Information Technology Services User Satisfaction Survey 2018

IUSB Open Text Responses (Edited)

This text file includes responses to the final question of the UITS survey:

Are there additional comments or suggestions, including recommendations for additional services and support resources, you would like to share with UITS?

Identifying references have been removed from this document, and replaced with "[IRD]". Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

All of my interactions with UITS have been pleasant. The staff I've encountered are professional and helpful.

For Canvas: it would be nice if SpeedGrader didn't open in a new window, and if we could both export and import quizzes/exam questions from Canvas. Related, it would be nice to be able to create an account-based quiz database, instead of course-based as it is now. Also if the email notifications on assignment comments opened directly to SpeedGrader and not the "lite" version of it, whatever it is.

Great service form the South Bend helpdesk. Staff are knowledgeable and very willing to help.

I am quite satisfied with the local support here in South Bend. The system-wide support is less satisfactory, if only because people at different campuses are unaware of our local situation. The off-campus support is best when it basically becomes a message service for our local people, which is okay.

I feel UITS does a fine job of providing the IT support I need to be productive.

I find Canvas awkward to use, particularly for communicating with individual students in a class. My students (grad students in the humanities) seem reluctant to use Canvas, although did use its various predecessor systems.

I have always been very impressed with the professional and knowledgeable service I receive from UITS staff members.

I have found the staff very helpful.

I have had a great experience with the South Bend UITS, who respond immediately. If it rings through to Bloomington, not so much.

I have many positive experiences with UITS staff. They are always very helpful and courteous. The slowness of network printing still annoys me a bit, although it's less slow than it used to be. I don't really feel my department is getting its money's worth for the $100/yr. we pay for each redeployed computer we use.

I like the variety of software that is available to faculty. I don't like that we have to pay $100 for the SPSS license.

I've been pleased with how quickly some one comes to the classroom when I call with technical issues that can't be resolved over the phone. Very efficient and knowledgeable!


The issue that comes to my mind is the issue I had with a computer in a classroom in EA at the start of the spring 18 semester. It took awhile (about 10 days) but it was resolved positively.

The UITS staff is always helpful and prompt in helping with any computer problems.

There is a [IRD] working in the library who is very rude to students. I understand this has been noted to [IRD], and yet, [IRD] remains. The desktop computers in the Hammes Information Commons seem to have lost web browser icons on the desktop.

UITS almost always has the solution and if very willing to help in a calm and patient manner.

UITS has always quickly and effectively helped me with technology, computer, software, and classroom issues.

UITS has been very helpful , assisting me with a number of classroom-related non-standard hardware issues. Software maintenance is a bit of a nuisance, at least for Macs: I receive constant system notifications of updates being ready, but when I try to run the updater the computer asks for IUTS credentials (asks for the password for the
Small note: the whole school has been rewired with new (I assume faster) CAT cabling, but the computer patch cables are the same as before. Unless those cables were already high speed, they are acting as a bottleneck, and preventing us from enjoying the upgraded networking. Box has behaved erratically at some points (MacOS updates caused Box to stop loading in reboot for a few weeks).
I really truly dislike DUO. For most users is overkill -- we do not have actually sensitive data

UITS staff has been very helpful in providing technical support for the recent visit by Higher Learning Commission peer reviewers. The Help Desk staff has been helpful in solving problems with Crimson Card implementation.
My suggestion for improvement involves more directions/assistance in updating software on my desktop. I regularly must ignore upgrade notices for Adobe, Apple and other software, because I do not have/know administrator privileges to complete the upgrade process on my office computer.

We see typical problems when using Outlook web access, AdRx, Etc., such as web browser compatibility issues, so often that I just try all three browsers to complete the task without even bothering to call IT.
Some research software packages are only compatible with older versions of Windows and can no longer be used on our office computers.
The biggest problem with IT being involved on all computer purchases, especially my own research computers. It adds too many unnecessary programs and limits my ability to install new programs. I wish we have more flexibility and control over our own computers that were purchased using our research money.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Any issue I may have been having was always resolved in a timely fashion so I could continue on with my work. I greatly appreciate that.

Any problems I have had have been addressed by UITS in a very timely fashion.

Computers in labs and Time kiosks are often dirty.

