection because they usually don't persist.
I am an online student, I live in Indianapolis and have considered visiting campus for study, printing, and writing help and library, but parking on campus makes me anxious.

I have had positive experiences when contacting the help desk regarding various issues throughout the year. Always quick to respond and helpful.

I have had positive interactions with UITS when I have contacted them or looked up online UITS website help pages about IT issues, and the updates to CANVAS that UITS have made have been useful.

I have had very positive interactions and service experiences with CAIT / UITS. The staff, all the way up to Vince Sheehan, are eager and willing to assist and support our efforts with respect, critical consideration and concern. I have never felt that IT "doesn't get it" or "doesn't care." At the dental school, the team consistently exceeds expectations. I am grateful to have them here.

I have not interacted much with the UITS staff. I do not have any recommendations at the moment.

I have only had great positive experiences with UITS staff!

I have used the chat function with UITS staff, and they were very responsive and helpful.

I haven't used much of UTIS service honestly but it is really good to see the no. of computers set up in the library for use. That really helps students. Only thing is I was unable to use the printer as it said not sufficient balance in the account. I got little confused on that, am I not eligible to get some free printing facilities as a student?

I like the free assistance offered at the help desk.


I needed help getting the OneNote app on my computer to sync with my IU account and the person I saw was very helpful!

I really like canvas.

I think the way printing was handled in SOIC, in the HCI department was a bit poor. Graduate students had no/ limited access to printing all of a sudden (and from what we heard, because of certain students). I don't think its appropriate to impose restrictions on everyone because a few people don't know how to use their technical resources.

I think UITS is the best information service I've had at any university. I would recommend getting adobe pro as a part of IUware though.

I think UITS needs to hire senior more experienced students from the informatics department rather than relying on those from the engineering background or are pursuing engineering masters for that matter. Having more students from their own department will encourage the SOIC students in making a better experience for their coming student peers.

I understand Duo. But I hate it. Unable to click "remember me" button and if I have no service I am unable to log into duo

I understand that the DUO system is for safety issues, but it's not so useful and a little bit complicated. Would it be better to simplify the Duo system.

I was a student at the university several years ago and there were many more software packages available at that time. I would like to have those available again.

I wish various campus units related to IT were better integrated. I also wish there were tiers to UITS that could provide support for smaller or school-based projects without costing so much money.

I would love more training courses, especially for systems such as Stata/SPSS/R-studio, etc. I have seen training on statistical software in the past, but not for the package I use, and none recently.

In general UITS services have been great. Most staff that I have interacted with are very responsive. A delta has been that with some requests, one can get the run-around - with the sense that the organization is very siloed with respondents that are only focused on what their unit handles and nothing more.

In my experience with using UITS here at IU has been highly comfortable and resulted in some valuable work.

It is frustrating when you do not have more than two devices (computer and phone) because if my phone dies before class and I'm coming from work without a charger, I cannot access canvas for class and miss out on classwork. I've heard multiple frustrations from students and faculty alike about the dual login being unnecessary and sometimes a roadblock.

It is great!

It was difficult for me to learn to use the interfaces. The apps feature was difficult to get used to as I am accustomed to navigating a traditional website.

It would be helpful if professors would use Canvas in a similar manner. Some use modules, others don't. I have one class (online) in which none of the assignments are submitted through Canvas, but through a blog which each student had to create, separate from Canvas (it is not a computer science or technology class.) It's a struggle at the beginning of each semester to find out exactly where the syllabus is posted, where the assignments are, where the materials are posted, and how to submit assignments for each class. It would be nice to have some uniformity.

It would be nice to have Mathlab software available online like other software programs.

Its confusing to know where or not I should use exchange or Gmail

Its tough to have google and exchange accounts. I have the emails forwarded now, but there's definitely no need for the google email I think.

IU Anyware has been a complete game changer and I am grateful for this service.

IU tech staff has been very helpful in fixing general computer problems, especially during exams. Very good job on explaining how to use and download the exam software too.
ETexts—especially ones professors buy for you are terrible and this should not be an option for Professors. Many students have a set budget for books and already allocate loan money for finding books or renting books that would fit within their budget. Additionally there is no obvious notification that etexts are required or already bought when registering for classes. This warning should be made much more obvious that charges will be placed on accounts

IUKB's guide on imail (setting using windows 10 mail) seems not clear enough. Please make it more clearly separate from the setting guide for exchange email.
Staff is very helpful when answering my question and solved the problem.

I've always had positive experiences with UITS. I've never had a problem that they can't help with.

I've had a difficult time setting up my Pulse Secure. Staff was helpful and walking me through the entire process.

I've had an overall positive experience with UITS at the IU McKinney School of Law. The staff has a vast knowledge of technology and assisted me in utilizing a program required for my law school courses.
I am unsure if how involved UITS is in the IU eTexts, but I do not like that I am automatically enrolled and charged for the eText unless I opt out 30 days prior to the start of the semester. I do not like to use eTexts and would have liked to have been notified via email that my instructor had decided to use the eText and within the email had clear instructions on how to opt out of the eText. When I contacted the individual who was taking questions about the eTexts and I felt that he dismissed my concerns because I failed to opt out 30 days prior to the start of the semester - I was unaware that my instructor had chosen the eText 30 days prior to the semester, so it is my suggestion that UITS, if it is involved with the eTexts, notify students that their professor has opted to use the eText.

I've had noting but positive experiences with UITS. They can often help me, and when they can't they're still friendly.

Kaltura is Flash based. Using it in Canvas makes the app worthless since videos can’t be played on mobile devices. Duo login is a huge pain. I get using it for certain services but it makes it cumbersome to do online coursework.

Keep it up! Thank you!!!

Long-story-short, I recommend the techs attempt to log into a website that would not be saved in the offline memory. In one instance I contacted UITS for assistance connecting a university owned pc to the internet. Upon arrival of a UITS employee he checked the router and afterwards opened the browser and opened Assuming that he had succeeded he left the area, after trying the connection myself it was not connected and was running offline on a saved page.

Make it easy to find the journals; increase the search bar capability. we need to navigate 5 -8 screens before we get to what we want

More group rooms would be great!

My personal interactions with UITS team members has always been positive. They are very helpful and never make you feel like you are asking a "dumb" question. I am not a techie, so calling for help or advice can sometimes be intimidating. I don't get this with the UITS team and I really appreciate that.

My recommendations is that grades should not be seen on canvas once we log in to canvas. They should be in a folder or a link we have to click to see them. Most of us study with our peers and in an attempt to download our lectures or open up assignments, we have to log in to canvas. We mostly do this while projecting the computer screen or with our classmates looking at our computer screen. I think it s a violation of privacy that once we log into canvas, this people can just see our grades. Grades should not be showing on canvas home page. I wrote this last year and I am writing it again.






no comments

No experiences

no further comment

No negative interactions.





Not a ton of strong things for me.
As a medical student - Kaltura, Canvas, and Outlook Web Exchange affect me most.
The Kaltura recording are really important to me studying so anything that makes the system more reliable or helps professors use it better affects would be my biggest priority.
Canvas is not the greatest system but it’s fine. (The calendar is annoying and difficult to use, the module and assignments have a poor interface but some of that is in how professors set it up).

Only one interaction. Satisfied with result. Encourage classes to take better advantage of canvas opportunities.

Overall good, keep up the good work.

Overall, UITS has been a great resource! As a Graduate TA they have been very helpful in resolving tech issues in the classroom and answering questions about how to use the video conferencing system (class is hybrid with online and in-person students). The only complaint I would have is the lack of employees during late hours. Since the class time is 6-8:40 PM, when issues have arose, it was often difficult to have a service tech come to the classroom to look at the issue. It would have been ideal to have the tech come to the classroom that night, however, they were not able to go to the classroom and address the issue till the next day.

Overall, you guys have been really helpful. It would be nice if you could help more with setting up media site recordings instead of having to go through CATS.

Phone help desk for desk top connectivity issues. Canvas training sessions online.
There appears to be intermittent problems with digital phone access; more training and support might help.
I would like to see an apprenticeship program that grows student employees from hourly jobs within UITS to IT positions in industry as part of an apprenticeship program. This builds skills within our student talent, prepares students for graduation, prepares students for jobs in industry, retains talent sorely needed in our region.

Please instruct all of your staff to notify users when they are about to remote in and to wait for a response for a minute before completing the connection. For those of us who work with PHI extensively it is uncomfortable to have technicians remote in without notice.

Please look into expanding staff for domain expertise like for research technologies. The time taken for installing a software on BigRed2 is too much. Most of the time we install it locally but in cases where we are unable to or use GPU versions, it takes at least a month to install tools for staff at BigRed2. That's a drag on a grad student's productivity. I understand the complexity of these systems, but I definitely think it can be resolved by acquiring more staff, who are as skilled as current ones.

Please stop emailing me.
Do not like the Duo--should be an option, not forced.

Please, please, figure out a way of not requiring Duo sign in as often. I understand the safety concerns and I appreciate what the system does to protect personal information. Nonetheless, the current system is largely inconvenient because of how often it requires you to sign in using a two device system.

Printing needs to be free for graduate students at IUPUI.

Receiving help with computer issues. Also availability of software

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The directions on how to use various aspects of the programs are wordy. You need to make them simple steps.
I also have difficulty getting onto the web when on campus?

The duo login is extremely irritating. Also sending emails to students about getting account information to direct deposit refunds to them is quite troubling as there has already been an information breach of the IU Network. I really don't want a network that has been breached once before to have anymore of my information than it already has, especially bank account information. As much as we have to pay in tuition, for books (with a new edition every year so that the previous editions are never able to be sold back to the book store), it is pretty ridiculous to have to pay to use the copiers. The cost of books alone is pretty ridiculous especially considering the fact that any several cases teachers don't let you know that you don't need them for a class until after you've already bought them and then can't return them or sell them back to the book store. Not to mention the fact that I receive monthly calls and emails from the IU Alumni Association looking for donations when I am still a Graduate Student. How much profit does the university really need to make off of each individual student?

The duo mobile login is an inconvenience and incredibly annoying. Is it possible to make it so my personal computer is recognized as a regular user of my canvas account?

The IUanyware is a very powerful tool, but still different from local copy of software. A lot of time I found it embarrass to run it, or having problems running it smoothly like a local installed software.

The Microsoft Outlook Web App doesn't work all in all the browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox). The IT help desk was not able to help me with this problem. I found myself that I should try various browsers and check which one works best - I wish the University provided more information about this problem (as I understand, it's a general problem between the Mozilla environment and Microsoft Outlook Web app - according to what I read online).

The response to questions and emails I've had has been very swift and through. Overall, I've been very pleased with my experiences so far.

The search engines for browsing classes are very user unfriendly. If you don't know the class number or the instructor, you have a very hard time finding a class. If I wanted to take a fine arts class as an elective, it would be very difficult to search by just typing "fine arts" into a search engine, and have hits on classes such as watercolors, sculpting, etc. If such a search does exist, it's certainly not obvious!

The service provided by UITS is excellent. The people are always friendly and very helpful.

The services are great. It's just I would really appreciate if the labs at ET building remain open 24x7.

The staff have always helped me with login issues promptly. I have nothing but positive things to say.

The staff is great at resolving any issues that we have. Testing with Exemplify is difficult at times, but the staff at IT are always able to fix the problems quickly.

the UITS guys give a great help to us for our technical problems on the laptop.

The UITS staff has been very knowledgeable and kind.

There are some areas on campus with low connectivity and low wireless network

They seem very helpful/responsive to online help requests

They were helpful in setting up my DUO account, and that is the only interaction I have had with UITS.

UITS has been helpful to me personally and to the office I work for. They are timely and dependable, typically responding right away and assisting with issues immediately.

UITS has been very helpful when calling for assistance

UITS sends way too many emails

UITS staff and services have exceeded my expectations. I have called to ask for help over the telephone, I've come to the UITS building for support and I've received support at my cubicle. The gentleman who supports my school is truly exceptional - Mike. He goes above and beyond to solve problems. He is friendly and polite as well. I appreciate it.

UITS staff is always helpful and knowledgeable.

UITS Staff is always helpful! I, like most students/staff, hate DUO.

UITS staff members are my heroes. They are extremely helpful every time I call them (which has been 6-7 times in the past six months), and they go above and beyond to help. They also never sound annoyed with me, which is astounding.

Very friendly on the phone

very helpful in answering questions and help with technical problems

Very helpful service

We always have trouble with streaming into different presentations (from a TH campus)

Whenever I had an issue, the problem was corrected by the UTIS staff typically during the same day. I recommend a mobile app to check emails for iPhones.

Wi-Fi in basement of ET building is inconsistent.

Wi-Fi is terrible in certain locations and has been for years (Barnes and Noble, areas in the Campus Center, basement in the ROC, certain areas in the hospitals). When needing to utilize VPN it's impossible to do work remotely if I'm working in another part of campus and cannot access the internet.

Wireless charging pads

With the duo login it is dependent upon sending the confirmation message to one device. There have been times when I have been unable to login to canvas because I left my phone at home. This has also affected some classes I have attended where a professor left their phone at home and was unable to provide the materials they had planned.

Your duo authentication is horrible, incredibly frustrating and inconvenient. The class search and registration system looks and feels like it was developed in the 90s.