I don't like that you have to be logged into your computer in order to use the phone. If there was an emergency and we needed to call 911 there wouldn't be time to log into the computer first.

I hate the new webpages and the complete lack of control departments have over their maintenance. On our campus (SB) we must send the smallest change to IT and have someone else make the change. I also hate the cascading sites. I need absolute links to so many of my pages and now they don't exist because when someone clicks on a heading it cascades open. For the simplest thing we now have to click four or fives times and then we can't save a URL for where we landed.

I have found the UITS staff to be very responsive to requests for assistance. In addition, the UITS staff members that I have interacted with have been very kind and courteous. While I understand the need for two step authentication, it causes a significant problem in communicating with students. The contact information available on the IU directory is student IU email. The two step authentication makes it difficult, if not impossible for students to access their IU email on their smart phones. Hence, it is difficult, if not impossible, to communicate with students via email. This is a major problem.

I have not had many negative experiences with UITS. Usually when I am contacting them it's about getting paper or toner for our printer in our computer lab, which has never been an issue. Sometimes we hear complaints from students about UITS being unhelpful with one thing or another, but it's very infrequent, and I couldn't point to any specific incidents that stood out to me.
My main complaints would pertain to the eDocs system. I use this system regularly as an administrative assistant, and it has always seemed a bit clunky and not particularly intuitive and somewhat migraine-inducing. I appreciate what it is trying to do in eliminating tons of physical paperwork and making delivery of documents simpler and more streamlined, but I think it is hampered by poor design. The visual motif where it is designed to look like physical "file folders" is a little odd, and it displays a lot of unnecessary fields that makes me go a little cross-eyed when I only actually end up filling out maybe 10-20% of the fields displayed in any given document. Also, I think it could benefit from a more colorful design that helps to distinguish certain elements and make it easier to navigate. I can also imagine a mouse-over function, where hovering a mouse over an item pops up a blurb of alt-text that explains a field in more detail. I also imagine heeding some of the processes in software like TurboTax, which is very user-friendly in the way it guides you through things. Just some ideas!

I love UITS. They react quickly when I have need and they are always professional.

I was completely unaware of IU FAX.
My office hosts career fairs on our gym floor. Employers have trouble with wireless access there.
Phishing information on the kb does not address employment scams. I have not found a resource to direct student to for this type of info.
Sometimes I get a system-wide email about a new service (Google for example) and my local Help Desk doesn't know anything about it.

IUSB has some good people in UITS but they really need to get out to their office when there is a problem. They come across as lazy because very time I have had an issue they do everything in their power not to have to come take a look at the problem. If I wanted to spend my time trouble-shooting IT I would not be in financial aid. Note they even make us come to them to work on our laptops and tablets. When I started here I was told to wait until after 5:00 to call for help to avoid using IUSB helpdesk at all.

Most of the staff is great, however there are a couple of employees that answer phones at the IT helpdesk that make having a computer issue even more painful.

My interactions are on the whole positive and always lead to a good working solution.

Negative - trying to download Adobe programs and there are no more access codes.
Negative- many computers on campus are extremely slow on first sign in.
Training - more online training options

On campus it is nice to be able to have face to face interactions with UITS employees.

Overall, the services provided by UITS helps me to do my work efficiently and effectively.

Phil is very helpful - he clearly knows his job. He always good ideas and solves problems quickly. It's great to have a go-to person in a department that doesn't make you feel like an annoyance when you call, and Phil always makes you feel welcome!

The IT department has always been super helpful with my questions. They are prompt in their replies, seamlessly transition my requests to a colleague that is best suited for addressing the question, and are very polite. Sometimes I feel like I call them with simple or basic questions, but they never make me feel dumb/stupid for calling.
I took a class that used Kaltura Lecture Capture to record the lectures. When the program worked it was great, but it would frequently crash the computer. Over the course of semester, a significant amount of class time was lost due to technology problems. I don't know whether or not the professor contacted IT about it.

The level of help I receive depends on which staff member picks up the phone when I call the IT line, and the inconsistency of help can be frustrating. I would also like to know why certain things can't be done rather than just receiving a flat "no." Understanding why helps me make better requests in the future.

The staff at IUSB are very responsive and helpful. They have advised us on the purchase of new technology for our office and facilitated the purchase of these items.
I have noticed that part-time employees often do not know about changes in technology (and at times are the only staff available). This has happened a number of times and I wonder if there might be a better way to systematically communicate these changes to this group of employees.
The support center staff are not very knowledgeable about technical problems with student information systems (SIS) or the AdRx and iGPS interfaces. This limits their ability to assist students and staff with technical issues and delays resolution of problems.
Please fix the keyword search feature in It is very difficult for students and staff to find things unless they know the exact institutional term.

The UIRR site is extremely valuable to my work. For the most part, the reports are excellent.

The UITS Staff are always very helpful and knowledgeable.

There needs to be simpler tutorials on academic uses of technology for students and those who support student learning in this area (especially if employee tech capacities are unable to keep abreast of all the changes). Productivity tips on how to manage email overload (for example), and other issues that impact a typical workday. Also, the voice messaging system on the phone is useless. I am not a fan of the current phone system.

Usually I receive excellent service from the upper level UITS staff. Sometimes I feel as though the local help desk staff don't always believe us when we call with issues. They tend to treat us as if we are ignorant with regard to how the systems work. I do not understand why our office must purchase laptops; it seems to me that if a staff person needs both a laptop (for travel and off site work) and a desktop we should be provided those items by UITS. Currently we have to purchase these devices or borrow one from IT.

When calling the Helpdesk for a computer issue in my office, I have always received good service. I was once anxious to get a social security number off my e-mail and I got the helped I needed.

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DUO is by far the worst thing I've ever had to experience in my entire Indiana University career, and I made it through finite. For the glory of old IU, get rid of this god forsaken nuisance of a two-step verification program so that we can go on with our lives.

Every time I have called, they have always been very helpful.
One issue I had problems with was accessing SPSS from home. It was a bit of a nightmare, and forced me to have to do all of my work for the class at the Library.

I had to see the staff in the UITS one time to gain access to my exchange email account. The staff member who helped me was very knowledgeable and handled my problem quickly.

I hate the dual log-in feature of Canvas. It is the most frustrating and inconvenient feature I have ever seen.

I have had only positive experiences with UITS staff. At the beginning of the school year I had to get a new ID card and I also had some issues downloading some of the student software on my computer. The staff was patient, helpful, and kind. I left my experience having everything I needed to start the school year off right.

I'm a big fan of IU Ware, not of Two Step, and everything else has been fine.

I'm very happy with UITS. They have been very accommodating each year during our ABC Summer Bridge, helping us set up affiliate accounts, and helping the Ivy Tech students set up their accounts to log into the computers in the computer lab. I always get helpful support from Susan and Phil when I call for anything else. Big thumbs up to them!

In my experience there should be an option or an application for the exchange email, since I am a graduate student I always have to sign into the One.IU.Edu to access my email and that is not as efficient as being able to have it on my smart phone.

Main UTIS locations on campus are the most helpful when there is a problem. The satellite locations are the least helpful. The students that work at these stations are not as knowledgeable if an issue occurs.

Make it easy to connect to the internet without having to click on multiple things to be connected to the internet that does not have good strength in classrooms. Improve the signal strength of the internet so we can get what we need to get done quicker. Also, improve the quickness of logging in to school computers so we can print items for class.

There are a couple senior age teachers can't use Canvas well, the UITS workers are always so patient to help them.
There are some parts of the information in canvas I can't see in the canvas app, if this one can be developed, that would be awesome.

They helped print my id card and helped my get my email very quickly. The professors like them at campus bc they can troubleshoot as well.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

After my Duo mobile two step login wasn't working the UITS helped get it up and running in five minutes! They're helpful and very kind.

All of the staff I've come into contact with have been really helpful.

Any time any of my professors have questions or issues, IT comes in and always saves the day. As well as when I need help, I go to them and they are always helping with open arms.

Double verification is annoying.

Duo is a large hassle for me.

Duo mobile does not stay logged in on cellphones. Also it is really inconvenient to have to always enter a new code.

Duo takes too long and is a hassle to log into every time. If I could save it to my personal laptop so I did not have to log in with it every single day and multiple times a day I wouldn't hate it so much. It's ridiculous.