Your team is superb. I have used the IT phone number as my go-to to sort out many issues with all my IT issues. I shall truly miss your team's help when I am no longer a student. I doubt that my future work in non-profits or small organizations will have as agile and multi-functional folks for answers.
Maybe I can get a job with IU or Purdue? Maybe I can buy a small subscription?

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

All good

All great experiences!

All of my experiences have been good so far.

All of the current services I have been provided with have been great.

All positive experiences. Very welcoming.

Allow Adobe Photoshop to be used without a classroom code.
More space needed for classrooms in Cavanaugh.
Need more printers in Cavanaugh.
Make various links on One.IU easier to find/access (filtering results so links can be sorted by Employee, Bursar, etc.).

Although some students may find it annoying, I really like the two-step login. It makes me feel like my privacy is safer since it requires a verification to log in to my school information page. I would recommend the UITS representative to continue using the two-step login.

Always friendly, they do what they can and I personally appreciate it. Technology is difficult and we are still human.

Always great technology service and maintenance.

Any problems that have occurred while using printers and/or computers while on campus have been resolved in a timely manner and very professional fashion.

Anytime I had to ask UITS for help on something, the representative was always very helpful and worked quickly to resolve my issue. The biggest problem I ever faced with UITS was in trying to get them to come and visit my hall of residents at one of the residence halls on campus during my time as an RA due to the Wi-Fi connection being pretty spotty and unreliable most of the time. My supervisor and I had to continually send UITS survey results and requests from students regarding the issue, and it never seemed like a team would make it out to examine and resolve the issue. Other than that, my individual experiences have been pretty good with UITS.

As a desk worker, I have had several interactions with UITS staff. They always seem kind and it is often a pleasant experience. I have had some trouble with the IU mobile print charging me for prints that the server cannot handle and that do not actually get printed, which is rather annoying. It is often difficult to access research articles even through IUCAT. Duo is confusing and not working well since I switched phones. The student center website is not very user friendly or intuitive.

Bring back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, what kind of support for digital humanities, arts and creative activities does UITS provide?

Camus computers are slow to log in. There are very few computer stations in the SL/LD building.

Canvas crashes a lot.

Change the duo login, it is very

Could the Duo login stuff become a thing of the past? I don't really see how its very helpful a good hacker could probably get around it not to mention we could all save a lot of time if we didn't have to mess with it. Just now it didn't even work it took 5 minutes to get it to let me into my email.

Currently the issue with my laptop is that the "internal battery" makes it so that when I unplug my laptop it dies. As this has not been fixed by anyone I've taken it to, I don't go to computer help much anymore. Additionally, I would like to see the "gaps" that exist in Wi-Fi on IUPUI's campus filled, as it's annoying finding significant dead spots where there is no Wi-Fi in the middle of campus.

Doing a good job, it is featuring not to an IT person not being able to touch your object.

Don’t make a new email during the middle of a semester. How annoying.
Wi-Fi connection is never very strong.
I have called UITS before to update my adobe software. I was having trouble renewing my license. The person that was trying to help me had no idea what he was talking about and pretty much just told me to read the directions online. I had already done that and was still having trouble. I ended up hanging up and figuring it out on my own. I thought I had called the wrong number, the technician had no idea how to help me.
We need more computers/ common areas to print. (2nd floor of Kelley) there are not enough for the use of that space.

DUO has been pretty inconvenient in the fact that I don’t always have my phone. Sometimes I leave my phone at home to study and then forget that I need it to log on to Canvas or my email. Also, DUO sometimes takes forever to use. It takes multiple calls for it to actually register and log me in.

Duo is frustrating at times and not always practical.

DUO is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard of or experienced.

Duo is pointless and a pain to use.

DUO is really inconvenient.

Duo was a bit confusing in the beginning, but now that I have the hang of it it's pretty straight-forward.

Duo, while implemented with good intent, is extremely frustrating and at times makes it difficult to complete school work.

Duo. It makes plenty of sense as to why it was implemented for staff and faculty. However, I do not see the point for students. Many people I have talked to agree that it is over the top to have students use it. It is more of a hindrance than a help. Plus if my phone is stolen I can't access canvas. I could have an assignment due asap and can't even let my instructor know I can't access it. Honestly duo causes me far more worry than peace of mind. This is also a concern of many of the people I have talked to. Please get rid of Duo! There is no point and it is of no help to the average user.

Every time I had a tech problem that I couldn't solve on my own I called tech support. They have been very helpful and solved my problems very quickly.

Every time I have called IT with a problem, they have been polite and efficient.

Everyone has been very helpful.

Everyone is really nice.

Everyone was super helpful and pleased to help me with my problems.

Everything with UITS has been really positive and helpful every time I have a concern.

For the most part, I’ve had a phenomenal experience with UITS connections across campus. I noted intermittent connection issues in the 3rd floor Kelley building, in the middle of the building next to grey doors. I think range extenders should be deployed also in 2nd floor Cavanaugh Hall as reception in class 241 is poor to say the least.

Get rid of DUO it just causes problems for students and staff and provides unwanted protection that isn't needed.

Get rid of Duo log in.

Get rid of Duo.



Great experiences, very willing to work with me to get problems fixed. They're my go to for any tech problem.

Great staff wonderful place

Great Staff

Have Dreamweaver installed on every school computer at IUPUI instead of just the computers in the IT building. Easier access to needed materials. Have more colored printers available throughout the campus.

Have no recommendations

Haven’t had any experiences

Helping me with technology problems I have experienced.

Hi, I'm doing my senior capstone project on improving IUPUI's digital tools like the Student Center. I'm graduating with a Visual Communication Degree and planning on entering the IU/UX career field. I would love to talk to somebody about the class registration system. My email is if anyone has time to meet with me.

I am a new student taking one class to start this year. I have heard of some of your services, but am not confident in using any yet. I'm certain over time I will be introduced to many of the options you mentioned in your survey. Thanks!

I am a non-degree student and the UITS staff have been extremely helpful working to help me navigate the system.

I am a part-time student that does online courses from home due to work schedule. The few times I have come onto campus with my personal laptop I could connect the wireless network. It could be my error but I could not even figure out what wireless network to try to connect to.

I am a transfer student and have no experience with UITS.

I am afraid I am not sure what the UITS staff and services are. So I am basing my answers on the time I needed help with my login password.

I am more than satisfied by services that UITS provide. I have no recommendations for UITS.

I am not a fan of the two step log-in.

I am very satisfied with the IT services provided on campus. I have not had any issue with the UITS staff so far, on the contrary, they have been very helpful whenever I need an assistance. However, I would like to see more color printers around the campus. Overall, I am happy with the services.

I am very satisfied. One time I called to get help with my Netflix. Even though it wasn’t school related, the guy helped and was super nice.

I appreciate the need for the Duo login system, but there are many times when we click the "remember me for 12 hours" box, but it still makes us sign in every time during that 12 hours. Another nuisance is when you sign in from your phone, it sends a message to that same phone for you to accept the login, which seems like an unnecessary step.