During the end of the fall 2017 semester, I was experiencing continuing problems with canvas. I had called multiple times and no one was ever able to figure out what was going on. I was told that "it didn't look like there were any problems going on with canvas" making my problem apparently the only one. In the end, it turned out that there was a problem that had eventually been fixed after me struggling for weeks to access my school work. My boyfriend spent three hours on the weekend calling Apple and our network provider and everyone was saying it was an issue with canvas. It would have just been nice for them to look more into the problem especially since it ended up being on their end after all.

Earlier in the semester my computer was not working to log into canvas and one of the IT workers was very nice and took time with me to figure out the problem.

Every time I have had any technical difficulties, I have always consulted my UITS. These staff members are superb! They are always willing to help you and they never fail to make it a great experience over all.

First, I am not at all happy with the customer services provided by the staff in the IT department. When I went to get my new ID the man was very curt. Second, I find the two step login to be pointless. I find it rude to have to pull out our phones during class time if we have to get into our one account. I realize that the claims for the two step login are thought to protect us but honestly from what. The nine years I have been apart of IU never once has there been an issue. If you want to protect something maybe make it so that the thing you are protecting is the student center. I do not think that there is any need to have a two step login for students who are just trying to submit their assignments. Also, there have been times were my phone has died and I have been in class, needed to access my account but couldn't.

From personal experiences with the UITS services they were extremely helpful when I came into the service center to get help fixing a problem downloading software on my Mac Pro computer.

Good interactions.

Great help from the staff.

Great job.

I am satisfied with all the UITS services currently at my disposal.

I could not connect to Wi-Fi on my laptop or smartphone on the fourth floor of the library.

I don't know if there is a way to have sign up to recognize a computer ip address so that you don't have to do the push each time. I know if is an option for banks to do that, and I figured that would save time when signing on the especially when I am at home or on a computer I use quite often to log on. Even if you ask the user if you want to website to recognize this computer so that the user has an option to register the computer or not.

I had a positive experience with UITS helping me reset my DUO login for the new system once it was implemented. I was helped promptly and courteously.

I had to delete my virus software off my laptop because the school did not accept it, after having to buy it. It was very inconvenient.

I have been in a couple times and I know you can’t be knowledgeable about a lot but I felt like some were lacking knowledge that even I knew. I was disappointed because I want to have people help me not help me help myself.

I have had a generally good time with uits, but there are definitely problems with the system that have come up over the past year that can make things more complicated.

I have had a very positive experience with the UITS staff. I there is a problem with the printer on campus, they are usually able to help right away. I have found that they are oftentimes not familiar with MacBook software, making it difficult for them to help me with any issues on my personal computer. The student center is not easy to navigate, and it was very difficult to understand how to access things when I was a freshman. I had to have a friend show me how to find my GPA and also how to search for classes when signing up. I think the format could be much more straight forward and easier to use.

I have had minimal interaction with telephone, email, or live interaction with UITS. I was very pleased with their assistance when I did utilize it. As far as resources, campus, and all other online resources offered that I did utilize, I am beyond happy with them. They helped me tremendously to write all those papers!

I have had only positive experiences with the UITS staff and services. I had several issues with the Wi-Fi on campus and connecting to my laptop. The staff tried many different things to make sure I could have a secure connection and that I would not have any more problems. The staff provided great service which made me feel like I was important. It took several members to figure out what was wrong but they all gave it a shot until everything was fixed. It is also a great resource for printing problems or confusion. One of my go-to offices, even for simple things like the use of a stapler.

I have had two experiences with the UITS service and staff. One was positive and one was negative. During orientation, I received my ID and the staff was friendly and explained what the purpose of the crimson card. There was one time where I needed help setting up my duo account. I went to the UITS room on campus and asked for help. The employee was not very happy to help my friend and I. He looked annoyed and was rude throughout the whole process. After he finished, I realized that my duo did not work. I had to go back and figure out how to fix it on my own.

I have no concerns at this time.

I have not had any issues.

I have no problems with UITS staff or services. They are doing a great job on their services for the campus.

I have not had any negative experiences with the staff. I found them to be easy to talk to, friendly, and interesting people to talk to. I have heard from the stories of their work how hard they work and how seriously they take their job.

I have not personally had much interaction with UITS staff; however, in the couple classes I've been in where professors have had trouble with technology, they have been attentive and helpful and have always arrived quickly and done whatever they can to help.

I have only had negative and anything but helpful interactions.