I believe it was earlier last semester that I had a bad experience with an UITS staff member after I called on behalf of my [IRD] professor to explain a problem she was having with the technology. He sounded like he didn't care about the problem and we would just have to make it work, but besides that overall the UITS staff have been really helpful and I appreciate them.

I believe there needs to be greater strategic unity among the various IU entities with the support center and more emphasis on finding the root cause of issues, resolving them, and instituting systems and policies to better prevent future occurrences and increase overall efficiency. Too often issues are treated as 'how can we get by this issue right now' and not 'what's the root cause and how can we prevent this from occurring again and improve our process'. This has bogged down the support center as regular issues with process oriented problems are simply fixed with a seemingly permanent workaround, rather than a solution that ends the problem.
A good example is that of former students obtaining their student ID numbers and resetting their passphrases. As the student ID lookup tool seemingly randomly does not work for them, with no indication as to why - only the implication that it's an error and not intended, this should either be fixed or an alternate system put in place with clear indications as to each system's purpose and limitations. Currently, we are walking hundreds of callers through the initial process of obtaining an eTranscript with no intention of getting one, simply to obtain this student ID. This issue has been around for months at the least, and should have been resolved long ago.
There often seems to be no clear indication as to who individuals should be calling when they contact us. Often the support center's number gets put onto anything, even things we do not support. When we are called from the phone number on a printer we don't support I tell them that I can put them in contact with the person that manages this printer (if I can find this information at all as large parts are unknown to anyone I have spoken to), to which they often reply 'I thought that's who I called'. The support center's number was also put onto a pamphlet being handed out for CAITS and an email requesting individual's social security numbers for ACP, which we cannot support and do not have access to.
We consistently receive calls from IvyTech users that have locked their account because they were unaware of what their UserID and PIN are (separate from their normal login credentials) because it is mentioned only once in passing during orientation and never to be found or mentioned again.
We have a continuous stream of requests for usernames from new applicants to former students that have lost or forgotten them. This occupies hours of the consultants time each week, and could be replaced with a simple program that verifies personal information and provides the public username, as many institutions have.
New tasks are added to the list of things supported with no preparation or documentation to assist those on the front lines. Taking over CrimsonCard duties is the biggest and most recent example in mind. One day the calls just started coming to the support center, and no one, not even the support advisors, had the answers to the questions we were asked. I should not say no one, as the CrimsonCard staff (then becoming tier 2) had the knowledge, but were not accessible. This should have been added to the KB by them, prior to being moved over, so that consultants would have at least a base to start from with basic answers. There are still no answers to many basic questions that we receive regarding this service and it continues to be a stressful addition to support.
These issues should be analyzed using Footprints' powerful capabilities and feedback from the consultants, the gaps and bugs should be fixed, and efficiency increased. We would be better able to handle issues that our customers had if we were not so bogged down with repeated and unnecessary calls over issues from gaps in our processes and systems. I have mentioned a few of these issues to various supervisors over time, and my ideas were simply dismissed. It seems that the primary focus of utilizing analytical IT resources in the support center is for managing the consultants; perhaps there should be a dedicated position for collecting feedback from consultants and supervisors for the purpose of analysis and improvement.
I studied IT business analysis at Illinois State University, I have a very analytical and critical mind, and my current focus is on efficiency through automation. I have seen these issues and many more with clear solutions, but I watch the call center get flooded with unnecessary and stressful calls. I have no doubt this affects, at least to some degree, the turnover of consultants here as it increases the stress levels of workers.
This is not to say I only feel negatively about UITS or these processes. I was impressed with how smoothly the Duo roll out went for students (excluding when the Campus Center staff notified me they would be throwing away all of the Duo signs that had been put up because they had not been properly authorized), and the campaign against phishing has been very effective, especially as I continue to hear from friends and family of the poor protection offered by their employers. I know that IU has a good reputation for IT, and in many ways this is deserved, but these issues are continuous and long-standing and it is frustrating to efficiency-minded individuals that live them every day.

I believe you guys are doing the best that you can and I appreciate that. Sometime when I
bring my laptop to school the Wi-Fi isn't the best but sometimes it's great .

I can never get access to the school internet on campus. I always have to use my own Wi-Fi on my phone.

I dislike the two-fold logon. I do not own a cell phone, so I must be at my residence to log on to oneiu or canvass. I do not know how to get a pass code as an alternate to receiving a phone call.

I do not have any concerns.

I do not know much about UITS

I don’t have any concerns other than Wi-Fi in ball Hall can be spotty.

I don’t really have anything, I don’t use much technology in my studies outside of my personal computer and I only use IU online services when I have to.

I don't have any major thoughts about UITS. I have had an overall positive experience with UITS and do not have any concerns.

I don't have any particular interactions with UITS staff, but the people I've had contact with have been very polite. My only negative is the fact that some computers on campus do not work with much speed.

I don't know if you guys have much control over the Wi-Fi but last semester in the ET building was off and on. I know they were working on that but that was a problem last semester.

I don't like that it seemed like a secret that you can get those two-step code keychain things from UITS. I have classes in the basements of buildings, and I don't ever get service, so there are times where I have to go outside the building just to receive a code to log into campus for class. Make it more accessible.

I don't like the Two-Step login. I think it is unnecessary to have to do this since we have a passphrase with 20 characters.

I enjoy the monthly emails from UTIS. My IUSecure does not work on campus however, and I have never found the proper help for it.

I had a big trouble starting the Spring semester (my first semester), and eventually I got all the help I needed. I don't have any particular recommendations, just keep on doing your great work!

I had a lock out from my Duo once due to me changing my phone AND phone number. I only realized it at 1pm on a Saturday, the staff on duty was super nice. She was supposed to be off by 1pm but she helped me out with every thing and even gave me a token for the code option on Duo. Thanks!

I hate the double login with my phone, because I am not a person who is always attached to my phone. Also, even though IUPUI allows us to download bunches of programs onto our computers, my laptop doesn't have enough storage space for me to download all of Office and I don't know how to get just Microsoft Word like I want. I would use that a lot, but instead I use Google docs and they aren't nearly as helpful.

I have always had a positive experience with UITS

I have been in several classrooms where we have experienced technical difficulties with the projector, audio, etc., and the IT staff has always been prompt about fixing them.

I have been unable to connect to IU secure for years and every time I approach UITS they are not helpful. I just use AT&T Wi-Fi which often isn't even able to be used in certain areas of campus. Further, I have never been able to connect to the IU printers directly from my computer despite attempting to have help from UITS.

I have been very happy with all the encounters I have had with UITS. They are very knowledgeable and very helpful. They helped me (someone who knows very little about technology) with many things I wouldn't know how to do on my own. They are also very nice, they never are rude to me if I don't know how to do something.