I have worked with the IT department on several occasions and have been very happy with the help I've received. They have not only helped over the phone and with IUSB computers, but helped me access software available to students on my laptop.

I know that there’s not a lot of people that know about being able to print from your laptop/Mac. I was fortunate enough to have been told when I went and had all of the Microsoft programs downloaded

I like that I am able to and get help with my homework or personal problems at any time.

I needed help with canvas a couple times and they helped me out in a matter of minutes. I think it's a very great thing that we have UITS. No negative confrontations whatsoever.

I needed help with my mobile-duo settings and went into Wiekamp Hall and received wonderful immediate help.

I never get internet access on my phone while in down stairs basement. Wonder anything can be done so we can get good internet access at the basement.

I once had some issues with my email address for school and it was fixed very fast and the people who helped me were very nice!

I think that when you go to the writers room they need to be a little more nice and open to helping you.

I think more printers and STAPLERS should be added to campus

I think that dual login for mobile sites is kind of redundant. Having a push notification go to your phone while on your phone defeats the purpose. Overall I think duo login is a good idea, just not for mobile devices.

I think that the new duo is a huge waste of time. Super inconvenient especially when your phone dies and you can't log into canvas. I think that you should change it so that you cant take that code, write it down, and then have it on your person just in case if you do not have access to your phone.

I think the services that we have on our campus are great, they know what they are doing and can help you fairly quickly.

I think the staff is helpful. My roommates and I had difficulties setting up the Roku but after I found directions it was simple. Finding the directions on the UITS page was very difficult though. I think you should make the page easier to navigate and have the directions about setting up the Roku/xfinity easier to find.
Also, I think it would be helpful if Canvas had a feature which would allow the grades to be weighted.

I think the UITS guys do a really good job in their work and they have helped me well enough to solve my problems.

I went to get help once and the lady who was there was a little rude. They're obviously there to help and I was there because I needed help. I think it would help if they didn't made you feel stupid. People are already embarrassed being there.

I wish they were located in more places that just the dw building.

I would like all aspects of Canvas to work correctly through the iPhone app. I can do some things through the app but not everything.

I would like to input that I don't know where all of the color printers are on campus. Is there one in every building or just the library? I'd like maps of all the black/white printer and color printer locations.

I would participate in the focus group only if there was money to be earned for my time and data given to the study... Thank you!

I would recommend having a 24 hour service. They were able to help me connect my laptop to the school Wi-Fi.

In canvas it'd be nice if the grade we have in the course was displayed next to the class instead of having to choose each individual course, go to assignments, and check that way. also for me, duo login is just a hassle. it'd be easier to just log in normally.

In regards to the duo login, I think it should recognize when a person is logging on using there mobile device and should bypass the duo login.

It is very helpful to have several computer terminals available around campus. I utilize them often and come in handy. However, it would be very helpful to have a lab available 24 hours to students.

It would be nice if IT could fix the printer in the WERC so that it will print single sided pages. As an education major sometimes we need to print things out for our field students that they will be cutting out, which we can't do on the IU printers because it keeps printing everything 2 sided even though it is set to print single paged and it even charges you for printing single sided. The IU printers are stealing our print money!

it would have been very helpful to have had more experience with the EHR that we encounter in clinical in the classroom setting since it is such a big part of what we do
IT people on campus have always been friendly and helpful
WIFI is much better since upgrades were made. It was nerve-wracking taking tests on campus before upgrades if you didn't know if you could upload results or not

I've always had positive experiences with IUTS staff. Any time I have a problem they are able to help me figure out how to fix it. I enjoy the user-friendly layout of One.IU and all online services (Canvas, Kuali, Umail, Box, Employee Center, Student Center, etc.).

I've been able to receive assistance with my own device, and have utilized desktops computers on a pretty regular basis!

I've had a good experience with the UITS staff. I know when my sister's card wasn't working for printing, they helped her get that figured out within a timely manner.
I do not care so much for the two step login. I had gotten a new cellphone and it took a very long time for me to figure out how to re-register the DUO app on my phone, with the same phone number I had before.

Mostly good. Some trouble/delay with getting crimson cards to properly scan for getting into the computer labs for CS students at beginnings of semesters, but other than that it's been fine.