I have experienced friendly fast service when I needed to contact UITS! They were very helpful.

I have found that the staff and faculty are friendly and welcoming. I appreciate their enthusiasm and their helpfulness.
However, in regards to programs and notices that involve UITS (Security details, what certain events and tools mean and how to use them) I feel like I am not as aware as I would like.

I have had all positive experiences every time and I do not have any concerns or issues. I have received help

I have had an overall positive experience, they are always quick to answer any questions I have.

I have had generally good experiences with UITS at IUPUI. At times, however, I have had trouble with accessing some computer software I needed for class. IU secure doesn't work for any of my devices.

I have had great experiences with UITS Staff.

I have had many positive experience in the IT chat online. They have always quickly and efficiently solved my issues with excellent customer service. I think the only recommendation I have is to have a mobile phone friendly site, or a number to text to receive help.

I have had only positive experiences with IUTS staff. Staff has always been helpful and easily accessible.

I have had positive experiences with UITS during all previous interactions. They were always able to solve my issues.

I have had some experiences with the UITS staff and they were helpful. I used the online chat room as well as talking to a staff member at a kiosk setup in the tower.

I have never had an negative interactions with the IUTS staff.

I have never had issues with the UITS staff.

If I could change one thing about UITS is freaking DUO it is the worst thing ever.

I have not been able to log onto iu secure as a student at IUPUI. That is my biggest complaint with technology services. I appreciate the computers and printing stations in the buildings and the facilitate learning, research, and convenience. I tried to use VPC on my personal computer and it would not download properly, so it was invaluable to use the school computers to get through my course work.

I have not had any negative experiences with UITS staff or services.
When my password was scrambled, the UITS help desk in IT was able to help me reset it and very quickly and efficiently.

I have not had experience with the staff.

I have not used UITS services.

I have not used UITS services a lot, however, every time I have used it, it was great service.
The only thing that I don't like is the sign in process DUO, because what if my phone was dead, I would not be able to access my canvas at all and that is really inconvenient.

I have one recommendation. Instead of the IT people leaving early on Wednesday
night. Make the early night on a weekend. This way we still have several nights to get the help that we need. I am always up late on Wednesday night and still need help for my Thursday classes. [IRD]

I have only had a couple experiences with UITS, the first during my Freshman year during a campus-wide scavenger hunt. The consultant at the UITS station was very pleasant. The other times I have visited with UITS was over cable connection in the Tower and the last was for my Photoshop class, that unfortunately, they were unable to help me with the last.

I haven’t had any contact with the staff this year.

I haven’t interacted with UITS.

I haven't had an issue with UITS. My brother, who attends IUPUI as well, has had great experiences with them.

I haven't had any instances where I've needed to ask assistance of UITS.

I haven't had any interactions with UITS staff, but the services providing printing and software downloads have consistently worked for me. These services allow me to access the software I have needed for class, and the printer service have allowed homework and notes to be printed that have played a pivotal roll in my successful at IUPUI.

I haven't had any personal interactions with UITS staff this year, but my friends who have gotten in contact have had nothing but positive feedback about them. One suggestion that I have is that make the mobile duo app available on the windows store. I wish it was easier to upload documents into the Canvas cloud, I think there are too many steps.

I haven't had any problems with UITS until the umail migration. I think it was a horrible idea to transfer in the middle of the semester. I have lost so much of my work! You should have waited until summer break.

I haven't really had any experiences with the staff, and I haven't had any problems so far with services.

I haven't really had any interaction with the staff, And I do not have any feedback based on any experiences that I have had

I haven't really had any problems.

I like how I can call UITS whenever I am having issues with Canvas.

I lost my phone and couldn't get into my online classes. The department was very helpful in getting me a token and back online. I think that option should be offered to everyone whether they have a smartphone or not. Anything can happen.

I love canvas and have no complaints!

I love IUWare and any attempts to continue to improve that platform would be appreciated.

I love the services you provide especially when you all handed out tickers, however I do wish you had another office like in the campus center instead of just the one office in the IT building.

I love working with the IU staff, especially nursing factuality.

I overall had a great experience with them.

I personally haven’t had to deal with UITS very much except to get a duo clicker, but they were very quick and efficient at helping me.

I recently went to the IT to ask for help because my computer would not access the IU Wi-Fi. It never allowed me access even after entering my user and password. For a whole year I had to use the ATT Wi-Fi and it would often disconnect. Finally a classmate told me to visit the IT. The person at the front desk was able to help me and now I do not have issues with it.

I think our services are wonderful. I've been locked out of Canvas a couple of times due to Duo Mobile, and the staff are amazing at their jobs. Very much so know what they are doing- even more amazed that it's over the phone! They can handle almost any issue, and any issue I've ever had.

I think that the staff I have come into contact with have been very helpful. They are very knowledgeable in the area and are able to get me the help I need. I am very pleased with the software we are provided (Word, etc.). I am satisfied with Canvas. However I am not satisfied with Wi-Fi availability and the functionality of the desktop computers on campus and trying to print.

I think the requirement of swiping your crimson card before printing is a wonderful idea. It saves so much paper and keeps things for private and organized.

I think the UITS staff is doing an outstanding job!

I understand why we as students had to remove Kaspersky Labs anti-virus &internet security software from laptops used on campus Wi-Fi networks if we had it installed, but I'm still mad that I had to eat the $100 I spent out of my own pocket. Just saying...

I was locked out of my One IU account right before a test and had to call UITS. The person I spoke with was very helpful and I was able to get in and complete the test in plenty of time. That has been my only contact with UITS - very positive.

I was not fond of the duo system, but the instrument provided by the school that gives the 6 digit helps help a lot. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are informed about it and I find myself informing people about it.

I was worried at first with asking for help with IT issues due to my own lack of knowledge and did not want to feel judged. I was pleasantly surprised that no one has every made me feel, well, dumb. I do not mind if any one else touches my personal computer and wouldn't mind speeding up the process of things if that was allowed to happen.

I wish the DUO system was optional for students.

I wish there was a fax function on the printers of IUPUI

I wish there was more opportunities to get involved. The job fairs are also right in the middle of the day. Make things more available.

I wish there were more self-service options for things. For example, if Duo has issues, you can't do anything yourself (at least I've looked and can't find an online portal to do so), you have to get IT to, say, re-connect your account. I mention this because Duo's operations are very inconsistent; pushes have never worked for me, and just recently phone calls have stopped working.
I also really wish the navigation and UI for SIS student services was a lot better. The navigation is especially frustrating when you are registering for classes and the class search form fully resets every time you navigate back to it.
Lastly, I wish IUAnywhere would make it more clear when product keys for the Creative Cloud will renew and be distributed. In the past, when my product key expired at the end of the year, I'd not been able to find any information on when new ones would be distributed, and the wait has been variable and uncertain.

I would like to see a closer location for UITS. I had to go all the way to the IT building on IUPUI for a question about my laptop. Being located all the way in IT is inconvenient for most students.

I would like to see blue tooth connection capabilities so that we can connect our blue tooth headphones to the desktops on campus if possible.

I’ve always had problems fixed quickly. The only problem is that I usually have to wait a long time when I call for assistance.

I’ve never had a problem with UITS, and they fixed the printer for me when they saw me struggling to print something. Never had an issue, but I will admit I’m not a fan of Duo.

I'm concerned that the [IRD] have been working too much without breaks.

I'm normally pretty impressed with UITS ability to quickly solve problems if brought to them in person.
While I was initially excited with the prospects of a wireless print center, the execution of the idea has been tremendously disappointing. It is difficult to locate and identify the actual printer you are looking for online. Even when a printer is selected and a document released to it, the actual printer doesn't seem to recognize the file and won't print it. Properly pulling off this idea would be tremendously useful to myself and most other students, but as of right now the site is unusable.

I'm not entirely sure this falls under this jurisdiction: but I had to use the Lockdown Browser the other day to take an exam online, and when I tried to quit it once finished, the application stopped responding and my computer was frozen for a while. This was quite frustrating.

I'm not sure if this applies to you, but I need someone to see this. I am furious that the emails are changing! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOODY SEMESTER! I am a senior looking for jobs after graduation and I have been giving out the @umail for months now! Seriously though, is this really necessary?
I should not be forced to do the two-step log-in from my personal devices! It is unnecessary and frustrating.

In the fall semester, I took a class where we had to hold an event at the campus center and the event involved inviting industry professionals to try different industry software and we held our meetings in the basement level of Cavanaugh but they had to use the computer so we called IT support to ask how to get temporary logins for those individuals and the guy that I spoke to on the phone was extremely rude he told me that they did no such thing and there would be no way to get temporary access for those people and that they would have to use their laptop and if they didn’t have their laptop and they were out of luck. Unfortunately, and this is on the day of the event, it was too late to notify those individuals to bring their laptop and I had already paid $50 for the event so we need a temporary access. Luckily one of the girls in the class used to work for IT support on campus and she knew how to set up temporary logins for those individuals but if she hadn't of known then those people would’ve just been out $50 and not able to try their software.

In the few interactions I have had as a campus employee and a student have been mixed. As a Resident Assistant we have run into many problems with them, but as a student it has been fairly smooth for the most part.

It is a big surprise to me why some mobile networks are not efficient on campus, especially network like mobile).
Also I suggest that students should be able to walk into the writing center and get help instead of insisting that there must be a prior booking before getting any form of help.

It seems like log-on times have increased since first starting at the university in 2015. Booting speeds are much longer and make logging on to print something take far too long.

It takes a ridiculous amount of time to log on to computers stationed throughout campus. Not only is it an inconvenience, it is a misrepresentation of the advancement of the university's IT Services.

It would be beneficial to have some more powerful work stations for engineering calculations such as 8 or more core CPU and good GPU. I have had to do some CFD and FEA simulations that a more powerful computer would be very helpful. A system could be made to reserve time on one.

It would be great if it were possible to add one device to Duo that did not need two-step authentication permanently. I realize there is one for 24 hours, but if a phone is broken or unavailable for some reason, it becomes impossible to do some schoolwork.

It would be really nice to have more computers in Herron. There are often no computer available for use outside of class because there are lots of classes going on.
Also, the Mac mouses in Herron are horrid and do not work well.

I've always been helped pretty much right away and it's always done fairly quickly.

I've always had very positive experiences with the UITS staff. They always help me in a friendly and quick manner. I don't have any complaints or improvements I would suggest.

I've had great experiences with the Help department. I would love it if there was a way to submit something to the print queue from an off-campus computer.

I've had nothing but mostly good experiences with the UITS staff. They were helpful in setting up my 2-step login for Canvas, linking my computer with the school Wi-Fi server, and answering my questions in the Campus Center. The campus police could be better.

I've not had any staff interactions, but I would like to say the new to step log-in can get extremely inconvenient. If my phone dies between working all day and then being on campus if I can't get it charged I can't get logged in. Most of the time I can get at least a minimal charge to get a code, but it adds unnecessary stress and time.

I've only ever had positive and effective interactions with UITS staff and services.

I've only had one encounter with UITS and it was a positive experience. I went in to get a token for DUO and I was in and out in about 10/15 minutes.

I've utilized the UITS staff both in the Campus Center and in the IT building several times, and always found them to be courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. I really think it's a benefit to have them available for IT problems around the IUPUI campus. I would only suggest that UITS broadcast more information regarding its variety of services, as there appears to be a multitude that are available.

Last year when my phone crashed and I was unable to access duo to get onto my account, the UITS person in the campus was very helpful about trying to help me restart it and sending me over the IT building to get a token so that I would be able to continue working. Their support was wonderful and helped me keep going with my schoolwork.

Make Wi-Fi faster in some areas like lecture hall and basements. Either install commonly used software in open computer labs or allow students access to download software. Certain programs can't run without adobe flash but you can't download it - how are we supposed to do school work?

Making UITS more well known about what they can help with, what exactly they do, and where they are.

My biggest problem is trying to print from my personal computer. I wish all printers had their printer name so that when I try to send my work to a printer I can use its correct name to search for it!

My computer had water damage and I asked them what I could do about it. They gave me good advice even though they couldn't fix my computer.

My experience has been very good with IT. If I have any issues the staff are always knowledgeable. As for any concerns, I don't think I have any.

My few interactions with UITS staff have all been very professional and courteous. I am not an IT person, so they answered the questions I had to the best of my ability to fully understand.
I think if there were one way in which I would improve the service is to list exactly what help a student (or faculty member) can reasonably expect. A menu, if you will. If this already exists somewhere, perhaps making it more obvious or available in a variety of areas would be helpful.

My interactions with UITS staff has generally been helpful when necessary. They are usually effective resolving my situation or pointing me toward resources that will help me to do so myself. My biggest problem with services this semester is honestly the time it take to log into the campus computers. Recently, I had a weird problem with the printer on 1st floor, Taylor Hall. It printed documents I had sent to the printer without me swiping in. I swiped and nothing was in the cue, so I sent them again, and then I noticed that documents, that were sitting, already printed, on top of the printer when I arrived, were the documents that I had sent the first time. How did they print without me even being there? I was charged for both times. Fortunately, someone kindly left them, because the 2nd time, one of the documents did not print properly. Also, they were fixed, but the printers on 1st floors of both Taylor Hall and LD, were putting streaks on the documents, and I was just asking for blank paper (why is there any ink on that at all?).