My only comment is my disdain with the security DUO app. In situations where Wi-Fi signals are weak, this is incredibly inconvenient.

n/a, I don't think DUO is necessary, and think its stupid to have to find my other device just to check my email





Not a fan of the duo step log in. Can’t get in to the computer in the basements and have to have cell service for it and it’s pointless.

Nothing really in particular to comment. I haven't needed help from UITS very much in my time at IUSB, but when I did they were helpful.

One concern is that I feel like fixing issues on Mac computers are a little harder to do because not as many people are familiar with them.

PCs in labs would be nice.

Personally, I believe that the UITS services are helpful at times.

Phone cannot access unless incognito mode

Since attending IUSB, I have only had two occasions to visit the UITS center. On both occasions I found the staff to be knowledgeable and very helpful.

Since I have been back at IUSB, I had on experience with the UITS department and the overall experience was good. They were able to help retrieve the information I needed to get signed into the new systems.

So far I have had a good experience with the UITS services and staff. They have been very informative and helpful.

So far I have yet to have problems, but there is a concern. For the DUO login, sometimes we have difficulties with our phones and have to change our number out of no where and can not get in because of a number change. Other then that it works well.

Staff is very friendly and helpful. Internet and Wi-Fi on campus housing is terrible. They put a router in my room and the signal to the living room doesn’t work. Very close connection.

the 2 step can sometimes be annoying

The Duo Login can be a problem when one does not have multiple devices

The duo login is a pain and if you break your cell phone, like I did you are basically screwed when needing to log into canvas or your school email. Duo login in is extra.

The instant messaging service that is connected automatically on the IU website at the beginning of the year is very helpful. When starting at IU South Bend, I had some difficulty navigating the site, and the people I connected with were very helpful each time I asked. The emails that I automatically receive daily from IU South Bend should have to option to be received less often.

The one thing I do like is that the IT has a type of front desk that you can actually go to get help instead of having deal with things just online.

the UITS staff is always very eager and helpful whenever I have needed any help or had any questions.

The UITS staff is always very nice, so that aspect is great! Sometimes, the WIFI coverage is pretty spotty, and the default WIFI is the AT&T WIFI. If the default WIFI could be switched to the IU Secure channel, that would be great.

The workers are very eager to help. Every time I go, they help me so much. I am so thankful to have UITS on campus.

They are helpful and assisted me with some enrollment issues I first had when starting at IUSB. I try to take advantage of all the products and resources that are available for me.

They are very efficient and helpful at helping solve your problems.

They come right away and usually fixes the issue

they don't really try to help. they help when they want to. or sometimes make me feel as if I am asking for too much

They try to guess what you are describing is the problem without really listening. Not assume you know what they are talking about and what they want you to do. Not have to take the Wi-Fi out of your system and put it back in.

UITS staff and services have always been a positive experience for me. The UITS staff is well-prepared and helpful whenever I need assistance with a problem, such as logging in with a new computer. I have not had any issues with UITS services.
I greatly appreciate the added security of a two-step login, along with the options to have a second phone associated with account and opportunity to use DUO app to enter a code. I have found the amount of STCs across campus more than adequate.

UITS staff has been helpful to me in my interactions with them.

Very fast responds to any questions I have had on problems with software or my computer.

Video conf classroom used for world Languages: in general technology works well and is surprisingly transparent. Glitches have not all been eliminated. Classroom is fairly awful--desks are immobile, soldered into opposite walls, widely spaced, in rows. The technology itself inevitably creates a lot of white noise. Unfortunately, listening and hearing are especially important for language learning. To improve students' ability to hear each other speak, put in a couple of tables. Even those old collapsible ones used for fund-raising events. Let students sit around tables (three sides, of course) to see each other easily. Voices from other campus are usually clear. Technological sounds (movies, for example) are clear. Ask teachers before you create computer classrooms. Most teachers want an arrangement where students face each other, but computer classrooms are always arranged in rows.

Why did you people have to change the way we students get into e-mail. I get so sick of having to have my cell phone by my computer to get into my e-mail.
Anything to mess programs up you will do so. Too bad IUSB cannot operate on their OWN.

You guys are really good when letting us know when there will be down time. Also, you guys are very helpful when were are having technology issues, and are always willing to help. However, I don’t like the two- step log in. What happens when we do not have a phone?