My laptop doesn’t work in the education building. As in the Wi-Fi. Other than that, no complaints. I’m also rarely on campus.










Duo can be a pain when my phone is dead, then I am locked out of Canvas.


No concerns

No concerns or comments at the moment.

No thoughts or concerns


On the whole, my experiences with UITS has been good. The only issue I run into on a regular basis that needs resolving is the poor internet connectivity on campus. At times the campus almost seems like a dead zone for mobile data and Wi-Fi. Students, staff, and faculty need reliable internet connections and aren't always able to get to a hard-lined computer. Even with IU Secure, the connection is abysmal at times and there doesn't seem to be a good explanation as to why. As a university, I feel we can do better. is absolutely amazing and the Wi-Fi works very well too.

Overall positive experience. I feel like the systems in place (like Canvas/One.iu) are straightforward and easy to use. I do not have any experience with the IT staff. I feel the school offers a lot of good tech options for students. The Wi-Fi is hit and miss, the basement of the Science Building is pretty bad.

Personally, I wish there was more advice on where we are able to record ourselves. Whether that be for ASL class or other classes. I also wish there were cameras we could borrow to do projects for YouTube or other occasions.

Please fix One.IU. Over half the apps don't work or are poorly designed. The app to make an appointment with my advisors has never worked properly. Also, links on various pages on IUPUI's websites don't work. Too many links not found on the sites. Duo is a pain to deal with.
Also, I've noticed that various computers across the campus have not had software updated properly. Web browsers are the worst with this.

Please ignore the insipid comments posted at the library on the second floor. These are posted on an easel by whining snowflakes about their personal perspective of some warped social problem they have been experiencing on the planet earth.

Printing documents on campus is massively difficult to do, and my only source of real frustration with UITS.

Provide more certification options

So far, so good, I can say that my experiences with UITS, has been greatly positive. When I have had an issue, and I contacted them, they have helped, immensely.

Some computers are not as up to date as others and are very slow to access like the campus center.

Some printers print lines thru pages or slides and some adjust margins from printing when printing double sided

Some staff don't seem as helpful as others especially when most needed but over all they have been helpful when I have technical issues.

Sometimes there are crashing problems with Canvas, etc., but they are always fixed relatively quickly
Kuali Time does not work on phones which is annoying
Duo is very annoying and I don't understand why it was necessary
Online Bursar communication and online payments/statement breakdowns are not helpful enough; statements do not elaborate on individual charges for tuition or explain banded tuition prices to users

Super helpful and quick to take action.

The chat option was very helpful. Someone was in contact with me within minutes of me being logged on.

The computers are really slow and take forever for students to log on

The customer service could be better; I understand that students aren't necessarily paying customers, but I think the UITS staff could benefit from being more engaging (at least from this working at the IT Support Center).
I've only had one or two technical issues in the past, mainly with software, and in either occasion I reached out to UITS online, corresponding via email to fix the situation; they were more than helpful.
Recently, about a week ago, I reached out about gaining access to one of the rooms at the IT building so I can work on assignments outside of class, but I have yet to hear back from anyone, so there's that.
In summary, service from UITS staff has been adequate so far, but could benefit from being a bit more expeditious.

The decision to switch umail and Gmail in the middle of a semester was less than ideal. It's been 2 weeks and I still don't have emails switched over and I'm relatively frustrated.
Also, this survey was WAY too long.

The duo system could use some work. How about a registered devices system so that we don't have to sign in with duo each and every time.

The duo system is a pain and the constant changing of blackboard Iu one is a pain seems like they just like to waste money on things like switching textbooks all the time

The duo system is flawed since I must log in every time I wish to do in-class & not only that It times out from time to time.

The Help Desk is always supportive. I always get a prompt response when I call for help.
I absolutely hate that I have to be called every time I log into Canvas or Umail. Isn't there some other option?

The internet speed should be faster especially in the science building 3rd floor

The IT computer lab in the IT building is one thing I am grateful that IUPUI has. This is because they stay open 24 hours.
however, the IT people in the student center who are not 24hrs and help with questions about technology, they are not always helpful. Sometimes they act like they don't know how to help with basic questions when they don't want to help.

The IUPUI testing center links to this: webpage titled, "Manage your Two-Step Login (Duo) devices and settings" when describing how to log in to take your test when if you have Duo. The page does not explain the testing center policies. Please mention that one does not need anything from UITS. One does not need a one-time bypass code or a Token. One writes down a code from their mobile phone on a post-it. I wasted my time by walking to a support center and received a Token for no reason. This unclear on the Testing Center's website and on UITS website link.

The iupui website is almost unusable

The lady I spoke with on the phone was very helpful and the issue was resolved within minutes. Should have called sooner but thought it was going to be a headache.

The one time I used this service the guy that helped me say for over an hour trying everything he could to fix my laptop.

The only interaction I’ve had with UITS staff was when a couple gentlemen presented information in my Career Planning class. They were very kind and composed.

The only issue I have ever had living on campus is that Ethernet in the tower is not active. This was more of an inconvenience because I bought a cord to increase productivity but the Wi-Fi is generally fast enough to do any tasks.

The only issue I have is the DUO log in. It's really annoying and problematic when trying to deal with DUO to just login to my canvas, like whose going to want to do my homework?

The only issue I would have is the complexity of the iu device net. Or that the iu device net is incomparable to many things such as amazon items.

The phone service is nice and very attentive.

The positive experiences was that the staff members were able to give me the Duo Authenticator and they were able to help me connect my new phone to IU Secure since the online database was wrong.

The printers are never fixed and don't have paper the internet is horrible and the desktops are extremely slow to load of they do at all

The professors are all amazing and always willing to help.

The staff have always been nice. It's just that the computers and printers the school has are horrible. The library research catalogues are awful.

The staff in the University Tower are always there to help. On the other hand, the computers outside the computer lab in the University Tower are very slow and sometimes do not work well.

The staff is awesome. The only suggestion I would have is to make the special interest rooms more accessible to students. My friends and I have been working on a project outside of class, and we need to use IT360. So I went online and reserved the room. Just to find out whenever we showed up that I need a teacher approval for it. I just don't understand why we can request the room online if we can't get in anyways?

The staff is friendly but usually I am able to use my devices without issues. The Wi-Fi outside is weak and would be my biggest complaint.

The staff is very polite, friendly, and willing to help. That's all I really need.

The times I asked for help UITS was very helpful. They were fast in solving problem and very friendly.

The UITS staff has always been helpful and friendly.

The UITS staff has been super helpful whenever I need help. I have used online (chats), in person, and on the phone help.

The UITS staff is always quick to respond and very helpful. They try to remedy issues as efficiently as possible.

The Wi-Fi connection in the library seems much slower than other areas. Might just be all the students streaming Netflix at once but that's my only complaint.

The wireless access in the ICTC building is not very good. It takes a long time for the wireless network to connect to my laptop and access web pages.

The workstations on IUPUI campus (library included) are a joke - the time needed to log into the system is ludicrous. After waiting 5 minutes for the computer to log in you still have to put in your Duo information to be able to access anything.

Their website is very helpful and they always answer my questions.

there are some weak spot around campus with the Wi-Fi and could easily be fix by some boosters or gateways

There have been very little amount of times that I've used UITS but from what I have heard, they seem to be pretty fast with responding to people in need of help.

They are very efficient and are really big helps when logging into the Wi-Fi.

They are very friendly and help very quickly.

They are very helpful when you have a problem with you computer or one of the school ones. They are patient and willing to lend a hand. I think the only suggestion I have is strengthen the IU Secure Wi-Fi because sometimes it’s really slow or does not work at all.

They are very prompt!

They have done a great job and enjoyed their services

They staff was nice, but it was very cold outside and my feet were numb.

They were very patient and helpful when I had tech issues or concerns. I think the telephone service is also very good. I don’t use the UITS a lot but when I do it’s always good.

Too many emails. I don't remember signing up for them either.

Uits has helped me multiple times during my studies at iupui. The staff is incredibly friendly and the response time is rather fast.

UITS has very little impact on me. Duo is terrible if you don't have a brand new smartphone, I have to bring an iPad everyday just to access Canvas. Lots of computers in the ET building are inconsistent with the programs that they have (SolidWorks, Chrome, etc.). I've been unable to complete some assignments because I couldn't find an available computer with SolidWorks on campus and did not have time to go home. Also, the ET224 lab room computers are filled with issues. I dread having a class in there because the computers crash, programs are missing, and sometimes the computers take literally 15 minutes to log in.

UITS have been very helpful when I have had computer problems. After taking this survey, there is still a lot about technology on campus I still don't know about.

UITS helped me fix the printer at the IUPUI speaker's lab

UITS is always super helpful whenever I have technical problems. That are usually quick in resolving my problems.

UITS is great! I only have two problems.
1. I am unable to get more than a short trial version of Adobe Photoshop on my laptop. Other IU students I know have gotten the full version on their computers and have even tried to help me but it doesn't work. Each new semester I am only able to get a short trial.
2. I understand what DUO log-in is for and why it is important but PLEASE, just on my own personal laptop, can IU just remember me forever??? I rarely have my phone around me when I am getting on canvas to do homework or whatever I'm doing and sometimes I'm just in a hurry and don't want to go through the whole process when it is my own laptop and no one is hacking me to change my grades or take the $0 in my bank account.

UITS is usually really slow with any tech needs we have.

UITS staff are generally helpful. I particularly like the online assistance.

UITS staff are great and reliable! They fix problems quickly and are very polite. They also have great time management skills with scheduling appointments and fixing issues in a timely manner.

UITS staff has helped me a few times with computer issues in the IT building lab. Every time the staff has been friendly and helpful. I have not had many experiences with UITS.

UITS staff in my experience is friendly, but sometimes not as informed as they should be.

UITS Staff is helpful and educating so that I can share what I've learned with others.

UITS was very helpful in getting me a clicker device so I could log onto DUO efficiently!

Unhappy with the dual log in inconvenience

Very helpful

Very polite when speaking to someone from technology on the phone about my email.

We just had few issue with top hat in the beginning of the class, but it got solved later and after that we had smooth ride

When first enrolling at IUPUI, there was a mishap with my passwords. Thankfully, UITS helped me reset the password when I no longer had access. I believe they are doing a good job. Very well done. The only suggestion that I have is the duo login being somewhat of a hassle at testing centers.

When I have gone to UITS for technology help I have always left with a solution to my problem. They are very knowledgeable about different technologies.

When I needed help with my computer's volume not working, the people that were on call helped a lot.

When I visited UITS, I was helped by a person who seemed to know what they were doing. The problem that I had could not be fixed by UITS since it was a problem with the actual computer and not the software. I felt that there should have been a supervisor up front because the person that helped me had to go into the back and find someone to help. Also, there were others waiting to be helped, so I think there should be a better system for waiting customers, such as having people take a number and wait to be called for assistance.

When I was having issues with duomobile, they were able to assist me, though it was at the cost of losing several saved items on my phone.
When I was also having issues using Canvas because of my Comcast provider, they were able to greatly assist me in downloading pulsesecure, and even updated me after the issue was resolved on the status of the Comcast issue.

When I went to the UITS staff for assistance with my Wi-Fi connection on campus they were quite helpful and nice.

When taking a test at the testing center tokens need to be available or duo codes without phone or use phone to get text codes. When enrolling it needs to be a requirement to get I'd and what it is for at the testing center and a requirement for classes listed duo app on devices. I needed to know this ahead of time. Thank you

When we had to switch over to the Duo Mobile they alerted us up until the day of, and walked us through step-by-step on how to do it, and they also had stations set up in Herron to help set it up if needed. One issue that I had, was once they switched to IU email instead of Umail, I lost all of my e-mails because I did not know how to transfer from one account to another, so I lost all of my information on my Study Abroad trip this summer, job opportunities, important information regarding my summer courses, and more. This was the one negative experience I had, and I wish there was some way to get all of that back, because I truly need it.

Wi-Fi connection has been horrendous on campus from mid-January to mid-February. It has inhibited the ability to effectively work during class.
Additionally, IU disconnected my devices from the IU Networks because Kaspersky Labs Security software was installed on my laptop. When I went to UITS to seek recommendation for a new security software, I received no help and had to speak with Geek Squad to get information. Additionally, the customer service was pathetic, which is disappointing.

Wi-Fi in the nursing building

Within my freshman-sophomore year I had gone through 3 different laptops and 2 desktops. UITS services were really great but Microsoft and adobe products on my 3rd laptop and 2nd desktop would not let me use these products due to my subscription keys already being used up and when I went to their support desk they had never dealt with that as an issue. I had to buy my own subscriptions to adobe and Microsoft products which was annoying since it was sold as you free subscriptions and there were no warnings that I couldn't buy or switch between laptops/desktops. When I was able to use these products through UITS I thought it was awesome!

Would be nice if all the videos have closed captioning all the times - not just for deaf people. It can be for anyone who are hearing or deaf. Comes with transcript as well.

Would like to be able to print from IOS on the IUPUI campus

You guys are doing a spectacular job keep doing what you’re doing!

You should definitely advertise your free classes more. I'm not sure how you would do it but I think it would benefit a lot of students and staff if you were to reach out to as many of them as possible. Also, maybe consider you are informing staff of things like Google at IU changes so that they are knowledgeable about those programs before students and staff start seeing those programs. I think this should include UITS employees on all levels such as the Support Center and TCC.